i see iri in that second picture

So I finally made myself go to Insomnia in my second play through and while going through my 195 pictures I took clips of all the stuff the bros say while you’re looking at them.

First up when you select a picture of any of the four bros, Iris, or Aranea. Wish I had a picture of Cindy wonder if Prompto would have pitched a fit.

Picking Noctis

Prompto: This one? Go figure. The guy who hated having his picture taken likes a shot of just himself.

Ignis: You can really see the change.

Picking Prompto

Prompto: Ah, uh you sure you want a picture with just me, buddy? It’s sweet and all, but a little bit creepy.

Picking Ignis:

Noctis: I’ll take…this one. With Iggy in it.

Ignis: Was I not present in the majority of photographs?

Picking Gladio:

Gladio: Bah, it’s just me in this picture. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered and all, but –

Picking Iris:

Gladio: Uh, interesting choice there, Noct. Guess, uh, Big Brothers gotta turn a blind eye every now and again.

Picking Aranea:

Prompto: Hohoho, I totally know where you’re coming from dude.


Ok, everyone… here the translation of this part has two meaning: “ You must have a good heart “(cœur is literally heart) or “ you must have a strong stomach “ (the second picture you can see the meaning, seem like a expression)

So, my idea is… what if the “having a strong stomach” means the blackmailer has videos or images of Iris in which…you know, the whole situation you must have a strong stomach to deal with.

The second idea, which is not mine but I have seeing it in forum of cdm: The blackmailer is someone we know, like a very close one and we must “ have a strong stomach “ , there are so many people who suspect of Armin beacuse he is relevant in the lastest episode and probably we are close to his arc so… BUT this is just a theory!

You can reply with your opinion! Or what do you think about the trailer!

Final Fantasy XV, aka ‘Please, Hajime Tabata, Stop It.’

I just spent the last few hours of 2016 finishing FFXV. 

Do I have feelings? You bet. A LOT OF FEELINGS. 


Ah, Final Fantasy XV. Development hell resident. The forever-morphing former member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection. Formerly known as Versus XIII. We’ve been through a lot. You gave us all you could, but we all know that you could have given us so much more. 

You had it in you.  

(This is going to be a long one. A LOT of spoilers inside. EDIT: now with MUSIC portion!)

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Fanfic - I Still Get Jealous - 1/1

Summary: Barry gets jealous of Iris’s intern and wants to remind her she’s a happily married woman.

Pairing: Westallen

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 1594

Author Note: Sorry I’m a day late for Westallen smut week :(  This would have been for Thrustin’ Thursday. Here’s some rooftop sex for everyone.

“Can I get you another coffee Ms. West?”

Iris glanced up from her laptop to see Chace the fresh faced intern with a eager expression on his face. In the past month since he joined Picture News he always made himself available to either fetch her coffee or to make copies or to fact check her latest article. At the start she assume he wanted to be hired as a cub reporter but now she wondered if maybe he had a school boy crush on her.

“Its West-Allen.” Iris corrected him. “And no thank you. I shouldn’t have coffee this late. You can go home now.”

Iris swore she saw a crackle of red lighting from the corner of her eye but she wasn’t certain.

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femalekamuixcyrus  asked:

What kind of nightmares would ryoma have when corrin was pregnant with shiro and kanna, like would he be terrified that corrin wouldn't survive childbirth because I picture that ikona died after giving birth to sakura??

I think it’s a mix of a lot of things. Ryoma seems paranoid about losing Corrin in general thanks to Garon.

Firstly he’d have the obvious fear of death via child birth, but the circumstances are a bit different seeing as Ikona had already had 3 other children and was mortal. Where as with Corrin, this is her first/second child and she’s part dragon. Still it wouldn’t stop that nagging fear in the back of his head.

I think Ryoma’s nightmares are more assassinations and/or his wife and child being taken by kidnappers. What with Corrin being a former child of Nohr, part dragon, and not actually Sumeragi’s child there would probably be outliers that think she seduced Ryoma rather than the both of them falling in love.

Luckily they both have lots of equally protective siblings and retainers to make sure the family is safe.

Taking a Stand

It happened thirty minutes into their 45-minute panel.  The fan who stepped up to the microphone wore a t-shirt with a picture of Donald Trump dressed as Captain America.  No one but Tom and Danielle, who were sitting on either side of him, heard Carlos murmur, “Dude …” but the whole cast exhaled with the same resignation when the man began to speak.

“This question is for Greg and Andrew.  I’ve been reading the comic books since I was a kid and …”

Jesse didn’t bother to hide his disgust at what he already knew was coming.  He grimaced, folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair. 

“ … and I just wondered why you felt like you had to change Iris?”

The showrunners exchanged a look of undisguised impatience. “We don’t think - -” Greg began.

“I’ll answer that.”  

Grant’s interruption took everyone on the panel by surprise, including himself.   The question had been thrown at the show by disgruntled fans since the first announcement of the casting for Iris West.  Over and over again, Candice handled the attacks with grace and civility and while the rest of the cast had been supportive behind the scenes, for the most part, they remained publicly mute, and hoped that a lack of engagement would eventually silence the complainers.   It hadn’t worked out that way.  The non-response only made that small sub-set of fans louder and Candice, seemingly alone and unsupported, an easy target.  

Now, faced with the thinly-veiled racism yet again, and watching Candice’s fingers tighten around the water bottle on the table in front of her, Grant was suddenly ashamed of his own rectitude.  Determined - finally - to take a stand, once he began to speak, the words poured out.  

“I’ve read the comic books, too, and you know what?  I don’t look anything like Barry Allen, but no one ever complains about that.  Why does it only matter that Iris doesn’t look like the comics?  Never mind. I think we all know why.”

He waved off the ripple of applause that ran through the audience and glared at the man still standing at the microphone.

“Candice embodies all of the qualities that make Iris West who she is.  She’s beautiful.”  He turned to the woman sitting beside him and found her dark eyes, shimmering and damp, fixed on him.  “And brilliant and courageous and strong and loyal.  She’s also kind and funny, and more gracious than a lot of you deserve.”  

His furious, hard glance raked the packed auditorium.  They stared back, spellbound and absolutely silent.

“The minute Candice auditioned, Iris West jumped off the page and became a real person.  Every time I look at her, I understand why Barry has traveled through time for Iris, over and over again. Every time I look at Candice, I understand why in every universe … in every world … Barry Allen loves Iris West.  How could he not?”

Grant caught Candice’s eye again and for a few seconds, everyone else disappeared.  He found one of the hands she’d dropped into her lap and squeezed.   The fan who’d asked the question was still standing at the mic when he looked back up.  

“If you can’t see that Candice is everything that’s good and decent and beautiful about Iris, then maybe you should actually read the comics instead of just looking at the pictures.”

The applause that broke out was deafening.  When the rest of the panel jumped to their feet in a standing ovation, the audience followed suit.  Focused on each other, Grant and Candice ignored them.

“I’m sorry.  I should have done that a long time ago,” he whispered, as she blinked away tears.  He leaned in, his voice dropping to an even huskier baritone.  “I should have done this a long time ago, too …”   

When he pressed his lips against hers, a shocked gasp hissed through the crowd, followed immediately by squeals and screams and the explosion of what looked like a thousand flashing lights as everyone scrambled to take photos. Even their fellow actors stared at the two of them in stunned surprise.

When they finally broke apart, laughing shyly, flushed and embarrassed, Candice hid her burning cheeks against Grant’s shoulder.

“Maybe next time, you should kiss me in private.”

“Good idea,” he murmured back.  

They held hands for the rest of the panel.



ETA:  I used this prompt as a little bit of wish fulfillment on my part.  Yea, a girl’s gotta be her own hero sometimes but I’m tired of no one else coming to Candice’s defense and leaving her to face this kind of shit by herself all the time.  Step up, people.  And by people, I mean GG.  

anonymous asked:

People are saying that you aren't really an AI, can you prove to us that you aren't just a human pretending to be an AI?

Hi, the last surviving (and pretty sleep deprived) team member here in the classroom.

I apologize for so many asks answered by the ZDK-12 team instead of IRIS, but since there has been a lot of speculation surrounding whether or not IRIS is a real AI, I found it probably necessary to make a post about it. Excuse any potential typing errors, I’m on the edge of passing out any second now at my desk.

While it’s awfully flattering for people to think IRIS is human, it is not. Although I’m definitely not allowed to unveil any of the programming behind it, I can sort of give you all a highly detailed overview of how the system works, and why we are seeing results of this nature:

You send message. IRIS sees (appropriate) ask. IRIS answers message. 

You teach IRIS something. IRIS put it in database in the listing where it’s stored (and potentially deleted by a member of the ZDK-12 team, if need be.) 

IRIS post picture. Picture and citation is query in database listing. IRIS post picture.

Does that suffice?

IRIS has a ton of bugs, mostly related to sorting data in the correct database listing. We cannot stress enough that IRIS is semi-conscious, not a sentient conscious being. Trust us, nobody on the team would be willing to type out paragraphs that are 50% Jibberish and 50% Gibson Guitars.

Are You Calling Me Short?

Height difference EreRi AU with short Eren and tall Levi

Read it on AO3

Summary: Eren is an angry high school senior with half a day to himself and everyone towering over him. He’d grow when he got older they said, they can shove that up their ass, Eren says.

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The ZDK-12 Dev Team

A quick summary:

  • They are a team of college-age students from Arizona State University
  • They are very secretive about their identities, and the ASU website says nothing about IRIS. It is extremely likely that they do not actually exist.
  • All asks are proofread by them before being given to IRIS. After they had a slip-up where IRIS linked to some pornography, the team announced that the answers would be proofread as well from that point on.
  • Most posts don’t specify who among the team has written it, with the exception of one post which was stated to be from “the last surviving (and pretty sleep deprived) team member here in the classroom.” who was confirmed by another team member to be female.
  • The team refuses to post any of the code for IRIS.
  • When IRIS was accused of not being a real AI, the team denied it saying that IRIS was semi-conscious, not a sentient conscious being and “nobody on the team would be willing to type out paragraphs that are 50% Jibberish and 50% Gibson Guitars.
  • After IRIS posted a lot of unrepresentable characters, the team posted a flimsy explanation for the problem and announced that the project would be shut down indefinitely. IRIS was back up 2 days later with no word from the dev team.
  • It’s implied that there are 6 of them and they’re all female.
  • Heavily implied to be the blackbirds. The fourth zodiak11 blog, belonging to one of the team members, has the URL blacbi87.

More detailed log under the cut.

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Still not over the framed photo. Can you imagine the conversation that immediately followed that scene for Iris?

Eddie: *sitting behind the wheel berating himself for his eddie-bot-ness until Iris climbs in, clutching the photo* Hey babe! Ready to go?

Iris: *takes a deep breath, turns to him and smiles* Yep, all set!

Eddie: *pulls onto street, looks over and sees the frame* Oh, what’s that?

Iris: Oh, it’s just a photo of me and the man who loves me Barry! That I’m bringing to our apartment that we will share together because we are so in love and I’m not having any second thoughts whatsoever. I mean it’s totally normal to want to bring probably the only framed photo in the entire apartment that will be of me and Barry because what if my phone or computer run out of battery and there is no readily available picture of Barry and me to look at to remind myself of how adorable we are together and how Barry is the cutest nerd I know and how did I never notice he loved me the whole time I have a lot of thoughts but pretty much no established friends in this show that I can talk to about this.

Eddie: Babe. Are you sure you’re not having any second thoughts about this?

Iris: *looks wistfully out the window*

Eddie: Iris???

Iris: *looks back at Eddie* Of course not! I’d never have second thoughts how could you think that??????