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king robert’s first choice as the possible future queen 


Hawk Moth & Nooroo, Don't Speak

I got this comment in response to one of my drabbles from yesterday:

“Oh my god… Please for the love of Kwamii PLEASE write this akuma from HMs perspective PLEASEI NEED THIS IN MY LIFE XD”

And me, being the out of control glutton that I am, said…”Ok.”

Thanks for the suggestion, AngryMuffin!

“Ah, Nooroo.  You have someone for me, then?”

“Yes, master.  But I must warn you: I do not believe that it will be an efficient use of power to take this one.”

“I will be the judge of that, thank you.  Nooroo, dark wings rise!”

“So be it…”

Hawkmoth raised his arms as the transformation took him, imbuing him with the power that he craved.   He curled his fingers into a tight fist, determined to make the most of this opportunity, no matter what the kwami said.  “Insolent bug,” he muttered.  “We shall see who is wrong, and who is victorious!”

There was an echo of skepticism from his miraculous, and he gritted his teeth.  “So who is this likely candidate?  Ahh, yes.  The joy of success tempered by the bitter disappointment that no one is around to share it.  I see great potential here.  Fly away, my little akuma, and evilise him!”

Hawkmoth watched as the deep purple butterfly fluttered to the window and away, willing it to fly faster, to reach its target with greater haste.  He felt the urge to pace, but tamped it down, forcing himself to remain still, with his hands resting calmly on the head of his cane.

His akuma would take his newest champion, and it would be the beginning of the end for Ladybug and Chat Noir.  He allowed his lips to curl into a smile.

“Bacchus, I am Hawkmoth.   I understand that congratulations are in order.  I will give you the power that ancient god, to draw all of Paris into celebration with you as you so richly deserve, but you must agree to help me in return.”

“Santé, Hawkmoth.  Let’s do it!”

The villain felt his power take the young man, transforming him from a plump, dejected young man into the god of the vine, and watched through his eyes as he made his way through the university, reducing the student body to a drunken party—whether they wished to participate or not.

As always, he watched anxiously, waiting for the other Miraculous wielders to make their appearance, to provide him with the opportunity to seize what he so desperately desired.  He was rewarded, soon enough, with the appearance of Chat Noir, and he felt his heart rate increase.

“You’re having a party, and didn’t invite me?”  The cheeky cat asked, spinning his staff with an unnecessary flourish.

“Naw, man, you’re invited!  Everyone is invited.”  He pulled a purple cup from the bottomless sleeve mounted on the cask at his back, and dispensed some of the deep red wine from the nozzle.  He held it out to Chat Noir invitingly.  “Care for a drink?”

“I’ll have to pass this time, uh—”

“Bacchus,” he supplied jovially.

“Bacchus, nice!  From the Roman pantheon, right?  I always liked him.”

“Right? Nothing like a bit of drunken debauchery when you want to kick back and celebrate something.”  He held the cup out again, wiggling it a bit.   “You sure you don’t want to partake?”

“Sorry, no drinking when I’m on the clock.”

“Well, that’s too bad then.”  He tipped the cup back and drained it himself, then pulled the nozzle from its holster and pointed it at the black-clad hero.  “I’m afraid I just can’t take no for an answer.”

“Oh shi—”  Chat dove, but it was too late.  He was caught in the spray and rendered instantly intoxicated.  His roll ended in an inelegant sprawl, and he clutched his head in confusion.

“Welcome to the party, Chat Noir!  Let me know when your girl gets here, won’t you?”  He poured himself another drink, and raised it to the confused cat.  “Santé!”

Bacchus turned from Chat Noir, and Hawkmoth shrieked in fury.  “No!  His Miraculous!  Take his ring you idiot!  He’s disarmed, this is the perfect opportunity to take his ring!”

“Nah, he’s just here for the party.  A good host would never take advantage of a drunk guest.”

Hawkmoth’s hands shook with his fury.  This was a golden opportunity, and his champion was wasting it!  “You will go back and take his Miraculous!  Now!”  He used their empathic connection to trigger pain, thinking to coerce obedience, but to his surprise the man just laughed.

“I just completed my post-grad degree while dealing with chronic migraines.  Compared to what I’ve been living with for years, that just tickles, man.”  He tipped his cup back again, draining it.  “Take a bit of advice, man.  You need to lay off this Hawkmoth thing, get lit, and get laid.  It’ll do you a world of good.”

Hawkmoth felt his jaw drop, utterly bemused by this turn of events.  He watched helplessly as his champion meandered through the university, turning it into one, big, useless party.  He considered simply recalling his akuma, but he refused to give Nooroo the satisfaction of simply giving up.  He was aware of the faint echo of amusement from his  Miraculous, but he would not acknowledge it.

It was actually a relief when Ladybug appeared out of no-where to snatch the cup away and crush it beneath her foot.  When it was over, he dismissed Nooroo from the brooch, not bothering to catch the spent kwami.   He tumbled to the floor to land amid the harmless white butterflies, and eyed his master knowingly, in spite of his exhaustion.

“Don’t speak,” the man said, refusing even to look at the kwami.  “Not a word, Nooroo.  Not.  A.  Word.”

@paganinpurple, this is a companion drabble to the one I wrote for you yesterday.  :)

(prompt list available here.)


“Xander: I saw what you did last night.

Dawn: Yeah, I… I guess I kinda lost my head when I thought I was the Slayer.

Xander: You thought you were all special. Miss Sunnydale 2003. And the minute you found out you weren’t, you handed the crown to Amanda without a moment’s pause. You gave her your power.

Dawn: The power wasn’t mine.

Xander: They’ll never know how tough it is, Dawnie. To be the one who isn’t chosen. To live so near to the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realises because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night. I see you working here today. You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.

Potential, Season 7.


Dedan, I think you need to learn the difference between a loving gaze and a death glare
A little something I cooked up for Valentines Day! Hope you’re all gorging yourselves on chocolate like I am!


I can clearly see the work and the passion poured into this video, and it has become an instant favourite video of mine. I would absolutely LOVE for this to become a semi regular series, where we get to see how the Ipliers are doing, and how their plans are going and stuff, with a bit of story to it or something. There is so much potential here! Also, I was so happy to see The Host again after such a long time, and I look forward to his next appearance!

Congrats to @markiplier and the team. Your hard work paid off, this video was amazing, and so funny too!

So, about a week ago, I made a post where I put up a potential theory where this agent from the Consortium

is the same as the person who sang at the concert where RJ had their big revelation.

But I have another potential bit of proof.

You see, the name if this group here was

Which is quite likely a play off of the word ‘Archaeopteryx’, which are a genus of bird-like Dinosaurs. As further evidenced by the band t-shirt RJ is seen wearing.

And, though brief perhaps the sight was, what sort of tool did we see that agent using?

listen my dudes let me just say that i didn’t *really* ship my ship of dreams until s6ep9. i mean, i SAW it–i wondered at those camera angles and the lingering gazes. i thought “tf is this?” at every turn. i marked it down to coincidence (but lbr ~coincidence is a reach when we’re talking cinematography here). whatever, i suspended comment for the time being

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Today is the Two-Year Anniversary of LoadingReadyRun Without Context

Honestly, this surprised me as well. I wouldn’t have even noticed except that I was looking through the archives yesterday, making sure I wasn’t repeating an image I could’ve sworn I already did. But anyway, here we are. Two years. It doesn’t feel like it. I’ve posted a lot more of these images than I expected. I’ve gotten substantially more followers than I ever expected (largely due to Graham’s shout-out on a podcast and my apparent popularity with the tumblr MTG community.) I’ve even had people tell me that they’re “a big fan of my work,” which with all due respect, feels a bit silly to me. LRR is who makes this stuff. I’m just over here screenshotting, cropping, and posting without a caption. Thank them.

In any case, this has gotten me in a retrospective mood, so I thought I’d talk about some of the more popular, notable, and my personal favorite entries, giving a bit of context to two years of no context.

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??? Why Mary ???

Why it had to be Mary’s voiceover at the end of TFP

After my last meta on Mary’s final speech and the comments on that, I guess it’s important to have a closer look on why it has to be MARY, who made these final words of TFP!!

Many of you were angry and disappointed, that these words were spoken by Mary. That she was the one to give John and Sherlock a sort of permission to become “what they could become”….

But I see some potential here to make sense of it! But this a multi-layered problem!

First of all the problem why this character of why Mary had to get such an amount of space in this adaptation of Sherlock Holmes! I’ll just have a short look at this so I can go on with the initial issue quickly. 
There recently was a post of @moffat-rocks (here) that helped me understand the use of Mary’s! Therefor we first have to think about why the writers maybe chose, not to introduce the main characters as gay…. I’ll recite here some thoughts of moffat-rocks:

Why Not Make It Canon From The Start?

There is an argument to be made that the writers should have just introduced John and Sherlock as canonically gay/bi from the get go. 

And, without trying to make excuses, I think it was a writing choice not to do that. Staying close to the books, Moffat and Gatiss went for portraying Sherlock Holmes as a wannabe-sociopath, who has no real concept of romance and views any emotions as a weakness that he pretends he has risen above. 

John Watson actually mirrors this by being highly empathetic on the one hand, but even less in touch with his emotions than Sherlock, bottling up grief, trauma, vulnerability - and possibly bisexual tendencies. (Hence the constant stressing of “I’m not gay.”) 

What I’m trying to say is: The writers didn’t choose to make John and Sherlock straight. They made them emotional shipwrecks who barely know what to do with themselves. They didn’t make them not gay, they just made them “not there yet”.  And I think, in a way, getting “there” is the heart of the entire series. 

So the interessting part for me concerning Mary is: they chose deliberately to make them not not-gay but “emotinal shipwrecks” (what makes extremely sense to me) to stay close to canon and let them develop from here on! Sherlock has feelings and is emotional week, but tries to cover it with “sociopath”-behaviour and has no concept of romance!
John is emotional brocken by the war and trying to bottle his trauma (and who knows what else! What do we actually know about John?) up and does not know what do to with himself!

What I’m trying to say is: They both needed Mary and her marriage with John as an “experiment of heteronormativity” to come to their conclusions and to dig up burried feelings!!

Why they made the choice and wrote the part of “villain Mary”, the forgiveness, the redemption arc, the (tragic??) death, ecetera…. isn’t yet that clear to me… But my assumption is that it definitely supports the difficult emotional developpement of John and Sherlock! It made it all much more tricky to come to terms and figure it out!! But it was a very good way to show their unconditional trust and loyalty towards each other! Actually it emphasised the depth of their relationship and pointed out that this more than just “best friends”!!

This is though my way to accept Mary as an ideed not loved but necessary part of the story arc of Sherlock and also for the development of Johnlock!!!

But now let’s return to the voicover at the end of TFP!!

To begin with I’ll point out the necessarity on the surface level:
This level shows what on the surface is told, the story casuals would see, without digging to deep in subtext, just the “Oh, Sherlock…yeah, I’ve seen that! Good show!”-level…
On this superficial level (but including the intention of Johnlock of course…it’s always and forever Johnlock!!!) it is very important for both of them, that it is MARY telling them, that they can carry on!
Sherlock needs it to make peace with his guilt about her death! He’s still intimidated by John’s reaction and that he blamed Sherlock for Mary’s death! Even if John took it back and said otherwise in TLD, Sherlock would always blame himself for causing John so much pain and for his failure to keep his vow! He has to hear it from Mary her self, that he is forgiven, that it is okay to carry on, that she appreciates who he is and what he is doing and that she knows he belongs to John! He makes peace with her, can be reassured about this part of his past!
Even though John. Our trusthworthy “I’m broken and guilty because I texted with another woman”-John couldn’t carry on with any other person than Mary after these events that ended his marriage so tragically! He still carries this feelings of guilt because he never could confess to living Mary!!! He wants to be the man he assumes Mary wanted him to be. Therefor he needs her to allow him to be with Sherlock! He needs to know that she always knew his feelings, that this is part of the man, she thought he was! Because than he is allowed to be like that!! He can “go the hell on with that”!!
And also that it is okay for her that he keeps on solving crimes with Sherlock, even if Rosie is in his life, even if he made a vow to take care of her!!!
So he is allowed to pick up his old life with Sherlock! He couldn’t have done that without her permission!!!

That’s why it was very important that it had to be MARY to speek this words! No one else than Mary could have given them this permission, could reassure them both, that it is okay!! No one else could have set them free!!

And second level, the level of symbolism and metaphors is much more difficult and much less obvious! Here I go with the reading of @ebaeschnbliah, that Mary is, even as all the other villains, a part of Sherlock’s deamons of his past. ebaeschnbliah recently posted and commented some things, to make this level clear ( X X X X X)…GO AND READ!! It opens a new view on the show!!!

But for my subject it is most of all the mirror meta on Sherlock and Mary I’m relying on!! 
I will have a try to explain it here as well, but don’t hesitate to contact for further discussion! Because from here on it is very much personal reading and interpretation…

This metaphorical level of reading is based on the EMP theory (if you’re not familiar with it check out here) and symbolic reading of the whole show!
This includes that all villains are sort of Sherlock’s mirrors, or more symbolic part of his character! This is meant as that these villains embody the deamons he has to fight on his journey to become the good man he used to be!!

In ebaeschnbliah’s reading Mary embodies Sherlock former character, the pre-Reichenbach-Sherlock, the “highfunctioning sociopath”, selfish, calculating, hiding secrets,…! This based on the high level of mirroring each other, that suggests, that they are actually the same, two parts of the same character, two sides of a medal…
Reading everything with this metaphor (Mary = Sherlock’s former self) in mind and assuming everything takes part in Sherlock’s mind (EMP) it would be like this (very short-cut and not totally thought through!!!):
This former part of Sherlock was the one that has fallen in love with John, but it’s no pure love but possesive and selfish and this part would go on with his destructive lifestyle.
Real time Sherlock has changed after TRF, get’s in conflict with his former self and risks to lose John (it nearly even kills him = Mary shooting Sherlock), because Sherlock thinks the former Sherlock is what John likes and he has to leave it that way!! But in the redemption/death scene of Mary Sherlock realizes, that he has to let go this former self, that he has to allow himself to be the new Sherlock for John, that it is even needed that that part is away to carry on and take the next step!! He allows himself to change! Even read the words Mary is speaking with the Mary=Sherlock in mind like in this post of @isitandwonder!!

He also imagines trust-issue-John to be frightened/angry but most of all self-conscious about this developpment! But by the feeling of nearly losing Sherlock again, he would be able to take a step towards Sherlock! He also can let go his mental image of Sherlock as he was pre-Reichenbach, confess things, make peace with the past and look forward

With this metaphorical reading in mind the final voiceover makes much more sense! I wrote about it here in “Mary’s speech in Sherlock’s mind”!
Because it all takes place in Sherlock’s mind then! He’s talking to himself! Allowing himself to move on and even though stay who he is … he is good the way he is!
And in symbolical/metaphorical reading it is his former self that can let go, that allows him to move on! He’s taking farewell to his former self … he has changed, he IS definitely moving on!! To become what he always should have been!!

I’m convinced we will never see Mary again! She fulfilled her duty in this storyline and John and Sherlock's character arc! And by this time I’m convinced that we needed this storyline to come to this point! Without that they wouldn’t be able to carry on! Both of them are just by now able to take the next step and we never have been closer to a relationship between John and Sherlock in which way ever!!

So this got rather long…sorry! But I hope I could make my point!! Thanks for reading!! And I would love to here your thoughts on this!!

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a star wars a new hope AU bunny

See, I probably need to get this out here before it’s potentially jossed by the next new episodes.

In the meantime, consider:

Luke Skywalker being a young Daddy to baby Rey by the time A New Hope begins.

Rey’s Mama has not been fridged, btw.  By mutual agreement, Luke is raising the kid himself and Mama just visits.  Luke still wants to get off Tatooine, but he wants to bring his kid with him because he doesn’t want the little one growing up always and forever wondering about her biological parents, just like he did. 

So Luke has Plans, okay?  He wants to travel the stars but he wants to embark on this adventure with his little girl.

So imagine Luke’s terror when he comes back home to the homestead and finds Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen dead.

Imagine his relief at finding Rey, quiet and terrified in some secret cubbyhole that the Larses once devised for baby Luke.  She was quiet, because Aunt Beru told her to be.  And so she was never found by the stormtroopers. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi, knowing the possible Disaster Scenarios in leaving Rey Skywalker behind (even if she was to be hidden with her biological mama), encourages Luke to bring his toddler with him. 

Han made the obligatory grumbles about having kids on his ship but they’re really just for show and basically Chewie has declared that he’s adopting the Skywalkers, even as he’s happily cuddling the baby girl. 

Han cannot protest. 

When Rey meets her unknown “Aunt” Leia, she takes to the Princess immediately.  

Also, Ben Kenobi does not get killed on the Death Star.  He’s got Skywalkers to look after.  Again. 

Also, Rey would be Very Unhappy with him if she doesn’t have her Grandpa Ben. 

Luke Skywalker has an even bigger reason to make that Death Star shot. 

When a certain wheezy Dark Lord of the Sith finds out the name of the Rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star, he’s understandably Pissed Off.

When he finds out that said Death Star Destroyer is a happy Cinnabon Roll Sunbaby with his own precious happy Cinnabon Roll baby girl, welp - this just in:  Darth Vader Defects to the Rebel Alliance. 

7 Moments when ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Saved Me

1.  “Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.” - Welcome to the Hellmouth, 1x1

2. “Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless? Puppets? Nah. The big moments are gonna come, you can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are.” - Becoming Part 1, 2x21

 3. “Strong is fighting! It’s hard, and it’s painful, and it’s every day. It’s what we have to do.” - Amends, 3x10

4. “You have to be strong … the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.” - The Gift, 5x22

5. “Life’s not a song. Life isn’t bliss, life is just this. It’s living. You’ll get along. The pain that you feel can only heal by living. You have to go on living. So one of us is living.” - Once More, With Feeling, 6x7

6. “ They’ll never know how tough it is … to be the one who isn’t Chosen, to live so near the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night, and I see you working here today. You’re not special; you’re extraordinary” - Potential, 7x12

7. “When it’s something that really matters, they fight. I mean, they’re lame morons for fighting. But they do. They never… They never quit. And so I guess I will keep fighting, too.” - Chosen, 7x22

On Again, Off Again,

@humanschallenge​ Week 3 Day 6: Trenie/Travel

How would you properly describe their relationship? On again, off again just didn’t seem like the right term. There were several instances when it wasn’t either of their fault that they were ‘off again.’ Like when Renie’s father decided to actually show interest in her life again and found out Toby’s family were leading the charge at passing synthetic rights. Or when Toby’s family moved away without warning and he didn’t communicate with her for six months because of ‘security issues.’

And to think, they were only twenty.

Renie didn’t want to complain too much though. Especially when she looked at the love life of the others surrounding them. Mattie and Leo, Niska and Astrid to name a few. 

But when Renie sat alone in the airport terminal, waiting for a text, a call, hell, even a carrier pigeon would do, she wished that she could have some kind of definition as to what they were in that moment.

Another gift from father. A round-trip, all expenses paid, to whatever destination Renie wanted to go. And she could bring a friend. He gave her this gift two months ago, when she and Toby were at a normal stage. But in two months, so many things could happen and they both knew they were walking the line between being ‘off again.’

Only thing, was Renie was tired of this. If this just so happened to be another instance when they were ‘off again,’ then it would be permanent this time.

In fact, the next time they ended things, it would have to be permanent. She didn’t think she could handle that again.

They announced the final boarding call for Switzerland. Renie looked down at her phone one last time. Nothing. She shut it off before getting up and boarding before the gate closed.

She settled in her seat, stuffed her headphones in, and blasted her music. Hoping it would drown out her thoughts and the very visible empty seat beside her.

And when the plane finally landed, Renie turned on her phone, ignoring the small twinge of hope in her heart. But there was nothing. So she kept her music blasting.

Until she saw a man holding up a sign with her name on it.

She didn’t remember booking a shuttle for the hotel. But this was probably her father’s idea. She made sure this man was actually with the hotel before getting into the car with him.

The ride was quick. And she hoped the rest of her trip would be like that. Quick, to avoid thinking about the fact that she was alone.

When she went up to the front desk, the receptionist typed away, frowning, clicking, typing frowning even more then, “Oh, Ohhh,” more typing, then a smile that seemed much too big, and finally a key card handed over. “Enjoy your stay.”

Renie took the key card, not bothering to hide her odd look towards the receptionist. She carried her bags down the hall to her room, unlocked it and…

Wait, this couldn’t be her room. Someone was already staying in here.

And whoever it was, was getting quite the romantic getaway if the rose petals scattered every where and the bouquet of flowers on the counter was anything to go by.

Before Renie could walk back out, the restroom door opened. “Toby?”

Toby looked up and swore. “Oh no…I knew I should’ve held it for just a few more minutes…”

“But I…what…you’re here.” Renie sputtered for words.

And Toby, the bastard, grinned. “Of course I am. You invited didn’t you?”

“Yes, I, but…you came early?”

Toby had a stupid, smug grin on his face. “Wanted to surprise you. Going by the look on your face I did.”

Renie blinked. Toby was here. She wasn’t alone. And this entire romantic gesture was for her. He definitely had never done something like this before.

“But this is a good surprise, yeah?” Toby asked after Renie didn’t speak or move for a few moments too long.

Renie let out a breath of disbelief. “Yeah, it is.” she finally said with a smile.

Toby grinned and kissed her. And Renie thought that maybe they were moving towards being ‘on again’ permanently instead.


I had a good chat with @fireflyfish about this issue and it clarified a lot of feelings I had about it.  SPOILERS abound, of course!

I talked about the things I liked (Vader’s desire to follow and that Palpatine knew it + the creeping horror of what was done to the Jedi and the nature of anger and hate), but those were about the only two things I really found to talk about.

Because there’s not really much else to this first issue.  It’s a series that’s about Vader’s early steps, the immediate aftermath of ROTS when he’s figuring himself out and his place in the galaxy.  But we get absolutely nothing of what’s going on in his head–it’s difficult, I know!  Gillen did a fantastic job and this series feels very much like it’s trying to echo that same sense of heavy, oppressive silence in Vader that worked so well for that series!  It seems to be trying to capture the same feeling that Vader Down had, with that incredible scene of him in the desert, going after people he’s going to mow down!

But that Vader and this Vader are in very different places in their lives.  This is a Vader who is going through a massive upheaval in his life, but we get nothing of what he’s thinking.  We briefly see him think of Padme, when he was choking her, but Vader expresses no regret for his (presumed) role in her death.  You would think, okay, he’s just been told by Sidious that he’s responsible for his wife’s death, “in your anger, you killed her”, that would be a major thing on his mind!  But we get nothing of it.  And nothing is mentioned of Padme at all after those first few pages.

Granted, it’s difficult to get into Vader’s head, especially a character that’s been burned to ash inside and out in this moment, so a novel maybe would have worked better for me.  Except we already have Lords of the Sith, which came out in 2015, so it’s still Disney canon.  But, hey, I get it, novels and comics aren’t really the same thing and they wanted this comic!  I’m not opposed to going back over the same ground, especially on a character I like as much as I like Anakin Skywalker!

But I know nothing more about him after reading this issue than I did when I started.  I know almost nothing of what he’s going through and when the whole point of the comic was supposed to be about the early days of Vader, that leaves me feeling pretty lackluster.  I can see the point that he’s not really thinking much of anything, he’s sort of mindless with pain and grief, he’s just numb to everything but the cold that’s taken root in him.  Of course he doesn’t say much, there’s nothing left in him at this point!  But that doesn’t really work for a first issue, where you have to get me invested in this take on the character.

The art was nice, certainly above average for comics (the coloring was especially good looking!) but I can’t say it felt inspired or elevated the story beyond what feels like not much at all.  It’s got some really great atmospheric shots (I liked the image of him walking out into the desert, as I’ve used above!), but it doesn’t tell me anything.

The comic is far from bad, I will absolutely be picking this up again next month! There’s potential here that I can see coming into focus and I very much hope that it picks up steam!  But, as a first outing, it left me feeling underwhelmed.

We Must Be Killers

Bucky Barnes x Reader
A one shot of Bucky Barnes based on We Must Be Killers by Mikky Ekko.
Warnings: death and injury
Notes: Thank you all for your requests and comments so far, the support is really great. This is the first request I received, however due to Tumblr’s stupid messaging system I can’t remember who asked for it (please message me to let me know) but i really liked the song and could see some potential in it. So here you go!

As I lay there, bleeding out on the cold marble floor all I could think of was one face, one memory that sprang to the forefront of my mind in my time of need. The Winter Soldier. Most people would bristle at the name, the name of a stone cold killer, but not me. I knew the man behind the mask, James Buchanan Barnes. A man that seems strong and fearless, with a vicious temper and an even more poisonous glare. Though really he was just a teddy bear.


 I thrashed at my captures hold, trying to distract them for even a second, the feeling of their calloused hands on my bare arms chilling me to the bone. I was only a child, what on earth could they want with me? As we rounded the corner I was shoved brutally into a small, cramped room, with the door immediately swinging shut behind me. Pulling my knees up to my chest and leaning against the grimy walls, I began to sob quietly. That’s when I saw movement in the far left corner of the room. Automatically going to push myself closer to the wall I felt the back of my head violently collide with the hard surface, causing me to cry out in pain. Black spots began to speckle my vision and I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I passed out, as I so often did. The last thing I saw was the shadows slowly move towards my small frame before everything went black.

 The next thing I remember was waking up on a small bed with a grubby white sheet draped across my shaking body. As I slowly sat up I saw him. A large man sat on a chair at the end of the bed. His hair was messy, it looked like he hadn’t shaved in months and his clothes were worn and had tears in multiple places. As he noticed my now conscious state he stood up and walked over to my side. “Who are you?” He questioned gruffly. My mouth gaped open as I saw the light glint off of his metal arm. He saw me staring and quickly rolled down his scruffy sleeves. “I said who are you?” He asked again, this time with more malice in his deep voice. “Y/F/N” I hesitantly stuttered back. He only stared back at me with his brow slightly furrowed as if he was trying to place me. “Who are you?” I finally got the courage to question in return. “No one” he mumbled quietly.


 As time went on Bucky and I slowly became closer. He couldn’t stop Hydra conducting experiments on me, and he often lost his memories of me all together. Though after about the fifth time restoring our time together it became easier and he caught on faster. My powers developed over time as well, leading to this disaster, I could move things with my mind, or telekinesis if you prefer. During a training exercise one of the other agents decided to see how fast my reflexes were, by shooting me in the stomach. Obviously they aren’t that fast as the next thing I knew I was falling to the ground. People began shouting around me, knowing how close Bucky and me were they knew this would not end well. Everyone filed out the room; leaving me in the situation I was currently in. All I could hope was that Bucky would find me, and soon.

 Roars suddenly erupted throughout the halls of the small compound; I knew my message had been received. The door swung open and Bucky came striding in, quickly hoisting me into his arms and fleeing the scene. “Where are we gonna run to Buck, where’ve we got left?” I whimpered into his broad chest “We’re killers and you know it, how many have died because of us? Because of what we’ve done?” Bucky just stared ahead, carrying on with his wide strides. I felt the cold air hit me in the face and barely heard Bucky’s hushed words of comfort. Telling me that everything was going to be fine, that we were going to be fine. Eventually we got to a small alcove where Bucky laid me down and inspected my wounds. “Y/N you have to be strong for me okay?” Bucky croaked, “Your going to be okay, you have to be, I need you.” Causing a small smile to grace my lips. “You know Buck I’m very good at faking strength. For you I’d do anything. You took me in and looked after me since I was a kid. But now…now you need to run free Bucky. Free from Hydra. Free from me. Free from this whole twisted life. You and I both know I’m not going to make it out of here, and you wont either if you stick around too long.” I pitifully mumbled “Just know this Big Guy you really did mean everything to me, and for that I will be eternally grateful” With those words I finally let the black consume me, drifting of, finally free.