i see what louis is talking about now

Listen. I see antis getting mad again and I feel like I need to speak up. Do you think we are doing this for fun?

I wish Louis and the other boys were having babies for real. Just not under these circumstances. If I had a reason to believe Louis is straight I wouldn’t be here talking about Larry. I’d be excited at the thought of Louis being a dad. I would be talking about what a lovely couple Louis and Danielle make. But that’s not the case. For anyone with a brain willing to look at facts it’s clear this stuff is shady.

Similar case for Liam. I would love to be excited at the thought of him being a dad. Yet I’m not.

Babygate 1 and 2 are literally what our worst nightmares are made off. We don’t make that shit up cause we like drama. There’s enough drama without 1D. The reason so many Larries have left is (mostly) not cause they stopped believing. It’s because it was too stressful for them. These events are causing people stress, they are making us worry.

I would love to be able to just believe everything that’s being fed to me and not be bothered. But I can’t. I have a functioning brain and I notice things are not what they look like. I can’t and won’t ignore that. Please stop being so mad at us. If you believe Freddie is Louis’ son, go ahead. If you believe Liam and Cheryl are happy, sure. I don’t mind you thinking that if you don’t harass me with it. Yet you are the ones yelling at us for having a different opinion. Can’t we just leave each other alone? Time will tell who is right and wrong.

i’m honestly….when will larries just give up? stop talking about louis’ shirt, stop trying to fit harry’s red eyes into your narrative, stop being shitty to danielle and briana, just stop. what is going on right now is bigger than you and is bigger than your ship, it is about louis and his family mourning.

i am honestly exhausted at this point. how could you read what dan said about johannah and still believe whatever theory about how freddie is fake? how could you see the ways danielle has supported louis and his family in the past few months and still believe that she’s a beard? it’s ridiculous.

please grow up and face reality.


for real now whether you’re a larrie or not you can’t deny that this is happening, there really are people who make these rainbows about larry. it’s not what rainbow direction wants to do and it’s not the majority of rainbows brought to the shows but it still is an issue and this is what liam was talking about! please stop pretending it doesn’t happen!!

1dedus replied to your post That girl said she showed the quote to 4 people…

You saying this just made it click in my head what Nicole meant when she said that about Niall and Louis. I was confused because she’s talked to them. But now it makes sense. Niall released this town without his album release date in mind. Louis the same with jho. But we will have an album when Harry comes out with a song. Heavy sigh at myself.

I do think it was probably a little poorly worded, but I definitely understood the context.  I can see how it would be open for misinterpretation, though. Much love!

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First of all God bless u for this blog xD your theories are all awesome and interesting, now, I know, I truly know that Louis can't be Vanitas, since Louis was a vampire, he has a mole near his mouth besides he died right in front of noē, but do u get any feeling that Louis I dunno somehow could be Vanitas ? If u think so, then what are your thoughts on it ? Like what happened to him and such things ? Thank you ^^


I really appreciate getting feedback of whether or not people like this blog it’s a bit shitty if you ask me

So, about Vanitas and Louis. I think it’s highly unlikely that they could be the same person.  On the other hand there are a few scenes which may or may not mean anything. You never know with Mochizuki.

Niall not knowing how to deal
  • Niall: ...Do you really think One Direction is breaking up after their one year break?
  • Liam: You are IN One Direction, Niall.
  • Niall: What if they forget about us? I don't even have 1/4 on Twitter:/
  • Harry: Easy Lou, can't you see he's going to have a tough year..*pats his back* Keep trying,I'm sure you'll get 1/4:)
  • Louis: Oh my god.

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I looked at lexii's photo comments with her and the girls with james arthur and some comments like larry is real, louis is using you all and us to promote this homophobic and a lot of things that have nothing to do with the girl and the girlband?? its amazing how they talk shit about everyone and to everyone. If louis is okay to be working with JA it means they are okay and no one is forcing louis

Larries are still trying to work out how much agency louis has to work with James Arthur because Steve is as well (if Steve didn’t promote James I suspect the call that Louis is being coerced would have come much sooner) so what we are seeing is what happens when larries who take their cues from big larries are forced to come to their own conclusions. Some will blame Louis now, some will call the DAC girls themselves abusive homophobes, it’s a crapshoot! Nothing in Louis’ life is real except for those blissful moments on Feb 1st when larries believe he was balls deep in Harry.

Imagine (when Louis was doing the winter gf stunt)
  • Louis: Haz..
  • Harry: You happy there?
  • Louis: Harry babe don't do this.
  • Harry: What am I doing, Louis?
  • Louis: This! This kind of treatment. I don't deserve this. I did this for you. Haz give me a break.
  • Harry: Oh! So now it's my fault? It's my fault you took the job from me? After what? 4 years?
  • Louis: I'm tired, Harry. Let's talk about this tomorrow. I've had a shit day. By-
  • Harry: Wait.
  • Harry: I'm sorry if I said anything rude. I just miss you so fucking much and seeing you that happy with her, it's like.. (mumbles)
  • Louis: What was that?
  • Harry: It's like I'm losing you and I don't want that! I got jealous and afraid and- You looked genuine, Louis
  • Louis: I had to act Harr-
  • Harry: And the fans, they liked you both together! They are losing faith- (breaks down) I'm so fucking scared and insecure Lou. I-
  • Louis: Oh harry baby (sniffles) don't cry love. I love you okay? And I will always love you. That's why I got the dagger and 28 right? Genuine or not, i love you. I love you. I love you. Don't ever think that way again. I love you, I'll be home soon.
  • Harry: Y-you sure?
  • Louis: Yes baby. You are my home and you will always be.
  • Lovelots,
  • Lou xx

nah what people don’t get is, louis might have received criticism in terms of his voice in the media, but he’s got A LOT of fans and support within the fandom, whereas liam is under appreciated outside and INSIDE the fandom. that’s the difference and that’s why i want for liam to have the recognition, because he’s constantly thrown under the bus, even by his own ‘fans’. 

chocolate coin problems: what is harry even talking about?

let’s see:

- “now kiss me you fool” video with louis?

- twitter fight situation, like “everything is not what it seems” and we don’t see everything going on bts?

- urban dictionary: chocolate coin means the act of inserting two fingers into your partners ass in a deliberate forward and backward motion, like pushing a coin into a slot machine?


gonna make myself unpopular but i am a bit baffled by that one part of the interview about the “four best friends for life”. like…he literally “dragged” louis on social media for everyone to see right after he left. his best friend of nearly five years? but now he’s like “i guess it’s a pride thing and i tried”…like? i mean we don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but i would hold a grudge as well? not because of pride, but because it hurts to hear that from someone that you thought was one of the most important friends you had? 

I see people talking about how they wish they would get new tattoos right now because they need proof of their relationship…the last “couple” tattoo one of them got that we know about was the dagger. Personally, I feel like the dagger was for US. It was Louis’ way of telling us “No matter what happens from here on, we’re alright.”

Neither of them could go out and get a matching tattoo at this point in time because it would basically out them. Too many people are talking about Harry and Louis now. The general public is at least aware that some fans think they’re together…if they were to get a new set of tattoos right now, people would see it. It doesn’t take much to tilt someone’s opinion one way or another.

Their tattoos and their relationship aren’t just a fandom thing anymore, and we need to stop treating them like they are. Things are going to be handled very differently from what we’re used to until they come out, and we need to realize that…and accept that they know what they’re doing and more than anything, trust Harry and Louis. They know their relationship better than any of us could, and I trust that they’re doing what they need to do.

anniepie73 wrote: 

 1. I love being a Larrie. I love celebrating cryptic messages from Bears and exulting over two people embracing on stage. I don’t understand how that could honestly offend anyone. 

2. Since finding this magnificent corner of the fandom I feel my eyes have been utterly blasted open to media manipulation and I feel absolutely enlightened regarding how I perceive what’s “fed” to me. 

3. I have three teenagers I’m raising. The discussions we’ve had about LGBTQ history and how to be a better ally, thanks to these Bears, have been outstanding. 

4. I am a primary care doc and I see lots of adolescents. I wear a rainbow bracelet now, for all my patients but my kids primarily. An unspoken form of communication. You can talk to me. This is a safe space for you. It works. 

5. Harry and Louis together is the REALEST of the reals. It makes me genuinely giddy to think about them. Find their story took my aging heart and cracked it wide open. I love them. Being here with other fans who love them too is just life affirming. I’m sad for a corner of the fandom that wants to tear any of that down. 

 anniepie73 wrote: 

 Please publish!I would love to share it. Newish to tumblr (since babygate) and learning the ropes. Honestly feel like I found a missing part of my soul right here online, on Tumblr, rooting for this beautiful love story. Wish I would have found it earlier, and met up with some of you at the two concerts I went to this summer! (You can publish this too!) 


Thank you so for sending me this! It put a smile on my face and a song in my heart. 🎶❤

Let's Take The World By Storm - written by  ifonly
By Organization for Transformative Works


Harry lifts his head off Louis’ chest to look at Louis’ face. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know, but our sex life feels a bit boring, ‘sall,” Louis says, completely avoiding eye contact.

“Boring.” Harry says flatly. He doesn’t say anything more, and Louis looks up to see that Harry seems to be mulling it over.

“Yeah, boring,“ Louis says, and keeps talking before Harry can pipe up. “I mean, think about it. We’ve been dating since X Factor, and now things are starting to drag a bit. We don’t even have the time for handjobs anymore, much less actual sex.”

Author - ifonly         Tumblr - @aatyo

One shot - 14,656 words

Rec’ed by @silentlarryshipper (Thanks, Tin!!! <3 <3 <3)

Review - 9 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!

Helllooooo smutty buffet of awesomeness!! Get yourself a plate and enjoy the bountiful offerings this fic has for you. WHEW!

Louis thinks he and Harry’s sex life has become a bit…. unadventurous. They’re just always so busy and tired and life gets in the way. Things change, though, after Louis spends some quality time on Ao3 and opens up to Harry about a few sexy things he’d like to try.

Oh that’s right folks, this is a kink exploration fic. HOLD ME BACK!! Okay actually don’t, let me dive right in and enjoy the buffet :P It’s really wonderful, and I loved all the different ideas they explore.

Give this a read when you’re looking for something smut-filled and absolutely delightful!

Why are we complaining about the fact the video isn’t Harry and Louis together (or that they’re so clearly separated) when we could be talking about how nice it is that One Direction is doing a movement to help people think about the world they’re living in and getting involved?

We don’t know why they split the boys up as they did, but we can’t assume at this point that everything is about forcible separation.

Deep breaths. I maintain things are good, especially if this is what we are freaking out, right after seeing the most professional ot4 talking video we’ve had in AGES.

I’m of the idea that this fandom needs to live situations day by day because all stunts follow the same pattern if you look at the big picture but times and situations can change a lot depending of who’s participating in them and how the fans react.

So, I feel safe to say that the big push we saw last week (I’m talking about Louis and Danielle) was intended to “make the situation clear” (as in: they’re dating) so now they have her flying in UK with her friends and Louis in UK too. This is a stunt in per se without anything more to add.

Fans are already assuming they’re going to be together and both if we see them or not, the speculation with run because of what they did last week.

So yeah, I aspect to see them together (probably partying) but I’ll be not even a bit surprised if they keep it “low” (they’re so private after all!!! Lmao).

Speculation works so good for 1DHQ, they have already done everything to set up a “they’re dating so of course they’re spending time together even if we don’t see them”.

And its great they set up everything before the actual holiday week when everyone is distracted celebrating with family and friends, because people distracted don’t have time to dig into situations (but last week they got all the teens home from school, with loads of free time, with nothing else to do than following Louis and Danielle crazy week and)

So, what I’m saying, this stunt will go on thanks to speculation and yeah, we’ll see them together, but I’m not expecting any other “haylor vibes”

I could be totally wrong, but I’m gonna keep my optimism.

Either way, January is a week away and I’m so fucking excited for spring to come.