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SKE48 150613 cultural festival report

I haven’t updated for a while…the reason is I was on a trip for SKE48 special handshake event (cultural festival) and 150615 Team S [Seifuku no Me] stage (Lucky me!!!)

Now, I’m gonna report the handshake event.

I arrived at Makuhari Messe around 8.30, it was already a very long,long line there. First,I had to exchange event tickets to Mini-live tickets. There were 2 Mini-lives, 10.30 and 17.30, I got both.

Then, went through security check and waited for the 10.30 Mini-live.

Today, only Team S and E participated because KII went for national tour. The first round Mini-live was Team E. Rena-chan was the one doing Kage-ana (shadow announcer). Not long after, the live began with [Te wo tsunaginagara] which Saanan (Takatera Sana) came to play with Rena, she seemed so happy!! Haha. Then, they performed [Pareo wa Emerald].

After that, it was MC, Rena apologized for her graduation announcement and 2nd gen Draft members came on stage. Ayuka-chan (Kamimura Ayuka) Team S draft member showed her leg flexibility. As she admired Suda, she chose to show it together with Suda. When Madoka asked how can she do that? she said she learnt cheer dancing…Madoka who specialized on cheer dancing was surprised!! “then why not admire me!!?” Haha

Then, another Team S draft member Rena (Isshiki Rena) showed her Judo ability against….the most athletic girl in the world, Matsui Rena HAHAHAHAHA Matsui-san took a long time to set up the pose, but well, just in split second, she already lied down on stage floor…WTH is that!!??….Hahahahaha


After MC, 7th gen showed up and performed [Sansei Kawaii], that was a good Sanseii Kawaii. And Team E was back on stage with [Banana Kakumei] and [Oto wo Keshita Terebi], for god’s sake, I love this ballad song with those cute routines!! I’m so grateful having a chance to see this song live!! They ended the live with the legendary “flying shoe” song…[Coquettish Juutaichuu]…I was looking forward to any flying shoes. It seemed none, but at last, suddenly, Kanon’s shoe just flewwwwww directly to Rena!! Hahahaha


C’mon, what a funny live I saw here!! Told you, Team E is comedian team LOL

Next, handshake time!!

The first lane I went was Rena’s, of course. This was the first handshake event after she announced graduation. That means lots and lots of people!!!

Rena first round (actually, I thought I’d cry when I see her face but I decided not to…I don’t think she’d want to see that T.T)
Me: (approached with a smile) Rena-chan, I will support you foreverrr (I used English, please noted that her English skill is quite good)
R: (smile brightly back at me) Thank youu (in high pitched voice Arghhh)
the end.

That was toooooooo fast, only 1 second I guess. But it couldn’t be helped, I know there were sooooooo many people waiting to meet her. Oh my Rena-chan.

Then, I wonder how’s Jurina doing. Since the day Rena announced “that”, Jurina seemed so down (like a broken-hearted soul). She also disappeared from any social media for 1 whole day. Yes, I was worried about her condition. So, I decided to meet her.
Before my queue, there were 2 guys in front of me and they seemed familiar with Jurina, I think they are steady fans who came to handshake events often. The first guy went and said something I don’t know what it was but just when Jurina saw his face, she stepped back and started to cry out!!! and kept saying “Yada! Yada!” (means “No!, No!”) To be honest, I wanted to punch this guy…so much…
Then, the next guy (the first guy’s friend) went and also said something, it seemed no harm but however, Jurina was still crying. Then, my turn…I decided to comfort her.
Me: Jurina, Daijoubu-nee (means “it’s alright”). Don’t cry. (Used English and I almost raised my hand to wipe her tears but I tried not to)
J: *sob* I’m fine (she answered in English and I don’t see how can you called this “fine”)
OJS started to pull me out, but Jurina’s hand was still holding on to mine.
Me: WMatsui zettai owaranai nee (means “Wmatsui will never end, absolutely”)
J: *sob* Ummm! (and brought out her little finger as if she wanted me to promise)
Me: Um! Owaranai-ne! (means “never end”) (and I immediately brought my little finger to hook with hers)
I walked out of the lane with tears in my eyes T^T shittttttt

I heard that day Jurina took break many times and sometimes, Rena in the next lane also had to break and comfort her.


Next, let’s change the mood. Someone requested MiyamaRion and I fulfilled that \o/ 
Miyamae and Rion were in the same lane, I could shake hand with both at once. Time to tease these two.
Me: Ami-chan, do you love Rion? (in English)
Miya: Eh!!?? (she’s very confused with English HAHAHA)
Me: Rion, Rion, do you love her? (I pointed to Rion who was standing next to Miyamae)
Miya: Oh! Ummmm…so-so!!! (Hahahaha just so-so?)
Then I moved to Rion
Me: Rion, she said she doesn’t love you! (English again, I know how bad Rion is when it comes to English, but, I wanted to tease her Hahahaha)
Rion: Hah!!!??? (with stunning face) I don’t speak English!! (but you’re speaking English -*-)
Me: (I turned to Miyamae and pointed at Rion)
Miya: (turned to Rion and explained what it means HAHAHA)
Rion: (turned to me) Okay!!! (with hand doing Okay sign)
Me: Hahahahahahahahaha (I bursted laughing)
That was FUN Hahaha

Then, I came back to Rena’s lane. I’d like to tell her to take care of Jurina. But now, The line was much longer than before. I had to wait like 1 hr. or more. And when it’s my turn, I saw her face and realized that Rena was already freaking tired…
Me: Rena-chan, wish your dream comes true!
R: (smiled and nodded) Thank you…(with soft voice, apparently, she’s running out of energy)
Me: Please take care of Jurina,Okay?
R: (still smiling) Hai…(again with very soft voice)
Me: Mata-ne, bye bye (”See you, bye bye”)
before releasing her hand, my palm rubbed with hers. I could feel how rough her hand is…Gosh, I like it!! (Ok, I admit I’m a pervert :P)
The end
I’m not sure whether she got my message or not. She looked really tired and people kept on coming to her lane. Although, according to her schedule, she should be available only for 2 hours but it seemed she’d been there longer than that. I decided not to go again. I felt for her wearisome, I know how great she is and she must want to greet ALL of her fans but there were just too many people. I wanted her to stop and have some rest. I worried about her health. After handshake event’s over, I heard that she still continued to work in another place. Rena-chan, please take care of yourself. ><

Next was Horror house handshake, the line was as long as in Disney land, you need 2 hr. to wait in the line …damn!
In the meantime, I thought I could catch up with Maity (MaiMai&Mikitti) show on mini stage. But no, I couldn’t. I could only listen to them.
They sang [Tegami no koto] and [Fuwa fuwa time] from K-on! That was so amazing! I regret that I couldn’t  see it.

Back at Horror house, there was someone who reached out her hand and played with rubber chicken all the time…when fans asked “who’s that?”…she just popped her head out of the curtain and applied flashlight on her face….Yeah, that’s soooo scary HA! That was Sae-kun. Hahahahahaha
Seriously, I thought “what are you doing, Sae? -*-”
Before I got in the house, 3 members just got out, they needed to prepare for the live. Those members are Suzuran, Sae and Jurina. I was relieved seeing Jurina’s laugh. She seemed a lot better now.

In the house, to tell you the truth, it was nothing for me Hahahaha I mean it was not scary at all. They decorated it with corpses and skeletons but sorry, I’m just not afraid of horror house. At the end, before exit, there were 7th gen members waiting to shake hand with me. They were Rara-chan (Goto Rara) and another one I’m not sure, Kano-chan (Nojima Kano) maybe.
These kids were cute, very very cute!!
Me: Ah! Kawaii!! (I was supposed to be scared but…they were really cute Haha)
Kano: Arigatou (said it with a cute smile)
And moved to shake hand with the other kid
Me: Gambare-nee (I couldn’t think of any other words)
Rara:  Arigatou (said it with a cute smile, too)
Then, I took a look on both and said “Gambare, Gambare” before walked out of the house…..Ohhhhhhhhhh, am I gonna go to jail!!?? the kids were too adorable and their hands were so soft!! #wait, wait, don’t handcuff me

Then, It’s time for 17.30 Mini-live. This time, it’s Team S. Ryoha and Harutamu did the Kage-ana. The show began with cool song [Tsuyogari Dokei] and [Houkago race]. In the MC, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about (my japanese is just too poor) but it seemed Jurina was okay now.
After that, it was full introduction of 7th gen members and they performed [Banzai venus] with Kano-chan as center. Then, Team S came back with [Oki Doki] and the legendary song [Coquettish Juutaichuu]. Sorry, but this time no flying shoe Hahahaha
In this live, Juna (Yamada Juna) caught my eyes, instantly. What a bright performance she did!!! Even though her position was not the front row but damn it!! I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Juna dance was just fantastic!!
She didn’t care if her hair pins fell down. That was full of spirit, I like it.
They ended the show with [Nakama no Uta] with all members both Team S and 7th gen. Sae took the role of Nishishi in leading the calls in this song. It was nice.

It’s almost time to go home, but  Suda was still there to shake hand with fans.
As I also worried about her because of the Sousenkyo, I went to greet her. Again, the line was long, but they tried to rush it over. I only had about 2 sec. to talk with Suda. (well, at least it’s longer than Rena)
Me: (approached calmly) Otsugaresamaaaa (means “thanks for hard work”)
Suda: Arigatou (with a bright smile)
She shook my hand firmly, at that instant, I think I know why she is Kami Taiyo.
Me: Rainen mo Gambare!! (Means “Next year,too. Fight!!”)
OJS pulled me out
Suda: Hai! Gambare! (raised two fist and smile)
Me: (raised a fist back and smile) Um!
And walked out with smile, I was so glad to see Suda’s back in her usual spirit. Please everyone, please fight for her next year.

It’s time for me to go home, I saw Jurina already changed her clothes (to the one that she wore when she had dinner with Mariko-sama). She was standing there, exchanged some words with fans, next to her were Chiba-san and Yuasa-san and surrounded by OJS. I also bid a farewell by saying “Otsugare!” to Jurina and walked out. I also shook hand with Yuasa-papa as I saw him standing there.

End of my journey in SKE48 Cultural Festival


TAYLOR, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Im thinking about making three of these, like matching t shirts for the three of us, and hopefully when I meet you, I can give you yours! Can’t wait to see you oj september hometay ❤️