i see so many people on here hate high school and while i didnt

college bf!jinyoung

req: collage bf!bae jinyoung au please? im in love with your writings!!!💕💕💕

a/n: special thanks to xuan @hwinkinghwi for the dope mb,, and tho i hate to admit it,, yes baejin looks good in a beret

  • major: early childhood education
  • honestly has no idea what to do with his life, but daehwi told him that he was very good with children so he listened lmao
  • this may or may not have been inspired by w1go
  • when he first stepped into the classroom, all the female students swooned, because its rare to find male students in that major
  • even rarer to find such handsome guys in early childhood education
  • needless to say, all of them shoved him their phone numbers, and when he reached home, he threw them all away LOL
  • honour roll student back in high school, and of course, valedictorian AND voted #1 cutest boy in the cohort?? oh yes good
  • people often doubt his ability with children, like,, with that face of yours, shouldn’t you be in mass media or fashion?
  • but jinyoung can calm a crying baby in less than 5 seconds and he just impressed all of his professors and lecturers
  • and also the ability to make children happy in just 1 action of his ggugguggagga
  • and no,, it isnt cute,, its just him badly imitating jihoon and his face does the scrunching thing,, children love it and find it amusing
  • able to master any baby sitting trick in just one glance and repeats it perfectly
  • now, lets imagine,, jinyoung cradling a 6-month old infant and singing a lullaby for him to sleep
  • walking around and swaying to mimick the movement of a rocking cradle
  • youre welcome
  • honestly,, jinyoung and babies are the next otp to biscuit wafers and chocolate aka kitkats everyong reference hah im so funny
  • a1 theory student, able to memorise a 101 page long lecture note in one week, and gets full marks in every test
  • also in the school’s dance club, dances fairly well, though very underrated
  • lowkey popular?? but only amongst people who have had classes with him,, is also very lowkey about his life
  • you, on the other hand, a vetinary major
  • the only major which actually gives you an excuse to avoid human interaction
  • to you, animals are true to themselves and dont lie, arent snakes like humans
  • you have a 2 dogs at home, a poodle and a maltese, which gave birth to tiny maltipoo puppies which were absolutely adorable
  • you even have 2 guinea pigs,,, your mother was about to chase you out of home because of the number of pets you have
  • an avid animal lover, the worst part of your major was to put down sick animals, you really hated that the animals were left with no choice but to die
  • anyhow, one day your professor asked you to bring some puppies over to the early childhood section
  • you wanted to question why they needed the puppies but you just kept quiet
  • so you brought over 2 golden retriver puppies, one in each hand
  • you didnt have enough hands to open the door for yourself, so you had to use your foot to gently kick it open
  • you were greeted with a room full of toys, and a mirror on one side
  • you were puzzled, but someone then came in after you
  • it was this boy, in blonde-brown hair, carrying a toddler in his arms
  • he looked way better than most of your classmates, to be honest
  • you regretted not removing your ugly white doctor’s jacket, and your hair was up in a messy bun, with your round rimmed glasses resting on your nose bridge
  • you were far from presentable, and that boy looked ready to walk on a runway in a simple pullover and jeans
  • “i–uh… professor lee told me to bring over these 2 puppers here, yeah.” you stuttered
  • “ah, thank you so much, i need them for a study, but dont worry, the kid wont harm them.” he smiled, as he let the toddler in his arms familiarise himself with the puppies
  • you nodded your head, then joined him at his seat at the side of the room
  • “uh, when can i return the puppies…”
  • “jinyoung”
  • “jinyoung-ssi?”
  • “i dont need them for very long actually,” jinyoung said while scribbling down notes on his clipboard, “just about 15 minutes…”
  • “y/n”
  • “y/n-ssi.”
  • you bit your lip, as much as jinyoung was handsome, he seemed cold and unapproachable
  • you wanted to make small talk but seeing how engrossed he was in his task you decided not to disturb him and observe along with him
  • after about 15 minutes, jinyoung stopped writing and approached the toddler to tell him they had to go
  • obviously the toddler didn’t want to, and threw a tantrum
  • jinyoung calmly tried to calm him down, but the tantrums got worse
  • so you had to step in and tell the toddler that he could visit the vetinary department anytime to see the puppies, in the kid voice you picked up from your brother when he tried to calm his crying son
  • the toddler stopped crying, much to jinyoung’s surprise
  • “this hyung right here will give you candy if you behave well and listen to him!”
  • “wha–”
  • “really?”
  • “really. right, jinyoung?”
  • jinyoung gulped, “yeah, i will.”
  • you winked at jinyoung, while carrying the two puppies
  • “i thought you would be better than me at this, jinyoung-ssi.”
  • jinyoung turned bright red, and laughed sheepishly, “yeah, i guess you’re good with kids, y/n-ssi.”
  • and that was prolly the last thing you heard from jinyoung after you left
  • you had to calm your beating heart as soon as you dropped off the puppies
  • you thought it would be your last time meeting jinyoung, but no fam heaven has loads more in store for you
  • you liked to do your work/study at macdonalds’ ,just because the smell of food motivates you
  • of course, with a mountain of french fries by your side and a large green tea
  • you have an insane addiction to french fries, you reckon you are gonna die of hypertension before the age of 40
  • but all’s good because you do exercise regularly, aka chasing after animals
  • one day you had way too many assignments, and your roommate being a light sleeper, you decided to complete it at macdonalds’ 
  • you were on your 5th packet of french fries and 3rd cup of coffee
  • at this point you were about to just drop dead but the assignment was worth alot on your grade
  • and you had to get that 4.0 gpa
  • suddenly Likey came on your playlist, and you had to jam to it
  • because its a bop guys pls support twice
  • and doing the likey choreography
  • “you’re good at dancing”
  • you got the biggest shock of your life, seeing jinyoung settle down on the seat opposite you with a tray of his meal
  • you also cursed at your luck, always looking at your worst in front of jinyoung
  • “n-no.. i cant really dance ahahahahAHHAHA”
  • “what are you doing?” jinyoung peeked from behind your laptop screen, “assignment?”
  • “yeah… i’ve got a presentation on thursday too.”
  • “does that mean you get off campus early?” jinyoung asked with his mouth full
  • “yeah, i guess.”
  • “do you want to, perhaps go on a date after your presentation?”
  • you stopped typing momentararily, “a date?”
  • “yeah, i want to thank you for helping me out that day.” 
  • you slumped, you thought he was actually asking for a date-date
  • “and also,, i think you’re kinda cute–”
  • your eyes widened, as your face blushed at jinyoung’s sudden confession
  • and that was how the both of you got together HAHAH
  • very abrupt im sorry
  • jinyoung would wait for you at the lobby of the dorms to walk to campus together
  • and go for a quick coffee run
  • barista!ong would shoot jinyoung playful winks and glances, and jinyoung will never patronise the cafe again 
  • macdonalds’ dates,, be it with homework or without homework
  • his lectures always end earlier than yours,, or maybe its just that he blasted off after his lectures to not keep you waiting
  • most of the time, its the latter
  • would ask you loads of questions
  • “how is your course like?”
  • “are animals more well behaved than children?”
  • “do you need to bribe them to listen to you?”
  • literally the type of bf that just walked out of a manga… like he is literally nunbuseyo shining shining without even trying fam
  • your presence would never fail to bring a smile on his face
  • would pinch your cheeks whenever he feels like it
  • lowkey annoying but you know he loves you
  • “why is my aegi so cute?!?!?!?”
  • “jinyounf plsf sthop”
  • your number 1 hypeman too
  • likes to see you in shambles(messy hair,no makeup, oversized outfits) because “no makeup aegi is the best”
  • has a habit of calling you aegi bc youre smaller than him makes no sense im sorry
  • often does the nose scrunch when he is in concentration which is super cute
  • yall know what im talking about
  • buys iced tea for you in the summer and hot tea in the winter
  • lowkey clingy and gets jealous easily
  • but most of the time he would be messing w you,, always ending it off with, “i’m just kidding, aegi”
  • whenever you’re stressed while doing work or anything he would have the 7th sense lol and immediately cuddle you with no warning and sometimes you end up having to rush your assignments bc jinyoung distracts you too much
  • when jinyoung gets stressed, he often bites his lips to one point it started to bleed
  • and you had to help him nurse the wound rip 
  • then sneaks a kiss to your lips,,
  • “my lips would heal immediately like that”
  • thats how your first kiss went lol
  • tbh jinyoung is hella shamless as contary to his image
  • but overall a sweet and caring boyfriend that loves skinship
Dyslexic Lance headcanons

by the way, did i mention i headcanon Lance as being dyslexic as heck? because i do. here we go

(these may or may not be based off my own experiences tbh)

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anonymous asked:

Hey Andy!! I was just wondering why you decided not to pursue art as a career or go to art school?? I’m kinda of stuck between going for law (for more practical reasons) and art so I was wondering if you could give any advice? Thanks so much!! :) also I really wanted to say that I absolutely loveeeeee the way u draw BNHA characters, the original style and yours are just really compatible?? Hehe have a great day!!

Hey anon! Oh…ooh man lol ok why don’t you pull up a chair and sit down cos here we go:

I ended up doing an academic degree because 1) high school me thought I wasn’t good enough for art school and that I’d never make it in an art industry or be able to support myself/have stability, 2) I figured I could go back later to study it? 3) I had NO idea what to do with my life? I was ok back then with just drawing as a hobby. I got good grades across all my subjects and enjoyed several at school so ended up studying Economics since it seemed like a safe/flexible option at the time lol

Anyway to cut a long story short, I landed a very lucrative graduate job offer in my second year of college, realised I actually fucking hated economics and that it was a load of uninteresting BS to me at a higher level, almost gave up drawing forever, graduated this June, started working and realise…I think I actually DO want to do art as a career after all? Maybe? I don’t know??? Maybe find a middle ground with a creative-ish day job and then freelance illustrate on the side? HAHAHA HOLY CRAP THE EXISTENTIAL CRISIS IS REAL. WHAT AM I DOING… WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR ADVICE…I’m the one who needs it more than anything

IDK where I’m going with this but I think…everyone’s path in life is different and you need to figure out what’s important to you, what your goals are, what’s the best option given your financial situation etc (because let’s be real, schooling and life is expensive and our generation needs to kill the idea of “selling out” because a lot of us are in so much debt already jeez). However, you won’t know this right away, maybe not even till you graduate! I’m in that position now and I’m legit just floundering around trying to get my life together and disentangle what I want out of life from what parents/society/friends/your faculty tell you, whilst trying to support myself and move out of home. It’s super hectic and scary but I had some friends who reassured me that’s fairly normal and it takes a while to work things out! Law is a solid degree that will open many career options for you once you graduate - but it’s also extremely tough. Remember that at the end of the day, money is nice and it’s important to support yourself, but your mental health is equally so. I realise that even if I’m being paid crazy amounts, it’s not worth staying at a job if I’m miserable 24/7 you know? So I’m giving myself the next 1-2 years to work,  improve my art and see if I can figure out where to go next bc right now I have no idea LOOOL

College is what you make of it and tbh I feel like in THIS day and age, your degree choice is not a prison sentence into a single industry for life. Pick something you think you’d be able to stomach for however long your bachelors is and figure out the rest as you go. Society, parents & uni environment can put crippling pressure on kids to go into a certain field or have all your career aspirations mapped out at 19-20 (I felt that, and now I realise how shitty it was), which is total crap. 

Where am I even going with this lmfao ok. Let’s put it this way. I don’t regret my college experience overall because it was a choice I made myself (parents would’ve supported me no matter what I did), I went through lots of personal change and also am fortunate enough to have a very stable/well paid job straight out of uni whilst I figure out what to do with my life, but at the end of the day, you will change and learn what you like/dislike as you grow up! So don’t worry too much, you’re not boxing yourself in and you can still get an art job even if you didn’t do an art degree, as long as you put in the work yourself. College is scary but also lots of fun, so don’t panic too much! You have your entire life ahead of you and if you realise you wanna change paths after graduating and entering a field, that’s cool. You’ll be fine. Sorry this is not even advice just me spilling my leadup to my existential crisis and being preachy but yeah haha I’m probably not the best person to ask about this. 

Good luck! Talk to lots of other people/do research about certain careers and degree courses too - if you’re proactive it’ll be helpful. For example, I also thought of pursuing law at school, went to an insight day with professionals and realised it was Definitely Not For Me 😂, but for some things you’ll just have to try them out and see how you feel once you get there! Sorry for the unhelpful rambly essay it’s 2am…and thanks for your kind words about my art! That really means a lot. *hugs you* 

Headcannons for the boys when Netflix started trending

I’m gonna rant real quick idk wtf happened but apparently this didn’t post last night so Here It Is Now

-I think we all know it took some persuasion from Pony to invest in an account but after a while he gave in and got the up to four screens at a time pack

-Was highkey pissed when all the boys started freeloading off of it

-He’s all comfy in bed at like 9:30 getting ready to watch OISNB and he gets the message on his tv telling him that too many people are watching at once
-He checks who’s using HIS account

-He picks up his old ass phone (idk but it’s pink and has the coiled wire the bell phones)


- He’s all causal eating popcorn “Listen, Darry. They just put Moana as an option and then I saw that they have Finding Dory too and I don’t have time to watch them separately so-”


-“PS Baby Dory is a-dor-a-ble. Totally deserved more screen time.”


-“Although…I do like Ellen Degeneres’ performance…I find it quite modern and realistic.”


-“Dar, chill it’s like, what? Twelve dollars a month”

-“eleven ninety-nine.”

- “Wait…why are you watching Orange is the New Black?”

-“you know what…forget it. ENJOY YOUR FREELOADING!” He slams the phone so quick. He doesn’t ask about the last show

-Darry hates Piper, thinks she’s a total bitch

-He watches all the trending shows or the unpopular documentaries there’s no in between

-He’s a HuGe fan of Stranger Things

-Watches Friday Night Lights thinking it’ll remind him of his high school days

-He threatens to cancel the subscription when the boys piss him off

-it’s such a powerful threat that it has never gotten to the point where he actually had to do it, they cut the shit immediately

-legitimately how he gets the boys to get their shit together

-He convinced Darry by telling him that it would cost less than going to the movies all the time and a lot safer

-He’s the one constantly reminding everyone that it’s illegal to use their account because they’re cheating the company

-They all look at other with serious faces then turn back to Pony and laugh their asses off because the law has never stopped them before

-It makes Johnny feel bad but he needs his daily fix of One Tree Hill so he got over it

-The one watching The Great British Baking Show because the American version isn’t there but he finds the accents soothing

-He gets frustrated because he’ll think he knows what they’re making but it’s just a word used America that turns out to be a different thing in the U.K. (Stuff like Biscuits)

-tbh doesn’t know what they’re talking about half the time…that or has never heard of what they’re making in his entire young life

-He has the masked icon as his “who’s watching” profile picture

-He somehow managed to convince Darry to get the four screen plan but it was never so that the other guys could use too it was just because he wanted the higher HD quality they didn’t offer in the other plans

-If he watches something he’s ashamed of, knowing everyone has access to his history, he’ll go delete it

-Its like the My Little Pony marathons never happened

-The one who gave the rest of the gang the username and password

-Worst mistake ever because now Dallas has Darry’s credit card information

-He doesn’t watch a lot of Netflix he mostly only went to movies to make Pony happy he only really enjoyed a few

-His attention span is just too short he can’t sit still to watch a movie for an hour or two

-Despite that, he can binge shows if he wants to

-If he’s sad he’ll watch Clueless and quotes the shit out of it

-Honestly Soda is the type to watch anything from a kids movie to a documentary on GMO foods like he only uses Netflix when he has nothing else to do

-To him it’s just one of those apps you don’t want to delete because you might need it but you never really use it

-His icon is the penguin

-He wishes they had a blue penguin

-but they don’t so he settles for the orange one

-he’s called the company multiple times to complain he’s waiting for them to call back

-Fought Pony the first couple of days


-“Listen, PoNyBoNeR. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY watches movies on Netflix it’s all about binging Baby Daddy, my friend.”


-He ignores that last comment and answers the question, “Yes. And I say movies suck.”

-“DUDE the reviews for Wonder Woman were crazy I wanted to see it.”

-“Yeah, like I want to spend my precious time watching a lil twerp watch a chick flick.”

-Truth is he already went to see it five times

-Actually watches every show out there but mostly comedies

-Rewatches Friends all the time

-He’s never actually watched a movie tho

-He’s like Soda he can’t sit still long enough

-He wouldn’t have a problem buying his own account if he had to but using The Curtis’ is much more fun

-He had the free trial for a month but he canceled his subscription when it was over like he does with every other free trial

-Only uses the account to watch porn in good quality

-That’s literally it I’m serious he doesn’t care for tv shows or movies it doesn’t have any other use to him

-Well he’s waiting for a good investment to come along and then he’s swiping that credit card info so

-He doesn’t use it for show watching purposes but he
does fuck around with profile names and changes the pictures to piss Soda off mostly

-He changes the penguin to the Panda and it is a problem because Soda likes penguins and Pandas just aren’t the same

-He watches the trendy shows and movies sometimes

-He takes Pony’s recommendations to heart because Pony loves this kinda thing so he figures Pony must know what he’s talking about

-He really likes Once Upon A Time

-And Raising Hope

-And literally any show that surrounds a group of friends because he relates to them for obvious reasons

-Okay but Gossip Girl is his shit

-The last profile has his name on it but the rest of boys share it

-Obsessed with Riverdale

-Pony didn’t fight with Johnny about using Netflix because he would tag along to movies before they got an account

-Always pushed Darry to sign up for Hulu instead because they update faster and it’s the same price for no commercials as the 4 screen plan

-Helps Dally mess up the names

-Shamelessly watches whatever he wants

-Toddlers and Tiaras? Sure.

-My Little Pony? Yep.

-Cupcakes Wars? Hell yeah!

-Just no OITNB because that shit gets too crazy for him (RIP Dylan)

-Watches New Girl like it’s his religion

- He watched Family Guy and American Dad in the actual order they came out except for the first few seasons bc the quality/art style sucked

- He’s the type of person who need need needs to have something to snack on while he’s watching a show

-like he’ll plan it out or just save his food until he watches his show

-Laughed at Pony for spending all his time watching movies but now he never leaves his house because he’s binging shows

-They had the same conversation as the one with Two except Steve watched Wonder Woman seven times and once was with Sodapop who made him swear not to tell Pony

-But he’s a bitch so he exposed him when Soda refused to admit that Rainbow Dash is better than Pinky Pie

-Pony flipped

-Then Two came forward and it was a huge mess

This is for @maxisprettygay and @matt-dillon-trash

IM STILL SO MAD LIKE WHY DIDNT IT POST?? But at least it’s going up now

Percy & Annabeth: Breathe

i wrote this quite some time ago, and im not sure why i didnt post it earlier, but here you go : )

synopsis: They’ve been best friends since forever. Annabeth Chase can’t remember when they didn’t know each other.


Annabeth Chase said goodbye to her father as she was dropped off for her first day of school. Even at the age of five, Annabeth Chase felt independent. She waved goodbye as Fredrick Chase’s car drove away from the entrance.

Two people caught her attention. A short boy with black messy hair and striking green eyes. He was stuck closely to his mother. She had long wavy brown hair and the only word that came to Annabeth’s mind when she saw the lady was nice.

Apparently, she saw the boy everywhere. He was in her class after all. They didn’t talk much, and Annabeth could tell he was pretty shy around everyone.

She found out his name was Percy on the second week of school. Annabeth had been playing near the sandpit with her new best friend, Piper Mclean.

“Can I play with you guys too?” He had asked so politely.

Cooties were common, but Annabeth knew that cooties weren’t going to stop her befriending Percy Jackson.

Apparently, Sally Jackson came pretty late that day. And so did Fredrick Chase - well Fredrick always came late.

Annabeth and Percy were the last to leave kindergarten that day. It was a norm for Annabeth, but not for Percy. They talked a bit, and Percy didn’t seem worried about getting cooties either. On that day, Annabeth Chase decided that Percy Jackson wasn’t really shy anymore.

Fredrick and Sally came around the same time. Sally came in running towards Percy, carrying him and apologising for being so late.

“It’s okay mum, Annabeth was here to keep me company,” he smiled a toothy grin.

Sally turned towards Annabeth and said hello to her. They conversed a bit, mainly Sally asking Annabeth if she wanted a ride home.

Just then, Fredrick Chase came in. She didn’t run and hug her dad like what happened with Percy. Annabeth just stood up and said goodbye to Sally and Percy before leaving with her dad. Fredrick Chase said a few words with Sally Jackson before bringing his daughter back home.



Percy and Annabeth still remain good friends. In fact, Sally Jackson offers to send Annabeth home everyday. Fredrick Chase allows that as his work makes it hard for him to leave just to send Annabeth home to an empty home.

Sally Jackson realises this, and decides that Annabeth is too young to be left at home. So, everyday after school, Annabeth goes to the Jackson’s household and they spend the afternoon and most of the evening there.

Sally Jackson also decides to work from home instead of hopping from store to store. This way, she takes care of both Percy and Annabeth.

Percy and Annabeth are often teased in class for spending so much time together. But it doesn’t matter to them, they don’t think cooties exist anyways.


age 7

Annabeth Chase starts school in a newer and bigger school. It’s a good thing she’s still friends with Percy. In fact, they go to the same school, Goode High. Annabeth soon finds out that she’s actually really good at school. She enjoys every bit of it.

Percy, however, isn’t feeling the joy of school as much. He’s dyslexic, apparently, and so is Annabeth. The only difference is that Annabeth is doing well. He hates school more because the guys in his class tease him so much about Annabeth. They say he’s going to catch cooties, but after two years with Annabeth, he thinks that if he caught them, he would be okay with that.

They still spend a lot of time together in Percy’s house. Sally Jackson treats Annabeth as her daughter, and Annabeth is glad. Her mum left her when she was a baby, and her dad isn’t even home most of the time. Sally Jackson is her substitute mum, and she loves it.


age 8

“I think you’re finally old enough to learn the secret recipe,” Sally tells Annabeth and Percy one day.

They both exchange grins, smiling widely. They love blue cookies, and Sally Jackson had finally decided to teach them the secret to it.

The kitchen doesn’t end up in a disaster, thankfully.

Percy and Annabeth still enjoy each other’s company. Even after the many teasing they get from their friends.

Piper Mclean is still Annabeth’s best girl friend, and all is well to Annabeth. She even topped her class that year.


age 9

This is when things get hard for her. Her father springs up a surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend. She’s bittersweet about this. Annabeth wants her real mother, not another one. But she doesn’t even know a clue about her real mother. She settles for his girlfriend, she seems okay anyways.

Not only does this surprise marriage make Annabeth upset, Percy Jackson decides it’s time to get a life in school. He joins the swim team - and that means less Percy and Annabeth time. They only have Monday and Friday’s free. His swimming practices are on Tuesday and Thursday, and Annabeth’s chess club meets on Wednesday.

She thinks her friendship between herself and Percy is drifting. They’re not together in every class, and even when they are, Annabeth chooses to sit next to Piper while Percy chooses Jason.


age 10

Annabeth definitely thinks that she’s drifting from Percy. They only meet up on Friday’s now. Apparently, Percy’s a really good swimmer. She knows that too. She sees him during competitions anyways. She’s happy for him, but sad about their friendship.

They’re barely in any classes too. She’s put into the advanced classes, and Annabeth desperately hopes they’re in the same class. They are for one though, Greek mythology. Apparently, both of them have a knack for that subject. It’s the only class they have together, so they take the opportunity and sit next to each other during that class.

Piper Mclean isn’t in that class, and neither is Jason Grace. She’s actually quite happy about that because it means that they’ll have their alone time.


age 11

Annabeth doesn’t know why, but when she’s 11, everything seems to fall apart. Her stepmother is pregnant with two boys. And this means that her stepmother won’t be working much anymore - which leads to less Percy time. She goes back to her boring home instead of the Jackson’s household. She doesn’t go to Percy’s house anymore. She comes back home to take care of her stepbrothers, Bobby and Matthew. She doesn’t like them, she concludes.

It’s not helping that Percy and her aren’t in any of the same class, except for Greek mythology. There’s also a new boy in that class - Grover Underwood. Apparently, Grover and Percy are in the same homeroom together, and the teacher assigns Percy to sit next to Grover.

She’s bummed that she’s losing her best friend. She’s really glad one day though. Percy brings her blue cookies from Sally Jackson. He said his mum misses her, and so does he. She blushes and thanks Percy for the cookies. They decide that if they can’t meet up much, they should sit together for lunch. And that’s what they do.

She thinks the break times help their friendship. They’re definitely not awkward around each other and they constantly tease the hell out of each other.

Annabeth decides to spend her Thursday afternoons at the bleachers, watching Percy swim. She does her work while he practices. And after practice, they take the bus home together. Sally thinks Percy is old enough, and makes him take the bus home. They live near each other, thankfully. In fact, they drop off at the same bus stop. From the bus stop, however, they split routes and walk home on their own.

They decide at the age of eleven that their friendship is worth keeping and sacrificing time for. Percy waits behind every Wednesday for Annabeth to finish Chess, and Annabeth waits for Percy’s swim practices. They take the bus home everyday. The thirty minute bus ride home allows them to catch up on their lives, and Annabeth loves it.

Her stepmother doesn’t though, but Annabeth just lies and says she has other activities on in school, thus her reason for staying back. Her stepmother believes, and Annabeth is still best friends with Percy, and she thinks everything is fine.


age 12

Annabeth thinks that everything is weird. She’s changing. Percy’s changing. Her friends are changing. And Annabeth Chase doesn’t like change, but she accepts it.

Annabeth soon discovers she’s good in cheerleading, and the cheerleading team wants her. She accepts, and this leaves her busy on Wednesday and Friday.

She still only has one class that she shares with Percy. They still don’t sit next to each other, but they take the bus home together and eat lunch together.

But lunch time is a hard topic now. Annabeth is asked to sit with the cheerleaders - which includes her best friend, Piper. Annabeth, however, prefers sitting with Percy. She tries to do both. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she sits with Percy. On Tuesday and Thursday she sits with the cheerleaders. She thinks this arrangement is fine, but it really isn’t.

The only thing they do share are the bus rides home. But apparently, their new friends Hazel and Frank, live near them too. This means that the four of them ride home together. Annabeth isn’t keen about the idea, but she accepts it. Anyways, during the two days Annabeth abandons Percy for recess, he’s often seen with the two of them.


age 13

Annabeth is thirteen, and all she can think is that the new guy Luke, looks hot. She tries to get close to him, and it’s pretty easy since he shares most of the classes with Annabeth. She’s still topping her class.

Percy knows Annabeth likes Luke. He can totally see it. But Percy, despite training so hard swimming, is short and scrawny compared to Annabeth. Her year in cheer has made her taller, tanner, leaner and muscular. Percy feels nothing beside Luke. But he’s her best friend, he knows one day Annabeth will date other guys.

They don’t spend much time together, in fact. Percy continues to wait for Annabeth to ride the bus home after her cheer practice. She’s grateful for that, and she sends him a thankful smile as they talk on the bus ride home. But when it’s her turn to wait for him, it doesn’t happen all the time. She forgot, she told him.

He tries his best to accept her apology. He knows she left with Luke. And did Percy not mention that Luke is on the football team? Well, he is. Annabeth cheers for his games too.

Percy feels hurt that this is how their friendship is going to end, but he smiles through it. He doesn’t want to lose Annabeth as a friend at all.


age 14

He’s slightly shorter than her, but he’s catching up, he feels. Percy thinks Annabeth has gotten a lot prettier. She keeps her hair longer now, and her beautiful blonde curls reminds him of a princess.

Percy’s given sympathetic looks when she abandons him during lunch. She sits with the cheerleaders everyday now. Doesn’t she see them during training? Why sit with them during breaks too!

The worst part of it is that the cheerleaders and the footballers sit together. They’re the popular gang, and Percy sees that too. Jason Grace is on the football team, but he refuses the offer and sits next to Percy with Frank and Hazel everyday. He thanks Jason silently for that.

It doesn’t make it better that the only reason their friendship is still there is because of Percy. Percy tries to keep the friendship together so badly. He waits for her after her practices, but she leaves him after his. It hurts that she doesn’t even inform him.

They each get the responsibility of getting a phone too. His first number is Sally, and the second is Annabeth. Annabeth however, has added almost half of the school, before she finally adds his number. He’s okay with that though.

There’s only one day he wishes that he was blind. He waits in the canteen patiently, trying his best at trigonometry. It’s 5pm, and Annabeth should be done with cheer. He shuts his book and swings his backpack before heading to meet Annabeth at the field.

On his way, he sees her in the halls. She doesn’t see him though, he thinks. She’s laughing with Luke, and they’re holding hands. He cringes at the sight, but reminds himself that they’re just friends after all. Percy realises that he has lost Annabeth. She takes the bus home with Luke on that day, and Percy waits for the next bus before going home on his own.

He thinks to himself on the bus ride home, and realises that the friendship is one-sided. He knows he can’t do much about it, but he hopes for the best. And Percy tells himself that everything is fine.


age 15

Percy and Annabeth are finally fifteen, and Percy is officially taller than Annabeth now. He improves in some of his subjects with lots of tutoring from his new friend, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She has stunning red hair, and she’s quite pretty.

He’s happy with his new friend, in fact. She’s a new student, and she does well in school. She tutors him everyday, and Percy’s proud to say that he now shares 4 subjects in common with Annabeth.

Annabeth is taken aback by the fact that Percy’s doing pretty well in school. In fact, she confirmed her relationship with Luke two months ago. And two months ago was when Annabeth and Percy stopped talking to each other. Annabeth didn’t want Luke to be jealous of her having a guy as her best friend. Piper told her that this wasn’t the way to go, but Annabeth believed firmly that she really did like Luke.

She’s happy for Percy, though. He’s grown up quite a lot. He’s not the scrawny boy he was a few years ago. He’s actually pretty hot now, and getting popular with the girls in school. He doesn’t know that they’re shamelessly flirting with him though.

Sally Jackson is shocked when Percy brings Rachel home. She doesn’t know about Percy and Annabeth’s lack of friendship, and she’s definitely surprised when Rachel came in. She decides she still prefers Annabeth.

By the end of the year, however, Percy and Rachel are officially a thing.


age 16

Annabeth Chase is heart broken. After a long practice, she just wishes to go back to Luke’s place and eat his mother’s lasagna. Her dreams are crushed as she sees Luke pressing a girl against the wall, and he’s making out with her. She screams his name, and tears roll down her face. He looks up, and she says it’s over before dashing out of school.

Percy sees the commotion. He was actually with Rachel, walking towards the bus stop. He sees Annabeth sitting down on the bench waiting for the bus. Rachel pulls him back saying it’ll be awkard if they sit there happily when she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

Percy says it’s okay as he goes forward to Annabeth. Annabeth Chase looks up at her ex-best friend, and her eyes are filled with regret. Regret for not trying to keep the friendship at all. She thought Luke was the perfect guy, but she was wrong.

She sees Rachel staring at Percy and Annabeth having a silent eye conversation. Percy pulls Annabeth into a hug, and Annabeth sobs more. Rachel’s bus comes, and normally Percy would offer to take the bus with her halfway till he changes to another one to go home. This time though, Percy tells Rachel that he’d stay with Annabeth.

They take the bus home. And that thirty minutes is precious to Annabeth. She decides that it’s time to reconcile that friendship. That day, she goes over to Percy’s house. She’s shocked to see that a guy opened the door for them. He introduces himself as Paul Blofis, apparently Sally Jackson remarried.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to say anything since we weren’t really talking anymore,” Percy explains.

“I understand. Look, Percy. Can we forget about that not-talking-for-a-year-thing? Can we put it in the past?”

She’s surprised. He agrees, and they become best friends again. Her old habits change. She’s sitting with Percy, Rachel, Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper and Leo. Leo came in the same time as Rachel, and he was a friend of Jason. Piper decides to join them instead of the cheerleaders as she got together with Jason a few months back.

She thinks her group of friends are really cool, and she likes school. She avoids Luke as much as possible too.


age 17

Annabeth decides that she finds Rachel Elizabeth Dare annoying. She can’t stand her preppy voice and fake attitude. Rachel gets on Annabeth’s nerves. But Annabeth stays calm for the sake of her best friend. When Percy’s there, Rachel constantly clings onto him as if her life depended on him. She would constantly talk to Percy, distracting him from his other friends - and definitely from Annabeth Chase.

What makes Annabeth more annoyed is that Rachel thinks that there’s something on between Percy and Annabeth. There is nothing going on between them. Sure, Annabeth admits, she thinks she’s falling for Percy, but that won’t happen. Percy’s hopelessly in love with Rachel anyways.

Unlike Annabeth, Percy doesn’t distant himself from Annabeth. He hangs out with her quite often too. He makes Annabeth his new tutor. Something along the lines that Rachel’s a distraction to him rather than a tutor. Annabeth tries to laugh at this, and she thinks she pulls it off.

His grades improve more with Annabeth’s help though, and he’s thankful. He’s in almost every single class Annabeth is in. They sit together in some, in fact - especially in Greek mythology since Grover had transferred out.

Annabeth decides that she wants to take up architecture in university. She tells Sally her plans too, and she’s definitely supportive. Annabeth walks into the Jackson’s household on an everyday basis now. It’s not always to see Percy, but sometimes it’s for Sally. That Saturday, it was for Sally. Little did she know Rachel Dare would be the one to knock on the main door. Sally yells at Annabeth to open the main door as Percy might’ve came back from his move with Rachel. Annabeth opens, and she sees the happy couple there.

Rachel is definitely shocked, Percy looks as if that was normal - because it is normal. Annabeth can see from Rachel’s dagger eyes that Rachel hates it, but Annabeth just ignores it and helps Sally.


age 18

It’s senior year, and Percy and Rachel are still dating. Annabeth hates it, but she’s the best friend. She sucks it up and pretends she’s happy for both of them. She is though, she’s happy that Percy’s happy.

The others from the group can tell that she’s pretty bummed about it. Even Leo had a date now.

“It’s almost prom, you can’t be going alone,” Piper tells Annabeth.

“I’m not going alone,” Annabeth tells her.

“Unless you can get Percy Jackson to change his mind, then yeah, you’re going alone,” Hazel pipes up.

“He’s smitten over her,” Calypso mumbles.

The rest silently agree, and Annabeth knows that too. He’s definitely hopelessly in love with Rachel Dare. And all Annabeth can see is that she’s going to grow old alone.

Annabeth didn’t get asked to prom by any guy. She’s perfectly fine by that, though. She knew it wouldn’t happen anyways. Anyone with eyes could tell that Annabeth Chase liked Percy Jackson. Except for Percy Jackson, he didn’t know.

She decides she doesn’t want to go to prom then.

“Hey Annabeth, are you going to prom?” Rachel asks Annabeth during lunch.

Her friends all turn and look to her, expecting that she was asked out by someone.

“Nope,” she simply replies, picking at her food.

Murmurs arose from the table, and she can tell that her friends are definitely surprised that she isn’t going. Percy’s the first to break the silence, though.

“Why not?” He asks.

“I don’t have a date,” her heart clenches as she says that and she doesn’t look at him at all.

“You can go with all of us, as friends, y'know,” he says it so casually, and Annabeth is so tempted to say okay.

The thought of Percy and Rachel slow dancing makes Annabeth’s heart clench, but despite that, she says she’ll consider it.

She’s convinced by Percy that she has to go. He said that prom’s a magical night, and he even promised to dance with Annabeth for one song to make her feel better. She agrees immediately.

Prom was awkward. Rachel stole Percy the whole time, and Percy apologised to Annabeth that he couldn’t dance with her. Annabeth insisted she was fine, and just ate the terrible food at prom. She left early, though. She couldn’t stand the sight of Rachel snogging Percy at all, she concluded.

She didn’t tell any of her friends except for Leo. He was there with Calypso, but she had went to the toilet, and Annabeth just informed him that she was leaving.

Annabeth Chase went home that day. She was proud to say she didn’t cry or shed a tear. She did immediately open her laptop and searched schools all over the world that had a good architecture program. She sent in her applications to many of them, in fact. They were mostly located on the West Coast, but she sent one in to NYU incase she wanted to continue living in New York.

She didn’t tell anyone about her plans, though. In fact, that summer, Annabeth didn’t spend much time with her friends at all. They all had their own significant other, and Annabeth surely didn’t want to be the ninth wheel. She decided to work her butt off instead. The money she earned from the two months were good enough for some of her necessities. The rest would’ve came from her dad and her scholarship that she could apply for.

On the last month of summer though, she decided it was time to face her friends again. She found out that Piper and Jason were planning to go to NYU. Percy had applied all over the state, but they both had applied to NYU and UCLA. Rachel applied to go to Rome to study, and so did Percy, actually. Frank and Hazel had decided to apply to the West Coast, and Leo and Calypso were planning to go to Australia for their gap year.

Annabeth didn’t want to tell her friends where she applied to. Instead, she decided to lie to them.

“I’m going to work first before continuing to study,” she told them.

They seemed to have bought the lie. She said she wanted the ‘experience’ from the real world first.

Percy, however, didn’t believer her. He sneaked into her house one night and asked her to spill everything.

And she did, she told him that she applied to the West Coast only, though. Percy was actually shocked. He hadn’t expected her to apply to the other side of the country at all.

“But, why?”

“Why not?” she would question.

“You’re going to give up on our friendship like last time?”

“Gods, Percy, you might be moving to freaking Rome, and you’re questioning me? So what if I want to go to the other side of the country,” she tells him.

She’s actually mad that he isn’t supporting her, actually.

“I’m not moving to Rome,” he tells her.

She’s curious, so she pushes on asking.

“I’m planning to break up with Rachel once this summer ends. Y'know, focus on school. If NYU accepts me, I’ll take it. I’m studying marine biology, actually,” he tells her.

“Break up with Rachel?” Annabeth asks.

“Yeah, she’s moving to Rome to pursue art, I cant stop her if she likes Roman guys, can I?”

It’s there and then that Annabeth thinks her waiting is finally over. They’re going to break up, and Annabeth is going to fight every single girl for Percy Jackson’s heart.

“You’re going to the west coast, we won’t be seeing each other much,” he voices out his own thoughts, “this is where we split schools, I guess.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Annabeth tells him.

She decides she wants it to be a surprise that she’s staying in New York.


age 19

Percy definitely thinks that Annabeth is leaving soon. Every moment, he spends as much time as possible with her. He breaks it off with Rachel pretty fast, and he seemed okay with that, surprisingly. Rachel got a hard blow and she left to Rome a few days after that.

The gang promised her that they weren’t close to Rachel at all, and only put up with her for Percy’s sake.

They becomes best friends again. They go over so many times, actually. Percy doesn’t dare ask Annabeth when her school starts and when she has to leave. He started feeling feelings for her again. Just like how he felt years ago. He knows it’s a bad sign, but he can’t help himself. She’s leaving in weeks, maybe even days.

A week before NYU started was when Percy found the courage to ask when her school started.

“Same as yours,” was all she replied.

“Can you tell me which school?” He asks curiously.

She doesn’t tell him, actually. She avoids him for the rest of the week.

He looks dishevelled, and that’s because he’s constantly worrying about Annabeth Chase. She left him without a word, and hell, she might be already across the country now. He feels hopeless.

But Percy Jackson gets a very nice surprise the morning he starts school. Firstly, Annabeth Chase is outside his house. She says she’s driving them to school. He finally gets it. Annabeth Chase is studying in NYU.


age 20

They both refuse to tell each other that they are hopelessly in love with each other. One thing has changed though, both of them don’t hit on any other guy or girl. This gives each of them hope.

Jason and Piper find them dumb - completely and honestly dumb. They don’t understand the stupidity of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. But Jason and Piper know that they’re not going to meddle. They know that Percy and Annabeth would find a way to work things out - however long they might take.

Percy thinks Annabeth treats him like a best friend only. She doesn’t hint anything about liking him, and honestly, Percy thinks he needs to step up his game.

Annabeth knows she loves Percy Jackson, but she’s afraid of rejection. She knows her friendship with Percy would change drastically if something like romantic feelings would be involved. She tries to hide her feelings for him.


age 21

Percy thinks it’s time to ask his mother for advice.

“Mum,” he says so casually at the dining table.

Sally looks up from her meal, smiling at her wonderful son.

“Something’s different. I.. I kinda like Annabeth, y'know?”

“Well, that’s obvious, she likes you too,” Sally says so casually.

“No! She’s never shown any interest in me!” He defends, he hopes it is true that she likes him though.

Sally sighs as she thinks about how oblivious they are and says, “you know many things about Annabeth Chase that most people won’t. Like what her order for Starbucks would be, or her reaction if she finds a spider in a room. But darling, you don’t see that Annabeth Chase is in love with you.”

It hits him hard, and it is true. He thinks he knows everything about Annabeth Chase. But he doesn’t know what her feelings for him are.

Piper Mclean can’t stand seeing her best friends love each other, yet aren’t together because of their naivety. She decides it’s time to take action.

“I like him, Pipes,” Annabeth tells her during their weekly girls sleepover.

“I know, we all know. Only Percy Jackson doesn’t know,” Piper says casually. “And we all know he’s in love with you too.”

“It’s been obvious,” Piper tells Annabeth when she gives her a strange look.

“Remember when you and Luke broke up? Who was the first to console you? Percy,” she tells Annabeth.

“He might’ve been with Rachel, but they broke things off so fast. I have a feelings it’s because he had feelings for you. He didn’t even feel sad that he broke up with Rachel,” she continues.

“Trust me, that boy is totally in love with you.”


age 22

It’s a year later before they realise that feelings are reciprocated.

They’re in Percy’s room when it happens. They were just talking and doing best friend things. But then, all of a sudden, they’re face to face. And Percy’s the daring one making a move to kiss her. Annabeth obliges. And that’s when they realise that they’ve been so dumb. Because kissing the other person feels like heaven.

“You kiss like the world is ending,” they both say to each other as they break away.

Percy is panting, and Annabeth is grinning.

“Don’t tell me you forgot to breathe,” Annabeth giggles because they were making out for minutes.

Just saying || part four

“Cause I’m better than him, just saying”


part one | part two | part three

-inspired by the song Just Saying

Y/n stayed in the studio watching the band practice, she loved spending the day with the boys hearing them rehears her favorite songs. Sometimes Michael would goof around letting y/n play his guitar knowing how horrible she is and sing ‘y/n sucks at guitar’ over and over. 

“Are you guys ready for tour?” she asked laying on the couch as just they finished playing ‘Waste the Night’

Michael set his guitar on the stand pushing y/n’s legs aside so he had room to sit. “Yeah of course! Its so fun you should tour with us.” Michael suggested.  

“I wish, I have to work and Noah would be pissed if I did.” Luke’s jaw clench hearing his name, just thinking about made him on edge. “Besides I dont think Arzaylea would want me there.” laughing awkwardly. 

Michael rolled his eyes looking at Luke, “Seriously man you invited her.” The boys just looked at him a bit pissed off. 


People started to dislike Arzaylea for multiple reasons and Luke understood why they would, he just couldnt admit to it. “She’s always in our personal space and she pretty much hates y/n.” Calum complained. “Im surprised she isnt with us right now.”

“She’s a real bitch.” Michael snared. Y/n was shocked hearing Michael say that, he never said anything rude about anyone. “I’m serious she’s always with us pretending to be ‘one of the guys’ and has to brag around to everyone. Oh and yeah-she hates y/n.” he reminded. 

“Why does she hate me! And I’m always with you guys, there’s no difference.” y/n auguring with Michael.  

“Y/n, we’ve known you since even before high school and you dont bitch about everything to everyone. And its because you always hang out with Luke” Ashton added. Luke’s stayed back quietly, his cheeks flaring in embarrassment and anger, they werent wrong about what they said.

“You guys told me to get a girlfriend.” Luke explained. 

“Yeah but not someone like her.” Calum scoffed tuning his bass. Luke didnt say anything knowing that they were right. Truth was Luke was only dating her so he could distract himself from not wanting to spill his feelings for y/n. Only thing she was here for was publicity and the fact that she was hot. 

The boys and y/n went around the city after rehearsals, having a good laugh while enjoying lunch together. Luke didnt talk much, feeling like he did something to piss everyone off. He looked down at his phone seeing that his girlfriend text him a dozen times but he ignored her. 

Everyone took a walk down the boardwalk enjoying the LA sunset. Michael and Calum were acting like idiots messing with each other and Ashton was there making sure they wouldnt be in trouble. Y/n and Luke beside each other, Luke hands were in his pocket, glancing down at his gold boots. 

“You okay Lukey?” y/n asked calling him by his nickname clinging onto Luke’s muscular arm. Having y/n close to him was nice, he loved having her near.  

“Just thinking.” he whispered. Y/n nodded her head knowing that it was probably serious. She stopped walking holding onto his wrist to stop. 

“You know if there’s anything you want to talk about I’m right here.” giving Luke a reassuring smile. He smiled at her, Luke wanted to say it. He wanted to admit everything to her right then and there but he didnt know how.

“I love you.” he breathed out. Y/n had a huge smile on her face hugging her 6′4 best friend tightly. “I love you too Luke.” his heart being stabbed deep knowing she meant it in a friendly way. 

Arzaylea was furious seeing that Luke was giving y/n all the attention and completely ignore her.

“What the fuck Luke!” Arzaylea yelled as soon as Luke stepped into his apartment. It was no surprise that she was mad about something, thinking a simple hello would be nice once in a while. 

“What is it.” he sighed taking his shoes off. 

“There’s pictures of you and that bitch together, why was she holding your arms and why didnt you answer my text”  holding out her phone to him seeing that, which was no surprise someone took pictures of them to hugging and y/n holding onto Luke’s arm. 

“First of all dont you dare call y/n a bitch, second were fucking friends how many times do I have to remind you, and third I was fucking busy Im not going to answer you every goddamn time you text me” raising his voice at her, his face flared red in anger and his chest rising up and down fast.

 She stopped talking for a couple seconds then yelled again, “I cant fucking believe you Luke.” 

He couldnt stay here anymore knowing that she wont leave his apartment. He slipped his boots back on heading for the door. Luke had to see y/n even if her boyfriend was home.

“Fine go have fun with that slut!” she screamed before Luke slammed the door but marched back inside going in her face looking dead at her eyes “Dont. call. y/n. a. slut.” 

Arzaylea was speechless seeing Luke like this, her eyes stayed wide looking at his blue eyes. He turned back around slamming the door behind him, leaving his own apartment. 

A/N: its been like a month since I wrote part three. My apologizes! 

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Time After Time - Chapter One (ao3)

Dean was openly gay. It was rare for a star-quarterback to be happily out of the closet in the mid eighties. But, he was.

He wasn’t ashamed. Even when every other straight asshole on his team tried to beat the living shit out of him, Dean stayed as crooked as ever, never for a second reconsidering his interests.

Because of his determination, he was the first gay to be accepted at Preamble High. Not that anyone had a choice, because he was the star-quarterback and could hurt someone if he wanted to by the flick of his wrist, and they all knew so.

He came out in the first month of his junior year. It wasn’t one of those, ‘I’ve been hiding in the closet for years now and I need to finally be myself ’ type of things. Dean hadn’t even known until his junior year. He went to a party, was yet again unsatisfied with the beautiful young girl he took, saw a fresh young face in the crowd, (who, yes, was male), and began flirting with him. Just like that. In that moment, when the young man flirtatiously touched Deans’ arm, they both knew neither of them were going home empty handed. And just like that, Dean woke the next morning with no regrets besides the hangover that made him ever question why he even drank in the first place.

He wasn’t afraid of anything, including people finding out. So, walking into school two weeks later and not dismissing the rumors about who he went home with that night, was what did it really.

“You don’t care what they’re all saying about you?” His friend Charlie twirled a piece of fiery hair with her long fingers as she leaned against his locker.

He shrugged, “Why would I care?”

She was silent for a while, and nodded, “I kind of always knew, you know.”

She was probably right. Even if Dean himself didn’t know why he wasn’t able to get even remotely turned on by a woman throwing herself at him in the past, he wasn’t surprised that Charlie knew before him. She could read anyone like a psychic. It was one of the many things Dean loved about her, along with the fact to where she never pressed him to spill what was on his mind unless he wanted to spill.

And this time, he didnt. But his silence is what did all the talking, and everything sort of fell into place after that. The whole school realized that Dean, indeed, was not dismissing the rumors, and new rumors began.

Only a few were true, of course.

“He went home with the cousin of the girl who threw the party and left his date behind.”

True. His name was Balthazar, and he was only visiting for a month. Dean didn’t mind at all, Balth was only a ‘one time thing’ type of fellow. And yes, Dean left his date. But she was too drunk to care and became so embarrassed that she was stood up by a queer, she forgot the entire thing.

“I heard, Dean was just drunk and found the sex so unbelievable that he changed his direction then and there.”

Semi-true. The sex was unbelievable, but Dean came to find that he had always been gay, and it took a mind-blowing fuck for him to realize it. His direction was one way the entire time. He had tried to have sex with a girl once, back sophomore year, and only now knew why he couldn’t fulfill his duty back then. But with Balthazar it was all too easy, so Dean came to a final conclusion.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one who turned the others who recently came out, do you see how hot he is?”

Again, semi-true. Dean hadn’t turned anyone, (by the way, he hated when anyone referenced being gay as ‘turning’), but he opened the door to the closet these boys had been stuffed in, and they came piling out. And, Dean was hot. His green eyes, muscular frame, perfect jaw-line, and detailed freckles could tell anyone that.

“I bet he’s got a hard on for every guy in the school.”

False, completely. As a matter of fact, Dean hadn’t found anyone he would have taken out that attended his school. Yes, he looked. But no one could quite meet his expectations.

The rumors faded away as soon as they came. Now here he was, month into his senior year, and already things had become back to normal. He was no longer the talk of the school since it had been a while since the ‘shocking discovery’ which everyone quickly pushed under the rug. I mean, he was Dean Winchester. It was impossible not to like him, so, despite the high rating of homophobia that floated through the halls, no one spoke of it. It was almost as if the gay in him didn’t exist.

It was like that for him almost everywhere really. The only people who acknowledged his sexuality was his best friend and his little brother. He loved the two of them dearly, but no one could ever mistake the awkward lip biting from Sam or the tense confusion from Charlie when he brought the subject to the surface. And his parents? His mom was cheerfully accepting, but she had her own things to worry about. Much, much worse things. Dean was not to talk about it around his dad, who made it clear he was uncomfortable with the fact.

So, even though it was who he was, Dean hardly spoke of his feelings. All to make those around him happy.

And that’s how it went.

~Friday, October 9th~

The day stared out as any other. Dean woke, strolled to Sammy’s room and woke him too, then went downstairs and made breakfast while his brother showered. He made oatmeal and tea for his mom, something she required every morning.

Mary was sick. Terminally. It was discovered when Dean was only four and Sam was just a baby that she had lung cancer. No, she was not a smoker, but she had been caught in a fire at a young age and had complications since, leading to her terrible illness. The three men in the house became used to it, sadly, and had the same routine; Dean would prepare her meals and mixed in her medicine while Sammy made sure she was checked on constantly throughout the day by anyone who could make it. John worked extra shifts on the field (he was a police officer), to pay her medical bills. And Mary rested.

“She’s pretty bad today.” Sam’s voice was silked with morning weakness, “I think I should stay home with her.”

“No.” Dean said bluntly, “I’ll have Ellen come over and take care of her. I don’t want you missing any school.”

“I’m a freshman, I can afford a few days.”

“You’re a freshman. You can’t afford any days.”



“Nice to know my boys are getting along well.”

“Mom?” They both spun around in unison to see their mother standing against the kitchen doorway. She was out of breath from walking downstairs, (they had tried to convince her to move into the guest room so she could avoid the climb up and down, but she stubbornly refused), and she caught it again once her light-eyes met her boys. Her hair was in a tight bun with a few lose pieces straying away, framing her clammy and sickly face.

“What are you doing up?” Dean scurried over to her, “You need to be resting m-”

“Oh, stop!” She bit between harsh gasps, “I wanted…some water, you couldn’t…hear me.”

Sam swallowed hard with guilt, “I’m sorry. We’ll bring you up some. Please just go rest, Mom.”

She simply nodded and pecked both boys on the cheek before making her journey upward. It only took a few seconds before Sam hurried to carry her up the rest of the way, which she of course, protested. But Sammy was big for his age and could effortlessly carry her anywhere, especially at the freighting weight she was at now.

Although Sam was used to Mary being sick, since it was all he knew growing up, Dean and John couldn’t help but to reminisce on the memories of her health. She would laugh, all the time, flashing an award winning smile that Dean had so luckily inherited. Gosh, had he missed that smile…

“You ready? We’re gonna be late.” Sam came huffing down the stairs with his backpack slung around his shoulders, interrupting Dean from his thoughts.

“Yeah.” He nodded in response, “Take your breakfast to go, you need to eat something.”

“Okay. Did you call Ellen?”



They both walked outside and began to climb into Deans impala, a gift given to him from his Dad on his sixteenth birthday. He loved that thing more than life itself, and he wasn’t sure if it was because of the car or because it was the only form of affection he’s ever gotten out of his old man. But regardless, he loved it.

School was only up the street and the brothers always blasted music for the world to hear, but today Sam had turned it down before they parked into their usual spot, ”Dean?”

“What’s up Sammy?”

“Is mom..Is she..”

“Is mom what?”

He shook his head, “Never mind. Let’s go.”

Dean sat back for a while, but didn’t argue with the kid, because he knew where the conversation would lead, and he honestly did not have the energy for that. Not today. He strolled the the schools entrance, flashing smiles at those who flashed them first, and stopping to have small talk with the cheerleaders who had once had a crush on him, and now just wanted to reconnect for whatever reason. 

“Are you nervous about the game?” Charlie greeted him at the front doors just as the bell rang, “Its all anyone can talk about. ‘Dean’s gonna win this! First game of the season, he has to!’”

Dean shot her a look.

"No pressure.” She laughed, then squinted her eyes, “Something else is bothering you. Is it your mom?”

He didn’t have to reply with the answer for her to know what it was. Instead he headed to his locker, “So, how are things going with you and Kevin?”

She grimaced, “I don’t know. Dean, I-I think I might…Uhm, forget it. See you at lunch?”

Dean knew something was up. For a while now, Charlie had been acting strange. But then again, it was Charlie.

“Yeah.” He finally replied and smiled lightly, “See you then.”

The final bell rang before Dean made it to class, just like every other day. He was late a lot, mostly because his mornings consisted of making sure his mother would be okay, and he never once was given a tardy slip.

He already knew what was coming before he walked into the classroom;

“Hey, Dean!”

“Big day today!”

“You’re gonna win the game for us, right?”

“He has to! We need to start the season off right.”

“Another year with a perfect winning streak? Sounds too good to be true.”

“Shut up, we can do it. Dean will help.”

“Wanna make a bet?”

“Alright class, thats enough!” Mr. Crowley roared, his short stubby figure roaming around his desk, “Please have a seat Dean, so we can begin.”

“Sure.” He mumbled, scanning the rows of desks for somewhere to sit.

Although his classmates had accepted the fact that Dean was gay, they still weren’t necessarily comfortable with it. And it defiantly showed. There were only two empty seats, in the back of the room, furthest away from any guy who could help it. It was almost as if the tools came together before class and planned out their seating chart, ‘to sit as far away from the gay as possible.’ Dean had even heard one of them say when they thought he couldn’t hear. But he heard. And he sat in the back of the class, alone.

A few minutes passed and he found himself doodling in his notebook, paying no attention to the lecture on economics or whatever. He hadn’t even looked up when he heard the class door open and the rustling of bodies coming in. Mr. Crowley had stopped speaking and quietly addressed whoever was in the room. It wasn’t until he coughed loudly to call the students to attention that Dean finally looked up. And when he looked up, his breath hitched in his throat.

A boy about his age stood at the front of the class, but this boy was different. His blue diamond eyes could be seen from miles away, sparkling underneath his messy dark hair that fell over his face. Leather. That’s all Dean saw as he gave the guy a once over, (okay, it was more than once), a leather jacket and leather pants, accompanied with a soft red shirt that made the boys pale face have a pinch of color.

“Class, this is our new student.” Mr. Crowley began, “Please, tell us your name and a little about yourself.”

The boy curled his lip up slightly, causing the shyest dimple to appear on his cheek, ”My name’s Castiel.” His deep, gravely voice sent chills down Dean’s spine, “Got kicked out of my old school so I guess I’m staying until I get kicked out o’here too.”

“Alright.” Mr. Crowley held back an eye roll, “Go ahead and have a seat in the back next to Dean.”

And that’s when their eyes met.

Castiel stared at him for a good ten seconds before breaking out into a grin and rummaging over to his desk, never once lifting his eyes away. Dean could have sworn there was something of an exchange between them and as Castiel sat down, he was going to fully introduce himself. Until;

“So, you’re the fag?”

The entire class gasped, turning to face them. Even Mr. Crowley had his wide eyes set on the two, un-moving.

Dean furrowed his brows together, leaning back against his chair, “Excuse me?”

“So it’s true!” Castiel let out a harsh laugh, “Gosh, back at my school, the quarterback was fucking every girl from left to right. But I guess here, its you who likes it up the ass!”

Dean should have taken offense to that. He should have beat the guy right then and there until every part of his body was bruised. But he didn’t. Instead, he laughed. Hard. And just  like a ripple effect, the entire class joined in with roaring laughter. Mr. Crowley even let out a few chuckles before switching back to teacher mode and hushing the class.

Castiel was staring at Dean in disbelief, his blue eyes studying every inch of his body before he peeled them away and focused on the lesson. It wasn’t until the bell rang that he spoke a whisper to Dean, “Why the hell were you laughing so hard?”

Dean slung his bag over his shoulder, “You and I both know, I’m not the only one of the two of us who prefers it up the ass.”

Castiel went pale, “What are yo-“

"Don’t worry, Cas.” Dean slapped his arm, “I wont go around telling anyone. I’ve got much more important things to worry about, then ruining this ‘bad-ass’ reputation of yours you’ve got going on.”

“You don’t know anything about me.” Castiel narrowed his eyes, “We just met.”

"And in that amount of time, you’ve seemed to try, yet fail, to embarrass me because of who I am and you managed to make me laugh harder than I have in a while.” The second bell rang, “And in that amount of time, I’ve managed to figure out that you and I are just the same. No one looks at someone the way you looked at me when you called me a ‘fag’ unless they want to fuck them. Am I right?”

Castiel was fuming now, but no words were spoken.

"Get to class.” Dean called over his shoulder, “Wouldn’t want you to get kicked out or anything.”


Chapter 2