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STOP baby harry with the curly hair always getting into trouble bc i mean, he is hades son but being the biggest momma's boy and having her big doe eyes that they both use against Harry wow now i want a kid




And like since he IS the son of both the death god and the goddess of spring (thus life), he has powers from both ends of the spectrum. Imagine him in his little toga running around the garden with Harry chasing after him, vines popping up from the ground wherever he steps in order to trip his dad so he can get away. And Harry falls for it almost everytime because for every one he dodges, there’s another one already sprouting and wrapping around his ankle or tugging loose the chords of his gladiator sandals.

Harry can’t stop laughing everytime it happens. “Come ‘ere, you little bugger! I’m gonna get you– whoa! Oh, wow, okay. I’m fine, it’s fine. I’m coming for you– oh, fuck! Alright! Another one…damn.”

And at one point they’re playing tag. And it’s his son touching Harry’s knee and then running off in a fit of giggles, Harry letting him get a few yards ahead before going after him, booping his nose gently and then running back in the other direction. He feels his son’s little fist hit the back of his calf and so he turns, jogging back after him and poking his nose again, running around him to the other side and “Can y'catch me, sprout? Faster than Daddy now, aren’t you? Gonna make us proud one day.”

And then Persephone comes in, smiling fondly as she watches her two boys messing around. Earlier she’d been teaching him how to make plants sprout from the ground, but had taken a break to go get them lunch. And now they sit on the fancy tiled ground, munching on gyro sandwiches as she points out the different kinds of flowers around the garden, smiling as he nibbles his sub while he sits in his father’s lap, resting back against his strong chest. She can’t help but stare because the resemblance is truly uncanny. From the curly mop of hair to the tiny dimples and bright green eyes. But he’d inherited a bit more of her personality, that being seen in how he loved playing with flowers more than with toy gladiators and the way his eyes could get all big and doe-like when he wanted something, just like his mother.

Then Harry shifts him onto his left thigh, ducking his head down slightly to get eye level with him and pointing at Y/N. “Hey, can y'show Mummy what you did earlier while she was away? With the rose bush?”

And much to her surprise, she watches as their son wriggles out of his dad’s lap, padding over to said bush and touching the young buds gently. Her heart fills with joy as she sees the flowers sprouting to life, petals inflating with bright colors of blue, pink, purple and blood red. He then waddles back, running into his dad’s open arms and giggling with glee as he gives him a noogie. “That’s my boy!”

“You finally got him to do it,” Persephone says in amazement.

Harry looks up, confused. “Oh, that? No, that was all him. This was what I thought him. Go ahead, show Mum.”

The little boy concentrates his gaze on the flower bush he’d just brought to life, a certain green glow flashing across his big glossy eyes. And much to Y/N’s horror, she watches that same bush start to wither, the colorful flowers growing grey and crinkling up like old papyrus, disintegrating into a pile of dust. Harry laughs with sheer glee, your son hopping in his lap excitedly as Hades plants kisses all over his son’s face and gives his wife a smug smirk. “We’ve got ourselves a little prodigy, love. Much like his dad.”

“You’re unbelievable.” Persephone huffs, crossing her arms over her chest and scowling.

“I know I am. I’m a god.” Harry wipes at his son’s dirty mouth with a cloth napkin, kissing his messy curls fondly. “Now you just gotta learn to do that with Grandma Demeter, yeah?”

This earns Harry a smack on the arm from Y/N.

In the Nude - Seth Rollins

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Drabble #76: “Please put your penis away.”

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Flash

In a bit of a Barry mood, if you couldn’t tell.
Also, I saw Dawn of Justice the other day, and let me just say, I love Superman even more now.
And Gal Gadot is a total babe.

Title: Your Friendly Neighborhood Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader
Summary: Reader is saved by the Flash. Barry panics once confronted, calling himself “your friendly neighborhood Flash”
Word Count: 1,524
Warnings: food mention

Your name: submit What is this?

             "Oh shit…“

           The words spill out of your mouth as your eyes widen in shock. King Shark towers above you, demolishing buildings and tearing people apart. Fear sets in and you find yourself running as fast as you can away from the scene. 

           "Where is the Flash?” screams King Shark, reverberations causing the ground to rumble. 

           Before you know it, you’re swept off your feet and drawn into the clutches of the mammoth meta-human. You’re terrified as you’re lifted higher and closer to the mouth of King Shark. If you survived this, you would never eat sushi ever again. 

           "I heard you were looking for me,“ called a voice behind you. 

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Parts: 9/?

Word count: 2.4 K

Fandom: X-Men | Days of Future Past | Apocalypse.

Love interest: Peter/Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver.

Characters: Peter Maximoff | Anne Marie / Rogue | Bobby Drake / Iceman |

Warnings: Main character falls in love with Peter Maximoff, her music professor. | 12 year age gap | Swearing | Spanglish | Spanish | ANGST | Underage drinking | Alcohol


At first this was going to be a Reader x Peter fanfic but it was really hard for me to do it so I created a main character, but you can imagine it’s you.

The story takes place in 1990.

I am really sorry if my English kinda sucks but it’s not my first language.

Feedback is always welcome.

I close my eyes and let out a scream filled with pain an sorrow when Peter dies in my arms, and then I feel everything freezing, when I open my eyes, I’m running towards Mystique, Peter’s frozen in his place and Psylocke will attack him in the next minute.

I can’t stop shivering, the feeling of holding Peter’s dead body in my arms is still haunting me, was it just a dream? This can’t be happening, this can’t fucking be happening.

Is this one of Psylocke’s mind tricks? My mutation doesn’t work like this.

And then I remember professor Xavier said I had precognition powers too.

Did I just predic Peter’s death? If so, there’s no fucking way I’m letting him die.

I have less than a minute before Psylocke attacks Peter, and I don’t waste any second, I run toward him like I’ve never ran before, pushing Peter onto the floor, facing Psylocke,  and then I feel the worst pain in my life as Psylocke’s energy blade pierces my rib, maybe my lung or stomach, I can feel the blade coming out of my back.

I can see my whole life flashing before my eyes -My childhood, vacations in Mexico, going to church with la abuela, eating pozole on September 15th, my parents hugging me every day before school, Nate and my friends back in Queens, my first day at Xavier’s, Peter stealing my Walkman, Peter singing along with me The Cure’s Lullaby, the Friday nights we spent together eating Twinkies with Vanilla coke, listening to music or just cuddling, Coney Island, the Cyclone, hot dogs by the beach and the pink dinosaur, the pain he caused in my heart when he left the school, becoming best friends with Anne, learning physics with Nightcrawler, seeing Peter after three months and the pain I felt in my heart as he died in my arms,-as fall into someones arms andthe pain finally blurrs my sight, the pain is unbearable, I can hear muffled voices screaming but I can’t understand what they’re saying, I struggle to fill my lungs with air but oh god, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I c-an’t breathe…

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I open my eyes to bright white lights in a bright white ceiling,I can’t recognize where I am although I’m really sure it’s not heaven, maybe it’s the purgatory, I notice a needle in my right hand, IV lines connected to an IV bag that’s hanging from a pole, I can also hear a machine beeping next to me and there’s a cannula attached to my nose, delivering oxygen from a machine on the floor.

I’m in what seems to be a hospital room, that probably means I’m not dead which would probably mean at least a few of the X-Men survived the mission.

I try to sit on the bed but it’s imposible, the left side of my body aches, breathing hurts too, but less, I let out a soft cry and slowly rest my back against the pillow.

As my eyes begin to adjust to the lights, I recognize I’m not in the hospital, I’m in the Xavier’s nursery, I had been there a couple times in the past, mostly to get an aspirin when I got PMS-related headaches but it looks more sophisticated now, filled with machines you could only find in a hospital room.

The door opens and Anne enters carrying a coffee.

“Oh my god Zelda, you’re awake!” She screams, almost dropping her coffee, I offer her a shy smile.

“Hi Anne.” I say but my voice comes out as a whisper.

“Oh my god, let me go get McCoy and Xavier, I’ll be back.” She leaves the coffee on a table with books piled in it, next to a chair, I try my best to read the titles from the distance, To Kill a Mockingbird, Anna Karenina, The Scarlet Letter, Crime and Punishment, those are probably assigntments for Grey’s class.

Then it hits me, for how long have I’ve been gone? I begin to wonder as the professor, McCoy and a man I’ve only seen on tv a few times, in those flashback clips from the news to remember the day Mystique saved the president, it’s Magneto, Peter’s father, enter the room, I suppose Anne went back to our room.

“Zelda, we are glad to have you back.” The professor says, smiling politely.

“Hey thanks, but, how long have I’ve been gone?” I ask, I probably look like I’m going to faint any minute.

“Don’t worry, you’ve been asleep for two weeks, it’s Tuesday.” McCoy says, he has moved next to me and it’s taking notes from the machine that measures my blood pressure.

“Two weeks? Wow, that’s a lot.” I say, but at least I’m alive. “How is Raven? Is she alive?”

“Yes, even though the blades stabbed a great part of her body, they didn’t pierce any vital organ, she’s recovering in her room.” McCoy explains, I’m relieved, she’s alive too.

“I’m glad she’s okay, what about the others? What happened after Psylocke stabbed me?” I ask, sounding kind of desperate.

“You’re not strong enough for having a huge impression Zel, but we all survived, you were the only one who was critically injured, but you’re recovering well.”

“What happened? The last thing I remember is that Psylocke stabbed me.”

“Well, her energy blade pierced your left lung, that kind of wound it’s really delicate but you weren’t stabbed by a normal blade, that’s why it’s been taking too long to heal.”

As Hank explains me what are the consequences on  my body, I can see the professor talking to Magneto in the corner, when Hank finishes talking, they approach the bed.

“Zelda, you may not know him.” Xavier says, “He’s Erik Lehnsherr, and old friend.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” I say, smiling shyly, “You’re professor Maximoff’s father.”

“I’m usually not refered to as ‘Peter’s father’, but it’s a nice change.” He smiles, through that smile, I can see why the professor it’s so fond of him, he’s a good person.

“Can I ask why are you here Mr. Lehnsherr?” It’s nice meeting him but I don’t get why is he visiting me.

“I just wanted to thank you for saving Peter’s life.” He says, and he sounds sincere, grateful.

I really hadn’t stopped to think about Peter until now, and it’s a relief knowing he’s at least, alive.

“He’s like a mentor to me, and he’s more useful to the team than me.” I shrugged, wincing a little due to the pain.

“Zelda, there’s no need to be modest, he told me you almost defeated Psylocke by yourself, but you ran to help Raven when she got hurt, that speaks highly of you.”  Magneto smiles again, I don’t get how the  man that killed JFK and the man that is thanking me right now are the same person.

“How is professor Maximoff? Is he okay?”  I ask, not sure of what kind of answer to expect.

“Yes, he’s okay, he went to see his mother but he should be back soon.” So he’s gone, again and guessing for Magneto’s tone, he’s not coming back soon. “I’ll leave today in the afternoon, but it was nice meeting you Miss Ruiz.”

After an awkward good-bye wave with my right hand -the one that’s connected to the IV thingy- Xavier leaves with him leaving me with McCoy, he stays for a while, checking my vital signs, Kitty comes in shorty after and makes McCoy turn around when she changes my bandages -which hurts like hell-, the left side of my chest now has a large stitched wound, that’s going to leave a big scar.

When she’s finished, Hank explains me that I should be fully recovered in the next two weeks, I’ll be able to move back to my room within the next two days, I eat a light meal afterwards, chicken breasts with vegetables some rice and lemonade, hospital food like my mom would say, Anne enters the room when I’m done eating and we talk for a while.

I finally moved back to my room and began to recover slowly, breathing got much easier and I had my stitches removed a week afte, as I had predicted, the wound left a big scar under my left breast, but I was ok with it, I’m the only one that has to see it every day, it’s not a big deal.

The first two weeks after I woke up, I waited patiently for news about Peter, but no one seemed to know more than I did, he was visiting his mother or something like that, but that really hurt me -not the mother part-, but I had saved his fucking live and I didn’t even get a Thank you? Like, really?

Back in classes, I had a lot of homework, I had arrived to Xavier’s in September, in the middle of March I began to worry about college, Iwas a Senior when I left Queens and Xavier’s classes would allow me to graduate in June,I had applied for a few colleges when I lived in Queens, I got into Law School but much to my family’s dissapointment, I didn’t want to be a lawyer, I mean, I respected lawyers but I wasn’t really passionate about practicing law.

In the end, I decided to apply for a major in Fine Arts in an University near Xavier’s, ironically, Anne applied for Law School at the same University, she was planning to move to New York while studying and eventually gong back to the X-Men, but first we needed to get our acceptance letter and that wouldn’t come until mid-April.

April arrived with our acceptance letters, Bobby was getting an Accounting Major, John wanted to draw comic books, Doug had a year left on the School but he wanted to major in International Relations.

I tried to forget about Peter but hell, it was so difficult, the  whole house reminded me of him, his room was locked but I would sneak onto the kitchen at 3 am, hoping to hear him playing bass or Pac Man, it never happened, they say time is supossed to heal you but I missed him, I still loved him.


Anne and Bobby are moving out of their appartament next week, we’re packing her stuff and I’m tired of stacking her whole library in boxes, after begging for two hours, they finally decide it’s time to eat, we are all covered in sweat so Bobby goes back to his room to change, we do the same and wait for him in the hallways, he takes longer than us in picking up outfits.

We are sitting in the hallways, still looking sweaty and tired but we’re just going to McDonald’s so I don’t really care, Bobby arrives and we head to his car, I trip with the stairs and before I reach the ground, I feel a familiar sensation as a pair of arms keeps me from stumbling, I’m sure it’s Peter.

“Um, thanks.” I say, unwrapping myself from the embrace, I look at my saviour and I feel my heart stop beating, it’s Peter, it’s fucking Peter, but dammit, he looks terrible, his silver hair is shorter, his eyes look lifeless, his embrace is colder, someone had erased his permament smirk.

“You should watch where you’re going Miss Ruiz.” He replies coldy, I whisper an apology and run to the car, Bobby and Anne stay silent, they saw the awkward interaction, I can see them staring at me with pity from the mirror, they both knew my story with Peter, they both hated him, specially Anne, we couldn’t understand why he never thanked me for saving his life.

“Zel, are you really sure you don’t want to move with us?” Bobby asks, they’ve been making me the same question since they decided to move in together, I want to say yes, but I don’t think I’m ready to leave Xavier’s, the professor was going to allow me to live there while I majored.

“I’ll visit you on weekends guys, and we’ll see each other really often Ann, we can grab lunch together everyday.” I reply, eating my jalapeño-covered fries, I can’t stop thinking about Peter, what is he doing in the school? He hasn’t been there in months.

When we go back to the school it’s late, almost midnight, we went to a bar after McDonalds to grab a beer, I don’t usually drink, I kind of hate it actually but I really couldn’t stop thinking about Peter, I needed to forget him for a while and the beer was there, two beers were enough to blur my mind, Anne got sleepy on the drive home and collapsed in her bed the minute I opened the door to our room.

I grab one of the empty boxes Anne bought to pack her stuff and fill it with everything that reminded me of Peter, the jacket, the Pink Floyd t-shirt, a bunch of records, the pink dinosaur, the stuffed toy is way to big to close the box, I manage to carry it all the way down the stairs to Peter’s room without waking anyone up, I try to leave it outside his door as silently as I can, he’s in there, I can hear him playing Pac Man and tears start to fill my eyes when I remember all the things we went through, dammit alcohol, I hate you for making me so damn sensible.

Apparently I wasn’t silent enough, when I start walking back to my room, the door opens and Peter’s face comes out of the room, our eyes meet for a moment and he speeds next to me.

“Ruiz, it’s past midnight, the younger children are sleeping, what are you doing here?” He asks, I lost him, I finally realize I’ve lost him, he’s not the same Peter I fell in love with, but a part of me wants to wrap my arms around him, breakdown in tears and discover if my Peter is buried deep down that armor. “You smell like alcohol, you can’t drink on campus,you’re not even old enough to drink, what were you thinking?”

“I’m just sick of your bullshit Maximoff, you’re an asshole.” I hear my voice say, but it’s not me, it’s the alcohol talking.

“Asshole?” He looks surprised, but at this point I don’t care.

“You’re the biggest asshole I’ve ever met Maximoff, I saved your fucking life and you’re not kind enough to thank me, maybe I should go back time and never speak to you, I could spare myself all the suffering of being with you.” My voice cracks and the tears start rolling down my cheeks.

“Zelda, I…” He wraps his arms around me and in the blink of an eye, we’re in his room.

How he reacts when you dye your hair


While shopping at your local supermarket for a special dinner you were going to make for yourself and Calum you found yourself in the beauty aisle where rows upon rows of hair dye were stacked. You’d never done anything with your hair, usually leaving it your natural chestnut brown as you were scared that any other colour wouldn’t suit your complexion. Before you knew it you’d popped a dye in your hair that claimed to be able to tint your hair purple. You’d seen it on other girls as the sun hit their hair and liked it. Plus it wasn’t so drastic that you couldn’t change it back again.

Later, you received a text from Calum.

“Hey baby, I’ll be late home, sorry! Don’t be mad :( xx”.

You sighed, sending back a quick response and halting your dinner preparations. Before you knew it and before you could talk yourself out of it you were in the bathroom, dye in hand. 

You’d washed the dye out and dried your hair when you heard Calum call out., “(Y/N)! I’m home!” followed by the familiar pattern of his footsteps as he came towards your bedroom, past the bathroom.

“What is that smell (Y/N), I really hope that’s not my dinner.” The bitter smell had lingered.

“Do you like it? I dyed my hair.” you asked, flipping your hair, proud that you’d not managed to mess it up.

“Did you?” Calum raised his eyebrows.

“For God’s sake Calum, hit the light, maybe you’ll see then.” He flicked the light switch obediently and you could tell he still couldn’t tell the difference.

You huffed in irritation before stalking past Calum and back towards the kitchen. “(Y/N),” he called after you, “I’m joking, it looks amazing. Purple. I like it, just promise me you won’t turn into Michael.” He chuckled catching you around the waist, making you face him and hugging you to his body. You let it go even though you were pretty sure he’d just seen the packet that you left on the bathroom sink, letting yourself relax in his arms.

Ashton: (sorry I got carried away with the feels)

You balanced your 10 month old baby boy, Harry on your hip whilst your 3 year old baby girl, Sophia sat patiently waiting for you to give her breakfast. You’d never been good with multi-tasking - that was until you had children. It was a Saturday and your husband, Ashton was still not awake. You kissed Sophia on the head, placing a bowl in front of her before you and Harry went to wake up daddy. (LOL.) 

“Ash, baby. Come on you need to wake up I have an appointment and you need to watch the kids.” You walked to the other side of the room, throwing open the curtains as Ashton groaned from underneath the sea of bedding. Ashton leant up, rubbing his eyes before he held his arms out for Harry.

“Hello Harry. You’re getting so big!” You smiled down at your boys. They were adorable.

“Ok Ash, Sophia is in the kitchen please go and make sure she hasn’t thrown her food all over the walls or fed it to the dog. I’ll see you in a couple of hours, if there are any problems, call me straight away and I’ll come home.” You snatched your handbag from the chair in the corner and grabbed your car keys from the bedside table.

“We won’t have any problems will we Harry? I’m the best daddy.” You raised your eyebrows, reminded of the time when he had let Sophia go crazy with the permanent markers.

A few hours later you were apprehensive about your new hair. You’d decided to go a completely different colour from your usual but red hair ran in your family, and you weren’t sure but you thought you suited it.

“Hey I’m home.” You called as Sophia ran to you, you picked her up, kissing her on the nose before settling her down again she had ran off back to her toys that were scattered all around the room, the place was a mess. Ashton rounded the corner with Harry asleep on his shoulder.

“Woah, (Y/N). I love the new hair! Fiery. Suits you perfectly.” Ashton winked teasingly.

“Shut up Ash.” you laughed. “Where’s my baby boy?” you reached out delicately to Harry who was beginning to wake up. As soon as Harry saw you he started crying.

“Oh, Harry is not a fan.” Ashton laughed back before leaning around Harry and kissing you.


You’d gotten your hair dyed a few hours ago, going for something a bit different, you’d asked for ombrèd hair. The ends gradually getting lighter. You didn’t care that lots of people had this hair style a couple of years ago and the phase was wearing out because you liked it and that was all that mattered.

Later, you were cuddling with your fiancé, Luke. Your head lay in his lap and he was playing with your hair. He’d told you how much he loved your hair, how much he’d love anything and everything that you ever did before pulling you to him and kissing you. You were both still in the fairytale afterglow of your engagement.

“Your hair is always so soft when you get it done. I love it.” Luke spoke softly, not wanting to disturb the peaceful atmosphere as your hair ran through his fingers.

“Well, thank you Mr Hemmings. Your hair is quite fine yourself.” You chuckled, quickly snatching his hand from your hair and placing a kiss on the palm of his hand.

“Are you going to have your hair like this for the wedding, Almost-Mrs-Hemmings?” Luke asked as he tangled his fingers with yours.

“Hmm, maybe. What do you think?”

“I really like it. And I really like you. I’m so glad I chose you to be my wife.”


When you first met Michael you’d both been drawn to each other’s hair, obviously. At the time his hair was a bright, almost glow-in-the-dark green and yours faded from light blue to dark blue at the ends. You both loved to have your hair different coloured. You liked to stand out. At least you could spot him on the Mastercard advert.

This time you had decided to go for a dark pink all over. It made your pale skin stand out and you loved it. You’d had it styled into soft waves and it looked good, if you said so yourself.

Michael was on tour at the moment but you couldn’t wait to show him. You clicked the facetime button and waited for his response. He answered but the screen was black for a few moments.

“Michael, I dyed my hair it’s so nice! I hope you like it. Can you see it?” You aimed the camera to the side of your head, showing of your brightly coloured hair. Finally the screen flashed into life and you could see Michael now.

“No. Oh my God (Y/N) you did not.”

“Michael! Oh my God this is so cute, we match!”

Yes, the image of Michael on your phone screen had dark pink hair too.

“No, oh my God (Y/N) this is not cute, I am getting Lou to change it asap.”

“Michael!” you whined, “It’s your fault for not telling me when you dye your hair! Imagine when you come home and we can take pictures together! The fans will love it!”

“(Y/N) do I really have to keep it?” he whined back.

“Yes! Plus you look hot.” You winked at him through the camera.

“Urghh, (Y/N) don’t. I miss you so much and you looked so hot just then." 

You chuckled to yourself before hanging up. You’d send him some pictures of yourself later, and not of your hair.



Ring Pop - Everlark Drabble

For loving-mellark I hope you don’t mind I went with 21: Best Friend’s sibling :)


From the time I was five years old Katniss Everdeen has been my dream girl.  She had moved into our small town of Panem, North Carolina with her mother after the death of her father and sister in a tragic car accident.  She was quiet and sullen when my father, brothers and I went over to welcome them to the neighborhood.  She was the same age as my twin brothers who were in 5th grade, while I was just starting Kindergarten.  However, she begrudgingly became an honorary Mellark after becoming fast friends with Rye and Bannock, though I think being wooed with my dad’s cheese buns had something to do with it. 

The first time I saw her mysterious gray eyes light up and her scowl turned into a smile I knew I wanted to marry her. 

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skadiyoko  asked:

I was so excited to see you in the new RT Life! Even though it wasn't for very long, I saw a flash of pink and went back and paused and was like, There she is!! I'm crossing my fingers to see you more in the future! Until then (and after, really) I'll keep enjoying MPG <3

Thank you so much! I’m really happy that people have been excited to see me in that video, even if it was brief!

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(1) Okay, so imagine this: Mettaton is invited to be interviewed by a human talk show host - let's call her Lola Leigh - and so the interview begins. It goes smoothly enough at first - until Lola mentions Papyrus. The questions start out innocent enough - "How long have you two been dating?", "What do you two do on dates?", and the like - but then she crosses a line. A wide, white line surrounded by yellow, red, and orange tape and about five "Do Not Enter" signs in flashing pink neon.

the rest of the story is under the cut!

- mod frick

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