i see it unsourced a lot

Do NOT Repost My Works:

I have been having a BIG issue with all of my graphics and edits being reposted as of late so I’m making an official statement about this right now. 

I state in my description, in my about page, and in my rules page to not repost my graphics under any circumstances without permission. If you wish to share my gifs or edits on another website, JUST ASK ME FOR PERMISSION TO SHARE IT AND CREDIT ME IF I GRANT SAID PERMISSION. It is not that difficult to be courteous and respectful. I work really hard to make those and I don’t appreciate people throwing them around unsourced. Especially considering a lot of them have my original writings or poems on them, my watermark on them, and in BIG, BOLD letters to NOT REPOST THEM directly on the post itself. Which makes the reposts on tumblr i see even worse because the work could just be reblogged from me instead of being stolen for the sake of notes and undeserved attention by those who point blank ignore my demands to not repost.

I get that those new to tumblr or those new to fandom in general are unaware of how reposting is a bad thing, but I no longer care enough to go through the process of messaging people in a cordial manor to try and have it removed. I’m done trying to be respectful about such a disrespectful action considering I state in three different pages on my blog quite bluntly not to repost my stuff. I am at the point now where if I catch someone doing this, I am just going to report their blog and the post before blocking them. 

So, one last time for the people in the back:


Thank you for understanding.

I have been made aware today via my ask box (thank you anon \o/), that someone had altered and uploaded my x-files artwork on their blog without sourcing it back. I have sent a message to this person and he has graciously removed the post, but the damage has been done. What I mean by that, is that his post had generated 46 113 notes. Meaning that even if he took his post down, there are still 46 112 unsourced gifs of my artwork wandering on tumblr. Well, evidently not as many as it’s reblogs and likes alike, but it still represents a huge number. And this is just for this one edit, there are many others around. I know a lot of people don’t see the problem in this, and probably think that I should be lucky that anyone even care about my art, or that it is my fault as I put it myself on the internet. That it doesn’t hurt anyone. That everyone do it and that I have to deal with it.

No, you uncultured swines.

Let me explain why, as apparently it is not common sense to everyone (and sorry for those who do, you can now skip this post and go play with puppies, or whatever).

It is not because I have posted my artwork on a medium that everyone can access, that it gives someone the right to claim it as their own or to edit it in any way. And I’m talking here about everyone’s work, illustrations, fanarts, texts, photos, musics… of professional artists or not. This would be the same thing as loving some author’s book, but oh this chapter is not entirely to my taste, so let me write it slightly differently and publish it by myself. This is disrespectful and rude. Whether you claim credit for the story or not.

Even if you don’t try to claim credit, this is still hurtful, in a lot of ways. I’m sure that it isn’t most people’s intention, and I know a lot of people don’t see the problem because “but it is there on the internet”, but editing and uploading unsourced artworks causes a lot of problems for the artists. To give you an example, after dealing with my x-files post today, I have been curious. I uploaded my gif into the Google images search, to see if it could find the source and redirect me towards my blog. I found out so many unsourced images of it posted everywhere, or claimed by others, it is really upsetting. Sure, some people do indeed source it back. And eventually, I was able to stumble upon my blog by chance, after pages and pages of those unsourced gifs. But let’s be honest, who ever look further than the second page of Google search results… Most people don’t bother to use a search engine if they don’t see a source. And if they do, they give up pretty quickly if the information is drowned in the internet. Meaning that if they like some artwork, want to see more of it or commission the author, most of the time, they can’t. For most artists, posting their art online leads to freelance opportunities. If you don’t credit the artist, you prevent them from developping their art further and making contacts or money.

So please, think about it the next time you post something that isn’t yours to begin with. Ask for consent. Source the artwork. Or may a cow sit on your face.

this always happens a lot when i reblog something to source it. Bless you tumbles, bless - you should read captions more often. I guess it makes sense in a way since when i come across unsourced friend art I am also focused on the badassness of it.

but still …. it bums me out that certain awesome artists like ama have their really cool comics passed around with no source. this makes me more aware of the stuff I reblog from people and maybe if we’re all careful to see if the post has a source - we can stop giving these unsourcing reposters attention.

Important message

So yeah!! With the whole “i posted this like a month ago” incident i’d just like to bring this to everyones attention. Even though our shitposts are for the most part quick silly little joke drawings it really hurts to see our stuff go unsourced on other websites and only then be sourced when it is asked. Especially lying about when you posted it and all that jazz its just really insensitive. Ive also been finding a lot of cropping going on and that especially is honestly? A real dick move. I get you wanna share with your friends and you may think someone putting stuff on the internet makes it ok to just spread it around on sites alien to what it was only already posted on ((by the OPs, us)) but it doesnt!! For some people posting stuff it really hard and to have it stolen is really hard for them to deal with especially when the thief thinks they can wiggle their way out of the situation by being rude and claiming to have posted the picture before it was even drawn. At first when we saw our stuff going unsourced we kinda laughed it off like ohh dang woops but the more and more i see our pictures on other sites the more upset i get and yes, i may be harsh with initial commentary but im just genuinly not enjoying whats going on and i want it to stop

TL;DR please do not repost our pictures unsourced, or at all really

My name is Blue, but I’m better known as TheCosplayBunny. I’ve been cosplaying for about five years and in that time I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people. Cosplay is exploding right now, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and that is amazing, however, it comes with challenges.

Recently a movement has begun called #NotJustPixels. This movement targets those who steal cosplayers pictures to gain a larger following and more likes. So why is this a problem? There are so many “Hot Cosplay
Girl” and “Amazing Cosplay” pages and websites it’s crazy. Normally this would not be an issue but many of these pages don’t source the original cosplayers or photographers.

I have personally experienced this and it’s awful. Selling prints and making appearances is how I continue to cosplay, so when I saw one of my prints on one such page, completely unsourced, I was shocked. I basically work as a nonprofit; all profit I make from sales are immediately reinvested into the next costume, I never see a dime. I was heartbroken because someone I didn’t even know was taking my hard work, and claiming it as their own.

This has to stop. Cosplayers put an incredible amount of time and effort into their art, not to mention a lot of money. When you see a beautiful cosplay photo you must remember, the person in that photo paid for everything you see. The wig, the shoes, the makeup, the costume, even the photo itself (photoshoots aren’t free). So I am urging you to join this movement.

If you see someone posting an unsourced photo of a cosplayer, call them out on it or report them for misuse. It’s not right, it is stealing. Help us end this awful practice, share to spread the word! #NotJustPixels

Photographer: Double Take Las Vegas Cosplayer: Me! (TheCosplayBunny)
Very important message to the DMMD fandom

chloek3  asked:

Ahh I'm very happy i found you! I went through the gajeel tag on tumblr and i found some of your art unsourced and i was angry BECAUSE I WANTED TO KNOW WHO DID THIS BEAUTIFUL and i found you and I'm happy you have a tumblr and i can reblog the art from you

Ah thank you so much! This means a lot to me seeing you try to reblog from the op ;w;/ keep up the positive attitude!!!

Addressing the issue of unsourced art

I am seeing a lot of unsourced Fairy Tail art going around today.

Please do not do that!

Please support artists and reblog from the source. If you don’t know the source, then don’t reblog/repost it.

Someone out there spent a lot of time and energy to make that piece of fanart, and you are throwing all that effort away when you post uncredited art.

Don’t be that person.


Also, if you are an artist, and you see your art has been reposted to Tumblr, then I think this link is for you.


This is the fastest way to get an image reported and taken down!

A Little Respect Please? (Aka. The Brommykins Issue)

I’m not one who likes to get involved in drama, but this has been wearing on my last nerve recently. I frequent the fursuit/ fursuits tag and I too noticed the high amount of unsourced fursuit images. They all come from this blog. I looked into the issue further and found out that many people within the fandom have already tried talking to brommykins about the issue but received disrespectful and arrogant replies (Or are ignored all together).

And they have basically said they don’t care about any of the artists feelings.

They keep saying that it is impossible for them to source the images because they find them on google but obviously that is a forced and lazy excuse.

As a fursuit maker, I know first hand how difficult and time consuming it is to make a fursuit. We, as makers, also take a lot of pride in what we do. To see reposted and unsourced fursuit photos circulating around annoys me. I have no patience for this kind of blatant disrespect to artists.

Please help protect the artists and report brommykins.

(This link shows you how to report a blog to tumblr staff.)

Please try not to reblog things from tumblr user monniechan. Their blog is 97% unsourced art and they do not have their messages open, so I’m fairly sure they know what they’re doing is wrong. I see them repost a lot of jeanmarco fanart, so jeanmarco fans keep an eye out. I know it’s stupid to make a big deal out of this, but stolen art is still stolen and I really doubt that the artists gave them permission to post w/o credit.