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@saladtsar​ asked: krum or diggory

c e d r i c d i g g o r y ; 

“today we acknowledge a really terrible loss. cedric diggory was as you all know, exceptionally hard working, infinitely fair-minded and most importantly a fierce, fierce friend. now i think therefore you have the right to know exactly how he died. you see, cedric diggory was murdered by lord voldemort. the ministry of magic does not wish me to tell you this, but not to do so i think would be an insult to his memory.”

  • Nico: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Annabeth: You just called Jason "dad." You said "thanks, dad".
  • Nico: What? No I didn't, I said "thanks, man".
  • Jason: Do you see me as a father figure, Nico?
  • Nico: No, if anything I see you as a bother figure cause you're always bothering me.
  • Percy: Hey! Show your father some respect!
Head Canon

Dick: Alright everyone, it’s Easter and on Easter we dye the eggs.

Jason: Aren’t the eggs already dead?

Tim: Dye as in D-Y-E you idiot. You color the eggs. Not D-I-E. Why do you have to associate everything with death? We get it you died. Move on!

Jason: I’d like to see you D-Y-E and try to move on.

Tim: It’s D-I-E!

Duke: Guys.

Jason: Stop trying to mess with my head Drake! It’s D-Y-E.

Duke: Guys seriously.

Tim: No you idiot it's​ D-I-E!

Duke: Can we just dye the eggs?

Jason: Like I said, the eggs

are already D-Y-E-D.

Tim: *runs a hand down his face*

Damian: *rushes into the kitchen* I just heard someone say die! Who do I need to kill?!

Jason: Go to bed.

Damian: Excuse me?

Tim: Or you could just…

*glares at Jason* D-I-E.

Jason: It’s D-Y-E.

Damian: …

Dick: *sitting on a stool in a shady corner* I just wanted us to have a nice Easter tradition. That’s all I was asking for.

Duke: *panicking slightly leans out of the kitchen doorway* Alfred!


(Not in any particular order)

1. CeCe claims that she wasn’t the one to talk to Melissa (even though she told Emily that she talked to her to get the tapes and we saw a flashback) and that it was Bethany. So how is Melissa and Bethany talking if they don’t know each other and how did Jason know what Bethany looked like to mistake her for being CeCe?
2. The rooftop incident is one of the biggest plot holes from 6x10. First of all, why would a institution let patients on a rooftop WITHOUT supervision? No hospital does that. And how is Charles 12 years old when Marion died in 2007?yes I know you wanna kiss me.
3. Why did it say “prom queen” in the yearbook if cece didn’t go to school at rosewood high? Just sit on down so we can take your picture even though you don’t go to school here.
4. What was the point of bringing up that Mrs. D and Mr. Young (Bethany’s dad) had an affair if it’s never not going to be addressed again? Further more, who the fuck are Bethany’s parents and why did Mrs. D tell Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie”? Also we didn’t see Bethany’s face only when she was a child…
5. What does Sara Harvey have against Hanna? I recall seeing redcoat burning Hanna’s doll head off…
6. How did CeCe become an expert in the medical field?
7. Apparently CeCe found out that Ali was alive in 3x24 but yet weren’t Noel and CeCe helping Alison the whole time? I can’t remember if it was an assumption since Ali helped CeCe escape to Paris and we assumed it was because Cece helped Ali stay in hiding, too. So if someone can explain that to me that would be great.
8. Marlene confirmed in via interview that CeCe buried Mrs D so CeCe is just going to send a video of burying her mom and send it Alison even though she claimed that she loved her? but now we’re being told that Mary might been the one to bury her…. well what the fuck.
9. What the fuck happened to Eddie lamb?
10. Why did A need a tux rental if it was CeCe and Sara?
11. So did CeCe turn herself in at the end of 4x23? Or did someone else turn her in? It’s a plot hole until explained.
12. Why would CeCe dress as a male in the dollhouse if she identifies herself as female now? No one that is transgender wouldn’t do that because it would remind them of their past. You can say that she did it to make the girls think it’s a guy or whatever but a trans person wouldn’t do that.
13. In 6x06 Mona said that Leslie said that two patients snuck out that night CHARLES and Bethany, who the fuck is Charles? That would’ve been Charlotte by then.
14. Why did Barry help CeCe escape?
15. If Jessica was protecting CeCe, then why bother telling the girls that she didn’t want Ali and CeCe spending time together. If she was protecting CeCe, why cast any suspicious light on her at all?
16. Why didn’t Mrs. D show any emotion to CeCe being arrested? She just starred at her…
17. If she was a patient at Radley while attending U Penn, then how in the hell did she have a room mate when she went to U Penn? If the room mate was just a person she hired, then why have her tell the girls that she blamed them and Ali for her getting kicked out of U Penn.
18. Why did Wren make CeCe a visitors badge?
19. How was CeCe allowed to go to cape may if she was in radley? They’re not going to let you out for summer trips….
20. Spencer said she felt something familiar about the guy in the dollhouse, now before y'all say that it’s because CeCe and Spencer are sisters, this wasn’t planned back then and CeCe and Spencer barely had any interaction with each other. So how is the person going to feel familiar to you if you barely know them?
21. “One of you have been touch by the one Alison fears the most.” We can all assume that it was because Aria touched CeCe when she was about to fall in 4x12 but Alison never feared CeCe and I just don’t think so….
22. Why are the girls irrelevant to the mystery and are just being tortured for fun
23. Why was Mary at the blind school in 7x10?
24. Who was the blond girl in the window of Alison’s bedroom in 1x01?
25. When and where did CeCe and Sara meet?
26. Why did Sara help CeCe and what were her motives?
27. Marlene confirmed in via interview that Ian killed himself, okay why?
28. What was Alison talking about in 4x24 that she saw Ian walk out of the church after pushing him off? I recall Ian looking colorless on that rope….
29. Who was the person in 5x03 that was behind the glass with Mona while Hanna is getting her hair done?
30. Who the person in the black cap talking to Melissa on the security footage in 5x07?
31. Why would CeCe frame her sister for murder if she loved her so much?
32. Why would CeCe toss her fucking brother down an elevator shaft? “Oh Charlotte was angry.” Confirmed in via interview. um okay we need better answers than that marlene….
33. Who was the blond girl at the reptile place in 4x20? With our luck they’re probably going to say it was Sara…
34. Who exactly knew that Alison was alive? Because it seemed like a lot of people knew….
35. Who dug up Alison’s grave? Who exactly was there that night? You could say it was CeCe but it never came out of her mouth that she did it.
36. How did Maya die? Is she really dead? Why didn’t we get any closure? Lyndon was the one who supposedly killed her but yet he had no relevance to the story… and he didn’t even confirm that he killed her. “What do you think?” Isn’t confirmation.
37. Was Melissa really the other queen of hearts? We didn’t see her.
38. Who gave Ali the bloody lip?
39. Why was Noel helping CeCe in the dollhouse? What did CeCe have on him?
40. What is Melissa’s significance to the story? Why did Melissa take that photo of Wilden, Alison, and CeCe on the boat at cape may?
41. Why didn’t Eddie and Wren not like each other that much? “The minute that guy got here it wasn’t for the right reasons.” well what the fuck.
42. Who did Mona, Jenna, and Sydney meet at the park in 5x05?
43. Who was Wren talking to on the phone in 4x10? Why did he want
44. Was Bethany really the one who was writing to Alison or was it it CeCe?
45. Marlene said black widow was Endgame so is Sara Harvey endgame?
46. Why did Melissa want the NAT club videos so bad?
47. What were on the NAT club videos and what happened to them?
49. What happened to Cyrus?
50. Why were 3 people wearing yellow tops that night?
51. What did Maya know? That Nate was in town? Because Nate isn’t relevant to the story
52. Why did Jason have stab wound on his side?
53. Who did Aria stab with the screwdriver?
54. Marlene confirmed in via interview that Wilden was acting alone but yet we heard two voices talking?
55. Who did Spencer hear scream in 1x01?
56. Who was the person in the black hoodie that Mona gave the pills to in 3x13?
57. Who hit Toby over the head that night and planted that lighter?
58. Jenna said that Wilden saw Alison that night, how come Alison never mentioned this when she came back? Was Jenna lying?
59. Why were Melissa and Ian in such a rush to get married? What did they need the alibi for?
60. What blond girl was Dr. Palmer talking about?
61. Why are there two different versions of the kissing rock video?
62. Who the fuck is Dr. Sullivan’s son? Mona was apparently threatening him in 2x25.
63. Why was Andrew being adopted brought up in the first place if it’s just going to be dropped?
64. Why were Jenna and Shana afraid of Melissa?
65. Why does 214 keep being brought up and what’s the significance of it?
66. Since it has been “confirmed” that Noel pushed the girl down the steps at the frat party, why did cece’s roommate say that Alison was the one to push the girl down the steps which resulted in getting cece kicked out?
67. What did Jenna give Shana at the park in 2x24?
68. Who did Jason give the 50,000 dollars to? And what kind of information did they give him in order for him to give them the money?
69. Why did Mona tell Wren “that’s before I knew where your loyalties lie.”?
70. Who attacked Alison on Halloween? We were led to believe that it was Lucas but it was never confirmed.
71. Who opened the door to that creepy house in 2x13? And why was there a radley car outside of the house?
72. What was the significance of the ghost girl and how come only Ashley saw her?
73. Who was the person in the redcoat Wren was coloring in?
74. What led Ezra to believe that Mrs. D was A?
75. What happened at Ali’s house when Alison came over to Spencer’s house. crying?
76. Who was that little boy at the doll shop referring to when he said “a man and woman with dark hair?”
77. Why did Mike have 18,000 followers in his bank account?
78. So Shana’s death was just forgotten about?
79. Where was Jason when he was suppose to be at rehab?
80. Did Cyrus really cut Alison’s leg? And if not where did it come from?
81. Why would Alison take pictures of Aria while sleeping?
82. Why did Melissa and Alison have masks made of themselves?
83. Who did Alison get in the car with outside of hectors?
84. What did the lawyer in 5x22 tell Ezra? He basically said that “If you don’t tell me then you can tell the police.” but yet he came out and said he wouldn’t tell him anything? What?
85. Who set up the A bullshit at the park in 5x01?
86. Who was the guy that knew Emily’s name?
87. What was up with the bloody bandages in Jason’s trash?
88. Why was Holbrook kissing Alison at the ice ball?
89. Why was CeCe on Ezra’s payroll?
90. Why was CeCe eavesdropping on aria and Ezra in 4x11?
91. What the fuck happened to Pepe and Tippy?
92. Why was Alison blackmailing people for money if she wasn’t planning on running away?
93. Who was Ali’s friends boyfriend that pulled the gun on her?
94. How is CeCe hanging out at a pub where Ezra and Ali met if she was suppose to be at radley?
95. What was Grunwald talking about when she said “Each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.”?
96. Who was hiding upstairs in the dilaurentis house?
97. Who was living under the crawlspace at the dilaurentis house? Was it Sara or CeCe?
98. Who was Bethany talking about on the tapes?
99. Why are there quotation marks around the word “Dr.” Kingston on the police board?
100. How did Alison’s ‘Jenna Thing’ bracelet get on Bethany’s body if she left it with Mona at the Lost Woods Resort?
101. What is the ‘plan’ Bethany is talking about on the tape?
102. Was the story Mona told Spencer about her seeing Alison as Vivian in Brookhaven in 2x25 true? Or did she just make it up? If it was true, who was Alison watching?
103. What was on page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report?
104. Who took the photo of Alison and the Liars in 4x13 that was given to Holbrook?
105. Who took the photograph of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the background the night she disappeared?
106. Is Alison’s ghost story about the twins real? If so, who are the twins?
107. Why would CeCe let the Liars think Ali was A? She said she was mad at the liars for being glad that Ali was dead, but she actively let them hate her.
108. Why did Bethany have Melissa’s riding helmet?
109. Why did Melissa say she saw Toby in London when she didn’t?
110. Why did Wren misspell the word “diagnosis”?

Well that’s it. At least that’s all I put down… let’s see how all (or at least half) this is answered within the next 3 episodes. WE NEVER GOT CONFIRMED ANSWERS FOR THESE.

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Omg what happened with Isaiah exposing you?? I don't have twitter so I don't know what's going on, did he post receipts of your thirst or something? And WHY

SIGHHHHHHHH, ok so like this morning at around 5am i was talking to isaiah and someone else and it was cool, went to bed & enjoyed my day! fast forward to like 7pm, i’m just eating my food and i see isaiah liked a tweet of mine from the morning and i was like hmm… idk how he found it because he wasn’t @’d in it, no one rt’d it or anything. then i was like fuck he went through my tweets. and i literally called matt thiccums and was thirsting.  AND THEN @lukegarrobane‘s annoying ass was like like this if you saw that tweet!!! and then 

and then i cried and died LMAO. OH AND THEN @eizaagonzalez was like LETS MAKE THIS WORSE :)))))))

i cried and died yet again because he may have told matt about this and i want to DIE, ISAIAH SEES ALL IM TRULY NOT FREE TO THIRST OVER THAT YT BOY I HATE THIS

its been 2 hours and everyone’s still roasting me, this is unbelievable 

Roll for engagement

So my bf/DM and I picked out a ring, and I joked that I was going to have him roll a d20 when he “officially” asked me to marry him. I told him I’d give him the luck trait, so if he rolls a 1 he could reroll, and I’d give him advantage as well. Plus unless he rolls all ones I’m obviously going to say yes and even if that should happen I’m just going to tease him endlessly that he rolled a critical fail on his engagement.
Now he’s joking with me that I need to create a dungeon for him to play where he “saves the princess.” I’ve never made a one person dungeon so I’ll definitely be looking at @whodunitky for advice on one player dungeons if I do so. Plus, is him saving the princess a win/yes situation? If the princess dies….idk what to do with that idea.
What did Marisha Ray do for Matt Mercer I wonder? Or how did he ask?…

What do you all think? Let him go with a simple roll or see if he saves the princess? Both? Neither? Up for suggestions. Just HAD incorporate some dnd into our engagement since he’s the one who got me into all this.

Dirty Sights Taint Pure Minds

So hey guys. Ik, i haven’t really been active on Tumblr in a million years so I want to apologize. I felt that I needed to take a break from Tumblr because it was putting unnecessary pressure on me to get new stuff out everyday. Which is something that is IMPOSSIBLE with my schedule. All in all it was stressing me out and making my anxiety flare up, something I’ve been working for the last two years to get under control. I still LOVE Tumblr, but I don’t know if I will be returning until the summer starts and my schedule relaxes. I love you all I just want you to know that, but I feel that my mental health is important. So, on a happier or smuttier note, here is my fic for Ash’s 2nd Writing Challenge. Please everyone go follow her and read her stuff. She is a really big inspiration to me just because she is an amazing writer and a supercool, openminded and understanding person. If everyone on Tumblr was like her than Tumblr would be better like magically going to school with Harry, Hermione and Ron and being their best friend. And who the frick can top that? Anyway, enjoy. I wish I had put more time into this, but I’m trying not to be a perfectionist so here is my un-perfect fic. Luv ya all! @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

Request: Me because I wanted to join in on the smutty fun of Ash’s challenge

Summary: Read whats in bold ;)

Characters: Negan, OC - Amara and OC - Anita (Negan x Amara)

POV: Third POV

Warnings: Smut. Negan’s cursing. Age Difference. Unprotected sex. 

Dirty Sights Taint Pure Minds

“You want me to make you feel like a woman, baby girl? You want me to touch your body in all the places your father told you to never let anyone? You want daddy to make that succulent cunt squirt all over my sheets over and over and over again? Do you want daddy to show you what fun we can have blind? Tell daddy you want him to fucking destroy that tight little virgin pussy of yours, baby girl.”

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A concept: Yuuri and Viktor slow dancing, whenever they're alone as an old, married couple. Even without music 🎶 Opinions/thoughts? Idk, I couldn't get it out of my head, so I decided to consult my Senpai, Braveten/Maddie. Love your work! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this ❤️

Oh my gosh yes!!!! (And tysm <3 <3)

They’re retired and living in Saint Petersburg, and they take long walks to the park and everybody in their apartment building knows & loves them. They’re both still very fit for their ages, albeit a few joint problems.

In the park, there’s a young street artist playing the violin and Victor takes Yuuri’s hands, swaying them gently back and forth. Yuuri starts laughing because Victor manages to surprise him even now, as he always has, and dances with him, no longer drowned by anxious thoughts or reservations. Now, he’s just happy and in love, and that’s all that matters.

A few people gather to watch as they dance – the movements are rehearsed, surprisingly tactile for men of their age. Yuuri dips Victor and he laughs, leaning forward to kiss him and cupping his cheek. Long after the music has stopped, they’re still dancing, even as the sun falls, they’re still dancing.

“It feels like our wedding again,” Yuuri tells him, and Victor’s heart clenches as he nods, tears stinging at his eyes at the memory of their first slow dance, Yuuri’s head on his shoulder and hand on his hip.

“I’m so glad I met you,” Victor responds, and he touches the ring on Yuuri’s finger, the ring that still fits.

Yuuri laughs at that, and when he reaches up his hand to swipe at his cheeks Victor realizes that he’s crying, too. “And I’m glad that I met you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

I love all this champion of the gods stuff but

When you worship a deity in D&D and then you die, your soul goes to that deity’s realm for eternity… so after Vox Machina dies they will never see each other again and the twins will have to spend eternity apart and I’m not crying you’re crying

A lesson

I liked a guy for over a year. He had a girlfriend for 90% of the time that I liked him. I didn’t do anything to split them up, and I never said how I felt to him. For this, we’ll call him Bob. You see, Bob is my best friend. He’s kind, smart, hilarious and gets me in a way nobody else ever has. My parents also love Bob, and let him come over to my house and hang out whenever.

When Bob and his girlfriend broke up after his mom died from breast cancer over the summer, saying he’d “changed”, Bob was heartbroken. We texted every day and talked to each other about everything. He told me that I was the only one he trusted with this information. He told me things that he’d never told anyone else; not even his family.

Then, last October, he finally got me to admit my feelings, and he told me that he felt the same. I was overjoyed, and so excited to have him to myself after all that time.

Then the stomach aches started. They began whenever I was around him. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I just assumed it was because of mine and Bob’s relationship changing from friends to lovers. Then it started coming when I was home. I’d be in my room and randomly break down in tears and not know what was wrong. I’d wanted to be with my parents all the time because I just felt so shitty for no reason, and I just didn’t understand what was wrong because I wanted that so much. After a few more days, I decided that I couldn’t handle it and talked to him. Instead of telling him what was really going on, I just told him that dating was weird because we were best friends, and broke it off.

Instead of telling him that I had anxiety and a spell of depression, I told the boy I was in love with for more than a year that it was because we were best friends.

That winter was the worst of my life, because of the anxiety and depression. I couldn’t be happy, no matter what I did. My friends, especially Bob, (who has a new girlfriend who I introduced him to while we were dating) noticed that I wasn’t myself and tried to cheer me up, and it working for a bit.

After winter and the beginning of spring, I returned to my normal self. I was happy again, but of course I had lost something that I couldn’t get back.

Now Bob was happy with his new girlfriend, who’s one of my best friends. I lost the love of my life because of my stupid anxiety.

Now, after trying to move on and push my feeling for Bob away, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I still have feelings for him.

And now it’s even worse because of course I’ve moved three states south of him. We text every day and I still haven’t told him that I’m still in love with him, all these months later, because I’m scare that he’ll cut me out of his life.

God Connor, I’m sorry for making your life so difficult with me, and I miss you so much. I regret ever breaking up with you, but mostly not telling you what was really happening.

Yes, there is a lesson in all of this.


Yes, it sucks, but do not make the mistake I did. Tell your significant other what’s going on, and tell them that you need time to sort out your own problems. Tell them you need a break, but you still love them. If they really love you back or care for you back, they’ll understand.


“I’d like that, Pansy. I’ve always dreamed of having a big family.”

“And…if we’re going to have another kid, I think we should find our own place too. I know mom loves having Xander around, but…”

“It’s time to be our own family.”

“Yeah, exactly.”

“We can still visit, too. I’m sure she’d like that.”

“It feels a little weird, since dad died so recently. But I think he would have wanted us to be happy, you know?”

“I know he would have. He cared a lot about you.”

“Thanks, love.”

Aw guys…I’m seeing people picking up an NSFW message in this fanart.

Yes, art is up to interpretation, and if you want to interprete my piece as NSFW, that’s fine! But that isn’t what I meant to show. He’s supposed to be holding her hand, not her…you know, haha damnit :D

But since many people picked up on that, I think it’s appropriate to apologize on my behalf in case my art offended someone. I’m trying to keep my blog PG13. He - sorry!

What happens in D&D when your character dies

There’s a post circling around where someone asks what happens if your character in D&D dies. The most popular responses on that post are “you die in real life” and “the DM shoots you like a horse.” Many comments on that post are variations on this idea of dying in real life or violent stuff happening. 

While I know you’re all joking, there’s a significant part of the population that DOES NOT KNOW YOU ARE ALL JOKING. At the very least, a lot of people are confused and think that if your character dies you have to leave the game and can’t rejoin. Some are nervous that weird or violent things might happen in real life if that happens. There’s a significant portion of people who don’t know D&D, or only heard the nasty rumors growing up (thanks to the Satanic Panic, Mazes and Monsters, etc.), and genuinely wanna know what happens if your character dies in D&D. There is a long and nasty history of “you gotta leave the game now and never speak to us again” or “you can come back if you do [insert morally dubious thing here]” associated with D&D.

Long story short: D&D is not a competitive game where if your character dies, you are “out” of the game. If your character dies, you simply create a new character and keep participating in the story. It’s that simple. Some games allow resurrection spells to be used in game to revive dead characters, some don’t. A player might feel a little sad, especially if they’ve been using that character for a while, but they get over it and make a new character.

For fuck’s sake Jack Chick died last year can these “you die in real life” rumors finally be put to rest alongside his corpse.

For more explanation of why so many people have these weird ideas about D&D, go under the read-more cut: 

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Penny for your thoughts - Dazai :3c


……..You’re the first thing I think about when I wake in the morning, and the last thing when I fall asleep (usually because you’re snoring in my ear.) I’ve felt the full gamut of emotions where you’re concerned - curiosity, annoyance, fear, lust, hate, love - that even if you died tomorrow and I lived another 100 years, nothing could ever come close to the intensity of what lies between us, no matter how hard i’d try. I used to think we’d die together, but now all I want to do is live - with you - for as long as fate allows. I want you to be the last thing I see when I close my eyes for good. 

The Fox and The Hound (Epilogue) (Sirius Black series)

************************************** Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader



Warnings: intense fluff, swearing



Summary: The end! This part follows The Marauder lives after Hogwarts. Also! I decided to make a happy ending so James and Lily never died, Sirius doesn’t go to Azkaban. If you’d like to see a alternative ending that follows the Harry Potter plot, send me an ask!



A/N: Let me know if you’d like to see an alternate ending! I hope you enjoyed the series! ************************************** Y/n and Sirius Black were walking along Diagon Alley, watching all the excited young wizards and witches explore. “Auntie Y/n! Uncle Sirius!” James and Lily’s son, Harry, ran up to the pair. Y/n immediately pulled the eleven year old into a hug. “Hello Harry!” Sirius hugged him, too. “Y/n! Sirius!” Remus, Lily, and James walked up to the pair. Lily grinned, pulling Y/n into a hug. “Mum! Dad! Look!” Harry pointed towards a snow white owl perched on a post sitting in the window sill of a shop. James and Lily shared a look. “We’ll be right back.” James and Lily laughed, pulling an excited Harry into the shop. “So how’s Mr and Mrs Black?” Remus smirked. “We’re alright.” Y/n laughed. The trio walked around Diagon Alley, watching children run around. Soon, Lily, James, and Harry joined them again. The six walked around, getting Harry’s school supplies. After making sure Harry had everything, they went back to the Potter’s house. Everyone talked and laughed whilst sharing their Hogwarts memories with the youngest Potter. “Okay. So, we have an announcement.” Sirius smiled, standing up. “I’m pregnant.” Y/n smiled. Everyone gasped, then cheered. “Awe man, I wanted to tell them.” Sirius whined, sitting back down. After the commotion died down, Remus spoke up. “Ya know, when we made the plans to get you guys together, James said that you’d be thanking us when you had mini Y/n’s and Sirius’ running around. You’re welcome” Everyone laughed. A few months later, Sirius and Y/n had a baby boy, who they named James Remus Black



The End! This probably wasn’t the best part but it’s currently 3:37 am and I felt like I needed to get this up! I hope you enjoyed the series! ❤

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WonderTrev: Every single time Steve stutters an explanation, but Diana is looking at him so seriously. Like she just wants to wave her hand in the air, "get on with it, Steve!" "Yes, Steve, I know what sex is. I know how it works. I probably know more about it than you."

I literally died at this part, it was so perfect.  Oh my goodness.  

Prompt:  Wish come true

Pairing:  Diana/Steve

Word Count:  231

Tags:  Steve Trevor Lives, Modern AU, My first Diana POV

Warnings:  None

Diana felt the breath stutter out of her.  Uneven and cracked.  Much like the way she felt.  

Ever since she’d seen his plane explode, she’d wished against wish that she could undo it.  Fix it somehow.  Even if it meant she’d never see Steve again.  She wanted him back on this earth.  

He was her love.  And with him gone, everything seemed dimmer.  Dull.  Bland. 

For decades, she’d lived.  Of course she lived.  She was Diana, Princess of Themyscira.  Of course she lived.  And she lived well.  

But there were moments.  Daily, there were moments where she missed him.  

So when she saw him standing in front of her, she couldn’t breathe for a moment.  The air just wouldn’t come.  He looked just as she’d remembered him.  Alive, well, and here!

She broke into a run.  Her legs taking her towards him as fast as she could.  Which was, of course, faster than his.  

She slowed as she neared, almost scared to touch him for fear of breaking the illusion.  

He was the first to speak.  “Diana…” he murmured, reaching for her.  

And she reached back.  Her lips finding his as if no time had passed at all.  His facial hair felt the same, scruffy and scratchy.  Tears finally fell as her hands found his hair.  “Steve…” she gasped.  Her love.  Her Steve.  He was here.  

Her wish had come true.   

morgrimmoon  asked:

I'm plotting out a fic where Rin isn't compatible with Isobu's chakra so the only options are killing her or emergency host-to-host transfer. Obito arrives on the scene just in time to hear Kakashi volunteering as the only vaguely compatible sacrifice they've got, and later sees Kakashi being carried alone out of the cave they used. Rin was evacuated by hirashin but Obito thinks she died. I'm stuck on how Obito would react if he'd set Kurama on Konoha but a living Rin charged out to help Minato?

Hmm. I think it could go either of 2 ways: he’d stop dead and abandon the cause, because Rin, or he’d think it was a trick/illusion/hallucination/what have you, and get even angrier. It depends on where you want to take the fic, really.