i see it

Just gotta say some things:

  • Stop omitting Eva Mendes from news headlines about HER pregnancy with Ryan Gosling. He’s not expecting baby #2, THEY’RE expecting baby #2. She is a known actress in her own right.
  • Stop calling Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling’s “baby momma,” she is his girlfriend of five years and counting.
  • Stop saying things like “they don’t look right together” or “they don’t have anything in common.” You know precisely why comments like this are messed up.
  • Stop saying “there’s no chemistry there.” They’re on baby #2, there’s obvious chemistry happening, whether you like it or not.
  • Stop acting like Ryan Gosling is so much better looking than Eva Mendes, if anything, she’s too hot for him.
  • Stop talking like Ryan Gosling has done Eva Mendes a huge favor by being with her, this is the same dude that strummed a ukulele down a New York City street.
  • Stop acting like Eva Mendes has “trapped” Ryan Gosling, he’s right where he wants to be:

That is his girlfriend and y’all are repeatedly disrespecting her and him every time you do it, on top of being damn near racist, sexist, and so on. I am seeing so much of that ish and it’s so gross and disrespectful. Stop it.

Sincerely, a huge Ryan Gosling fan who is just over folks’ crap.

Hey, you come here often?
*seductively eats your friend*

Okay but this line is so great for two reasons:

1. Poor Adam is so happy and entertained in this scene and it is so beautiful to see him actually laugh and smile for a little bit.

2. If you read it out of context, it sounds like it could be a sentence out of a really hot pynch smut scene.

…just saying.