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Hi ... I really wanted to know your opinion about bts who plagiarized bigbang with the no signal thing and all ... I really want to know your opinion, if you want to talk about it of course

Surprisingly I thought I’d care but I really don’t at all. I’ve been too busy with real life to get involved in any of this and most of the people speaking up are self righteous assholes who won’t let others have a piece to say - both fandoms included

One of the problems I see the most regarding Autistic people is people, usually non Autistic people that happen to have an Autistic relative, speaking over Autistics and silencing us.

Silencing tactics can be subtle, or very obvious. The one I see the most is the use of functioning labels to invalidate an Autistic person’s disability. They will say things like “You are too high functioning to speak on these issues, what about the low functioning Autistic people (actually they usually use the dreaded ‘person first language’, but I will discuss that in a seperate post).

Functioning labels are widely considered to be obsolete at best and ableist at worst, at least from the Autistic people I have interacted with in the Autistic community. Let me explain why:

I’m sure most people have heard the words "Autism Spectrum”. In the DSM V manual, Autism is actually called Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now, we’re talking about a very broad array of Autistics. Think of the spectrum as a colour wheel. There are primary colours, analogous colours, complimentary colours, and countless tints and shades of each colour (Haha my art nerd is showing. It’s a special interest of mine.) When you include the entire colour wheel, there are thousands of colours. And Autism is like this colour wheel.

Another thing people don’t always know about, and this is through no fault of their own, it is not widely discussed outside of groups of Autistic people, is this: colours fade, shift, and change. The hue and intensity of the colour of the Autistic person’s Autism can change. This means that Autistic people can experience Autism differently depending on a variety of factors such as: their environment, sudden changes in their life, stressful situations, or comorbidity of mental illnesses or other developmental disorders (I will discuss comorbidity in a seperate post).

I’ll try and use an anecdote to explain what I mean. I am labelled as 'high functioning’, which means that I, in theory, do not need as much support as whom psychologists and non Autisticc people regard as 'low functioning’ Autistics. And this is normally true. I can feed myself, speak verbally, and go out and socialize (with immense difficulty, lol). These are true, most of the time.

There are times when I am upset, or experience a burnout from holding up a neurotypical passing exterior, when I cannot do some of these things. There are times when I cannot speak. There are times where I cannot hold a conversation or socialize or even be around other people. There are times when I am hungry when I cannot summon the energy to get myself food. There are still times when I make nothing but guttural animal noises and rock back and forth. But my family and friends don’t see me during those times. Because they have labelled me as 'high functioning’. And to know that I am having a harder time and that makes me appear more Autistic, it makes me ashamed. So I stay in my room, or in my house, alone.

When your psych diagnoses you with high functioning Autism or Aspergers syndrome, as it used to be called, people think of you a certain way. When you say 'Aspergers’ or 'high functioning’, people think of Sheldon Cooper. Sherlock Holmes. Spock. They think of quirky but brilliant.

When you are diagnosed with 'high functioning Autism’ it’s not just a diagnosis. It is an expectation. A stereotype. It becomes a threat. If you are not able to pass as high functioning or an eccentric neurotypical, you get dismissed and spoken over because you are too low functioning. And if you are able to pass as high functioning, you don’t get to talk about being Autistic, because you don’t understand, or you aren’t thinking of 'low functioning’ Autistics.

I, and I’m sure every other Autistic labelled as 'high functioning’, is thinking about 'low functioning’ Autistics. Because even though we have the ability to pass as neurotypical, and do not need some of the things other Autistic people do, we are still Autistic, and it’s likely that we have been in states that people would label as 'low functioning’.

So what do you use to describe Autistic people’s variations if functioning labels are inaccurate? What i would reccomend is describing the Autistic person and their capabilities that are present most of the time. Of course, you should never 'out’ an Autistic person without their consent, but if they have given you permission to share their information, here are some characteristics you can describe:

-Verbal or nonverbal

-Whether they have apraxia, a motor disorder that usually affects the lips and tongue, that can occur in Autistic individuals

-Whether they have ataxia, another motor disorder that causes loss or coordination and spasms

-Whether they have trouble with comprehension of speech, writing, or other things

I will emphasize my previous point that sharing any of this information without the Autistic person’s consent is violating their autonomy and privacy, which is absolutely not okay.

This post mostly turned into a discussion of the inaccuracy of functioning labels, not silencing tactics directed towards Autistic people. To reduce the length, I will quickly summarize other silencing tactics that non Autistic people employ towards Autistics discussing Autism:

-Saying that they don’t speak for all Autistics. While this is true, there are things that are widely accepted as harmful or inappropiate amongst Autistic people, as with any marginalized group. Some examples are the idea of a cure for Autism, the rejection of the abusive organization Autism Speaks, and the preference for identity first language (Autistic person) over person first language (person with Autism). It’s true that not all Autistics agree with these things, but more of them do than the ones who don’t.

-Saying that you know more about Autism because you are a therapist, work with Autistic kids, or have an Autistic relative when you yourself are not Autistic. Autistic people are always the authority on their disability and Autism, and they are the ones you need to listen to. Until you’ve personally walked in our shoes as an Autistic person, you don’t know what being Autistic is like, because you only see the reflections of Autistic people, you are not the water.

Those are the ones off the top of my head. I understand that this might be perceived as a controversial or upsetting post, please don’t assume that I am attacking any one person or group. My goal is to inform and educate, not berate.

Anyways, I hope this explains fucntioning labels and why they do not work, and silencing tactics!


Every time I see that first one though

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I've grown to like lucho so much since he came to coach this club that I think I'll follow him to see his tactics and suh at whatever new club he goes to if he does coach.

I always want to see him succeed wherever he decides to go. I like him but man he’s getting on my nerves lately.


What part of you is it that gets off on torturing students? Everyone in this class may be afraid of you, but I’m not! I see your miserable scare tactics for exactly what they are, the misguided lassions of a bitter, lonely old man who only feels good when somebody in the class feels worse.

On Relativity in Magick

I must admit it to be a bit irksome when I see people, online and offline, attempting to use scare tactics or bully-style persuasion in order to have others believe the same BS they believe. (Note: BS = Belief System = Bull Shit)

This, to me, only demonstrates that the “know it all” practitioner attempting to persuade hasn’t actually grasped the concept of mental Relativity and how it connects to the Art & Science of Magick.

If you prefer to use the Chakra system as your map and model for spiritual work then the color of your Heart center, to you, will be different than it is to me (utilizing the tree of life as the model of energy centers in the subtle body). One studying the Nagual path as put forth by Lujan Matus will believe the astral to be an evil place to be avoided, where-as one studying the Nagual path as put forth by Carlos Castaneda or the variation presented by John O'Neill (Dreamways) will believe it to be the main source of one’s power. The former would scoff at the latter, and the latter would giggle at the former–yet both claim the same path and utilize the same terminology and jargon.

A Wiccan might banish an entity which seems malevolent, a Thelemite might question it first, and a Chod practitioner would open up their whole self to the entity in trust that everything is perfection. The Wiccan trying to convince the Chod practitioner of the dangers of their path would be speaking out of pure ignorance towards Chod rather than a higher knowledge and understanding of the esoteric. Even if you mean well, speak your opinion softly and then stfu without any expectation that the other person should take your advice.

 The general rule of thumb is that while you are entitled to your opinion it is only RELATIVE to your own self and may be true for another or it may only confuse/deceive/hurt the other. You do not know their universe, you barely know your own, don’t be that person who tries to diagnose a medical issue without knowing medicine.

Teaching your own students is a whole different story. They are being initiated into the same path and system as yourself. Even here though one must be keen to realize that what your path becomes to them might be very different than what it became to you, and that is okay. If a master cannot adapt to variation then they are not much of a master at all.

Relativity is the Word, the Logos, of the whole point I’m attempting to make here. While your Enlightenment might lay through the Higher Self, another’s might start or end with his own Daemon or Lucifer. 

hmmm wow episode 10!!! what to say about this 

it was an episode of risky decisions, very very cool if you believe me 

I got to see Leorios tactics when it came to it and let me tell you bitches 


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what ever happened to Hisokas team

do they get separated after that [art of the phase ???

guess time will tell.

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Episode ten is my new number five in between episode 3 and episode 7 

Episode 9 still leading with the number one spot and episode one with a close second

ill make a section on the ratings later boiz so this wont be confusing :D

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Silencing tactics that I see all the time...

“You’re too high functioning to understand!”

“Your autism is so mild that it doesn’t even matter!”

“They’re too low functioning to understand what these issues are.”

“You don’t live with my severely autistic (family member/friend/etc) so you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The above are bullshit silencing tactics. If you use them, you’re ableist, Full stop.

We autistic people here have the right to speak up for those of us who keep going unheard and misunderstood by allistics who refuse to presume competence or recognize that behavior is communication.

Yes, allistic caregivers may know what calms an autistic person down and may know some behavioral triggers, however they do not have that autistic person’s mind. They don’t know that person’s thoughts, dreams and hopes. They don’t know what that person is actually experiencing through their senses.

Do not tell an autistic person they are too high functioning to understand when they try to talk to you. No, you shut the hell up and you listen.

And PS, functioning labels are awful and need to stop existing.


so I saw the tag noshameday and I’m not even sure if I fit into this category
but I have a cleft lip and palate,I don’t think I’ll ever have the confidence to upload a selfie of the side of my face where you can see what I look like properly and I always take tactical photos but you can kinda see in these

I’ve been called all names under the sun, I’ve been harassed on the street by strangers and I’ve struggled to ever have confidence in myself throughout my childhood and early teens 

I’ve never posted on social media about this and I feel weird doing so but here we go


While they don’t get many scenes together to demonstrate it, the relationship between Jupiter and Kalique is rather fascinating. Much like Balem, Kalique is almost in awe of Jupiter, touching her as if to convince herself she is physically present. You can also sense a sort of wistfulness from her - here, she’s referring to Jupiter’s being “young and beautiful” and is presumably remembering her mother when she says it. I would imagine Kalique is wistful because she’s recalling that her mother denied herself youth and beauty when she began to oppose RegeneX production. Although Jupiter isn’t aware of it at the time, Kalique is offering her a devil’s bargain - perpetual youth and beauty at the cost of the lives of countless others.

I feel that the AU scenario where Jupiter wasn’t rescued from Kalique’s alcazar to have immense storytelling potential. Kalique is by far the subtlest and most intelligent of the siblings - she knows how to work people to her advantage and has tactics and strategy. I can see her moulding Jupiter in her image, and Jupiter finding herself torn between her Earthly morality and the intoxicating possibilities presented by Kalique. I want to write it, if I find the time.

But that’s just me. How do you interpret the ‘relationship’ between Jupiter and Kalique, and in particular Kalique’s perception of Jupiter? Is Jupiter just a pawn to be moved across the board, or does Kalique place more value on her than that?