i see what louis is talking about now

I’m going to say some things that are not so popular. I’ve promised myself I’d be a drama free blog. But I’m tired of some things I’m reading. This is probably going to be long. So please forgive me in advance.

Let’s start with the fact that I’m super excited for Harry’s project. Incredibly excited. I can’t wait to listen to his songs, to see him more often, to listen to his interviews and support him. Cause that is what I’ll do. I’ll support him. Cause he deserves it, all of them do.
I supported Louis’s project, and still doing, I gifted songs, I streamed Jho for hours, paid double the usual amount of my mobile fee, cause I was moving out and I had no WiFi, when the song was released just to keep streaming, I reblogged tons of posts, tweeted radios, texted radios.
The thing is, I expect the fandom to do this with all the boys, I want them to be appreciated as artists, to be successful. I ignored every aspects that I didn’t like, contracts being shady, stunts, PR choices and so on, cause I’m here because I love them as artists!
Why can’t you do the same with Harry? I’m talking about him now cause he is the one who is releasing music right now, but I’ll do the same for Liam if necessary. I’m seeing a lot of posts about “the state of the fandom”, the fandom shouldn’t even think about not supporting Harry cause Louis is going through a lot of shits. Louis is being so successful! He has just played at one of the greatest festival in Miami! I’m rooting for all of them to be free from day one, and I’ll keep doing it and I hate what they’re going through. But this has nothing to do with me not supporting their projects.

And one last thing. If you’re a Larrie, a true one, you know how much Louis and Harry are in love with each other, how supportive they’re with each other and how they’re dealing with all of this together. Or do you just like reblogging about the 15 days apart theory cause it’s fun? If you think that Louis would be proud of some things I’m reading about Harry, well, there’s something that doesn’t work.

This probably doesn’t make any sense. But I just wanted to say that I’m here to support my boys. All of them. With the same amount of effort and love.

anonymous asked:

do you think there was some major beef/internal conflict in 1d (Niall, Louis, & Liam V.S. Harry)?? because I really get the impression that Harry was very separate from the other members of the band, always kind of off doing his own thing while the other boys seemed to be a band of their own... am I crazy or do you sort of see this divide as well??

Hi anon!

OK, so I truly never thought it was OT3/4 vs Harry, I really didn’t. I thought it was all tabloid fodder, made up by Dan and Simon, etc. And I would like to preface this whole post with “this is all image, we don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, this could be part of their solo pushes,” and so on and so forth.

But having said all of that, yeah, I’m starting to think that view has some truth behind it.

Keeping in mind that Liam tended to act as the spokesman for the band, and he’s doing active promo for the first time, let’s look at him…

There was this sort of weird tweet. I remember at the time, the fandom was like “that’s kind of weird.” But whatever, who knows who wrote the tweet, and he did say he’s proud of Harry.

But then we come to hear it was Harry who wanted the hiatus first (per Harry’s Rolling Stone article) and Liam says that Niall had the hardest time with it, and that Liam didn’t even know what a hiatus was (which sounds like bullshit, but that’s the story he’s pushing), and that’s just…something to note. OK.

Then we get the totally flat affect of Harry talking about Liam’s music on Grimmy’s show. And he said he didn’t know about Liam’s chains, which was weird.

We get the Harry Potter tweet about celebrity from Liam, and then Liam kept posting pictures of the chain all over the place, including with Niall.

Then we have Harry being rude to the fan who got Liam’s chevron tat, and claiming it had nothing to do with him (as if he wasn’t part of 1D?).

And the way that Liam talked about Harry and his music today was not positive, while he talked positively about Niall’s music and showed up at WangoTango and was photographed with him (and the chain).

Then we have the comments Liam made about how he wrote half the songs on MITAM (I think that was half of the songs that any of OT4 wrote for the album?) and how he wanted to tour it. Harry has been sold as being the one who “changed” 1D’s sound, but we know that Liam has done a ton of the writing. In fact, if you compare the writing credits, Liam wrote more songs for 1D (including on MITAM) and got production credit on things (often remixes).

Finally, we get these weird questions from Dan toward both Niall and Harry, where they both leave open the possibility of One Direction existing without Harry. And we have Liam including Zayn in his answers about what the band is doing for their solo music. And go bacik to the first link in the above paragraph, where he says, “It’s difficult to see how everyone’s gonna work out at the moment.”

Now, you asked about Louis, Liam, and Niall as a unit.

When I rewatch OTRA clips now, I wonder if the other men ever got annoyed with Harry being all over the stage and sort of taking over, especially while they were singing. A post crossed my dash today about stage Harry in OTRA and he was swinging around his hair, bounding across the stage, dancing with mics, etc–and in this clip, it wasn’t when he was singing. I’ve talked about how Harry’s stage presence on SNL was not what I expected, and in rewatching OTRA clips now, it’s clear often Harry was able to be stage!Harry because the other men were singing. I wonder how they felt about that? (I wonder. Truly wonder. I’m not making assumptions, I’m rethinking old assumptions.)

I think Niall will always try to be a neutral as possible. He’s like Switzerland. But even he left open the idea that 1D could come back without Harry. Which…?

I think there is clearly no love lost between Harry and Zayn, and I think that’s for real.

Louis seemed more in sync with the other men (Niall and Liam) in OTRA. We know Harry had his own stylist, etc. 

So. To answer your question, yeah, I see it. And I don’t know if it’s just for promo purposes or what. But I see it.

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MB, do u know if the interview was pre-recorded? If they did not cut it, basically, it was approved by h's team?

Yeah it was pre-recorded because he mentions it in another interview that ran yesterday. It’s….interesting that Louis was mentioned in two pre-recorded interviews we heard today since it usually seems like his name cannot be mentioned or the studio will spontaneously catch fire or something. The capital interview just had the fun tweet (which they could have picked any tweet they wanted and picking one with Louis mentioned in it is interesting), but that other one sounded like a mess (and not just in regards to the Louis mention - they were rude in the beginning and didn’t even get his song name right I guess?). But yeah I’m not sure why the Louis mentions popped up and whether that was just random or what? There have been a number of mentions from Niall and Harry about how they’re all friends and still talk regularly so if they’re leading into being able to publicly talk about each other as pals again or something that would be nice, but I don’t know. We’ll see if it seems to head in that direction or not. 

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That girl is now saying Louis punched her. I really dont believe that happenend. In the video it just looks like he pulled her off from the waist. Could he sue for defamation if so? And how do you think this accusation will now affect his case? 😔 Thank you for taking the time!

I know we don’t want Louis to ever be spoken badly about, but, from the way I see it, letting her talk is the plan here. It benefits Louis. The more she talks, the less rational she seems, the more it’s clear she’s out for a quick pay day. From what I understand, no one in the comments/GP are going along with her story. She’s looking like the bad guy, and Louis the victim here. If she were a rational person, it would be different. But she’s not, and every time she opens her mouth, she seems less like a victim and more like an entitled brat trying to make a quick dollar off of a celebrity. Let her hang herself with her own rope. She is entirely unsympathetic.

And whatever is said on TMZ or other media is legally irrelevant. All that matters is her statements to police and the prosecutors. And if video shows that she’s lying, then she’s the one who gets in trouble. I think a defamation case for Louis is iffy, but I think would be a terrible, no good, awful PR move for him to sue her. Let her hang herself without doing anything that makes you less sympathetic.

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Nothing, he hasnt said a thing for us to adopt him. He's just cute. And his story coming from working in a pizza place to now being rocking in a band with harry is cute. So people adopt him. What i find most hilarious is how they are playing up the fandom and everyone is falling for it. They are literally doing with Harry and Mitch what they did with Nick back in the day. Say they are super close friends, he's always talking about it. It's literally anyone but Louis, and people are buying it 🙄

Anonymous said: I am cringing at the Mitch stuff. He hasn’t said anything - Harry’s team is pushing their “special relationship” hard. His producer was quoted saying they needed to find a guitarist to be Harry’s Keith Richards…which like…let’s calm down a smidge pls. Then we have harry making sure to talk about his origin story in every interview. let’s be real, it’s probably a classic ‘not Louis’ for houies etc. To wank over, and some larries are trying to prove how cool and unthreatened they are by it.

I can see stuff unfurling yes. People can do whatever, I didn’t blog about 1D’s band, why would I do so now. I don’t really care unless they say or do something worth blogging about to me.

Just, Steve was publicly saying lovely things about the fandom and about Louis. Just a major difference in what warrants our affection and what not… 

anonymous asked:

What do you want out of this in the end ultimately? Genuinely asking. All I see is constant criticism of Harry's album, and lyrics, and his team even weeks before this disaster, with maybe a few posts that are positive, and back to the same old. I get it they have messed up majorly, and they need to stop it. But as a supposed fan of his the continual dragging of everything surrounding him just comes across as being bitter because of Louis. Is there a goal to this?

did you miss the part where i gave harry’s album a 9 out of 10, said multiple times that i genuinely enjoyed his music and that I WANT MORE FOR HIM than this lacklustre and offensively lazy promo.

you seem to exist in some kind of weird bubble where criticism = hate and the small minded tone of your ask isn’t cute, it’s irritating.

i dragged louis’ team and louis tomlinsonTM for the past year and a half. i had post after post talking about how louis’ image is offensive and off putting. and yet i never got any kind of pushback or nasty anons about that.

the second it’s harry though? barrage of hate and indirecting. the double standards are so obvious and i feel like people like you are nestled so far up harry’s ass you don’t even see what you’re doing.

i am critical of ALL OF THEM. they’re all incredibly talented and i believe they’re all wonderful people so i want the best for them and i want them to show the world how incredible they are and right now harry’s team is failing. 

until they change course and actually give harry the kind of promo and image he deserves and that he (and we as fans) can be proud of, i will keep calling them out. fucking deal with it.

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Hi! I saw you tagged your post about that fic with "obvs it would be louis' pov" and was wondering, do you also think the majority of larry fics are L's pov? and if so why do you think that is? i mean i love them, I'm just wondering... Thanks!

okay, ahaha, sorry to be an annoying stickler, but I just wanted to clarify that I actually tagged it something like “plus it would be Louis POV” because that’s how I was thinking of it at that moment.  I don’t think it’s a give that an AU like that would have to be written from Louis’s perspective.  Just thinking about it now, I can come up with ways that it would also be compelling from Harry’s POV, as someone who was always in love with Louis and thought he’d never love Harry back.  I think I do prefer Louis POV in this case though, just because the element of him being a virgin makes it easier to make him vulnerable in the situation.  

@100percentsassy and I have actually had lots of conversation about how it does feel like more Larry fics are from Louis’s POV, and why we think that is.  I’m not saying this to slight Harry, but I think we both think there is something about Louis that makes him incredibly easy to identify with – ahah or makes imagined versions of him easy to identify with, anyway.  

So it’s like, you can can put Louis in these positions where he’s already a wonderful, well-meaning person, but he still has emotional growing to do or whatever, and it drives the story and feels believable.  I think that maybe also has to do with why it sometimes feels like there are more fics where Louis is the fucker-upper.  Like, that ties into him being the narrative driver of the fic and it being from his perspective.  He’s human in fics in a way where he makes decisions and you’re like “louiiiiiissss noooooo” ahaha but you still love him.  And, this isn’t meant as a slight to Louis, i think that you have to work a little harder to do that with Harry.  It’s feels a little easier to make Louis vulnerable due to his insecurities, I guess.     

I mean, It’s difficult to talk about this stuff in any kind of exact way because obviously everyone is just digesting the images we see of them in the media and reacting to that.  So my opinion here is influenced by the way I personally see both Harry and Louis, and their dynamic. Like, what am I responding to, that I think it’s easier to make Louis vulnerable? I don’t really know for sure!  

anyway, sorry this isn’t all that coherent of a response.  I’m definitely interested in other people’s ideas and opinions on this stuff if they want to share!  

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Larry and bg etc is so hard to explain. Whenever im trying to explain it to someone they look at me like what are you talking about are you okay. Talking about blue and green, a fake baby, beards, rbb, bees im so ahhhahah i love this fandom

I know… It’s impossible hsjsjskslsls when I first explained the Bears to my friend she thought I was insane (now she sees the kid’s pics and say: That’s totally not Louis kid) 

anonymous asked:

Seeing your anons talking about what Louis sees in harry makes me wonder too. That man has been robbed from everything, and Harry erases him from his public life unless he's used to sell things. I know he's maybe in the closet (maybe, bc im not sure). Wow...I'm totally speechless. Seeing him answering the louis question (reading a tweet about louis), he seemed like he doesn't wanna hear louis name. I might be biased, but for now, I feel like harry's anything but supportive.

And here are more thoughts on this discussion:

About louis and carolina backstory (fake or not), IF larry is real and still a thing, I dont think he would agree. Fuck. He has 5 younger sisters and he loves them dearly. Remember that time he threatened someone who tried so hard to get close to lottie (or fizzy? I can’t really remember). I don’t think he’d agree for harry to use underage girls to sell something. I’m not saying he’s a saint. But NOPE. Just no.

This is from two days ago and not directly related to this conversation, but I think it fits here:

i never realized how much Louis has been used as the scrapegoat for Larry. They use the fact that he is “sassy rebel” to pin everything wrong on him so Harry usually gets out of whatever situation untouched because he is the “innocent,angel one”. Louis gets the shitty stunts as punishment for not playing the game exactly as they want. I also do think Harry has used Louis and Larry a bit to further himself in his mysterious persona while Louis seemed more into Harry in their personal life.

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Thank you. I woke up, and I went to see the documentary. I knew what was coming, because they were already deploying Mitch. I was so sad for everyone but Louis, I came on the tumblr and I saw that everyone was desolate too. I found a post from you and entered your blog. You have been able to turn something negative into positive. And now I'm seeing the documentary again and just thinking about the things you said, with louis being there, or Harry doing it for Louis, or laughing ... Thanks.

Aw this is sweet! i am trying to lift the mood and talk a lot of shit for the lols because life is already pretty miserable for everyone out there, at least lets keep it fun in the fandom… or i might say IN THE FUNDOM 

(*nobody laughed*)

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I'm so mad about whats going on w Louis right now. What make me mad some more is when people say that he look fine in those pap pics. Like? Can't you see, he look so tired n dead inside like wtf. He doesn't make any effort to hold her hand. The only person who look fine is Elono. Well ofc She look so ugly in all these pap pics since her comeback, but thats what karma do. Just pls free him ady.

i don’t and won’t understand people who think everything is super cool between them. we’ve seen it time and time again and i’m baffled, to say the least.

Preference #16 He Talks About Your Sex Life To Another Boy



You told Liam you were hanging with some of your friends today. He told you he was having Zayn to play some game on his Xbox. You came back early since it started to rain.

“Liam!” you called through the house when you walked in.

You figured he couldn’t hear anything since you could practially hear the game they were playing from down stairs. You walked up the stairs and heard Liam laugh in the distance. You walked into what Liam called his mancave. You could only see the game they were playing and and the back of their heads.

“I’m not saying she’s not great in bed because she is, but she never wants to try anything new,” Liam complained. “Like Y/N knows how to get me off, but she never wants to change how she does it, you know.”

You felt your heart sink. Liam has never brought this up to you nor has he ever complained.

“Maybe you should tell her that,” Zayn suggested. He was right.

“How do you tell your girlfriend that she can do better in bed?”

“You tell her upfront and honestly,” you say more pissed than upset.

Both Zayn and Liam quickly turned around, “Y/N, I thought you were with your friends,”Liam quickly said.

“You should of said something, Liam,” you yelled before leaving the room.

“Wait, Y/N!” Liam said running after you. He caught you before you could make it down the stairs. “Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Liam, do you remember how long it took us to have sex in the first place?” you asked him. “I was basically a virgin because I had only been with one guy before you. I’m sorry I’m predictable, but I’m not as experienced as you and I don’t want to to sound or look stupid” you yelled.

“Y/N, I don’t care what you do or say, you always sound sexy to me. You can trust me.”

You sighed, “Okay but I’m still mad at you.”

“We can work it out in the bedroom,” he whispered.

“Go and play your game.”


You walked into the boys dressing room to hear the voice of your boyfriend and Louis talking about tonight’s show.

“Hey, princess,” Niall smiled, gesturing you to sit down next to him.

“Hey, princess,” Louis mocked looking at you.

“Don’t be jealous that someone loves me and not you,” Niall said before kissing your cheek and pulling to him. Niall was always good with PDA no matter who was there and you didn’t mind it either. “What’s up,” he asked.

“Lou wants you both in hair and make-up,” you told them both.

“Okay, just give us a minute,” Niall said before you walked out of the room.

“Okay I don’t bye Y/N’s innocent act,” you heard Louis say. You stopped and listened. “Is she the classic lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets?” Louis asked.

Niall wouldn’t answer that, right?

“Well yes and no,” he confirmed. Your eyes widened. “She isn’t crazy but she knows what she is doing. She is absolutly no lady in bed. Like between me and you, she is better than any porn I have ever seen,” he chuckled.

“Well I know you have a video some type of video from her.”

“Niall, don’t say it,” you whispered to yourself.

“Well she did send on one of her over a couple months ago and then there’s the one of us..she even record this one thing she only does of special days where-”

He was done, “Niall!” you yelled, pocking your head in your head. “I think you Lou really needs you, now,” you demanded pulling him with you. “Niall, you just don’t tell people about what we do or what I sent you. That’s a secret,” you said, punching his arm.

“Why are you ashamed?” Niall asked.

“I’m not ashamed I just don’t want your friends looking at me like some piece of meat,” you said.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” Niall said, hugging you. “I won’t get into detail about our sex life.”

“Good because that will be non-exist until my say so,” you decided.


“I think Lou needs you.”


You woke up with no arms around you. You slowly opened your eyes to see Zayn not the there by you. You slipped on your pants and shirt and walked down stairs. You heard talking but you only could really hear Zayn’s voice.

“I don’t know, it’s just different,” you heard Zayn say.

“Different in a good way or bad way?” you heard Liam ask.

“She is always in the mood. Always.” he chuckled. “Like I don’t mind, but it’s tiring. At first, I didn’t mind. But now, I would come home from the studio and she would want me and I would be tired. And I know she has needs and she’s my girlfriend, but its tiring.”

You began to feel bad. You didn’t realize you were being that needy. Zayn never said a word about it.

“Just tell her you’re not in the mood,” Liam suggested.

“I would but there were times in the past when she wasn’t in the mood and I could tell.”

“Then she can probably tell as well.”

It was true. Zayn would sometimes be able to get into it, but other times, it would take work. Now you really felt bad.

“Hey, guys,” you slightly smiled as you came around the corner. “Zayn can we talk really quick,” you asked, motioning him to you.

Liam chuckled before Zayn slowly got up. “Hey what do you need?” he asked.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I have been asking for you a lot lately.”

“Y/N, it’s okay-” he began.

You quickly cut him off, “If it was okay you wouldn’t be talking to one of your friends about it.”

He nodded. “Then lets make an agreement,” he proposed. “We will always be honest with each other even if we think the other won’t like it.”

You smiled and nodded, “Okay.”


Tour with Harry were fun. It was fun until he had to wake up at the crack of dawn for a morning interview. Usually you would stay asleep until it was a closer time for the interview to start, but today, you wanted to want it out with him. Harry still left earlier, but you were still going to meet him there.

You walked in on the boys’ rehearsal just as they were on a break. You saw and heard Niall and Harry laughing with each other.

“Okay she was loud but you, my friend, were louder,” Niall chuckled.

“Well when you’re with a girl like Y/N, it’s hard to keep your voice down,” Harry explained.

Last night, you and Harry did have sex, but you never realized how loud you both were. You even tried keeping it down because you knew Niall was next door, and you didn’t want to keep him and Harry up.

“I thought thirty minutes, tops, and you would go to bed, but it only got worse,” he laughed. “You two are like rabbits.”

“Well let me put it this way,” Harry began, “When you are lucky enough to find and love the girl of your dreams, mine is Y/N, enough will never be enough,” he chuckled, putting his hand on Niall’s shoulder. “Because she is just spectacular.”

“Oh, don’t worry. The whole entire floor knows.”

“When you find a girl that does what mine does in bed, I hope the whole entire knows and be proud.”

“Are you proud?” you asked, coming from backstage, hugging Harry from behind. 

He chuckled, “Of course,” he smiled, turning his head to quickly kiss you.

“Ew, okay well, we have to rehearse again, so lets go,” Niall said, shoving Harry s bit and walking away.

“Why must you talk about our sex life to your friends?” you asked, turning him around.

“Because now they know what they’re really missing out on.”


You tagged along with Louis to the studio today. You wanted to see how the new album was coming along. You sat in front of the control panel as both Louis and Harry talked in the booth. You couldn’t hear them from outside. You searched for the mute button to the booth and to your luck, you found it.

“and it’s not like we don’t do it, but she has been faking it, you know,” Louis commented.

You raised your eyebrow as you went onto your phone so they wouldn’t know you were listening.

“Maybe it’s your fault,” Harry chuckled.

“Maybe but I wait and wait and wait for her to finish but nothing,” he sighed. “I mean I don’t know what to do because I feel bad and every time I ask her if anything is wrong, she says no and brushes it off.”

You felt bad now. You were faking your orgasms and you felt bad about it. It wasn’t because of Louis; it was the things he wanted to try in bed. He loved it, but it wasn’t doing for you. Louis was enjoying himself, and you didn’t want to ruin the best sex of his life.

“Lou, if you don’t talk to her sooner or later, it’s only gonna get worse,” Harry suggested. “I mean maybe it’s not what you think or maybe it is,” he chuckled again.

Now you felt even more worse. You kept your head down and decided to send Louis a text to talk to you outside the booth. You knew this needed to be discussed.

“She actually wants to talk right now,” Louis said to Harry. He looked up at you through the glass and smiled before hopping of the stool and walking out the booth. “Yeah, babe, what’s up?”

“Louis I’m sorry, I have been faking it,” you blurted out. “It’s not you. Well I guess it is you, but only because you suggested you change it up in bed. You love it but I-I just do it. I can’t get the same feeling anymore, but I know you love it.” You felt relieved, but now he looked hurt like you just shoot his ego.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” he asked, soothing you by rubbing you arm.

“I thought I wasn’t feeling it the first time but it wasn’t the only time,” you whispered in shame.

“Hey, it’s okay. Come here,” he opened his arms for a hug.

“I can’t come through,” you chuckled at your own word play.

Louis laughed at your joke, “Well not on my watch anymore.”

Larry Quotes

[sorry if something wrong]

These are just a few quotes Larry, if you want to find out more, you can go on my other blog http://larryquotesuniverse.tumblr.com/

“Hi.” - Louis

“Oops!” - Harry

“My first real crush was… Louis Tomlinson.” - Harry

“Now kiss me, you fool.” - Harry

“Fan: Are you and Louis dating? [Harry nods] You are?
H: Yes. 
F: I figured.”

“Cause i can’t compete with my boyfriend.” - Louis changed lyrics

“We try not to disclose much about our relationship to the public.” - Louis

“Niall: What were you doing yesterday? [to Harry]
Louis: Trying to walk.”

"Liam: Harry, are you good with your hands?
Louis: really good.”

"Harry: Where do you want to sit?
Louis: Next to you.”

"Harry: Lou, can i give you a blow job?
Louis: I’d love it, if you just wait.”

"Define girlfriends.” - Louis

“You could be preoccupied, different dick every night.” - Harry chaged lyrics

“Cause you’vr got that big dick.” - Louis changed lyrics

“Cause i can love you more than Stan.” - Harry changed lyrics

“And i know, just what he’ll say…” - Harry changed lyrics 

“I’m in love with you, and all Lou little things.” - Harry changed lyrics

“I’m in love with you, and all his little things.” - Harry changed lyrics

“Jealous lovers undercover on the streets.” - Louis changed lyrics

“I once made this meal..chicken stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in parma ham with some mash potato. Not mashed potato out of the box. This is home made mash with gravy!” - Louis

“I: Even as young as you are? [Louis and Harry look at each other] 
Louis/Harry: Yes.”

"I met you in the toilet.” - Harry to Louis. 

“Since we started at the the x-factor house, me and Louis has always said that we wanted to move in together. It was pretty much of this, it just kind of happened.” - Harry

“I: Harry, you live with Louis, is that correct?
Harry: Yes. 
I: Would you rather be with one of these guys?
Harry: No.”

"And i’d marry you Harry.” - Louis

“Louis [making kissy sounds]
Harry: There’s a camera up there.”

"I can see that you’re wiping of my beard.” - Harry changed lyric

“I: Is there some kind of jealousy going with you and Eleanor?
Harry: Well, i don’t really want to talk about that to be honest.”

"I: Do you have girlfriends or boyfriends? I don’t know.
Harry: Boyfriend. 
Management: Take that bit out. 
Louis: Yeah, that’s going to have to come out now.”

"Harry: Between me and Louis, who is in front and who is behind?
Louis: I think we kind of share that really.”

"I: If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
Harry: I’d just see my friends and family. 
Louis: What else Harry?”

“Loving my bromance with Louis, he’s so sexy!” - Harry tweet

“#harrylouyear «< GENIUS! :) happy new year.” - Louis tweet

“I’m the same size as Harry Ha x.” - Louis tweet

“Louis have a good show tonight sweetums :D” - Harry tweet

“Harry have a good show tonight babycakes! :)” - Louis tweet

“Fan: Bad news Louis is breaking up with you :’( x
Harry: That better be a joke… Hahaha.”

"Harry: Louis im sitting on the sofa opposite you… You look sexy. 
Louis: Hahaha i am being slowly seduced by your curls. 
Harry: I know… That was my plan.”

"Miss you babycakes.” - Louis tweet

“I miss you too sweetcheeks ;)” - Harry tweet

“If Louis is happy with Eleanor, then so am i. But spare a thought for Harry, he’s probably got a broken heart.” - Harry retweet

“Always in my heart Harry. Your sincerely, Louis.”

“How this, Larry is the biggest load of bullshit. I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that.” - Louis tweet

“So kiss him againd, just to prove to me that you can…” - Harry tweet

“So come on baby be with me so… Happylouis. ” - Harry changed lyrics

“It is so wrong that Lou makes me strong.” - Harry changed lyrics

“I know you like dick [Louis laughs]” - Zayn

“You look lovely tonight Louis.” - Harry

“No Louis for you tonight.” - Louis

“My son returns to his husband tomorrow.” - Johannah tweet

“Harry: Higher and faster…you feel me? Louis: I feel you man.”

“Fan: Do you support Louis and Harry undeniable love for each other? Johannah: Forever! I love them both dearly.”

“Louis gabe me Boobs…” - Harry tweet

“A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs… A moments AAAHHH!!” - Harry tweet

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Hi I'm sorry if you've answered a similar ask but I've been away from Tumblr for a week now. All I'm seeing is something about a Louis video shoot? And him being able to talk about his projects or something? What is happening. Is he with another record label now? Is he finally free?

No… He’s with Sony (almost like 100% confirmed), but we don’t know what kind of deal he has with them, could be a distribution deal or a label deal… We don’t know yet. He’s indeed doing lots of stuff, we have a new song, new music video and new photoshoot coming (soon), and he was able to tweet about it and post a pic of the photoshoot so it looks like something is a bit better? But we’ll have to wait and see how things will go after he relases his solo work. If Sony/his team will treat him like an artist or if it’ll be more of the same bs (and if they’ll finally bloody end bg)


Interesting..One hour and a half later of DW article, Harry twitted that MB can borrow his dress.. the same day we could see a rainbow in his video. And after we saw all the pink and flowers, rainbow shoes, the rainbow pin at the same day of the RS magazine and un the other hand all the stuttering when he was asking about who felt him at Home and that question about Louis, ..So, why he stuttered? why all the relation with #28?. Did he have to say something else? ..For me is a NO.
The photos came 2 days after the stuttering thing, when the interviewers was paying attention what the fans were saying. Those photos with a convenient window down and a casual pap walking at. Maybe because the attention going in a different direction?, but now is the same.. we should be talking about SOTT mv.

If management confirm them or even him, I don’t see logic in all this, are we blind??Do they think we are blind?…
I’m exhausted rn.
We only have to wait and maybe expect all the things that we are used to.


"Sweet Secrets" Loucel smut


This is a smut fanfiction, it does contain gay sex and homosexual tendencies, !!!IT DOES CONTAIN HOMOPHOBIC AND STRONG LANGUAGE!!!
You have been warned.

This is an open/Marcel, closet/Louis fic.

Marcel sat in Earth Science, absently drawing giraffes in his notebook instead of taking notes. A few minutes pass and Louis walks in with a couple of his mates from football.

“Where’s your boyfriend, Marcy?” Louis calls, a snide tone in his voice, his mates from football snickering and high-fiving him.

“I don’t know, where’s yours?” Marcel responds, his quick wit getting the better of him.

Louis raised an eyebrow and scoffed, “Wow, great comeback, original.” He rolled his eyes at the geek and sat down at his usual spot, a few seats behind Marcel. Marcel just chuckled and went back to drawing in his notebook.

As the teacher began teaching, Louis tore a page from his notebook and crumpled it, tossing it at the back of the younger boys head. He hissed through his teeth,

“Oi, twat, I can’t see through your big head!” Louis yelled.

The class erupted in laughter at Marcel’s expense.

Marcel, not even turning around to face Louis, said “Funny, that’s what your dad was saying last night, but he wasn’t talking about the one upstairs.”, receiving “oohs” from the whole class.

Louis’ jaw dropped as his eyes zeroed in on Marcel before he stood and slammed his hands on the desk. “Outside. Now.” Louis said through gritted teeth. Marcel stood and strolled out of the room, a smile on his face. Louis followed him out and growled angrily as he paced the hallway. Marcel leans on the wall, waiting patiently.

“I hate you.” Louis spat. “Cock-sucking little faggot.”

Marcel shrugged, “You are what you hate.”, he retorted.

“Fuck off!” Louis screamed in anger.

“You wish.” Marcel said and scoffed.

Louis rolled his eyes and shoved the taller boy. “Kill yourself.”

Marcel clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “Now, that not very nice. That was actually rather rude.” He said, furrowing his brow.
“Anyway, I’m going back to class.” he said, turning on his heel and starting back to the class door.

Louis grabbed his book and slammed his locker shut. “Fucking faggots at this school!” Louis yelled after him.

“Stop insulting yourself, mate! It’s not good for the soul!” Marcel called back.

Louis clenched his teeth and ran after him, easily faster before shoving Marcel against the wall.

“Watch it, specs.” Louis said.

Marcel smiled “Watch it, pecs…”

“Ya know, I guarantee you this looks exactly how you don’t want it to.” Marcel continued.

“Oh, fuck you.” Louis rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Marcel said snidely.

Louis glared at him and clenched his jaw “Would I now?”

Marcel inched ever closer to him and whispered in his ear, “I very much think you would.”

Louis shoved the other boys chest, slamming again against the wall. “I think you’d prefer that much more than I.” Louis growled against the nerds ear.

“While that’s true,” Marcel said “don’t knock it before you try it.” He then walked back into class, and calmly sat in his seat. Louis staring at him in awe, his jaw dropped.

Louis angrily stormed back into the classroom. “What the fuck is that even supposed to mean?” Louis spluttered, licking his lip.

“Oh, I think you know.” Marcel said

“Tell me.” Louis said sternly

Marcel sat quietly.

“Oh, ignoring me now huh, Styles?” Louis scoffed at sat down beside him, “I can do this all day.” Louis said, prodding his temple roughly.

The teacher started to call out names of the partners she had assigned for the project they were doing.
“Marshall and Clarissa”
“Katie and Beth”
“Marcel and Louis”

Marcel smiled widely at that, knowing it would piss off Louis. Louis groaned “Miss, can I have a partner who’s less of a fag, please?”

The teacher looked at him and narrowed her eyes, “Louis, I strongly suggest you learn to respect your peers and learn acceptance of those that are different than you. I placed you with Marcel for that reason.” she said.

“This is bullshit!” Louis yelled and threw his hands up, “He’s gonna try and bum me!”

“Sorry, but doing that without your consent is rape, and last I checked, I’m no rapist.” Marcel said in a snide tone.

“Miss, he’s threatening to rape me!” Louis yelled dramatically, turning around to whine to his friends.“

The teacher again turned, “Louis, you’re with Marcel and that, is, final. Now, if you interrupt my class one, more, time, I will not hesitate to give you detention.”

Louis scowled, “Bitch” Louis muttered under his breath. He leaned back in his chair and turned to Marcel, “Okay, faggot, what did you mean when you said ‘Don’t knock it before you try it’?”

"It doesn’t matter.” Marcel said

“Tell me.” Louis growled

“My place or yours?” Marcel asked

“What are you even talking about!?” Louis yelled

“The studying, you blathering idiot!” Marcel yelled back

Louis smacked the back of Marcel’s head, Marcel’s fists clutching under the table. “God, I really want to choke you.” Louis said angrily

Marcel regained his composure and smiled, “Into auto-erotic asphyxiation, are we?”

“Fuck yourself, Styles.” Louis growled, growing impatient.

“Now, my place or yours?” Marcel asked again, becoming annoyed.

Louis put his hands over his face, “Your house.”

“Alright,” Marcel said “that wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

Louis glared at him.

~Marcel’s house~

“Gay bedroom.” Louis scoffed, knocking a pile of books off a desk and onto the floor. Marcel watched the papers fly and shrugged,

“Yeah, I guess so, being that I live here.” he said.

Louis rolled his eyes, “You’re an idiot and I hate you.” Louis spat, sitting down on the bed and opening his textbook, Marcel doing the same.

“What did you mean anyway? In class today.”
Louis asked, curious.

“Which part?” Marcel said

“Don’t knock it before you try it.” Louis said

“Don’t knock it before you try it…” Marcel smiled “you can’t say you don’t like something before you’ve tried it, so why not try me?” He smiled wider, still reading from his textbook.

“Fuck off, Marcel.” Louis said, crossing his legs. Marcel just chuckled.

“The only way you’re ever going to get this dick is if you take it out by force, now, I’m going to piss.” Louis got up and tugged on his skinny jeans.

“Alright.” Marcel said, taking notes from the chapter.

Louis looked down the hallway, “Erm, where’s your toilet?”

Marcel looked up at him “First door on the left.” he said, then looked back down at the book.

Louis walked into the bathroom, locking it before turning on the faucet and splashing water on his face. “Oh, Louis, what the fuck are you doing?” he thought. He took a towel from a rack and wiped off his face before hanging it back up and walking back to Marcel’s room.

“Have a good wank?” Marcel asked as soon as Louis walked back into the room.

“Shut the fuck up.” Louis retorted, his nostrils flaring.

Marcel just chuckled, having nothing else to say, and went back to taking notes. Louis could do nothing but stare at him, Marcel could feel his gaze burn through him.

“What?” Marcel asked, genuinely confused.

“Stop it.” Louis said through gritted teeth.

“Stop what?” Marcel asked, feeling wrongfully accused.

“Fucking stop!” Louis yelled

“Stop what?!” Marcel screamed

“I’m not fucking gay!” Louis yelled as he climbed atop Marcel’s lap and smashed his lips to Marcel’s desperately.


Sorry, did I forget to mention that this was only part one? Oops. Twenty-five notes/reblogs and I’ll start the next part.

Hm, just to be bold, let’s make it fifty. If it doesn’t get there, I’ll still post it.

so in 2012 I started a massive harry&louis folder on my laptop full of gifs, and I haven’t properly gone through it in aaaaages…. shall we reminisce on how completely embarrassing they were? I think we shall…

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There are actual accounts who are campaigning to boycott Harry. It's in their name and bio. It's a thing that's happening x

hi! well I was talking about what I witnessed last night during drama time, and as I said I didn’t see any attempt to organize a boycott happening, there were literally some anons in one blog saying they wouldn’t buy the album because they are annoyed at Sony, and while I don’t agree with that attitude, that’s their call you know? people are free to decide if they want or not to buy harry’s (or any other artists) album. I know there’s a lot of frustration and anger in the fandom right now, bc of louis’ situation, the uncertainty about the future of the band, etc…, and there’s a lot of negativity all around, i know that. but harry will be more than fine, I assure no one is going to boycott his solo debut. Also, I saw a post talking about that ‘harry styles boycott’ account, so i decide to go see for myself, and I think it’s just some people being ridiculous and trying to cause even more drama and fuel negativity and provoke harry’s fans, they claim to have 1k+ followers but where’s the proof? no one’s even reblogging their ridiculous post so joke’s on them.

what really bothered me about last night was seeing some ‘big blogs’ or whtver, blowing the situation out of proportion, and once they accomplished that, they started insulting people and telling them to ‘get the fuck out’, and guilt tripping people for not wanting to buy an artist’s album, there are so many reason why I think that’s wrong. bc people are free to choose how to spend their money and time. and listen i love and support harry and if you follow me, then you know that, but I know not everyone is going to like his music and want to support him for whatever reason (and this will happen with the other boys as it happens with every other artist out there), but there’s nothing I can do about that. The only thing I can do is keep supporting him and be happy for his success. but god those bloggers were being unnecessary rude.be nice. be good. remember? why not focus instead on the positive? harry just announce a world tour! his album is coming soon, and he is doing great and will continue to do so I’m sure! 

ahhh i hope this makes sense, i’m leaving a lot out an there’s a lot more I have to say but i’m literally just recovering after two days of being v ill and my head’s still a mess rip but feel free to message me any time!