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“Come on Boys! Make Mommy proud”!

For the Mother Day, Bud and Lou takes their mum on tour! (In France, it’s today)

I should totally work on my school diploma, but I just really needed to animate some cute Harley Quinn!

Btw, I just download a new tumblr functionality who helps me to see the tags that you guys put on my work, and I never realized  how many cute messages were hidden there! So much love and funny jokes that I can see now! <3

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Just coz I wanna see you fond, can you describe Lou in gifs? x

I don’t even know if you’re ready I’m already so sorry no I’m not cos this is he:

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“It’s midnight, Santi.”
“You said I’m holding back, well, I’m here to prove you wr-wrong. I’m here. I’m here now, so s-shoot. Ask me anything. I know you wanna know.”
“Shh, it’s too late for this, you’ll wake up Fiona—”
“I said shoot. Shoot, coward, you will only k-kill- kill a—”
“How much have you had to drink?”
“Alright, c'mon—”
“I’m not leaving. You want answers, so I’m telling you.”
“Santi, this isn't—”
“I’m here, Lou! I’m here now, what more do you want?”

“Fine. You wanna know my burning questions? Why. Why do you always do this? Why are you always running away? And for Christ’s sake, why do you hate yourself so much?”

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All this MJ talk, I really think that "Dirty Diana" would make a great theme for a one shot... I know requests are closed... just sayin'

Harry had finally done it.  His first night of his first solo tour.  It was hard to believe the gig was almost over.  One more song and it would be official, Harry Styles had gone solo.  He reached forward to grab the mic stand, his hands a bit squishy from all the sweat after having been up onstage under hot lights for the last hour.  He licked his lips and opened his mouth, ready to introduce the last song of the night when he saw her.  

She was tucked to the side, almost all the way in back.  Maybe the reason he’d seen her was because she was standing near Jeff but he doubted it.  Harry was shocked he hadn’t seen her before.  Every molecule in his body seemed to be screaming out for her the moment her crystal blue eyes met his.

Time seemed to stop.  The fact that there were 2500 other people in the room seemed a moot point.  This girl…well…this girl was special.

“You alright, Buddy?”  He heard Mitch’s voice in his ear, breaking him from his thoughts.

It seemed that in anticipation for his next introduction the entire room had gone almost silent.  Harry cleared his throat,

“Sorry.  This is Sign of the Times.”

Harry did his usual dancing around but his eyes never wandered far away from hers.  By the end of the song he’d sweat twice as much as he had the entire night and the semi he was sporting underneath his glittery gold pants was getting harder by the moment.

He ran a towel down his sweat soaked face and threw it into the crowd.  He told everyone he loved them before turning and hopping off stage.  He grabbed the water bottle Lou was holding for him, barely even acknowledging her existence as he breezed past her to make his way towards the door where he knew Jeff had been.  He hoped and prayed she’d be there still by the time he got to it.

He flung the door open, quickly reminded that half the venue still hadn’t cleared out when a blood curdling scream greeted him.  Harry was quickly pushed back behind the door as it slammed shut.  Jeff squeezed Harry’s shoulders to get his attention,

“What the hell are you doing?  You wanna die?”

Harry swallowed,

“I saw her.  Did you see her?  She was…she was…mouth watering.”

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Hellooo!! Hope you are well! I just wanted to know if you could rec me some canon Larry fics with some angst? Sorry if it's too specific 😂 thank you so so much hope you have a lovely day! xx

Here you go :)

- Hiding Place : Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual. From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance. Or, the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide. (365k)

- Bigger Than Life : “Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz”His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture. Sure enough, there’s pap shots of Harry and Xander, walking hand in hand, looking drunk and cheerful and together.And that’s—that’s really not what Louis was expecting at all. (48k)

- Photograph :(…) An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other. (not a strictly canon fic though)(105k)

- all of our important nothings : Louis stares down at his phone for an eternity before typing out the message.  does she know that paper plane necklace was a gift from my mum to you our first christmas together??? He immediately regrets sending it. He knows it doesn’t matter. Knows Taylor’s necklace is a cheap knockoff of the one Harry had always worn so proudly— knows the way he’d smiled at it, lifting it slowly from the small box he’d been given it to in, the way Jay had met Louis’ eyes from across the room and winked, how it had dangled from Harry’s neck that night as he rode Louis on his childhood bed, the little silver airplane catching on the lights from cars passing by on the road outside shining into his room and casting soft reds and yellows over Harry’s pale skin.[Harry and Louis are in love, Haylor happens, and Louis battles quite a few demons along the way.] (27k)

- phosphenes   : Phosphenes n. the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes. “I miss you, Lou.” Harry says. “’M right here.” Louis answers. (11k)

- the dark and the dentist : “I know this song,” Louis whispers, and Harry has to lean his ear toward him to pick up what he’s saying. “It was written for people to dance to it. We should be dancing.” We can’t, Harry almost spits, but it’d be stupid of him. Louis knows they can’t. Even if he looks like any regular Parisian in their twenties, and Harry looks like any hipster Parisian in their twenties, they can’t anyway. To be fair, they probably wouldn’t do it even if they were out. But if they were two uni students, both in Paris for an exchange, meeting over fallen books at the library, or because of mutual friends, or watching Monet’s Water Lilies? “How would we dance?” Harry murmurs, mouth almost pressed to Louis’ cheek, so close he can feel his warmth. What a picture they must make, two millionaires freezing in a park and dreaming of a different life. An account of the events of November 2014. Canon-compliant. (66k)

- Indestructible  :“Hi,” Harry murmurs, and Louis hiccups out a sob.“Hi,” he manages, still clutching onto Harry’s shoulders. Harry’s fingers drift across Louis’ cheeks, and there’s something off about Harry’s expression, but Louis can’t figure out what it is.“I’m okay,” Harry says, and Louis is going to say something to that, even if he doesn’t know what, except Harry’s kissing him.Louis freezes. (23k)

- nonstop earthquake dreams of you :  And there’s heat behind it, blazing, plasmatic, like stars crashing together, like an explosion in space, like a supernova, like a black hole–everything else sucked out of existence. There’s no bed and there’s no pillow and they’re not lying down, just floating somewhere, somehow, and there’s no room and there’s no X Factor house and there’s no Niall snuffling or Liam’s deep, even breathing and there’s no wind or traffic outside and there’s no hum of the heating unit and it’s all just Louis. All encompassingly Louis. or, harry falls hard and finds louis already at the bottom (37k)

- We’re on fire now : Harry loves Louis. Louis loves Harry. Fantastic, right? It can’t get much better than falling head-long in love with your best friend? Sometimes, falling in love is the easy part. When you’re in the biggest band in the world, and your boss comes from the old school where ‘fans want to date their idols’ nothing is going to be straight forward. Through the tough times, Harry and Louis find that family and friends can do amazing things. Even the worst people can change when pushed. And that as long as it’s built on sturdy foundations, love really can conquer all.Featuring: Harry and Louis in love. Fabulously supportive Gemma. Fierce lioness mum’s. A band of brothers. And Simon being Simon.  Set several months in to the iron closet, featuring angst, smut and an eventual happy ending. (40k)

- Fumbling In The Dark : Louis is straight, Harry is not. They still shag a lot. (22k)

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Heyy! I was wondering if you could recommend me a fic in which harry and/or louis are famous (e.g. they are both in 1d, or one of them is in the band; or louis is a well-known football player)

Wowww that’s a big request, and also very general, so I’m just gonna give you some of my faves where one or both are famous. Hope you enjoy :)

My Favorite Famous Fics

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Hi, could you rec me your favourites fics please ?

anonymous: hey. sorry for bothering. im a new larrie and id really like to read some good larry fanfic but its been really hard for me to find it. id be really thankful if you could recommended me some. thanks❤️

Putting these two together into a list of fics that I’ve tagged with “fave” or “reread” (usually both), in no particular order because I could never pick a favorite. Enjoy :)

(Most of these will be pretty angsty, btw, as those are usually my faves, so make sure to check the tags for triggers)

My Favorite Fics

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The Answer

It’s one thing growing up with the Shelby’s, but it’s even harder when you have skeletons in your closet. For Elouise Whittaker, the overwhelming internal struggle is beginning to interfere with her everyday life and when it all becomes to much, she starts looking for the answer to stop it all. 

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I know you started to use more Maxis content to decorate your sim's apartments, I am doing the same (trying to get creative with the content they provide) I was wondering if you could post some pictures of Lou's apartment (or anyone's actually) so I can see how you use the content (I'm in love with Lou's apartment! Thanks!!

yeah sure thing! lou’s is the only one i’ve redone so far, so yeah i’ll show some more of hers! trying to decorate with only ea content is infinitely more fun and satisfying for me ‘cause it’s more challenging lmao (bb.showhiddenobjects is my bff) thank you btw 💕