i see snoopy!

I just realized in Hoseok’s grandpa hope selfie he posted hours ago, he was trying to show off his Snoopy x KAWS shirt. This boy loves Snoopy and KAWS so much. He’s so fucking adorable I love him so so so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.


C'mon (2011) + Nearly Witches (2011)

snoopy is back from his stay at the vet hospital, rehydrated & feeling better! He still has a lot of recovery to go through but he’ll be okay. (which means i’ll be okay yaay)

Thoughts on The Peanuts Movie

After all these years of Garfields, Smurfs, and Marmadukes, there’s something so deeply, completely refreshing about a comic strip adaptation that feels not only like a faithful translation of the source material, but like a celebration of it. Trying to squeeze fifty-plus years of a work so beloved that describing its main characters as icons has become commonplace is a lofty challenge for anyone, even more so for a studio that has become somewhat infamous for the lackluster quality of its films–and yet, somehow, Blue Sky Studios manages to pull it off with flying colors, hitting all the right notes in such a light and almost-effortless-looking way that one could be forgiven for thinking that Old Sparky himself penciled in the lines from time to time.

And yet, for all its perfect Peanuts flavor, there’s something about this adaptation that makes it feel…different somehow. Not in a necessarily bad way–at least, not to me, though I’m sure some die-hard fans of the strip will have something different to say about it–just different, as if the movie acknowledges that its characters are well over half a century old and, beloved American icons or not, it’s probably time for them to grow a little beyond their sometimes one-note roles from the strip, if only to keep them from growing stagnant. And it works. For the first time in a long, long time, this movie makes it feel as if there’s new material for its beloved characters to work with, even when showing Lucy pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown’s kick for the thousandth time. 

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