i see life in such color but maybe others dont

This is what artists are like, they pay attention to little details, even the smallest tattooes are a piece of art. I’m no professional but that’s how I interpret his tattoo:

Paper airplane: (maybe related to Airplane?! Since it’s his favourite song) travel, fly high, take him to places, freedom; but the fact that it’s paper, it shows the fragility and delicacy

Balloons: youth, naive and simple like a child; balloons are going to rise so high to the sky that there is no limit, even passing the stars and enter the space, just like his future :) rainbow colors show that his life is going to be colourful, but again fragile and delicate

⛵️: sailing far and steady, peaceful along the way; he is the sailor and he leads his members to the sea of success, as long as he follows the wind and sails along

Clouds: obviously in his dream now haha and above others, head in the clouds :) towards the sky

Stars (?!): tbh i dont see stars at all they look like coins to me lol so maybe make a lot of money?? Haha