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this blog is superb but i would like to know what jaz is doing right now?? career wise? does she visit and do you miss her?

Thanks man!!

I’m glad you like it. Everybody’s been asking really good questions and its just so cool that people want to catch up :))

but on to your question…

don’t quote me on it, but I think that it’s her master plan to come back to Amity Park and work at least part time with us here at FentonWorks. 

I mean, after the thesis she did on Ghost Envy in high school, she’s been pretty committed to researching the similarities and differences between human and ghost psychologies. So that’s pretty cool. Honestly, she hates to admit it but she’s just as much of a Fenton as any of us hahaha.

And don’t worry. She comes home like every other week. I couldn’t get rid of her if I tried lol

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Correcting my grammar how nice of you. Makes me believe you really are a know-it-all 12 year old. Anyways, thanks for the suggestion. You have been unfollowed.

I wish I was a 12 year old know-it-all cause this adulthood shit really isn’t for me and I was pretty stupid when I was 12, you know?

Thank you, good riddance :) enjoy a sq gif btw, specially for you cause you love them so much right?


Presenting Marzia Orientale for @dandylion240

Everything Marzia knew was art. She ate, drank and breathed art ever since she was two years old and would spent her days finger-painting various things she saw that day. She would eventually grow up to attend a private school that was dedicated to the arts. Marzia got along just fine there throughout her years until her senior year when she got a scholarship to the most prestigious art college in the country. Marzia’s friend and family where overjoyed, in fact the only person who wasn’t happy about was Marzia. She knew she would be side by side by some of the greatest young artists in the country and that terrified her. What is she wasn’t good enough? What her they kick her out because they weren’t good enough? What is nobody wanted to be around her because she wasn’t good enough. Her parent erases her concerns and reminded her that her work is amazing and they would have never acknowledged her otherwise.

So Marzia began art college, and after a while she noticed it was just as she feared. The other students where miles ahead of her, even of other first years w=art where ten times better then anything she could dream of creating…or at least she thinks. You see, Marzia has this idea that although she loves art with a passion, she thinks everything she makes is trash and is wildly jealous of her peers. And sometimes she lashes out at them because of her insecurities.

She suffered through all through her first three years there. It was the same vicious cycle. She would make something she was proud of for an assignment, then she see other students works when they present it In class, then she gets discourage and convinces herself that they’ll all laugh at her, then she presents her art putting herself down as much as possible. It got to the point where it felt like nothing was good enough for anyone. Everyone she knew there kept telling her how amazing she was and that she was just being silly, but it was always hard for Marzia to believe that because she also dealt with self-loathing which she finds out was the key source to her jealousy to her friends, family and so on.

It’s been like that since she was a teenager. While her parents were kind to send her to a private school to peruse her talents and that they believe that she was good enough, there was a lot more that went one behind closed doors. From her parents comparing her to her more successful brothers, to her calling her stooped if she messed up an instruction given to her. Eventually she accepted that she was a screw up and didn’t deserve to be happy. Even trying to raise her confidence had it’s fair share of unnecessary name-calling and belittling form them.

The depression, jealousy and self-loathing got worse and she eventually dropped out just before her senior year, and moved away to another city to start fresh. She’s been mildly content ever since.

The only CC she has is her hair so feel free to add or take away anything you want and she is private.

me (in my head): glenn canonically died in the comics a long-ass time ago in pretty much the same fashion, where the fuck have you been. not to mention, since the show is, i dunno, taking stuff from the source material, negan was probably going to kill glenn anyway whether it had anything to do with daryl’s choice or not. 
me (out loud): find your goddamn chill.

You know you’re in too far with a band when their own crew starts interacting with you on a first name basis between each other and the band members themselves acknowledge you on stage at their shows 

Several times throughout the show, Aether would make direct eye contact with me, stand in front of me, pose for me, and acknowledged my concert buddy and I’s placement on the barricade. All of the band members, excluding Earth and Air for obvious reasons, made their way to either wave and nod at us, or stand in front of where my friend and I were at on the barricade with last night’s show. Papa himself waved at my friend and I too, though I’m sure it’s just because her and I have been to enough shows that they know who we are, lol