i see taemin and minho too

240317 SWC V Dallas

Key told us the story about his costume in Vancouver “MY GUCCI BURNED”
cr: drivebydmtn

Key was saying he took off his clothes & his stylist left it on a lightning device & it went up in flames 
Key: My Gucci burned.. I wondered what the burning smell was. It was my Gucci.
cr: yeolstyle

(next ment)
Taemin was sayin he hasn’t had time to relax & Key interjects “& my Gucci burned in Canada” 
Taemin: We’re not talking abt that 🤣
cr: yeolstyle

Key sees his next costume: “Oh my god, I hate this set.” The coat is too stiff.
Minho: “I like my coat, it’s soft.”
cr: marlubsGD

The SHINee fanboy just screamed and Jonghyun and Key immediately noticed him and got excited. “It’s you right?”
cr: yeolstyle

Taemin: It’s like war over there. 😂(Talking about backstage, changing costume)
cr: sheiwol

Onew: Our next song is Selene 6.23. (in the cutest possible way with his arm at the back of his head)
cr: sheiwol

Key: I was worried about the weather bec it was raining again.
cr: sheiwol

Jonghyun: I hope this becomes memorable for you bec it’s our first concert in the states.
cr: sheiwol

Minho: english very good me too (Minho’s so cute trying to keep up with Kibum lmfao)
cr: shineeh8r

Jjong and Onew are saying how their American tour is going really well 😢 they’re so happy
cr: yeolstyle

Key jokingly said our Korean must be better than his and Minho said “and English better than mine”
cr: yeolstyle

Key didn’t turn his mic off when back stage so people heard him complaining about his outfit lmaooo
cr: yeolstyle

Jonghyun: it was all because of your big cheers that we could finish the concert well. This is our second time in Dallas. I hope that if you cheer more, we can produce more great music.
cr: trashyjongtae

Taemin: I’m very happy that we could perform on this huge stage and visit Dallas for a second time. From this I hope we can come back again.
cr: trashyjongtae

idk about u guys but sometimes i rly think about this pic
i cant believe this photoshoot remains a mystery

cred:  @maxine_0605 (ig account has gone private)

musicluver415  asked:

Hi, your stuff is great!! Can you do a shinee at the club? Thank you!!!

hullos bebs! let’s see shinee get down ….. down, down, down, view (tbh i know that’s not the lyrics but i can’t stop myself) 


  • his motions are pretty limited to shuffling around with a drink in his hand
  • but after a few (many, like so many) drinks………………………….did you know onew can twerk 
  • you can’t look away, take it in. take in onew in all his glory 
  • key has it all on video too and posts it in the group chat very often (onew: I AM NEVER DRINKING. AGAIN.)
  • absolutely knows that his body is going to be destroyed tomorrow but yolo
  • sweating a lot bc it’s hot af in the club and he is wearing a sweater 
  • can’t find his drink or man


  • sitting at a booth with nursing a whiskey and bobbing his head to the music
  • *thinking to himself* i probably look so aesthetic rn 
  • when the members pull him out of his corner to dance, becomes kim wiggly, inventor of the wiggle
  • the lights are blinding him tbh 
  • weaving through the crowd: “yes hello drunk people, just trying to find the bathroom” 
  • does exaggerated versions of taemin’s bom bom boms 


  • his body rolls could kill a man 
  • went up to the dj booth to request a song, becomes the dj (”hello my lil freaks HOW YOU DOING TONIGHT!!?!”) 
  • smokey eye on point and holy shit he looks fkin unreal under flashing lights
  • he knows it too and smirks at people gaping at him 
  • and then on the dance floor he does shit like that super ultra power shuffling from 321, limbs flailing, kim kibum doesn’t give a flying fuck he’s gonna have a GOOD TIME


  • whispers SHINEE’S BACK when they enter (onew: we’ve never been to this club before / minho: can you just? / onew: you can’t lie to the fans minho can’t do that)
  • yells v loudly when they put on juju on that beat
  • moves his arms a lot even when not dabbing 
  • apologizing all night bc he keeps bumping into people 
  • orders several bottles of champagne with sparklers!!!!!! bc going out and having fun with friends is a celebration and they’re going to celebrate dammit


  • drifts away from the group a lot bc lee taemin is meant to be solo 
  • befriends all the bouncers and bathroom attendant (his name was steve and they took a picture together he’ll upload it if he ever gets an insta) 
  • TEARING UP the dance floor 
  • he’s all sweaty limbs and he’s smiling so brightly!!! bc wow he’s just cutting loose and just moving completely to the rhythm 
  • people made a circle so he could have more space and are just standing around him watching bc he’s just so fluid 
  • is his pelvis in anyway connected to his body???? how does it move like that 
  • needs to drink water asap

honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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On the eve before the commencement of the north american leg of shinee world v I wish to take this time to express my gratitude towards every single shawol who has patiently waited over and throughout the years for this very moment to occur, and to thank those of you for never losing hope, but for fully believing that we too would get the opportunity to see shinee in our continent.

[22/11/16] SHINee @ BNR

                     Compiled from Minhole, Zoeyyy, 2505S5INee

                                              (Very Long Post)

J: Why’s everyone so tired?
O: I filmed a variety show before this..
Taemin said he did one today and another yday and didn’t sleep well.
Minho had schedules since 4am and was busy the whole day.
Key had a gathering with his staff from Drinking solo since they didn’t get a chance to and he was still feeling drunk.

The choreo was made such that they could use a hand mic when they usually use head mic.  

Taemin participated in making the choreo
T: I tried to include emotional movements.
J: member who gives that feeling best?
T: .kibum?
T:i think its me..?

Onew wrote “Beautiful Life” lyrics before “So Amazing”.  

J: Logo song from Coffee boy
M: I thought that was Onew hyung
O: Oh, I don’t even remember I recorded the logo song?  

Minho fire car scene
T: it feels like i’m killing Minho hyung
M: why did you kill me?
T: I felt bad as i was running towards i don’t know whether to feel bad or happy. 

Roles in MV
K: Driver.
O: loner.  

(Kibum asking Minho to buy him another car)
Minho: I’ll buy you a car but I’ll take a house from you
Taemin: I’ll take both Minho and Key  

Before playing “Rescue”
J: there’s a “Ah” in the song, whose voice is it? We shall talk about it after playing the song.
*all start guessing*
J: all of us recorded the “Ah” part, so, we might have to contact the sound engineer to check. So, we can’t give the answer right away.   

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anonymous asked:

I discovered this blog on Tuesday and I've been checking it for updates EVERY DAY I'm OBSESSED and even showed my best friend. Could you do SHINee at IKEA? I can't remember if you've done it yet lol

you are too cute anon! i’m so glad you and your best friend are enjoying!! also I LOVE IKEA what a weird magical swedish wonderland 


  • must sit on every sofa 
  • judges them like some sort of sofa connoisseur “ah yes, just the right amount of squish and support for the butt”  
  • keeps pretending to live in every display 
  • unpopular opinion: swedish meatballs are just ok 
  • sitting on the flatbed cart while members push him grinning like a damn fool 


  • complaining that no one’s room looks like this
  • is that a jar of hay
  • looking forward to getting an ice cream cone on the way out 
  • oh there it is
  • he was wrong, they were just here he could tell by the impractically small stools 
  • “found this lil plant i love it it’s mine” 


  • before entering chants “kibum you will not buy things you don’t need you will NOT BUY things you don’t need!!!!!!!!!”
  • buys a stuffed broccoli, a shower curtain, and two of those plastic garbage cans that everyone has (”dammit kibum why have you lost all control over your life YOUR SHOWER HAS A GLASS DOOR FOR GOD’S SAKE”) 
  • crawls into a bedset with a fluffy duvet cover 
  • “i live here now”


  • failing very hard at pronouncing the names
  • “if we pool our money and don’t eat for the next month, we can redo our kitchen” 
  • found a HUGE picture of a scribbly cat?? not really sure what it is?? (minho: ”hahaha hey guys look how ugly this is” / shinee: “hahah omg” / minho: *looks at it again* “i must have it”) 
  • buys a set of 100 forks 


  • there is too much furniture, they all look the same, he is overwhelmed 
  • turns “on” all the faucets of every sink he sees bc he knows it’ll bug someone eventually 
  • chaotic evil 
  • “that’s a really big fridge” ….. “wonder if i could fit in there” 
  • he can
  • bye taemin


  • everyone looks at their purchases in the sunlight and they’re like damn you ikea and your strange magnetic power 
Golden Prince

Title: golden prince

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Taemin always lived seen by others, living to the expectations of the king and by the rules of the queen. His curiousness got him closer to what he thought was heaven, but oh, Taemin doesn’t know hell yet.

Chapter I

Curiousness is one of the many traits that kids share at the beginning of their lives. Obviously, if you’re new to everything around you, you’ll want to know why, when, where and how things got there. Most kids do dangerous things, like playing with fire or trying to jump from somewhere high, but Taemin was too taken care off to ever do that. After all, the man with the dark eyes had been born in silk sheets and around a thousand diamond rings, the name Lee Taemin given to him, but never said without his real self. The prince, also known as the golden prince. Why? You might ask, and Taemin did ask himself that a thousand times, but he never got an answer until he was old enough, knowing that his destiny was written before he ever was born.

The country was his.

And he hates it.

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SHINee Reaction || Girlfriend Randomly Says “I Love You” In Her Own Language And They Get Confused But You Teasingly Refuse To Translate It
Similar Reactions:

| Monsta X | BTS |


“Yeah, me too! … I think? … What did you say?”
*You refuse to translate anything for him*
“… I hope it was something sweet”


*After many tries of convincing you to tell him what it means*
“Say it again, I’ll just translate it myself!”


“What did you say? You’re not gonna tell me?“
“I see how it is, I can use languages too…    RAhsdrAF DFSNKSA (and other alien rubbish to get you to tell him)~!!”


“Well, that’s fine, I know Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English anyways”


“Excuse me? You won’t tell me?”


SHINee reaction: Their kid(s) wake them up by jumping on their bed (request by anon)

Originally posted by mintokkies

Minho: “OMO! I must be the luckiest man alive to see such beautiful/handsome faces first thing in the morning!”

Originally posted by dearmyfairyboy

Key: *pouts cutely* “No, no, no! I don’t care how cute you act! I am NOT getting out of bed this early!”

Originally posted by shineemoon

Jonghyun: *one kid comes in and jumps on the bed* “Haha, you’re too cute sweetie!” *another kid comes running in and jumps on the bed, landing REALLY near his crotch* “OH NO NO NO! NO MORE JUMPING CHILDREN!”

Originally posted by shawollet

Taemin: *Looks at his kids lovingly* “How did I get so lucky to get such amazing children?”

Originally posted by jinki-ache

Onew: *his kid starts acting silly* “‘Omo, you’re so cute! I want to wake up like this every morning!”

I hope you liked it!!! ~Em <3

(official) 170103 shinee world japan board — shinee new year comment

(onew: everyone from shinee world j, hello, we are shining shinee! happy new year! everyone, a new year has already arrived.
everyone: right!
onew: did you catch a cold? have you listened a lot to our track “winter wonderland” which really suits winter? in 2016, we approached our 5th year in japan, it has been a significant one!
jonghyun: yes, that’s right. even when i try to reflect about it, since we met up with you all a lot, i think that it has been full of enjoyable memories. we had our 4th tour, and were able to perform in tokyo dome for two years now. moreover, we were also able to perform in kyocera dome.
taemin: yes, and we also had a korean live here in japan. we were full of activities in both korea and japan respectively. i also had a solo debut in japan, and it really gave me strength to hear the cheers from everyone from shinee world j everywhere for whatever we did. thank you so much!
minho: in 2017, we will immediately start our arena tour this month! this year we will be able to perform in many more places compared to the last, and when i think that we will be able to meet a lot, i get excited! is it the same feeling for you all?
key: so that you will be able to have a good time, we are preparing hard. please just wait for a little more. please come to see us a lot! 2016 too has been a year full of memories with you, but we want to make even more with you in 2017.
onew: please look forward to shinee this year, too! this has been shining…
everyone: shinee!)

translated by romanceboys / source

jjonghugs  asked:

Can you pls make one of shinee having a crush on someone in high-school setting?

yes ma’am  ^▽^ hope you like it!


  • made the mistake of telling shinee
  • will never hear the end of it ever 
  • “there’s something wrong with me i get panicky when i see them” / minho: you have a crush / “this is terrible look at my hands i couldn’t even leave class yesterday bc i couldn’t open the door bc they were too sweaty I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS” 
  • trips a lot more often but who knows if the crush is causation or just correlation 


  • doodling hearts in the margins of his notes
  • talks to his mom and sodam about them 
  • can see actual hearts in the air when he talks about them and he talks about them ALL THE TIME
  • tries to play it off as casual but when hearing crush’s name or their voice turns the color of a tomato and c’mon jong it’s so obvious 
  • scribbling sad love songs all the time 
  • dramatic af 
  • mono-drama on repeat 


  • upgraded his clothing game more 
  • “are you wearing cologne” / key: “no shut up you’re wearing cologne also stop smelling me??” 
  • high-pitched nervous laughter
  • “but will my dogs like them?????”
  • planned entire life together in his head  


  • subtly finagles his way into sitting next to them/being their partner in lab bc he’s smooth like that 
  • cups his hands around his mouth and announces his love to crush in a crowded hallway (“HEY *crush name* I LIKE YOU!!!!”) rinse and repeat until someone (him or crush or rest of shinee tbh) dies of embarrassment 
  • ears are RED as hell but keeps it together!!!!!


  • stares at them all the time when they’re not looking
  • goes out of his way to ignore them
  • what are words and mouthtalking 
  • actually moonwalked away from them once
  • you can’t moonwalk away from your feelings forever tae (*from a distance* “I CAN TRY”)
You have a secret tattoo (SHINEE)

Onew: -he saw the cute little music note that rested behind your ear and he loved it. Not many people knew that you had one but when he was sitting next to you he would move your hair and tucked it behind your ear to look at it- “you know baby me and you should get matching ones”

Jonghyun: -you had gotten a tattoo on your breast awhile back and you didn’t tell him. So when you were getting changed at in his room and he happened to look up at see your chest and the rose tattoo that was on it- “excuse me you let another person touch your boobs other than me and you?”

Key: -you had gotten a tattoo of a meaningful quote on your collarbone when you were young so it was kind of something you thought people would notice. But Kibum only saw when you bent down to get something and he looked at your chest and the ink caught his eyes- “um babe what does that say? Your tattoo”

Minho: -you had gotten a tattoo on your foot and he only caught it because he saw your show was untied and bent down to tie it back up when he could see ink peaking out from the tongue of the shoe- “hey baby what’s tattoo on your foot? 

Taemin: -you went drinking last night and woke up with with a tattoo. So when you got home Taemin lightly smacked your butt as you walked passed him and watched you groan in pain. He got worried- “Did I hit you too hard baby or are we going to talk about the fact you got a tattoo on your butt cheek last night? I only know cause you sent me a picture”

When Key leaves SHINee alone for the weekend...
  • Key: So I'll see you guys when I get back from the fashion show
  • Onew: Okay. I'm in charge, right? *raises hand in the air with a fake sword while sitting on a J-Horse*
  • Key: What the heck is J-Hope from BTS doing in our living room?
  • Jonghyun: what
  • Taemin: what
  • Minho: what
  • J-Horse: what
  • Onew: He agreed to be my pet horse
  • Minho: why J-Hope. why.
  • Key: ... let him go back to his own dorm, Onew hyung
  • Onew: b-but... my horse...
  • Minho: Hyung, let him go
  • Onew: ... fine... *rides J-Horse out of the dorm*
  • Taemin: anyway, so who's in charge?
  • Jonghyun: come on guys, we all know I should be in charge *rips off shirt sleeves and flexes biceps*
  • Minho: *Shakes head* obviously it won't be either of you
  • Taemin: I think we all know I should be in charge. *does aegyo and fangirls swarm* See?
  • Key: *Shoos fangirls away* maybe I should get a babysitter?
  • Jonghyun: Just leave. We're not kids and we're older than you
  • Key: ...fine. Don't make me regret this later *glares at all of them before heading out of the dorm*
  • ~ After Key leaves~
  • Taemin: Soo... Who's in charge...?
  • Onew: Key didn't really make that clear.
  • Jonghyun: Why don't we battle to see who's worthy?
  • Minho: *sighs* How about we all just do our own thing? We don't have to have anyone in charge...
  • Jonhyun: Minho lost already! *flexes biceps again in a suggestive way*
  • Taemin: I have a better chance than either of you! You'll be sorry you ever thought you could win!
  • Jonghyun: Yah, I'm your hyung! Do not talk to me like that.
  • Onew: Oh, let the kid be. We can drop honorifics for this. Rock-paper-sissors to decide what we do for battle.
  • Minho: I'm calling a babysitter...
  • ~ Two days later ~
  • Minho: *locked in the closet* when the heck is Hyung getting back...
  • Minho: No one's gonna do that
  • Onew: that's what YOU think, but when I have you all in animal suits eating chicken, you'll think differently
  • Taemin: ...what
  • Minho: Key Hyung is getting back today, you know
  • Onew: He can join in, too!
  • Taemin: ... wait, is Minho in the closet?
  • Onew: yes
  • Taemin: why??
  • Onew: because he called chicken stupid and threatened to stick it up my-
  • Taemin: OKAY, I got it, Hyung
  • Key: *Dramatically opens door* I'm ba-why is the dorm a mess?
  • Minho: *muffled from the closet* oh, well those three idiots had a battle to see who would be in charge. They just finished...
  • Key: Is Minho in the closet?
  • O & T: Yes
  • Key: Why?
  • Onew: Because he threatened to stick chicken up my-
  • Taemin: No, don't repeat it!
  • Key: ... I'm never leaving you guys alone again.
  • Jonghyun: *jumps out from under a sea of cushions* But you have to!
  • Key: AHHH! What was that?!?!?!
  • Jonghyun: the dinosaur. Rawwrrr
  • Key: ...
  • Taemin: I don't understand what we did wrong.
  • Onew: We just had a friendly battle.
  • Key: ...
  • Minho: *now out of the closet because magic* I'm the only normal one *pulls a pickle out of back pocket*
  • Key: ... wtf you guys
  • -Admins Jongie and Jinnie
  • (This is actually on the wrong account xD this was meant to go on my Kpop scenarios blog *lol-Kpop-scenarios*, but due to trouble with posting it, I'm leaving it on this account)
To the best author, Goomiho

I know that nobody cares about what I’m about to say, but I need to say it.

Today, I’ve lost something really important.

I was at work and my friends sent me a message:
“Hey… goomiho left livejournal”

With those four words came a Hurricane.

She was gone. For good.

And I felt like crying.

Because it is not another author living the fictional world. They are my dreams fading away.

I truly think that we are what we read. And we dream what we are.
And I dreamed what she wrote.

And suddenly, I realized than more than stories, she wrote pieces of dreams.
Dreams that kept me awake at night. That kept me alive during day. That made me believe that love could exist and that art still had a chance in this world.

She made me laugh and cry. She made me believe and hope. And, suddenly, what she wrote became pieces of me. I was not reading anymore, I was living her words, feeling the characters pain and breathing the same air, praying for the same things.

So today, I’m not asking her to comeback. I would never. I have too much faith on her and respect for her. I’ll support every choice, without even knowing her.

Today, I’m her to ask for a chance to say how much she made our lives brighter. How she implanted little stars in our lonely nights. To tell her how I’m envious of her talent. And how I’ll miss her words.

Today, I’m here to ask everyone to relay my words to her. If you have the chance and honor of knowing her, please, let her know that somewhere, there’s someone who wants to tell her a last goodbye. Tell her one last time how, just with some sentences, she changed a mind.

Please, If you know her, let her know that I’ll be waiting for a sign, just a chance to say how thankful I am.

Today, I still think of you as my favorite author. To me, you are better than Musso, better than every other I’ve read. And in a few years, when my kids will ask me how I started to love reading, I’ll just tell them that once upon a time, I’ve read some beautiful tale, where a prince fell in love with a one-night lonely boy.

So if you see her, tell her that I’ll be waiting for a chance to tell her “thank you”.

PS: Dear Goo, you broke my heart two times. I’ve never been able to read the last chapter of “Rare Innocence”. Because I was crying way too much. I couldn’t see the last bit of faith I had die in front of my own eyes. (As I’m writing it my eyes are crying again). I wasn’t able to see him die. And I always told my friends: “One day, I’ll be able to read it. I’ll be strong enough to accept it.”

But it seems like I will never be able to face the truth?

Thank you.

Shawols have every right to be extra and praise SHINee in various ways. Why?

1. SM finally giving them the promos they deserve!
2. We aren’t putting down or comparing other groups to SHINee.
3. SHINee amplified us being extra by using OT5/5HINee/5QUAD against us.
4. We aren’t shoving SHINee down others throats, in their faces or up their asses. (Like legit Shawols are shoving SHINee in Shawols faces tbh)
And lastly
5. We stay in our own lane??? And if a fellow Shawol swerves left or right we make sure they get back in the damn lane.)

SHINee Aesthetics

Onew - jackets with soft lining, fairy lights, blanket forts, waking up early to see the sunrise, jumping in puddles

Jonghyun - scented candles, paper lanterns, staying up late, spiral staircases, brand new pens

Key - campfires, spontaneous roadtrips, polaroids, ice cream cones, a field of wildflowers

Minho - coffee, chilly spring mornings, stargazing, white wine, ocean sounds

Taemin - hot chocolate, snowflakes, black and white, greenhouses, movie nights

thegrumpykitty  asked:

Your post are immensely entertaining, and I usually identify with taemin in them. Thanks for running an awesome blog! Could you do SHINee at a fireworks show? If you haven't done anything similar yet.

thank you baby! ah yes taemin our adorable lil derp, he’s always so much fun to write^^ and fireworks are so beautiful aren’t they?


  • takes very blurry pics to send to his mom 
  • also can’t really get the timing right
  • keeps getting shots of the fireworks before they explode 
  • ducked when the show first started bc he forgot for a moment that they were waiting for fireworks and the noise scared the shit out of him 
  • points at the sky
  • “it’s us!!!!! …. exploding…. wait maybe not” 


  • his mouth is open the entire time bc he is gaping at the sky (minho: you’re going to catch flies / jong: *shuts his mouth for 2.3 seconds and then opens it again bc A BIG ONE went off*) 
  • says wah~~~ after every single one and keeps nudging members next to him and pointing as if they’re not watching too (taemin: yes i saw it we are all seeing it together) 
  • whenever there’s a pause gets nervous that it’s over but LIGHTS up again when there’s more 


  • pulls knees to chest and hums firework by katy perry 
  • realizes that everyone else is humming it too (key: wait did i start a chain reaction / taemin: omg is that why that song’s stuck in my head??)
  • takes a candid pic of the members 
  • it looks good, grumbles that he’s not in it 
  • always feels a lil sad after the finale 
  • but he bought sparklers!!!
  • holds his a little far from him bc the sparks kinda worry him ngl 


  • “they should just set ALL of them off at once / jong: *wide eyes* that would be too much… the ultimate sparkle
  • points sparkler at onew 
  • “SHINEE” 
  • ot4: oh no 
  • now shinee is running around yelling expelliarmus at each other 


  • “i’m gonna promote my concert by just shooting fireworks that say TAEMIN every night over the han river so that world is showered with my name” 
  • keeps making circles with his hands imitating the explosions when the fireworks go off 
  • it doesn’t seem like he realizes that he’s doing that 
  • key: water you doing / taemin: ?? *looks down at hands* jazz hands i guess?? 
  • REALLY wants to buy real fireworks and set them off too 
  • gets one of those mini firecrackers and is severely disappointed by the lame sparks 

Pairing: Minho/Key
Rating: PG
Length: 1.2k
Warnings: super crack-ish, attempts at humor. But no real warnings. 

Summary: Jonghyun is hell-bent on getting Minho and Key together.

“What if we push them under the mistletoe?” Jonghyun asked quietly. He, along with Jinki and Taemin, was watching how Minho and Kibum talked intimately in a corner of the apartment. The two of them were so meant to be, it was no longer funny how frustratingly obvious it was.

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