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  • Me: wow I can't even understand why we get dress coded for showing our shoulders. There is absolutely nothing sexual about a shoulder, like honestly who looks at a shoulder and goes 'damn' that's completely ridiculous
  • Also me: *writes three paragraphs in fanfic of shoulder lust*
PSA!!!! stop hating on:

•groups you don’t stan
•older groups
•newer groups
•groups with really big fandoms
•groups with smaller fandoms
•girl groups!!!
•girl groups that do sexy concepts
•girl groups that do cute concepts
•female idols that are close friends with male idols!!!
•male idols that are close friends with female idols!!!
•idols who have a boyfriend/girlfriend!!!
•idols who get really silly on broadcasts
•idols who don’t speak much on broadcasts
•idol’s skin color!!!
•idol’s figure!!!
•idols who don’t speak English well
•idols and groups in general because they all went through a whole lot of struggle to get where they are so they don’t deserve any low class bullshit coming their way.


not once, but TWICE!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m sorry that I’m busy // Shawn Mendes

Request: Can you make a fanfic about Shawn & a girl where she goes on tour with Shawn, but she feels them getting distant from each other? She stays on the bus and continues to support him & after awhile (lots of talks between them) they make up?

authors note: I’m not feeling too good about this one but I felt the need to post something since its been a while

This was possibly the most boring job I’d been assigned on the tour yet. Shawn had me unpacking possibly hundreds of boxes filled with his latest album and my job was to check that each one had been signed by him. Then, get this, I had to put them all back. 

I was feeling much like one of his crew members rather than his girlfriend. It had been this way for quite a while though, Shawn doing his thing. Going out with the boys to celebrate after his show and somehow ‘forgetting’ to ask me if I wanted to go as well.

He usually claims that he thought I’d rather stay on the tour bus or in the hotel room. Ever since the San Francisco show where two fans had became a bit too obsessive over me, I’d been banished to the bus.

 I sigh, letting one of the CD’s drop back into the cardboard box and I walk over to the mini lounge, flopping back into the smooth leather. I missed Shawn. My mind wondering to what he might be doing right now. He didn’t say where he was going when he left this morning- just saying that Andrew would find me something to do to pass the time.

By pass the time he meant unpack boxes. 

Having enough of the silence, I grab my phone and ID card that were laying on the coffee table and climb off the bus, heading towards the arena. I nod at the security guard standing by the back entrance as he knew who I was-  he’d been travelling with us from show to show.

The next door however, my ID was checked. I could hear a guitar in the distance and I head straight for one of the gates that lead into the arena. I walk out into one of the top stands- a fairly large stadium layed out below me.

My gaze draws towards a figure on stage. Shawn. I make my way down the stairs and find a seat- on the right side of the stage but close enough that if Shawn looked up he recognize who I was.  

I laugh lightly as Shawn dances around the stage, his head bobbing to the beat. I guess my voice echoed because Shawn’s head snaps up to look at me and his strumming stops.

“Y/n?” He calls and I nod. He shouts something else.

“What?” I call, leaning forward in my seat.

He shouts it again.

“I can’t hear you?” I laugh at his disgruntled expression and he places his guitar on the ground before running off stage. Its a minute before I hear his footsteps trailing down the stairs.

He takes one of the spare seats next to me, his knee brushing my thigh.

“Didn’t know you were here,” Shawn mumbles, leaning forward to kiss my temple.

“Thought I would take a break from CD sorting.” I chuckle, shaking my head in distaste.

“So that’s what Andrew had you doing,” He chuckles, chucking an arm over my shoulders yet his gaze stays locked on his guitar on stage- as if he was guarding it.

“Yeah, hey listen I was thinking.” I pause and Shawn slowly looks away to meet my eyes. “Do you want to do something? Maybe go get some lunch or we could go to the park?” I ask, smiling at the prospect of spending time with my boyfriend. He’d been so focused on shows recently that I’d barely seen him the past couple weeks.

“You know I can’t.” He dismisses me, a frown on his face.

“What? Why not?” I ask, eyes widening in surprise.

“I have a lot to do here, besides I’m sure you can find something else to-”

“Don’t you dare tell me to find something else to do.” I move to stand up, his arm falling from my shoulders.

“I’m sorry I can’t spend every second with you Y/n. I’m a busy guy.” his tone is clipped and I feel my anger burn.

“I’m not asking to spend every second with you Shawn.” I snap, shuffling out the isle and back up the stairs. He gets up and follows.

“No need to walk away like this.” He calls and I spin around to face him.

“You don’t even understand do you Shawn?” I shout, my frustration spilling over.

“Understand what?” He growls, fists clenching.

“I’m not some dog that you can leave at home and will still show you love and attention, no matter what, when you arrive back.” I glare daggers at him. “I don’t want to be on the bus 24/7 packing and unpacking CD’s because that’s all Andrew’s got for me to do.” 

He scrunches his eyebrows, confusion written on his face.

“I want to be with you and see what you do.” My tone is so desperate that I sound like I’m whining. I hate that I’m like this in front of him but I was so sick of being treated this way.

“I’m not trying to sound like a kid Shawn but I’m bored. You really wanted me to come on tour with you but now that I’m here, I feel like I’m being tucked away into a small corner and not allowed out.”

“I’ve asked you to go out with the boys and I.” Shawn retorts and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah, the first night, ever since then you barely tell me anything.”

“I’m sorry that I’m busy.” 

I sigh, turning away from him. I reach the top stair when his hand wraps around my arm, tugging me back to look at him.

“What do you want me to do?” He asks, begging me to tell him something to fix the brewing fight. Shawn hated conflict between us and within the two years that we’d been dating, this was maybe our 3rd or 4th major fight.

“Let me come to your show tonight.” I say outright, no hesitation. 

“No.” Shawn says, no hesitation.

“What do you mean no?” I yank my hand out of his vice like grip, my glare returning.

“I don’t want you there tonight.” My jaw drops and I stare at him in disbelief.


“The fans are being particularly sensitive right now and I just want them to have a good time.” He shrugs his shoulders, not seeming to realise he just dug himself his own grave.

“They’ve had two years to get used to us Shawn.” I frown, crossing my arms over my chest. 

“Some are still upset over it.” He defends, eyes narrowing at me.

“So you’d keep your own girlfriend locked up just to keep a few thousand of girls happy?” 

“I’m not locking you up Y/n. Its just the tour bus.” he says with a faint smile as if he was trying to make me feel better.

“Forget it Shawn. I’ll just go back to the bus. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll just go home.”  His face pales. 

“I don’t want you to go home.” he rushes to say, tripping up the stairs to follow me as I make my way back out the arena.

“Make up your mind Shawn. One minute you don’t want me here and the next you do.”

“I want you here but I don’t want the fans to see you. They get upset- like those girls from San Francisco.” Shawn’s voice argues from behind me but I keep my pace firm, always a couple steps ahead.

“First off Shawn,” I call back to him. “You are always going to have fans around you so if you don’t want fans to see me then we might as well break up because there is no way I’m doing a secret relationship.”

“You don’t mean that?” Shawn’s voice cracks and I stop and face him.

“Secondly, the fans in San Francisco weren’t upset by us. They were asking questions about us and I answered them. They got hysterical because they found us cute. Shawn, they cried because we were cute, alright?” My anger seeps through my words.

He freezes. I cannot almost see my words turning over in his head.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?” He accuses, his own anger coming to the table. 

“You never gave me a chance- just shoved me on the bus and we never spoke of it again.” 

“Y/n,” he whispers, reaching out for my hand. I hold his gaze for a moment, watching the anger disappear until his eyes are the warm brown color I love again. I put my hand in his.

“I’m sorry I didn’t let you explain.” I’m tugged into his arms, my head buried into the crook of his neck. I sigh softly, letting his hands trace soothing patterns on my back and sure enough, my anger is gone as well.

“I forgive you.” I whisper, wrapping my arms around his waist.

“I thought they were upset and I thought you were upset. I thought it was best if you and the fans just took some time apart.” He kisses my forehead softly.

“I love that you tried to protect us Shawn, but you should have asked what happened.” I tell him softly, not wanting to provoke another fight.

“I’m also sorry that I left you alone unpacking CD’s all day.” He chuckles slightly.

“I’m not forgiving you for that, that was torture.” Shawn laughs, pulling back to place a kiss on my lips before slinging his arm over my shoulder and leading me out the door. 

“So about that lunch date..” He trails off grinning at me.

“Sounds like a plan.” I smile back, leaning into his embrace. Its a few moments of a comfortable silence, the bakery only a couple blocks away from the stadium, when Shawn breaks the quietness.

“What did you tell them that made them cry?”

My favorite fictional teenage girls: Abigail Hobbs, Beverly Marsh, Nancy Wheeler


Cutiepie Sam (10x05)

I hate how the 2012-2013 tone of tumblr regarding gay ships (aka the yaoi, ‘sin baby’ shipping culture) has given birth to the idea that gay ships are exclusively liked by fetishizing cishets. The constant degradation of healthy and complex mlm ships to “just fanservice for straight tumblr girls” really hurts actual mlm who are desperate for representation, and vice versa for wlw. If the staff/casts of shows and movies could stop acting as though this is the case, and in turn would stop mocking mlm/wlw ships, that’d be fantastic.

hotel; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader
word count: 1,409
warning: lol, the word fuck
summary: you and Tom meet one night at the bar in a hotel
my other work

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TsukiPara Drama - Chapter 2 Translation

[Rather than posting each part alone, I’m posting the whole chapter this time.  Since it’s a lot of text, it’s under the cut.  Enjoy~]

[This chapter is about telling the idols about the new game just like the first chapter, but this time it’s Procellarum’s turn.  Plus, Shun causes some shenanigans.]

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slanted doodles.(reasons I explained earlier in blog) 

if I can’t have my ship can I at least have an intense brotp where friggin stoic sasuke actually showed his relief to see his friend survived her A-rank mission with only a broken wrist and leg? 



Q : if you were an EXO- L, which member would you be a fan of?
D.O : for me, KAI, I choose KAI because, if you see his performances. A fan girl would definitely fall in love with him.
KAI : like this? (doin hip thrust move)
D.O : that’s it
KAI : for me. I dont need to think about it. It’s baekhyun hyung

*kai pointed kyungsoo and stand up teasing him*

KAI : Ah, I’m just kidding. He’s cute, he sings welll, he is like professional. So I’ll be his fan
KAI : Honestly I want to pick d.o hyung.but d.o hyung has been chosen already and so I want to pick the others so everyone will be chosen 

*Meanwhile Suho knows what’s up😂😂*  

anonymous asked:

In your opinion who is the alpha stan for each of the wanna one members?




ONG: It’s @seongwoonie vs. @ongjins BUT SINCE HERSHEY IS AN OTP BLOG @seongwoonie DANIELA TAKES THE WIN lmaooo


JIHOON: Me, the ult Pork Jeojang, jk but I just only have one mutual @pjihoonie that is Jihoon biased and like we barely know each other and kinda just met… (BUT I STILL LOVE YOU LOTS)

WOOJIN: (NO THIS SHIT IS HARD I swear all my mutuals are Woojin biased idk how it got to that) But I am tagging my first Woojin stan Mutual that I made on here @perkwoojin Jas!! (Fight Allison, Dain, Mel, & Iris) 

BAEJIN: THIS IS HARD BECAUSE @lai-gvanlin SUMMER IS A DEEPLIN 304 AND THERE’S @baejln BELLA AND @bae-jin-young ALICE TOO OMFG I chose @bae-jin-young Alice, because most of the time she’s trying to choke me BaeJin and convert me to her ‘Deep and Darker’ religion. (I LOVE YOU BELLA) 

DAEHWI: @wannabl Totally Daehwi Trash 



GUANLIN: @dearestguanlin I mean I don’t see Maria ever fan girling, but ik she loves him a lot, but she’s constantly changing her icon between Jihoon and Guanlin?? Lmao so?? EXPLAINATION PLEASE

JAEHWAN: @kimjaehwanswife If Jaehwan was to reincarnate as a girl it’ll be Lucy PLUS WHEN I WAS IN THE GC AND TALKED ABOUT THAT JAEHWAN & LUCY MOODBOARD (which was suppperrr cutee) SHE WENT ALL JELLO & SOFT. IT WAS ADORABLE SBUFBE03IE 

no i don’t care that an already famous person lost a disney role that she didn’t need to a young unknown whose ethnicity is lacking in representation

Tonight I saw an 11/12 year old girl reading Alex Morgan’s book when I was out having dinner with a friend. Her Mom told her to put it away and participate in the family discussion (there were three older girls at the table with her - her sisters). I couldn’t help it, I leaned over and said, “She’s one of my favorite players too.”

The girl lit up, just positively beaming with excitement, and she said she couldn’t decide between Alex Morgan or Hope Solo being her favorite. I told her they were both amazing players and not to worry about picking a favorite. The Mom seemed happy and surprised that I was talking to her daughter about this. I asked the girl if she would be watching the upcoming matches in February. She said she didn’t know there were any, but that she had been watching the Victory Tour. She asked me if I saw those games and I said “Of course! But oh my gosh the last game made me so mad!” She nodded very seriously and said, “They were trying to do something nice.” I told her I agreed.

The Mom jumped in at that point and asked me when they would be playing again. (My friend was rolling her eyes and dying of boredom at this point, but I kicked her.) I explained to the Mom they would be preparing for the Olympics, Olympic qualifiers, etc and told her when the matches would start again (starting with Ireland, Jan. 23rd and then all through February.) Even how ESPN2 and FS1 are usually the ones that broadcast the matches. I had finished my dinner at this point and we’d paid the check, so I left after that. But as I walked away, I heard the family talking excitedly about watching the next game.

Spread the USWNT love! Spread the USWNT knowledge! If they won’t advertise the games well enough, word of mouth will have to do until then. People want to watch, they want to be fans, they just don’t know how or when. So jump in! That’s one more family that will be tuning into the match on January 23rd! And more in February!

I was grinning ear to ear for a while after that. My friend told me I was a dork. Fair enough. But I hope that girl got a little validation for her love of soccer tonight. :)

Jealous (Nate Maloley Imagine)

A/N: beuatifulcrime, I hope you like it 💕 I apologize for the wait. I also did different perspectives (both Nate’s and Y/N’s) because I find it easier to write stories that way lol. I really hope you don’t mind!

Word Count: 3,000+

Pairing: Reader + Nate Maloley

Summary: You’re excited to meet your favorite viners at a party, but Nate gets jealous, which leads to a huge argument. 

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Only ‘RAFINHA’ Is Allowed

Originally posted by we-heart-barca

I stood to the beeping sound of my microwave. I just made myself instant popcorn to accompany me watching my favorite team, Arsenal, versus my least favorite team, Chelsea, that would begin in just less than 10 minutes. I put my popcorn bowl in my lap and a glass of lemonade in the coffee table next to me as I sat comfortably in the couch, when my boyfriend burst from the front door making me jumped in shock.

“Rafa! Why are you always such in a hurry?”

“That is because I don’t want to be away from you for too long” he placed a playful kiss on my forehead.

“No, you’re not” He chuckled at my response, making his way to the kitchen. He just got home from the grocery store, buying some ingredients for his special diets tomorrow, which basically just green vegetables, tomatoes and lots of fruits.

I was drown in the match when Rafinha sat next to me, holding the spinach juice he just made. “Why are you so serious?” he played his hand between the tip of my hair.

“Just watch Rafa”

He let out a chuckle, standing up again before he gulped down his juice. I slapped his butt playfully when he purposely stood still in front of the TV, blocking my view.



“What are you wearing?”

I turned my focus to Rafinha who’s standing next to me, both hands on his hips, looking down at me confusedly, “What the hell are you wearing?” he repeated his question with a bit of irony.
“My jersey”

“Your jersey?”

I nodded. “Friedman gave me.” It was my jersey! My lovely Özil’s latest Arsenal home kit that my cousin just bought me from London when he visit me last months. I have to admit that I’m crazy in love over Mesut Özil, back from the world cup 2010 when he stunned us all with his brilliant performance. I was his fan girl when he played for Real Madrid, way before I met Rafinha, and I still am after he moved to Arsenal. And I couldn’t wait to see him beat Chelsea on the match tonight.

“Here, sit with me.” I patted the empty space in the couch.

“No. I’m going to watch something else upstairs.” I let out a big sigh after I saw him walking up to our room, purposely closing the door harder than usual. He’s being weird again.

I screamed when I saw Özil’s pass picked out by Walcott before his shot was kept out by Chelsea’s goalkeeper, then another groan came from my mouth when I saw Gabriel being sent off for kicking Costa.

It was in the middle of the break from the first half when I finished washing my dishes. I decided to go check on Rafinha in our room.

“Baby” Rafa lay on his back on the bed, playing with his phone.

“You’re so noisy” he said with a tiny bit of anger in his voice.

“I’m sorry baby” I threw myself on top of him, pampered him with kisses all over his face so that now I got all his attention.
“Stop, stoop!”

“Why are you mad?” I asked as I stroked his hair.

“Just watched that stupid game, they’re going to lose anyway”

“Why did you say that?”

“They lost one man”

“Oh, so you did watch the game!” I nudged his arm. Rafa would usually watch the Arsenal game with me; of course he’d snorted all the time I get the fan girl mode when I see Özil. “Why are you so cranky? Did I do something wrong?”

He turned his gaze to me, staring directly to my eyes, “No, you didn’t. I’m sorry for being a bit cranky.” With his right hand, he caresses my hair softly.

“I don’t like what you’re wearing. I hate to see you wearing that jersey.” he continued, making me stared down at him in confusion.

“Özil’s jersey? But you like Özil!”

He chuckled, “I don’t, I just like watching you praising him on his game. You look so happy. I can’t help to wonder whether you’re that excited when you cheer me on my game or not.”

“Of course, I cheer for you with all my life. You shoul’ve told me, let me know. I’m sorry, love.” I kissed him on both cheek and he smiled.

Originally posted by loveviral

His smile started fading as he put both of his hand on the side of my arms then he rolled over so now he’s above me. “Which one do you like more? Me or Özil?”


He grabbed my shoulders, pulling me roughly against him and kissed my lips in a demanding way that roused more anger than anything else, “I want you to pick one (y/n), Özil or me?”

His warm lips moved their way down my neck and stopped exactly in my sweet spot that made me moan his name in pleasure, “Rafael…”

His hand crawled beneath my jersey, moving ups and downs in my rib, “Should I asked you once again…?” he pulled out from the kiss, right hand holding the weight of his body, and his left hand started playing with my breast. He knew exactly how to make me crazy.

“You, I choose you. Rafael Alcântara, I choose you.” He chuckled, looking satisfied of he’s doing, and he leaned down again to kiss my lips that I happily returned.  Of course he knew he had won when I started crawling my hand on his torso, in desperate to see him off his clothes. “Wait.”

“Rafa please…” I whined.

“I need to throw that ugly jersey away first” He pulled the jersey off my body harshly making a small torn in the part which I didn’t really pay attention anymore. I then excitedly extended my hands to do the same thing, “One more thing…” he held my hand that was on his chest, a smug smirk appeared on his face before he let me continue taking his shirt off.

“Only my jersey is allowed in this house”