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Exactly six months after Jason’s death, Bruce returns to the cemetery to talk to his son. He is almost used to it by now. He talks. The grave never answers. But tonight is different…


Inspired by            I see you everywhere by Cerusee.

So, this is my sort of spiritual sequel to Cerusee’s amazing “I see you everywhere”. Same continuity. Same character constellations. Her story is a wonderful 400-words drabble, so if you haven’t read it yet, go read it now, then come back for this.

AU in which Bruce is actually at Jason’s grave the night Jason digs himself out of his own coffin.

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Can you believe malec, our healthy lgbt interracial ship lost to the whitest and most basic ship ever








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is michael taller than jeremy or the other way around??? 0: i keep seeing it differently everywhere-- also i love your art so much and it gives me life when i get your blog's notifications, i'd fight for u

michael is taller!

sounds of thedas: THE FREE MARCHES

caught between a river and a sea; bright, lively, & bustling, with as many different peoples as rocks along the shore. a centre of trade and adventure, of crime and culture. whether it is true or not, these people call themselves free.

featuring tracks from assassin’s creed iii & iv, da vinci’s demons, the witcher 3, game of thrones, carnivale, unravel, sherlock holmes, treasure island, & black sails



Prompt: Alone by Halsey for @whothehellisbella ‘s song fic challenge.

Summary: Pursuing a long distance relationship with a man named Bucky Barnes, you can’t help but feel so unsure of committing to him.

Word Count: 2,930.

A/N: After taking what felt like a century to get inspiration for this fic, alas, the product is finished. Angst isn’t my preferable choice when it comes to writing, but I think I did pretty well. Also, huge thanks to my pal @theassetseyeliner for being a big help when it came to editing this out :D

Warnings: Angst, and some pretty bad thoughts. 

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I love your Percy Jackson au. If anything I'd vote for a shance ending. If you don't mind me asking , what would everyone's powers be? And if Zarkon and Lance are connected, would lance more to shove it in others face or to be more of a mole on Zarkon's army?? It's a really REALLY cool idea. Usually the Percy Jackson au's I see have lance as aphrodite's kid and I'm so glad yours takes a much different path.

i see lance as aphrodite’s kid everywhere and i’ll be honest, i dont really get it

I’m not sure if you wanted this much information but um, opps? More of this for people reading the answer who didn’t see the other post

To their abilities! (note my resource for this is the wiki because, again, i’ve yet to read the books)


  • he avoids using his abilities like the plague so no one’s really sure what he’s capable of
  • like hades, he radaites fear and death but you probably wouldn’t notice because his whole personality is an attempt to counter this.  He’s funny and cheerful so as to try not to intimidate people (he tends to annoy them instead, much to his dismay), and he tries to keep control of his negative emotions so he doesn’t do things like poison the ground (like nico can when he’s nervous)
  • Cryokinesis (the ability to manipulate cold tempertures and things like ice and snow) is probably the one power he has and likes.  Like with his aura he’s also very good at this.  he makes a lot of ice sculptures, espically when he’s in a bad mood
  • Hypnokinesis (the ability to manpiulate sleep patterns and dreams) is one Lance really likes to hide, mostly because he tries to help insomniacs in the camp get sleep (this includes Pidge, Shiro, and on occasion Allura) and he doesn’t want people to know he’s the one doing it
  • Umbrakinesis (the ability to control darkness and the shadows) is the ability Lance hates the most.  He’s incredibly unpracticed in it so while he has this power he really needs to work on it before it resembles something you know, useful 
  • Naturally (hehe) he also has necromancy although it’s another one he doesn’t practice, however it comes naturally to him so he doesn’t need to practice it all that much.  i’m thinking accidently using his necromancy is the reason he’s at camp halfblood


  • Keith doesn’t have much trouble controling his abilities, which tends to make Lance think he’s always showing off but he’s not, he’s just doing his thung
  • finding this out makes lance even more pissed tbh
  • Anyway, Keith obviously has Zeus Authority, meaning things that are in his fathers domain tend to do what he asks
  • Electrokinesis (the ability to control electricity) is probably the thing Keith is best at and it’s also something coran had to ban him from using in combat at cmap halfblood because Keith would literally shock people during battle, like all the time, because he could and it was a good tatic but even in camp halfblood they decided that wasn’t good for the kids and so he’s not allowed to do that anymore
  • He has pretty much zero trouble with electrokinesis and his constant use of it has caused Lance to start calling him a show off, but in reality Keith’s not meaing to show off he’s just doing his thung
  • finidng that out makes lance more pissed tbh
  • Aerokinesis (control of air) is something Keith only ever really uses to fly, however he’s proven he can control the air enough to push people back in battle (something he does after his electrokinesis is banned).  Other than that he either can’t use it or he doesn’t
  • Keith’s ability with atmokinesis (control of the weather) basically boils down to ‘if he’s in a really bad mood it’s probably going to rain’ and that’s about it


  • Being the son of  Aphrodite means Shiro can win your heart with a smile and a soft praise
  • and he does this, on accident, all the fucking time
  • seriously this guy turns people down on the reguar
  • a lot of people think he has at least a limited control of charm speak but no ones quite sure if its magic that makes them listen to him or not (its not)
  • the only true powers he gets from his mother are the sharp focus and clarity that all his half-siblings get.  admittedly, shiro’s has better focus than most of his other siblings but that’s more due to training that it is being gifted 
  • although lance agrues his ability with eyeliner and picking out the perfect shirts to show off those perfect abs is totally because he’s aphordites son.  lance is not wrong
  • his arm gives him some level of umbrakinesis (control over darkness) due to Zarkon’s invovlement in its creation.  Currently, he’s better at control darkness than lance but this would change if lance actually practiced every once in a while
  • Shiro can probably crush skulls using his thighs


  • Hunk is a master at the forge, the things he can make are honestly amazing.  He’s constantly asked to make weapons and help with the growth of the camp and he doesn’t mind helping at all, however very few people get Hunk Orignal Weapons (HOW for short, because no ones sure how he does it).  
  • Lance and Pidge both have HOWs, Lance in particular loves showing his off while Pidge is the type that will brag by beating you up 
  • Hunk does, in fact, have both technokinesis (controling and understanding machines) and limited pyrokinesis (control of fire) however he has trouble using these powers when he’s thinking about it
  • like hunk’s forge will also be at the exact temperture he needs it to be, the flames the perfect height, but he can’t actually summon a spark.  The food he cooks will never burn but he can’t start a campfire.
  • Lance finds that incredibly amusing
  • Pidge just really doesn’t get it, but hey hunk’s always willing to help her out so it’s cool


  • being that Pidge is actually human, she doesn’t have any demigod powers
  • although she does have clear sight
  • she’s also incredibly smart 
  • and she’s able to keep up with hunk, which literally everyone thinks is supernatural in itself


  • Allura is considered a tatical genius even by her siblings.  
  • she could beat your ass with a spoon 
  • i don’t know what more to say really
  • Allura is incredibly skilled in every weapon and could talk her way out of battle as well as she could fight her way out
  • she’s also very good at weaving

Side note: I’ve decided Zarkon is Hades son most definitely, it just fits him better (Keith’s mother was one of the Zarkon’s kidnapped soilders before she joined the BoM)


  • Where do i fucking start this guy is super over powered is2g
  • Like Lance and Hades he radiates fear and death, unlike Lance he doesn’t try to supress this and his aura’s actually pretty close to how strong Hades is
  • Also unlike Lance, he practices Umbrakinesis regularly and is pracically a master
  • he’s also very capable when it comes to geokinesis (earth manipulation)
  • He studies necromancy fully and knows serval rituals Lance just straight up ignores.
  • he’s very capable with osteokinesis (the control and summoning of bones)
  • However, he was always limited when it came to cyrokinesis and he never cared much for learning hypnokinesis as he greatly underestimates the potentional for this ability.  Altough, Zarkon does manage to use hypnokinesis once to enter Lance’s dreams
  • He’s also learnt to control Mist, just because he’s aware of how much that helps his whole take over the world scheme
  • with haggars help he’s also found a way to sort of share his powers, basically he’s found a way to put some of his powers into talismans of sorts, only others to borrow his strength.  currently haggar and shiro are the only people know to have these

As for Lance and Zarkon

  • Zarkon really wants Lance on his side, like he wants all the halfbloods but Lance is more or less his pet project (so is Shiro) and so Zarkon has in fact spoken to Lance before
  • One of these times was the singular time Zarkon managed to use hypnokinesis (admittively with help).  Zarkon entered Lance’s dream and manpiulated things to show Lance the empire Zarkon is currently creating and the empire he is determined to have.  Lance, naturally, refuses to join because um hello evil much! 
  • Because of this dream Lance actually knows well who Zarkon is and what he’s doing but he keeps his mouth shut, not wanting other people to know and not wanting people to think he talks to Zarkon.  This ultimately leads to an awkward moment when Pidge and Shiro find out Lance was well aware of the situation for Pidge’s family and what Shiro had forgotten
  • So in exact answer of your question, Lance defs does not brag about being Zarkon’s half-brother at camp halfblood
  • When Lance does end up joining Zarkon, the elder takes him under his wing to teach Lance the things he was too afraid to learn at camp half blood.  Zarkon decides he much prefers Lance as his heir rather an Lotor
  • I haven’t decided yet if Lance joined Zarkon as a mole, but if not he certainly becomes one because he sees all this suffering and he remembers yeah, no, this is a bad thing
  • While he’s working for Zarkon he does like to bring up that they’re related, mostly because the galra can be dicks to him and it’s fun to watch them squirm


That got slightly out of hand

Sorry not sorry

I love Goten so much I murdered him
Modification/context under the cut

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Tom Holland Drabble Prompt

Requested by @tomshollandss !!!

“Thank god you’re not a parent.” & “Can you explain why there are Cheeto crumbs ON EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE?”

“Hey, Tom! I’m home!” you yell as you opened the door to your apartment, coming home from a few errands. 

“In our room, darling!” Tom replied. You could faintly hear the television playing the background.

You set down your belongings and surveyed your apartment. It was clean, for the most part. Though, there seemed to a faint trail of orange dust scattered across the counter, carpet, couch. You could hear a faint munching noise underneath the TV. 

Walking into the room, you found Tom lying on top of your bed, stuffing his face with snacks. He turned to look at you, mouth full: “Hey, love.”

“Tom, can you explain why there are Cheeto crumbs ON EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE?”

Tom held up a half empty bag of Cheetos: “Tesco got these! I heard they’re huge in America, and thought I should try them out. They’re really good… I wanted to eat them everywhere… to see if they tasted differently in different places.”

“That… doesn’t make any sense, Tom,” you laughed. 

He shrugged: “It made more sense when I thought of it.”

“I gotta clean this up now, Tom.” Under your breath, you mumbled: “Thank god you’re not a parent yet.”

“What was that?” Tom inquired.

“Nothing, nothing,” you replied to which Tom raised an eyebrow, not believing you in the slightest. “I meant… it’s not good to leave crumbs around. First, it’s unsanitary for Tessa and us…”

“What was the thing about being a parent?”

“I meant.. like… if we have kids, it’s not good for them either. I didn’t mean it rudely. You just need some practice before… you know… if… we have… kids.”

Tom smiled widely, jumped out of bed, and hugged you: “I would happily clean up after myself for our future kids, love. Don’t worry about anything! I’ll start practicing now!” He ran out of the room.

You shook your head and laughed at his excitement. Looking over your shoulder, you approached the Cheetos bag still left on the bed. You picked one out and tasted it, Not bad. 

“Aren’t they great?” Tom yelled behind you holding wipes, ready to clean. 

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Celebrating Girl’s Day, Then and Now

Contributed by Debbi Michiko Florence, Author

For generations, March 3 has been a special day in Japan, when families pray for good health and happiness for their daughters. It’s called Girl’s Day or Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival). The dolls, handed down from mother to eldest daughter, represent the imperial court and are thought to bring good luck.

As a child, born and raised in California, Girl’s Day meant special time with my mom and little sister. Following tradition, our mother would set up the ceramic dolls dressed in silk with miniature accessories on a platform. We’d eat mochi (sweet rice cakes) and take pictures with the doll display. Sometimes Mom would dress us in kimonos. When I grew older, we expanded the tradition: I invited my girlfriends from elementary school to celebrate with us. We ate cake and played games, much like a birthday party. When I got married, Mom gave me her dolls.

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I'm seeing on twitter so so many journalists and other people in the industry talk about his article and spreading it and I love it so so much!!! I hope it spreads everywhere so people see a different side of him that the GP hasn't seen. And I hope his team notices that Louis talking about himself and showing his personality is enough to get the public on his side and rooting for him and that there is no need for stunts to sell his music. He's enough!!! HE. IS. ENOUGH.

He is more than enough. I do hope they ditch the stunts and focus solely on him, his talent, and his personality. 


View from Harry’s Hollywood Hills house. Note the large tower on the right hand side with nothing blocking it.

View from wherever Harry was last night. Note the tower is towards the left of where he is and there are numerous tall trees blocking it. It’s also very clearly further in the distance.


A/N: Hello lovelies! It’s finally fluff week and I couldn’t resist..enjoy!

Title: Star-kissed 

Prompt: Starlight

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T

Summary: She worried that the stars wouldn’t show themselves, but he assured her that they weren’t gone, that she was just searching in the wrong place.
“Luce? What are we doing up here?”

“I told you, just stay patient!”

Natsu Dragneel? Patient? Yeah right.

Natsu frowned as he watched Lucy’s ponytail swing animatedly back and forth behind her head, the scent of her strawberry shampoo dominating his senses. So much so, that he couldn’t smell where they were headed, or maybe that had been her plan all along. 

Thick trees lined the mysterious path that she had dragged him on, blocking out the moonlight that would usually have been their source of light, but for now, the glowing flame that Natsu cradled in his palm would be enough. 

Lucy hadn’t told him anything about where they were headed, and to his dismay, she refused to talk. 

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This is in response to thudworm’s comments about the treatment of aromanticism in fandom- I moved it to its own post since that really wasn’t the subject of the original post and I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent, but it is something I really want to talk about.

Now, I’m greyromantic, and I’m not triggered in any way by romance, so it sounds as though I have an easier time of it in fandom than you do.  I read plenty of shipping fics, though I hate it when things get really sappy- my issues are less with romance in general and more with romance specifically involving me. xD But I still tend to headcanon quite a few characters on the aro spectrum, partly just because I think it fits, and partly because it’s a way to see people like myself in fiction and puzzle things out, just like what bi/pan/trans/ace/nonbinary people are often doing when writing characters of their own identity.  But even though I’m not repulsed by romance, I get really frustrated with romance being the be-all end-all of things in fandom too, and I get very tired of seeing so many people calling for and supporting and rejoicing over ace headcanons while leaving us out.  Like, there’s not nearly as much ace fanfic as there should be, but aro fic?  Literally almost nonexistent.  I can think of one finished one, and it was written by the person I’m responding to. XD

I kinda feel this way about a lot of the ace support here on tumblr too, though.  Like, aro and ace people are two sides of the same coin in that the trademark is that we don’t feel something that most consider natural.  The two sometimes go together, but not always, and I feel as though the only aromantic-supportive posts I see going around are the ones talking about aro-ace people who don’t want to be with anyone in any way.  And from a lot of romantic ace people, I see so much “we can have relationships and feel love too!  We just don’t want sex!” as though being able to feel love is some fundamental reason that people shouldn’t treat them differently.  I see support everywhere assuring people who don’t want sex that they aren’t cold, or broken, or heartless, that they can still find love if they want it (because everyone wants that, right?), that not wanting love or sex and just wanting friends is totally fine too- but people who don’t want romance/feel romantic love but still like sex?  We are still the promiscuous, cold heartbreakers who apparently don’t need any support anyways.

I really don’t know.  I feel like people think that being on the aromantic spectrum is easy compared with other queer identities?  After all, we can just have sex if we want it and not get attached right?  Except that we have just as many issues with feeling like we’re messed up or broken as ace people.  I’ve dated plenty, and I’ve ended up breaking the hearts of quite a few people I really cared about, because I tried so hard to make myself have the same feelings for them that they had for me and literally couldn’t.  I’ve been pressured and clung to and made to feel horribly uncomfortable by romantic people I’ve been involved with.  I’ve spent a lot of time agonizing over what the hell is wrong with me, why I can’t just be normal.  There are also totally romance-repulsed aro people who are just as uncomfortable with romance everywhere as sex-repulsed ace people are with sex everywhere.  We get pressured by our families and friends to just be “normal” and find somebody just as much as you guys do.

Like, it sucks being left out or thrown under the bus by anybody.  But it hurts me the most when ace people do it, because we’re all in the same boat here, and we should be helping each other.  When every ace-supportive post I see makes a point to say that sex doesn’t matter, just feelings- that just reminds us that even you guys think we’re lacking something important.  When the only mention of aromanticism I see is talking about aro-ace people, and when people stress the importance of platonic friendships but also imply they are the only alternative to romance, that leaves out demiromantic relationships, friends-with-benefits situations, and all kinds of queerplatonic partnerships that non- ace aro-spectrum people might want to have.  When I see ace people jokingly call sexual people “lesser beings” (actual thing on my dash the other day)- I know it can be cathartic to joke about your oppressors, but that includes sexual aro people too, and it sucks to want to find solidarity with you guys when you say things like that that apply to us too.

Basically, ace-spectrum people (and everyone else in the queer community, but especially you guys): I want very badly for you guys to have all the support you could possibly need- but not at my expense.  Aro people need solidary and support too, and not just ones that are also ace.  Please stop excluding us.