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Idk about you, but I've gotten more enjoyment out of knowing fakob's spinoff failed than I have in almost all of TBL s4

Seeing that first review come through was very sweet indeed I’m not going to lie. Seeing the ratings later just proved our point and the I Told You So felt great. But I’m waiting to see what happens and the knowledge TK will be back on TBL isn’t exactly joy inspiring. It’s sad for the other actors and crew involved with Redemption. It’s not their fault they got involved in a project where the johns are trying to prop up their rapist/abuser/murderer and pass him off as Bond. It doesn’t work because it’s all a fake.

I’ll say it for the millionth time they should have spun him in s2 and gone with the evil bastard trying to do somewhat better while his tortured psyche deals with all his past crimes. Sounds a lot better than watching him run his hand up mommy’s thigh but that’s just me. I wish the other actors and crew much luck and hope they move on to a successful show. For the writers and creators involved I say pick a better character next time and start from a place of honesty and integrity and you might just get somewhere.

Persephone (a short story by Raven Snow)

Spoiler alert. I’m a vampire.

Yes, I know. Vampires are so early twenty-first century. Well, sorry. It’s not my fault some bloody Transylvanian count got in his cups (not to name names, Dracula) and decided to spill the beans about the Undead to some literary hack. Why he didn’t eat him afterwards remains a mystery. And it certainly isn’t my fault you people decided to make Twilight into both a book and a movie franchise. I mean, at least the wizarding world got Gandalf and Harry Potter. We got Edward and Bella.

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Gimme the FEELINGS. how Imanotsurugi, Iwatooshi, Kashuu and Munechika would react at badly injured Saniwa?

About time I answer a request I’ve been a bit distracted since its easier answering personal asks while I’m physically unwell.

I left out Jiji because I’ve already answered such asks for him. Usually I link to those posts but I’m unable to at the moment.

• He’s worrying but doesn’t let it show. Tries to keep up your spirits while you’re being healed.
• When away from you he’s deadly serious and wants to make whoever hurt you pay.

• He’s really worked up. He is not happy about you being hurt and isn’t sure how to deal with it.
• Probably feels guilty when he sees you hurt even if it wasn’t his fault.

• Stays by your side constantly, only leaving if you need something or once you’re resting to go eat or use the bathroom himself.
• He hates seeing you like that so much. He feels powerless while you’re healing and it just eats him up inside.

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But now my bf is mad because he says I let my parents treat me like una niña de 15 años and that I need to put my foot down and gain independence. He's gotten really frustrated. He recently bought tickets to see ulices chaidez and I said I can't go because we would be home too late. He asked me to give him a week to think and have space. Am I unreasonable for getting mad about this? I told him so many times and now he's mad? I love him so much now and idk what to do. It's not my fault :(

if he loves you he will understand & stick by your side. he seems like he’s giving up too easily and that’s not good.

Here’s a little something for @merrkkat who is always so nice and sweet!! <3

Snape and Fandom Hypocrisy

Don’t defend Draco Malfoy by saying he was a product of his environment, and then bash Snape for being a product of his.

Don’t say Narcissa Malfoy is a hero for turning against Voldemort after he threatened the people she loved, and then bash Snape for changing sides after Voldemort threatened Lily.

Don’t defend Sirius Black’s “prank” to kill Snape as a misunderstanding, and then call Snape evil for inventing spells such as sectumsempra to defend himself.

Don’t say Snape was creepily obsessed with Lily (he wasn’t), but ignore the fact that James told Lily he would stop bullying her friend if she went on a date with him.

If Hillary doesn't win tomorrow I do not want to see ANY white liberals talking about how POC and marginalized groups didn't come out to vote.

Like, the state of this country isn’t our fault and instead of bitching at White people who didn’t vote, White Third party voters and White conservatives you want to go straight to the POC?

Nahhhh. Anyway, this was just a heads up!

How to Break up Like a Philosopher

Teleologist: We aren’t meant for each other.
Deontologist: We aren’t right for each other.
Solipsist: It’s not you, it’s me.
Empiricist: I think we should see other people.
Rationalist: I’ve been doing some thinking…
Continentalist: You’ve lost that love and feeling.
Egalitarian: This is the best thing for both of us.
Functionalist: I don’t care about accommodating your feelings.
Quinean: I’m sorry, but you don’t mean anything to me anymore.
Foundationalist: We have nothing left to build upon.
Relativist: It’s no one’s fault.
Atheist: These things just happen.
Kantian: You lied to me!
Consequentialist: You should have lied to my mother about her pot roast!
Anti-Fictionalist: I’m sick of faking it.
Cartesian: I don’t clearly and distinctly perceive a future together.
Hegelian: Do we have to go through this again?
Lockean: Our primary qualities simply aren’t compatible.
Behaviorist: I just can’t keep going through the motions anymore.
Presentist: There just isn’t any future for us.
Eternalist: At least we’ll always have that weekend in Paris.

auguste was problematic 2k17

i’ve been seeing a lot of talk about how laurent wasn’t really a reliable narrator about auguste and his faults so i made this post about things that were wrong with auguste

  • had an irrational dislike of the word ‘pelvis’
  • his favourite food was strawberries but he became allergic as a teenager….. didn’t stop him from eating strawberries
    • ‘auguste, please don’t’ ‘the world can’t take this away from me’ *shoves a strawberry into his mouth* ‘that is so good…. please take me to the physician’
  • made muscles at himself in the mirror…. vere’s saviour everybody
  • so?? comfortable??? with his sexuality??? it got ridiculous
    • this is more for modern!auguste but please consider the following: laurent is reserved and damen is confident with himself but he’s also private about his sex life. and then there’s auguste. who is just so casually open about e v e r y t h i n g 
    • ‘damen, i hear you’re bisexual’ ‘yes’ ‘wow that’s great. i’m straight but let me tell you about the times i experimented with men -’
    • ‘hey laurent i need to use your phone’ ‘okay - wait no! don’t look at that!’ ‘why?’ ‘it’s my…. bank information. i’m doing online banking.’ ‘your boyfriend is sexting you, isn’t he? laurent that’s nothing to be ashamed of. i have been in countless relationships where we found pleasure in-’ ‘stOP’
  • his hair got frizzy when it was humid
  • could not sing at all
    • also couldn’t play an instrument
    • my guy had no musical talent whatsoever
  • flirted with EVERYBODY
  • sent his girlfriends love letters and would sit there for HOURS trying to get them right. he kept a thesaurus in his chambers. each one had at least three drafts…. he wrote really cheesey poetry…. what a loser
  • pretended to take notes during political meetings when he was actually doodling
  • his best friend was his baby brother
    • who am i kidding that’s adorable
    • fuck i don’t even know him but i miss him

feel free to add your own Auguste Flaws

i feel pretty empty rn. i’m not sure if it’s all in my head and i just need good sleep or what but i feel lonely and it sucks. i know that makes no sense to you because you see that i’m constantly surrounded by people but it’s more like i feel as if i don’t have any friends to talk to anymore about anything. all my emotions and problems ive had lately have been just sitting inside me eating me alive as they continue to pile up. yes i have you guys and other friends but i don’t feel secure . i don’t feel like any of those friends really know me and i hardly trust anyone anymore. maybe it’s my own fault for being so closed off to the world because of my fears. either way i hope i can find a comfortable place for myself soon.

Yuuri isn’t just a badass he’s also a good person. The reason he can come across ‘cold’ is because of his degree of self-loathing, which causes himself to sometimes not acknowledge how much people around him care about him (something he works on as the series goes on! this is a big part of his character arc). It’s got nothing to do with his view of other people’s value of individuals and how much he cares about them and everything to do with how he views himself. He has trouble forming connections with others because he views himself as someone people wouldn’t want to form connections with. This is not necessarily okay, but it’s literally a huge part of his character arc!! He becomes so much better about this as the series goes on, and it’s wonderful to see. 

Here’s the thing about Yuuri Katsuki. He’s a selfless person, to a fault. People completely misread the ‘I’ll let the whole world hate me’ scene. It’s not about selfish love. It’s not about possessive love. It’s about making a choice between caring about how people perceive you and not caring about how people perceive you. 

Yuuri thinks that if he goes out there and skates his best, people are going to hate him, see him as taking Victor from the world. He says so what, fuck that. It’s more important to me that I reach my goal. I’d rather me be hated than Victor be hated anyway. Hate me for taking Victor from the world, fine. I just want to skate. I’d rather skate and be hated than have you like me and give up on doing something I love. To help himself in that situation, to give himself confidence, he reminds himself that he is the only person who does know Victor’s love the way he does, which is absolutely true. He reminds himself of the love he has in his life. That it’s unique. That’s it’s special. 

‘Victor is the first thing I’ve ever wanted to hold onto.’

Victor is the first thing he’s ALLOWED himself to hold onto (and even then, he tries to let him go later on because he’s self-sacrificing). 

There’s nothing selfish about that– or possessive, or anything of the sort. It’s someone looking at adversity and going ‘my goal is more important to me than your perception of me’, and for someone as self-deprecating as Yuuri, someone who has struggled with forming emotional connections because they haven’t felt like people wanted to form emotional connections with them due to their own lack of self worth, this is a HUGE DEAL. It’s awesome.

Allowing Yuuri to in a sense, claim something as his, is actually a triumphant moment for him, because he rarely does this. It’s good and right. Yuuri is often selfless to a fault. When he says ‘I wish to eat pork cutlet bowls with you’ we applaud him. When Yuuri wants something and expresses it, we CHEER for him.

Yuuri spends the entire last third of the series trying to sacrifice Victor despite the fact that Victor, to the audience, CLEARLY wants to stay with him. But Yuuri, darling Yuuri, due to his own anxiety and self-worth issues, sees himself as holding Victor back. He ‘wants to stay in figure skating with Victor forever’, but he’s willing to give up everything he loves so Victor can be happy, no hesitations. He smiles, he doesn’t cry. Heck he’s willing to be called selfish without argument even though that’s obviously nonsense. He’s confident in this decision because it’s just what’s right to him. He’s wrong because it’s not what Victor wants, but never doubt that Yuuri is a good person, a selfless person, who would give up anything in an instant for someone he loves. 

Yuuri’s mental illness informs a lot of who he is, and it causes him to stumble and sometimes make it LOOK like he’s undervaluing people but he’s undervaluing himself, and he’s such a good person and he’s so filled with love. He’s loving and supporting and sometimes he just needs to find a way to express it and realize that it surrounds him and people love him in return, and the show is so much about that. Don’t underestimate how good a person Yuuri Katsuki is.

I thought I was going backwards but really, this is a whole new level. I’ve been learning about myself, about the mind, about life, and so I have a greater clarity of self-awareness than before. I’m better at seeing my faults. All my bad habits are laid bare in glaring high-definition. It’s uncomfortable. Disorienting. Painful, even. But I know that this is a necessary part of my journey. 

Acknowledging and accepting the reality of our faults is the first step towards fixing them. I’m ready for the challenge and I’m going to embrace this part of my life. I know what I need to do to become the next version of myself. I look forward to the new depth of healing that is sure to come.

i just!!! have to take a moment here bc i’ve been saying for so long that all i wanted from this season was for eva and isak to make up or at least talk about the state of their friendship and what happened. i’ve been saying it but never dared to hope bc on any other show this would have been such a stretch goal, like it never would have happened bc that relationship would have been treated as a past thing now that there was no immediate plot/drama relevance to it, and i guess i just expected skam to play by those rules?

but instead we got this, a long conversation between them where they joked and laughed and also got serious. a conversation where isak apologized and admitted his faults, and where eva listened and took some responsibility for her end in things too. a conversation where isak talked more openly than he has with anyone this season about how much he’s grown, how much he doesn’t like who he now sees he became, and how, as uncomfortable and painful as the things that pushed him to grow may have been for him at the time–how much more self-confident and comfortable and generally happy he is for having gone through them. he knows himself better now, and he shared that with eva, who is arguably the person he hurt the most when he first started going through this whole process, and also who is arguably the person who would most understand where he was coming from bc she’s been through the other end of this.

there is so much that was important in their friendship, and there is so much that can still be important, and maybe not all friendships can grow back and maybe sometimes you genuinely do outgrow people and maybe we don’t know whether they’ll still want to work on repairing their friendship outside of this moment. but in this moment, what we do know is that they see each other. they miss each other. they still have things they want to share with each other. and here, now, i am so so so happy for both of them that they got to have that.

yurio talks so much trash about viktor and yuri but I’m willing to bet 10 pirozhkis that if yuri followed through with his dumbass plan and have viktor return to russia, yurio will roundhouse kick his way to hasetsu just to stomp on that stupid katsudons’ face. 



[grumbles] god damn idiots figure your shit out and goes shopping for new cat themed clothing 

Imagine being a part of the Supergirl cast and being married to Grant Gustin.

“Okay, sounds like a plan to me. After the panel we will talk about the details but count me in for sure!” Melissa said with a smile at you.

“Great, but uh we’ll have to stay a little more cause Grant’s panel is after ours and I just kinda wanna see it.” you chuckled and she giggled.

“Of couuuurse you would! Wanna see your hubby go all Flash on stage or something too?” she gave you a mischievous grin and you rolled your eyes at the blonde.

“Shut up alright? Not my fault he’s always so…” you trailed off letting out a small sigh. You were unable to hide how you felt for the actor and everybody at the cast, especially Melissa, teased you about your relationship. But that was at first. Once you got married it felt as if the love you had for each other got bigger. And yes, Melissa still teased you about it but everybody was happy about the two of you.

“Hey schoolgirl-” she punched your arms playfully “Your hubby is coming over here.” she motioned behind you and you turned to see him indeed walking towards you. A wide grin that matched his, spread on your lips.

“I’m gonna leave the two of you alone.” she patted your shoulder with a smile but you were too happy to even comprehend she had said a thing to you, much less left.

A small squeal left your lips as you ran towards him and straight in his arms, his lips finding yours in a moment “Missed you” he mumbled as he peppered kisses all over your lips.

You chuckled “We haven’t seen each other in a week, Grant. It hasn’t been that long.”

He scoffed at your words “One week? Way waaay too long!” you exclaimed, pressing a kiss over your lips again “As much as I love all those panels-” he put on a pout “-I hate it when they keep me away from my beautiful wife.”

You giggled “Wel in that case- your wife has missed you a lot too.” you pressed your lips to his softly.

“I’m sorry I had to leave you alone for all this time.” he said with a soft sigh “I didn’t want that, I need you to know it.”

“I know Grant, it’s alright.” you shook your head.

“I just- I am sorry about the honeymoon too. It wasn’t even a full month because I had work to do.” he huffed slightly but you shook your head.

“Grant” you cupped his cheek “It’s not your fault, ok? I had work too, don’t forget that. I don’t want you to blame yourself, yeah? Besides I loved every bit of it. And now- now we’re married. And we can have as many honeymoons as we can. Hell we can make any month we want a honeymoon, yeah?”

“It definitely is a deal.” he smiled widely, kissing you on the lips as you giggled.

“That’s my man.” you squeezed him “And to think, Flash wasn’t really my favorite character when I was younger.” you pressed a kiss on his cheek as he smiled widely up at you “But gosh now I love him so much.”

“You better. Cause he loves you so much too!”

The Adrien Diaries...

7 Feb 2017

…I don’t know where Plagg is hiding at the moment, but when I find him he is a dead Kwami. Dead. I’m gonna transform and Cataclysm my own ring because this is ALL HIS FAULT!

So, apparently, I am developing some “cat-like” tendencies as a result of the mira-curse-lous… which is normally all fine and dandy. Feline reflexes, awesome. Better night vision, I’m down. The temptation of napping in the sun- all over it.

The urge to try and sit in every damn box I see– WHAT THE HELL! Because of course Marinette brought a box of croissants from her family’s bakery for the class today, and of course she had forgotten about setting the empty box next to her seat and OF COURSE I HAD TO TRY AND SIT IN THE STUPID THING WHEN NO ONE WAS LOOKING– only for Mari to come back for the box to find me crouched down in it.

Like a flipping psychopath. Good job Agreste.

And was that the end of it? No, no, because of frikkin COURSE some of the tape from the box had to get stuck on my hand as I tried to come up with an explanation for WHY I was in the damn thing. And do I pull it off like a normal human boy?


No I do not.

Instead, I start shaking my hand like a beauty queen on meth, and whimpering in distress.

…I had actual tears in my eyes over this, I kid you not.

Marinette helped me get the tape off, but couldn’t even look at me, and was so red (probably from holding in laughter) I thought she might faint. 

Now excuse me, I have the murder of a magical bobble-head to plan…

-Adrien If-I-Fits-I-Sits Agreste


He rubbed his hands over his face and looked across the rickety motel table-top at his little brother. “What do I, Sam? What am–what do I do?”

Sam’s earnest hazel eyes only peered back at him. “Dean, this shouldn’t be a a bad thing. Do you have any idea how badly people want what you have? They search for it their whole lives.”

Dean nodded but he didn’t look relieved. “I know. I know… I’ve totally fallen for Y/N and–and that should be a good thing–just hoping I get to see her each day is enough to keep me going–but all I can think about is what if something happens to her? And it’s my fault. It’ll be my fault. …And it’s scaring the hell out of me.”

Sam’s forehead creased with concern as he stared at his brother. Dean was only looking down at his hands now. “You can’t live your life that way, Dean. The ‘what-ifs’ will crush you. Trust me. I’ve been there. You need to hold onto this,” Sam said. “Hold onto it kicking and screaming if you have to. But if you let it just slip away,” he shook his head, “that is guaranteed to haunt you forever.”

Dean tried to swallow the tightness in his throat. He knew his little brother was right… but for now he couldn’t act on what he knew to be true, that he had fallen for you and was still falling… For now, he would hold onto it alone and weigh the options. Maybe he felt he didn’t deserve it–or maybe he was just scared–perhaps it was both, but for now he would make damn sure that you were safe.

Gotta post this idea before i forget about it

Cause i was thinking about in all the scenarios Marienette could be akumatized and the consequences of it. And i was thinking i have never seen a scenenario in which she succeeds.
What if Akuma!Marinette is the only one who finally manage to do what non other akuma before?

We are talking about Ladybug here. Marinette is the one akumatized sure but Ladybug as well and even if Chat can do a hell of a fight i cant see him winning, maybe because he will be to stunned to fight back or not focused enough (or maybe it was his fault everything is happening)

And finally it happens. Akuma!Marinette did it. She has the Cat Miraculous. Hawkmoth cant be more happy he finally have both Miraculous he can finally make his dream come true.

He asks for Marinette to bring the Miraculous back.

But she says no.

Hawkmoth is taken aback. Why is she not obeying him? He gave her the powers and the way to forget and stop feeling. She should have been grateful! She should have been bringing the Miraculous to him. So he tells her that. He threats her with the pain he can inflict to her since she is still her puppet.

But Marinette is not listening. She is looking curios at the ring and touching her earrings (black earrings because of the infection).

And Hawkmoth feels it. The idea what is forming in her head. He panics. He tries to remove the akuma from her.

But Akuma!Marinette is faster. And her thoughts are more dangerous and sharper.

She only thanks Hawkmoth for the help and he can have his butterfly back. And to the people, to Chat, Adrien, laying at her feet, looking frightened, to prepare themselves to the wrath of a god.

And she puts the ring on her finger.

Caught you

Hoseok x reader

Genre: smut,
Warnings: masturbation, strong language, eating out.

words: 1991

Authors note: Basically i purely sinned and im so sorry hahaha hoseok is my man so yes this is probably really good or really bad. either way: i apoligize <3 love you guys. I’ll be working on the other drabble request tonight i swear. I should have a yoongi one up soon after this. 

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