i see those cool cats everyday

ceci-l  asked:

hello yes i am one of the 98% who dont talk to you but you seem like a Cool Dude (tm) so- henlo my name is lee aka Depressed Teen #3 (tm) my favorite ship atm is riley and kala from sense8 my favorite icecream is mint chocolate chip and cotton candy i dont have a cat and it makes me sad everyday shhh your one of my fave mutuals what what

um I’m sorry but I am not a Cool Dude™ you are the Cool Dude™ in actuality! also, you have met your match with Anxious Teen #5™ who also has adhd. I literally just started sense8 today and I have to say 9/10 but only because I do not want to see those sex scenes and dicks (smol sex-repulsed ace is not a fan) but otherwise neTFLIX WHY WON’T YOU RENEW IT!!! BOI!!! riley is my Fave™ in that show because she is so pretty and has a pretty accent and fUcK she is adorable! I’m more of a plain vanilla ice cream person but that’s because culver’s has the BEST vanilla frozen custard and oml I would die to get some right now but culvers stops right around illinois so :///. I don’t have a cat either but I’m super allergic so rip me anyways and you’re also one of my fave mutuals what??? totally not a true,,, statement but haha ??? so quirky ???,,,?