i see them creepin in the back


“I’m going to get her back.” Her stomach roiled watching them kiss, Kadie’s soft lips should be against her own.  

“Like, don’t you need to have her once before you get her back?” 

“Shut up Christy. Let’s go to the arcade, I don’t want to go back to my house.” She made no attempt to move. She couldn’t take her eyes off them. A bracing wind hit her cheeks turning them scarlet. Her face hurt, the fall air too brisk to breathe, burning her nostrils, her throat. “Ugh, I forgot to take my meds, stupid sinus infection. You got a dollar for a soda?” 

“Are you even seeing Dwight anymore? You ain’t been there much.” Christy looked over her shoulder and back and Ali. “You’re creepin’ Al.”

“Baki said I’m off limits for anyone but him. But I can do chicks still. Let’s go I’m cold. I’ll get a soda at the Arcade.” She flipped her legs over the seat reluctantly. 

“What the doc put you on?” 

“Something to help me breathe and an antibiotic. The stuff for breathing dries me out so much, I can’t snort anything, it fucking burns my nose and makes me lightheaded.” 

Ali’s phone vibrated and she read the text. “Go to Dwight’s, Baki wants to see me. At least I can have a beer or two there.”

“Why don’t you go to Baki’s?”

“Because his husband is an asshole.” 

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