i see tons of other ppl do it

Does nobody see the irony in automatically being suspicious of Jewish people for being ~connected to Israel~ (and therefore supposedly for the oppression of Palestinians… a lot of jumping there lol) as someone from the United States, arguably the most violent country in the world, both against populations elsewhere and to the indigenous populations here? Not that the ppl who do this don’t care about the actions of the US, but I mean, it’s not like you fucking ban the rainbow US flag at Chicago dyke march, you ban the rainbow Star of David. It’s anti Semitic. There’s no way around it. You see someone from a marginalized population and ascribe tons and tons of negativity to them without any other info than their identity, you’re a bigot.

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Hi. I’m a white girl that followed your blog for the sake of educating myself on racial issues and you have taught me a ton, so seriously, thanks. I just have one question: what, exactly, are radfems and why do you dislike them? Is there something inherently racist about their philosophy or are there other reasons? If you see this, thank you so much for a) existing, b) making this blog the way you did, and c) putting up with some of the ppl that send you asks.

Radfems are just hardcore feminist. Like Femen and stuff like that and more than often are transphobic. Like mostly all the times they are transphobic and sex worker exclusionary.  They are the “all men must die” type of people and i don’t get behind them.

Transphobia is inherently racist because it dismisses that many non-white cultures didn’t follow a eurocentic gender boundary and shames them for it.

radical white feminism as a whole is racist because it does not acknowledge the privilege white women have over moc and white women in general upholding white supremacy. It also does not acknowledge the fact that white women are oppressive. The radfem statement “kill all men” completely ignores the fact that white women have led genocides on various men of color.

Radical feminism also does not recognize muslim women’s right to cover themselves by choice and radical feminism demonizes Islam as a whole. 

these are just a few examples but i may add on to this later.

I guess I’d like to say that radical feminism was invented by white women who failed to recognize their privilege AS white women.

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First off I'd like to say your art is absolutely amazing and I love it! And second, as a still developing artist myself, I tend to get really picky with my work sometimes and then end up frustrated when it doesn't go well 😓 Do you have any tips on just relaxing when it comes to my work rather then stressing over every little detail?

it’s common to get frustrated, sadly every artist goes thru it and believe me if i wasn’t such a frustrated person there’d be 80% more content in this blog

i dont know how i can help you in particular, artists can get frustrated for very different things!! i can tell you what frustrates me and how i deal with it, yeah? i hope it helps any sort of way

  1. dont, absolutely dont stay hours without breaks on the same work. this is the number one way to get angry at what youve done. the longer you stay fixated on one thing, the more you realize the mistakes, and the less you progress because you just keep being held back to correct these mistakes. now, im not saying you shouldnt correct them, but sometimes its better to go around them; finish your picture! get through with it and see how everything looks. once its done? take a got damn break. play a game, read a book, a fic, go for a walk. when you come back, you’ll be refreshed, and you’ll see your mistakes in a different light and you’ll have regained motivation to fix them.
  2. correlated to the last point, dont make a fixation on details that you know aren’t your forte! if you just cant get it right, you wont get it right by pushing and pushing for hours. the longer you stay on one thing, the more your perception of it will twist and become subjective. just leave it. the only way to get better at it is most obviously to practice. and practice =/= perfection.
  3. noticing mistakes after you posted a pic? noticed something on art you did a week ago? don’t correct it. keep it. keep your mistakes. look at them and remember that its a thing youve done, and that now that youve noticed it, you wont do it again, you can correct it on your next piece. dont feel ashamed of what youve done, your brain will think “everyone will notice this mistake” but chances are just 1 out of 100 fools will because theyre more amazed by the whole picture than this little detail. and fuk people who make fun of your mistakes, cuz theyre unappreciative little jerks for the effort you’ve put into doing everything else and its just one detail thats wrong so what does it even matter
  4. DONT!!! DONT THROW YOUR OLD ART!!!! its a primary source of satisfaction. dont you ever feel proud when you put your old art side by side with your latest piece and jsut think “s/o to my brain for remodelling itself to allow me to get better at this”
  5. mostly when i feel like im having a bad art day, i just accept it. it happens to the best of us, its normal. what to do? leave it. if you really feel like after 10 doodles (cause you really need at least a few doodles here and there to check if youre really having a bad art day) youre just really not winging it, let loose and come back after a few hours. its ok to give up, i knnow a lot of posts out there say DONT GIVE UP!! which just makes people feel worse when they do, but look, its fine. youre not being timed. you have all the time to get better, so its fine to give up for a few because its just not sinking in.
  6. get inspired. and heres where it may vary for some people; some artists get motivated by looking at ‘better’ artists (i know a friend like that n it amazes me) and just whip up a pencil and get to it. some people on the contrary get dejected when they see ‘better’ artists, (and, listen, your ‘level of goodness’ is a fully subjective concept, even if in some technicality it can be objective, but dont just judge how good you are based on how you perceive other’s art), if you’re one of those people, then dont go looking around tumbler, watch movies. read books. you dont need to look at other drawings/paintings to get inspired, inspiration comes from anything. from real life too!! get inspired by things that dont concern drawing.
  7. people might look scornfully at this one, but its not a bad thing to do; theres other artists out there yeah? they make mistakes too. look out for them. notice them. no, dont go and tell them ‘you did this’ thats not what youre doing it for, most artist dont want to hear about it unless its from a trusted friend, youre doing it to prevent from doing it yourself. someone did this mistake before you did it, and you have it presented to yourself so you wont do it in your turn. i do get a lot of my energy from looking at others’ mistakes and actively working my way around those. and look, by posting your pictures that have mistakes, you may also actively help other artists who will notice that mistake and help them realize not to do it. im sure my art has TONS of mistakes and i hope when ppl see them its helpful in a way. does this look like a mean and selfish method to you? its fine, you dont gotta!
  8. lastly, the hardest thing to accept is critics and foreign point of views. when i show what i drew to my non-artist parents, they just say “nice” and yes, it feels like they dont fucking care. well, keep on showing it to other people, theres bound to be someone who will be head over heels, dont give up at the first opinion! the one that will gloat over your work is the one who will help you the most to continue. as for critics? yes, there will be those nagging people who will say “this looks odd” they may generally not mean bad, and even if they do, ignore it. its just this one dink who thinks theyre entitled to tell what is good or bad. but to those who dont mean bad, there might be a reason why they think something looks odd. well, look into it. look what your art gives off that they might think is weird, make a mistakes checklist, sometimes its not even the details but the composition, the overall picture. sometimes it doesnt quite fit. you may have drawn everything perfectly, but the composition is bad. yes, that happens! you can be excellent with anatomy but suck at making a good picture. remember to always cool your brain off that picture for a few hours and come back to it, a refreshed mind is sharper to mistakes and oddities.

hope this helped, boy, i wasnt expecting to write SO much. keep on rocking that art buddy

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do you know any funny shawn blogs?

hey thanks for asking! and yes omg i know tons of people but I have a bad memory so if i forget someone I’m sorry lmao: (in no particular order)

@marshmallowmendes (hella funny goes along w/ all my stupid jokes and can quote vines)

@thiccmendes (super fun to have a convo with and gets like everything. also we tag each other and laugh with each at funny stuff so gotta add her to this list)

@i-see-you-mendes (really fun to plan things with and we’re gonna end up having hot boyfriends bc of her humour so yes!!!)

@i-keep-craving-craving (she’s a bitch bc she doesn’t reply except she’s my mom so i can’t say that but she’s really relatable and super funny just check out her blog!!)

@backonherweakassbullshit-deacti (emily deactivated but she’s so fucking funny pray that she comes bk bc we need her in this fandom lmao)

@sippingchai (even tho her blog consists of sexual stuff she has really funny replies lmao check out her asks!!)

@sourshawn (she’s british and smart and super funny. always go to her for a laugh guys!)

@windsofanewbeggining (even doe she’s my hoe she’s funny and cute and not that old lmao)

@shawnfrickfrackingme (golden humour lmao!! we have the funniest convo’s about our future lol!!)

@shawn-bliss (oasiodaish she’s the cool mom and hella funny. she goes along with jokes and understands everything. she’s positive no matter what?? and i think she’s a robot bc no one like her can possibly exist)

@justadashoffangirling (omg she gets me on a level no one else would and she’s super smart!! she cracks jokes all the time and makes me laugh whenever I’m down!!)

@portuguesemendes (she’s hella funny but also smart for her age!! she’s always down for jokes and ily girl)

@clueless-roses (i just met her but she hasn’t left me for my odd humour yet lmao so that’s a plus!! she’s awesome guys message her for a laugh!!) 

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could u maybe link the homophobic thing the yuri on ice creator posted that u just made a post abt? :o

dont reblog this ——

tbh its from 2010 so it would be unfair of me to act like its a callout but she tweeted back then “I saw a gay couple holding their hands. Do it at the 2cho-me(the gay bar street)“

(please tell me if im sharing an inaccurate translation because of course that would change everything)

again, theres no way i could reasonably use this against her in 2017 but i have had a bad feeling about yoi’s incredibly BL-like depictions since the beginning and most of the other mlm i know feel the same way about it. so this wasnt surprising at all to see. tons of straight ppl who idealize fictional same-gender relationships in a world where homophobia doesnt exist, are intolerant of gay people in real life.

thats what ppl are talking about when they say homophobic representation looks different in the japanese media landscape than in the american one, and that we cant celebrate stuff like BL (including yoi) as “representation” the same way we would if it were coming from a different context. because there are “plenty of” gay characters in japanese media, its just that theyre mostly for straight consumption and/or they are sexually predatory.

so, not a callout, but simply one more little item on the long list of things that make me uncomfortable about yoi.


*eyes emoji*

i follow lots of korean hiphop fb pages and im sick of seeing comments hating on young b. he apologized for what he did and if its not enough for you all then thats your own problem. he obviously isnt a bad person anymore, or he wouldnt have all those other nice smtm friends. as for underage smoking and drinking…tons of kids in korea do the same… like check yourselves wyd

raelis1 replied to your post “I love your character meta! What’s your take on why Yuu idealizes…”

this is excellent meta that made me more sympathetic to yu. his hyper-focus on guren upsets and disturbs me so much, i find it hard to continue reading the manga. their dynamic as it currently is seems to be deeply unhealthy, and i can’t get over guren unapologetically using yu to fix the mistake that *guren* made. this whole relationship just gives me the creeps, and the worst thing is i’m not sure kagami intendsit to come across this way.

raelis1 replied to your post “I love your character meta! What’s your take on why Yuu idealizes…”

but this meta made me a bit more hopeful that the things that bother me so much might eventually be addressed. so thank you, op.

i totally understand. i really…don’t like how kagami has blatantly favored guren in the story currently and how he has all of his characters react to him. this goes for yuu especially, since yuu is supposed to be like a son figure to him and the way he’s chosen to use him to fix is own mistakes is upsetting. and to have yuu so blindly follow him causes even more issues in that dynamic in a way that makes it seem as though kagami wants us to think this is okay, guren is right, and mika is just overreacting to the whole situation (esp when the squad is so suddenly devoid of opinion on any of this?) like you said, i really have no idea what his intention is here, but i’m hoping yuu’s character shift is supposed to odd and dramatic, and it’s coming out of his own values twisting along with issues due to his trauma and possibly some other, as-of-yet-to-be-seen reveal on his true identity so we might have some resolution to it.

miley cyrus is definitely horrible and wildly offensive and a terrible person for 1 million reasons, but one thing about her i just find weird and just bizarre is how she acts like she’s really revolutionary for smoking weed?? like thats just…. so strange? i just saw this quote from her in a magazine where she was like “no one is gonna make me the face of a major beauty brand unless they want a weed smoking liberal freak, but i dont wanna be beautiful… i wanna save the world!” like…. wtf…. miley cyrus… u did not invent smoking weed? u didnt even invent being really public about smoking weed? tons of musicians have been doing that… forever…..? and not to mention the blatant privilege of that statement (like how poor & black ppl are WAY disproportionately arrested for marijuana related crimes compared to other groups.) like…. its just genuinely so strange and perplexing? do you think she really feels that way? like, do you think she sits in her mansion smoking weed and saying to herself: “god…. im so incredibly counterculture…. im opening my 3rd eye right now, and i see that i am meant to introduce the masses to the wonder that is… marijuana…. people arent gonna believe this stuff… ive got to be brave and spread this message, even if it makes me a liberal freak, because once the people hear about WEED…. im gonna save the world……..” I truly feel like thats literally how she thinks about things. i just cant wrap my head around it. its so embarrassing. like… weed culture has always been embarrassing, but she takes it to the next level. it makes me honestly wanna become like a puritan rn. like, weed is great, and im all for it, but why on earth do so many ppl think they invented it and they are so edgy for smoking weed. its honestly… not… a big deal…. calm down 

For some reason I picture...

Nathan Prescott

  • as a non-smoker
  • secretly reading poetry and enjoying literature in general
  • slightly on the asexual side
  • actually being great with kids
  • not really knowing what he wants to do in life / what profession to pick
  • with an eclectic taste in music (”Whatever sounds good.”)
  • knowing a ton of jokes (but he never ends up telling any because ppl don’t expect him to actually know any)
  • not picky when it comes to food but still not a huge eater
  • somewhat of a swimming fanatic, but he hates sharing the pool or even the boys dressing room with others, so nobody really sees him taking part in any sports activities at Blackwell
  • more of a cat person than a dog person
  • …whatthefuckever

SERIOUSLY GUYS! Are you really fighting over ships? Every day I think “oh, let’s see what’s new in the Eremika tag” and I’m bombarded with a shit ton of hate and ship wars everywhere. Please, pleeeease, THIS GOES TO ALL PEOPLE: EREMIKA, EREMIN, ERERI OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU SHIP, TBH I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT IT. JUST PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BE IN PEACE FOR ONE SINGLE DAY BC HONESTLY THIS IS GETTING SO ANNOYING IT HURTS. Ship what you want and let other ppl do the same. No one needs to share the same opinions as you, and you still need to respect them. I don’t care who started all of this, I only care about all the bullshit ending asap ;-; 


y'all I get…. so nervous posting my art because I know I am not good at drawing and sometimes I’m worse than other times and I know people are gonna look at it and be like “awwww so cute” but ik it don’t look that good. and it makes my anxiety sky-rocket like…. ppl still see it even when I post it in the middle of the night and cover it up with a ton of other posts and I Die

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oh OH i just remembered a funny story about destiel! Last year i started at the university of my city (in Norway fyi c;), and it's a tradition here to drink and make friends like theres no tomorrow the first week of starting uni, we have a whole organization for arranging it, no joke it's a real thing we do. Anyway i had a destiel bg pic, and was talking to a guy when i needed to check the time, and he saw the bg, (it's super fluffy so im like w/e if ppl see it) and asked me what it was of. 1/3

I told him i like spn and like theres 2 ppl there i think should be together, and he just said “oh yeah i know the show”, as you see he had served a year in the norwigan force in the intelligence sector, and it’s like ether they have TONS of shit to do, or nothing. The nothing time is spent binge watching netflix. And he and the other ppl in the force with him had binge-watched spn. 2/3

They had intense discussions of whether deancas where bros or bf’s, they concluded that yeah bf, so he was just so surprised that there were fanart of it, and i was like *sigh* dude

Basically my point is, guy’s in the fuckin norwigan army saw the possibility of destiel and thats a really hilarious casual watcher story. 3/3

That… brings a whole new meaning to ship war.