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My 3 Year Old Sister Reacts To: BTS - Dope MV

My parents said they didn’t mind, so here is my little sister, a three year old mess of a girl, reacting to the first minute of BTS’s Dope music video. I would have recorded her reacting to the whole thing, but I made the mistake of pointing out the camera, and she got bashful and wouldn’t say anything else.

If I do more of these, this is what they would look like, roughly. Either her holding an iPad/other tablet or sitting in front of my computer, saying whatever she feels like as she watches a video. Of course, these can’t come out on a regular schedule, due to the fact that three year olds are hard to predict and she might scream if I try to film her.

I also have a text reaction of her watching another music video, which I will have up later today, along with a normal post, don’t worry, so I hope you’ll enjoy both of them~ Tell me which you’d prefer, or if you like them at all! I could do video and text reactions for each music video, since she says different things and seems to have a new bias each time she watches one, so if that’s what y’all want, I can do that~

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Dai companions react to the inqusitor having an identical twin. (With a romanced Dorian please)

Oh Maker, the chaos XD Thank you to my new partner, Sister Nerial for writing this post~ I myself will be named Sister Summer for future reference, so you know who to thank for the laughs (or feels)

Sera first finds out about the Inquisitor’s twin when looking out from her room window to find them walking out of the main hall of Skyhold. She had already heard rumors of course from her friends . But to see it was fricking hilarious . They walked the same, dressed the same heck Sera even bet they talked the same .Which only led to one thing ….. pranks . Oh yes the inquisitors twin was going to help her prank the other companions , not before of course the Inquisitor tried pranking her. 

Vivienne had been addressing nobles when she saw Sera sneaking around with the inquisitor ( who was actually the twin ) She caught the Inquisitor’s sight and gave them a disapproving glare and returned to her duties. They where heading down to the library no doubt where Dorian was . Vivienne excused herself from the nobles to go and ensure nothing insane was about to happen , when the inquisitor ( the real one ) called her over . Vivienne was very confused at first and looked over to where she had seen Sera and the imposer .“Inquisitor I just saw you head over to Dorian with Sera , how in the makers light are you here my dear?” The Inquisitor quickly explained no doubt fearing her wrath should Sera prank her or she declared the twin an impostor or a demon . Both of which would not end well . In the end Vivienne disapproved greatly of having the twin at Skyhold due to the confusion and Sera’s pranks that their presence would no doubt have . 

Iron Bull was with Krem and the chargers, he had seen Sera running out of the tavern and knew something was up when she snuck in the Inquisitor upstairs with another male/female/other with a hood. He watched them disappear, his senses going mad, because something was off about the stranger . Iron bull fell victim to Sera’s pranks to find the pair fighting in what looked like the inquisitor fighting themselves but as soon as he took his axe out they quickly explained. Once Iron bull discovered it was the twin of the inquisitor . He chuckled deeply knowing what Sera was going to do . He didn’t offer to help , but he wasn’t going to inform anyone either . He always seemed to have a good look at the pranks results. 

 Dorian : He was reading when he noticed the inquisitor picking out a book , he mumbled a good evening before returning to it . Ever so often he looked up until he realized he was seeing doubles , the inquisitor was picking out a book but to his side the inquisitor was reading a book  “Eh inquisitor” When both of them answered the exact same time thing and tone . Dorian got up swiftly “Nope” And went to see if bull knew anything of this tricky . He only knew it was a prank because  no one could mistake Sera’s giggling . The only question is how was this trickery possible When Dorian realized the inquisitor had a twin he had a good laugh “Righto like we need two Inquisitors i found one bad enough.”

Cassandra was talking to the Inquisitor ( actually the twin ) about swords and shields and both where fan-girling over it but when the seeker met up with the Inquisitor the second time, the inquisitor knew nothing of this and in fact hated swords and shields ,it took half an hour to calm the seeker down and explain of the twin . Cassandra snorted in disgust at how she was fooled but soon accepted it , but now has made plans with Vivienne to color code the twins 

Varric noticed the Inquisitor and the twin having a drinking competition , he had heard of the mischief and the poor seekers confusion and was writing down every detail for future reference . He  didn’t really care much as long as they stated which one they where when talking to him 

Cole was confused at first , “ they look the same , talk the same , but inside different , different colors emotions . Them but not them ? “ It took Solas a good few attempts to help him understand but he eventually understood , he helps them when they get frustrated about people mistaking them when they don’t wish it .

Solas knew straight away when the twin entered his room , the inquisitor never greeted him as happily and they had already discussed things that morn . He said nothing and just went along with it .once they left he shook his head but allowed them this simple prank. 

Blackwall had a good laugh , he had seen the seeker going mad and got in on the jokes . He thought it was hilarious and wicked grace nights now had an extra member

You know what I forgot to mention after the craziness that has been this week thus far?

A few nights ago, I was chilling in my bedroom when Kid Sister slams the door open, red in the face, and says,

“Why did they just leave Gregor like that?!?!?!”

The child is now in Season 5, firmly entrenched and in love with clones, and rightly angry about the terrible treatment they tend to receive.

She has learned well.

(I’m still trying to goad her into writing some fanfic. She’s a little too nervous, though, methinks, or she just doesn’t want *me* seeing her fanfic, which *shrug* fair enough. Maybe she’s already posted some and I don’t know? Oh my god. I hope so.)

Good Afternoon Everyone, Saturday

Already we are in the middle of October folk’s!

I can’t believe it myself seriously! All I know is it’s getting closer to the date I will see my daughter away at school! My sister and I are going on a road trip to Ucdavis and I can’t wait! I’m totally a #emptynester I mean how many x’s does her room need vacuuming. Jeez.

So, many autumnfall🍂pics, I was going nuts, I literally stashed some into drafts! I mean I can’t post them all, bc I get frozen (that’s what I call it) when I go over Tumblrs daily allotment 😞I normally always stay on tumblrs app, there isn’t a blog count, so I really have to keep track. I’m really curious, y'all have the same issues? Anyway, I’m hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend, enjoy the beautiful weather!


First Class Fright.

I was counting, literally, the hours until we would be landing in Barcelona.

At this moment, I had three hours and twenty six minutes left until I could breathe easy and the time was slowly ticking when I wished it would just speed up so I could toss my headphones on and hand my sister back her stubborn child.

I sat alone in the first class cabin of the flight with my nephew Daniel nestled against my chest with the baby carrier I wore, his screams of displeasure echoing throughout the cabin like I was slowly pulling his non-existent teeth out of his mouth one by one tortuously.

And he had been like that for the past twenty minutes. I was slowly regretting taking up the task of babysitting on this flight while my sister sat in the next cabin over, probably sound asleep and smiling with joy as she didn’t have to deal with the stress of a crying baby on board. Of course I had taken up the job thinking how bad could it be? I would be nestled in a comfortable seat in first class while everyone else was in closer quarters with the sneezing, too close strangers surrounding them and in their space. Too bad Daniel wasn’t enjoying the benefits like I was. He hated first class.

“Shh,” I slowly patted his back and rocked him where I sat. I had tried walking up and down the aisles a bit to visit the bathroom and the flight attendant who gave me quite a few sympathetic smiles when she saw me walk past but that only seemed to make him louder so I returned to my seat. The cries didn’t cease no matter me giving him a new bottle or changing his diaper or rocking him softly. Nothing was working and I was ten seconds away from screaming myself and trading seats with my brother-in-law.

The woman sitting closest to me had opened her eyes and tossed and turned enough to let me know she was displeased with my abilities to quiet babies as she cut her eyes at me numerous times with dissatisfaction. All I could do was mouth a sorry the first few times but after a while I stopped caring. If anyone should be cutting their eyes, it should have been me. I was the one with the screams directly in their ears!

“Daniel, Daniel,” I tried to sing out though the pleasure in my voice was strained. “Please stop crying,” I urged thinking some sympathetic switch would go off inside my nephew and send him into a quiet sleep.

It didn’t work.

My eyes lifted to see a figure a few rows ahead stir in their chair and peer behind them towards me. I began to mouth another ‘Sorry’ until my lips stuck midway when I realized who it was.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.

It was one thing to displease some random woman sitting next to me who kept patting her personal Louis Vuitton in her lap but Neymar?! I was probably going to be the source of complaints to his friends and managers when anyone asked how his flight went and why he looked as if he hadn’t slept in days.

He turned back forward in his seat and I expected him to resume sleeping, or at least try to given the noise, but instead I could see the blanket in his lap being tossed to the side and soon enough he stood and turned to head down the aisle in my direction.

Oh great, Daniel. The first time I’ll get the attention of an ultra famous footballer and it’s for him scolding me for being a terrible babysitter. Thanks a lot!

I tried to prepare myself mentally and also prepare myself to utter a thousand sincere apologies but my voice got caught in my throat as soon as he stopped next to my seat and bent down some to speak, his eyes clearly spelling sleepiness but the small grin on his face suggesting he felt a bit bad for me.

“Is everything okay? Do you need any help?”

Oh nope. Everything is fine. Just a crying baby in my lap who is trying to ruin my entire flight and weekend and you’re now speaking to me, probably internally hating my guts because I’m ruining the little bit of sleep you can bare to catch. Of course I need help!

“N-No. Everything’s fine. Thank you,” I stated as I gave him an unconvincing smile.

My excuse wasn’t enough as he didn’t nod and walk away but instead squeezed past me and sat to the seat on my right. “Here.” He held out his arms towards Daniel and motioned for me to hand him over. I began unclipping him from the carrier wrapped around me and Neymar reached for him, careful to remove him and placed him against his own chest.

It was the most adorable sight I had ever witnessed and if I wasn’t too busy internally crying with joy that someone was here to try and save the day, I would have probably pulled out my phone to take a picture.

Would have ruined the moment, huh?

Daniel didn’t immediately quiet once in the stranger’s arms but I could see Neymar beginning to soothe him by rubbing his back and saying something in his ear I couldn’t hear. I could only watch in awe as soon enough, the dramatic baby began to slowly lower his volume until completely quiet.

Why the hell couldn’t I do that?!

“What did you say to get him to quiet like that? How–”

“I told him that his mother looked as if she needed some sleep or she was going to lose it soon,” he chuckled, speaking lowly so not to send Daniel roaring again with cries.

I quickly shook his head. “Oh no. I’m not his mother. I’m his aunt.”

“Ah, I see. What’s his name?” His eyes drifted down to the young boy for a moment, smiling with pleasure, until his eyes wove back up to me.


“Funny. I was just texting my friend Dani before the flight. Mind if I take a picture? I’ve gotta tell him Dani’s just love me,” he chuckled.

“Sure sure!”

He reached into his pocket and unlocked his phone, beginning to take a selfie with a sleeping Daniel while I just watched in awe. No way would my sister believe this.

“So what has you headed to Barcelona?” He spoke as he continued looking down at his phone.

“My cousin is getting married.”

“Send my congratulations,” he smiled.

“Why are you headed to Barcelona?”

Oh what a stupid question! I immediately winced, scolding myself for being so idiotic. Why else would he be headed to Barcelona? He works here. He lives here!

I blushed, sinking in my seat some. “Stupid question,” I rushed out before he could laugh and force an answer. I had to find another suitable way to continue conversation. “Thank you so much for helping me. I’m clearly not as good with children on planes like I thought I was.”

“It’s nothing. I’ve been there before. My son Davi used to be the same way and I always had to find little ways to quiet him. It took a lot of tries to find something. Trust me.” He relaxed further in his seat, his hands still moving against Daniel’s back while he remained sound asleep. “I’m going to try to catch a little nap while he’s quiet. Wake me in an hour?”

“S-sure.” I was even more amazed he was willing to remain in the seat instead of returning to his own. I watched as he began to close his eyes and slowly drift while I couldn’t quite get myself to do the same. Not with him sitting next to me.

The rehearsal dinner was practically chaos with all of my family members bouncing about, trying to find their place. The hall was filled with loud conversation so when my sister came bouncing up to me excitedly I figured there was something going on.

“Did you see it??” She practically screamed with glee.

My tone on the other hand? Fairly normal. “See what?”

“Neymar posted a picture of Daniel!” She reached out her hand to pass over her phone, the screen already showing the selfie that Neymar took of himself with Daniel against him on the plane. The caption read ‘Meet my new best friend Daniel!

A smile immediately graced my face, my eyes running over every piece of the picture over and over. It was an adorable sight and an experience I would never be able to forget.

F*ck with my little sister? Fail your class.

The background: my younger sister used to date a real douchebag. he started out as an ok dude, I had no problems with him, seemed like a nice enough guy. but as time went on he became really aggressive, mean, controlling and jealous.

Some examples:

  • he and my sister had a little drunken spat at a party; he pushed her and told her “Watch yourself because I could f*ck any girl here.”
  • he borrowed her car without permission, dented the front bumper and didn’t tell her or pay for it.
  • he would obsessively check her phone and internet history to make sure she wasn’t talking to other guys.
  • he would get pissy and upset if she left the house wearing anything that showed her cleavage, or shame her into changing. my sister is well-endowed, unless it’s a t-shirt or it closes at the neck there’s going to be cleavage (big boob problems).
  • during the very last legs of their relationship, he started telling her he’d “found her account” and “knew she was posting nudes.” They were nude pictures (face removed) of a girl that was not my sister. I think he actually believed they were her. he was losing his grasp on reality.
  • after the breakup, he went CRAZY. started calling her at work (they work at the same place) repeatedly, had a meltdown on the phone. came in to work, she wasn’t there, meltdown. started texting her, calling her a slut and a whore and a bitch and then turning around and telling her “I love you babe, come home, the cat misses his mommy.” one time she came home from a casual date a few weeks after the breakup, and as soon as she was dropped off she got a text saying “moving on already huh?” f*cking creep.

One time he hit her up for sex post-breakup (“you know what, I don’t even care about this relationship, I don’t want you back, I just want to f*ck”) and when my sister went over to their shared apartment (I scolded her for that) he ended up just crying for two hours.

I could go on, but I won’t, because it’s making me angry.

Anyway! after they broke up, there was a long period where I didn’t see him and that was awesome. my sister was pretty miserable, as he was her first love, and she was in denial about a lot of the horrible treatment she got. as much as I told her that she deserved better, that she shouldn’t be treated like that by anyone, let alone someone who claims to love her, they were together for almost three years. but eventually she started conceding that, yeah, it was a toxic relationship.

the revenge: come first day of my winter quarter, I found out ex-shithead and I had both signed up for the same class.

For god knows what reason, he saw me and decided to sit near me. he said “hey revengethrowawayman, it’s been awhile, no hard feelings about [sister] right?” I kinda shrugged and he said “yeah, no, she was kinda a crazy b*tch anyways, no offense.” really??? I had a strong urge to laugh and/or deck him in the face and/or some combination thereof but I just smiled quickly and turned back to the front. I hate him so much.

Our professor collected weekly assignments on thursdays; a few essay questions, a few pages typed. we didn’t have tests in-class, most were take-home and replaced the regular assignment due on Thursdays. as soon as you came to class and our professor arrived, we were supposed to go put our assignment on the podium at the front.

I got up the first thursday to turn in my assignment and ex-douchebag holds out his paper to me, eyebrows raised. I was about to laugh pityingly or tell him to f*ck off and take it up himself but then… I smiled and took it. I walked down to the front of the class and when I was sure he wasn’t looking (buried in his phone) I stuck his assignment in my pocket and put mine and mine only on the podium.

Our teacher told us the first day she wouldn’t give us our annotated work back until the end of the quarter but she would have a spreadsheet online for us to check the grades for our assignments. I worried briefly he’d notice he got a 0 for the first assignment, but… come next thursday he hands out his assignment to me again. and again. and again.

And each and every time, it went in my pocket and then into the recycling bin (save the planet guys). on the days he had it that was, lazy f*ck. I turned in a few of the lower-point assignments so as not to arouse suspicion, but the take home tests found a comfy home in the big blue plastic bin outside the building.

I saw him on the day of the final arguing with my teacher, but I whizzed through the test and hauled ass out. I don’t think it’s possible for him to have passed the class. have fun retaking intro to psych, asshat.


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You and I - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 2)

Part 1

“Well, I’m just going to tell you this right away, I don’t like you.” She states in front of Harry and all of his friends.

As soon as those words left her lips, you felt your heart sank and your cheeks turn red. 

“Gemma!” Harry says angrily. 

“What?” She says looking at him. “You and I both know that I don’t sugar coat shit.” 

“But that’s still fucking rude and you know it!” Harry says. 

“I’m just– I’m gonna go.” You say quickly walking back down the steps and out the back door. 

“Damnit, Gem!” Harry shouts. “Why would you say that?” 

“Because it’s true.” She sighs. “I don’t like her.” 

“You don’t even know her!” He says. “And you’re the one who encouraged me to tell her how I felt.” 

“Yeah, I did, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like her after she used you.” She says. 

“Fucking.. She didn’t fucking use me Gem!” He says. “I told you that! Look, I’ll deal with you later.” He says shaking his head and head out of the club. 

By the time that Harry made it outside, he didn’t see you standing anywhere. He sighs frustrated taking his phone out of his pocket. He tries calling you, but you don’t answer letting it go straight to voicemail. 

“Fuck.” He mumbles to himself before grabbing his keys and heading to his car. He drives straight to your hotel and heads up to your room. He hopes that you’re here and not out somewhere in the middle of London. 

He knocks on your door and at first there’s no answer. He sighs putting his head against the door. He grabs his phone to call you again. Still nothing. He knocks on the door again and finally sends you a text. 

“I’m outside your door. Please answer.” He sends. 

You sigh when your phone goes off again. You see a text from Harry. You walk over to the door and open it. Harry takes in your sniffling appearance and sighs sadly. 

“Baby..” He whispers. 

“Don’t! Don’t baby me.” You say walking back into your room. 

Harry follows you inside. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know that she was going to be like that.” He says shaking his head. 

“Like what? That she was going to embarrass me in front of you and your friends? That she was going to already declare that she doesn’t like me and that I’m obviously not good enough for you before she even met me. Did she see something in the media or something? What did I do for her to not like me?” You say. 

He sighs. “Remember that day back in London when I had lunch with my sister?” He asks. “Well, I sort of told her about us and she thought that you were using me to get over your ex or something.” He mumbles. 

“And you just let her think that this entire time?” You say angrily. 

“What? No! Not one bit. I told her it was nothing like that. That you were nothing like that!” He says. “I even confronted her about it tonight!” 

“I can’t believe this.” you say. “You knew that she felt that way about me and you didn’t tell me!” 

“I’m sorry! I thought that she was over that! I mean she was the one that told me to tell you how I felt about you, so I thought that she got over it and believed  me when I said that what we had was more.” He says. 

“Well, clearly she’s not over it.” You say. 

“I’m going to talk to her about this.” He says. “Don’t worry, she’ll come around.” 

“And what if she doesn’t Harry?” You sigh. “What if she doesn’t come around and still thinks that I’m using you?” 

“She won’t always think that. I know my sister, once she actually gets to know you and us together, she’ll come around.” He says. 

“I don’t exactly see her wanting to get to know me anytime soon.” You say. 

Harry walks over to you. “She will because she’s my sister and she loves me. Once I talk to her, this situation will be better. I promise, okay?” He whispers. 

“Don’t make promises, you can’t keep.” You mumble. 

“I’m not.” He says kissing your head. “And I’m so sorry. If I would have known that she was going to do that tonight, I would never have made plans to meet her.” He says. 

You sigh. “I’m sorry that you’re fighting with your sister.” 

“That’s not your fault.” He says. “And technically we’re not fighting. I just called her out on her shit.” He shrugs. 

“But still, I know how close you two are and it can’t be easy to be in this situation with her.” You whisper. 

“It’s not, but it’ll get better.” He says. 

“If it doesn’t…” You whisper. “I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to end this between us.” You whisper sadly. 

Harry shakes his head. “Don’t say that. Don’t think that. It’s not going to come down to that, okay. I won’t let it.” He whispers holding you close.


The next morning, you wake up in Harry’s arms. You two still stayed true to your going slow pact, even though things got pretty hot and heavy throughout the night. Harry woke up before you and had already ordered some breakfast. You were on your phone, while he was getting the food. You noticed tons of articles about you and Harry being out together the previous night. 

Even though there weren’t huge amounts of paps out, there still seemed to be quite a few pictures of the two of you. You sigh throwing your phone on the bed and running your hand over your face. 

“Everything okay?” He asks. 

“Apparently your sister isn’t the only one that thinks I’m using you.” You mumble. 

“What?” He asks confused. 

“Articles and pictures of us being out last night are posted everywhere and of course people are commenting saying that we’re just PR for my album coming out and you working on your film.” You sigh. 

Harry sighs shaking his head. “Baby, don’t listen to that shit.” He says. “Everyone says that about any couple that is in the industry nowadays. Besides we both know that what we have isn’t fake or PR.” He says. 

“I know that, but I’m sure your sister and mother see these things. I mean Gemma already thinks I’m using you for sex, what would stop her from thinking I’m using you for promotion.” You say. 

“Okay, one my sister doesn’t listen or care what the media says and two she thought you were using me for sex at one point. I don’t think she thinks what we have now is you using me for sex.” He says. “And that definitely isn’t true since we’re not having sex currently..”

You laugh shaking your head. 

‘What?” He laughs. 

“Nothing it’s just you sound so pitiful when you talk about us not having sex.” you giggle. 

He blushes. ‘Anyway, breakfast is here.” He smirks. 

You walk over sitting down at the table and start eating. 

“So, what time do you have to be at the secret place for interviews?” He asks. 

“About two hours.” You say. 

He nods. “If they ask you about us and last night, what are you going to say?” 

“The truth. We’re just hanging out and getting to know one another.” You say. 

“That’s technically the truth, yes.” He laughs. 

“What would you like me to tell?” You ask. 

“No, that works. Telling them that works completely.” He says. “It’s just its a little more than to me.” He says. 

“Hey, it is more than that.” You say taking his hand. 

He smiles. “I’m glad and I’m really sorry about last night again. As soon as I leave here, I’m going to my sister’s flat and talking to her..” He says. 

You nod. “You’ll have to let me know how it goes.” You say. 

“Course.” He smiles. 

The two of you finish up your breakfast and Harry soon heads out. You then get ready for your interviews and head out yourself, hoping that everything goes well with Harry and his sister. 

Part 3 

Winchester Brothers-Laughing Gas

Title: Laughing Gas

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1246

I know I already posted this when I first came on here, but It didn’t have any of this info with it and because how far down it was not many people got to see it, so I might be re-making my old ones xx

Reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister and has to have laughing gas.

”How is she?”Sam asked as a concerned expression marked his stressed features. Dean rubbed his temples as he glanced at the doctor who was too busy looking through his stupid clipboard.

”She’s fine, we’ve gave her something to help her with the pain, but it might send her a bit loopy for the day.”He stated dryly before walking off.

”Well he was cheery”Dean grumbled as he opened the door to your room.He sighed as he knew this was gonna be difficult seeing as you were already giggling and poking the air.Sam and Dean shared a look as they both walked over to you.

”Hey (n/n) how you feeling?”Sam asked jumping back when you shot up pointing at him.

”HOBO!”You yelled waving your hand madly at him.He gave you his classical bitch face as Dean started to crack up.Sam glared at Dean which automatically made him stop.

”C’mon loopy, time to get you back”Dean muttered as he helped you out.

”(y/n), I am not a hobo”Sam said slowly as Dean helped you up.

”Ok (y/n)”You giggled nodding weirdly.He scrunched his eyebrows up.

”No, your (y/n)”He sighed pointing to you.

”BARBRA!”You yelled scaring the crap out of Dean as you pointed to Dean.It was now Sam’s turn to start cracking up as Dean was now nicknamed ‘Barbra’.

”No, it’s Dean”Dean grumbled.

”Barbra”You nodded looking at Dean.

”Does she think she’s saying the same thing?”Sam laughed

”Whatever man, let’s just get her back”Dean hissed at the laughter of his younger brother.

”Why is Barbra mad Hobo?”You asked curiously as you started to open and close your mouth ”Me fish now.HUHHHH I KNOW WERE NEMO IS!BARBRA YOU STOLE NEMO!”You started to cry as tears trailed freely down your cheeks.Dean groaned rubbing his forehead.

”(Y/n, I didn’t steal Nemo okay? now c’mon”Dean moaned as he gave up and tried to put you over his shoulder.

”NO!”You yelled offended.”No.” ”No” ”No” ”No” ”No” ”N-”

”OK! we get it!”Dean said his eyes wide as he held his hands in the air.You started to pout your lips as you looked cross eyed down at your nose and started to flex your nostrils making your giggle loudly.Dean looked at Sam with an annoyed look and all Sam could do was shrug.

”Well at least she’s happy right?”Sam asked pointing out the positive side.

”Not if I kill her first”Dean whispered eyes narrowed.Sam walked over to you and picked you up since you weren’t going anywhere.

”WEEE I’M FRYING!”You screamed happily, almost bursting there eardrums.

”Yeah (n/n), your flying”’Sam chuckled as he made his way out.

”noo…frying!Like an egg”You giggled before doing a weird spaz causing Sam to curse as he almost dropped you.

”What the hell is she doing now!”Dean grunted as he looked at you.

”Shh, I’m an egg.”You mumbled through closed mouth.

”Ok egg, let’s get you in the car”Sam chuckled.


Sam put you down as he waited for Dean to get the keys out of his pocket.You walked up to the window of the impala and suddenly started to freak out as you saw your reflection.”SAMMY, I’M STUCK I CAN’T GET OUT!”You cried as you clawed at window.

”Your not in the car yet, (y/n)”Sam sighed as Dean snickered.

”Yes we are. See your trapped too!nooo”You wailed as you saw Sam was now stuck as well.Sam rolled his eyes grasping your shoulders and turning you around.”WERE FREE!”You cried out happily as you saw you were now back outside.

”I’m so going to enjoy this”Dean snorted as he watched Sam’s annoyed expression.


”Hobo…”You trailed off as you stared outside.Sam grumbled at the nickname but answered anyway.

”yes (y/n)?”He answered.

”Why are the clouds following us?”You whispered as you glared at them.He couldn’t help coo no matter how annoying you had been just.

”There not sweetie, they just look like they are”He laughed.You nodded and you  all sat in a few seconds silence.

”STOP!”You screamed smacking the window.Dean cursed as he swerved and Sam almost jumped out of his skin as he clutched his heart turning around to look at you shocked.

”Their still following us”You pouted.”Awh Hobo look at all the bubbles”You whispered in awe as you started to wave your hands around and feel for them.Sam chuckled at how easily your mood changed.

”Yeah there pretty, (y/n)”He laughed turning back around as Dean laughed too.

”Awh, look at the ducky!”You squealed pointing to the middle of the road.”NO BARBRA!”You yelled and Dean’s eyes widened as he panicked.

”What!? what did I do?!”He yelled panicked as Sam couldn’t help but snicker at how Dean had answered to the name ‘Barbra’.

”You killed fadoodles!”You sobbed bursting out crying.

”Who the hell is fadoodles?”Dean whispered harshly to Sam who just shrugged before turning around to comfort you.

”It’s okay sweetie, don’t cry”He coo’d trying to coax your tears away. You suddenly stopped crying, causing the to big brothers to sigh in relief because even if it was over something stupid they never wanted to see you cry.

”Barbra?”You whispered wiping away a tear.

”Yeah”Dean called.

”Why is there a hobo in the car?”You asked curiously and that set Dean off as his chest shook with laughter his face scrunching together as he had to pull over since he was laughing so hard he couldn’t breath.

”I’M NOT A HOBO!”Sam growled frustrated as he tugged on his hair.Once Dean had finally recovered he turned on the radio.

”Oooh I love this song!”You squealed clapping your hands together.

”Blah,blah,blah duh dah too han ank”You sang as your older brothers cracked up as you were far from the words.


”Bed time for you”Sam laughed as he got out of the car.

”I’m a birdy!”You yelled flapping your arms madly.Dean looked at Sam as they both watched you amused.Sam now slung you over his shoulder before you started to squirm.”NOO HOBO!”You cried trying to get away.He grumbled something under his breath before handing you to Dean.Dean slung you over his shoulder knowing if he tried to pick you up you would just start spazing out.You giggled wrapping your arms awkwardly around Dean’s lower back resting your head on his back.

”(Y/n)…What are you doing?”He asked confused.

”Giving you an upside downey hug.”You giggled.”You smell like blondeybrown”You laughed as you watched Sam’s legs behind you.Dean put you down on the couch as you swung yourself around so your face was near the floor and your legs were draped over the back of the couch.You started to panic again.

”I CAN’T SWIM!”You yelled flailing your arms and legs about widely.

”Your not even in water, (y/n)”Sam groaned as he pulled you up right.

”Phew, that was close”You sighed in relief.Sam looked at you before shaking his head and going over to Dean as he yawned.

”What a day huh”Sam laughed.

”Tell me about it”Dean chuckled as they both turned around to the sound of a thump.They looked to see you asleep on the floor with your face squished on the floor your legs in the air.



#5 - Jendall??

#5 from my au list ;I’m kind of jealous of Kendall because you guys are so close but I act like I’m not :-)




requests are always open !! (be sure to message me a # of which one you want to see !)

Originally posted by pirateblvck

I watched as Justin and Kendall shared another inside joke, both of them bursting into laughter and I rolled my eyes, before putting on my best poker face.

I wasn’t one to get jealous, but it felt like god was testing me.

“Babe why are you so far away? Get over here” Justin said, noticing my distance. Literally almost two hours later.

I didn’t want to be a mood killer so I put on my best fake smile and shook my head slightly.

“Im good over here babe” I say, ignoring the way him and Kendalls leg touched because they were so close.

Justin gave me a look, gauging my mood but I smiled again, blowing him a kiss so he wouldn’t suspect my great annoyance and jealousy.

I loved everyone in the squad, I truly did. But besides Justin and I, Kendall and Justin seemed to be closer to eachother than the rest of the group, and that irked my soul.

Its not that I don’t trust Justin, or Kendall.. because I do, but sometimes she acts like were in this relationship together. I know she doesn’t think that, well I hope she doesn’t. But it feels that way.

“Y/N!” Kendall shouts, snapping me out of my trance, I looked at her.

“What?” I snap, voice harsh.

“ I said do you remember that once night when Justin got so drunk and he tried to give us lap dances on the couch?” She says, laughing , and Justin rolls his eyes, arm wrapping around her shoulder.

My eyes focused on his arm as I replied . “ No, he only tried to give you a lap dance Kendall” I say. “I was the one pissed off in our bedroom, remember Justin?” I say, smiling sweetly.

He smiles sheepishly . “I can hardly remember a thing from that night babe.”

“Wait we have to take some selfies” Kendall says randomly, pulling her phone out.

“Of course , how could you forgot the selfies” Khalil says, and I smile at him .

“Okay, pose Justin” She says, aiming the camera so that its only showing them .

I watch as they make kissy faces and silly faces in the camera, Kendall laughing and snapping away.

“Somebody is jealousss” Za , whos sitting next to me, whispers.

“Shut up” I shove him and he laughs, tickling me .

“Za stop!” I squeal, falling into hysterics as he continued to tickle my stomach, before we heard a cough .

“You love birds done?” Justin says, humor laced in his tone but I became defensive quickly.

“Says you” I retort, rolling my eyes and he furrows his eyebrows.

“Just joking Y/N” Justin says slowly, and I look away from him.

“I think its time we call it a night yeah?” Khalil says after the awkward silence .

Everyone agrees and I stand up from the floor, not meeting Justins gaze until I heard Kendall speak .

“Im really tired J can I stay over?” She asks and I reply quickly.



Justin and I look at eachother and I give him a ‘wtf’ look.

“Um.. im confused” Kendall looks between the both of us.

“Yeah Kendall, take one of the guest rooms upstairs” Justin says before I can answer, and I sigh.

I turn around, trying not to stomp up the stairs as I walked into Justins bedroom, grabbing my overnight bag I was supposed to use tonight.

I grabbed my phone and my car keys, getting ready to walk out but Justin walked in, his face confused as he saw my bag and keys in hand.

“Babe what was that all abou– are you leaving?” Justin asks, and I nod.

“I thought you were staying over tonight?” He pouts, and fuck if I wasn’t annoyed with him id push him on the bed and okay im not gonna finish that but you get it.

“You don’t need me, you have Kendall remember?” I say sarcastically, crossing my arms.

“Baby, youre not jealous of Kendall are you?” He asks, a serious look on his face.

I don’t reply and his mouth drops open.

“Youre jealous of Kendall? Kendall?” He says and suddenly I feel stupid .

“Well, you guys are always together! And like are close and stuff” I mumble, not meeting his eye.

Justin starts chuckling and I scoff, getting annoyed.

“Im glad you find this funny” I say, shaking my head.

“Im sorry but really Y/N. Kendall is literally my sister, I see her no other way” He says, and I feel better inside.

“I know that” I purse my lips.

“Plus, why would I be thinking about any other girl when I already have the best girl right in front of me?” He asks, and I feel myself start to smile .

“Youre a smooth talker aren’t you” I tease, and he laughs.

“No Y/N but seriously. You have no reason to ever be jealous. Im yours babygirl” He says sincerely and I grin at him .

this might be a long post but i just need to get this out… i need to put it somewhere other than in my head. writing always helps me to figure things out and any possible input is welcome (that’s why i’m posting this). last weekend (sept 15-17) i was with my friend and her housemates going out and doing fun things and i’m really happy i went and i had a great time and yadda yadda but now this weekend i’m going to long island to see my sister and we’re going into the city all day one of the days we’re there and i am very nervous. i’ve been to the city before but there so much to do that we already have planned and i don’t know if i’ll be able to handle it. i’m already so anxious, i have no idea what it’s going to be like when i get there. my therapist said that it would be okay to let them know when i need to take a break but knowing me i’ll just try to power through and end up exhausting myself. how do i say i need to stop for a moment? how do i enjoy the city when i’m terrified of loud noises, crowds, fuckin pigeons for chrissake????? i feel like this is already going to be a failure before i even get on the train. any advice is welcome, any comments are welcome. please help :’(



So. The person I’m calling out has been vagued a couple times on tumblr already and things have been building up. I think she knew this so she deactivated before I confronted her and before I posted this.

@/tangyurines aka Maggie, now deactivated, was caught up in sth very similar before (she dated a minor who was around 7 years younger) and had the URL @/coupscoffee but she deactivated then when she was called out. I was not aware of this and I’m sure many others aren’t but @/coupscoffee and @/tangyurines are one and the same. When she first deactivated and came back I have been made aware that some people knew who she was and she said she had learnt from her mistakes and will not be repeating them so they forgave her… Which is understandable But, as @/tangyurines after all that has happened she has yet again tried it and this time she was refused.

Above are screenshots from one of the many minors this person has tried to target this time around. She’s been trying to ask minors out and even after being refused has pushed most of them and kept on flirting and honestly was just making them uncomfortable..

Please be careful who u make friends w online, esp minors. When people tell you about these things u never expect it to happen to u but it might.

Once could be a mistake but this has gone on for way too long and way to many times. There are so many people your age around so why target minors online?
I personally was also befriended by her and got to know her before I knew about all of this, I was also in a group chat along w her. Things about her always seemed a bit off and even if I stated multiple times that I was uncomfortable with her talking about things that were way too sexual In front of minors present in the group chat, she still did it. People who followed her might also recall all the anons she had which were explicit and basically sexting in front of everyone with a Mingyu rp anon. It was just too inappropriate esp as a svt blog that had many minors following. She was also quite manipulative in the way she talked.

Since she has already deactivated before this post y'all might not get the point of this post but, the point is that she’s done this before and just remade. She could come back again, with another URL and another bias. I made this post bc I have been approached by ppl who were targeted and they were all my mutuals and friends that I consider my sisters. Seeing her act this way disgusts me and I couldn’t stand by and watch it happen.
I know some of you wont see the wrong in this, esp if you’re a minor. I know many minors are ok w this sort of thing but pls understand that is someone that’s older than u by 7 years is trying to date u, there’s Sth wrong. I know some of u have her on snapchat and insta and other social networks and I just want you to be safe, please don’t engage in contact w her if you’re a minor. She might seem nice or friendly but understand that that doesn’t mean she won’t do ugly things.

Having said all this, I am in no way making this post to encourage people to send her hate or bully her, but I am extremely disheartened by the events and just want all of my fellow carats to be safe since it seems you can never really know someone too well. If any adult seems fishy to you or is harrassing you in some way please don’t be afraid to cut them off!! Be safe I care for u all 💖


AHHHHHHH, look what arrived!! Everything is so adorable guh-!!
My sisters really loved the pins (you can see a few of them already on her bag lol) and gave them a few stickers on their laptop and phone case. Pic related :-)
(Photos of beanie as promised also included hehe.) ((BTW, I read your note too. Don’t sweat it fam! It’s all good. ( ’ ▽ ‘。) ♡ ))

Thank you so much, @tm25​!!!!

If you want some of your own qt3.14 items, you can find her Etsy store page here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/adorability !!

Roze is also super active on Twitch (I’m a mod here so you’ll see me around sometimes) and posts cute stuff to Tumblr often, so check her pages out if you can. :-)


This is my beautiful baby sister, Mikayla. I love her with every part of me. She is an amazing, and ridiculously talented, smart 7 year old. She’s been bullied already, for things like her black hair, and it breaks my heart. I know blackout is supposed to be pictures of us, but I wanted you all to see my beautiful little sister. I want her to know that being black is a blessing, and I want her to know that she’s beautiful in her skin, her hair, her everything. One day I’ll show her this post and hopefully she’ll know she’s loved.

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Bellarke - "i didnt realize 'netflix and chill' meant something else now"

It really is an accident.

Bellamy has a reputation for not really getting social media, which he can’t even pretend he doesn’t deserve. He has Facebook account because Octavia made him get it when she went to college, and Snapchat for the same reason. He doesn’t have an Instagram of his own, but he occasionally checks Octavia and Clarke’s accounts to see what they’re up to. He barely even understands how to navigate Twitter. Hashtags freak him out.

Clarke regularly tells him he’s basically a senior citizen, and he tells her she’s basically an embryo. All their friends are convinced they’re going to get married, but he’s not going to get cocky about it.

So, yeah. Bellamy is really technology- and social-media-impaired, and the whole thing is a complete and total mistake.

Clarke comes over for their usual Sunday hangout with Chinese, and they eat it on the couch, watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It’s nothing even a little out of the ordinary for them; Clarke’s one of his best friends and they always spend Sunday nights together.

So when Octavia snapchats him a picture of her criminal law textbooks with the caption homework and sadness, he gets the reference enough to take a cute selfie of himself and Clarke on the couch and label it Neflix and chill. He knows that’s a thing, and it’s an accurate description of what’s happening.

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My 1989 Tour Experience

Okay, so I’m warning you now, this is probably going to be really long. So this all starts on November 3rd last year when Taylor announced the tour. I was driving to class and when I got to school, I checked my phone and had like 10 texts and twitter notifications about the tour. I knew that I was going to want to go to both Gillette shows. A couple days later, the presale started and the best seats I was able to get were club ones. I decided to buy them and take my brother with me the first night. I continued to look for tickets for the second night for my sister, Allison, and me. I tried again when tickets went on sale and got nothing besides the 300 levels. We decided to wait and see if more tickets would be released or if we could get some on Stubhub. I found some people selling some, but something always came up and the sale fell through. Most of you know that I surprised my brother with the tickets for his birthday/Christmas. I wrote him a card (x) and recorded him reading it (x). Taylor liked them both and replied to it saying:

She also replied to a video of my David singing, saying:

This made us even more excited for the tour. I started to look around for contests for Gillette because I didn’t think I was going to be able to find anyone selling any tickets for night 2. I found probably about 10 different contests and entered them all everyday. I found the Keds one for the first night, but entered it anyways because it was a meet and greet (As you all probably know, it did end up being changed to a backstage tour). I entered that contest everyday with my name, my two sisters, and both my parents’ names for over a month. So let’s flash forward to June 23rd. I was at work and my sister, Casandra, was out with her friends. She came into work and was like, “I just won tickets and backstage passes to see Taylor Swift from Keds.” I didn’t believe her at first and thought she was just joking. She showed me the email and my dad called them to make sure it was legit. So now I had 2 sets of tickets to the first night and none for the second. Allison and my friend bought the club seats I had for the first night. I finally found someone selling pit tickets to night 2 for my brother and me for face value. Although they were expensive, it was worth every penny seeing how happy my brother was. 

So July 24th and 25th finally came. My brother and I made shirts with both replies on it (Taylor liked a picture of the shirt a few months before the show). The first night came and my sisters, friend, and I got to Gillette around noon (I woke up early that day because I had a nightmare that I missed the concert, only to realize that I actually didn’t, lol). My sister and my tickets and backstage info had to be picked up at will call. We went straight there when we got to Gillette. We wanted to get our tickets as soon as possible because we had no idea where our seats were. We got to will call and our tickets weren’t there. No one had any idea about them either. They told us to come back in a few hours. Everyone else that had won the Keds contest and whose tickets were late to will call got a meet and greet instead of the backstage tour, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up (good thing I didn’t). So we went to have lunch and went back to will call and our tickets still weren’t there. They told us to come back again in an hour, so we went back to my car and charged our phones. The gates opened at 5, so we headed back to will call around 4 and our tickets were finally there. I opened up the envelope and freaked out when I saw where our tickets were. We were right at the catwalk, seats 3 and 4!!! Since my other sister and friend had club seats, they go in their own entrance, so they left to get in line and my sister and I went to find out where we should enter. We were told to meet at 5:15 at section 128/129. We went to the gate to get to that section and they told us that is where we are supposed to enter. The gates opened and we tried to go in, but they were telling us that we couldn’t go in there and had to enter on the floor because we had floor seats, which was on the complete other side of the stadium. It was already almost 5:15 and we didn’t think we would make it in time. We literally RAN the entire stadium and finally got to where we needed to meet. We ended up waiting there for over an hour so we ran there for nothing.. It was also where the meet and greet people lined up, so I saw so many people from Tumblr there. They finally took us in and told us that Taylor Swift’s mom, Andrea, was going to be giving the tour and no one seemed to care, while I was freaking out. The entire time, my sister and I were like running to be right next to her, haha. I explained everything we saw backstage here: (x) When we were backstage, Shawn Mendes was coming to go on stage, and Mama Swift was like, “That’s Shawn coming. Say hi!” And I just saw the security guard so I was like okay?? Hi? Then, I saw Shawn behind him and I was like, wow, I just casually said hi to Shawn Mendes while standing right next to Mama Swift. Then we were walking around backstage, and Shawn had his guitar on and was about to go onstage and I was standing right next to him. I could have just lifted up my arm and touched him, but he was so concentrated and looked nervous, so I didn’t say anything. So the tour ended and Shawn had just gone on stage and we got to take pictures with Mama Swift. I was too nervous and shy, so I didn’t mention anything about Tumblr to her which I have regretted everyday since then.

So the show had already started by the time we got to our seats. Shawn, Vance, and HAIM were all AMAZING. Feel So Close started playing and I started completely freaking out. Taylor came out and I could not believe how close I was. I swear she looked right at me like 10 times. She brought out Walk The Moon and they were so good! The night ended and I couldn’t believe that I get to see it all again the next day. We got home probably around 1 am, but I was too excited to fall asleep, so I didn’t go to bed until close to 3 am. The next morning, I woke up early again. I had decided that since I was so close the night before and I knew that my brother wouldn’t be able to stay in the pit all day, I was going to just be more towards the back of the pit, so we could just enjoy the show and sing and dance. We got to Gillette around 2 and met up with people from Tumblr. I finally got to meet so many people for the first time. The gates finally opened and we were with some family friends who also planned on going to the Taylor Nation booth, so we decided to go together. We went in and they went to scan our tickets, and it said refund and told us to go to customer service. My brother was freaking out and I was just trying to keep my composure, so he wouldn’t freak out even more. After waiting for like 10 minutes, they finally told us that we were just supposed to pick up another set of tickets from will call. So we finally got in and went up to the Taylor Nation booth. We ended up waiting for 2 and a half hours and no one from Taylor Nation was there and we never even got our picture.. We were in line with people from Tumblr, so it was fun to chat with everyone for awhile. We finally got down to the pit and ended up getting a good spot where my brother could see. This was his first concert so he was amazed with it all. He ruined all my videos with his singing, but I don’t even care because he had so much fun. The special guest was MKTO, who I had already seen, but it was nice to see them again.

Once the Gillette shows were over, PCD was sooo real. I really wanted to go to one more show, but I knew my parents would never let me. Jess (@jtmaster13) even offered to buy me a ticket to the Tampa show, but my parents wouldn’t let me go. I knew that the only way I was going to be able to go is if I won tickets. I began looking for contests all over again. I entered ones for just tickets and flyaway ones too. I knew my chances of winning another one was slim to none, but I continued to enter about 10 of them everyday. I found the Xfinity College Sweepstakes which included airfare, hotel, tickets, and spending money. Only college students were eligible to enter, so I entered everyday with my name and my sister’s. Most of the contests ended September 30th and said they would notify the winner by October 1st. I hadn’t gotten any emails by then, so I just assumed that I didn’t win any and it wasn’t meant to be. 

I was in class on October 6th and just refreshed my email as I always do in class to see if my next class got cancelled, lol. I saw an email that said, “Congratulations Kimberly from Xfinity and Fly Away…” and just assumed that it was an email from a college or something because I get emails like that all the time. I exited out of the email and then went back and actually read it and started freaking out. I left class and went to call my parents and sisters. I told a couple people on Tumblr that I knew were going to the show and were trying to help me go to the show. I didn’t want to tell that maybe people until I submitted all the paperwork and it all got approved. I was going to try and keep it a secret until the day of the show, but that didn’t last, lol (If I had already met Taylor before I probably would have, but I wanted to make my tour post for her to see). My dad and sister ended up going down to Tampa with me because my sister was afraid to fly by herself. My sister agreed to wear a costume though, so we dressed up as Red Lip Classic Thing 1 and 2. 

Halloween finally came and we got to the stadium around 4 pm. We met up with so many people from Tumblr and just hung out until the gates opened. It was SOOO HOT out and they ended up opening the gates a little earlier to get us out of the sun. Before they let us in, I told my sister that I wasn’t going to run to Taylor Nation because it was too hot, but once I was in, something came over me and I literally sprinted there, scaling a set of stairs, lol, and managed to get to almost the front of the line. I was so focused on getting to TN that I didn’t even realize that I ran right past Shawn Mendes. My sister and I took our picture and then talked to Kevin and Ali for a little bit. Sierra wasn’t there yet (Kevin said she was stuck in a meeting). After hanging out at TN for awhile, my sister and I walked around the stadium, visiting the Keds booth and stuff. We went down to our seats which were on the floor and waited for Shawn to come on. Shawn played and then Vance, who was dressed as a pirate, and they were both amazing again. Feel So Close started playing and my sister and I started freaking out and everyone around us just stared at us like we were crazy. Once we told them that Taylor comes on after it, they started freaking out with us. We even got on the screen right before Taylor came on. Taylor came on and was absolutely perfect again. She brought out Alessia Cara and absolutely killed that performance. I completely lost it when she was dressed up as Olaf for Style and then brought out Idina Menzel and sang Let It Go. I was freaking out more than the 5 year old next to me. The show ended and I couldn’t believe that that was the last time I would be seeing Taylor for awhile. We left Tampa the next day and I miss it so much. I still can’t believe that I actually went though!

So I doubt any of you actually read all of this and I apologize for how long it is. I just wanted to write it all out, so I would have it to remember how amazing this year was. I would like to thank Keds and Xfinity for both sets of tickets that I won. I can never thank them enough for making all of this happen. I would also like to thank Taylor for everything she has done this year. For releasing an unbelievable album, for putting together the most amazing tour, and for making me feel special. Whether it is on Tumblr or in a crowd of 60,000 people, I have never felt closer to her before. Thank you for always being there for me and making not only me, but also my brother feel special. Thank you again and “I love [you] so much. I really really do!” @taylorswift

My sister is out of her mind because of a decision I made. Did you ever stop for one second and think about what I might be going through?

Laurel Lance being self-centred, yet again, in 4x05

I am 100% done with this character. 

  • Asher: Hey, are you free tomorrow night? Looks like the photos you posted on Facebook have made my sister adamant on her meeting you soon. And seeing as I've already met Logan and Scarlett, I think it's only right you meet Adalyne.

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Please dear God. Post more of the crazy things that happen in Wayne Manor. They are literal gold.

Eh we’ll see if we can make it a monthly thing. I’m about to go home to my family, so I’m sure I’ll come back with lots of inspiration.