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Oooooh boy.

This isn’t something I see brought up a ton, but I still think it’s worth addressing.

Obviously, this joke is intended to be a jab at Danny, which is pretty harsh, especially since he already has some insecurities regarding whether or not his parents will love and accept him no matter what.

That said, despite being kind of a lame joke, I don’t think Jack intended it that way.

People deal with stress and worry in different ways, and this is actually something I do sometimes. I usually have different reasons, but I get the impression this is Jack just being emotional because his daughter is being quarantined and he’s not being allowed to see her. If it was Danny, I feel like he’d react the same way.

If you’re not convinced, remember that there are plenty of episodes that show that Jack does, in fact, absolutely adore his son. The Million Dollar ghost shows that Danny’s opinion of him means so much to him that he’s not even interested in fighting ghosts if his son thinks he’s terrible at it. Girls Night Out has Jack desperately trying to bond with and impress Danny. In Reality Trip, he’s the first one to run and give Danny a huge bear hug at the end of the episode because he’s so proud of his boy and he needs to know that he loves him. Heck, in 13, Danny’s Jack’s obvious favorite. Jazz is (apparently) being a rebellious teen, and Danny’s being the responsible one. And Jack is so proud of his little mini Jack.

Lookit that proud smile. He loves his boy whose shoulders fit perfectly in his giant hand.

As I’ve mentioned, Maddie and Jack aren’t perfect parents, but they love their kids. Jack loves Danny. He wants to be close to him and be cool in his eyes. Jack will not hesitate to charge into danger if his boy is in danger.

He’s no less important to Jack than Jazz is.


hair and skin brighter than my future tbqh


So I am very lucky to live within driving distance of @taylor-tut so a few days I went to go see her play! It was soooo good. Nothing bad to say. There were times where I had actual tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. She is such a wonderful and talented writer who deserves everything good in life.

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Have you drawn anything for bnha? I love your style and i think it would be story cute

Yeeees, I have:P  But I will uplode it later cus I have another fanarts to post as I didn’t use tumblr for a month:”D (and I also wanted to do a speedpaint lol)
I really love this manga!!;0; (and thank you!!;;-;;)
here is a lil sketch of Deku for u just cus hi’s a lil sweet kitten….

OTP Problems (But Not Really) XV

The love I have for Turnadette is real and I’m never ashamed of it. However, there is a time and place for my love and it isn’t when I’m teaching! I mean, I wasn’t embarrassed, but was taken back when all my lab students saw my desktop.

Basically, I was trying to connect the HDMI cord to my laptop, thinking it would connect straight to my PowerPoint. But oh no, it didn’t and for like 10 minutes straight they got to see my desktop. I mean, I think I heard one student say “that’s pretty,” but then again, it could have been my frazzled imagination trying to salvage the situation 😅😅🙃! And yes, that’s my background

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YES OMG!!!!!! My campaign is set in SPACE using my own rewritten form of 5E with cool alien races and everything, and for one section im just droppin my players down in this HUGE open world planet and giving them a mystery to solve!!!!!! That’s what the map is for!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD