i see you di :d :d

Just a quick friendly reminder to the Kingsman fandom:

It’s been over a month since the movie has come out, and we’ve all become such a lovely, artistic, creative, and caring community! Everyone is so kind and welcoming, and aside from the occasional angst, the fandom is a very happy place to be!

That being said, the longer the film has been out, the more ships aside from Hartwin are surfacing. This is wonderful, and I encourage everyone to continue shipping what they want, and to continue creating incredible materials based off of these ships!

Please please continue to be respectful of everyone’s ships, even if you don’t ship it, and continue the mutual support going around the fandom. We’ve done an incredible job of this so far, and it’d be a shame to turn into a hateful group of people who resort to petty tactics seen in some other unnamed fandoms. 

So just remember, it’s completely alright to not ship something, but let’s just remember to let everyone to do their thing, and welcome everything with an open mind!