i see no lies here tbh

I am haunted.
Haunted by the ghost of the woman I was too afraid to become. 
And I’m the one who killed her. 

I smothered her.
Left her gasping and screaming for air underneath the same white sheets that I rest upon every night. 
You’ll see no blood. 
You’ll see no evidence of a struggle. 
Her body rots between the cracks in my ribcage. 
This is where I hold her prisoner. 

There was no funeral. 
No “goodbye”. 
Just my silent mourning. 
I wear black in the bags under my eyes. 
This haunting is exhausting. 
This haunting is unlike any other. 

You see, my hands are her hands 
and maybe this is why everyone I touch 
remains unmoved. 
Maybe this is why everything I write 
becomes an elegy. 

To her: I’m sorry. But you never had a chance. 
To her: I’m sorry for letting you rot before you ever had the chance to bloom. 
Here lies she whose face haunts me everywhere I turn.
—  a personal elegy

i named a character
after you today.

i didn’t recognize her
until her voice started to sound
like yours and her hair
got curly and dark on your head,
in my head.

i didn’t mean to make her mean
and i didn’t know she’d be 
so elitist until she was wearing
that shirt i was always so
jealous you could pull off.

i told myself you wouldn’t
get a spot in my future after
you ditched my past, but
here you are, entrenched in every
story i tell and embodying every 
moderately annoying side character
with whiney lines of stilted dialogue.

but see, i am not the hero of my story
and i refuse to let you be the villain
any longer, so the moment i 
saw your glittering eyes full of
promise and lies enter frame left,
i made you insignificant and 
cut your role in half.

now you just pass through,
because this story
doesn’t really
care wherever it is
you’re going to.

—  r.g. | i wrote this poem because i don’t miss you anymore

“You said it was only us two.”

Okay tbh I feel bad for Sangwoo just because he looks so distraught. I’m just guessing but I could imagine what is going through his head.

“Yoonbum loves me. After all I put him through, he’s still here.”

After seeing Seungbae I feel like Sangwoo’s reality is crashing down on him.

“He lied to me. Yoonbum found another man… better than me?”

I’m just trying to match the personality as best as possible so please don’t judge?


Powers, what powers, what are you talking about? You see something strange here? Nothing anybody would believe if you told them?

the-certified-cabinet  asked:

Why do you ship Harry x Luna over Harry x Ginny?

Idk how far into this territory I want to go, because I have a very, very large distaste for H/G for multiple reasons, so I’ll try to keep my answer simple.

H/G is a relationship based off of Ginny being the Love Interest to Harry, and not Harry being the Love Interest of Ginny. In other words, their relationship is highly imbalanced. Multiple times throughout the book we see that Harry puts Ginny down. Multiple. Times. I’m not talking about books 1-3, because let’s be honest they are children at that point and it’s unfair to compare the first three books to books 4-7 when it comes to relationships. Harry doesn’t trust Ginny. He may say he does, and he may seem like he does, but he doesn’t. One of the biggest indicators of this is this scene:

“Hi”, said Ginny uncertainly.  “We recognized Harry’s voice – what are you yelling about?”
“Never you mind,” said Harry roughly.
Ginny raised her eyebrows.
“There is no need to take that tone with me,” she said coolly.  “I was only wondering whether I could help.”
“Well, you can’t” said Harry shortly.

I remember reading this scene and wanting to flip my book, I was so mad. Harry talks and treats Ginny like she is a subordinate to him, not his equal. He does this a lot in the books, both before and after they are together. And honestly? That’s not how a relationship should work. J.K. always meant for H/G to be together, and yet she, herself, wrote them as more toxic than anything else. 

But the main reason, among many others, that I don’t ship H/G, comes from this quote in the book right here:

“Smart girl, that Hermione,” said Harry, trying to smile. “I just wish I’d asked you sooner. We could’ve had ages… months… years maybe…”
“But you’ve been too busy saving the wizarding world,” said Ginny, half-laughing. “Well… I can’t say I’m surprised. I knew this would happen in the end. I knew you wouldn’t be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort. Maybe that’s why I like you so much.”

I almost have to laugh reading this now, because It’s almost like J.K. was writing to herself in that paragraph with Harry. She could’ve had years to develop a believable relationship between H/G, instead she decided to stuff it all in the last two books and turn Ginny, who is one of my favorite female characters into a LI who, I am suppose to believe, let Harry Potter name of their children after SEVERUS SNAPE.

But I’ve bolded the reason, the real reason that H/G is unlike H/L, a very poignant reason:

Why. The. Hell. Would Ginny like Harry because he hunts Voldemort? Or even believe that he would be? That is the underlining problem with H/G for me. It makes no sense. Harry has multiple times said he doesn’t want to be the chosen one, he didn’t want this life, he just wanted to be Harry. And yet here we see Ginny, saying that Harry won’t be happy unless he’s hunting Voldemort and THAT’S why she likes him so much? What is this? This would be a slap in the face if I was Harry. It shows that Ginny still defines Harry the same way everyone else does. Hero. Noble. Savior. Defeater of Voldemort. Chosen One. That’s why I like you. Because you’re a hero. Because you go risk your life AND THE LIFE OF MANY OTHERS. Because let’s be honest, Harry makes stupid decisions and everytime he gets reprimanded on them by Ginny she either 1. defends his bad decisions or 2. ends up getting into an argument with him about it that leaves both sides irritated.

But you know who doesn’t see Harry like that?

Luna. Freakin’. Lovegood.

Luna stands up for Harry not because he’s the chosen one but because she believes in him. She believes in his cause, believes in his ability, and has faith in him. But she doesn’t take his crap, and when he talks down to her she doesn’t snap back at him. She is grounded, unlike Ginny, who is a firecracker. Two bull-headed people should never be paired together. Luna is like water, she puts out Harry’s flame and calms him, whereas Harry shows multiple times his affection and liking towards Luna for who she is, which no one, outside of Ginny (who also called her Loony once), is shown to do. Luna isn’t Harry’s step stool, she’s his equal.

And, as I’ve said before in other posts, they understand eachother. Luna and Harry are both outcasts. They both have suffered from people not believing in them, or thinking they are crazy. They are both pinpointed, though for different reasons. Harry never undermines Luna’s beliefs, though he finds her amusing (and not in a degrading sense), and Luna is shown to be very fond of Harry, because she cares about him. They are friends, and in many ways, kindred spirits. They have a deeper connection, and it was Luna, not anyone else, who was able to get Harry to take the first step in acceptance of Sirius’s death in Book 5.

Sorry, I didn’t mean this to sound SO anti H/G. I could’ve written a lot more but I’ll end my answer here. Basically, I think H/G is toxic and based on “emotions” more than anything else, where as H/L has a genuine friendship and connection and understanding. H/G only succeeds in doing the opposite. It makes fools out of both Harry and Ginny, and goes against everything we’ve seen in development for the characters thus far. And any ship that can only sail if the female character gets bogged down to fit the mold of a subordinate LI to the hero is not one that I want to see happen. And I think most Lunarry shippers know that if H/L were to have become canon, that would not have been the case. 

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*Scrolls through blog, expecting to see cute art because you art very talented I'll give you that. Instead sees misguided and completely wrong and gossiped, and toxic hate towards someone* :)c Well then, *Curser slowly moves towards the unfollow button* Not worth it to stay here!

Bye :D
And never come back.

And what do you know about me and my situation by the way? You can’t say that I gossip and spread toxic hate if you don’t know what happened :D Maybe someone was abusive and manipulative and made me want to lay on train tracks ?:DDDDDD Or you have maaaagical eyes and you can see all the way here to Hungary to check on my daily life ?:DDDD

I’m glad you unfollowed me, but just to tell you,I have the EXACT SAME follower count as a week ago, so maybe you should stop being a little fart and not try to make me feel bad with lies?xD It didn’t SHOOK me tbh. Go shove your follow up your ass.

Steph’s 500-Freaking-Followers Challenge

I hit 500 followers somehow the other day. WHAT THE FREAKING HECK?! Thank you guys so much!! It means so much more to me than I will ever be able to convey in words. I mean… Jesus…

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So a very wise anon suggested I host a challenge and I was all like HECK YEAH! Thank you to my beautiful bae, @perseusandmedusa, for helping me put this together!

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26 Kuro and Mahiru? I know this one is kind of hard to do, but I've seen your work and you're very creative. I'd love to see what you can do with this. (If you don't want to write it, that's totally fine thank you)

Tbh I’m not that happy with this, but i can’t think of any other ways to rewrite it. I’m really not that good at angst, I’m much better at fluff, but i hope I’m improving! Thankyou so much for calling me creative omg <3 I hope it lives up to your expectations! >< Prompt list here!!

“You cheated, you lied, and now you expect me to just forgive you?” - Kuromahi

It was all for you… Kuro wanted to scream, he wanted to shout it to everyone who would listen. It was all for him. The boy he would do anything to see him smile warmly like he always would, the boy he would kill to once again taste his cherry soft lips. The boy who now stood at the couch, angry tears spilling down from his hurt eyes.

“You cheated…” “I didn’t!” “You lied…” “please it was all to protect you-“ “and now you expect me to just forgive you?”

Mahiru gave him no chance to speak, what he saw couldn’t be mistaken. “Why?! You were my everything, I thought I couldn’t live without you, I wanted a future with you!” Mahiru shouted, holding back the emotional scars words couldn’t even begin to describe.

“Mahiru let me explain-“ Mahiru took another step forward, angrily grabbing onto Kuros coat. “Why wasn’t I good enough…” he wanted to cry his heart out and feel Kuros arms around him, whispering comforting words. ‘I love you’ ‘I’ll never leave’ but what good was that now?

“Because I fell in love with you damnit! I’m fucking scared, I can’t live without you Mahiru. I wanted something, anything to make you see that I’m a monster! I told you right from the beginning I’d just hurt you” Kuro yelled back, pushing Mahiru off him and taking a step of his own.

He didn’t know what he was thinking, he hadn’t thought it through. If he was honest he didn’t know what he was expecting. He just couldn’t handle it, loud voices screaming that he didn’t deserve it. Kuro knew it better than anyone, he didn’t deserve the happiness Mahiru brought him and Mahiru didn’t deserve the pain and hurt Kuro gave him in return.

“I thought I could finally just take the stupid bell off and leave!” He yelled, words he didn’t mean tumbling out of his mouth. He was rubbing salt in the wound and hurting Mahiru even more.

“Then why don’t you?! Leave, leave and never come back! You’re lying, you never loved me” Mahiru took a step back. “The doors right there”

He couldn’t believe what he was saying. Mahiru couldn’t bring himself to forgive Kuro just yet but that didn’t mean he wanted him gone forever! Could he even live with Kuro gone forever? Would life really be worth it? But what was life even worth to begin with if he was living for someone who never wanted anything to do with him. Mahiru couldn’t stop himself from breaking down into loud sobs, his shaking knees collapsing beneath him until he was on the ground.

“I never left because I love you” Kuro said quietly. “It’s because I love you that I need to leave! And it’s because I love that I can’t” Kuro felt his emotions making him dizzy, Mahiru…

He wanted Mahirus kind motherly tone telling him to eat healthier, the way he’d bite his lower lip whenever he was concentrating or how he’d smile lovingly and kiss Kuro whenever he could. His selfish desires couldn’t continue, it needed to end.

But no matter what he did Mahiru never gave up on him. No matter how horrible he was, Mahiru refused to leave his side. It wasn’t like their relationship had been rocky recently, it was going amazing. It was going too well. He was being a massive pain like always but somehow Mahiru still loved him.

He couldn’t love himself, how did Mahiru want a future with someone like him?  

“H-how long-g” Mahiru asked between sniffles and crying.

“I’ve never wanted to leave, ever. I really did… want to be by your side. This isn’t about me, I hurt you again and again and yelled at you for my mistakes. I love you, I love you I’m sorry” Kuro hesitated before taking off his bell and throwing it onto the ground. “You said you couldn’t forgive me… that’s how it should be. I’m sorry”

Kuro didn’t even notice he had started to cry himself, it was better this way. He walked away from the house, feeling a horrible heartache each step he walked away that wasn’t from the distance limit.

He thought if he upset Mahiru, Mahiru would get angry. That would be okay. It’d be okay if he pushed Kuro out, forced him to leave, yelled, hated him. But seeing the tears pouring out of his kind eyes Kuro knew he fucked up.

He fucked up, he went too far, and there was nothing he could do to take it back. The cold air outside slapped him in the face, the sobbing from Mahiru becoming more distant but never really gone.

The only thing that left was him and the sunshine smile he always wanted to protect.


I was tagged by @memeazoid for a selfie & bias tag but I don’t think I’m never posting a selfie here unless idk I get a good photo or reach some kind of milestone again anyway you don’t need to see my face I’m a red tomato 😂

So instead have a very nice, so freaking photogenic pic of my cat and of course Ksoo (I’m a bit offended by his pic tbh). Actually, she’s so adorable and evil and her personality matches Ksoo’s so much, she’s practically him and he is her 😂 I can relate to Ksoo as well but since it’s not my pic 😂

Okay, I will once again tag @heebiejbies, @lis-redfox, @bubblyemotions and @aleaexo. That’s what you get for talking to me 😂 Now let me see your beautiful faces muahahahahaha 😂

Also, if any of my followers wanna share with me how they look like I would be glad to see, come on, everybody do this tag  😂

wanna chat? pt. 12

on ao3
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holy shit its late

the miracuchat is wild and somehow we got to coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino?? i dont???? what were we even talking about??????????? i feel like this is @frostedpuffs​‘ fault for some reason

(ayy = alya
niNO = niNO
coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino = adrien
flowers are flowery = mari)
((it gets a little confusing so youre gonna want to pay attention to text styles))



something about optimism has changed their name to coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino

niNO: if i can
what the fuck

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: ;*
ilysm marsh
mwah mwah mwah

niNO: al?????

flowers are flowery: Alya why do you have adriens phone

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: um bc he got up to get coffee
i had an opportunity
i took it
pls know that this boy has autocaps and autocorrect on
its v hard to keep up The Aesthetic™

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hey!! I really love ur blog a lot !!! is there any way you could maybe make a master post of fan made ladybug comics??? I'd really really love that, or even just linking me to a few really good ones would be awesome. thanks so much!!!

I think a masterpost would be too much, and anyway you can find all the fancomics I know of & like in my comic tag (as you can see, WAY too many to put in one post). A lot of great ones come from @edorazzi@caprette or @sakura-rose12, go follow them if you love hilarious ML comics. Going back through my tag, here are my personal must-see highlights: 

bonus: my own comics, one and two

edit: I was originally going to add this reveal comic but I couldn’t find it and after digging through about 30 pages of my tag I gave up. I can’t forget it, though: “Oh là là! Je t’aime, Ladybug! Je t’aime!”

here, see my castle of lies

tom riddle x susan pevensie, 2084 words

a/n: i don’t know how i got here or how this happened. I belong in a trash can tbh. 

for @digorykirke: this is your fault.

He’s not trouble. Not like that.

He’s handsome and charming, and she’s impressed, and that’s really all it is. (really).

(Even then, she lies.)

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post-da2 handers fucks me up so much. they're on the run, they fight, there's war, and they'll never have the peaceful life i wish for them. even afterwards, cause anders at least will never be safe, he gave up his own freedom for this, but IT DOESN'T MATTER. i will always aggressively imagine them being happy & together & in love and i'll counter whatever Miserable Cave Hermit shit bioware throws at me with schmoopy domestic headcanons no matter how unrealistic they may be I DON'T CARE

dis me

like i see everyone else’s post-DA2 headcanons for their Hawke when they romance one of the other LIs and they’re all so domestic and happy and they’ve settled back into the same routine they had while in Kirkwall and here I am like

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