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So, you know how in the Pacifist True ending, Toriel potentially brings up a conversation about how she has a hard time believing that anyone could ever flirt with her? And the way that Alphys reacts and says “You have NO idea.”—which can be interpreted in numerous ways, but… honestly, what about this:

She could very well have video evidence of not just their puns and knock-knock jokes shared at the door and ALL OF SANS’ VISIBLE REACTIONS, but as I like to think (biased Soriel shipper that I am, I admit), maybe when Toriel hadn’t yet arrived there when Sans comes at the door for pun-times, as he grows more attached to spending time with her there, maybe he practices lame, punny pick-up lines at the door too.

And Alphys could have it all recorded.


One aspect of gluttony that I think is fun is when someone eats so much that they end up food drunk, which is.. pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I really wanted to express that in some sketches and thought, ‘okay who’d be a good victim of eating themselves silly… oho wait of course this goober’ … plus I kinda really missed Demyx anyway OTL

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Serena likes to dominate.

She’s always enjoyed being in charge.

Complete for now!

We Must Be Killers

Bucky Barnes x Reader
A one shot of Bucky Barnes based on We Must Be Killers by Mikky Ekko.
Warnings: death and injury
Notes: Thank you all for your requests and comments so far, the support is really great. This is the first request I received, however due to Tumblr’s stupid messaging system I can’t remember who asked for it (please message me to let me know) but i really liked the song and could see some potential in it. So here you go!

As I lay there, bleeding out on the cold marble floor all I could think of was one face, one memory that sprang to the forefront of my mind in my time of need. The Winter Soldier. Most people would bristle at the name, the name of a stone cold killer, but not me. I knew the man behind the mask, James Buchanan Barnes. A man that seems strong and fearless, with a vicious temper and an even more poisonous glare. Though really he was just a teddy bear.


 I thrashed at my captures hold, trying to distract them for even a second, the feeling of their calloused hands on my bare arms chilling me to the bone. I was only a child, what on earth could they want with me? As we rounded the corner I was shoved brutally into a small, cramped room, with the door immediately swinging shut behind me. Pulling my knees up to my chest and leaning against the grimy walls, I began to sob quietly. That’s when I saw movement in the far left corner of the room. Automatically going to push myself closer to the wall I felt the back of my head violently collide with the hard surface, causing me to cry out in pain. Black spots began to speckle my vision and I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I passed out, as I so often did. The last thing I saw was the shadows slowly move towards my small frame before everything went black.

 The next thing I remember was waking up on a small bed with a grubby white sheet draped across my shaking body. As I slowly sat up I saw him. A large man sat on a chair at the end of the bed. His hair was messy, it looked like he hadn’t shaved in months and his clothes were worn and had tears in multiple places. As he noticed my now conscious state he stood up and walked over to my side. “Who are you?” He questioned gruffly. My mouth gaped open as I saw the light glint off of his metal arm. He saw me staring and quickly rolled down his scruffy sleeves. “I said who are you?” He asked again, this time with more malice in his deep voice. “Y/F/N” I hesitantly stuttered back. He only stared back at me with his brow slightly furrowed as if he was trying to place me. “Who are you?” I finally got the courage to question in return. “No one” he mumbled quietly.


 As time went on Bucky and I slowly became closer. He couldn’t stop Hydra conducting experiments on me, and he often lost his memories of me all together. Though after about the fifth time restoring our time together it became easier and he caught on faster. My powers developed over time as well, leading to this disaster, I could move things with my mind, or telekinesis if you prefer. During a training exercise one of the other agents decided to see how fast my reflexes were, by shooting me in the stomach. Obviously they aren’t that fast as the next thing I knew I was falling to the ground. People began shouting around me, knowing how close Bucky and me were they knew this would not end well. Everyone filed out the room; leaving me in the situation I was currently in. All I could hope was that Bucky would find me, and soon.

 Roars suddenly erupted throughout the halls of the small compound; I knew my message had been received. The door swung open and Bucky came striding in, quickly hoisting me into his arms and fleeing the scene. “Where are we gonna run to Buck, where’ve we got left?” I whimpered into his broad chest “We’re killers and you know it, how many have died because of us? Because of what we’ve done?” Bucky just stared ahead, carrying on with his wide strides. I felt the cold air hit me in the face and barely heard Bucky’s hushed words of comfort. Telling me that everything was going to be fine, that we were going to be fine. Eventually we got to a small alcove where Bucky laid me down and inspected my wounds. “Y/N you have to be strong for me okay?” Bucky croaked, “Your going to be okay, you have to be, I need you.” Causing a small smile to grace my lips. “You know Buck I’m very good at faking strength. For you I’d do anything. You took me in and looked after me since I was a kid. But now…now you need to run free Bucky. Free from Hydra. Free from me. Free from this whole twisted life. You and I both know I’m not going to make it out of here, and you wont either if you stick around too long.” I pitifully mumbled “Just know this Big Guy you really did mean everything to me, and for that I will be eternally grateful” With those words I finally let the black consume me, drifting of, finally free. 

Quark and Odo get stuck in the now times on Earth. They lose their clothes in the time anomaly or whatever and have to go shopping. Quark has to shop from the children’s section but tbh he would anyway because the fabrics in adult clothing are too dull. Because of his penchant for shiny things he ends up wearing mostly girls clothes with rhinestones, metallic print, and bright colors. He looks like he watches too much Hannah Montana. Odo is really upset about how NOT utilitarian the clothing is. Why so much variety? Why does it need to be different for the different sexes given the limited sexual dimorphism in the human race? He wears overalls because he sees the need for a belt as an unforgivable design flaw in old-fashioned earth pants (and took it very personally when his pants kept falling down his flat butt–which lets face it is his fault, he could have learned to make himself a butt). He is mad that pants are not long enough and that the employees at the store can’t just MAKE the pants longer! Tbh Quark is loving the tackiness available to him after being stuck around nothing but military uniforms for so long. Odo tries to shift himself into earth clothes but he honestly can’t understand them and doesn’t want to put in the effort He shifts into his uniform whenever he’s out of sight and all his earth clothes are still the same weird tan color, out of respect for his position.

2nd season please give me less “Narsus-samaaaaaaaaa” and more Alfreed kicking asses, I’m not asking too much so pleeeeease???

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i've been thinking about how good tary/gilmore could be since the moment tary showed up and i'm so glad i'm not the only one who sees the potential here

me too! and i’m waiting with baited breath for this meet up to happen, it’s literally one of the only things i actually desire out of tary. please let them meet and fall in love and be really rich, fabulous, magic boyfriends. thanks.

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I can imagine Gisha sporting a full length sarong, perhaps? Probably reds and blacks because that's her colors, but as far as stylish and fashionable goes, that might work for Gisha's tastes?

“Perhaps indeed… It certainly seems versatile.”

//I see a lot of potential here. Lemme play around with it… see what looks good.

For a great part of its early history, its secret status made it of little consequence in the wider world. But in time it grew, eventually emerging as a power almost without rival.

what a good city for arya to be associated with 


“Dealing with.”

It was not a question so much as it was his way to process what had been said when he failed to see the logic therein.

“If he requires a permanent solution, I have a few suggestions.”

He was not smiling as he spoke, nor as he followed her down the hall, over the cat, and into a parlor.

“Tea is not necessary and potentially risky. And I am here to see Burgess. I have business with him which does not concern you.”

There was no Lukas on his shoulder, which ought to have been a clue, and he lingered at the window with an intent gaze.

“Do not…concern yourself with why I am here, Kerrolyn. In fact, if you wish to forget that you have seen me today, that might be for the best.”

The look on Kerrolyn’s face was one of dawning suspicion, but the paneling at the back of the narrow study opened. She turned as Burgess stepped through, lowering his head to avoid striking the frame, and slammed the concealed door behind him.

On the other side, there was a muffled ‘thump!’ and a very faint “Ow, gods damn it!” 

“Josef.” Burgess kept his expression neutral, but he strode forward quickly to lay a large hand on Kerrolyn’s shoulder. His eyes were a dead giveaway—emerald and frantic, looking Josef over rapidly—but he spoke calmly. “A pleasure to see you. I… trust all is well?” 

He couldn’t ask what he wanted to, but there were only a very few reasons that Josef would have come to the Vale at all. And he was deeply afraid of what one of them could possibly be.