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Puppies & Kittens Don’t Compare

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For @hotchnerfuckmeup who requested #71 “I want a pet” from this list of prompts

A/N: this one was lots of fun and my whole goal was to make this as cute as possible. I had a lot of liberties with this one due to the lack of detail, so again I put the reader and Spencer in an established relationship. This was a much needed enjoyable fic to write, and I hope it’s a fluffy pick me up for anyone who needs it.

Warnings: none what so ever

Rating: G

Word Count: 1.5k 

You sighed contently and snuggled further into the couch, pressing yourself more securely against your boyfriend who’s lap you were currently laying in. You’d met Spencer one afternoon in the bookstore where you worked, and it was undoubtedly the best day of your life. 

**Flash Back**

Your eyes continued scanning the pages of your beat up copy of Pride & Prejudice when you heard the bell above the door chime, signalling a new customer had come in. “Welcome to Classy Classics,” you said, glancing over the top of your novel to see the tall man, with shaggy brown hair and beautiful brown eyes who’d become a regular. He sent a small smile in your direction before walking off in the direction of the science section. He’d usually come in three or four times a month, and he never bought from the same section twice. One time he’d grab a book on Quantum Physics and the next he’d buy a book on Philosophy. You didn’t know much about him considering he’d been coming into the shop for about two months now, other than the fact that he seemed to be shy. A few minutes later, the man approached with a book on biology. You smiled at him and placed your book down on top of your biology homework you had intended to do. “I see we both take an interest in bio,” you said, ringing up the charge. He seemed briefly startled by your statement, before sliding his eyes over to your homework.

“So it would seem,” he replied fishing his wallet out of his messenger bag, “but you appear to have taken a greater interest in something else.” 

“What can I say?” you chuckled, running your fingers over your the well-worn cover, “I find Mr. Darcy to be much more intriguing than the study of natural selection and genetics, but that might have something to do with being an English major.”

“You might be right,” he said, handing you his card to pay the $16.00 charge.” 

“So, what about you stranger?” you asked, giving the card back, “What’s your excuse for dabbling in the science of life? Biology major?” 

“Oh, I’m not a student. This is more fun light reading.”

“This,” you said, incredulously holding up the book, “this is light reading?”

“Yes,” he replied sheepishly scratching the back of his head, “Sometimes I forget that not everyone finds any kind of information as interest as I do.”

“Well to be honest I would give anything to find this interesting enough to focus for an adequate amount of time to figure it out, but I guess that’s what I get for putting off my sciences until last semester of my senior year,” you muttered, leafing through the packet with your fingers silently dreading having to start on it again.

“I could maybe help, I mean if you’d want that but if you don’t I completely get- I’m rambling aren’t I? Well, what I’m trying to say is-”

“If you had the time and would be willing to, I would be so grateful for the help,” you replied, trying not to giggle at his flustered state. “I’m (Y/N),” you said, extending your hand.

“Spencer Reid, and I don’t really-”

“That’s ok, not everyone does. So, you think you can explain the laws of thermodynamics to me?”

“Yes, ok. I can do that. May I?” he asked gesturing to the packet. You smiled as you handed it to him. The two of you spent the next twenty minutes going over the packet and it’s various equations and theories, and you’d never been more grateful for slow days in the shop.

“Well, I can certainly say that the next class won’t be as confusing. Thank you so much,” you gushed, rocking back on your heels. 

“It was no problem, kind of fun actually. I’d be more than happy to help you again when I’m in town,” he replied. 

“Oh, are you not from around here?”

“No, it’s just that I travel a lot for work. I work for the FBI, behavioral analysis unit.”

“Ah, so you travel around the nation fighting crime?”

“Eh, all in a day’s work, but in all seriousness I would be more than happy to help you again. All you’d have to do is you know, call,” he muttered looking over your head. 

“Spencer Reid, is this your subtle way of asking for my number?” you asked smirking at him.

“Um, maybe. Honestly, I’ve been trying to figure out how to start a conversation with you for about a month,” he mumbled, truthfully. You knew you had the biggest grin plastered across your face, but you couldn’t care less. You flipped over his receipt that had been sitting untouched on the printer for the past twenty minutes and scribbled your phone number on the back. “Call me,” you muttered, slipping the receipt in his hand. Spencer chuckled and tucked his hair behind his ear. 

“Will do, (Y/N).”

**Back to the present**

To say that the two of you hit it off would be a mass piece of understatement. Seeing him when he came by the shop turned into see him once or twice every two weeks, which turned into seeing him every time he was home from a case. He’d asked you to move in after six months and you obviously had said yes. Now, a year and a half since that fateful day, you were still living together and had never been happier. You looked up at him from your position in his lap and smiled. Whenever he got involved in what he has reading, he looked so adorable it was hard not to stare. “Hey Spence?” you asked poking his cheek to get his attention away from the book that was currently resting on your stomach. 

“Hm?” he hummed.

I want a pet.

“You want a what?” he asked, sliding his eyes over to yours. 

“I want a pet, you know to have someone to come home to when you’re gone,” you replied, folding your arms behind your head and leaning against the arm of a chair. Spencer’s face fell slightly as he closed the book. He knew from watching others that maintaining a long term relationship while working in BAU was extremely difficult. It on relishing in the time he got to spend home with you and communication. Saying you wanted a pet to come home to meant that you were lonely. So if it was a pet you wanted, a pet you would have. 

“Alright, sounds like a good idea,” he said, leaning down and kissing your forehead. 


“Of course, I want you to be happy and if a pet will make you happy, then I’m on board. Plus did you know that pets can help reduce levels of stress?” you giggled at his ramblings and pulled him down for a kiss. 

**Two Weeks Later**

Two days after the conversation about pets, the BAU had been called out on a mass murder case in California. You’d since been to three animal shelters and had finally found the perfect pet to bring home. You’d texted Spencer to tell him you’d picked someone out, but told him he’d have to come home to find out what it was. Needless to sat the anticipation was eating him alive. Presently he was fiddling with his keys to get the apartment door open. What he found on the other side of the door was possibly the most adorable thing he’d ever seen. You were curled up asleep on the couch with a golden retriever snoozing on top of you. The dog wasn’t full sized so he knew it couldn’t be very old. The sound of the door closing caused you to stir. “You’re home!” you said happily shifting, which woke the puppy. “Meet Gyspy,” you said, and she barked happily running over to greet Spencer. He laughed and reached down to pet her head. “She’s a three-year-old rescue from that place out of two. Like her?”

“She’s perfect and quite adorable,” he replied, scratching under her chin. 

“More adorable than me?” you teased. Spencer stood up and wrapped his arms around you. 

“There is no puppy or kitten that I would find more adorable and beautiful than you,” he replied honestly and kissed you. You smiled against his lips, wondering how in the world you’d gotten so lucky as to have the perfect boyfriend.

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I see your baby rookie Sid drabble, and humbly propose baby rookie Geno having The Biggest Crush on older Captain Sid

It’s a miracle Zhenya didn’t fall in love with Sidney Crosby faster. Sidney Crosby, talented and beautiful and kind, with his goofy laugh and crooked smile. Sidney Crosby, who went out and bought a Rosetta Stone so he could talk to Zhenya with limited Russian and a full, earnest heart. Sidney Crosby, who is patient and sweet and will probably never see Zhenya as anything other than a rookie.

“Self-pity is a bad look on you,” Sasha tells him. “Why don’t you just go ask him?”

“Ask what?” Zhenya says.

“Go to Crosby, and just say, ‘Wanna fuck’? Worked when my rookie did it.”

No,” Zhenya says vehemently. “That’s because you’re shameless. Besides, I don’t want him to just–”

“Right,” Sasha cuts. “Because Crosby is your Mr. Darcy. Tell me, do you want him to confess his love to you in the rain, or is him being handsy at a bar good enough for you?”

“What does that even mean–”

“G!” Sidney’s voice says from their right. His cheeks are flushed and he looks like he’s riding the exuberance of a win and several bottles of beer. He lays a hand on Zhenya’s shoulder, and Zhenya tries to not curl into it. “There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“Sid,” Zhenya says warmly, ignoring Sasha’s fake gagging noises. 

It would be nice, Zhenya thinks, if he could just kiss Sidney right now, and if Sidney could kiss him back. But for now, he’ll have to be content with this.

Save me Part Two (Loki x Reader)

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Word Count: 829

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part one part three and part four here

You never thought that you’d see that mysterious boy again, still not aware of his name. But the one thing you knew was that he was not from earth, he was a god from Asgard and brother to the mighty Avenger Thor. Surprisingly however, you did encounter this strange man again and many more times to come.

It was a rainy afternoon as you walked the busy streets to the library near your house. That’s why you brought your apartment, because it was so close to your favourite place. You could so easily get lost in a book, escaping reality as you turned each page. You wiped your now muddy converse on the door mat outside before entering, smiling at the familiar smell of the books.

You spent hours in that library, sitting in the corner reading your favourite novel Pride and Prejudice for probably the hundredth time. However something was different about today’s visit to the library, it’s as if you could feel someone was watching you. Your eyes kept looking up from the novel every few minutes, not being able to shake this uneasy feeling. 

The sound of a book falling to the floor startled you causing you to look up from the book. That was when your eyes caught sight of a man wearing a green shirt with mid-length dark hair and pale skin. You let out a chuckle upon realizing who it was, it was that rude Asgardian from the other week. What the hell was he doing in a mortal library?

He hadn’t noticed you saw him yet, a smirk taking over your face as an idea popped into your mind. You got up off the ground, quietly making your way towards the boy and standing right behind him. “Are you stalking me or something?”

The sound of your voice startles him as he jumps a little, causing you to bend over in giggles. You didn’t think a god would scare so easy, but apparently your assumptions were wrong. When he see’s that it’s you his eyes widen, rushing out an excuse. "Wha-what I did no such thing!“

Well he was still as rude as ever. "Relax I was kidding, alright.”

He cleared his throat as his eyes scanned the shelf hopelessly, not used to all these mortal novels. “Would you mind, miss…?”

“Y/N. My names Y/N. I never caught your name?” You sent him a friendly smile, hoping he would tell you.

“I’m Loki Laufeyson. I was wondering if you would mind recommending me a good book. I’m stuck on earth for a while with my brother and am terribly bored, but your books here are much different from the ones back home.”

“Oh, yeah sure I can do that. How about this one?” You handed him the book you were reading just moments ago. He took it admiring the cover and reading the title. “Pride and Prejudice.”

You nodded eagerly, you always jumped at a chance to talk about one of your favourite books. “That’s actually my favourite novel, I’ve read it so many times I’ve lost count. How I would kill to have my very own Mr Darcy.” You got lost in thought, daydreaming about finding someone as perfect as Mr Darcy. Loki’s words interrupt your day dreams though.

“I’ll give it a go.” Tucking the novel under his arm, he sent you a smile for the first time. You quite liked his smile and found yourself hoping to see it again soon.

You should probably get going now since it’s getting late. “Well don’t let me stop your reading, i’ll see you around.” You waved goodbye before walking away. You didn’t get very far before you heard Loki call out to you. "Wait! Uh-would you. Would you like to get coffee together some time? I’ve heard that was a thing here on earth.“ 

Chuckling at his words you thought over this for a minute. Should you really get to know an Asgardian god? Since when did he become so nice to you too, you thought he was rude only minutes before. After pondering this for a moment you finally made a decision. "Uh yeah sure, can I have your number then?”

 His eyebrows furrowed at your request which seemed so strange to him. “My what?" 

Realization dawned on you, of course he didn’t know what you were talking about. I doubt they had mobile phones where he comes from. "A phone number.”

Still seeming confused the boy shook his head slightly. “Oh, I don’t have one of those. I’ll pick you up at four in the afternoon on Saturday then, from this place?" 

A slight smile appeared on your face, he was really attractive the more you looked at him. "The library? Um okay, sure. See you then.” With that you both walked away with strange new feelings that you couldn’t describe and had never felt before. Little did you both know that this was the start of something new.

What We Missed (Part 4)

Summary: Darcy and Steve decide to meet up for an impromptu date after Bucky and you fail to find each other. 

Word Count: 512

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Sighing loudly, you threw the balled up aluminum foil into the trash can on your way out of the restaurant. Darcy had wanted Chipotle and you indulged her, letting her gush over the new guy she had met and how they had had an instant connection.

“Are you going to call him soon?” you ask her, looping your arm through hers.

“I’m already texting him,” she says with a beaming smile.

You scoff, rolling your eyes affectionately. “Of course you are.”

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“Ryan,” Gavin said suddenly. “Can I paint a moustache on you, Ryan?”

“What?” Ryan asked, startled out of his staring - “No!”

“Please, Ryan. Oh my God. It’d be so funny. It’ll be under the mask all day anyway!”

“What if I take my mask off?”

“It’ll shock whoever sees it so much you’ll have time to kill ‘em. Come on Ryan. Don’t be a party pooper. You said you’d wear an animal onesie around, what’s a moustache compared to that?”

He looked so gleeful that Ryan could only roll his eyes and hand over the paintbrush. Gavin let out a delighted sort of squawk and grabbed it.


“I look like Geoff,” he said.

Gavin couldn’t even reply, too busy doubled over, cackling as though this was the most hysterical thing he’d ever seen. Seeing him laughing and looking so carefree was nice, after the last few weeks, and Ryan couldn’t help but stare at him, smiling fondly.

- from whalehuntingboyfriends’ fic Murdering Mr. Darcy

Did They Give You A Name

Darcy is the BossLady in charge of Avengerss et al Ldt., as well as PR manager, and friend to pretty much all of them.  As seen in Avengers on Sesame Street

I’m expanding on that universe, bit by bit, and here’s how one lot of ‘first time meeting the new boss’ meetings went.

“So, did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?” Darcy asked in her best impression of Meg from Disney’s Hercules.  She’d never be as willowy as the cartoon femme, but she did have the curves and the long brown curls.

Meg was Darcy’s favourite Disney (not really a) Princess.  In Darcy’s opinion, Meg had it up on almost all the other Disney heroines who had existed before her in that she actually had the life experience.

Though, granted, there had been a couple of really kick-ass ones since, and Esmerelda had just squeezed in ahead, which was why it was ‘almost all’ and not just 'all’.

So many of the girls in the princess crew had a driving force of wanting 'more’ in some way, shape, or form.  Meg, on the other hand, had already had her adventure, and her 'happily ever after’, and it hadn’t worked out in her favour.  She was not an innocent teenager looking for more.  She was a jaded adult (eighteen would definitely qualify as adult in Ancient Greece, and that’s only if she wasn’t the older of her and Hercules), making do and desperately trying to fix – and not repeat – her mistakes.

She was a grown woman making the best of her bad situation, with a boss that she didn’t like and co-workers that she liked even less than that.  Apart from the fact that the boss was Hades and the co-workers were imps, it really was the most realistic, relate-able situation.

Also?  Greek family on her mother’s side, so even though the legend was butchered almost beyond recognition for the sake of Disney plot, Darcy really didn’t care – and some day, she was going to get a pair of purple contact lenses in her prescription.

There were three men standing before her, and any one of them could have been worthy of that quote alone.  Together?  There were a lot of rippling pectorals.

The blonde one, with the same sort of proportions as… pretty much every Hercules ever (apart from the gone-to-seed one in Class of the Titans, but there was Harry to make up for that) stammered.

“Uh-huh, ah-ha, I’m – ah…”

Oh, that was just perfect, and judging from the smirk that Hot Chocolate was fighting back, not to mention the challengingly raised eyebrow, he wanted her to do the appropriate follow up.

And who was Darcy to deny a chance to do the follow up line for realzies?

“Are you always this articulate?” she teased.

“Around a classy dame?” checked the handsomely scruffy brunet, a devilish smirk on his face as bright blue eyes switched back and forth between the blond and Darcy.  “This is about standard for what I remember of the punk – and no, they didn’t give me one.  They called him Captain America though,” he added with a nod to his stuttering friend.

“Mr USA himself, huh?” Darcy said, and gave him a considering once-over.  “Sorry sweetheart, but it’s gentlemen that prefer blondes.  I’m neither, and I get the feeling you might be both.”

Spluttering overtook him again.

“Sam Wilson,” offered Hot Chocolate as he extended his hand to shake, grin on his face and shoulders (oh, the shoulders) shaking with barely suppressed laughter.

“Sam, huh?  Think I prefer Hot Chocolate,” Darcy kept going, even as she accepted the hand and shook it.

A full lower lip was pulled back and clamped down on by a set of pearly whites as he shook his head.  Yep, definitely fighting back laughter.  It looked like she had a fellow Disney fan.  Awesome-sauce.

With one last wink at the man, Darcy turned her attention back to the blue-eyed brunet who looked like he was hiding a killer jaw beneath that scruff.

“So, if you haven’t got a name, can I pick one out for you?” she asked.

“Doll, you can call me anything you like,” he said with a crooked little smile that was clearly just for her.  “But, apparently, not a gentleman,” he added, as he looked her up and down just the same way she’d done to Captain America.
Darcy grinned at that, and held out her hand to him to shake.

Which he didn’t.  Instead, he turned it over, caressed her fingers with his thumb, and kissed – actually kissed, not just bussing the air there – the back of her hand.

“Flirt,” Darcy decided, but there was no way she was keeping a straight face.  At least she was fairly confident that she wasn’t blushing.  “You are hereby dubbed TDH Flirt, until you find a name that you prefer.”

“TDH?” he and Hot Chocolate repeated, confused.  Mr USA just mouthed it, no sound coming out.

“Stands for Tall, Dark and Handsome, but that’s a mouthful, so, TDH,” Darcy explained with a red-painted smirk.

TDH Flirt grinned up at her, which was impressive considering he was taller than her, and it was somehow sharp at the same time as being boyishly innocent.  Darcy could tell right away, that smile was going to be so much trouble.  So, so much trouble.

“You should see him clean shaven,” Mr USA quipped lowly.

“Aha!  You can talk!” Darcy accused brightly – finger pointed and all, though with the hand that wasn’t still being held by Flirt – which promptly sent him back to stammering and blushing.

“So, if I’m TDH Flirt, does that mean I get to call you Gorgeous Dame all the time?” he countered, eyes bright and smile earnest.  “You still haven’t told us your name, Miss Dame.”

“My name, Mr Flirt, is Darcy Lewis,” she answered as she reclaimed her hand from him and set both onto cocked hips.  “Recently installed CEO of and PR Manager for The Avengers et al, Ldt.  Congratulations boys, your very tight tushies are mine hereafter.”

“CEO of -?” Hot Chocolate asked, surprise and confusion written across his handsome face.  “Two questions.  One: how’s that work?  And two: how’s a person get a job like that anyway?”

“It works because it has to, unless you like the idea of living out of Tony’s pocket.  It’s not a bad place to live, but he gets… proprietary,” Darcy explained delicately.

“And the other thing?” Hot Chocolate prompted.

“I filed all the initial paperwork,” Darcy answered with a shrug, “and then continued to file, filter, and funnel the paperwork that came after.  Officially, I own The Avengers et al, Ltd.  Which is you guys, Tony, Thor, a few others.  Your image is mine to raise to lofty heights or drag through the mud, and I can get on every- and anybody’s case if they say anything derogatory or untrue.  It makes you guys legal, rather than vigilante, and prevents any governmental bodies from stepping up and saying things like -” she put on a frowny face and lowered her voice to what she dubbed 'angry father pitch’.  “'You need to be controlled!'”

Flirt frowned with his whole face.  It was adorable.  Seriously, like a child who hasn’t learned how to filter and mask emotions.  Actually, he’d had a pretty open face the whole way through the conversation.

“Can they do that?” he asked.

“Without the nice business label and civilian-in-charge?” Darcy checked, slipping back out of the over-done character and into her own self again.  “They might try it, and probably sooner than later, depending on who you make twitchy.  With it though, with a contract in place, they can’t touch you,” she assured him.  “Speaking of which, if you gentlemen would follow me to my office, we need to make it all legal and official,” she added, and turned with a wave over her shoulder for them to follow her.

She smiled to herself as they fell in behind her, all very precise, military march following after her swaying hips and the decisive click of her low-heeled boots on the hard floor.

“I’m open to negotiation on any points of the contract, but so far everybody who has read it through hasn’t asked for any changes to be made,” Darcy said when they reached her office and produced three copies of the 'hero’ contract she had.  As opposed to the 'scientist’ contract, or the standard employment contract for the plebs like medical legal, accounting, janitorial, etcetera.

When she turned around, she was very pleased to see that all three men were staring around her office in surprised wonder.  Well, Hot Chocolate was less awed, but he probably had more experience of what modern offices could look like.  He still looked pretty impressed though.

Darcy herself was rather pleased with the big poster she had made herself and hung on the back wall behind her desk.  It said: I am not River Tam.  I cannot Kill You with my Brain.  I am Darcy Lewis. There are Worse Things than Death.  That poster hung over the truly beautiful cutlass her uncle had gifted her about a week after the Dark Elf incident – which, unlike what happened in New Mexico, SHEILD hadn’t been able to cover up.

Then again, it might have been her large collection of customised Nerf guns, along with all their ammo, that lined another of her office walls that had them so impressed.

“Can you use all these?” Mr USA asked as he inspected her black-and-silver Nerf Maverick.

Mr Flirt was ghosting his hand less than an inch away from her Longshot, which she’d painted up to look like a proper rifle – except for the orange tip, as with all of her Nerfs.

“They’re toy guns, modified to fire better, but still toys.  Of course I can use them,” Darcy answered plainly as she handed out the contracts.  “I go to war against Clint with them every April, have since I met him out in New Mexico when Thor first touched down.  Can we get back to your contracts though, please?  I don’t have to have them signed today, you can take your time to read over them, but before the end of the week, if you could.”

“Yes Ma'am,” the trio of handsome men agreed.

~The End~

#3″Don’t you see? I love you”

requested by anon

one-line prompt imagine for number 3 “Don’t you see? I love you” 

Character: Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy Curtis had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. We lived right across the street from each other and our parents had been close friends, so we were always over there and Ponyboy was my age, making us super close. A lot of people thought we were dating and I can see why. He is amazingly handsome, it would be hard to think of him and a girl just being friends. I never thought of him like that, though. I swear.

“Hey, Y/N.” a voice said behind me. I turned around. “Oh hey, Mark.” I said facing another boy in our grade. I didn’t know him very well, but he hung around Ponyboy sometimes. He was sweet. “I was wondering, would you like to go to the Nightly Double with me on Friday?” Mark asked. I smiled, “Sure, Mark.” He smiled, “Great, see you then.” I nodded, “See ya.” I closed my locker and walked out to meet Ponyboy so we could walk home together. 

“Hey, Pony.” I smiled. “Hey Y/N.” he waved and we started walking. “How are you?” I said. “I’m good. ‘didn’t get a  lot of homework, so that always makes a good.” he laughed. I nodded in agreement. “But how are you?” he asked. “Fabulous!” I squealed. “Fabulous?” he raised an eyebrow. “Yes, fabulous!” I said. “And what makes you so fabulous?” Ponyboy asked. “Well, a Mr. Mark Jennings asked me out today.” I said blushing. “Jennings asked you out?” Ponyboy asked, not nearly as enthusiastic about his as myself. “Yup, Nightly Double on Friday!” I said. Ponyboy went silent and I knew his eyes to well to know what he was thinking. “Alright, what?” I said. “I didn’t say nothin’.” Pony said. “Yeah but you’re sure as hell thinkin’ something’, you always are.” I said. “It’s nothin’, Y/N, just leave it.” Pony said. “Pony, please, I want to know what you think.” I said. “Really?” Ponyboy said. “Really.” I said.

“Alright, I don’t think goin’ out with Mark is the best idea in the world.” Ponyboy said. “Why?” I asked. “I’m pretty sure he’s dealin’.” Ponyboy said. 


Pony nodded.

“Wow.” I said dazed. “I know, I didn’t expect this from Mark.” Ponyboy said. “No, not wow Mark. Wow you.” I said. 


“This is so low for you Ponyboy Curtis. Lying to get me not go out with a guy. That’s a serious lie too. Don’t joke bout Mark dealin’. Look, I’m sorry if for once I’m the one bein’ asked out and flirted with, but I deserve it. You’re always in the spotlight when it comes to datin’, for once I get asked out and you go and lie. Uh-uh. I’m not about that.” I said. “No, Y/N, I’m not lyin’. I wouldn’t lie to you. We’ve been best friends since diapers.” Pony said. I shook my head and walked away.

The next day, I saw Ponyboy out the window. I sighed and walked outside. “Y/N, I didn’t think I’d be seein’ you anytime soon.” Pony said. “I’m not here to stay.” I said, “But I was thinkin’ ‘bout it, but why did you lie?” “I didn’t. I wanted to protect you and Mark is dealing. I saw him do it with my own two eyes. I’m not gonna turn him in cause he’s my friend, but I don’t think you should be romantically involved with him.” Ponyboy said. “Why do you give a shit about who I’m dating?” I asked. “Because I care about you. You’re my friend.” Ponyboy said. “But you’re my friend and I know some terrible things about the girls you’ve been with and I didn’t tell you cause I knew you just wanted to have fun. It’s not like we’re gonna get married.” I said, “You’re too involved.” “No, I’m not. I just want to…never mind.” he said. I rolled my eyes, “Just stop, Pony. Leave me alone.” “Oh my god!” he yelled, “How are you so blind?” I looked at him, “Excuse me.” “I’m not acting like this just to be an asshole. I care about you. Don’t you see? I’m in love with you. You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love you. I love, I love, I love you.” Ponyboy said. I let the silence fill the space between us. I smiled, “Did you just quote Mr. Darcy?” He blushed, “Yeah, I remember how you said Mr. Darcy was the most perfect guy in your eyes. I wanted to become your own Darcy, except I don’t have any money.” “Pony, don’t you see? You are a Darcy. Actually, even better than Darcy.” I said with a smile. He gave a small smile. “Well, are you just gonna stand there or kiss me?” I said playfully. He put his hand in my hair and brought my head to his. It may have been my first kiss, but damn was it good

Sherlolly ficlet

So, I’ve read far too much Jane Eyre and Sherlolly Regency fics lately and this was the result. The scene that came to mind whilst writing this was from Pride and Prejudice, when Darcy first proposes to Lizzy.
It’s not much and probably a bit naff, but I still enjoyed writing it.

“Miss Hooper,”
Molly looked up from her pen and parchment, to see the maid’s face and left hand peering round the corner of the doorway. “Yes?” She queried, with a small smile.
“Pardon me, Ma'am,” the maid began apologetically. “But there’s a gentleman here to see you.”
“Oh?” The sentence puzzled Molly, as she hadn’t expected any visitors that day.
“A Mr Holmes, Ma'am,” the maid clarified.
“O-oh.” Molly felt her spirits droop a little, but, almost immediately after, her curiosity began to pique. What did he want? Their last encounter several weeks ago hadn’t exactly ended well, what with his meticulous, yet cruel assessment of the reasoning behind her recently ceased engagement and she certainly had never expected to find him calling at her residence.
Realising her delay in replying, Molly shook off the puzzlement and addressed the maid yet again.
“Thank you. Let him in.”
“Very good, Ma'am.”
The maid shuffled off and Molly had a few precious moments of preparation (not that it would do any good), before the maid returned, followed closely by the tall and imposing presence of Mr Sherlock Holmes.
At his entrance, Molly stood and gave a small curtsey, before returning to full height and doing her very best to look the man square in the eye.
“Good afternoon, Mr Holmes,” she said, forcing her voice to remain neutral. She hated the way his presence often made her feel, like she was a specimen being examined. What made it was worse was that, even after all that had been said and done, the mere sight of him still sent her pulse haywire.
“Miss Hooper,” he replied, in his deep, unmistakable baritone, stopping in the centre of the room, his hat held in both hands at waist height.
For a short while, the room settled into uncomfortable silence, with neither of the two present sure how to start conversation. Sherlock’s pale eyes roamed the room, taking in every minute detail and, after a moment of study, Molly realised that something was off about his posture. He normally held himself in a proud, aloof manner, but there was a hint of awkwardness to it now, that seemed as alien to his character, as if he had skipped gaily into the room. She wondered again at his purpose for visiting.
“Shall I, um, send for some tea?” she asked, desperate to move things along.
Sherlock’s attention seemed to be elsewhere, as it took him a moment to respond. “Hmm? Oh, no, thank you, Miss Hooper.”
‘Well, that is the end of that’ thought Molly.
Suddenly, Sherlock’s position shifted and he stepped to the right, in order to place his hat upon the small table resting by the wall, before returning to his previous position.
“I wish to speak with you, if I may, Miss Hooper. Please, be seated.”
The request was given politely enough and, frankly, Molly was too intrigued to be obstinate, so, without comment, she complied. Seeing this, Sherlock then began to move, which resulted in a pacing motion, back and forth of the room, his fingers steepled beneath his nose, the two forefingers pressed against pursed lips. This continued for a few minutes and Molly was feeling her patience subside.
“Mr Ho-”
“Miss Hooper, I am not a sentimental man,” Sherlock declared, suddenly, halting her sentence. “In fact, I abhor the notion of it. Sentiment turns perfectly functioning, intelligent people into little more than fools, clouding their judgement and reasoning, leading them to folly. I have always sought to separate myself from any such hindrance, from…'feelings’.”
The way he spoke the last word, it was as if he had tasted a piece of rotten fruit and wished to expel the taste from his mouth immediately. Molly could not comprehend where on Earth this monologue was going, but manners decreed she listen to the end. Unless, of course, he reverted back to the social oafishness she found so unlikeable, in which case he would be removed from her home at once.
“I am not telling you this out of a need for trivial conversation,” the dark haired, often disagreeable visitor continued. He was still pacing, but had taken a step closer, now and Molly was unsure how she felt about the decrease in distance. “I need you to know, to understand exactly what I am saying to you. All that has mattered to me is the work. It is all that can occupy my mind and keep it from falling into disrepair. Sentiment has no place up here-” He tapped his right temple quickly. “It only distracts, hides detail, skews the world into something devoid of sense. I have seen what it does to those around me and I have no desire to join the simpering masses.”
Molly was losing patience and had no interest in being reminded yet again of the world’s inferiority to the great Mr Sherlock Holmes. Ready to stand and dismiss the arrogant man, her thoughts and actions were immobilised by Sherlock’s sudden stillness and change in manner and voice.
“And yet, I find myself ensnared by the very emotions I have, up until now, so readily dismissed. I have tried in vain to ignore them, to reason away the sentiment. But, nothing has sufficed. Not the insistence that they aren’t there, or the hope that you would show no reciprocation. I cannot even claim the noble trait of wishing to keep you from such a disagreeable match, because, however terribly unsuited to matrimony I may believe myself to be, I cannot do my intended the disservice of denying her own intelligence, and sound sense of reasoning, by removing the choice from her completely.”
Sherlock’s voice had steadily grown quieter as he spoke, his eyes downcast, the aloof facade slipping, until the mask of superiority was removed completely, to reveal a person Molly Hooper had only met once before, back when he had been at the very edge, with nobody else to turn to. The mask had slipped then, too and the vulnerable, frightened young man residing beneath had been revealed. It was such a contrast to the face presented to the outside world, that, were it not for the identical features decorating both faces, she would never have believed them to be one and the same.
Sherlock had taken another step closer and his eyes were locked with hers, the icy blue boring into deep brown with an intensity Molly found hard to endure. The hesitance returned and he seemed to have trouble releasing his next words, but when he did, they were quiet and heavy with the very feelings he had just professed to detest.
“I cannot ignore it any longer and that is why I must tell you,” a deep, bracing breath was inhaled, before the sentence was completed. “I love you, Molly Hooper.”
Stunned silence followed, in which the gentleman was unable to meet the gaze of the subject of his confession. For her part, the young woman couldn’t process what she had just heard and it took a ridiculous amount of time for the words to even reach her ears.
A weight appeared to have been lifted from Sherlock’s shoulders, because his nervousness fell away and his posture returned to normal-rod-straight and aloof-as he reached for his hat, obviously preparing to leave. All emotion had been spent, it seemed.
“Obviously, you will want to think about what I have said,” he still avoided her gaze, staring at the carpet. “Therefore, I will impose no longer. Good day, Miss Hooper.”
And, with that, he was gone.

Colin Firth is absolute perfection

(Really long appreciation post)
I did say I was gonna make a post for this man. Here it is. Why? Because Colin Firth, that’s why. This man doesn’t need explanations. After all, the best things in this world are inexplicable. And because he’s my favorite. Which is also obvious.

But let us just revel in this Englishman’s perfection together. ❤💘💘

If you saw my post on Taron Egerton, you must have seen the picture of him dressed as a prince. He’s the perfect prince.

Well, make way for the perfect King.

And his queen is right here. Me.

Red is my favorite color.

So is blue.

And white.

Red, white, blue… At this rate, I wouldn’t mind wearing a union jack outfit or printed shirt just to impress him.

Thank you, Rose Tyler.

Colin can make even messy hair look so good.

To be a gentleman, you gotta behave like one. And Colin Firth knows that real well. I mean, he looks like a work of art even while just standing there. That, and his glorious accent.

Something so alluring about classy gentlemen I tell you. I swear Colin shows up like this in front of me, I would be dazed and just fumble with my words.

But who doesn’t admire a guy in a tuxedo? Don’t worry, I got that covered.

This “Magic in the moonlight” style. He definitely is Magic in the Moonlight alright.

He’s an expert in the art of tuxedos.

Bonus: Looking sexy in glasses.

Speaking of which…

Oh those glasses.

He makes me feel good about wearing them.

How about this sexy duo?

Colin Firth AND Benedict Cumberbatch?? Count me in!

Or this duo.

Or all three of them together in this fine British picture.

Enchanting Englishmen overload.

Ironic how Benedict Cumberbatch himself is explaining how I feel.

This award-winning look. (See what I did there).

It’s great you won an award, sir. You’re extremely talented but could you mind not looking so damn fine while doing it? I need to catch my breath.

All the times he places a hand on his face or head and you wish the hand was yours instead of his.

This one in particular. See the thumb there.

Why you do this, Mr. Darcy???

They say a smile can brighten one’s day. Colin’s smile does plenty of justice to that alright. Like it’s just ingrained in his DNA.

He looks so incredibly unassuming when he smiles. Like everything is calm and peaceful. You can just casually ask him out for coffee and like a sweetheart, he won’t refuse.

This is like one of those times you said something you probably shouldn’t have. Colin illustrates that adorably.

Bonus: A guitar to add the icing to this cake.

At this point, I would just gaze at this magnificent man.

In the off-chance he catches me staring at him, such will be my reaction, out of shock. Because I wouldn’t know what to do:

Then there are these times when this man has the nerve to look unbelievably cute.


You know those times when you see your crush and then that one fine moment when that person says hi to you.

Yep. Exactly. That moment of glory. And you’re just like:

Same here.

These beautiful portraits.


Sometimes it’s okay to indulge in your favorite food to your heart’s content. Even Colin agrees.

Look at him. Not a care in the world.

I love this man.

Sitting in style.

Sitting on a bed.

Or rather…

Let’s take this a notch higher.

Screw consciousness. Whoever said sleep is for the weak has never been so wrong.

Oh my God… I’m gonna join him.

Bathtub and a glass of wine.

Now I’m REALLY gonna join him. Out of my goddamn way!

This glorious picture.

This Hollywood Walk of Fame moment.

Is he waiting for me?

I’m coming!

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even think for a second if Colin took you on a date in a train. First Class.

Or a car. A romantic drive never gets old.

Or even a boat.

You just can’t resist this man.

Maybe a snowy night alone with him will do perfectly.

Or day.


Colin is like fine wine. He only gets better with age.

Much better.

Beards, five o’clock shadows. A perfect stubble goes a long way.

Suits aren’t the only things he looks attractive in. 

Because you have to look goddamn attractive even when casually stepping out to grab some lunch.

This is your definition of casually???

Thank you for explaining my feelings again, Mr. Cumberbatch.

When I’m casually stepping out of my house, I’m okay with a t-shirt and jeans. I look like any average girl or sometimes, when I couldn’t care less, I look like a hobo.

But no, when Colin Firth steps out in a shirt and jeans, it’s glorious.

What the hell kind of a sorcery is this?

Again, this is how he casually steps out.

Are you kidding me with your handsome self, sir?

He even makes ugly sweaters look freaking adorable. Wtf.

I can’t take this. He looks so unbelievably cute. I want this Darcy!

It only gets a lot better.

When he looked absolutely debonair.

This is too much for my heart.

A young, dashing Firth.

My heart skipped a beat.

He really shouldn’t be sitting alone here.

If I found him like this, I would just take him into my house.

Being a true British. He can take his tea anytime, anywhere.

May I have some, too?

His rapport with Taron Egerton is so incredibly delightful. I think we can all agree.

In fact, I like how Taron looks like this loyal sidekick while Colin walks ahead in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

When Colin gave Taron a top notch gift.

External image


This. Just this.

Look at their laugh. Swoon.

Or this. Taron rubbing Colin’s arm to let him know he’s got his back in any situation. And Colin can always count on him.

I get it, Taron. I totally get it.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more endearing than that. These two aren’t afraid to show the world they’re fond of each other.

Of course you did, boys.

This kiss.

Back to you, Colin!

The list can go on and on and on because I can keep appreciating this man and it will never be enough. He’s wonderful, endearing and extremely talented. It doesn’t matter if his movies don’t fare well. His presence always manages to leave a mark.
And he’s a sight for sore eyes.

Love me some amazing Colin Firth.

Too Smart For Your Own Good

Warnings: Dancing, Grinding, Drinking, Dirty Games

Recommended: Play this song when its mentioned in this chapter.

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Chapter 9: All The Single Heroes

There was a sudden knock on your door and you quickly wrapped yourself in a robe before going to answer it.

“Coming!” You said, scrambling to open the door.

“Hey! We were all just abo- why are you in a robe?” Steve asked, blushing.

“I was about to get a shower; you gotta stop catching me like this Stevie otherwise people might get to talking.” You winked, “So did you come to tell me something or did you just want to see if you could get a repeat of this morning’s show?”

“No! I would never! Not that you aren’t good looking or anything - you’re stunning and you have a beautiful body! Not that I’ve seen your whole body or anything. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to because you’re a really swell gal and all. But I don’t just think of you as a body! You’re very smart and skilled-” Steve started rambling, getting redder and redder as he spoke.

“Steve, I’m just messing with you. Relax!” You giggled, “Take a deep breath and say what you came here to say.”

Steve breathed then spoke, “We’re having a small get together downstairs and I was wondering if you’d like to join us. I mean it’s really kinda like team bonding time, and even though you’re not officially a part of the team, you’re pretty much an honorary member. Plus Pepper, Jane, Maria, and Darcy will be joining us as well.”

“Sure, count me in. How can I deny a personal invitation from Captain America himself? Let me shower and I’ll be down in a minute; I’d offer to let you join me but it seems like you might need to take a cold one and I like it hot.” You teased.

Steve’s mouth opened and closed as he tried to think of a response, you decided to spare him and let the door swing shut.

You quickly showered, fixed your hair, and put on a little bit of makeup. You sifted through the clothes you brought with you, finally deciding on a baby blue cropped lace top that showed off most of your cleavage and white high-waist skirt that brushed the tops of your knees and showed off a teasing sliver of your torso between the two pieces. You smoothed your skirt out, gave your reflection a satisfied nod, and headed downstairs.

The team was scattered throughout the living room, kitchen, and bar; you walked past the couches and up to the bar to join the women surrounding it.

“Hey ladies.” You smiled, sliding onto the stool between Darcy and Wanda.

“Hey, you look adorable!” Wanda said, giving you a side hug.

“You too; trying to get the attention of a certain someone?” You said, discreetly nodding towards Vision. Wanda blushed and quickly turned away to hide it.

“Y'know, I don’t think she’s the only one.” Darcy said from your other side, “At first, yeah your outfit is adorable, but the more I look at it the more i get this ‘teasingly innocent’ vibe. Like you’re a naughty angel or something.”

“I haven’t the fainest idea of what you’re talking about.” You smirked.

“Like hell you don’t.” Darcy snorted, “Who is it? C'mon, you gotta tell me who’s caught your eye!”

Before she could beg anymore, Tony popped up from behind the bar. His eyes widened, not expecting you to be there.

“Who the hell invited you to this adult party and what the hell are you wearing?” He asked, scandalized.

“Steve invited me for team bonding and last I checked these were clothes.” You replied.

Tony stepped from behind the bar and you turned towards him as he came to stand in front of you to block you from everyone’s view.

“Sugarplum, for my sake please go put on a t-shirt and some jeans. Or maybe a pancho.” Tony said, shaking your shoulders.

“Uncle Tony, my clothes are fine. I don’t know what your so worried about anyway.” You said.

“Sugarplum, you are already adorable without the makeup and the clothes. But add all of that in and its like-” Tony made an explosion noise.

“Ok, so I look good. Still don’t see the problem.” You replied.

Tony sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “Ok, let me try this again. You are like a sweet, innocent bunny and every single, red-blooded male in here is like a starving wolf. They know you’re single, smart, and have a great personality. If they realize you’re attractive, they will try to seduce you.”

You giggled, “You think I’m easily seduced?”

“First off; don’t say that word, you’re too young to be saying words like that. Second; don’t underestimate them.” Tony said, “I’m pretty sure Maximoff’s catchphrase alone is some kind of a pick-up line, Wilson’s a huge flirt, Barton and you have like a love/hate thing going on but that could be some weird type of foreplay for him, I’m not even sure what’s going on with you and Loki but I’m shutting that down right now, then there’s thing one and thing two with their forties charm and 70 year dry spell which probably makes them the most dangerous. I would have to kill one of my teammates if they seduced you and then your father would probably execute me for letting that happen to his little girl.” Tony said.

You snorted, “Dad barely tried to 'protect’ me from Johnny; he was a little too focused on yelling at me.”

Tony’s eyes widened and his grip on your shoulders tightened, “Did Storm and you-?!”

You rolled your eyes, “No…”

Tony let out a sigh of relief, “Oh thank goodness.”

You smirked, “Not yet…”

“Pepper, get me my stunning repulsors.” Tony said, pulling you protectively towards him, pressing your face into his chest and glaring at the room.

“Pepper, get him a drink.” Came your muffled voice, “And maybe a sedative.”

After much back and forth, Pepper was finally able to lead Tony away, shoving his drink of choice in his hand as they took a stroll outside.

You grew bored so you went to sit on the couch next to Sam, he looked at you and gave a flirty smile, “Where’d Pepper take Tony?”

“Romantic, relaxing walk on the beach. Where’d Nat, Jane, Rhodey, Maria, Thor, and Bruce go?” You asked, Sam slung his arm over the back of the couch and let you lean into him.

“Nat and Bruce are out on the porch swing, Thor and Jane are on the roof presumably star gazing, and Maria and Rhodey headed upstairs together a while ago and they both seemed to have had a few drinks.” Sam replied, raising his eyebrows as you pulled your legs up and lay them across his lap.

“Can’t believe they left all the singles alone; Tony apparently thinks you’re all after my innocence.” You comment.

“Are you trying to get me killed?” Sam hissed.

You gave him a confused look, he pointed to where your legs rested on him then discreetly nodded to the chair in the corner. You looked over to see Bucky sitting forward, his breathing visible, but he wasn’t even glaring at Sam anymore - he was more focused on the few inches of exposed thigh that had been revealed as your skirt slid up a few inches.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re really enjoying my outfit, Mr. Barnes.” You smirked, moving your legs and causing your skirt to reveal an inch more of skin.

It took him a minute, but Bucky was finally able to snap himself out of the trance you’d put him in.

“Just wonderin’ why you’re walkin’ around barefoot.” Bucky said, attempting to cover up his previous actions that were definitely none too pure.

“Less to take off later.” You winked, wiggling your toes absentmindedly.

“Ugh, I’m bored.” Clint groaned.

“Let’s play a game!” Darcy exclaimed, plopping down into the seat beside the unsuspecting archer.

“What’d you have in mind?” Loki said, leaning forward at the mention of games.

Darcy smirks, “Truth or dare.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Wanda asked, nervously.

There was a long silence until you finally spoke, “What the hell, count me in.”

“I’m in.” Loki said, smirking at you.

Bucky’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the trickster, “I’m down.”

“It’s been a while, but I think I still got it. I’ll play.” Sam said.

Steve shrugged, “How bad can it be? I’m up for it.”

Pietro smiled in excitement, “I’ve heard of this game, I’m most definitely ready to play.”

“Well, I got nothing better to do so might as well.” Clint said, taking a swig of his beer.

“Mr. Stark says I should participate in more social activities to understand human emotion on a different level so I suppose this is a good learning opportunity.” Vision says.

We all turned to Wanda.

The brunette beauty rolled her eyes and groaned, “Fine, fine, fine! I’ll play.”

“Yay! Ok, Loki you go first seeing as you’re the oldest!” Darcy said.

Loki rolled his eyes, “Ok, Sam Son of Will, truth or dare?”

Sam tapped his chin in thought until finally deciding, “Truth.”

Loki smirked, “Have you ever tried on Roger’s costume without his knowledge?”

Sam looked down, blushing, “Yes.”

Steve burst out laughing, “Seriously?”

Sam nodded, unable to look Steve in the eye.

“Feel patriotic?” You asked, giggling.

Sam sighed dreamily, “You have no idea.”

Steve was laughing so hard, he had to wipe the tears from his eyes, “I think this might be my favorite game now.”

“Moving on.” Sam said loudly, “Vision, truth or dare?”

And so the game went on; Sam dared Vision to drink an entire bottle of the strongest stuff Stark had in the house which left the man only slightly tipsy considering what he was made of, Vision dared Pietro to bring him back something from china; he ended up bringing him dumplings, Pietro asked Darcy who she’d bed, wed, and behead between Sam, Loki, and himself (she’d bed Pietro because he’s probably had at least a little bit of practice at the rate he flirts -he gave her a sly wink at this-, marry Sam because he’s a cutie-pie and he can cook -Sam only gave a proud grin-, and behead Loki because apparently he’s a “lil shit” -Loki just shrugged and nodded in understanding-), Darcy asked Bucky what the most reckless thing Steve had ever done was (needless to say, Buck’s still pissed at him for risking his life and taking the serum to begin with “I was gone for less than a year Steven Grant Rogers!”), Bucky dared Steve not to do anything stupid for a week, Steve asked Clint what happened in Budapest, and now it was you turn.

“Truth or dare, Richards?” Clint asked, turning to you.

“I’m feeling daring.” You replied.

“Give our Fearless Leader a lap dance.” Clint smirked, crossing his arms.

Clint and you hadn’t been on the best of terms since you’d come to live at the tower; especially seeing as you and Loki were incredibly close and he trusted Loki about as far as he could throw him. You narrowed your eyes at him.

Clint’s smirk widened, “You did promise to take Steve to a strip club and Loki said he’d pay for the lap dance, but Captain America can’t be seen at a strip club and why should Loki needlessly shell out his money?”

Loki’s face hardened, “You don’t have to do this; I can kill him.”

Clint laughed, “In a room full of Avengers? They’d be on you in five seconds.”

“I only need three.” Loki growled protectively.

Bucky sat in the corner with his arms crossed thinking he might help Loki if need be.

“If she’s chicken that’s fine. All bark no bite I guess.” Clint shrugged.

You raised a brow, knowing if you didn’t intervene there’d most likely be a fight; and Tony would be pissed seeing as he just finished redoing the floors, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“What?!” Loki, Clint, Bucky, and Steve said in unison.

“You heard me.” You sassed, “JARVIS?”

“Yes miss Richards?” Jarvis asked.

“Play 'Hallelujah’ by Panic! At The Disco.” You replied, coming to stand in front of Steve who already had a blush blossoming around his neck, “You okay with this, Stevie?”

Steve gulped but eventually nodded, “Yeah, yeah. I’ll be fine. It’ll be great.”

You gave him a sweet smile, “Just let me know if you want me to stop, okay? Your comfort and consent matters more than some stupid dare.”

Steve returned your smile, slightly more comfortable than he was a second ago, “I’m good, really. Just go easy on me.”

You giggled and whispered in his ear sultrily, “I’ll be gentle, Captain.”

Steve shivered and the music started.

Your hips started to sway, followed by the rest of your body; your movements fluid and easy. Steve’s eyes were wide and his mouth hung open slightly as he took in every flawless movement you made. You ran your hands from your neck, over your breasts, and down your curves, then back up again; continuing your swaying motion the whole time. You stepped towards Steve and parting his knees you slowly began weaving in between them, then you began slithering up his body to the beat. You planted your hands on his firm chest for support thus pushing him deeper into the couch cushions, his breathing visibly heavy at this point. You positioned yourself so that you were straddling Steve and his hands flew to your sides as if to keep himself grounded; his hands were huge but warm, the calloused yet soft skin of them resting on the exposed skin of your torso as he subconsciously began to rub small circles on your stomach with his thumbs. Steve suddenly realized what he was doing and dropped his hands to his side.

You let your nose brush lightly up his throat, nudging his Adam’s apple lightly, to his chin, along the left side of his jaw, and finally stopping to giggle in his ear, “You can touch me, Stevie-boy.”

Steve nodded, unable to verbally respond at the moment, and let his hands return to their previous position on you.

You continued dancing against Steve, eventually letting your hands wander; touching as much of his body as you could. You started by tracing his fingers then moving to his hands and arms, squeezing his magnificent biceps then giving his shoulders the same treatment, you traced his collarbones and pecs lightly, and finally let you fingers run lightly over his amazing abs which you could see -even through his t-shirt- were tensing and relaxing under your touch. The song had about thirty seconds left and you decided to up the ante. Steve’s eyes widened as you rolled your hips against his and began lightly grinding on him; his breath hitched as you kept your pace ignoring his obvious arousal and need for more friction. Just as the last word of the song rung out, you gave a hard thrust; Steve’s grip on you tightened (you’d definitely have a few Steve-shaped bruises that you’d have to cover up for Tony’s sake) as he threw his head back and gave a long, low moan.

You let Steve get his bearings before kissing his cheek and crawling off of his lap, taking a seat next to him and softly stroking the hand of his that held yours tightly. You turned and smirked at the rest of the group; Darcy and Wanda returned your smirk and both raised their glasses to you, Vision nodded in approval though he didn’t understand the purpose of the dance, Sam’s and Pietro’s mouths hung open and their eyes were about the size of saucers, Loki just shook his head and smiled, Bucky was quiet with his mouth pressed into a thin line, and Clint held an expression that was a mix of impressed, shocked, and awed.

“Its definitely his favorite game now.” Sam smiled.

Author’s Note: Let me know what you think! Did you like it? Did you hate it? Anything you really wanna see in the future? I always love hearing your thoughts and opinions! Also I have a question for you; would you want to see smut in this story in the future? Click here to let me know!

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How about one that tells us about Shamy going to see The Force Awakens. We know they went together after ~ after their love making. So how did that come about and what happened while they were there. :)

I got three requests for a Star Wars date…. It took me a week to write… Hope you like it.

Sheldon waits for Amy to arrive for their Sunday outing together. He tries not to be disappointed that it is her turn to pick their activity. Last week he had chosen to go to the model train expo. Now it was Amy’s turn and he was sure she was plotting revenge in the guise of the craft fair or perhaps the farmers market.

What he really wanted to do was finally go see Star Wars. Which he still had not had the opportunity to see. If he had known that he was not going to see Star Wars on Thursday night then he might of let Amy have her pick last week. But he was determined not to make the same mistakes again so he would go along with whatever boring activity she had chosen.

When Amy knocks on the door she has a mischievous look on her face that makes him smile. He knows that look and he wonders what the fair Dr. Fowler has up her sleeve. Whatever she is planning is a doozy.

“Hello Amy.” He tells her letting her inside. “What girly activity do you have planned for us today? Quilting museum? Poetry reading? Dragging me to the farmers market?”

“You love the farmers market.” She tells him.

“I do love getting those little samples.” He tells her.

“None of those things, I thought we could go to the movies.” She tells him smiling. His relief is instant but he is still cautious.

“What movie? Are they playing Pride and Prejudice at the theater down town again?” He asks cautiously. He had already had to hear Amy wax poetic about Mr. Darcy once.

“You tell me what movie I want to see.” She asks as she begins unbuttoning her sweater. Sheldon gulps nervously as he fingers undo the buttons. What is she doing? He has turned her into a sex fiend. Though as he watches her slowly unbutton her sweater he wonders if it is the other way around. Then she pulls the sweater open to reveal a Star Wars t shirt beaming at him.

“Amy what’s this?” He asks her happily he does not think he has ever seen her in a shirt like this. She looks, well sexy. It was not an adjective he had never used before. Yet there was no denying that was she was as she stood before him her face split into a beautiful smile holding her sweater open like a superhero revealing her costume. He wanted to grab her and wrap her up in a kiss. But he restrains himself, they might not leave the house if he did.

“I bought it when I went shopping with the girls. I was thinking that we could go to the movie today? If you would like?”

“You want to use your turn to go see Star Wars?” He asks. “You don’t have to do it. I can see it next week, after everyone has spoiled it for me.” He says already annoyed at tbe few hints of the movie’s plot Leonard let slip.

“No I want too, I mean you gave up your chance to see it on premiere night for my birthday.”

“I suppose that is true. I have not had a chance to even check movie times.” He says worried. It was nearly lunch time if he did not eat before he might not be able to pay proper attention to the movie. But if there was not a theater close to where they wanted to eat then they might have to see the movie late and he did not like to stay out late on Sundays.

“You think I have not thought of that?” She tells him smiling. “First we can go eat at Big Boy because I know that won’t fill you up to much. Then we can go to the theater on Colorado Avenue for the 3:30 showing. I know that theater has both red vines and blue icees.” She says impressively and he is speechless. As usual Amy has thought of everything without him having to ask. This time he can’t help himself, after six months without her he is done holding back. He steps in closer to her grabs her lightly around the waist and kisses her softly.

“You’re wonderful.” He tells her as he breaks away.

“I know.” She tells him laughing. “ Now come on we don’t want to be late.” She says taping her hands against his chest and walking away from him. He follows her out the door still stunned with how perfect she was.

All through lunch Amy talks and Sheldon listens. Before he used to get annoyed sometimes at her insistent chatter. After six months without it he would that was one of the things he missed most. How she could fill a conversational void. Draw him out when he was trying to withdraw into his own world. He found himself fascinated by her face as she talked. How when she laughed her eyes and nose had an adorable way of crinkling up. How wide her eyes got when she was excited.

“We had to go to a store called Hot Topics to buy this shirt. I have never been so out of place in my life! And that is saying something!” She tells him and something about his gaze must look far away because she asks. “Sheldon are you okay?”

“Fine why do you ask?”

“You looked kind of dreamy there for a minute. Thinking about a work problem?” She aaks and a hint of a frown tugs at her features.

“I was just thinking about how much I missed this. Just you and I talking.” He tells her and she ducks her head blushing.

“Aww Sheldon.” She says and checks her watch. “Come on time to head to the theater.” She tells him getting up.


As Sheldon extends his hand to her when they are settled in their seats, Amy can’t help but beam at him. She gladly takes his hand enjoying the solid warmth of it in her own. Amy had been worried about how he would take her wearing the shirt and taking him to the movies. Worried that it might backfire and end up with him accusing her of trying to get into his pants… Again.

So far it had all worked out wonderfully. Sheldon had been very attentive, almost on the verge of doting on her. Which was almost scary. Sheldon did not dote.

Amy was not doing all this to get him to dote on her. She honestly wanted to show him that she appreciated him. That she took interest in the things that he liked. In the past she may of watched the movies with him. But not without an eye roll or a sarcastic comment. Now she wanted to show him that she was all in. That she would seriously try to take part in his interests. Their time apart had taught her that Sheldon was more to her than just her significant other. Sheldon was her best friend, and she needed to work on being a better friend to him.

How could she not when he looked so adorable watching the movie. His eyes alight like a child at christmas as he watched his favorite characters on screen. His hand grips hers tighter during intense scenes. Amy finds that she is enjoying it too.When the final credits roll Sheldon let’s go of her hand.

“What did you think?” He asks anxiously as they make their way out of the theater.

“I loved it.” She tells confirms. “I liked the little rolling ball guy.”

“BB-8, yes he was kind of cute.”

“I also found it quite empowering that Captain Phasma was female.”

“I thought you might like that part.” He says smirking at her as they make their way to tbe car.

“So what did you think about the movie. Did this movie uphold your expectations for your beloved classic.”

“Well the original’s are hard to top. Then anything is better than the Phantom Menace. So all in all I thought it was very good. I think JJ Abrams was a perfect choice to helm it.”

“Well he brought Star Trek back from the dead. Why wouldn’t he be able to do the same with Star Wars?” Sheldon looks at her impressed and she smiles.

“What? Surprised I knew that? I listen to you when you talk.” She tells him as they get in the car. They spend the rest of the car ride happily discussing the movie. When they pull into a parking space near Sheldon’s building Amy turns off the car.

“This was fun, thank you for going to the movie with me.”

“No problem, I wanted to see it. My shirt is proof right?” Amy laughs pulling open her sweater again and laughing. Sheldon chuckles then surprises her by raising his hand and running it across the letters on her chest. The action is intimate and sends her libido from zero to sixty.

“You really do look sexy in this.” He says his voice husky. Amy gasps he has never to her knowledge ever used that word before.

“Thank you.” She tells him nervously licking her lips as she looks into his eyes. His eyes are both soft and intense at the same time as he lowers his face to hers to kiss her again. They kiss for a while lost in each other before Amy breaks away. “I guess I should let you go now. I know how you feel about being out too late on Sunday’s.”

“Do you want to come up?” He asks her.

“Sure I can come up for a little bit.” She tells him unbuckling her seatbelt.

“Or you could stay. You know I found the rest of your preparedness kits.” He tells her as they walk into the building together.

“Oh?” She asks.

“I left them where they were.”

“Are you asking me to stay the night?” She asks stunned.

“Well now that you are a Star Wars superfan you might want to rewatch the movies again.”

“Won’t that take a long time? We have to work tomorrow.”

“We could always take a sick day tomorrow?”

“You are asking me to play hooky with you so I can watch Star Wars with you?” Amy asks confused.

“You’re right, it’s silly.”he tells her ducking his head down.

“Silly? It sounds awesome! You know what we should do?” Amy says excited.


“You up for building another blanket fort?” She asks.

“Race you up the stairs!” Sheldon says.


WinterShock AU: Adopt a Soldier

Based on my previous post

Soldiers, Free to a Good Home


She had seen it in the local newspaper. “Adopt a soldier” the headline read in the classified section between Mr. Bonaman’s call for workers for the grocery store and the want ad for factory workers on the other side of the state. “Our boys are risking their lives overseas and what better way to show them there are people who appreciate and support them then by sending them encouragements and care packages.” Darcy thought it was a wonderful idea, so one Saturday she packed herself into her father’s Oldsmobile and made the three hour trip four towns over to the home of the woman who’d put out the ad and signed up all twenty-eight children in her second grade class. In return the older woman gave her list of names; names of soldiers for her kids to send things to.

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hijacked-dandelions  asked:

Write a one-shot where Katniss gets anonymous tumblr valentine cards asking her to prom :)

hijacked-dandelions requested a specific Valentine’s Day drabble, and being the slacker that I am, I only got up to the last section before I realized I was moving and hadn’t packed a thing. So I posted the first part, which you can read here, then the second part, which you can read here, now I’ve combine the two in the prompt request! It is unbetad, so please forgive my errors.

The card(s) I reference can be found in this post by alljaneaustenallthetime. Thank you for making such brilliant cards! (And running a lovely blog to boot!) And the other one hijacked-dandelions tagged me in here. I do not own any of the Hunger Games, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, or the after mentioned cards. Or Princess Diaries, or any of the mentioned songs and artists.

It’s a love story, baby, just say, ‘Yes.’

February 1st.

Katniss grimaced as she slowly turned her calendar to the new month, the date staring back at her.

The month of love had officially begun.

Grumbling unintelligible words as her phone buzzed in her back pocket, she glared at the text message notification.

Madge. Great. This’ll be good.

Madge: Soooooo….. Any plans for vday?!

Katniss rolled her eyes before typing her reply.

Katniss: Madge. I *just* turned my calendar over. Chill.

It wasn’t long after she sent the message that there was a reply. Katniss sighed as she sat down on the floor in front of the calendar, knowing any attempt at an activity would be futile due to rapid fire texts.

Madge: Oh, come on. Please tell me you have plans!

Katniss: Madge.

Madge: Please, please, please….

Katniss: You are being ridiculous.

Madge: Please??????????

Katniss: Fine. I have plans. I’m cutting my hair.

Madge: Oh hell no!

Just as Katniss expected her phone began to ring in record time with an incoming call.

Smiling as she answered, Katniss had to hold the phone away from her ear because of Madge’s yelling.

“You are not cutting your hair! Your hair is beautiful! I want your hair! You cut your hair, so help me…. I will dye my hair pink!”


“What?!” She sounded exasperated, like Katniss had been poking her with a stick.

“I’m not cutting my hair.”

“Oh, thank goodness!” Madge sounded like she had just been cured of a disease.

“I also have no plans.”


“I am perfectly content to sit on my couch and eat as much ice cream as I please while watching Game of Thrones by myself.”


“I will not conform to this stupid holiday made up by greeting card companies.”

Madge sighed. “What if someone asks you to the dance?”

“That is over two whole weeks away.”

“So you still have plenty of time!”

“Good bye, Madge.”


“I’m getting ready for school. I will see you soon!” She ended the call even though Madge was still talking. Rising to go take a shower, she glowered at the calendar. I hate February.


Katniss arrived at her locker to find Madge already at hers, conveniently located right beside her own.

As she spun the wheel to unlock the door, Madge looked at her with a mischievous smile.

Her lock clicking, Katniss looked at her friend cautiously, fearing whatever may lie waiting for her behind the locker door. “What?”

“You have a secret admirer.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw him slip something in your locker right before I got here.”


“I’m not saying.” Her smile was practically giddy.


Madge slammed her own locker shut, clicking the lock. “Oh, come on. He’s a good guy. If it were a creep would I be so deliriously happy for you, Miss Anti-Cupid?”

Katniss shook her head in disbelief, mimicking Madge in a mocking tone as she opened the locker door. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t wince slightly, expecting something terrible.

But all she found was one of those ridiculous Valentine’s Day cards that were floating around tumblr. She had reblogged a set she deemed decent enough - A series of Jane Austen cards.

So not only was he an admirer, he was a stalker.

She chuckled as she read over the card despite herself. It was a picture of Captain Wentworth from Persuasion that said, “Fall for me and I’ll catch you this time.”

Above the text it said, “To: Katniss” and below it read, “From: ?”

Flipping it over she saw a poem written in scrolling font.

Let’s play a game,
Can you guess who I am?
If you don’t then I loose,
If you do, I’m a lucky man.

The next few cards,
Will each hold a part,
Of a riddle with the answer,
To the name of this beating heart.

Man, this stinks,
I swear they’ll get better.
Till then, I’ll bid you adieu,
And hope you can wait until the next letter.


I swear I’m not crazy.

“Awwww!” Katniss jumped at the proximity of Madge’s voice, glaring at her as she rested her chin on Katniss’ shoulder. “He’s such a dork.”


The next day, Katniss opened her locker to find another card.

It was the second card from the same set on tumblr. A picture of Mr. Knightly from Emma that said, “I’d let you send out the invitations for my strawberry-picking party.” Addressed the same way - “To: Katniss, From: ?”

Flipping it over she found another poem.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I hear someone,
Has a crush on you.

I like to laugh,
I like to paint,
And if you want to know more,
You’ll just have to wait.

Katniss discreetly looked over each shoulder to see if someone was staring too intently, watching for a response.

She sighed when no one stood out, biting her lip to hide her smile. He knew her well enough to know she hated waiting.


The next day another card was waiting for her, this time making her smile.

“Ooooo! I wanna see!” Madge bounced on her toes beside Katniss.

This one was Edward Ferrars from Sense and Sensibility and said, “I must speak to you about my education.”

Katniss laughed out loud, snorting at the confused look Madge had.

Flipping it over she found the next clue.

You give in?
You ready to quit?
No? Didn’t think so.
You enjoy my sharp wit.

Seeing you smile,
With each card you find,
Makes my troubles melt away,
And leave all my worries behind.

“Oh, gosh. He’s such a dweeb.” Katniss glared at Madge. “What? Don’t tell me you are enjoying this, Katniss. I won’t allow it.” Madge winked at her, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Katniss looked back down at the card with a small smile. “I do. I’ll allow it.”


Katniss practically ran to her locker the next morning, surprised to see the letter already waiting for her inside.

“I think you are starting to have a crush,” Madge said, a sly smile on her face.

Katniss rolled her eyes and studied the card. It was Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and said, “You’re handsome enough to tempt me.”

She chuckled lightly.

“Someone came up with an Austen set of those, huh?” a deep voice said from behind her.

Spinning around, wide eyed, she came face-to-chest with Peeta Mellark. Quickly tossing the card back into her locker, she blushed furiously, examining the floor with a scowl. “Ah, yeah. They are all over tumblr.”

“‘Tumblr’?” Peeta raised his eyebrows inquisitively.

“Yeah. A blogging site.”

“Oh, yeah! I have gotten a few recipes off of there, come to think of it. I just see the other cards friends show me. Finnick gave me one the other day with a picture of Neville from Harry Potter that said, ‘I long for your bottom.’”

Katniss snorted a laugh, covering it quickly with a cough.

Peeta smiled. Gesturing toward the card while walking backwards, “I think someone wrote something on the back for you.” And with that he turned and left.

Well, that was…. Odd.

Ducking as far into her locker as possible, she flipped the card over.

Good friends,
Are closer than you think.
And best friends,
Well, I’ll just end that with a wink.

We’re half way done with the set,
Oh no! What will we do?
I’ve got something planned,
But the question is, do you?


Card number five came the next day, but it didn’t show up until the last bell rang.

She sat through Mr. Abernathy’s class, still nothing.

Ms. Trinket - Nope.

Lunch - Nada.

Mr. Cinna - Zilch.

She had noticed Peeta wander in at lunch, limping slightly, and wearing long sleeves despite the weather. Other than that, her day was pretty uneventful ‘till she had given up all hope, only to find it there at the end of the day. She released a breath she didn’t realize she was holding until now.

This card was Mr. Elton from Emma, and read, “Your muslin would look even prettier on the floor.”

She smiled, wondering why this one, the one that caused her to blush the most also made her feel the best. Relieved almost. She flipped it over.

Sorry I was late,
Guess I got a little lazy.
I’m still not really sure,
Because with you, everything’s hazy.

Only three more left,
And you’ll have to wait ‘till Monday,
But you don’t mind, do you?
You look great today, by the way.


It was Saturday and also apparently the weekend that wouldn’t end.

Madge had some how coerced her in watching Princess Diaries 1 & 2.

Half way through the first one, Madge excused herself to the restroom when her phone buzzed on the coffee table. Katniss glanced at it to see none other than Peeta Mellark’s name.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she slid her thumb on the screen to unlock the phone.

Peeta: What’cha doin’?

Katniss worried her lip, debating whether to let it sit, or let him know Madge was away.

Katniss: Hey, it’s Katniss. Madge stepped out of the room for a minute. We’re just watching some chick flicks.

Peeta: Katniss Everdeen watches chick flicks? Well color me surprised!

Katniss: Ha-Ha. I’m just here for the free popcorn.

Peeta: What, no pastries? Movie night with no pastries? That’s like….. Like…. Movie night without pastries!

Katniss smiled.

Katniss: Ya don’t say?

Peeta: I’m fixing this. Give me 30 minutes.

Katniss: Is Peeta Mellark bringing baked goods to watch a chick flick?

Peeta: As a matter of fact I am. Just one question.

Katniss: What?

Peeta: Chocolate or vanilla?


Monday rolled around and Katniss practically sprinted to her locker, posters on the wall waving in her wake.

I’m Katniss Everdeen. I don’t do this. I’m a Senior in high school and I’m acting like I’m in elementary school. she chided herself, but quickly disregard her inner voice.

Today’s card was a different Frederick Wentworth from a different Emma and Emma, that read, “Wish I were cuddling with you.”

This poem was shorter.

Only two left!
Gasp! Can it be?
Bet you still don’t know,
Who in the hell is “me”.


It wasn’t until two days later that the next card came.

It was the Captain Wentworth from the first one, and said, “You’re a little altered, but I still know it’s you.”

I hear there is a dance this Saturday.
Are you going to go?
Because if you are,
I sure would like to know.


The last one came two days later on Friday, and was of Mr. Collins from a different Pride and Prejudice, saying, “Just let me tell you what we could achieve through intercourse.”

Katniss laughed out loud, remembering that awkward scene. It was one of her favorites.

At the dance tomorrow,
Meet me at midnight.
Up on the roof,
The stars our only light.


Katniss read over the line over and over again.

At the dance tomorrow,
Meet me at midnight.
Up on the roof,
The stars our only light.

“That is tomorrow!” Madge nearly screamed at Katniss.

“I know,” Katniss glowered at her friend.

“We have to get you a dress! And shoes! And makeup!”


“No.” She held a finger up in front of Katniss’ face, causing her to go a little cross eyed as she glared at it. “We are going shopping. No ‘if’s, ‘and’s, or ‘but’s.”

“Fine,” Katniss huffed. Resistance was futile.

“And you are going to look damn good.”


As if the parade of the endless pile of dresses Madge had shoved into her hands wasn’t bad enough, Gale had tagged along.

Sure, he was Madge’s boyfriend, and sure he was Katniss’ oldest friend, but that’s not why he was here. No. He had heard that Katniss was going shopping for a dress and he cut Madge off with a mischievous look at Katniss. “Katnip? In a dress? Oh, I’ve gotta see this.”

And he didn’t even get bored. He seemed to enjoy it.

Katniss would come out after putting on the next atrocity on a hanger Madge had sent in with her, and she and Gale would judge it like a game show.

“Eh, I don’t know, Madge. That much leg showing is hot, but the neck line is all wrong.”

“Yeah…. And I don’t really like the color on you, Katniss. Sorry! Next!”

Katniss rolled her eyes as she stalked back into the tiny room, smiling despite herself once the door was locked. Her friends were having fun. Even if it was at her expense, their smiles made up for it.

The next one she walked out in, she was tugging at the strapless top self consciously, stilling suddenly and looking up when she didn’t hear the immediate commentary.

She was greeted by dumbstruck faces.

“That bad, huh?”

“No, that good. Katnip, you’re breathtaking.”

Narrowing her eyes in suspicion, she turned to Madge, her scowl quickly melting into raised eyebrows in surprise.

"If you don’t buy that dress, Katniss, I’m gonna kill you.”


She had walked around in the heels Madge had picked out the rest of that night.

She was finally getting the hang of it, strutting down the hall in confidence when she passed her little sister’s open door, stilling just passed the entryway, and walking backwards with her eyebrows knit together.

“Why are you smiling?”

Prim just grinned back at her. “What’s his name?”

Her scowl deepened as she turned toward her sister. “Who?”

“Katniss Everdeen is in high heels with a dress in a bag slung over her arm the day before a dance. There has gotta be a reason.”

Katniss glanced down at the dress that was indeed over her arm. She was on her way to hang it up when Prim’s twinkly eyes had stopped her. She felt a blush coming on, and couldn’t shrug the small smile. “Oh, you noticed?”

“You’re walking like an elephant. Yes. I noticed.”

Katniss snapped her head back up to look at her sister, her eyes wide. “I walk like an elephant?”

“Not anymore. Don’t worry. You’re figuring it out. Want me to help you? Years of dance class finally paid off.”

Shrugging and nodding a small nod, Katniss held up the dress. “You like it?”

Prim’s smile was the brightest yet. “I love it. Just don’t go getting any cooties on it. Now, come on, my Elephant friend. And before you make any jokes, I may be your Little Duck, but I do not walk like one.”


Before slipping into the dress, Katniss glanced at the tag. Cinna Designs. Well, this Cinna sure knew what the hell he was doing.

Her mother helped her zip up the back and met her eyes in their reflection in the mirror. “You look beautiful, Katniss.”

Katniss looked down at her feet as she wiggled on her heels. “Mom, you have to say that.”

“But I don’t.” Her father appeared in the doorway, grinning from ear to ear.

“Give it to me straight, dad.”

“You sure?”

Katniss nodded, wincing when her hair pulled tight as her mother braided it into a fancy updo.

“You are not pretty.” He took a step into the room, Katniss beginning to narrow her eyes at him. “You are not beautiful.” She was full on scowling now. He was within an arms distance now, and he reached out, placing a hand gently on her shoulder, giving a small squeeze. “You are as radiant as the sun.”

She smiled at her father’s softly spoken words. Glancing up to her mother once again in the reflection, she saw her hair was done and her mother had backed away, tears brimming in her eyes despite her smile she had tucked away under her hand.

Looking at her reflection, she hardly recognized herself.

The floor length red satin gown was very form fitting, had a strapless, sweetheart neck line, and a slit up the left side that stopped mid thigh, showing off the shoes Madge had spent an hour picking out, and flowing into a small train at the back.

As much as she looked like a stranger, beneath all the makeup and hairspray, she still saw what her father saw. Her spark. Her fire. Herself.


It was a quarter to midnight, and Katniss tapped her foot anxiously from her seat at the table.

She had turned down about a dozen requests to dance. Put on a dress and watch ‘em drool, Madge had said after the fifth request.

She was about to make her way up to the roof early when someone tapped her shoulder.

She steeled herself, promising she wouldn’t yell and make the poor guy cry like she had to Cato.

She turned around expecting Sleaze ball number thirteen, but instead was greeted by the kind blue eyes of Peeta Mellark.

“I love this song,” he grinned down at her, his lopsided smile making her stomach do funny things.

“Yeah, me too.” She didn’t even hear a song, her heart was beating so wildly. Slowly she heard Taylor Swift’s ‘How You Get The Girl’ playing it’s closing notes and fading into ‘Something Stupid’ sung by Michael Bublé and Reese Witherspoon.

He held out his hand to her, placing the other behind his back, bowing slightly at the waist. “Care to dance, m’lady?”

That stupid grin. Those stupid eyes. This wonderful man.

“Yes.” She took his hand with a small, shy smile.

They made their way to the dance floor, swaying to the song, the appropriate distance from one another. He didn’t try to pull her close like Darius had. That was the first and last dance she had accepted until now.

Until now.

She felt herself melting into him, laying her head over his heart and listening to it’s beat. She felt him rest his chin on the top of her head and she smiled.

She began to hum along absentmindedly, stopping once she caught herself.

“Please don’t stop,” his voice vibrated in her ear.

“What?” Her voice was small, timid even.

“I love when you sing.”

She pulled back, looking up into his eyes. “When have you heard me sing?”

Was that a blush?

“Ah. Well, uh. This is going to sound stalkerish and ruin the whole mood, but when we were five.”


“Yeah. Here at school.”

Katniss simply nodded, changing the subject as she tucked into his chest once again. “I have a secret admirer. I’m used to ‘stalkerish’.”

He tensed slightly then chuckled. “I don’t think that is ‘stalkerish’.”

“Then what do you think it is?”

“Exactly what the lyrics of this song are. Essentially the person has all these ideas, all these plans, and wants you in them, but you are such a big part of their life, they don’t want to ruin even the start of something by saying something stupid…. Like I love you.”


Katniss had laughed as he had sung the last words along with the song before glancing at a clock and seeing it was thirty seconds to midnight.

After they parted ways she quickly sprinted up the stairs and to the roof, dodging the janitor along the way.

She was alone when she got there.

A minute passed.


Three, four, five.

Her heart began to sink when something hit her shoulder. Looking down at the ground surrounding her, she felt a ping again. And again.

Someone was tossing pebbles up at her.

She stormed over to the edge, expecting it to be Gale. “You’re aim sucks-“

She stopped short when she saw Peeta grinning from ear to ear with a handful of pebbles.

Looking both ways before using an exaggerated whisper, Peeta held his arms wide as he looked up at her. “Rapunzle, Rapunzle, with hair so divine, come down to me; climb down the vine!”

He’s stealing lines from the movies we watched at Madge’s. Two can play at that game.

She glanced at the vine covered wall, before looking back to him with a smirk. “The feat you ask, dear sir, isn’t easy. And I won’t fall for that line; it’s far too cheesy.”

He held up a picnic basket. “I have cheese buns.”

She bit her lip while she debated. Finally tossing her shoes down, she grinned. “Give me a minute.”

When she landed on both feet on the ground, she turned to face a disappointed looking Peeta.


“You didn’t fall like she did in the movie.”

She hesitated. “No. I’m much less clumsy than she is.”

“No, well, yes, but, no, you see I wanted to catch you and then quote one of those silly cards I gave you and say, ‘Fall for me and I’ll catch you this time.’.”

Katniss smiled.

“What?” Peeta looked baffled.

“You were gonna say something stupid…. Like I love you.”

Surely you must know

A/N: I have an insane amount of Captain Darcy feels from the episode so I decided to turn them into words. swanslight and skypeopleandswans here you go! :)

~ on ff.net ~

Surely you must know, it was all for you

They end up going for an evening stroll afterwards. She makes him walk her to the docks under the excuse of wanting to see with her own eyes that the Jolly Roger, the ship he had traded to find her in New York, was really back. But, as curious as she was to see his beloved ship, what she really wanted was a quiet moment to talk to him about what he had said earlier, that she was his happy ending.

The problem is, now that they are here she half regrets her own chosen excuse after realising how the complete stillness of the place seems to amplify the slight shaking she can’t keep from her voice. There’s not a single sound disturbing the peaceful scene around them, only the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore and Killian’s steady breathing. She counts the seconds between his intakes of breath silently in her head, letting the calm rhythm slowly soothe her mind.

She did want a quiet moment and that’s precisely what they got, so she decides to stop distracting him with endless jokes on the whole ship-in-a-bottle situation and get to the heart of the matter. Summoning all her courage, she manages to ask if he really meant what he said without sounding too nervous, quickly adding that she thought there were plenty more things he needed in his happy ending when he turned those too blue eyes of his to find hers, boring into her soul like he seems to do so effortlessly.

“Surely you must know, Emma. You are my happiness,” he tells her with a smile so soft she knows that’s the one he reserves especially for her. It seems unfathomable to her how this man, the literal Captain Hook incarnate, can be so much of a Mr. Darcy without even knowing. Speaking of, she thinks she might just have found a way to convey her feelings for him as best she could.

“You know, sometimes I think you might be the living version of a few more fictional characters besides Captain Hook.”

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