i see you lauren


[insert here some really gay thing]


keith birthday week
day two: birthday!

some of my favourite keith scenes/quotes

I may not live to see our glory…

Girl Crushes

• Lauren Jauregui
• Kristen Stewart
• Floriana Lima
• Chyler Leigh
• Camila Cabello
• Cara Delevinge
• Lyndsey Gunnulfsen
• Shay Mitchell
• Troian Bellisario
• Sasha Pieterse
• Ashley Benson
• Alycia Dabnam-Carey
• Eliza Taylor
• Cara Delevinge
• Sophie Turner
• Marie Avgeropoulos
• Katie Macgrath
• Rowan Blanchard
• Sabrina Carpenter
• Dua Lipa
• Lena Headey
• Natasha Negovablis
• Elise Bauman
• Katie Stevens
• Rita Volk
• Eva Green
• Sarah Poulson
• Cate Blanchett
• Rooney Mara
• Emily Blunt
• Kendall Jenner
• Maia Mitchell
• Jessica Capshaw
• Sara Ramirez
• Anna Kendrick
• Gal Gadot
• Caity Lotz
• Naya Rivera
• Dianna Agron
• Jennifer Lawrence
• Emma Watson
• Lily Collins
• Emma Roberts
• Amber Heard
• Shannon Beveridge
• Taylor Schilling
• Lana Parrilla
• Rose and Rosie
• Ally and Stevie
• Kate McKinnon
• Natalie Dormer
• Laura Prepon
• Megan Fox
• Natalie Portman
• Jennifer Connelly
• Charlize Theron
• Normani Kordei
• Dinah Jane
• Ellen Pompeo
• Alexis G Zall
• Lindsey Morgan
• Scarlett Johansson

I’m not saying Norminah is real but like if they suddenly admitted that they're​ dating… No one would be shocked…

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Amarantha sighed. “I thought you would have learned your lesson, Lucien. Though this time your silence will damn you as much as your tongue.” Lucien kept his eyes shut. Ready—he was ready for Rhysand to wipe out everything he was, to turn his mind, his self, into dust.

Things we need to talk about more: This. 

Things I wished people talked to Lucien about more: THIS


Would it be strange that I woke up from a dream about a Keith post and know I’m seeing posts about Jeremy Shada at it again with low-key hinting about Klance?

Ally: Do you want to tell me how you guys crashed the car?
Camila: Well, we were driving and there was this deer in the middle of the road that Lauren couldn’t see, so I shouted “Lauren, deer!”

Camila: Would you like to tell Ally what your response was?
Lauren: … “Yes, my love?”

so. quick question - 

are we sure,

i mean just totally sure

that Damen has

a Type??

i mean is that really

supported in

really warranted by

the text???

hard to tell, hard to tell