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do u ever just sit there and think about the fact that Rey is the one who marked Kylo with that scar and that is effectively saying, “YOU’RE MINE” [in the world of Fantasy]?

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and she also buried his saber in the snow – like, “ur sword [read: allegiance] belongs to ME.”

do u ever just sit there and think about the fact that these two enemies had the most intimate moments of any SW enemies we’ve ever seen? Even more so than Obi-Wan and Anakin? Like intimate really is the word to use here [and for antis who need dictionaries, please look up the word intimate before you freak out; it doesn’t mean what you think it means].

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do u ever think about how they’re being advertised together, how they’ve been confirmed filming for WEEKS together for the Ahch-To set, how the databank was updated to say shit like, “mysterious connection” and JJ said, “interesting relationship,” and Rian said, “two halves of the dark and the light,” and I just.

Girl Crushes

• Lauren Jauregui
• Kristen Stewart
• Floriana Lima
• Chyler Leigh
• Camila Cabello
• Cara Delevinge
• Lyndsey Gunnulfsen
• Shay Mitchell
• Troian Bellisario
• Sasha Pieterse
• Ashley Benson
• Alycia Dabnam-Carey
• Eliza Taylor
• Cara Delevinge
• Sophie Turner
• Marie Avgeropoulos
• Katie Macgrath
• Rowan Blanchard
• Sabrina Carpenter
• Dua Lipa
• Lena Headey
• Natasha Negovablis
• Elise Bauman
• Katie Stevens
• Rita Volk
• Eva Green
• Sarah Poulson
• Cate Blanchett
• Rooney Mara
• Emily Blunt
• Kendall Jenner
• Maia Mitchell
• Jessica Capshaw
• Sara Ramirez
• Anna Kendrick
• Gal Gadot
• Caity Lotz
• Naya Rivera
• Dianna Agron
• Jennifer Lawrence
• Emma Watson
• Lily Collins
• Emma Roberts
• Amber Heard
• Shannon Beveridge
• Taylor Schilling
• Lana Parrilla
• Rose and Rosie
• Ally and Stevie
• Kate McKinnon
• Natalie Dormer
• Laura Prepon
• Megan Fox
• Natalie Portman
• Jennifer Connelly
• Charlize Theron
• Normani Kordei
• Dinah Jane
• Ellen Pompeo
• Alexis G Zall
• Lindsey Morgan
• Scarlett Johansson

I’m not saying Norminah is real but like if they suddenly admitted that they're​ dating… No one would be shocked…

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Ally: Do you want to tell me how you guys crashed the car?
Camila: Well, we were driving and there was this deer in the middle of the road that Lauren couldn’t see, so I shouted “Lauren, deer!”

Camila: Would you like to tell Ally what your response was?
Lauren: … “Yes, my love?”


you’re gonna want to watch this if you’re a Sonny or Allie fan. Just sayin 

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asdfdjfh i was watching your ig story and you draw so effortlessly it was so pleasing to watch! i'm such a slow drawer myself, i'm so jealous that someone can make an amazing sketch in like 5 seconds

agsjska i used to take 5 years to sketch but developing new habits definitely helped!! try not to lean in too close to your drawing and look at it as a WHOLE to have better perspective for proportioning.

when sketching, be daring with swiping and dynamic guidelines before you slowly mould your drawing into shape with heavier lineart! feel free to start wild!

lastly, hold your pencil higher so that your hands can draw more fluidly and your view of the canvas opens up!

i think it’s kind of funny how most (if not all) of these people calling season 4 boring or Straight™ bullshit are straight cis white girls who then claim that they don’t fetishize white gay boys and that they’re not racist like sure jan, we all believe you, yup

when cis people say stuff like “i can’t see characters as trans or interact with trans headcanons because i can’t connect with it”, it’s a huge red flag… that isn’t a good excuse & it only shows how much you see trans people as “other”

Hinata getting wrecked

This is a headcanon born out of Viria’s art of Kagehina as third years and Hinata’s knee brace on it :”)

Hinata’s this kind of person that thinks he’s never enough. He’s always haunted by the feeling of still lacking compared to his teammates, that he’s still capable of much more (which is true, of course, but his patience fails him here). And so he trains on his own, extra. He does it quite often, but only tells the rest of the team about a couple days per week.

Aching muscles, sweat streaming down his face and inability to do anything at all after he’s practiced — all that gives him some faint confidence that he’s making enough efforts, that he tries hard and gives it his best. But every ball he can’t receive and every blocked and received attack of his start subconsciously pressing him down, literally whispering that no, you’re still not doing enough if you still can’t get a higher success rate. Hinata does understand that it’s impossible to never get blocked, but at the same time can’t stop himself from striving for the best results, cause a small part of his mind still fears he’s not good enough for the team. He won’t admit it to himself though, realizing that such thoughts really are stupid.

But stupid thoughts often lead to stupid acts: slowly, gradually, so that even the person himself wouldn’t notice.

Kageyama starts suspecting something first, but Hinata always waves it off and comes up with something. He sees that Kageyama doesn’t really buy it, but there’s nothing he can do at that point, so he drops it. To Hinata’s surprise, soon his teammates start asking the same questions, and he genuinely doesn’t understand why are they worried (especially when Tsukishima suddenly showed interest in his training schedule, now that was creepy). So he tells them the same stuff he tells Kageyama. Hinata knows that they will worry for no reason if they find out, and he prefers to stick to his own schedule.

At some point his knee starts bothering him. At first Hinata simply ignores it, then he starts using an ointment. Dull ache even makes him reconsider things a few times, makes him think hard whether he should really keep this up, but every mistake at a practice, every failure, no matter how small, pushes him in the wrong direction, and so he keeps going.

Gradually interrogations initiated by Kageyama turn into fights. At some Hinata tells him, well, so what if I train some extra, why do you care so long as it allows me to get better? Kageyama tries to beat some sense into him, because he noticed how Hinata started getting tired quicker, got less lively and was just… sort of unsteady on his own feet, but Hinata doesn’t hear him. They end up yelling at each other, and Hinata retorts that Kageyama with his flawless technique can’t possibly understand him.

They have the next day off, but Hinata still comes to have some practice (the school grounds are open and by then the access to the gym keys was easy) — party to let some steam and frustration out, to shake off all the doubts that Kageyama’s words triggered, but mostly just for the practice itself. It always helped him to get rid of useless thoughts and generally feel better.

And so he trains, stubbornly ignoring faint yet persistent pain in his left knee. He really gets a little better, but not for long. At some point, while practicing his spike against the wall, he jumps and hits, but his knee buckles during the landing and he falls. Hinata groans but doesn’t think much of it — not his first fall, not his last. He thinks that he might already be tired and it’s late, so he should probably go, but when he starts standing up, his knees buckle again and he falls back.

He’s surprised cause that never happened before, his legs being unable to hold his weight. Hinata tries again and again, using his arms as support, but ends up just falling and falling, while the knee pain is getting sharper. He manages to crawl to the bench, gritting his teeth and trying to hold back tears, cause it really hurts badly by now. Hinata finds his cellphone and realizes that he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to call his mother and worry her, but he also knows that he can’t make it anywhere on his own. Hinata taps against his leg nervously and attempts to stretch it a little, hoping that the pain will pass, but it doesn’t. He’s so frustrated he wants so smash his head against the wall. Hinata can’t do anything without help and for some reason he can’t think about anyone but Kageyama.

But can he really call him? After all the fights and warnings about potential consequences, could Hinata call him and tell that yes, he was right, Hinata fucked up his knee and really, really needed his help?

Hinata is lost, his right knee hurts a little, the left one is just wrecked, and by then he’s really, really scared. Feeling his eyes getting wet, he calls Kageyama after all. Kageyama picks up and answers with his voice so calm and causal that Hinata’s reluctant crying intensifies, he really doesn’t want to tell him anything. But he does, explains the situation and hears Kageyama rushing out somewhere as soon as he mentions his knee and the fall. Be right there, he says and asks some other questions that Hinata can’t answer because of the worsening knee pain. He hates it and wants to break his phone, he hates that he had to tell Kageyama and had to ask for his help, hates that it came down to this, hates himself for not listening to Kageyama earlier.

Kageyama makes it there in no time, worried and frightened; carefully, he helps Hinata get up, and Hinata subconsciously squeezes the arms supporting him, Kageyama’s presence soothing him a little. But Kageyama himself is actually beyond scared, cause that’s what he feared most all along, that’s the worst nightmare becoming reality. And the worst is that he has no idea what to do, and the more he watches Hinata being in pain, the more his heart swells and thoughts get foggy, arms starting to shake.

He remembers the time when he found Oikawa-san on the gym floor in junior high, just the same, trying to hold back tears. Naturally, he called Iwaizumi-san straightaway and didn’t know all that well what happened afterwards, but the image of Oikawa knocked down on the floor probably got burnt into his memory somewhere.

And this time it was pretty much the same, only the person suffering was possibly the closest friend he ever had, and that terrifies him to the core.

He’s lost as well, and he can only press Hinata closer to himself, ignoring how awkward that might be, as if trying to calm him down. But he knows that it won’t help Hinata or his knees. And being in that position he has only one person on his mind that’s been through that and probably knows how to deal with it better that anyone else — Oikawa-san. He fishes his phone out of his pocket, trying not to disturb Hinata, and reconsiders thousands of times while doing that, cause why would Oikawa-san help him? Why would he help Hinata? But Kageyama gets panicked, and he just dials the number, stuffing all his doubts far away. He doesn’t have much choice after all.

Prompt: First date, college au with the quote “Please tell me that’s mayo on your face.”

Hunk watched as Lance whirled around him, running everywhere, trying to be everywhere at once. He stood in the middle of the chaos, half listening to the various things that Lance needed to prepare for his date with Keith.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted as he rummaged through the utility closet. He grabbed an armful of blankets and rushed to the kitchen, slipping on a corner of the purple blanket. Thankfully, he didn’t faceplant- he knew that Lance would complain to no end if anything happened to his face before his date- he caught himself in time, the motivation for the perfect date too strong for a mere trip.

“You okay there, buddy?”

Lance was stuffing the blanket into the large wicker picnic basket he got at a thrift store. “I have to make sure everything’s perfect Hunk!” One last shove and the blanket was shoved into the bottom. He lunged to the side, grabbing a butter knife, and spun until he was faced with the array of sandwich ingredients behind him. 

“Thanks again for baking the pies, Hunk!” Lance said, looking at him over his shoulder, knife never stopping. 

“Yeah, no problem buddy! Watch the knife!” 

The knife flew in an arc and clattered against the counter, mayo splattering everywhere. “Ack!” Lance exclaimed. He looked at his watch and yelped again. He grabbed the knife and threw it into the sink and slapped together the sandwiches, putting them in a container and throwing them into the open basket basketball style.


“No time to hear your lecture on the treatment of food, buddy!” He said as he grabbed cups and a 2-liter, shoving his last items in the basket. 

Granted, he will hear that lecture later but–

Lance scooped up his hard-work and fled the kitchen. “I’ll clean up later, ‘kay?”

“Wait! Lance!”


Lance raced across campus from the dorms, dodging passer-bys and leaping over the stone benches that decorated the campus. Finally, he saw Keith waiting for him on the grass. He waved the hand not holding the basket. “Keith!” 

His date looked up from his phone, soft smile already in place, melting into a confused but amused look. Raising a brow he reached out when Lance came up to him panting, brushing gentle fingers against his cheek. “Please tell me that’s mayo on your face.”

Blushing, Lance wiped his face with the palm of his hand, white streaked over his dark skin. He dropped his had and thew back his head and groaned, long and loud.

Keith burst into laughter, taking a napkin from his jacket and handing it over. “Hey, that’s not until the third date.”

Lance scoffed as he wiped his hand and the rest of his face. “Great start to the perfect date,” he muttered.

Keith took the basket out of his hand and replaced it with his own. He looked down to see sparkling grey eyes crinkling with mirth and a smirking mouth to match. “I don’t know, I think this is a pretty good start.”

Lance grinned and tightened his hold. “C’mon! I know the perfect place for the picnic.”

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“Dad come on, you don’t have to be here, this whole thing is stupid.” Jughead grumbled, ducking the gaze of all of his teachers. Parent Teacher Conferences were ridiculous, he thought that they ended once you hit middle school, not in Riverdale. In Riverdale you had to sit in a sweaty, student filled auditorium while you waited for your turn to be ridiculed and talked down by your teachers as your parents sat back and agreed.

“I’m here now Jug, Ive gotta do this. Fatherly duties and all that.” He ruffled the boys beanie and fell back in the rickety seat, his arms going over his head and crossing at the wrists. F.P was really trying, Jughead couldn’t deny that. His dad had sobered up and was desperately trying to be the father his son deserved. That fact in itself was the reason Jughead dropped his complaining and slumped into the folding chair beside his father. Archie and Fred Andrews finally walked through the doors making a direct B Line to Jughead and his father, Archie grumpily slamming himself down into his chair.

“You couldn’t get out of it either?” He groaned, dropping his head to the table.

Jughead sighed “nope, they’ve got it set up like it’s some kind of school dance in here, when in actuality half of us are going home and getting ripped into.”

Both of the boys fathers looked at each with half hidden smirks and rolled their eyes
“It’s a conference.” Fred laughed, “not a college interview.”

F.P nodded “don’t sweat it, we know these teachers, haven’t changed since we were boys, they’re all the same.”

Jughead and Archie shared an exaggerated eye roll, suddenly something caught Jugheads eye. It was the one thing that was on his mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Betty Cooper, tight blonde ponytail and soft cotton blue dress in tow. She was tense, he could tell, the way her shoulders were stiff under her mothers touch, the way her mega watt smile was forced and looked almost painful. No matter, she still looked beautiful, sometimes she was so pretty it hurt to look. In an instant her eyes caught his and her shoulders relaxed slightly, he was proud he could do that for her, happy that she found comfort in him, just like he did with her.

“Earth to Jug?” Archie snapped in his face, pulling him out of his train of thought, Jughead turned to look and saw both the older men staring at him with matching smirks

“what?” He asked, the gruff tone in his voice back.

Fred shook his head as he started going over paperwork with Archie.

F.p slid closer,

“The blonde. That Alice Coopers daughter? It’s Elizabeth right?” His dad asked, his brow raising.

“Betty” Jughead answered too quickly, his dads face forming a genuine smile, he blushed and continued “it’s Betty, she hates to be called Elizabeth, it’s what her mom calls her.” He explained, eyes turning back to the mother and daughter duo that were currently heading towards him.

“Well, well, well.. if it isn’t Forsythe Pendleton. Strange seeing you here.” Alice stated with a condescending tilt of her head before turning to Jughead and offering him a small genuine smile. Alice wasn’t a bad woman, she just had so much to prove and she took it out on her daughters, she was fiercely protective and some of that protection was currently bestowed on her daughters almost boyfriend, Alice knew F.P hadn’t been around much in the past few years and it hurt her to see how it affected Jughead.

“Nice to see you too Ally, I like your heels. Is that … snakeskin?.” F.p grinned as Alice wrinkled her nose at the nickname and the obvious metaphor of her pasts

“I’ve gotta say, I’m glad to see you’re finally taking responsibility for your son. What did it take? Realizing he was homeless? Oh or maybe it was seeing him get framed for a murder.”

Betty stepped forward


Alice placed her perfectly manicured hand in her daughters face

“Not now Elizabeth!” She barked, her eyes on the man in front of her, Betty fell back like a wounded puppy taking orders.

F.p snarled, his face angry and contorted

“Oh, you want to talk about parenting?” He snorted “you’ve got one pregnant daughter living in a nut house and the other one looks like someone pulled a string on her back and she’s waiting for it to run out.”

Jughead stood from his chair

“ Dad that’s enough!” He growled, moving to stand by Betty

“I’ll say when it’s enough boy.” He bit out, venom in his voice.

Betty clutched Jugheads hand as her eyes filled with tears, that was it. They weren’t gonna sit through this. Grabbing his dads keys from the table, he tugged Betty along through the exit doors

“Where are we going?!” She squeaked , as he pulled her into the beat up pickup truck.

“Pops.” He answered “I don’t know about you but I could really use a burger.”

He heard her giggle from beside him and he instantly relaxed, the car ride there was fairly quiet, he held her hand the whole time and bathed in the soft sounds of her singing along to the radio, when they arrived at Pops they instantly took their favorite booth as Jughead ordered half the menu and Betty ordered a vanilla milkshake. Once there food arrived he grabbed Betty by her tiny scarred hands

“We aren’t our parents, we’re not our families bets.” He repeated those same words he had said just a few weeks ago, staring into her eyes as she nodded weakly

“It just.. it’s so hard not to think.. what if we turn into them. Filled with hate and anger?” She whispered.

Jughead shook his head, gently dropping his forehead to Betty’s “we won’t.” He assured her “we won’t let each other. That’s where the difference lies, I have you and you have me, we won’t let that happen” he promised her.

Betty nodded slowly, bringing her lips to his for a slow kiss filled with promises and hope.

“There you are!” The familiar shrill tone of Alice Cooper broke them out of their bubble, she was being followed by F.P his head hung low as he tailed the quick blonde.

“We’ve been looking for you.” She started, gracefully sliding into the booth at Pops. “What we did at your school? That wasn’t fair and were both sorry for putting you through that.” She elbowed F.P who looked up and nodded sheepishly

“Sorry kids” he said genuinely.

Betty nodded, taking Jugheads hand In Hers and placing it on the table

“It’s okay, things get heated. We all care about each other a lot. You’re both forgiven.” Betty smile sweetly, sliding her milkshake over to her mother as the older women took a healthy sip.

F.P smiled at the young beauty, his eyes casting to Jughead with an approving glint. Yeah that’s right, his girlfriend was pretty great.

F.p stretched out and smiled

“ now that that’s settled, how about we join you kids for some dinner. I’ll go order some more fries.” He smiled as Alice scoffed

“Do you not see the amount of food on this table? How could you need anything else?” She seemed amazed as she got up to follow F.P to the counter.

“That? That’s an appetizer.” The older man winked.

Jughead turned to Betty and smiled as she watched the scene with a giggle

“We’re gonna be just fine” he said into her hair as he pulled her in for a hug.

“You got it Romeo” he heard her mumble against his shirt.