i see them in 8 days so i ain't even mad

transtchallaudaku  asked:

A'ight like I already know this has been discussed At Length, but Steve in that last shot of Civil War??? The fuck me fuck me fuck me GOD grin??? The hey husband sorry I'm late and let you sacrifice yourself for me nod???? The romantic, apologetic emergence from the shadows?????? He ain't forgiven, but he did get deep in them guts right there in the middle of the prison, it's canon, it happened, Sam cried a little bit, it was beautiful, you can fight me on this but I will win so!! :)

‘deep in them guts’ made me double over wheezing


also whoever’s cell is directly across from Sam’s is like 

“Uh. Uhm, well. I’m glad you guys are happy to see each oth– oh my god what the fuck, oh my god, Cap is a freak.”

No matter what, no matter what battles they go through together as a team, that person will never be able to unsee Captain America’s pasty ass. Never. Never, ever. 

Also after they finished traumatizing everyone in nearby cells (as well as several terrified Hydra agents), Sam got tidied up and promptly started giving Steve the cold shoulder for an entire week.

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