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About the Bound Hero Banner...

I think this banner is my favorite so far, and here’s why :

What everyone sees:

What I see:

Minerva is doing her best :’)

Inktober 2017, Day 17 “Graceful”

because yes, BC is graceful as Sherlock, i find. 

Pigma Microns and Winsor & Newton Black india ink in a Fabriano Accademia Sketchbook. the 120 gsm paper is fairly thin in this sketchbook, and buckles a bit with water, but damn nothing goes through.(although i haven’t tried alcohol markers)

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Anyway, I need a scene in season 5 where everyone is in the lounge, just waiting, and the second Keith walks in, before anyone can say anything to him, Matt just goes off. Asking him “what the hell were you thinking?” And completley ratting him out to the rest of the team because they had no idea what Keith was about to do. I need to see Shiro, and the other Palladians reactions to Keith’s self destructive plan.

Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

@fellswap-gold fanart.

when got7 hit 4m on vlive their special live should be like that one buzzfeed video where they get people drunk and then surprise them with kittens i wanna see jaebum Cry and then try to steal all the other members kittens while also trying to adopt every single one of them

ponymom-stuff  asked:

Totally understand about this being a passion project!! Just did the same myself! Felt compelled to mention that there was an article about the Catalan referendum, and the big deal about that is that the Spanish government is forcing the Catalan leaders to either back down or loose their autonomy. I think THAT is a message, not necessarily social, but possibly about Louis' life?

Oh. Wow. I didn’t notice that one! Anyone else?

in case some of you didn’t know, the conflict between the DBU and the denwnt is still not resolved. the qualifier against sweden is on friday and they need to turn in the decision whether the game will be played or not by tomorrow. should they choose not to play, they will lose their spot in qualifying for the wwc, and since the wwc is the european olympics qualifier they will have no chance at that either. additionally, they would be penalized by uefa for leaving walkover and could be excluded from qualifying for the next euro. as you can see a lot hangs in the balance