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Why Johnlock and Destiel aren’t canon.. ( yet)

“ In other news! The internet has been broken! Not only has the two biggest “ships” in history finally share a kiss and more, but it’s canon! Global warming is solved, kids in Africa are all fed, and more good things! all because Johnlock and Destiel are can-”

Kripke: * screams,covered in sweat and wakes up, then picks up his phone and dials a number*

Moffat: *picks up the phone* “Hello?”

Kripke: “ Moffat!! Oh my god I-”

Moffat: * sighs and rubs his temples * “You had the same nightmare again, didn’t you?”

Kripke:*nods and sighs* “Yes.”

Moffat: “ Alright, well how about this to cheer you up. Want to write another episode with me, or for one of the others shows? We can do are beloved thing and use subtext, intense eye staring from each of our two, male, characters, to show how they are not gay for each other. To make it even worse we will make them say how “ not” gay they are! Then right after, show them eye fucking and more!  I know how much you love messing with the fans like me! Sound good?”

Kripke: “Yes, Moffat.”

Moffat:” Good, because you should see what I could have done with season 4 of Sherlock! Ha!”

Kripke” Ha!! Wait till you see what I have for season 12.”


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//No, actually it’s three, three, three, then four…

actually it’s three, three, three, three, then one last like “HEY!” knock. there was too much of a pause between the last knock and the three before. STILL, even if it were four, it’s still not 4 times 4? it’s still not what Simm did.


The Doctor and Clara both have difficulty, as characters, at saying ‘you are massively important to me, you’re the most important person in my life.’ They can’t actually say that.

Jim Moriarty (Sherlock BBC) poster made using Illustrator CC.

Little bit of anger, a slice of nostalgia, but mostly madness.

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Why dont you like Moffat who?

Why? Well here goes

Here’s what each companion taught me:

·         Rose Tyler

Rose taught me that it didn’t matter if you weren’t the best at school. She taught me that it didn’t matter if you were “ordinary”.  She taught me that women can be just as awesome (if not more) than men. But overall Rose taught me that I could seem like the least important person on the planet, but I could mean so much more.

·         Mickey Smith

Mickey taught me that being a bit silly is ok. He taught that the person you think is soul-mate, maybe isn’t, and that’s ok. But overall Mickey taught me you are important and capable, no matter what other people say.

·         Jack Harkness

Jack taught me that you can be extroverted and confident. He taught me that you can do bad things in life, but in the end things get better, But overall Jack taught me that eventually, no matter how out of place you feel, eventually you will find somewhere you fit in.

·         Martha Jones

Martha taught me that brains can be a good thing too. That if you do manage to get a good job and are a nice person, it will be rewarded. She taught me that you can love someone and still be badass. She taught me you can be feminine and still be just as good as everyone else. She taught me that wisdom is important.  She taught me that knowledge is important. But overall Martha taught me that being a good person, and knowing your value, is the most important thing.

·         Donna Noble

Donna taught me that knowing yourself is important. She taught me that knowing that you are important, and letting others know, is very important. She taught me that in life you should do what you want, and not what other people want. She taught me that the most important thing in life is to believe in yourself. She taught me to see the lighter side of life. But overall Donna taught me that bravery and kindness and appreciating yourself are so important in life.

·         Amy Pond

Amy taught me to get anywhere in life you must be pretty and good at fighting and slim. She taught me that you have to be special or different for people to notice you. But overall Amy taught me that you should wait for people no matter how long they leave you.

·         Rory Williams

Rory taught me that unless you are “hot” or clever or witty you will be forgotten. He taught me that if you’re not perfect you become “the side-kick”. But overall Rory taught me that being clumsy or un-interesting means you will be a failure

·         River Song

River taught me that if you are in love with someone, your whole life revolves around them. She taught me that you should have blind faith in people. She taught me that breaking the law is cool. But overall River taught me that no matter where in time and space you are, your life will always revolve around the one you love

·         Clara Oswald

Clara taught me that to be interesting you must be “the chosen one” or something similar. She taught me that staying with a mental abuser is ok. She taught me that you must be “different to other girls”. She taught me you must be pretty or quirky or feisty. But overall she taught me that to get noticed or to find a friend, first they must be obsessed with finding out every aspect of your life

·         Danny Pink

Danny taught me that sometimes in life you do wrong things, but you will never be forgiven. He taught me that you shouldn’t have an opinion really. But overall he taught me no matter who you are now; the past is all that matters

So yeah, that’s why I don’t like Moffat who.


Fan: I heard that you almost didn’t cast Benedict Cumberbatch because he wasn’t good-looking enough. I wanna know why you cast him as Sherlock.


If Sherlock and Moriarty can be brought back from the dead, why can’t River Song[x]

  • Moffat: Now 11 is not 11 because of War Doctor.
  • fanbase: So he's 12
  • Moffat: Yeah sure.
  • Moffat: oh yeah, clone 10 is also a regeneration, so there's that.
  • fanbase: so 11 is 13?
  • Moffat: Aaaahhhhhh but you've forgotten something
  • fanbase: what did we miss *worry worry worry*
  • Moffat: ......
  • Moffat: ......
  • Moffat: .......
  • fanbase: ????
  • Moffat: How do we know The Doctor is an alien, he could be a human. Where exactly does it say he's an alien. Chew on that
  • fanbase: Um, just about every episode ever makes mention that he's an alien.
  • Moffat: WRONG!!! Think about it. How do we really know??
  • fanbase: ?????
  • fanbase: ??????
  • Moffat: .......
  • Moffat: ......
  • Moffat: AHA see! Aren't I smart?