i see their tactic

this,,,, this right here is jake’s kink my friends. seeing amy ready to kick absolute ass, looking at her and knowing she could literally Kill Him if she wanted to bc she’s so smart and sexy and badass turns him on like nothing else

Ok steven and roses botanokinesis was arguably one of the coolest fucking abilities and the only time we’ve seen it in action in the past year and a half is Steven making a yappy pumpkin I want to see rose use it in BATTLE
Homeworld has no organic life right? Opposing soldiers would probably be super confused and it would be an amazing battle tactic I want to SEE

Roman Reigns - A Spear To The Heart.

Roman Reigns -  Reader is Roman’s girlfriend and Roman has a match with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho and she is at ringside. One of JeriKO spears reader to distract Roman and it just angers him so he goes after them. Then Seth comes out to help Roman creating an on the spot tag team match.

- Warnings - None really. Little surprise at the end ;)

Word Count - 2,340 words.

Requested By: @lilred91

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I sat on top of one of the cold, metal crates that lined the gorilla position as Seth and I watched on nervously as Roman battled Chris Jericho in a no disqualification match; with Jericho’s loud-mouthed buddy Kevin Owens at ringside for what he claimed as ‘moral support’. By now everyone knew that was a complete lie and all he was set out to do was distract Roman and once again piss off the WWE universe- something the overly brash Canadian managed to do very well.

It was a little over ten minutes into the match and already there were broken chairs, splintered kendo sticks and even tables scattered across the ring. Fatigue also was clearly setting in on both men as their moves became more tiresome and sluggish as time ticked away. I bit my fingernails seeing Roman in a spot of immense difficulty as Jericho had ‘The Walls Of Jericho’ firmly in place.

Both Seth and I breathed a massive sigh of relief as my boyfriend’s exhausted body scrambled its way to the ropes. We both held our breaths as Roman tugged his frame to be standing setting up for what you could already tell would be a devastating spear. Witnessing his body crash into the already hurt Jericho ultimately caused a small, schoolgirl-like squeal to escape my lips as I then knew this would be it and Roman would finally pick up the win. 

However, those short seconds of elation were quickly cut to an end as that interfering idiot yanked the near enough defenseless body of my boyfriend out of the ring, automatically breaking the count. Romans body tumbled to the concrete as Owens crushed his body into the barricade before I heard the faint shouts of him screaming crude remarks about mine and Roman’s relationship… It was in that exact moment, I snapped.

“Seth, I’m going out there.” I blurted out in a fit of anger, gaining a concerned look from my friend.

Turning towards the curtain, my muscles tensed as my arm was tugged backward from the tight grasp around my wrist. “You can’t, it’s not part of the script.” He mumbled trying to ease your outrage however it was clear to see; once he finished speaking, he knew full well he couldn’t change anything.

“I’m not going to sit back listening to that bastard talk about Roman or me for that matter like that. It’s one thing interfering and costing my man the match but it’s another thing mentioning our private lives to a sold-out arena.” I ripped my arm out of Seth’s grip, immediately sprinting through the black curtain that separated the whole universe from out there from the previously calming backstage environment. My ears seemed to muffle the screams of the crowd as focusing solely on making sure Roman was right on track was the only thing circling my mind. As I reached the bottom of the ramp, I turned the corner sliding to the side of my boyfriend who was lying against the barricade clutching his right arm in discomfort. “Hey, hey, Rome are you alright?” I spoke hastily before nodding at his simple response of ‘yeah’.

Part of me was glad Roman was coping with it, however, a good seventy percent of myself was raring to just go and speak my mind to Owens. Aggravation seemed to consume any happy bone in my body making it borderline impossible for me to just let go of the snarky comments that were made. The on-going roars from the crowd only made my confidence grow stronger as I rose taking a few strong strides to be face-to-face with the man of many words. “You talk big Kevin; truthfully I don’t think you can back up your words very well. Acting all tough guy, interfering every damn match won’t get you very far you know.” I sassed keeping a close eye on Jericho’s actions, knowing just the extent he’ll go to in order to gain an advantage over the distraction.

“I can’t back up my actions huh? What about you, when was the last time you wrestled, not since Charlotte laid waste to you four months ago. You know it’s cute you running to the aid of your boyfriend because he can’t finish the job himself, yeah how about a round of applause for Y/N. How about you run on away with Roman and get married, you’re engaged, right? Oh wait my bad, they were just rumours.” It seemed Kevin made it his mission to get under my skin with every single word said. Above all, he was successful in his endeavors.

Within seconds I ripped the restricting, very executive blazer from my shoulders to be dressed in nothing more than a Roman Reigns shirt and leggings- an outfit that can allow for a war to be finished. “Oh dear Kevin, you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life. You wouldn’t dare hurt me; I know for sure I don’t have a problem hurting you; I’m pretty sure a certain someone over there doesn’t have a problem giving an extra spear to an extra jackass either.” I rose my voice, causing my head to not only be full of ideas to torment Kevin, but also to pound through the extremity my anger has peaked at.

I guess my comments hit him hard- well he walked away from you so I guess that’s a start. Twisting my body to be facing Roman, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach as I witnessed him struggling to even stand without the aid of the barricade. That in my eyes… the complete definition of hurt. I practically dashed to assist the man I so deeply loved, grabbing his underarms to ease his transition. For a split second, I turned to see Kevin giving what seemed to be ‘tactics’ to Jericho from beyond the ring before I diverted my attention back to the intense stare radiating from Roman’s face. “Okay baby, I know you’re hurting but I also know you can do this. It’s not fair on you, I mean come on it’s basically been 2 against 1. Go on back in that ring and set up for the superman punch, he’s going to try and dodge it so go for the spear.” I whispered, running my fingers through the dampened hair of the Samoan to clear it from his eyes. My hands traced up the herculean arms of him until they reached the back of his neck, whilst Romans held my lower back tugging me into a close hug. 

Despite the fact that blood still boiled within my body, just being this close to Roman made this a moment of clarity. “Alright babe, go do this, for us,” I spoke prior to leaning upwards to place my lips upon his. His lips always felt so good against mine; almost as if they were made for that purpose… truly if he wasn’t my soulmate, I’m not entirely sure I’d know what that word means. 

Releasing from his latch, I rested my chin upon his shoulder for one last moment before he went back into his zone. It would’ve been fine, except hairs stood on my body, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump formed in the back of my throat as I witnessed him- Kevin Owens dashing towards the two of us; his eyes dark with the need for revenge. It was hard to even find the words to say in that very moment, the single word that could escape my lips was, “Roman.” I could’ve said anything but that- that just led to Roman being in a state of confusion. He turned his body ever-so-slightly to face away from me but I knew just was coming and it sure as hell wouldn’t be pretty. I couldn’t bare the thought of Roman being put through any more pain than he already is so my first instinct was to push him away.

As quick as I slapped my hand on Roman’s body, I found myself on the floor holding my stomach as pain I’d never before experienced surged through me like a whirlwind. My limbs trembled, my head pounded and my vision was blurred but still, I could see his dark locks flash in front of my eyes. “Y/N, tell me you’re alright. Why’d you do that? Damn it babygirl, you’re scaring me half to death. Say something.” His words expressed in a panicked flurry as he held your cheeks.

The numbness if my entire body made it a difficult task to move or for that fact, speak. All that seemed capable of doing right now was to cry- I just couldn’t not in front of Roman, it’d panic him too much. “I’m fine. Just go and win this match.” I stuttered but with the sole aim to conceal the fact that I was in complete agony. Propping myself up to be sat so my back rested on the walls surrounding the rings, a sigh of relief rolling off my tongue as I heard the far-too-familiar beats of Seth Rollins’ entrance music. A sign that the match could carry on and you could just go backstage.

My legs seemed un-moveable; almost as if they weren’t even a part of me anymore. I practically had to drag myself up the ramp and through the curtain, before I could relax from the strain I was exhorting on them. That task wasn’t an easy one, especially knowing my past experiences with injuries. 

With a slight limp in my step, I entered back to the gorilla area, my hand literally clawing my stomach as I tried to deal with the intolerable ache. Trying to put on a brave face and pretend it just didn’t exist was arguably the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with, now I just couldn’t do it anymore… My nerves pulsated ten times the speed as normal causing small bumps to form on my body as I bent forwards one hand remaining on the vulnerable area and the other holding me up against one of the many metal crates. A small yet shrill cry left my mouth, echoing around the room and ultimately causing a few heads to face my direction. “Holy, Y/N are you alright, someone go get the medics.” Sasha ran to my side, her hand delicately placed on my shoulder giving some sort of comfort- that didn’t take away any of the pain though. It seemed as though within a split second a medical team were wheeling me off to be ‘examined’ but in reality, it was almost as if time was frozen; as if everything had just been drawn to a halt. Sasha continued to walk by your side until you’d reached the door holding many answers. “Sasha, don’t tell Roman. I’d never hear the end of it if he knew.”

The artificial white walls of the room made it seems so big- made me feel smaller and even more fragile than I already did. All I could do was wait… nothing more until the x-ray and test results came back. A small fraction of my mind still wishes Roman was here but I full well know, he’d be way more afraid than me and totally make the situation worse- well if that’s even possible. “Alright Y/N stay lying down for me, I don’t know how long this’ll take.” One of the medics spoke before the door swung open and a tall, dark figure sprung to your bedside. “Roman -How did you kn-” 

His scruffy beard tickled my cheeks as he ran kisses all over my face before kneeling down in front of me. “Shh, it’s alright, don’t worry about that now. Everything’s going to be fine babygirl, I promise. I just wish you would’ve told me you were in this much pain beforehand. Do they know what’s wrong?” I shook my head at his question- I myself fearing the worst possible outcome. “Ugh, you shouldn’t have pushed me out of the way, I would’ve taken it. Heck- I would take it a million times if it meant I didn’t come even remotely close to losing you.” Just hearing his voice still after a year made butterflies form in my stomach- even if this time they felt like wasps, I still knew that feeling. 

“Miss Y/N?” A tall body entered the room gowned in a pale blue top and trousers. It was visible to see Roman’s features becoming drained of his prior relief, “Is everything okay with her?” He questioned, grabbing my shaking hands in his, intertwining his fingers with mine. “Mr Reigns, we’re just going to need to do an ultrasound scan on her.”

“An ultrasound?” My heartbeat rapidly increased just hearing those words. I jolted my head towards Roman, seeing that his reaction seemed to be an exact mirror of mine. Lone tears began to stream down my cheeks as the gel was applied. I squeezed Roman’s hand a little tighter as he placed a firm kiss on my forehead. 

“Hm, well there was direct impact to the ribs, there’s bound to be some bruising but your baby’s absolutely fine.” Words were immediately caught in the back of my throat, my mouth agape as I heard faint chuckles from Roman.

“Baby? Are you sure?” I rested my head upon Roman’s shoulders, nuzzling it slightly into the crook of his neck.

“Tests suggest that; yes. You’re a lucky woman, and you Sir you are one lucky father.” I let out a small giggle. It all just didn’t seem real to me. Pulling my head away from my man’s body, I was immediately met with his strong, affectionate gaze as he lifted my head up with his thumb. Once again a wide grin was ever present on my face as I caressed his cheeks with both of my thumbs.

“God I love you so much,” Roman exclaimed, leaning in to draw me into a warm embrace. “No more saving me alright babe. And for you little guy…” He cooed, pointing towards the base of my stomach. “You’re more of a superman than me already.”

A/N - Mannnnn I loved this one so much. I enjoyed writing this so so much, ugh!! This was also my first attempt at writing in first person so hopefully it was alright!xo Thank you guys ~ Nikkii

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a thing i hate is when two people get into an argument on this site and then one side is like “just call me a (slur) and go. it’s okay i know you want to soooo bad” like it’s so tacky…. getting in an argument with someone doesn’t mean you’re like .. racist/sexist/homophobic unless that’s actually what the argument is about. i see it so much and it’s such a cheap shutdown tactic cuz like how are they supposed to respond. it makes the person saying it look like they’re in the right no matter what bc it makes the other person look bad.

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everytime i see the shield made by frick i think of soldier 76s tactical visor

I actually did kinda think of Symetra’s hard light constructs when I drew that shield.

Prompt: “What about a Soulmate one with bones.” -Anon

Word Count: 2,140

Author’s Note: In doing my research for this one, I learned that I think I love this trope. It’s so cute. I hope you guys like this, we’ve been waiting on this one for a while!

Tags: @bkwrm523

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Then And Now

Bruce Banner X Reader

Request Prompt:
Could you do a Single! Mom reader where the children’s dad comes back and at first he’s only coming to your job but then he shows up at the house and Bruce answers and the dad try’s to get you too leave him by saying things like “he’s the hulk, he can never be good for the kids” and reader gets extremely protective?

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Ranpo says: "We'll go to a world of abilities" but even if he has no abilities Chuuya is dangerous I'm scared for my smartaleck son

I’d be more worried for Chuuya if I were you.

Look at this guy. Is that the face of someone you’d mess around with and expect to come back without significant mental damage? Chuuya would get rekt. Granted Chuuya’s had years of putting up with Dazai but Ranpo got under his skin faster than you can say “hat rack”.

To get out, Chuuya needs to solve the murder mystery. But with his brains? Nah son he’d be stuck there forever. And let’s not talk how fruitless it would be if he were to kill Ranpo, his only hope of escaping the book. Maybe the book can respawn anyone it sucks into as well, so in the event Chuuya does kill Ranpo and Ranpo comes back to life because it’s a “fake death” then you better be sure Ranpo would remember this and make Chuuya’s life even more of a hell.

Oh and didn’t we mention? Ranpo believes he has an ability and has willingly taken along Chuuya for a wild ride to a world where he can’t rely on them. Our boy is confident, and if this is not a stalling tactic, then I can see him striking a deal with Chuuya since they’re both running out of time to save their respective bosses.

Take Mori’s Strategy & Tactics Master Class and maybe you won’t get played for a fool ever again fancy hat-kun~ ♪

scanlation credit: EGS

“Deconstructed” Assimilation Plot

My wife and I were thinking of writing a near-future (2030) sci-fi novel with utopian/dystopian themes, revolving around an viral video (produced by a team of researchers) that causes a profound quasi-religious experience in a receptive viewer. As a result, people who have watched it are generally happier and have a sense of shared purpose and trust of others who have watched. 

They also become more altruistic, tend to want to “convert” dissidents, and organize together to do so. Essentially an optimistic deconstruction of the Assimilation Plot, which maintains individuality, so most of the typical reasons why assimilation is bad aren’t such large factors. We thought this had some fascinating parallels with a lot of different issues about identity, religion and politics, as long as we present it as something not entirely good or bad. We figured that this would be a great opportunity to have a ethnically diverse cast of characters to discuss the moral issues posed by such a ideological group attempting to integrate/assimilate different communities and groups of people. Our main cast is fairly diverse, though we plan to use their families and friends to offer more varied viewpoints, and avoid tokenism.

Anyways, we’re concerned about crafting authentic and nuanced reactions to this event, particularly among our main characters, so if you have any suggestions about how their ethnic backgrounds might contribute to their viewpoints about the event (either as converts or dissidents), we’d love to hear them. Two of our characters we’re particularly concerned about are a 30 year old former Syrian refugee female software developer (non-practicing Muslim, married to a white agnostic ethicist), and a 23 year old Afro-Latino cyber-security expert/conspiracy theorist (middle child from a stable lower-middle class family).

[ask shortened due to exceeding length, reminder: aim for brevity, askers]

Deconstruction is not the word

I’m confused by this question.  Let’s look at what a “deconstruction” in literature actually is.  Quite literally, you take a common or established storyline and break it down into its component parts, then examine each of those parts closely and play them through to their (often painful) logical conclusions.  In a deconstruction, if some action has a consequence, the deconstruction of that plot point is to to play that consequence cruelly straight without handwaving things away, seeing in gruesome detail what effects that conceit has on the characters.

In brief, when you deconstruct high fantasy, what you get is Game of Thrones.  When you deconstruct space opera, what you get is Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica.  Deconstruction is an intentional reading of an established formula with an eye counter to that which was originally intended.  Deconstructing modernism gives you Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” wherein the protagonist becomes a giant freaking bug for no god damn reason.  When you consider that many of the things that often occur in narratives would actually be incredibly psychologically damaging in real life, balance and optimism are not really a thing in deconstruction.

What Deconstructed Assimilation Looks Like

So, with this knowledge, let’s look at what deconstructing assimilation would look like in this context.

Cultural assimilation is about subsuming the characteristics of one’s native culture to the larger society in which one lives.  Wholesale assimilation requires you giving up your native food, your native dress, often your native name, because its “easier” or “cooler” or whatever.  People actually do this a lot. Often we choose to do so because it kind of greases the wheels when we live in a place where people like us are the minority.  But there’s a price.  Even the most psychologically well-balanced individuals are going to be torn by the tightrope act required by assimilation.  

I often give my name as “Nick” at Starbucks even against the twinges of feeling like I’m selling out my family, because it makes my afternoon proceed just a little bit easier.  Sometimes I don’t.  It’s basically a coin flip depending on how I’m feeling that very second.  But each act is a choice that changes a person’s sense of being an individual in an culture that regard them as an outsider.  If we deconstruct this notion we’re going to be playing the consequences through to the gory logical ends—every choice a person makes to assimilate or not assimilate is going to be affecting their sense of what being “an individual” means on a very basic level.  

In this sense, I see the whole point of a deconstruction being that “individuality” isn’t a discrete, concrete concept.  Deconstructing assimilation means deconstructing individuality, particularly cultural individuality, and a storyline that deconstructs the concept of assimilation can’t do so while maintaining “individuality” because the two concepts are inextricably and contradictorily linked.

Subverting Assimilation may be the word

If you mean subverting the concept, that’s different, but I have a very hard time seeing how deconstructing and closely examining the notion of assimilation can be done “optimistically” if you’re coming at it from the perspective that assimilation is a bad thing.

~Mod Nikhil

I’ve discussed people ‘deconstructing’ assimilation plots with a more positive twist here: [Pagan Scandinavians and Colonialism]. I’d suggest reading that post to get my full thoughts.

Risks of Adding Optimism to Assimilation

Broadly speaking, attempting to create a “positive” spin on assimilation runs an extremely high risk of sanitizing cultural genocide. The core rooted belief of converting others is that all other beliefs are wrong, your way of life is the best, and you should do whatever it takes to convince people to jump into your way of life because they’ll eventually see it’s the best thing ever.

This has huge problems. If you think it’s okay just because the doctrine will adapt to individual culture, allow me to point you to the sheer number of places Christianity got mixed with the local beliefs in order to convert more people. That’s what made it such an insidious religion; they were willing to adapt to whatever culture in order to get more converts (usually destroying parts of the Indigenous culture in the process, using the mix as a stepping stone to slowly assimilate them and have them lose touch with their original beliefs).

While some of the mixes have been taken back by their individual peoples, that doesn’t stop the mixed reaction many many many Indigenous people have with any religion that tries to take over. Trying to spin tactics that directly lead to cultural destruction as positive “this time” doesn’t hold up, because you haven’t created a situation that has addressed the problem. You’ve just draped it in new decoration, with a video instead of a metaphysical being. Otherwise, this mirrors colonialism. 

This sort of scenario has happened all over the world, with dozens of faiths, hundreds of ethnicities, and it always follows the same method: a group of people believes everyone should be like them, and is willing to use whatever tactics to get there. I see nothing different, at its heart, with your plot.

If you want to try and avoid it, get rid of the need to convert others. You could still have some squicky parts, but at least without a need to convert others there is far less room for psychological manipulation and coercion. 

~ Mod Lesya 

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Could you do one where Reader is in love with Kara, but Kara says she doesn't feel the same about her, so the reader tries to move on and eventually starts dating some girl and Kara can't figure out why she's jealous until someone points it out to her? Happy ending please?

Originally posted by suprcorp

Being rejected by the girl you were head over heels in love with is high on your list of worst feelings ever. 

You never believed in love at first sight. In fact, you use to think the whole concept of seeing someone and instantly falling in love was just ridiculous. However, laying your eyes on Kara for the first time seemed to stir something in you that had never been touched before. 

A year later, you tell her how you feel. After millions of furtive glances, longing stares and small touches, you finally decide to let your emotions come pouring out. Unfortunately, you seem to have an unrequited love for the superhero, and she rejects you. Kara lets you down gently, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. 

It takes you a while to get over her, and even then, you’re not sure if you’re completely over her. But when the cute new girl at the DEO asks you out, you don’t say no. 

You’re chatting with Alex and Kara at the DEO about the latest alien menace when you spot your girlfriend, Sarah, from across the room. She smiles at you, winking seductively as she approaches you. 

“Hey Y/N.” she grins, eyeing you up and down before biting her lip. You stand up, putting her hands in yours. 

“Hey babe.” You give her a quick peck on the lips.

“I love seeing you in your tactical gear,” she says. She leans closer to you and whispers: “It’s really hot.” 

You blush, still not used to being complimented. 

Kara clears her throat behind you. 

“So, um, Y/N, are we still on for tonight?” She seems to be scowling at Sarah, but her expression quickly changes when you look at her. 

“Oh yeah, definitely. Can’t wait. See you then.” You smile at Kara and Alex before walking off, hand in hand with your girlfriend.

Kara doesn’t understand why she’s filled with contempt when she sees Sarah. She doesn’t understand why she feels such irrational hatred for an innocent girl. The blonde tries to hide her unexplainable rage, and she fools everyone, except her sister. 

Alex knows her too well, and picks up on her feelings right away. When she confronts her about it the first couple of times, Kara denies it. But it’s getting harder to pretend that seeing you with Sarah doesn’t make her blood boil. 

“Hey Y/N.” Kara rolls her eyes when your girlfriend approaches, and only Alex notices her sister’s suddenly hostile behavior. 

“Hey babe.” When you two kiss, Alex looks over at Kara, keeping her eyes on her when Sarah comments on your DEO gear, and sees the way the kryptonian’s upper lip curls in disdain. 

After being reminded of the movie night you had planned with the Danvers sisters, you leave. Alex, still focused on Kara, notices how her eyes seem to follow the couple out. 

“You need to stop this and admit to yourself that you have feelings for Y/N.” says Alex. Kara spins around defensively. 

“I do not!” 

“Yes you do.”

“No, I don’t-”

“Then why are you so jealous? What’s with the constant glaring and eye rolling?” 

Kara doesn’t answer, crossing her arms. There’s a moment of silence.

“I rejected her. I rejected her. I don’t deserve her…Shit Alex, I like her so much. Oh Rao, I’m such an idiot.” she whispers. 

Alex pats her on the back. “Anyone would be lucky to have you, Kara. You should tell her how you feel.” 

You were heading back to fetch Sarah’s jacket when you overheard Alex and Kara’s conversation. You hadn’t meant to stop and eavesdrop, but you were out of their sight and within earshot, and you heard your name, so you couldn’t help yourself. 

Hearing Kara say she likes you, really likes you, was extremely shocking and totally unfair. You just got over her, just got into a relationship. Yet, with this new information in your possession, you find your mind wandering to being with Kara, holding her hand, putting your arm around her, kissing her neck…

No. You’re with Sarah now. It doesn’t matter if Kara finally feels the same way. It’s too late. But you can’t stop thinking about what she said. 

Later, at a coffee shop, your girlfriend senses something is wrong and questions you about it.

“It’s Kara, isn’t it?” Sarah’s question startles you. 

“What? Why would you-? How did you-” You spew out, unable to properly formulate a question. 

“It’s okay, Y/N. I’m not mad. I get it. You’re still hung up on her. I can tell when someone is trying to get over someone. The way you look at her, it’s so obvious. And judging by the way she looks at you and glares at me, I’m pretty sure she feels the same way.”

You stare at her in bewilderment, stunned at how not over Kara you are and how supportive Sarah was being. 

“I’m sorry-” She doesn’t let you finish. 

“Don’t be. Go talk to Kara. And hey, if you ever want to give this another shot, I’ll be here.” She smiles warmly at you. You thank her before taking off, heading straight to Kara’s apartment. 

“Y/N? You’re early.” Kara says after she opens the door and finds you standing at the threshold. 

“Yeah, sorry, I, er, needed to talk to you about something.” Kara eyes widen as you step into the apartment. She adjusts her glasses and fidgets before saying:

“Oh, um, I actually needed to tell you something too.” She smiles shyly at you. “You first.”

“Sarah and I broke up.” You notice how her face lights up and how she tries to hide it. “After you rejected me, I tried so hard to get over you. And I thought I was. Over you, that is. But when I heard you tell Alex that you liked me, I was filled with such hope and joy, because dammit, Kara, all I’ve ever wanted was to be with you.”

Kara beams, unable to believe that what you just said was real, and that you returned her feelings, even after everything that happened. 

“I was so stupid…” She trails off, getting lost in your eyes. She puts her arms around your waist, gently pulling you closer. 

“I’m so freaking into you, it drives me crazy. I was such an idiot, Y/N, and I’m never letting you go, ever again.”

And when Kara wraps her arms around you, hugging you tight, you believe her. 

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Just finished KG (picked it up at a Houston airport on my way home to Seattle and couldn't wait to get to my local bookseller to grab it). I see a lot of Trump tactics in Maven's choices - artistic choice or coincidence?

Dictators, authoritarians, and tyrants tend to follow the same patterns. I was drawing from history but history repeats.

Monsta X: how they'd confess their love

Shownu: ok so I see Hyunwoo approaching this in a tactical way- as in he’d make sure everything is perfect, your mood, the atmosphere, the food, the weather, etc. He’d take his time as the day goes by, while he’s spending it with you, and would stop you whenever he feels the time is right. Before you could walk into a cafe, he takes your hand in his and looks you in the eye, shocking you by how nervous he looks. He’d ignore the butterflies in his stomach and gets right to it, saying it as though he’d rehearsed this a million times and impatiently awaiting your response. He’d take you into his strong arms when you confess that the feeling is completely mutual.

Wonho: one of the members to make it really obvious before saying anything to you. You could see from his not-so-subtle advances that he’s totally crushing on you, just unsure of how to voice his feelings. After much nagging and persuasion from the other members, he’s shyly approach you and pour his heart out. Hoseok would do it after much thought, and invites you over to the dorms or would just come over to your place, bearing your favorite snacks in hand. You’d be able to tell something is bothering him and ask what’s up. All the nervousness would disappear when you tell him you feel the same, and he feels like he’s on cloud nine.

Minhyuk: very spontaneous, so I think he’d do it out of nowhere, when he feels like his heart is going to burst from all the love. It would take one small moment for him to realize he’s in love with you, like when the wind is blowing through your hair, or the way you squint your eyes when it’s sunny, or when your hands always find his tired shoulders and gently rub them, or the way you’re so good to him in every way possible. He might plan it and make it cute, but would definitely speak from the heart and wouldn’t plan on rehearsing any cheesy lines. Would unintentionally kiss you in a rush of excitement and buzz, so be prepared to console him and kiss his blush away.

Kihyun: not much thought or planning is gonna go into this confession, mainly because he’s freaking out and stressing too much over it to really think of a plan or logic. The farthest he’d go is maybe asking for advice from the members, but no matter how many tips and pats on the back he gets, it won’t help his beating heart and sweaty palms as he makes his way over to your place. He’d proceed to recall the story of how you two met and how you’ve really helped him- because he never thought he’d find a friend as loving and amazing as you. Then he’d shyly ask you if it was a bad idea if you could maybe become more than friends. You’d have to cut him off and kiss his dorky face since he’ll keep on blabbing.

Hyungwon: he’s a simple man with a simple problem- trying to find out if the love of his life is also in love with him. There can’t be a simple solution, he realizes, until he voices his concerns and feelings to you. Begrudgingly, he’ll decide to pick you up one day and taking you somewhere nice. He’ll keep quiet throughout the whole day, hoping you’d notice so you’d be the one to bring it up, and then he’s more than happy to sigh a hundred times before finally telling you how he feels. He’d mumble about how it’s all stupid- because he’s never felt this way before and you make his heart race so fast all the time, and you probably don’t feel the same. You’d knock the wind out of his chest when you tell him you’re in love with him as well, and he’d be the happiest man alive. He’d keep his arm around you for the rest of the night.

Jooheon: FOR SURE he’d make it known that he likes you, 100%. Small touches on the back of your neck as he’s fixing your shirt collar, spending extra time in the morning to look good for you, always complimenting you, noticing the way your eyes light up when you’re laughing, catching him staring at you sometimes. He’d keep it short and simple, simply because he knows you feel the same- otherwise you’d put a stop to his advances way long ago. He’d take you to a quiet place, maybe a nearby park or beach, and tell you if it was alright for you to become more than friends. He’d take your nodding as a sign to lean in and seal the night with a kiss on your lips.

I.M: I think he’d need to take some time away from you and get his head together. Once he realizes he’s completely in love with you, there’s no going back- you obviously belong to each other and he can’t imagine his life without you. He’d make it a special occasion, maybe your birthday or a holiday, just because he’s patient enough to wait. Silently, he’d walk with you away from the crowd and begin to tell you how absolutely beautiful you are. He’d begin with many compliments but they’d become much more heartfelt as he looks you in the eye and sincerity takes over his expression. Would smile through the kiss after your confession, and keep you close to him throughout the day/night.

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