i see no lies here tbh


Powers, what powers, what are you talking about? You see something strange here? Nothing anybody would believe if you told them?

ok so i was tweeting abt p4 “when you meet your soulmate u start to see in color” au and decided it was most interesting for naorise and yukichie so???? nyooms

this is a lot more fluffy and cute than the entire au itself tho lol…….. so instead of finishing this fic for real i just finished the meet cute part laugHS the au is generally a lot darker in tone than what’s posted here (it’s angst w/a happy ending all around tbh) but i was really pleased w/this anyways so i’m gonna post it o:

warnings: very very lightly implied p4 spoilers that i don’t think u could even catch unless u’ve already gotten to them lol

rise meets her soulmate in a tofu shop. [persona 4]

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pr*cefield shipper & grahamfield hater: why do you ship this heterosexual ship
me: *points out that the very existence of max/chloe as a choice means that max can’t be 100% straight*
me: *points out that email where warren said time cop is a good movie because jean claude van damme does the splits in his underwear on a kitchen counter, and the parking lot line where he says he likes “sensitive vampires” (when was the last time you saw any “emo vampire movie” where the main vampire/love interest was a girl like rly) meaning he’s not straight either*
pr*cefield shipper & grahamfield hater: why do you ship this heterosexual ship

here, see my castle of lies

tom riddle x susan pevensie, 2084 words

a/n: i don’t know how i got here or how this happened. I belong in a trash can tbh. 

for @digorykirke: this is your fault.

He’s not trouble. Not like that.

He’s handsome and charming, and she’s impressed, and that’s really all it is. (really).

(Even then, she lies.)

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