i see stars

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~Pierce the veil
~Bring me the horizon
~Motionless in white
~Real Friends
~We are the in crowd
~Being as an ocean
~Bless the fall
~La dispute
~As it is
~Neck deep
~All time low
~The Amity affliction
~The 1975
~The word alive
~Sleeping with sirens
~Crown the empire
~Chunk! No, captain chunk!
~Joel Faviere
~Imagine dragons
~American authors
~Of mice and men
~Escape the fate
~Falling in reverse
~Fall out boy
~I see stars
~A day to remember
~Get scared
~We came as romans


Bring Me The Horizon: No matter how fucked you get, it’s always there when you come back down!

Crown The Empire: We must be more than just machines. So let them hear our hearts!

The Amity Affliction: Hold on. Don’t say that it’s over.

Memphis May Fire: Is our generation too blind to see true beauty lies beneath the skin

I See Stars: I’m a whole lot different than I look on the outside

Of Mice & Men: Don’t let the world bring you down. There’s always hope for the willing!

Asking Alexandria: We can’t surrender. We won’t surrender!

All Time Low: Give me a therapy, I’m a walking travesty.. But I’m smiling at everything.

Pierce The Veil: Darling, you’ll be okay.

Issues: I hope you make peace with your pain and never lose your flames 

Beartooth: Keep living loud and proud! They never can hold you down!

The Color Morale: Oh, we’re not okay, but this is not the end yet!

It’s more than music.. It’s help.