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Let’s Voltron, regarding “as many times as it takes”:

“[Glenn from The Walking Dead] says his last words (I’ll find you) to… His love interest…. It’s something he can’t possibly do, but [shows] that his dedication will never die. And I got the same vibe from Keith here with this line as well.”

Keith’s line gives them the same vibes as Glenn’s dedication to his LOVE INTEREST in TWD I’m DEAD


king robert’s first choice as the possible future queen 


anonymous asked:

Hello Natalia! I love your Art so much! May I ask what do you think about Dragon Age 4 ( I know we have no informations, but maybe your wishes or something like that :) ) ? I hope we could save our beloved Dreadwolf ... Have a nice Day. :) ( and sry for my bad english ^^ )

Hello! thank you so much!! 😊 you will find no language judgement here, my english is far from good, ahhh me too!! there is a lot I would love to see in DA4 I saw a post about this going around and I think I agree with most people, I want to help/lead a slave rebellion in Tevinter as the Inquisitor with a magic prosthetic arm! but if I have to go bigger then really epic elvhen god boss battles, mind blowing revelations, plot twists! I would love to play half the game against Solas and half of it cooperating with him somehow, maybe through gritted teeth or maybe there is a bigger threat, maybe both! I want to go into the black city! see the Veil fall down and the Evanuris released! see everyone go full badass god mode magic everywhere dragons eveywhere!! I want the Inquisitor to become so much more!! and of course I want to save the man, as long as they give me one little grain of hope that he lives I can work with that!! as for more realistic expectations I would like a “wicked eyes and wicked heart” kind of quest set in Tevinter, to travel to other nations we haven’t visited yet, the chantry to fall, more about the Titans please i’m dying, more about the Avaar I really like them, honestly the Inquisition DLCs were so good I just hope they keep the pacing and theme, I enjoyed all of them so much. as for gameplay I couldn’t care less, anything will do I really need more Solas development I’m so starved 😫

ok so

OTGW Hybrid AU

where Wirt is a deer hybrid and terrified of the similarities between himself and The Beast. where he hates being timid and fretful because that’s such a deer thing to be. where he finally gets tired of being the hunted and stands up to the hunter… yeah? nah?

aaand with optional beast!Wirt. he’s really rockin’ those antlers

Santa Muerte Tarot Review

Crawling out of my hidey-hole to offer unmitigated praise for this new deck by Fabio Listrani, The Santa Muerte Tarot. Above and below you’ll see evidence of his stellar craftsmanship and devotion to classical symbolism, albeit within elaborate and strikingly modern illustrations.

My initial concern before purchasing was that skeletonized figures would not lend themselves to a dynamic range of expression, but Listrani has made me eat my words and pick my teeth with the bones. Between his use of color, his flair for anatomical figure drawing, and inventiveness with all the different types of bones (we have 206 of them, dontcha know), he has created a deck of indescribable beauty and emotion.

The four Aces above each set the stage for their respective suit in terms of palette, subject matter, and unique editorial style. See the spade cutout in the Swords card, how it overlaps cleanly with the skull’s nasal cavity? That kind of visual pattern-layering is characteristic of his work throughout, which makes this far more than just a pile of gorgeous illustrations (which is my main criticism of most of the art decks that people produce nowadays. I know, these are still great problems to have). Even just flipping through it, I see potential here as a powerfully effective divination tool – one which will seduce the querent’s eye while assisting the reader in unlocking a card’s meaning.

See the Tens here:

You might imagine from these that Listrani’s taken the easy way out in the Minor Arcana cards (again, like so many art decks), sticking to an easily-repeated structure that allows him to paint in broad strokes, adding flourishes of symbolism in the finer details. Not so, friends. His Minor cards present a panoply of visual upheaval from one image to the next.

This makes the symmetry he reserves for special occasions (like the Tens) all the more intriguing, inviting closer analysis. Phalanges vs. hip sockets vs. ribcages as butterfly hindwings! As a reader and teacher, this is exactly the kind of thing I like to sink my teeth into, and it speaks of artistic talent that goes beyond skillful illustration work. The tarot is an organizational system, no two artists will approach it quite the same way, but few demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with how the cards will actually be used in practice, by those for whom they’re more than a mere novelty. 

See also: the symmetry in his Empress and Emperor cards (plus one thumb).

Here’s another batch of Minor cards: chosen to showcase the variety of Listrani’s composition while ALSO sticking to relatively familiar symbolic interpretations. 

Last but by no means least, here are some of the Trump cards. This is as great an opportunity as any to point out the proliferation of references to Mexican culture, which serve to make this a bona fide Santa Muerte deck – as opposed to merely a Santa Muerte-flavored one.

First of all, Our Lady of Obliteration is front and center as the deck’s Death card, an radiant image which practically sparkles even without the use of any metallic inks or gold leaf. Muerte also sits atop the globe in The World and wields scales in Justice, both of which are customary props of hers.

Looking at some of the suit’s “darker” cards, such as The Hanged Man or The Moon, each new icon seems to top everything that came before it – another sign of a well-conceived deck. For many artists, the Major Arcana proves to be a creative minefield, broadcasting all the peaks and valleys of their creative inspiration. You can literally see where they ran out of ideas. 

A good Trump deck weaves a story from beginning to end; when viewed in order it gives a steady sense of escalation, maturation, refinement. I know all of these cards so well, and yet Listrani’s work makes me want to go poking around in them all over again, turning over new stones.

As you can see, there is a celebrational or even devotional aspect to these cards that transcends “spookiness” or conventional attitudes toward death – we are treated to a full rainbow of life, death, and life-after-death experiences, with all the gladness and suffering that entails. 

Another huge point of departure from artist vanity decks: it’s available for under $25.  (So is his Night Sun Tarot.) I don’t know why, I don’t know how… and I don’t care. All that matters is that it’s mine, and I can recommend it to others without feeling like a snob.

Thanks very much to my friend Eric Thurnbeck for the recommendation – I will be enjoying this one for a long time. 

For a great part of its early history, its secret status made it of little consequence in the wider world. But in time it grew, eventually emerging as a power almost without rival.

what a good city for arya to be associated with 


Dedan, I think you need to learn the difference between a loving gaze and a death glare
A little something I cooked up for Valentines Day! Hope you’re all gorging yourselves on chocolate like I am!


when you play the game of thrones, you w i n or you d i e

there is no middle ground ; a playlist for cersei of house lannister, first of her name

[listen here]

everybody wants to rule the world [lorde] ; castle [tori morgan] ; blood on my name [the brothers bright] ; seven devils [florence + the machine] ; arsonist’s lullabye [hozier] ; the funeral [band of horses] ; sweet dreams [emily browning] ; queens will play [black mountain] ; eyes on fire [blue foundation]

“Xander: I saw what you did last night.

Dawn: Yeah, I… I guess I kinda lost my head when I thought I was the Slayer.

Xander: You thought you were all special. Miss Sunnydale 2003. And the minute you found out you weren’t, you handed the crown to Amanda without a moment’s pause. You gave her your power.

Dawn: The power wasn’t mine.

Xander: They’ll never know how tough it is, Dawnie. To be the one who isn’t chosen. To live so near to the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realises because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night. I see you working here today. You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.

Potential, Season 7.

[Full View for a clearer image!]

Age: 15
Main Weapon: (Still Experimenting)
Secondary Weapon: Splattershot Jr.
Personality: “Cool Guy” tries to be slick and suave but often falls a little short, friendly, open and honest, a little cocky which gets him into more trouble than he can handle. Can sometimes talk his way out of it though!
Current Story: Zest (or Zesty as some affectionately call him) is the New Squid on the Block, exploring Inkopolis with a spark in his eye and a fire in his heart. He mostly wants to impress others and be seen as something special and strong, wanting to prove himself in Turf Wars and be a Champion of the Splattlefield. Suki, reminded of her own passion and bravado when she was younger, took him up and offered him a role as a new Agent Recruit in the battle against the Octarian Forces. 

While Zest was happy to accept such an important role, he had no idea what duties and responsibility he would soon be entrusted with…

Fun Facts:

-He always dyes his ink tips yellow! This isn’t noticeable when his ink color is yellow.
-His eyes are white, and take on a faint tint of whatever colors are around him. They’re tinted slightly pink in this drawing due to his ink color.
-He hasn’t quite found his main trusty weapon yet. Suki offered her Roller, but he had difficulty swinging it.
-He once had a crush on Suki, though now sees her like a big sister instead.
-His Agent name is “Agent Z”.

  • Jeremy Podeswa (Director of EP7) on Tyrions reaction to JonxDanys hookup!!!

***When Jon and Dany hook up, we know it’s incest, but they don’t. So why does Tyrion look troubled? Why the reaction shot from him?***

From my point of view, Tyrion always seemed three steps ahead. As long as there is a professional alliance between Dany and Jon, that’s something that everybody wants. We can imagine that that’s a helpful alliance. But when things get personal, then people make decisions based on their emotions, and that can complicate matters going forward, so I think he sees the potential here for things to get very messy. Usually, historically, nothing good comes out of relationships becoming more complicated! [Laughs] It’s also a question of what’s going to be his role within this new alliance, right? So there’s a kind of caution here.

***Some folks suspect he might be jealous, too.***

Well, there is something to that. Everyone seems to be in love with Dany, in a way, and I think Tyrion’s a little bit in love with her. But I don’t think it’s an actual romantic love. There’s a huge respect for her, and maybe there’s a slight romantic element to that, but it’s more of a jockeying in terms of who has real power. Not over Dany, but who has power in a relationship with Dany. Jorah, who really is in love with her, his relationship with Jon is complicated in a different way. With Tyrion, it’s all about who is going to have sway over her?

Hawk Moth & Nooroo, Don't Speak

I got this comment in response to one of my drabbles from yesterday:

“Oh my god… Please for the love of Kwamii PLEASE write this akuma from HMs perspective PLEASEI NEED THIS IN MY LIFE XD”

And me, being the out of control glutton that I am, said…”Ok.”

Thanks for the suggestion, AngryMuffin!

“Ah, Nooroo.  You have someone for me, then?”

“Yes, master.  But I must warn you: I do not believe that it will be an efficient use of power to take this one.”

“I will be the judge of that, thank you.  Nooroo, dark wings rise!”

“So be it…”

Hawkmoth raised his arms as the transformation took him, imbuing him with the power that he craved.   He curled his fingers into a tight fist, determined to make the most of this opportunity, no matter what the kwami said.  “Insolent bug,” he muttered.  “We shall see who is wrong, and who is victorious!”

There was an echo of skepticism from his miraculous, and he gritted his teeth.  “So who is this likely candidate?  Ahh, yes.  The joy of success tempered by the bitter disappointment that no one is around to share it.  I see great potential here.  Fly away, my little akuma, and evilise him!”

Hawkmoth watched as the deep purple butterfly fluttered to the window and away, willing it to fly faster, to reach its target with greater haste.  He felt the urge to pace, but tamped it down, forcing himself to remain still, with his hands resting calmly on the head of his cane.

His akuma would take his newest champion, and it would be the beginning of the end for Ladybug and Chat Noir.  He allowed his lips to curl into a smile.

“Bacchus, I am Hawkmoth.   I understand that congratulations are in order.  I will give you the power that ancient god, to draw all of Paris into celebration with you as you so richly deserve, but you must agree to help me in return.”

“Santé, Hawkmoth.  Let’s do it!”

The villain felt his power take the young man, transforming him from a plump, dejected young man into the god of the vine, and watched through his eyes as he made his way through the university, reducing the student body to a drunken party—whether they wished to participate or not.

As always, he watched anxiously, waiting for the other Miraculous wielders to make their appearance, to provide him with the opportunity to seize what he so desperately desired.  He was rewarded, soon enough, with the appearance of Chat Noir, and he felt his heart rate increase.

“You’re having a party, and didn’t invite me?”  The cheeky cat asked, spinning his staff with an unnecessary flourish.

“Naw, man, you’re invited!  Everyone is invited.”  He pulled a purple cup from the bottomless sleeve mounted on the cask at his back, and dispensed some of the deep red wine from the nozzle.  He held it out to Chat Noir invitingly.  “Care for a drink?”

“I’ll have to pass this time, uh—”

“Bacchus,” he supplied jovially.

“Bacchus, nice!  From the Roman pantheon, right?  I always liked him.”

“Right? Nothing like a bit of drunken debauchery when you want to kick back and celebrate something.”  He held the cup out again, wiggling it a bit.   “You sure you don’t want to partake?”

“Sorry, no drinking when I’m on the clock.”

“Well, that’s too bad then.”  He tipped the cup back and drained it himself, then pulled the nozzle from its holster and pointed it at the black-clad hero.  “I’m afraid I just can’t take no for an answer.”

“Oh shi—”  Chat dove, but it was too late.  He was caught in the spray and rendered instantly intoxicated.  His roll ended in an inelegant sprawl, and he clutched his head in confusion.

“Welcome to the party, Chat Noir!  Let me know when your girl gets here, won’t you?”  He poured himself another drink, and raised it to the confused cat.  “Santé!”

Bacchus turned from Chat Noir, and Hawkmoth shrieked in fury.  “No!  His Miraculous!  Take his ring you idiot!  He’s disarmed, this is the perfect opportunity to take his ring!”

“Nah, he’s just here for the party.  A good host would never take advantage of a drunk guest.”

Hawkmoth’s hands shook with his fury.  This was a golden opportunity, and his champion was wasting it!  “You will go back and take his Miraculous!  Now!”  He used their empathic connection to trigger pain, thinking to coerce obedience, but to his surprise the man just laughed.

“I just completed my post-grad degree while dealing with chronic migraines.  Compared to what I’ve been living with for years, that just tickles, man.”  He tipped his cup back again, draining it.  “Take a bit of advice, man.  You need to lay off this Hawkmoth thing, get lit, and get laid.  It’ll do you a world of good.”

Hawkmoth felt his jaw drop, utterly bemused by this turn of events.  He watched helplessly as his champion meandered through the university, turning it into one, big, useless party.  He considered simply recalling his akuma, but he refused to give Nooroo the satisfaction of simply giving up.  He was aware of the faint echo of amusement from his  Miraculous, but he would not acknowledge it.

It was actually a relief when Ladybug appeared out of no-where to snatch the cup away and crush it beneath her foot.  When it was over, he dismissed Nooroo from the brooch, not bothering to catch the spent kwami.   He tumbled to the floor to land amid the harmless white butterflies, and eyed his master knowingly, in spite of his exhaustion.

“Don’t speak,” the man said, refusing even to look at the kwami.  “Not a word, Nooroo.  Not.  A.  Word.”

@paganinpurple, this is a companion drabble to the one I wrote for you yesterday.  :)

(prompt list available here.)


One aspect of gluttony that I think is fun is when someone eats so much that they end up food drunk, which is.. pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I really wanted to express that in some sketches and thought, ‘okay who’d be a good victim of eating themselves silly… oho wait of course this goober’ … plus I kinda really missed Demyx anyway OTL

OMG, Fic Recs!

That’s right, fic recs! Mostly for my lovely @peeps-the-writer and her induction into the omgcp fandom!

This fic list isn’t in any particular order or restrained to one particular pairing, but please enjoy!

Cliff’s Edge by editingatwork ( @punmasterkentparson)
Chapters/Word Count: 54,586 [12/14]
Rated: E
Pairing: Alexei Mashkov/Kent Parson (Patater)
Summary: Alexei Mashkov was poised for NHL stardom, until a devastating injury ended his hockey career and all his dreams for the future. Nearly a decade later, he’s working as an escort in New York City, and is hired by none other than Kent Parson–to attend a high school reunion, of all things.
They both think the night will begin and end with the transaction between escort and client. But nothing in Alexei’s life is ever that easy.

WWBD (What Would Britney Do?) by freefall ( @dexinasnapback)
Chapters/Word Count: 11,683 [1/1]
Rated: T
Pairing: Alexie Mashkov/Kent Parson (Patater)
Summary: “Yeah, yeah, I got it, Zimms, you don’t want to see me.” Kent pushed back from the bar, mouth twisting bitterly, and abandoned his drink. “I’m not stalking you, promise.” He made a split-second, impulsive decision. “I’m here to see him.” He reached out and pulled in the nearest Falconer, not even looking at his face.“You’re here to see…Tater?” Jack asked incredulously.In the history of the world, people have probably done crazier things to save face in front of an ex. Probably.

You’re Under My Skin by angryspaceravenclaw (tumblr unknown)
Chapters/Word Count: 42536 [4/4]
Rated: E
Pairing: Alexei Mashkov/Kent Parson (Patater)
Summary: “Whatever happens I swear to all that is holy, I will never hate you,” Kent vowed. Then he kissed Alexei before the other man could promise the same thing—because Kent knew who he was, he knew what he was capable of drawing out in other people. He couldn’t allow Alexei to make a promise he couldn’t keep.The journey of Kent Parson and Alexei Mashkov from draft to retirement.

Between the Hill and the River by pennyproud ( @dereknursey)
Chapters/Word Count: 12270 [1/1]
Rated: G
Pairing: William “Dex” Poindexter/Derek “Nursey” Nurse (Nurseydex)
Summary: He’s always thinking about Dex, these days; it’s like when he had gotten lost on the trains when he was home one summer, and a man had pointed to a station in the middle of the map and explained, “Everything leads back here.”He turns and sees Will cupping his hands around his mouth, whooping as one of his compsci mentors does a truly ugly two step across the stage. The sun is shining onto his hair, not through it, and he’s smiling in a way Derek never thought he would allow himself to.Everything leads back here, Derek thinks. His fingers are tingling from how Dex had filled his arms when they hugged each other goodbye.

On History and Pie by Mwuahna (@wrathofthestag)
Chapters/Word Count:2591 [1/1]
Pairing:Jack Zimmermann/Eric “Bitty” Bittle (Zimbits)
Summary: A nonathletic!Jack ficlet, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery. Will the two make a love connection?

A Little Bit Closer by Marswithghosts ( @marswithghosts)
Chapters/Word Count: 107963 [13/13]
Rated: E
Pairing: Jack Zimmermann/Eric “Bitty” Bittle
Summary: Eric Bittle’s To-Do List:

1.) Frame Masters in Library and Information Science diploma and send to Mama, because she never understood the lack of sleep and abuse of caffeine, but she sent cookbooks and money for good chocolate, bless her.
2.) Throw away every last highlighted article, graded paper, and syllabus, because they are no longer needed, thank the sweet Lord.
3.) Promote the library’s new periodic reading series, because it wasn’t the capstone project for nothing.
4.) Harass Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann into taking a picture for @BPLWestEnd to promote the reading of his new children’s book, Jacky’s Bad Days.
5.) Do not ogle Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann’s ass.
6.) Fail step five. Repeatedly.

Unravel Me by annundriel ( @annundriel)
Chapters/Word Count: 4,084 [1/1]
Rated: E
Pairing: William “Dex” Poindexter/Derek “Nursey” Nurse (NurseyDex)
Summary: Dex is a menace behind the camera. (A continuation of a pornstar au)

(Hold on) When you get love by AugustaByron (tumblr unknown)
Chapters/Word Count: 21779 [3/3]
Rated: E
Pairing: Larissa “Lardo” Duan/ B “Shitty” Knight/Kent “Parse” Parson
Summary: In which a simple (although epic) defeat at flip cup turns into a soul bond, turns into friendship, maybe turns into something else. Whatever, Lardo can roll with it.


The Gift by 74Days (tumblr unknown)
Chapters/Word Count: 7494 [4/?]
Rated: N/A
Pairing: Jack Zimmermann/ Eric “Bitty” Bittle (Zimbits)
The thing about the Gift, was that you never quite knew what you were going to get, and what it was going to cost.
Sometimes it cost a lot, and early - for such little payback that it hardly seemed worth it. It sometimes cost something you might never miss - and change your whole life. Sometimes it was a gift at birth, or a curse at death, but it always happened.

My note about this fic is even though it isn’t complete, I adore the setup for this fic. I’m patiently waiting for an update and I there’s a lot of potential here. I’m eager to see where the author goes!

‘GoT’ director explains Tyrion’s reaction to Jon and Dany

As Jon and Dany got together in the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 7 finale, Tyrion crept outside their bedroom with a knowing glance. What was going through Tyrion’s mind at this moment? Is he aware of the aunt-nephew incest going on? One of the show’s directors has the answer. Potential spoilers here in:

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So, about a week ago, I made a post where I put up a potential theory where this agent from the Consortium

is the same as the person who sang at the concert where RJ had their big revelation.

But I have another potential bit of proof.

You see, the name if this group here was

Which is quite likely a play off of the word ‘Archaeopteryx’, which are a genus of bird-like Dinosaurs. As further evidenced by the band t-shirt RJ is seen wearing.

And, though brief perhaps the sight was, what sort of tool did we see that agent using?