i see you gif


Interesting, very interesting 👀👀👀

EDIT: it has been discovered that this is NOT Jungkook’s sweatshirt BUT they do share other clothes if you need receipts for those I have them. Regardless it’s still cute that they basically have couple sweatshirts 😊

A new month, a new Sunday special. During all of January, we see you. Or more precisely: we are looking for photos with for the topic

“I see you”

And we will be posting them on Sundays. So… Let your imagination run wild! Every genre, every type of photography … everything is possible … As long as it fits “I see you” in some way.

If you want us to consider your photo (or set) to be featured on a Sunday in January, you can either post it to your blog and use “pws special” as one of the first five tags, or submit it to our blog and check the “pws special” checkbox.

When submitting please don’t forget to add your Tumblr URL in the caption field

If you head over to our sister blog pwsfineartnudes, you will see a collection of fine art nude photography with the topic “warmth” on all Sundays in January

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