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because i was reminded of it today, bringing back my breakup fic from doctor who

or, the one where the doctor dies, and clara becomes a time lord

this may be my favorite thing i’ve ever written, and i wrote it in 2014, when i was so goddamn sick of moffat’s writing and characterization and i just wanted clara to reach the potential i knew she was capable of

i knew i had to take a step back from doctor who, after the robin hood episode, but i had loved doctor who so much, for so long, that the only way i knew to do it was to write a breakup fic. 

read, or don’t, just wanted to bring this back because i made myself cry with it when i re-read it today lmao where am i


The Doctor and Clara both have difficulty, as characters, at saying ‘you are massively important to me, you’re the most important person in my life.’ They can’t actually say that.

Things I know about Moffat
  1. I am a big fan, like since the Curse of the Fatal Death and the Empty Child
  2. One of the most consistent complaints I’ve heard from Moffat’s detractors about his era as head of Doctor Who: He uses the same plots/themes over and over again. He’s got like three stories and he runs them into the ground. Even he admits to having no filter for self-indulgent plots.
  3. One of his favorite themes is romance. He loves his character’s falling in love. He loves married characters. Doctor Who has a lot more love since he came along. He adores the Princes Bride.
  4. Another favorite trope is surprise LGBTQ characters that are charming and lovable. Oh look, you already love this sexy character. Surprise! They’re a pansexual from the 51st century and still awesome. You’re welcome. OR Surprise! The kind man you fell in love with was born a woman. You’re welcome.
  5. Ignoring subtext there has been little of either of these themes in Sherlock. 
    1. We’ve had one wedding -where the only proposal was John to Sherlock and the only vow was Sherlock to John- Not a lot of romance in that marriage from a guy who loves it.
    2. We’ve had two surprise LGBTQ characters. Surprise! My sister Harry -who we haven’t met- You’re welcome. AND Surprise, Molly, your boyfriend is actually a sexy gay psychopath! Uh… you’re welcome?
    3. Based on what we know of Moffat, I must logically conclude that Mark Gatiss is the one pushing to keep the gay and romance as only subtext/queerbating. Mark Gatiss, the man who once wore a shirt that said, “Queer as Fuck.” on a date in the 80′s is the one keeping it subtext.

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