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weirded out as always that i’m not particularly into sauron/celebrimbor? like you’d think i’d be all about that as a dirty sauron fan who likes angst and betrayal and LIESSSSS but it just leaves me kinda cold

lol maybe one day i’ll write that fic idea where maedhros and sauron become long-distance boyfriends after fingon dies and like… everyone sees the tire fire but doesn’t know what to do about it since there doesn’t seem to be any strategic benefit going on and like, who’s gonna argue with either of them?

Heroes of Olympus as popular text posts pt2
  • Percy: ''If u can’t handle me at my worst, u don’t deserve me at my longest yeah boi ever''
  • Annabeth: ''Do you ever want to gently float up to someone and whisper “this isn’t a debate; i am actually educated on the subject and i’m telling you you’re wrong”''
  • Jason: ''I'm adopting everyone im tired of seeing people suffer bad experiences due to their shitty parents. i am your dad now''
  • Piper: ''How to kiss a boy: 1. grab his waist, 2. slip your hand in his pocket, 3. steal his wallet, 4. dont even kiss him, 5. just run.''
  • Leo: ''If the phantom of the opera has taught me anything it’s that if all else fails you set the place on fire and cry''
  • Hazel: ''I told a lady i really liked ghosts and she said “are you being serious or are you just saying that in case one is listening”''
  • Frank: ''You’re yelling? at ME? the one person who has never done anything wrong ever?????''
  • Nico: ''White lips, pale face, im gay, outer space''
  • Reyna: ''My body is 80% respect women juice, the other 20% is im gay juice''
BTS’ reaction to seeing you after tour

*Here’s a short little reaction while i try to regain my confidence in my writing ;)*


He’d spot you, already becoming extra as he ran over, dropping his bags. He’d run over, pulling you into the most exaggerated hug ever. Only smiles as he retrieved his bags, you scolding him as he just laughed.

“I’ve missed you so much! I almost died without you!”

“What is someone took your bags?”

“Stop changing the topic and accept my love!”

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I feel like he wouldn’t be like the others. A smile spreading across his face when he seen you. He would calmly walk over, hugging you and just whispering a small I’ve missed you before heading to the car with you. Once in the car, pulling you into a giant hug and laying with your hair, showing his affection, just not in front of everyone.

“I’ve really missed you Jagi.”

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The most extra, my fucking god. He’d be the one to sprint over, dropping his bags in the process. Just to run over, jumping on you and then laughing when you both end up on the floor. He’d refuse to let you up without a kiss.

“I’ve missed you so much! You have no idea!”

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Dramatic but in his own way. He walk over, a smile across his face, his dimples exposed. He’d lean on you all of his weight pushing against you. His head would rest in the crook of your neck.

“I’m so tired. This is your fault, take responsibility.”

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Would have that smile, you know the smile where he gets shy and wants to hide? Yeah that one. He would pull you into a tight hug, hiding his face in your neck until you pulled him away. Then he would pepper you in kisses making you blush.

“I love you.” *Kiss* “I love you.” *Kiss* “I love you.” *Kiss* 

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He’d smile, leaving his hyungs behind as he went to greet you. He’d hug you, refusing to let go as you two talked. He’d be immensely happy and he would feel at home in your arms.

“Finally! He hasn’t stopped talking about you!” Suga whined.

“Shut up!” Tae screamed. “I’ve missed you baby.”

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He’d be the tough guy, trying to act like seeing you wasn’t a really big deal. He’d quickly fail when you ran over, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him into a warm hug. I feel like he would break down, crying a little bit because he was so happy.

“Are you crying?”

“No, but i love you so much.”

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So ... I’ve been thinking ...

In deathly hallows, at the end of the book after the battle, all of the bodies are brought to the great hall, even the death eaters, and yet Snape wasn’t …. I always assumed he had been, but it’s not mentioned. You’d think that would be something she’d mention … And Snape’s portrait didn’t appear in the Headmasters Office after he died presumably because he abandoned his post …..

We have no actual proof that he’s dead other than 2 teenagers seeing him pass out. I mean in the first book he did say he can “Bottle fame, brew glory, and even stopper death.” and he did find a cure for Arthur Weasley’s attack from Nagini 

the absolute BEAUTY of cinder stabbing weiss is that JAUNE wanted to give his life. if anyone died, he wanted it to be HIM. the fact that WEISS had to be the one to suffer, the one who he’d annoyed and hadn’t really apologized too, the one who was his best friend’s partner, the one who’d spent her whole life trying to seperate from her family name while HE stuck to their stupid titles and empty heroism like GLUE-

cinder chose the person jaune WISHED he would be. cinder took away the ONE CHOICE he had. cinder maximised the AMOUNT OF GUILT jaune would feel. and, as well, cinder SNUFFED OUT THE LAST BIT OF DRIVE WEISS HAD. weiss goes from pillar to post, freed and trapped, and the one time she was free, and jaune could see it, HE WAS (in his head) THE REASON SHE WAS TRAPPED AGAIN. And as well, no matter HOW SELFLESS he tried to be, NOTHING COULD MAKE UP FOR THE INHERENT SELFISHNESS THAT GOT HIM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. NO MATTER HOW HARD HE TRIES, HE CAN NEVER OVERCOME THAT BIT OF DARKNESS INSIDE HIM, THAT LITTLE BIT OF SELFISHNESS, THAT LITTLE BIT OF GREED. 

cinder knew exactly what she needed to do to 100% BREAK HIM while 100% BREAKING WEISS in ONE FELL SWOOP.

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Sorry to bother you, but Ive been wondering what YUTS!Izuku would do if he died "before his time" sort of thing. Would he keep an eye on his mom? Hop between Inko, All Might, and his friends? Try to fuck with Bakugo for making his living-life hell? Join the "dead and still f*cking with Endeavor" team? Still try to help other ghosts move on? The possibilities are seemingly endless...

I mean I think he’d do a little of everything. He’d be a busy li’l ghost, that’s for certain. I think @kazzarole‘s fic paints a pretty good picture.


D&E at Kcon17la singing Growing Pains, I Wanna Dance, and Saturday Night

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I feel like this has been asked before,but, what do you think would be AT!paps reaction in discovering his brother died?(in the genocide run) I love your art btw ^~^

If he found out it was because of the human (Frisk), he’d probably seek them out and kill them on sight without hesitation; just instant annihilation lol. I mean, the poor dude hasn’t seen his brother in God knows how long but still held out hope that maybe, just maybe he’d see him again someday, only to suddenly find out he’s dead because of a human? it was bad enough he already lost his precious little brother due to humans, but now his older brother? the one he’s always looked up to ever since they were babybones, as well as being the last family he had left in the world? smh Frisk would be fucked

Dizzy Kiss || Héctor Rivera ||

Prompt,Series or Request:
Dizzy Kiss:When you spin in circles and then try to kiss your partner.

Character: Héctor Rivera

Pairing: Héctor Rivera x Reader

Fandom: Coco || Disney/Pixar ||

Warnings || Rating:

Drabble or One-shot: Drabble

A/n: Kinda sucks, I wrote this while on break so it’s a little rushed buuut enjoy. This is set before he dies { Spoilers obviously. }.

Héctor Rivera never thought he’d be this lucky, to have a woman like you…bless the heavens. Héctor could never figure out why you picked him but he was not going to question it. Wetting his lips his fingers strummed the guitar as he watched you dance. You truly took his breath away.

Smiling he let his fingers play some random tune as you started to spin in circles.

“Ah careful now, as much as i’d love to be your nurse I would rather not see you hurt yourself.

Giggling you slowed down only to stumble forward. Panicking, Héctor let his guitar slide off his lap as he rushed forward to catch you. His arms slide across your waist he watched you with a timed smile.

Looking up at him with your own look you then stood on your toes, needing to clutched the man’s shirt to keep your balance since you were still dizzy.You knew the man was giving you a worried look but that didn’t matter, what mattered that you were trying to kiss but it was difficult with how dizzy you were.

Scowling you grasped his suspenders pulling him against your lips.Héctor had to steady himself since it took him by surprise, you always seemed to do that to him. Kiss him when every you liked but it’s not like he was going to complain about this when he cared for you so much.

Recovering from the shock he slowly returned the kiss, he should really ask you to dance around more often.

I’m only now seeing that the Silas and Frija scene is meant to be a reference to Lord of the Rings where Denethor tells Faramir he’d rather him be dead than Boromir.

“You wish now that our places had been exchanged. That I had died and Boromir had lived” 

“Yes, I wish that”


“Farson wished for peace”

“And I wish they’d shot you instead”

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  • Who said “I love you” first

Lucina, I’d say! It’d be an outpouring of solemn, genuine emotion and Severa would just gobble it all up 

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Lucina definetly does. Severa does too…but only on her home screen, not her lock screen, cuz gawds that’d be so embarrassing for someone to see ;p

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Lucina. Severa literally dies when she sees it

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Lucina, once again! She’s so sweet and sincere, Severa just can’t handle how cute it is 

  • Who initiated the first kiss

Imma go against the grain here and say Severa. She tries to play it off like it’s no big deal but oh, it’s a big deal 

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

I don’t think either would do that, Severa is a silly silly easily embarrassed girl and Lucina is too worried about respecting boundaries and letting Severa get the rest she deserves!

  • Who starts tickle fights

Lucina would never. Severa will never admit to it but she pulled out the tickling solution once and swore Lucina to silence lol

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Lucina would, and not even realize the implications, she has a pure mind. Severa is redder than her mom’s hair.

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Severa does, and is all blushy about it, especially once Luci says thanks and gives her a kiss on the cheek, hehe

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Oh, they both would be nervous wrecks! But I think they’d settle into how natural it felt quite quickly.

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

Lucina doesn’t exactly have the best track record with bugs… It’d gotta be Sevvy.

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

They both do. Lucina can’t hold her liquor for shit and with her inhibitions slightly dulled Severa lets loose about how much she loves her girlfriend.

D&D Dungeon Master Tips

This was requested by @commandtower-solring-go

I have been the storyteller of many a long game, from 1E, 4E, 5E, Pathfinder and numerous homebrew rules, and with that experience I have a lot of advice to distribute.

So, in no particular order, here we go!

1) It doesn’t matter if your PC’s don’t want to work together

This is very important to note, as most players have their own agendas in games and in real life. Allowing your players to each affect the story in their own way is important to keeping the playgroup alive. You may think that they need to be on the same team, but if one person is supporting the king and the other is leading a coup, you have one less NPC to create and the gameplay becomes more dynamic.

2) No plotline or world is to simple or basic

When world-building and designing a story, remember that it can be as simple as rescuing a princess from a dragon, or just a straight star wars plot. The thing that makes it fun is not how original or complex it is, rather it depends on what the PC’s bring to the table and what NPC’s you create. The fun stories and epic tales from older campaigns stem not from the massive world you built, but the opportunities the players have while interacting with anything.

3) Don’t feel bad when a campain falls flat

I have directed many epic, largescale campaigns, and twice as many adventures that ended at 3rd level when a character has died or a plot hook was lost. It doesn’t matter if your story lasted for a year in real time, or ended when someone burned down the pub that the characters were in. If the players had a good time sabotaging it, you have achieved your goal.


4) You are not the player’s enemy

So many of the D&D related posts I see are about how a player pissed of the DM and so the DM killed everyone, or a player was upset because a DM wanted the PC’s to lose. That is not the purpose of the game. Think of yourself as the entertainer of the group, and your spur of the moment humor/story is what keeps the game alive. EVERYONE should be happy when the BBEG dragon is defeated, and ALL THE PEOPLE AT THE TABLE should be sad when a character dies. The point is not to win, but to tell a story.

That’s it for now, and later I will have a new article based off a new suggestion. More D&D might come, and as always, my ask box is always open.

-Dude Random


Breaking my hiatus to post this!:D

I was practicing city backgrounds and well….here we are!:D

Thank you to all the people who voted for Gil as Tuxedo mask or Kaito Kid!:D (I can easily see Gil being a phantom thief! of course stopping by the boyfriend before the heist for good luck. grappling hooks are useful when said boyfriend lives on the 9th floor…)

Please do not repost on any other website or use without my consent thank you.:D

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I’ve lowkey always wanted to see how you would write Tweek/Kenny so... “You need to see a doctor.”????

I think Tweek/Kenny would have a real interesting dynamic. I like them but you know, it’s so frequently Creek or bust. Not super romantic, but I’m not super romantic. 


“You need to see a doctor,” Tweek coughed, looking up at Kenny.

“Me? I need to see a doctor?” Kenny joked, pressing into the open wound on his arm. He’d be fine, even if he died, he’d just come back. He always come back.

“Nrgh, yeah dude, you come into the shop bleeding, like to death. And you’re joking? So much blood, nrg, how are you awake?” Tweek asked, looking back at the register.

“How are you still awake, it’s three in the goddamn morning. Don’t they ever let you go home?” Kenny knew he would be fine. It wasn’t all his blood anyway., some of it was Cartman’s. Not a lot, he didn’t want to be charged with murder, not before he got his diploma anyway.

“I live here. I’ve always lived here,” Tweek’s head drooped against the counter, leaning a cheek on the wooden butcher block.

“Just hand me some napkins, huh? I’m bleedin’ all over your floor. Hate to make more work for your exhausted self.” Kenny watched as Tweek slowly got up, shuffling his feet as he hobbled towards the napkin dispenser. It took him three tried to pull out a paper napkin, and that one ripped straight down the middle.

There was a sigh from Tweek as he just picked up the whole container, eyes dead as he dropped it on the counter. Kenny dug his hands in, pulling out a wad of the cheap brown paper and shoving it into the knife wound in his arm. Who the hell sold Eric a switchblade?

“Are you real?” Tweek asked, mumbling into the counter again. “I can’t remember when I last slept. Maybe, nrgh, sleeping now.”

“Christ, how are your parents not in jail?” Kenny said, pushing the napkins harder into his arm.

“Real likable, gotta be likable, ngh, likable people can do bad things,” Tweek said, eyes still closed.

“Buddy, let’s get you laying down, huh?”  Kenny abandoned stopping the bleeding in his arm, opting instead to sneak behind the counter and maneuver Tweek’s sleeping form into a booth.

“Gotta watch the, ngh, the shop. Everybody has a job in this family, Tweek, ngh. You, you watch, nrgh, shop,” he twitched as Kenny walked him over to the table. He laid him down, smearing a little bit of blood on his apron.

“I’ll watch the shop. It’ll be easy, no one comes in here at night, anyway.” Kenny pulled off his orange hoodie, trying to fold it in such a way as to hide the blood and shoved it near Tweek.

“The books, Kenny, cook the books,” Tweek said, moving the dirty coat under his head. “Gotta be open at night to cook the books. We sell a hundred, nrg, hundred cups of coffee an hour, an hour. Over two thousand cups in a day, nrgh, it’s a lot.”

“Just take a nap. I’ll get you up for class.”

Les Mis US Tour Thoughts

OKAY SO WOW that touring production was legit awesome. 

Number one and first of all, I’ve seen the stage show 5 times previous to this and I have NEVER recalled seeing the Bishop come out at the end but COME OUT HE DID and he HUGGED VALJEAN and welcomed him into heaven like. I died. My whole row gasped and started crying. And I’d been sitting there thinking you know man I wish they’d’ put Bishop Myriel in here like they do in the movie and LO he APPEARED. God. I’m shook. 

A LOT more rambling under the cut.

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