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not once, but TWICE!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Me: wow I can't even understand why we get dress coded for showing our shoulders. There is absolutely nothing sexual about a shoulder, like honestly who looks at a shoulder and goes 'damn' that's completely ridiculous
  • Also me: *writes three paragraphs in fanfic of shoulder lust*
PSA!!!! stop hating on:

•groups you don’t stan
•older groups
•newer groups
•groups with really big fandoms
•groups with smaller fandoms
•girl groups!!!
•girl groups that do sexy concepts
•girl groups that do cute concepts
•female idols that are close friends with male idols!!!
•male idols that are close friends with female idols!!!
•idols who have a boyfriend/girlfriend!!!
•idols who get really silly on broadcasts
•idols who don’t speak much on broadcasts
•idol’s skin color!!!
•idol’s figure!!!
•idols who don’t speak English well
•idols and groups in general because they all went through a whole lot of struggle to get where they are so they don’t deserve any low class bullshit coming their way.

TARON! My gosh, ya’ll. My actual goodness gracious me. I was selected (bless that cheap, but classy dress!) to sit at the bar setup. I was at the end CLOSEST TO THE GUESTS AND SINCE TARON WAS ALSO AT THE END I WAS THE CLOSEST FAN TO HIM AHHHHHHHHHHH YOU SEE THAT GIRL IN THE FUCHSIA DRESS THAT IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Okay *takes deep breath* What can I remember? Well, from my close but alas not particularly viewable seat, I couldn’t see most of his expressions because he was turned towards Billy and James. But a couple times, he faced the audience as a whole and made adorable faces and I just wanted to take the ONLY FOUR STEPS (YES I COUNTED HAVE YOU MET ME?) to squish his adorable face! I have now memorized the back of his head (in my next Hartwin, look for the paragraph about the EXACT placement of the freckles/moles on the back of his neck because it’s all I saw for the better part of half an hour!) If ya’ll saw the interview (if you haven’t GO NOW IT’s PRECIOUS AND ICKLE!TARON AND GIGGLES AND FIDGETS), you didn’t miss much. What I like about The Late Late Show is how they don’t shoot a lot of retakes or take out much. They let things be natural and I love them for it. Because Taron is, as is well-documented, naturally a little fidgety and giggly.

Also, I wished there had been a camera shot over Billy’s shoulder because you would have seen Taron looking at him all amazed and besotted, with me over Taron’s shoulder looking equally amazed and besotted at Taron, of course. :)

Things you might have missed (but I didn’t because again SOOOOO CLOOOOOOOSE)

1. At the first break, James leaned in and was pointing to Taron’s shoes (alas, close does not mean I could hear over the VERY loud band), discussing them for some reason. (he wore trainers and it was so great for reasons I can’t explain but he just looked really great)

2. I think they were on Billy Crystal (also a moment for me to go HOLY SHIT BILLY CRYSTAL AHHHHHHH SO FUNNY PRINCESS BRIDE AHHHHH!), but Taron took his first sip of the mug provided, startled a little, smelled the liquid (it was bottled water, I watched them pour it in) and then sipped again. Maybe we have weird tasting water in America or he expected coffee/tea in the mug, I wanted to know why he was so taken aback.

3. WATCHING HIM FANGIRL OVER REGGIE WATTS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY YEAR! He bounced on the balls of his feet as if barely restraining himself from leaping for joy. Since he’d gotten up from the couch by this point, he was near enough for me to make out some words (the louder, more excited ones I suppose) and he was gushing over how Reggie is his fave and his band is Taron’s favourite band and all but squeeing, BABY BOY SQUEAKED A LITTLE I TELL NO LIES. The handler/director/whoever was all but dragging him away from Reggie Watts, it were precious.

All in all, the ONLY thing that would have made things better were if Taron had shaken my hand or given me a high five the way he did with other fans on his way to the stage. Like to TOUCH him would have been the only way to make that day better.

Before I go, taking just a half second to SQUEE over James Corden, because I am the biggest The History Boys nerd!

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Spacy M!X: My Nono-Furawatchi became mostly Violetchi with Otogitchi’s magical pen! Nonopotchi’s genes have gone in 1 generation, but Otogitchi’s magical pen is kept for 8 generations!

20th Anniversary: I have raised 3 girls. You see what it means to a Mimitchi fan. My dream to raise a Mimitchi-like tama has not come true…


When we feel to be short-tempered, look at the future. Guess what will happen exactly.

Thinking of tamagotchis, a baby grows up in 3 days. Only 3 days. 1 year has 365 days. Considering this fact, it is not a big problem to have a girl today. The next chance is coming soon. Even if I push the reset button to send her to her planet just for my dream wedding with Mimitchi, it takes 3 days to raise a good boy from the egg, anyway. Unbalance.

Calm down. Think of what will happen exactly. It is not something to be so frustrated.

Cheer up, me!


Q : if you were an EXO- L, which member would you be a fan of?
D.O : for me, KAI, I choose KAI because, if you see his performances. A fan girl would definitely fall in love with him.
KAI : like this? (doin hip thrust move)
D.O : that’s it
KAI : for me. I dont need to think about it. It’s baekhyun hyung

*kai pointed kyungsoo and stand up teasing him*

KAI : Ah, I’m just kidding. He’s cute, he sings welll, he is like professional. So I’ll be his fan
KAI : Honestly I want to pick d.o hyung.but d.o hyung has been chosen already and so I want to pick the others so everyone will be chosen 

*Meanwhile Suho knows what’s up😂😂*  

About the resurgence of past problematic behavior…

I definitely think it’s important that we do bring these things up from time to time. This is a fandom with many young fans who aren’t always aware of what kind of behavior is offensive. By addressing the issue, we’re able to help make fans understand why this kind of behavior isn’t okay, why it’s offensive and wrong.

What we need to do, though, is fix the way we talk about these issues. Condemning children (that means Maddie and the girls, as well as their fans) isn’t a productive way to have the conversation. If our reaction is to immediately point fingers at those who don’t understand their actions, rather than educate them in a calm fashion, they will go on the defensive to protect themselves. We have to remember that most of the people in this fandom aren’t fully matured (which happens at 25, let me remind you, and even adults make mistakes). We can’t expect 10 to 13-year-olds to immediately know what is racist behavior. They’re at the point in their lives where they are slowly being exposed to the adult world, this is the time when they’re learning.

Maddie (and the rest of the girls) have made mistakes, as have we all. I’ve learned from mine through the years, yet I’m still learning. I’d like to think I’m not a horrible person for the things I did or said as a child.

The way this conversation is being had in this fandom isn’t to educate, but generally to win the argument for the sake of winning. 

slanted doodles.(reasons I explained earlier in blog) 

if I can’t have my ship can I at least have an intense brotp where friggin stoic sasuke actually showed his relief to see his friend survived her A-rank mission with only a broken wrist and leg? 


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whats up in the last thing you reblogged???

the dubai show or the fan pics? cause the fan pic post i think the girl you see there was v rude to him or something i havent watched the vid but he looks like he isnt really sure how to react rip


Hi emma, I was at the match today and then I went to the hotel cause I really wanted to try at least just to see louis closer. I wanted to share with you what’s happening here now, I’d like to stay anonymous, if you want to share. I send you two photos just to show you what’s happening too.

I’m still here and I’m so disgusted of what it is happening. Fans can go to the back of the hotel and see louis and his friends talking and drinking etc in the balconies, where he was papped with d yesterday. Nobody stopped us and they are well aware we are here but they at least pretend not to care. And of course d is here and louis saw us and after a while he went on purposes to d, and she fed him lmao and I think they kissed, or pretend, but I didn’t watch it with my eyes cause yikes. I’m so ashamed of what it is happening and to be here, I just wanted to see louis. It makes me sad that he is doing it because we are here and he has to prove something since she’s there and can’t ignore her. D literally watched us and fed him with a big smile. Although most of the time he was with oli, far from her while she was having fun with calvin. He is doing the minimum but still yikes. Lottie is here too with tommy. I want to leave but I just keep thinking that this is probably my best chance to actually see him 😔 

A ‘funny’ thing is that we are most larries here I think so either we laugh or say yikes to wathever he does with d 😅

At least with this I could see with my own eyes how everything is so fake 🙈