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Prompt: Damian meets the reader at a park while he’s walking Titus and they hit it off? Then his brothers find out and stand behind the reader and tease Damian and just basically give him a hard time? The reader finds out and thinks it’s hilarious though. Also, your blog is amazing and I’m so glad you write for us even though you don’t have to. Thank you, Lady Panda.        

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   You watch as Louis and Titus chase after the same ball, before they eventually collide into each other. You smile at Damian, “Looks like they aren’t that great at sharing.”

   When he doesn’t respond you poke his forehead. He blinks several times, before raising an eyebrow at you, “Did you just poke me?”

   You shrug, “You were a million miles away, and I was talking to you.”

   He leans back into the bench, “About what?”

   “Our goofy dogs. They don’t share well.”

He smirks, “Titus is a good boy, Louis on the other hand …”

“Is an excellent boy.” You poke him in the ribs, “So why are you so distracted today?”

He scowls, “My brothers.”

You smile, “What did they do now?”

He nods in the direction behind you. You turn around just in time to see four men look at anything other than you.  “And why are they here?” You ask.

His tone turns mocking, “Because I’m the baby. I’m taller than all of them, but somehow, I’m the baby.”

You smile, “Do they think I’m going to steal your innocence?”

He rolls his eyes, “They’re jerks with no lives of their own.”

You smile, grip his chin, before pulling him down for a kiss. When you pull back you say, “Might as well give them a show.”


I love the Harry Styles Behind the Album. All in all, I think it’s smiley happy Harry during his creative process. All the things I LOVE. But the couple times he spoke about privacy have stuck with me:

  • “It felt like a little secret. It’s fun to feel like no one knows where you are. It made such a difference, from being in a busy city.” (BTA 4:46)
  • “I just, I really enjoy being private more. Starting the way that everything started. I get to kinda claw a little bit of that back. I don’t feel like people know everything about me, now. And there was definitely a time where I felt like people knew everything about me and I realized I didn’t like that.” (BTA 7:43)
  • "I kind of also wanted to let the work do the talking a little bit. I mean, definitely, part of my ego wanted to see if I could write something that people liked without knowing everything about me.” (BTA 8:17)

So, here’s the question: what if Harry (and Louis) want privacy above all else? Most of us at least think that Jay’s illness and death halted any coming out timeline. What if they realized that they want to live their lives without the massive invasion of privacy public coming out would bring? What if they decided not now? Not, not ever but not now.

Does that change any read of the current landscape? Can we see Harry’s actions and clothing as signaling rather than seeding?

Personally, I want them to be happy and get to make the music they want. Beyond that, they don’t owe us a coming out. I feel like there are a number of people who care about being right and being able to prove they’ve been right rather than what actually makes sense for the two of them. The media circus would be immense. Maybe they’ve chosen their privacy

Downwards Facing Dog

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Request: Imagine Juice being Jealous of your yoga instructor.

A/N: I know nothing about yoga lmao. To whoever requested this: Im sorry this took me so long x


“And.. Exhale.”
You let out a deep breath, your eyes closed tight and you rolled your shoulders.
You opened your eyes and mimicked the instructors pose as he shifted into a new position.
Yoga didn’t come easily to you but you enjoyed it.
It was calming and it had definitely improved your flexibility which hadn’t brought any complaints from your old man. It was all part of your prepping for the wedding, and for your new life as a wife of SAMCRO, or more importantly Juice Ortiz.
But that didn’t mean you didn’t struggle to haul your ass outta bed every morning and head down to the gym where a class was held.
Only this morning you had slept through your alarms and missed your class.
Thankfully your workplace gave you an hour for your lunch break which happened to fall exactly when another class was held.
Living in Charming had its perks and the warm weather was one of them.
Today was no exception and Louis, your yoga instructor had moved today’s class outdoors.
A dozen yoga mats were laid out in the middle of the park and you each mimicked Louis as he moved through a range of different poses.
You moved into the Lord Of The Dance pose, standing firmly on your left foot. You curled your right leg out behind you and reached with your right arm to grasp your foot while you stretched your left arm out in front of you.
“Keep breathing,” Louis said calmly.
You took a deep breath, letting the fresh air fill your lungs.
Louis turned to look at his class and walked amongst the mats, helping people achieve the position with perfect posture.
“Good form, (Y/N).” He winked as he walked towards your mat.
You smiled but kept your gaze locked ahead.
He placed a hand on the small of your back and gently pushed to extend your stretch.
“Good,” He soothed before moving back to the front of the class.

“Hey isn’t that (Y/N’)s car?”
Juice didn’t bother looking up. “Nah man, she’s at work.”
Tig frowned and glanced between Juice and the car.
“You sure?”
Juice looked up and was about to argue that yes, he was sure, when he saw the car Tig was referring to.
Same make, same model, same colour. Same dent in the back where you had sworn someone else had driven into you, even though you both knew it was a lie and you were horrible at parallel parking.
“What the hell,” Juice muttered and walked further up the street to your car.
He pulled his cell out of his pocket and quickly dialled your number.
The closer he got to the car the clearer he could hear your phone ringing from inside and he kicked his foot against the tyre in fustration.
How many times did he have to tell you that you needed to be contactable, at all times?
He pulled his sunglasses away from his face and stared at the surrounding storefronts, trying to catch a glimpse of you. No matter how much he trusted you he couldn’t help the burning wave of jealousy that washed over him.
“She do yoga?” Tig asked.
Juice nodded and followed his brothers gaze.
Across the road, and in the centre of the park was a group of people stretching out on yoga mats.
Juice spotted you instantly . He had spent enough time staring at your ass in those yoga pants to instantly recognise them.
Especially as you moved  into the  downwards facing dog position.
A sense of relief came over him knowing that you weren’t off in some cheap motel having an affair, not that he had truly thought that, but his insecurities got the better of him sometimes.
The relief was soon revoked when what appeared to be the instructor moved in front of your mat.
Juice and Tig watched as the man with a blonde man bun and loose harem pants stepped behind you. His hands reached for your hips and he pulled you back towards him slightly.
From where the guys were standing, although Juice was sure it would be the same from any angle, this guy was ‘pretty much’ ramming his dick in your ass.
Motherfucker.” Juice seethed and stepped off the pavement and into the road.
He began to storm across the street, with every intent to rip his stupid man bun off his stupid head when he felt Tig pull him back.
In his rage Juice hadn’t noticed Tigs phone ringing and he glared at his brother as Tig shoved his phone back into his pocket.
“We gotta go brother.”
“I don’t need long.” Juice muttered and pulled away. He saw red.
“Now, man.” Tig insisted.
Juice was seething with anger but he knew that Tig loved watching a fight and whatever was stopping it must be important.
With one last look Juice stormed to his bike.

Wu Tang was blasting through the speakers while you prepared dinner.
You stirred and simmered and sliced and diced, practically screaming along to the song as you went. Wearing only an oversized shirt and woollen socks you slid around the kitchen in time with the music, making your way from the cupboards to the stove and back to the counter..
You didn’t hear the bike pull up in the driveway but you most definitely heard the door slam as Juice entered the house.
You frowned slightly, knowing he had been having a rough time with club business lately.
You slid across the kitchen tiles to the stereo and turned the volume down before moving into the hallway.
“Hey baby!” You smiled.
Juice ignored you as he kicked his boots off and when he didn’t put them neatly on the shoe rack you knew something must really be wrong.
Juice stormed past you and headed for the bathroom without even a glance in your direction.
The frown on your face grew deeper and you quickly turned the stove off before padding down the hallway after your old man.
The shower was already on full and steam filled the bathroom as Juice undressed.
His kutte was draped over the door which was always left ajar and by the time you reached him he was down to his boxers and socks.
You poked your head through the door and leant against the doorframe.
“What’s wrong Juicy?”
He ignored you as he pulled his socks off and tossed them into the laundry hamper.
Finally he turned to face you and the fire in his eyes shocked you.
“How long?” He sneered.
“What?” You asked, screwing your face up.
He took a step closer. His hands were by his side and you couldn’t help but notice the way he was clenching his fists.
“How long has it been going on, huh? You and this yoga guy?”
You pushed the door open and stood straight.
“Juice what the fuck are you talking about?”
He took another step towards you and you could practically see the smoke coming out of his nose.
“Don’t play dumb with me, (Y/N)!” He yelled. “I saw you!”
“Saw me what, babe? What are you talking about?!”
Juice stormed towards you now and his hands slammed against the wall either side of your head.
“I saw you! In the park! Practically fucking each other in front of the rest of the hippies!”
“Jesus Christ, Juice. Louis? You think I’m fucking Louis?!" 
"Don’t lie to me!” He yelled and stepped back from you.
You shook your head in disbelief, sick of having this same argument over and over.
He stared at you with jealousy burning green in his eyes and you knew what you needed to do. 
You kicked off your socks and pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you only in your panties and bra which you quickly got rid off.
Juice struggled to keep his eyes on your face and when you saw his boxers stretching around his hardness you knew it was working.
You closed the gap between you and ran your hands down his bare chest.
“You are all I want, Juan Carlos.”
You grabbed hold of his left hand and unfolded his clenched fist before pulling his hand between your legs.
“This is all yours.”

You had spent over an hour in the shower. Somehow letting Juice lather your body with soap only led to more steamy shower sex and now that your skin was shrivelled like a prune you were back in the kitchen.
Dinner was well under way when Juice joined you in the kitchen and started getting the plates out.
“I’m glad we cleared that up.”
You rolled your eyes and drained the pasta. “Me too babe.”
“I don’t want you going to yoga anymore.”
“Juice nothing is going on.”
“I said no, (y/n).” Juice said sternly.
“He’s gay!” You yelled and slammed the empty pot into the sink.
“Louis. He’s gay.” You said, calmer now.
“You didn’t think of telling me that earlier?!”
You turned to him and pulled him close before pecking his lips.
“No. I like it when you get jealous.”


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Sunday ramblings

We’re not really far into the solo era, but I just feel like by way of observation and reading/watching interviews lately, that it’s clear that them being solo artists is truly what’s best, and I don’t want them to ever go back to being a band like they used to. 

Just to brush on a few things.. 

Liam said recently that in 1D they were meant to show relentless enthusiasm at all times, and never discuss any negative aspects of their experience - which we as fans saw and got annoyed over several times… Shit went down that was never acknowledged and/or apologized for. Lima also mentioned that they never stopped to celebrate what they’d done. It was non-stop. Harry noted a similar thing in his RS interview when he said that the 1D tours were like a Wes Anderson movie. Cut. Cut. New location. Quick cut. New location. Cut. Cut. Show. Shower. Hard cut. Sleep. (which we all saw.. Like, Zayn developed an eating disorder whilst in the band, Liam had serious issues with alcohol, the partying, the drugs (hi weed scandal) like, there was so much stuff going on at certain points.)  Harry also mentioned in the doc that after 5 years of pressure, he finally didn’t feel any of it. And he admitted in another interview that he realized he was exhausted. (The fact that you could never truly pick up on that because he always gave 110% at every show makes me just in awe of his loyalty and work-ethic.) Hats off to Niall, Liam and Louis too, they all worked so fucking hard. Niall even said that he wasn’t as exhausted as the rest of them at the end, like, what kind of superhuman lol.. 

I remember Jeff mentioning that he was baffled by Harry’s writing talent, and how he realized that the Harry in One D was kind of the digitized Harry. Almost like a character. And like Harry said: “I wanted to write my stories, things that happened to me. The number-one thing was I wanted to be honest. I hadn’t done that before.” That says it all.. I also feel like in the last year or so, it was so clear that Harry was ready for his own career… On the last tour the interactions with the other boys were minimal, esp compared to the tours before. Journos/writers noted the same thing in their concert reviews. He was the one that was a little outside of it all. Watching what happened between Louis and Harry’s friendship throughout the years because of the larries was straight up awkward as hell. The months before Zayn left was awkward to watch, and after he left, Lilo became super close. Niall got along with all of them I feel, but even now, Harry is the odd one out. He never used to hang out with them outside of 1D obligations and I don’t think they see or talk to Harry much now either. (despite what Niall says to please 1D fans :p.) When you think about it, Harry’s sooooo fucking different from esp Louis and Liam. But let me also make it clear that I think Harry loved being in 1D. Unlike others, (ahem Zebra) he will never bite the hand that fed him. He’ll never discredit that time.

From MM and onwards, Lilo teamed up in writing sessions and got their songs through. (Def prob easier as a twosome.) Louis and Lima are loud and opinionated too, so I can only imagine some of those song discussions. (Not taking away from Lilo’s songwriting talent here, just looking at the big picture). Harry noted recently that he felt interrupted in the band as well. (super surprising lol) Interviews were often a mess, and the only one who had respect for Harry in those scenarios were Niall imo. 

After Harry left the band he took some time off to feel bored he said, but realized fast that he was dying to be in the studio again, ‘cause he had so much he wanted to say. And I think a huge part of that stemmed from him not being able to take time on lyrics and really write. An album a year, writing on the road, Lilo teaming up, with other hired writers putting their touches on each song, I think all of it hindered him to an extent. And Harry said in a recent interview that it def was weird to go into a writing session with strangers trying to be honest. And I think that’s partly why he was so anxious to get back in the saddle, why he was ready fairly quickly and why he was the first one to drop a solo album. He’d been writing for himself, planning, and building up for that moment for a long time. Maybe since he proposed the idea of them taking a break in late 2014. 

Another thing worth noting, in the Behind The Album doc is that he was SO fucking excited that he was in charge. His ideas were listened to. He was the boss, for the first time ever. When they said “Let’s first do Harry’s idea for” and Harry went “yeah, and then we’ll do Harry’s idea for something else, then after that, we’ll do another one of Harry’s ideas!”, like yeah he was joking around, but I also feel like that said so much.. And we can all get it, being in a band, like he said, every single decision was made in a democracy, and it was just time for him to make the desicions. To be a little scared.

And everyone can see the pure joy that’s Harry now. He’s soooooo happy. On stage, in interviews, everywhere. He has an energy now that is just amazing to see, he’s got that extra little spark that I didn’t see the last year or so in 1D. In Harry’s own words: “I’m having the time of my life working this [solo career] out.” and that’s clear as day. I also thought of when Cameron Crowe said that Harry couldn’t WAIT to start his interview with him. That he called him up and was SO enthusiastic, like practically giddy. And this quote from Harry is so heart-warming too. “There was something about playing the album and how happy I was that told them, [his parents] ‘If all I get is to make this music, I’m content.” ❤️ Like he stated in the doc too, he’s totally okay with not being on the level that he was in 1D again. 

And it goes for all the boys you know. I don’t follow their careers closely, but I’ve noted that they’ll all said they’re really happy that they went on this break and that they’re loving the freedom and being solo now, so it’s all good. They all look happy and well. And they’re all doing good which is nice to see. 

So yeah, just some Sunday night thoughts :) 

I’m going to say some things that are not so popular. I’ve promised myself I’d be a drama free blog. But I’m tired of some things I’m reading. This is probably going to be long. So please forgive me in advance.

Let’s start with the fact that I’m super excited for Harry’s project. Incredibly excited. I can’t wait to listen to his songs, to see him more often, to listen to his interviews and support him. Cause that is what I’ll do. I’ll support him. Cause he deserves it, all of them do.
I supported Louis’s project, and still doing, I gifted songs, I streamed Jho for hours, paid double the usual amount of my mobile fee, cause I was moving out and I had no WiFi, when the song was released just to keep streaming, I reblogged tons of posts, tweeted radios, texted radios.
The thing is, I expect the fandom to do this with all the boys, I want them to be appreciated as artists, to be successful. I ignored every aspects that I didn’t like, contracts being shady, stunts, PR choices and so on, cause I’m here because I love them as artists!
Why can’t you do the same with Harry? I’m talking about him now cause he is the one who is releasing music right now, but I’ll do the same for Liam if necessary. I’m seeing a lot of posts about “the state of the fandom”, the fandom shouldn’t even think about not supporting Harry cause Louis is going through a lot of shits. Louis is being so successful! He has just played at one of the greatest festival in Miami! I’m rooting for all of them to be free from day one, and I’ll keep doing it and I hate what they’re going through. But this has nothing to do with me not supporting their projects.

And one last thing. If you’re a Larrie, a true one, you know how much Louis and Harry are in love with each other, how supportive they’re with each other and how they’re dealing with all of this together. Or do you just like reblogging about the 15 days apart theory cause it’s fun? If you think that Louis would be proud of some things I’m reading about Harry, well, there’s something that doesn’t work.

This probably doesn’t make any sense. But I just wanted to say that I’m here to support my boys. All of them. With the same amount of effort and love.

anonymous asked:

when will you all stop excusing louis behaviour?

Anonymous said: Louis is so different. his clothes, his way of talking about things, what he says etc. I do not recognise him anymore. he used to be so soft and caring. now he stands there all serious in sweatpants and talks about being saved by his GF cause he was a mess and clubbing to much and also he hates metaphors and is honest honest honest. wtf ;(///


Wow. I don’t know where to begin.

When I look at Louis, I see a person who has been through so much psychological pain in the past few years– by both circumstance and deliberate infliction by the people who want to profit from him.

Despite this, Louis remains generous to other people. He has given so much to charity, at one point up to 10% of his estimated net worth. None of this was expected or asked of him (or any of the boys), yet he, and they, did it.

He has consistently been polite and giving to his fans. He has treated everyone– even people who have criticized him on SM– nicely and generously.

He has had huge personal tragedies. He persists in making music that is encouraging and supportive (Just Hold On), in having a positive message, as he always has.

People who have worked with him, notably Steve and Bebe, praise his kindness and infectious personality, his generosity, his talent.

We as fans can’t begin to understand how he feels and what he’s living through. We can try, we can speculate, we can criticize, but we need to see the overall picture and not confuse the forest for the trees. He is a person we’ve known for seven years.

As for me, I see more clearly than ever that this is a person I love, want to support, and want to win. I’ll do everything to help him.

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do you think there was some major beef/internal conflict in 1d (Niall, Louis, & Liam V.S. Harry)?? because I really get the impression that Harry was very separate from the other members of the band, always kind of off doing his own thing while the other boys seemed to be a band of their own... am I crazy or do you sort of see this divide as well??

Hi anon!

OK, so I truly never thought it was OT3/4 vs Harry, I really didn’t. I thought it was all tabloid fodder, made up by Dan and Simon, etc. And I would like to preface this whole post with “this is all image, we don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, this could be part of their solo pushes,” and so on and so forth.

But having said all of that, yeah, I’m starting to think that view has some truth behind it.

Keeping in mind that Liam tended to act as the spokesman for the band, and he’s doing active promo for the first time, let’s look at him…

There was this sort of weird tweet. I remember at the time, the fandom was like “that’s kind of weird.” But whatever, who knows who wrote the tweet, and he did say he’s proud of Harry.

But then we come to hear it was Harry who wanted the hiatus first (per Harry’s Rolling Stone article) and Liam says that Niall had the hardest time with it, and that Liam didn’t even know what a hiatus was (which sounds like bullshit, but that’s the story he’s pushing), and that’s just…something to note. OK.

Then we get the totally flat affect of Harry talking about Liam’s music on Grimmy’s show. And he said he didn’t know about Liam’s chains, which was weird.

We get the Harry Potter tweet about celebrity from Liam, and then Liam kept posting pictures of the chain all over the place, including with Niall.

Then we have Harry being rude to the fan who got Liam’s chevron tat, and claiming it had nothing to do with him (as if he wasn’t part of 1D?).

And the way that Liam talked about Harry and his music today was not positive, while he talked positively about Niall’s music and showed up at WangoTango and was photographed with him (and the chain).

Then we have the comments Liam made about how he wrote half the songs on MITAM (I think that was half of the songs that any of OT4 wrote for the album?) and how he wanted to tour it. Harry has been sold as being the one who “changed” 1D’s sound, but we know that Liam has done a ton of the writing. In fact, if you compare the writing credits, Liam wrote more songs for 1D (including on MITAM) and got production credit on things (often remixes).

Finally, we get these weird questions from Dan toward both Niall and Harry, where they both leave open the possibility of One Direction existing without Harry. And we have Liam including Zayn in his answers about what the band is doing for their solo music. And go bacik to the first link in the above paragraph, where he says, “It’s difficult to see how everyone’s gonna work out at the moment.”

Now, you asked about Louis, Liam, and Niall as a unit.

When I rewatch OTRA clips now, I wonder if the other men ever got annoyed with Harry being all over the stage and sort of taking over, especially while they were singing. A post crossed my dash today about stage Harry in OTRA and he was swinging around his hair, bounding across the stage, dancing with mics, etc–and in this clip, it wasn’t when he was singing. I’ve talked about how Harry’s stage presence on SNL was not what I expected, and in rewatching OTRA clips now, it’s clear often Harry was able to be stage!Harry because the other men were singing. I wonder how they felt about that? (I wonder. Truly wonder. I’m not making assumptions, I’m rethinking old assumptions.)

I think Niall will always try to be a neutral as possible. He’s like Switzerland. But even he left open the idea that 1D could come back without Harry. Which…?

I think there is clearly no love lost between Harry and Zayn, and I think that’s for real.

Louis seemed more in sync with the other men (Niall and Liam) in OTRA. We know Harry had his own stylist, etc. 

So. To answer your question, yeah, I see it. And I don’t know if it’s just for promo purposes or what. But I see it.

Actually seeing Louis being vocal about these social issues (as much as he can) is so so so important to me. It’s not like I ever doubted it, but now we have an actual proof of what an educated man he is/has become. All these different topics these articles discuss are things I talk about on a daily basis, things I worry about and I think it’s the same for a lot of people in this fandom.  Louis is a good fucking human being and we knew this before, because of course he did, but this? This is him being actually vocal about it. And it’s all I could ask for at the moment.

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Phoenix, lot of people doubt Harry isn't straight because the situation. Personally I think he isn't straight, but he doesn't want to say it, or, better say, he doesn't see the need to do it. I've always thought he'd say at some point he's with Louis. But I think he'll never tell if he's gay, pan, bi, or whatever. And talking about Larry, for it's so, so, SO obvious H&L were together in the first years of 1D. Pretty obvious until 2014. But now nothing makes sense for me (c)

© so, in my case this makes me think maybe they’re not together anymore, or that they are but they had troubles in the past and that’s why Louis is a father… Idk, but I know what I saw and, even if he’s with Louis or not, I can’t think Harry is straight. But I understand some people, with this situation, just forget everything, and think, “well, finally it seems he’s just a straight supportive guy”. Don’t get upset with people, Phoenix. Have a nice day, love :)

Hi, you’re sweet. I can tell you sweet, but there’s a lot of stuff I take issue with in this ask. I don’t think you mean harm, but some of the ways you’re phrasing things, whether or not your intention, are harmful. 

As you pointed out, it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s with Louis. This isn’t about Larry, or it shouldn’t be about Larry. But as you mentioned people just… conveniently forget all the loud and clear queer signaling Harry has partaken in since the band’s inception. 

And that isn’t ok. It’s a homophobic micro aggression. It’s erasure. Acting like he’s magically a straight ally because he’s not AS obviously in a relationship with someone of the same sex anymore, DESPITE his numerous efforts to signal and remind fans of his sexuality is reducing him to that relationship. It belies that fans who do this really only care about supporting Harry as long as he’s the other half of Larry. It’s a ship for them, nothing more, and that’s reductive, patronizing, and fetishistic. 

Also,  It hurts the LGBTQ community at large  because it suggests that the only way you’re truly gay is if you’re visibly gay or visibly in a queer relationship, which is a problem a lot of us face. 

“Don’t get upset with people, Phoenix.” Why? Why should I, a LGBTQ person who has struggled with systematic erasure, micro aggressions, and being reduced to a fetish, not get upset when I witness those things happening in a community I belong to? Yes, my blog is about softness an sweetness and creating a safe space for queer kids to come talk about stuff they’re dealing with. But that doesn’t mean I, or any other LGBTQ person, doesn’t have the right to get angry or express that anger! This isn’t just about Larry or even about Harry, it’s about bigger, structural problems. I am ALLOWED TO BE UPSET with stuff that happens within this fandom when it’s enacting or upholding big-picture homophobia. 

I hope you have a nice day too, and I’m sorry if this seemed harsh or upsetting. You need to let queer people be mad sometimes though. My softness is not passiveness. 

how you get the boy - twenty

“Right, but there’s another bloke – H. He’s an odd one and he lives next door, absolute jackass, likes to give me weird nicknames, but he just.. He sort of grew on me, y’know? I mean s’hard not to like him cos he’s charming and all and he, uh, likes – liked – me too even though he knows I loved his best friend. And I think..” I stared at the glass in my hand with my wide eyes, swallowing the lump in my throat as I was struck with realisation. “I think I’m in love him.”

read below // story page 

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I appreciate your most recent post, people aren't looking at this from all sides, so your post was important. Something else to consider is that the "don't ask about his personal life" is new. It wasn't that long ago that people were asking for him to be asked about personal things, to be asked about tattoos, etc. Frankly it's only when some of the answers upset them that the "no personal questions" thing on social media began.

Thank you for this. The tags on my post raised some very good points and I am not saying that I approve of what is happening here. I only wanted to point out that if you look at it from a daily business perspective where at the end of the day a specific team (PR) needs to meet specific targets (coverage volume) – which believe me is more real than anything – the way they’ve done it was successful. I absolutely agree though that the strategic thinking behind it looks completely wild to us as they indeed do alienate a significant amount of fans by this which from a business perspective is not to be explained if we only consider things that we see and know about.

What I really struggle with, and it has been mentioned by other people like @whisperedlouis too, is the complete turn of tactics they are using, which also makes things seem so incredibly odd to us because we feel this does not fit into Louis’ former behavioral pattern. It feels disconnected. He used to be private, now he isn’t any longer. He used to never mention his ‘gf of the season”, now he does. He used to not talk about this child, now he can’t stop talking about it. It’s just SO ODD and people who have been in this fandom for a longer time of course notice. And yes, the HL denials – this is something that is breaking an unnamed taboo in some sort of way – him blatantly addressing HL, erasing all of its key symbols (RBB, the dagger), it’s just so strange, because he does it now within seconds when before those topics have been sacredly avoided and blank listed for literal years to a point where it really obvious. It’s odd and it hurts my pride, I am not ashamed to say that I feel personally upset by this because the things that have been said by Louis himself are so blatantly false and cannot be explained away in the flimsy way that he does, and yet again WE seem like the crazy ones, like there isn’t any logic or any evidence behind the whole HL topic whatsoever. It’s insulting and I don’t appreciate being insulted, thank you very much.

I also agree with your point about the fear about personal questions. Yes, people in our fandom tend to be more upset about personal questions (me too) because we know that anything remotely personal these days will inevitably be the next low blow to our intelligence. I wonder very much if people would say the same if HL were actually out and they were both asked to share some cute anecdotes about their life together. I, for one, would not be as offended by that to be honest, if it was done in a reduced and tasteful way, because this is something I’d much rather listen to. I know people will come at me blaming me for not respecting them by this statement but I bet deep down 80 percent of the people on here would feel the same. We would of course not be entitled to expect these anecdotes (the Tumblr police would make sure about this) but we would enjoy them nevertheless – at least more than we enjoy those awkward child stories now. So yes, of course there is some kind of double standard. It’s nothing to be proud of, I whole-heartedly admit it, but it’s there.

All in all, I think the main thing that we all agree on is that we want Louis to be successful, but in a way that makes both him and our own intelligence comfortable. We want him to be respected. But frankly I want to be respected as well, that’s literally all I’m asking at this point.

secret married teachers au snippet

coming in september or october!

“That’s Harry’s fault, not mine,” Louis says suddenly, and Harry snaps back to attention. Louis’ cheeks are pink, from the alcohol but also embarrassment.

“What did I do?”

“Named your sex playlist ‘Banana’, apparently,” says Niall with a snort. He takes a long swig of his beer. “Could you be more obvious?”

“I wanted to name it Kiwi,” Louis says, holding up his hands in surrender.

“Right, because naming it after hairy balls is way better,” Liam says.

Louis coughs in surprise, and Zayn chokes on a nacho. “Excuse me, I’m trying to eat.” Niall claps him on the back.

“Kiwis are not hairy balls!” Louis protests.

Niall levels him with a look. “They kind of are, dude.”

“No, they aren’t!” Louis says this with such vehemence that Harry’s beginning to wonder if he’s ever seen a kiwi. Come to think of it, he may not have. Louis isn’t crazy about fruit, and Harry doesn’t ever buy kiwis at the grocery store. All the same, Harry fully intends to make fun of him for this when they get home.

“Louis is right. They’re not hairy balls. They’re more like slightly fuzzy spheres,” Harry says, patting Louis on the hand.

“You’re fucking whipped,” Zayn mutters as he grabs a handful of nachos.

“How did we start talking about this anyway?” Harry asks, reaching for a nacho himself.

“I said that we needed to talk about this Banana playlist. I see it on my Spotify every night. Do you know what it’s like to know that two of your best friends are getting it on a few streets away?”

Harry shrugs and takes another nacho. “So stop looking.”

“Yeah,” Louis pipes up. “Stop looking.”

“I can’t! It’s always just… right there. Staring me in the face. ‘Harry and Louis are having sex right now.’ It’s awkward.”

This time it’s Louis who shrugs. “Sorry we have a sex life. Besides, last I heard the two of you were very happy,” he says, pointing between Liam and Zayn.

“We are!” Zayn protests. “Liam’s just weirdly obsessed with the two of you.”

“It’s just uncomfortable!”

Harry shakes his head. “Fine. I’ll put it on private or something.”

He has no intentions of putting it on private, and Liam will just have to deal.

“You should probably lock that shit down anyway,” Niall says. “Those kids are obsessed with scoping out your life.”

“It’s because they think we’re in love,” Harry says, eyebrows furrowed. It’s been a year, and the idea of kids ‘shipping’ him with Louis still baffles him.

Louis kicks him under the table, hard. “Last I checked, we are in love.”

“Of course we are, dear,” Harry says sweetly before turning back to Niall. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Why can’t they let it go?”

“It’s cause you’re hot,” Niall says. “I mean, if I was into dudes, I’d probably do you. Both of you.”

“At the same time?” Zayn asks, puzzled.

“No!” Niall sputters. “I mean, unless you wanted to.”

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Hi. I read your speculations and beliefs post on Harry and Louis and it pained me so much because it is true. The situation they are in is unreal in its realness. They're so trapped and bound that it's heartbreaking to say the least. But you're also right in saying that we should never stop believing and supporting the real Louis Tomlinson. He deserves to know that we know and we'll fight for him the best way we know how. And they have each other, that's the one truth TPTB can't touch.

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That girl is now saying Louis punched her. I really dont believe that happenend. In the video it just looks like he pulled her off from the waist. Could he sue for defamation if so? And how do you think this accusation will now affect his case? 😔 Thank you for taking the time!

I know we don’t want Louis to ever be spoken badly about, but, from the way I see it, letting her talk is the plan here. It benefits Louis. The more she talks, the less rational she seems, the more it’s clear she’s out for a quick pay day. From what I understand, no one in the comments/GP are going along with her story. She’s looking like the bad guy, and Louis the victim here. If she were a rational person, it would be different. But she’s not, and every time she opens her mouth, she seems less like a victim and more like an entitled brat trying to make a quick dollar off of a celebrity. Let her hang herself with her own rope. She is entirely unsympathetic.

And whatever is said on TMZ or other media is legally irrelevant. All that matters is her statements to police and the prosecutors. And if video shows that she’s lying, then she’s the one who gets in trouble. I think a defamation case for Louis is iffy, but I think would be a terrible, no good, awful PR move for him to sue her. Let her hang herself without doing anything that makes you less sympathetic.

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(1) Thank you VERY MUCH! Finally I have found someone who, as me, believes that they don't want to come out now. Not because they are ashamed of their sexuality/relationship, just because they don't want all the media attention. I think they enjoy their privacy, and they don't want more people talking about their relationship. Of course that, if in the future they are still together and they want a family, they will have to come out. But I don't think this is what they want right now.

(2) Maybe in their early years, when they started in 1D, they were sad because they didn’t want to be closeted (I even think that this wasn’t the problem, the problem is that they don’t like stunting as they did when they were in 1D). But now I can feel they are fine, I can see Harry is very very happy, not like he used to look in 2013/2014. Thank you again. Why is everybody mean to me when I say my opinion? Does this happen to you as well? Lot of love for you. (sorry for my english).

Like I’ve said, I do think it’s about privacy. I’m not comfortable talking about what has been in the past, I think what we saw then and what we see now are different. @old1ddude has a good theory too about fame and Harry. I don’t get much hate when I say I think it’s possible that Harry and Louis aren’t coming out right now. But I also try not to speak from a place of this IS and that IS FACT. I don’t know shit. I’m just interpreting the same data as everyone else. Does that make sense? 

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Hello love!! I saw some people saying Woman by Harry Styles is gay anthem, I'm genuinely curious that why is it considered that? Can you explain? Or what logics are there? Have a good day

Woman, is a gay anthem indeed. Why?
Because of so many reasons.
Let’s start off with the lyrics, you might thing he is talking about a girl being with a boy and Harry wanting that girl but it’s the other way around, why? Here comes reason 2 that is linked to reason one, when he screams woman in the song is kind of a desperate cry for the girl to hear him out after that he sings lalalalalala which is a childish attempt to block what the person on the other end is saying.
Now regarding Harry and Louis’ situation, we all know they can’t be seen together.
And when Harry says
“ I’m selfish I know /but I don’t ever want to see you with him”
he is talking about how he wants to be the one with the boy, he wants to be in the place of that girl.
And then he sings
“ I’m selfish /I know I told you but I know you never listen”
she never listens why? Because she can’t abide to what Harry is asking for because it’s a situation out of their control.
Moving on to the next part
“I hope you can see the shape that I’m in while he’s touching your skin”
we all saw how Harry gets worked up when the beards are touching Louis especially during the first round of elounor. Then he says
“ He’s right where I should/ Where I should be/ But you’re making me bleed”
he is telling her that he should be the one with him, the boy is where he should. He should be out holding his hand kissing him being himself with his love (Louis).
“Tempted, you know/ apologize are never gonna fix this”
This part right here it him saying he is always tempted to tell the truth, and no matter how much that woman apologize for what she has done it’s never gonna fix the fact she was out there with his love.
” I’m empty, I know/ and promises are broken like a stitch is”
Now this part is about how he is empty of emotions, like he got to the point where he is I don’t give a fuck anymore I just want to be free the same attitude we saw in GMA the day babygate was “confirmed publicly”
The last part of the song is a cry for her to stop and see what she is doing to him whenever she touches his lover’ skin and he isn’t responsible for the actions he will make because like he said “Yous Flower, you feast” what you plant will be what you receive.
So the whole song is cry to the beards! Making it a song with a subliminal message about his relationship with Louis. It’s a gay anthem!

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I agree with you, about Harry. Even if Louis went through everything he passed, we can see strength in him. The pride he showed when he spoke of Harry. I know Harry is not fragile, but when I compare the photos of Harry with those of Louis. I see a very strong contrast in their personalities. It is said that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, and in this case we can not ignore. I think Louis protects Harry with all he can. Harry himself said he's nervous all the time. (1)

We had reports of vomiting. His initial promotion was made only with people he knew and whom he did not know well was made over the phone. His strange arrival at the premiere, where he was clearly loud and Jeff’s behavior hiding someone. He took part in the yacht, but look who was there, just friends and Kendall is his friend. See his face in the car with Tess and his body language when he was filmed with Camille. For me, Harry has matured a lot, but he has also suffered the most. (2)
His SM only harmed him. He just showed us what he’s trying to keep, which is his private life. Louis on the other hand, when I look at him, I see someone who has suffered and suffers, but who will spare no effort to protect those he loves, leaving Harry to only play games. I’d rather see someone wearing something from Louis and Harry, than seeing them in the company of beards who just want easy fame. ( 3)


Thank you for the message.

HL’s promo as solo artists is tailored, in a way, to their personalities, and I feel the same as you, that they are subtly coordinated, and they do what they can for each other.

Maybe HSHQ not promoting TG until later (now, I guess, with Camille) was a way to let Louis and BTY shine a bit.

Louis had to be the one to deny Larry. He could lie through his teeth for Harry, walk through fire. He has to be the one to talk about tattoos. He has to be the one to talk about the bears.

The closest Harry came to denying Larry was to say (of Sweet Creature and Louis), “Oh, is that a thing?” And it was not on camera– only a magazine quote. Harry is great at teasing his Dunkirk cast mates, at being self-deprecating and flirtatious and beautiful, but when it comes to his heart, he can’t go there.

Okay now, the single “Always You.” It’s going to be about persevering through adversity and finding love at home and … we’re not going to survive it.

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MB, do u know if the interview was pre-recorded? If they did not cut it, basically, it was approved by h's team?

Yeah it was pre-recorded because he mentions it in another interview that ran yesterday. It’s….interesting that Louis was mentioned in two pre-recorded interviews we heard today since it usually seems like his name cannot be mentioned or the studio will spontaneously catch fire or something. The capital interview just had the fun tweet (which they could have picked any tweet they wanted and picking one with Louis mentioned in it is interesting), but that other one sounded like a mess (and not just in regards to the Louis mention - they were rude in the beginning and didn’t even get his song name right I guess?). But yeah I’m not sure why the Louis mentions popped up and whether that was just random or what? There have been a number of mentions from Niall and Harry about how they’re all friends and still talk regularly so if they’re leading into being able to publicly talk about each other as pals again or something that would be nice, but I don’t know. We’ll see if it seems to head in that direction or not. 

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..louis is working. why would you want him to stop working to go to a premiere. it wouldn't even be good promo for him. the headlines would literally say 'harry styles' bandmates support him on his acting debut' which is not promo for louis.

There’s so much I’m thinking right now so let me see if I can get it all out in a way that makes sense and isn’t rude.

1. Louis _is_ working. As is Liam. As is Niall. As is Harry. I’m really confused what any of this has to do with anything.

2. They. Support. Each other. All of them. And how the articles are spun would depend on their teams and how they want them spun. Some would refer to them as supportive former band mates. Others would report as Liam being supportive and focus on him. Yet others would talk about how niall spent more time with his friend he brought along or some other random celebrity than any of the boys to stir up shit. Others would completely ignore the fact they were there. That’s business.

3. I don’t actually think they’ll all turn up to the premiere. Do I wish they would? Yes. Are they in the area for it? Yes. Do I think it could happen? Sure. Do I truly believe they will? No. But what’s wrong with considering the possibility?

4. Hot damn I’m a Louis girl but can we please recognize that not everything revolves around him? Just like not everything revolves around harry. Or me. Or you. There is always a shitload of influences and people and contracts and responsibilities that need to be seen to and it makes it a lot less black and white than a lot of people seem to think.

And I think that’s everything. But like for real I’ve been getting a lot of anons the past few weeks saying things aren’t going to happen or shouldn’t happen or “how dare you even consider that” all because it doesn’t benefit Louis and I am so sorry to have to tell you this but not everything is going to benefit him. It would be nice if everything fell into place and suddenly the world recognized that their king is here in the form of a sassy caramel haired angelic singer with the best armpits I’ve ever laid eyes on, but until that happens not everything is about him.