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Alphonse Mucha (1860–1939, Czech)

Decorative prints: the tetraptychs

Mucha was an influential Czech painter and decorative artist of the turn of the century. His elegant depictions of females in neoclassical robes became an overnight sensation in Paris, where what was originally termed the “Mucha style” came to be known as Art Nouveau. Over the next few years he was highly sought-after for his skill in producing aesthetically beautiful advertising posters, and after finding how often these posters were stolen from walls, a considerable industry in printing reproductions for home display emerged.

His later career was primarily focused on oil painting, and most of the posters and designs that he is best-known for were produced in less than a decade, between 1895 and 1902, which must be one of the most intense periods of inspiration in artistic history. Alongside advertisements and other figurative prints for home display, Mucha was also what might nowadays be termed as a graphic designer: his compendium Documents décoratifs (1901) was a collection of drawings including figures, cutlery, typeface, jewellery, furniture and decorative panel designs that could spread his aesthetic ideas and serve as models for craftsmen and students of art and design. Mucha’s response to the positive reaction to his art at the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris indicates a viewpoint similar to William Morris’s Arts & Crafts Movement in England “I think [the Exposition Universelle] made some contribution toward bringing aesthetic values into arts and crafts” .

Many of Mucha’s best-known works are four-part series depicting women personifying themes of nature: the best known being his three series of the seasons. This gallery collects most of these works.

A note about reproductions: Mucha’s style was defined by its delicate utilisation of pastel colour. Over the years, with hundreds of reprints and iterative versions, the Mucha we see today is often a lot brighter and more saturated than it originally would have been. As such, take the colouration of online reproductions of Mucha’s work with criticism. The framing of the works, whether they include the titles or not, etc, have also varied considerably depending on the reprint, with some having extended decorative borders, and others with the borders entirely absent. More than any other artist, Mucha’s legacy is more of a template of poses and styles than finalised designs in his most popular works.

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Might I ask about the titles of the Spanish Monarchy then?

First you have the basics: el rey and el emperador which are “king” and “emperor”… a king controls el reino “kingdom” while emperador controls el imperio “empire”

The female equivalents are la reina “queen” and la emperatriz “empress”

You also have the title of soberano-a which is “sovereign” which is basically just a byword for a ruling party.

There are also two adjectives you see specifically with royalty… consorte and reinante 

Someone who is reinante is “regnant” meaning that they have the power of a ruler. You can see that as reina reinante “regnant queen” or something like that, meaning that the queen has ruling power.

This is in contrast to consorte which is “consort” meaning the spouse of the king or queen, or emperor or empress. A consorte is married to the monarch but would not have the ability to rule in the event of their death. It means that if you say there is a reina reinante or soberana reinante… that if she has a husband who has no claim to the throne, he is the rey consorte. In the event of the death of the queen, the throne would go to her heir and not the king consort.

The way you refer to kings/queens is Su Majestad but in older texts it would probably be Vuestra Majestad “Your Majesty”.

Next there would be el príncipe and la princesa which are “prince” and “princess” which are the children of a king or queen, or emperor or empress.

The príncipe heredero or princesa heredera would be “Crown Prince” or “Crown Princess”

The way you refer to princes/princesses is Su Alteza or Vuestra Alteza “Your Highness”

In Spanish society there’s also the infantes (infante or infanta) who are children of the king/queen that don’t inherit the throne; that’s their official title. It’s a bit unlike English society where the one who doesn’t inherit the throne is normally given a title of duke/duchess. They’re called infante or infanta for the rest of their life though it literally means “child” or “infant”

For the nobility, it is normally the case that they are addressed by their title or don or doña which in history is like “Sir” or “Lady”, usually given to people who hold land or property. The term doncella means “young lady” but it often gets translated as “maiden”… like you’d call Snow White una doncella though in terms of history, a doncella was a young woman not yet married who was of decent or above average lineage, and was assumed to be a virgin.

The most important of these is el duque and la duquesa which are “duke” and “duchess”, and they control el ducado “duchy”.

With duque and duquesa you sometimes see the terms Gran Duque or Gran Duquesa “Grand Duke” or “Grand Duchess”… This is more common in England (I believe).

But for the most part in England, a prince/princess who isn’t the Crown Prince/Princess is often given a title of duque or duquesa 

Dukes can inherit the title or be given it though they’re usually very very close to the ruler. 

The way to address a duke or duchess is very often Su/Vuestra Excelencia or in some contexts you see Excelentísimo/a Señor(a)

Next in line of importance is el marqués and la marquesa “marquis” and “marchioness”. Sometimes called “margrave”. They receive the title of Ilustrísimo/a Señor(a) or Su/Vuestra Ilustrísima

The marquis/marchioness is probably more important than a duke/duchess in terms of military importance, because el marquesado “marquisate” is always on the border. A marquis/marchioness have such importance because their lands are usually the buffer zones between two countries or two important areas, so they deal with border patrol and are often near the front lines of an invasion or defense.

Next you would have el conde and la condesa which are “count” or “earl”, and “countess”. They also receive Su/Vuestra Ilustrísima and control el condado “county”

The role of a count/countess is to oversee the other lesser feudal lords and take care of the land for administration, farming, taxes, development etc, all of which benefits the royalty or higher nobility.

Below them are vizconde and vizcondesa “viscount” and “viscountess”, who also get Su/Vuestra Ilustrísima

And below them are el barón and la baronesa “baron” and “baroness” who control la baronía who also get Su/Vuestra Ilustrísima. The general role of a baron or baroness is to provide lodging for the royal army when they are on the march through their lands, and they oversee the lesser feudal lords.

The lesser feudal lords are the ones who are most involved in the day to day agricultural aspects of medieval or feudal life, making sure that the barons have supplies for the royal army. Most are given the term of Su/Vuestra Señoría which is “Your Lordship” or “Your Ladyship”

This is where you get the titles of Señor and Señora which is “Lord” or “Lady” in this context, but is how you address a gentleman or gentlewoman. They’re not royal, but they are considered to be of noble blood, to a lesser extent. It makes them socially better than the unwashed masses, but they don’t have the same sway as a duke or even a count or baron.

It’s also why you use this as the default title for people you don’t know, “mister / mr”, “mrs”, and for younger women typically unmarried it’s señorita “miss”. They’re “senior” enough that they hold some sway, but they work as masters of the fields or towns or a particular district.

Land controlled or awarded by a lord was called el feudo “fief”, though el feudo is sometimes used as “hold” or “keep” as in a military installation, though el feudo in this case is usually a kind of walled city not a straight up military barracks, like there might be farms or markets in a feudo not just soldiers.

The lords and ladies take control of the daily activities of the fiefs, which in turn supply the barony. Their profits and taxes aid the county, which in turn fund the king/queen and the dukedom, and also send aid to the marquisate when needed.

Some people have their own grandezas which influences what you call them. A good example might be a judge, who is addressed as Su/Vuestra Señoría “Your Honor” which means that in modern society a judge is not technically nobility but it’s considered a kind of special title.

Those lower on the social totem pole are addressed with and those higher are addressed today with usted but in a historical Spanish environment it would be with vos which is conjugated like vosotros; the default title when you don’t know someone’s title is Vuestra Merced “Your Worship”, which is what eventually became Usted.

Modern Spanish would use su and Usted… Older Spanish would use vuestro/a and vos and vosotros

In Spanish society you also deal with los hidalgos. A hidalgo or hidalga was literally “son/daughter of someone/something”. The hidalgos were normally the children of lords, and that meant that they acquired the title and the status of nobility.

In practice, hidalgo tends to refer to the 2nd or 3rd son of a lord. Spanish operated under primogeniture, meaning that the eldest son inherited the majority of the estate of the parents. The eldest son was the wealthy one, while the 2nd and 3rd often were just a small step above the commoners. Some were decently wealthy but not really, enough to have their own houses. Some of the hidalgos were poorer than slaves.

The difference is that the hidalgos had noble blood, so they saw themselves (and were seen by society) as socially superior, even though any commoner might be more wealthy and have more food than a hidalgo.

The other key difference is that nobility and hidalgos could not be tortured if they were investigated by the police and Inquisition. 

2nd and 3rd children of lords often joined the military or the clergy.

Spanish society terms are full of these kinds of terms that imply a status when you hear them. The most basic is la nobleza “nobility” where being “noble” meant noble as in birth and character. There’s a lot of stories of “nobles” who were only noble in terms of birth, and that was a really popular source of irony.

For example, noblemen and noblewomen were known as los caballeros and las damas. The term caballero is both “gentleman” and “knight”, but it’s literally “horseman”, or “rider” because it implies the person was wealthy or important enough to have a stables and take care of a horse.

The term dama “lady” or “dame” is one that’s used very broadly but it typically refers to an upstanding woman who is linajuda “with lineage/pedigree”. Even today you hear things like ella es todo una dama “she’s a proper lady”. The diminutive is damisela “damsel” which is a younger lady.

Younger people who were not nobility were usually referred to as el mozo or la moza. I think today you might hear that as the term of a server or someone who cleans rooms in some countries? And I think the term el zagal or la zagala was used as well, though it often referred to “shepherds” or rustic people.

Spanish society had a big obsession with being linajudo/a and particularly with being as Spanish as possible, Catholic and Spaniard, or at the very least not Jewish or another ethnicity that was not as tolerated like the Roma (in historical terms it would be gitano/a or “gypsy”)

The pureza de sangre “blood purity” was very important to Spanish society and it’s why nobles were eventually called sangre azul “blue blood”.

But keep in mind that a lot of these deal more with a European way of life, and that when the Spaniards came in contact with the native cultures they would use their titles as approximations.

The ones that don’t really carry over are religious titles. Catholic clergy have their own titles like el cura / sacerdote “priest” or el obispo “bishop”, and most of these carry over into other denominations of Christianity, but when dealing with pagan religions the terms were more el sacerdote “priest” or la sacerdotisa “priestess” or something like el sumo sacerdote “high priest” and la suma sacerdotisa “high priestess” which came from Greek and Roman culture… so still borrowed or approximated titles that don’t always fit.

[I’m sure I probably messed up some info here and there or oversimplified some things so if anyone wants to correct/amend anything I’ve said please let me know]


Hello, it’s me (sorry i had to) and i’m finally updating my ficrec (yay!) there’s ~40 fics on here, so if you happen to be bored give them a go!

As always my favorites are bolded, read the tags before you proceed to read a fic and leave lovely comments on the works if you can! Enjoy!

Here we go:

  • So are you saying yes? by itsmylifekay [8k+ | NR]
    Basically, Zayn works at London’s version of Say Yes to the Dress and has a bit of a celebrity crush. Liam is one of the best runners in the world but can’t seem to escape his attraction to a boy he saw on TV. Louis of course has to meddle and Harry is along for the ride. Liam’s sisters are just trying to help. 
  • The Way You Do by zenamored [2.2k+ | General]
    They don’t define it, not really. At least in terms understandable to everyone else. Right now, it’s them. It’s enough.
    (Alternatively, the one where Liam finds himself at Zayn’s house more often than not and nobody is complaining.)
  • Christmas Without You by ZaynedDown [3.2k+ | Teen]
    “They want me to do a Christmas special and perform.”
    “Liam, tell them no. Christmas is our holiday!”
    “I know that, love. They’re not giving me a choice here, but we’re still spending Christmas together. Nobody will ever take Christmas away from us.”
  • I’ll See You (in Gold and Blue) by Anonymous [50.5k | Explicit]
    Liam is a keeper for the Tutshill Tornadoes, a Hogwarts dropout, and, at seventeen, the youngest professional Quidditch player in England. Zayn is a seventh year Ravenclaw, most likely the next Newt Scamander, and maybe the only boy in the entire wizarding world who doesn’t keep up with Quidditch. It takes a dragon, three near death experiences, and most of the Daily Prophet’s gossip column journalists for them to figure it out but somehow, they get there in the end. Featuring Louis as Liam’s scheming teammate, Harry as a media intern who just wants an exclusive (and a boyfriend), and Niall as the world’s biggest Tutshill Tornado fan and Hogwarts’ biggest ladies’ man. 
  • The course of true love never did run smooth by Anonymous [24.5k | Mature]
    He lets them talk to look around the room while eating his roasted chicken and to his own despair, he meets Liam’s eyes across the room from where he sits with Niall and their friend Sophia. She talks to Liam but it looks like he is not listening, he is looking straight at Zayn and even in the distance, he can see the coldness in those brown eyes. Zayn lowers his eyes then and concentrates on his food, his chicken being a lot less judgmental than Liam fucking Payne and it hurts a lot less to concentrate on his food than to stare into those eyes. Welcome to seventh year Zayn, nothing really changed and he still hates you just as much.
    Or the one where Zayn and Liam are in Hogwarts and kind of hate each other.
  • Elevator to the Moon by hit_it_with_a_shoe [7.7k | NR]
    A few hours of the early morning in which things are barely said.
    Liam comes to visit Zayn’s hotel room. They order room service, have a smoke, and nothing really changes.
    Zayn feels like he’s falling apart inside of his own skull.
  • watch you on the red horizon by jmcats [35k+ | Explicit]
    Liam feels so warm, so overwhelmed. He sinks down into the sofa, pushing a content smile across his knuckles. He feels so honestly grateful for Zayn, just for a moment.The feeling will pass (he hopes) and it’ll lose its momentum like everything else in his life.
    (alternatively: Liam is a struggling writer and a single father who keeps getting stuck in his writing. Zayn is a line cook trying to make something of himself. They’re neighbors. And they definitely don’t act like they’re married. At all.)
  • Brighter Than The Summer Sun by Boyfriendsziam & zipplekink [10.4k+ | Explicit]
    Zayn has always liked going to the local park with his dogs and his homework, or his sketchpad. But he has liked it more lately, though he has been distracted from his work, because he can’t keep his eyes away from Liam, a volunteer for the youth summer camp, as he runs around and plays with the campers.

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Big Fan. I always wnjoy seeing other writers at work. I saw that you were doing prompts, and I tried to figure out a tricky one. So... Prompt: Haunted House Happenings.

(Thank you so much! I’m glad you are enjoying my stuff! And this was a tricky prompt, mostly because I had two or three ideas for where I could take it. I ended up going a little overboard with it!)

“Look, gang,  the old Henderson mansion! Often said to be the most haunted building in all of New England!” Smiled Alison as she looked over the gothic frontage that stood before her, towering into the night.

“Don’t ever call us gang again,” huffed Clara as she took a few photos. “We are not the Scooby-Doo team.”

“But I bought an ascot and everything!” Whined Alison.

“Tough, we are not them and anyhow, you don’t have the dumb charm to be Freddy, you are more Daphnie.” Replied Clara as she put her camera away and opened the old rusty gate, the creaking noise causing some bats to fly out of a nearby tree.

“Daphnie?!” Shouted Alison incredulously. “Says you, Velma!”

“So, we are going to keep the cameras running constantly, we need the B-roll and this place is going to look a mess regardless of how we try and frame the shots,” explained Clara to the two camera girls before turning to respond to Alison. “I know I’m the fan favorite, thank you.” She said with a smirk before heading off up the drive.

Alison huffed and followed the others up the drive, something felt off to her, like an electricity in the air that wrapped around her body. She brushed it off quite quickly, it was just nerves. Soon she joined the team on the porch of the house.

“The door is unlocked,” explained Clara, twisting the handle to prove it. “I think we should do a scene of you knocking, might be good comic relief.” She said as Alison moved closer to the door. Alison twisted her body a bit, trying to line herself up perfectly with the camera, she did want them to get her best side after all.

“Hello, Ghost Hunters! May we come in?” Sung Alison as she hammered on the heavy wooden door. However, as she finished the door swung open and Alison fell in, landing on the floor with a heavy thud.

The camera girls screamed, only for Clara to roll her eyes. “Calm down you two!” She lectured, “it is fine, I obviously knocked it off the latch when I fiddled with the handle.” She said before going to help Alison up. Alison coughed a little and tried to brush the dust off her outfit.

“Yeah, it’s fine, I’m just clumsy, you know these old houses, the wood warps in the summer and then none of the doors close right.” She said as she nodded at the two camera girls. “Really? That had you two shaking?” She sighed as she watched them tremble. “Come on, you’re not a load of wimps like those Legendary Truth guys, are you?”

The girls shook their heads and slowly made their way into the house, still visibly trembling. Alison and Clara started to quickly move deep into the bowels of the building.

“So, what is the story of this place?” Asked Clara in her best TV voice.

“Well it is quite the tale,” smiled Alison into the camera. “This house seems to drive all its owners mad. There was the bride who took each of her husbands’ heads with a hatchet,” She explained. “And then there was Dr. Verninstien.”

“Well, that is a name that suggests impending doom,” smiled Clara, winking into the camera.

“She was a pretty normal neurologist before she went full mad scientist, locked herself in the attic and tried to weaponize the paranormal,” continued Alison. “Of course, she vanished after a few years, most people presume she had a lab accident.”

Suddenly a large bang echoed through the room. The camera girls screamed, one dropping their camera to the floor. Alison and Clara looked around.

“Upstairs,” said Clara calmly before she spotted the camera on the floor. “What the hell?!” She shouted. “If we lost footage due to you two jumping then I’m going to be taking it out of your pay!” She said, picking the camera up and shoving it back into the camera girl’s hand.

Alison started to walk up the creaking stairs, her heart pounding in her chest as she looked around, trying to find the source of the noise. As she reached the top of the stairs she found an open door and wandered inside. “There is an open door up here,” she shouted down. “Likely a breeze knocked something over,” she continued, not looking as she walked deeper into the dark room.

Suddenly the room illuminated with a bright, yet eerie white light. Before Alison was a short woman, she wore a long tattered lab coat that dragged along the floor. Her black hair was messy and unbrushed and around her eyes were deep black circles.

“Who are you?!” Shouted Alison, backing off a few steps before she hit something, the cold metal on her back making her shudder.

“Doctor Ira Verninstien,” said the woman, her voice sounding like a radio slowly fading in and out of static. Alison’s eyes went wide, her heart was now trying to escape from her chest.

“But, but, you vanished, years ago!” She shouted and stuttered, only now realizing that the room was full of strange devices. “You’re dead!”

“Dead?” Laughed the Doctor as she came near. “My dear, I’ve never felt better.” The closer she came the more terrified Alison became, her legs refusing to move, refusing to run despite all of her mind’s screams to the contrary.

The Doctor moved closer and closer until she was so close Alison, close enough that Alison should have been able to feel her breath, but there was none. Alison stared up, her eyes pricking with tears, she wanted to cry out and run, but she couldn’t.

Suddenly the Doctor let something fall from her hand, an object that swung gently from the Doctor’s finger, an object that let out a strange glow. The glow cut through Alison’s terror, it seemed oddly calming. She looked at it and found that the more she looked the more beautiful the light became, the more fixated on it she was. She hardly heard the Doctor speaking anymore.

The Doctor let the object sway and smiled. “I’ve never been more alive, I’ve found what I needed and now I just need some company, someone to protect my lab from those who wish to snoop,” she cackled, watching as Alison’s eyes glazed over watching the swaying object. “And this device will allow me to do it, it seems those silly mesmerists were right, they just didn’t go far enough,” she said gravely.

Suddenly Alison felt a sharp stabbing pain in her mind, she let out a scream and collapsed to the floor, limp.

“Alison, Alison?” Shouted Clara. Alison blinked heavily as the world came back into focus. Clara was above her, shaking her by her shoulders. The two camera girls were behind her, looking terrified.

“What. What happened?” Moaned Alison, holding her head.

“You ran up here on your own and hit your head,” explained Clara, pointing to a roof beam that lay next to her. “Knocked yourself right out.”

“I can feel it,” nodded Alison, pulling herself up to her feet, swaying slightly as she did. “So, where were we?”

“Whoa, whoa. No, we’re going and getting you to a hospital.” Replied Clara firmly. “You could have a concussion, it’s fine, we’ll come back another day.”

“I’m fine.” Replied Alison, an unusual firmness in her voice. “Let’s get this done, the hospital can wait a bit.”

“But,” started one of the camera girls only to be cut off.

“I said I’m fine! If you two had been following me like you should have been maybe I wouldn’t have hit my head, so just point the cameras and let’s get this done!” Snapped Alison, causing the two camera girls to jump back in shock.

“Right, okay, look let’s get this attic filmed,” said Clara, getting between the camera girls and Alison and trying to diffuse the situation as best she could. Alison took a deep breath and nodded trying to push aside the deep throbbing in her brain.

“This room looks untouched,” muttered one of the camera girls. Clara nodded.

“Yeah, I guess it is further than most venture, looks like there could be a lot of cool finds in her, lets search around, could be some fun objects to film,” she said as she started to walk around and inspect various drawers.

Alison did the same, going around the room, pulling open anything that wasn’t nailed shut in an attempt to find something interesting. However, everything seemed dull to her, nothing had that “it” factor that made her want to devote filming time to it. Then she came to a wardrobe and opened it gently.

Inside was a tattered lab coat. Alison was hit by a wave of almost childlike excitement, she couldn’t contain it. She grabbed the coat and slipped it on. It felt right, it felt perfect. Then she saw a slim beam of light at the back of the wardrobe. She pushed firmly and a secret door opened, revealing a lab, just like the one she had seen when she was out cold.

The throbbing in her head was gone, Alison stepped inside and smiled to herself, this was perfect. But not for filming. Perfect for something more. “Hey, guys come into the wardrobe, check this out!”

Clara turned and looked at the two camera girls. “Well, looks like we have something to film, come on.” She said, gesturing them to follow her. The girls lagged behind, keen to keep as much distance between them and Alison as possible.

As Clara went through the hole in the back of the wardrobe she let out a large scream. The girls ran in and saw a horrific sight before them. Alison stood in the center of the room, clad in a filthy old lab coat, her eyes totally glazed over. Coming out of her body were thin strands of light leading up to a ghostly figure that floated above the girl.

“Whats wrong guys? Isn’t this cool?” Said Alison. Or at least, her mouth moved and words came out of it, her voice sounded off, the strands of light making her look like nothing more than a puppet of this weird entity.

“Let go of her!” Shouted Clara, moving forward to try and grab Alison. But Alison just moved back and avoided Clara’s futile attempts to grab her.

In unison the entity and Alison laughed, their voices sounding horribly dissonant as they rang out in unison. “Oh come on, don’t you want to discover the paranormal? Don’t you want to find out its true power?”

The camera girls looked at each other and then turned and tried to run, but the door slammed shut. “Now now, no escaping, we need to do some research first!” laughed Alison. Clara grabbed onto Alison and tried to pull the strings out, only to find that her hands went straight through them.

Alison looked at Clara with a sick smile, wrapping her hands around the girl’s throat and squeezing. Clara tried to fight and tried to struggle, but Alison was much stronger than she had ever imagined. Clara felt the world fading around her as her air ran out. She swung wildly at Alison and hit her square in the jaw, but Alison didn’t flinch, with one tight squeeze Clara fell into the darkness.

Clara twitched awake, coughing as she did. She tried to move but found that she could not. She looked down and realized she was strapped into a machine. In front of her was a strange disc and she could see wires running above her, connecting to something she could feel on her head.

“Awake, wonderful, would hate for you to miss the party,” said Alison as she moved in front of Clara. Clara spat, she knew this wasn’t really Alison, even if she couldn’t see that weird entity anymore.

“Fight this Alison, I know you’re in there!” Shouted Clara, pleading with her friend.

“Oh what? You think the power of love is going to snap me out of this?” Laughed Alison. “No, the Doctor has shown me the true nature of the universe, and you are going to join me by hook or by crook.”

“No! I won’t!” Shouted Alison, trying to formulate an argument, but before she could Alison threw a switch and the disc in front of her started to spin. Clara stared at it, the colors blending into one changing and spiraling mass.

“Are you trying to, hypnotize me?” Asked Clara, unsure how to react. She found herself giggling a little, unsure how to process this information. Alison just smirked as a bolt of electricity coursed through Clara, causing her to scream and spasm.

Clara’s mind swam, the pain was immense, but the colors, something about them kept her focused like they were dulling the pain like they were doing something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Every time she got close to working it out another shock ran through her body, shaking her brain up, breaking her thoughts. Time stretched as Clara stared into the disc, her thoughts becoming easier to rebuild, she felt sure of them. Despite the pain of the shocks, Clara found herself feeling happier, her brain felt like it had been decluttered, all of the junk that was weighing her down had been removed. After a while, even the shocks started to feel good, as long as Clara had the colors everything in the world was just perfect.

A snap. Clara blinked and looked around the disc was static once more.  She turned her head and saw two women stood next to her. “Alison! Doctor Verninstien!” She smiled, her eyes crossing as she did. The girls looked at her expectantly as Clara realized she could move. Clara climbed out of the machine, knowing exactly what she had to do. She knelt before the two women and smiled up at them. “How may I serve you?” She asked calmly.

“So my plan is we go down and do the whole thing on handheld cameras.” Smiled the girl as she talked to the other people around the table. “Give it that gritty found footage feel, something me and Sam are really great at doing.” She explained as she pointed to the girl on the other side of the table.

“Right,” replied a redhead, flicking through the proposal in front of her. “But isn’t that place haunted?”

“Just a local urban legend,” reassured the girl. “We can use it in the marketing, maybe fake some paranormal events to upload online for a bit of viral buzz,” she explained.

“But it is totally safe?” Asked the redhead.

“Oh yeah, totally safe, you have my word for it,” grinned the girl, looking up and catching a glimpse of her reflection in a mirror. She smiled wider as she saw the thin string of light run from her forehead to the figure of Doctor Verninstien that floated gently behind her.

i wanted to make a post about why  i love the soviet film series  about sherlock holmes and why you should watch it since the new year, but i’m lazy and bad at writing (but here it is anyway)

i have too many feelings for it, i literally want to scream every time i hear the opening theme
i’m not sure of how popular this adaptation already is? i don’t see it mentioned very often but maybe i just haven’t been looking for it
this series is so popular in russia that when people hear “sherlock holmes” they think not “conan doyle, 19th century england” but “livanov, solomin, lenfilm” (and possibly start humming the opening tune)
i find the whole thing quite amusing
for most russians livanov is, like, the one and only true sherlock holmes, and i don’t think they’re even aware that he was portrayed by tons of other actors before and since (although cumberbatch is also very popular, of course, he’s everywhere)
i’ve rarely been a really devoted fan of someone or something, but i absolutely adored this series as a child and at the time i was nine or ten i was most obsessed with sherlock holmes. why, i swallowed all the books about him although i positively hated reading. so yeah, there’s a huge nostalgic factor contrubuting to my excitement
guess i’ll just list some things about it (???)

- the atmosphere is very warm and cosy, very easy to fall in love with
there is adventure, there is thrill, but in the end everything goes back to its essential homeliness

i think the cordiality of this series is precisely the reason why most russians tend to perceive other adaptations as cold and bleak, and almost always dislike them strongly
- it’s full of light good-hearted humour; some scenes and characters are made humorous even if they aren’t supposed to cause much laugh

conan doyle wrote somewhere that lestrade looked like a weasel and i think they found a perfect match
he’s just ludicrous

as it was made in the soviet union, everyone is very decent and no controversial subjects are mentioned, no drugs, not much talk about holmes’ personal life, no watson dancing merrily with the ballerinas, but it goes pretty well anyway
some lines from “the hound of the Baskervilles” have actually become popular catchphrases, like “porridge, sir” (when sir henry asks barrymore what this weird thing on his plate is)
- the soundtrack is beautiful and expressive even by itself, and it really enhances the mood and the atmosphere of the series. the opening theme is very catchy and will probably get stuck playing in your head for a couple of days

- the best dr watson, in my opinion

just look at his face when he hears sherlock’s voice outside the cave

- men displaying affection and tenderness towards each other
it’s just nice.

i believe you can find some sweet gifsets here on tumblr

- i have no idea if the settings are accurate (it seems like in soviet union all the scenes that were supposed to take place somewhere in europe were shot in latvia or someplace similar so i guess it looks quite different from england), but they are definitely beautiful, i especially love the landscapes in “the hound of the baskervilles”

i haven’t found “the bloody inscription” but here are the links to the rest of the episodes (god i hope they work )

“acquaintance” pt1

“acquaintance” pt2

“the king of blackmailers” pt1

“the king of blackmailers” pt2

 “the mortal fight” pt1

“the mortal fight” pt2

“the hunt for the tiger” pt1

“the hunt for the tiger” pt2

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep1 pt1

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep1 pt2 

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep2 pt1

“the hound of the baskervilles” ep2 pt2

“the treasures of agra” pt1

“the treasures of agra” pt2

“the twentieth century approaches” pt1

“the twentieth century approaches” pt2

“the twentieth century approaches” pt3 

please watch it (qq)

i’ll be really glad if someone likes it as much as i do

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what kind of drivers do you think the 2p would be?


2P!America: the attention-grabber (probably a fan of Pimp My Ride and has like flames down the side of his car or floor lights or some shit)

2P!China: the smoker (driving behind him means you’ll see windows lowered often to drop ashes)

2P!England: the kind driver (always sympathizes w/drivers trying to maneuver through difficult spots “Oh that poor soul I shall just let him pass me.~”)

2P!France: the asshole driver (he doesn’t mean to forget turn signals or cut you off… or does he? depends on if he’s having a bad day or not.)

2P!Russia: the cautious driver (the most law-abiding driver you’ll ever meet)

2P!Italy: the road rager (“DID THIS BITCH JUST CUT ME OFF??? OH HELL NO–”)


2P!Japan: the perfectionist (“everyone else on the road is an idiot.”)

2P!Canada: the multi-tasker (always tries to text at red lights or look through piles of CDs and should really stop before he hurts someone)

2P!Romano: the pop star (always singing along to the radio and dancing while stuck in traffic, not caring if people in the lanes next to him see it)

2P!Austria: the DJ (always blasts his favorite music to the point where other cars and passers-by can sense it coming via the ground-shaking decibels)

2P!Prussia: the learner (actually follows the rules of the road and gets very, very nervous when people honk at him or look at him)

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My otp is also rusame, and I also don't like us//uk. Honestly what I don't like about us//uk is how Arthur often ridicules Alfred like he's a brat in canon. But with rusame I could see Ivan treats Alfred seriously whenever he said he would do something ground breaking (like going to the moon etc). Idk. And i just really hate how us//uk most favorite trope is super tsundere uke england vs a super seme sex God Alfred who falls over head in love with cutie uke England. Just. Ugh.

This is honestly the last thing I expected when I opened my inbox I was like, please, Lord above, let it be hate mail, but no it’s this beauty. Bless you anon. (Why are you on anon don’t be scared I don’t bite [people I’m not close with])
*Ugh. :3
Truly I have reached my people.

hey guys

I rarely ever make an appearance but i will try to do so more often from now on. i just want to update you on some of the things that have happened recently in my life.

I think the most important thing is that i have just come back from my holiday in the Philippines where i was born. really helped me enjoy myself. it was great i absolutely loved it to bits being in the sun with my relatives who i rarely see, im going to post my fav photos later.

Another big thing that happened is that in england im now year 11 (10th grade in murica) and ive even more tests and school to keep up with :)) but ill try to keep up with my art and health to the best of my ability.

Drawing more often means that there’ll be more content from me coming up soon. id still like to draw some more steven universe because despite all of the bad things that happened in the fandom because to me it is a genuinely good show and i still like it alot. ill probably also draw some other stuff that i like.

I think that for a while ive just constantly been really down cus ive been thinking alot about like my life, my future and why nothings making me feel any better among other things. im really tired of feeling this way and i really want to change. thank you for reading, see ya


This is a mini series. Kinda short since this is only the start. Now let’s all fucking cross our fingers and hope that I don’t delete this. If you read an imagine or series like this, let me know. Part 2 is up! Just click my blog to see it.

Summary: a conceited and self-abdorbed calum and an insecure y/n fall in love.


Calum’s POV

I walked down the hallway. Feeling everyone staring at me.

I mean who wouldn’t?

I’m pretty sure I’m the school’s hottest dude. Not to brag but all the girls swoon over me. Senior to goths, you name it. A simple wink could make them wet,

I continued my thoughts before someone caught my attention. It was a girl.

Well this is a first.

Never seen her around here though. “Hey.” I said.

She was surprised when he saw me.

I mean who doesn’t?

Honestly speaking, she was gorgeous. Dirty blonde hair. Fair skin. Eyes that resembled oceans beneath her cute glasses. Red lips that I thinked were natural. And probably 5'8-ish or something.

“Oh. H-hi.” She said nervously before pushing up her glasses further on her nose bridge.

I chuckled lowly before saying, “Haven’t seen you around here before. I’m Calum by the way. Calum Hood.” I offered my hand for a handshake which she returned lightly.

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. I’m an e-exchange student from England.”

So that’s why her accent was thick.

Well her accent is not the only one that’s thick.

“I’m s-sorry.”

“Don’t worry babe, I get that a lot.”

Once I said that her face completely fell.

To try and relieve the awkwardness, I said, “Oh right! Classes start in like a minute or two. Let me see your schedule!”

She facepalmed and said, “Right!” Before handing me her schedule.

I checked it and sure enough, we had most of our classes together.

“Cool. We only have two classes that we’re not together in. We’ll see each other more often. Let me walk you to class.”

I didn’t wait for her response and practicallt dragged her to walking in the hallway, leaning my arm in her shoulder.

She received some scowls from girls which she noticed that made her look down and re-arrange her glasses again.

It seemed like fixing her glasses up her nose bridge was her mannerism.

There’s something about her. She didn’t throw herself at me who has unfathomable hotness like others did. But the only problem is she is a bit shy.

I think that the moment my eyes landed on her, I probably fell in love already.

Bur I couldn’t give up my entire image for her. Or could I?


I sat up with my close friends for lunch. We’re basically brothers but we’re really not. But even if we were, they won’t share the same hotness I have. They’re cool. But not as cool as me.

I already told them what happened earlier. They were basically a lot more shocked than me.

“I hate to break it to you Cal, but you can’t really resist love.” Ashton said.

“True. If you love her, then so be it. Can’t really prevent it from happening.” Michael added.

“This is a first. First, this girl didn’t swoon over you. Second, this is the first girl that you didn’t want to go out with only you craving for sex. You felt something. Something new.” Luke summarized.

“Oh my fuck you love her!” Ashton laughed.

“Do you love her?” Michael asked.

“This is literally love at first sight.” I trailed off while the boys looked at me expectantly for another answer.

“I do love her. But dating her would cost me my image. It’s probably fucking social suicide.”


I really admire film director Amma Asante. I loved her film A Way of Life but her most film Belle was so powerful and inspiring. Amma Asante always talks about the power of defining yourself and this idea strongly resonates in Belle. Belle is about a mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral raised by her aristocratic great uncle in 18th century England. Throughout the film we see Belle looking at the paintings where blacks are in subservient positions as maids and slaves. Belle can’t see herself in those paintings. In the same way when I was growing it was so rare to see well-written female Black characters on the screen, they were often token characters or caricatures. I couldn’t see myself in film. Belle is a love story, its about romantic love but it’s also about loving yourself. Belle learns to do this and by the end of the film there is a moment when she looks in the mirror confident and self-assured. It is then she realises who she is and only she can define herself. It’s moments like that made me realise not wait to see myself on screen I would have to write those stories and characters myself. I  believe everyone’s stories should be told and done in way that writes against stereotypes.  Amma Asante as a filmmaker keeps doing that with her work and challenges stereotypes and expectation with all her films.

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America-England-Canada-Romano: Giving their s/o an anniversary present? (Or just a present in general I guess)

America: “Dude, I saw this at the store today and I totally thought of you so I got it!” Very spur of the moment kind of gift giver. If he sees something cute and thinks of you then he is getting it, no matter the price or whether or not you are with him. Most of this is stuffed animals and costume jewelry, but it’s the thought that counts!

England: “I know you have been needing one of these for a while, but this is a much better model than the one you were looking to get.” If it’s something you need he will get it for you. Within reason, or course! He feels that gifts should be something you need or can use often, not something that you will use once or not at all and forget about later.

Canada: “I hope you don’t mind, but I thought that maybe we could use/do this together sometime?” He tends to get gifts that he knows he could use, too. These are usually board or video games or unisex clothing that fits both of you. He loves sharing, and he always likes to do things with the people he loves.

Romano: “I saw you looking at that last week but you didn’t get it, so here.” He likes to treat you when you won’t treat yourself. I saw you admiring that necklace in the shop. It wasn’t that expensive, why didn’t you stop and get it? Never mind, here. I got it for you. Just wear it on your next date, alright?

Now for a “Do and Don’t guideline” for Wales! Apologies for the time it took to make this one anons, I needed to contact a few people who live in Wales because while I can speak about Wales’ history and culture without too much issue, I’ve never set foot in the country so I needed to take into consideration aspects of Wales that I wouldn’t be immediately aware of. Having an insight from people living in the country goes a long way for me. Keep in mind, these guidelines are just suggestions. I recommend only taking a few traits here and there and then developing your Wales OC from this point on. (3rd anon, I’ll answer your other question on a separate post. This one refers to your first question.) 


compassionate, generous (that’s one trait that would be very marked in Wales, since historically and even now Wales has a high level of poverty. A lot of Welsh people have a very generous nature as a result) 
friendly, welcoming, good-natured, amiable
- determined 
- loyal
huge rugby fan (just… rugby. You cannot hope to have a character accurately represent Wales without mentioning rugby at least once. The sport is practically a religion in Wales. Rugby is an extremely popular sport and Wales would most likely be really good at it. He probably would have a certain smugness over that fact as well) 
love for singing, speaks muscially (singing is probably just as important to Wales as rugby is. Wales is known by the nickname “Land of Song” and a lot of his people are very talented singers. As a result, many Welsh people speak with a melodious lilt)  
very difficult to anger (the Welsh are not known for their short tempers like the rest of the British Isles. It’s difficult to anger Wales, however if he is truly enraged about something he can be quite frightening. Wales might not be set off as easily as the others, but the potential to be enraged is still there) 
passive aggressive with anger, can hold grudges (even if someone attempts to provoke Wales into a rage, more often than not he’ll become passive aggressive rather than become openly angry)
 - proudly bilingual (okay this one would seem strange but I have seen an alarming amount of people who place too much emphasis on Wales’ native language and making him completely hostile towards English. Believe me, Wales is really proud of his native language but he takes pride in being bilingual as well)   
quite maternal, good with advice
modest, humble, dislikes making a fuss (as a Welsh person explained to me, the Welsh generally don’t like making a fuss or people who try to stand on ceremony. If you’re a celebrity in Wales, most of the Welsh are not going to treat you any differently from other people. Wales is probably not the only country where this happens but it’s still worth noting)
- stubborn
- quiet, thoughful, introspective
playful, teasing, possibly flirty (it should be noted though that the flirty aspect is more a southern Welsh trait)
social drinker (*sigh* I’m not very fond of the drinking stereotype because I feel that people love to over-exaggerate this trait… but this is the British Isles, there’s a powerful and vibrant drinking culture in every country here. Drinking is a social event to Wales and the neighbouring countries. All I can add is to be respectful about it. Wales and his siblings have centuries of drinking behind them, they have a lot of experience.) 


weak (this is a trait I see very often in Wales OCs and it disturbs me quite a bit. Many people joke “Wales has been part of England forever, lol he’s so weak” and just… no. Hell no. It took the Normans/Anglo-Normans 200 years to completely conquer Wales whereas England was conquered by the Normans in 4 years. Wales is the country with a love for rugby and experienced in mining… Wales is many things but weak is not one of them)
sheepshagger (this shouldn’t even have to be said. Yes it’s one of the more famous stereotypes associated with Wales and it’s probably the most offensive and false. It’s a stereotype that was created to underline the backwardness and primitive state of the Welsh, it’s not derived from fact. Wales would absolutely not be a sheepshagger, so please avoid implying this)
abusive, violent
- overly sexualised
pushover, only mirrors England’s opinions (something I see rather often as well, avoid this absolutely. Wales has his own opinions)
- turning Wales into England’s victim (I’ve seen all types, from making Wales into England’s punching bag to a victim of sexual abuse… why doesn’t anyone see the offensive nature of this?)
extremely grumpy and aggressive (believe me, I’ve seen quite a few Wales OCs being portrayed as ridiculously grumpy and aggressive. Firstly, Wales is not easily angered and in most cases, he would rather opt to be passive aggressive. In only rare cases would Wales become truly enraged and not mask it.) 
unfriendly, unwelcoming, anti-social (even if Wales is a rather isolated country who doesn’t interact with a lot of other nations on the world stage, the country is still well-known for being friendly and open. So making Wales unfriendly or unwelcoming isn’t faithful to the actual spirit of the Welsh people)
cold, distant towards siblings (shouldn’t even be said, this trait makes no sense)
not being a rugby fan 
being completely obsessed with sheep and dragons (there are times where… people go a bit overboard with how much Wales would like sheep and dragons. Leaving the “sheepshagger” trait aside, I’ve still seen people overexaggerate Wales’ fondness for sheep. Same can be said for dragons. Wales would be fond of dragons and he would even like sheep (in the non-sheepshagger way) but I feel the need to underline that he wouldn’t be absolutely obsessed with them to an unhealthy degree as some people have portrayed their Wales OC as)
deep hatred towards England, especially in modern times (this is probably one of the more common “don’t” traits I see in Wales OCs and it’s one I completely disagree with. I have talked to a number of Welsh people who live in the country and they would rather use these following words instead of hatred: wariness, annoyance, resentment and exasperation. England has done things that were harmful to Wales, whether consciously or unnconsciously. The latter has been far more common and there’s nothing from my conversations with Welsh people and Wales’ history that would imply a deep hatred towards England)

Hope this helps!

Other “Do and Don’t” guidelines:

Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland