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I don't know how to phrase this. I'm sometimes very self-conscious about how I move because I am sort of twitchy and can never sit still for very long and I do weird things with my hands to relieve nervous energy. But Tyler moves so much like me! It makes me so happy to see someone who moves the way I do. My favorite video is "Migraine" in The Live Room because it makes me happy to watch him. Tyler makes me feel better about the way I move. - Migraine anon (hope it's cool if I claim this name)

ooh that’s one of my favorites too.

💕 im glad you can relate and it makes you happy. that makes me happy. you should never feel alone because you aren’t. you are loved and wonderful, mi.

Hey friendly reminder that we're all in the clique and we're all one broken family, so please support the frens who get to see Tour De Columbus and don't hurt them or get angry at them for getting to go! Celebrate with them and tell them how happy you are that they won the chance.

I’m bummed out that I don’t get to go either, but let’s support one another and celebrate each other’s good happenings in life because we all know that such happiness doesn’t happen too often around here.

Please be kind and support @clearlytyler and the other lovely frens who get to go! I love you, you definitely deserve such luck!! I hope it’s just as amazing as you are! (:




thank you for being who you are.
thank you for standing up for lgbtq+ rights and just for everything that you believe in.
i’m so proud of you and of how far you’ve come in the past few years and i’ll be forever thankful for the fact that i’m able to say that i was here to see you grow.
you’ve inspired thousands of people, you’ve helped me so much and i just.. i don’t even know how i can ever fully explain to you what you’ve done for me, just thank you!
i hope you have an amazing and super fun birthday and a year full of happiness.
i love you so much and i’m so grateful to be one of your people.

Here on Tumblr I see so many people, rightfully so, demanding more representation of how our world is in Hollywood blockbusters, and superhero films especially. This weekend a film that did that organically and with love and realism at it’s core pushed that ideal onto the big screen, and not very many people went to see it. If you’re not being the change you want to see in the world, you’re failing everyone. Power Rangers is the film we have all been asking for, and it’s done what Marvel and DC outside of television are still struggling with. They put their all into diversity and character driven, beyond face level representation handled with care, but Hollywood will just see that it opens second to other films. It went beyond queer baiting and checking boxes. Don’t let love and hope lose again like it did in November. Bring a friend, bring your children, demand those around you to, in this world that feels increasingly less accepting with films that feel less inclusive to everyone, go support the movie about five completely different people of different skin colors, genders, and sexualities coming together to take on oppression and greed on the same level, pushing toward a better future. The future we all demand, but didn’t show up to support.

So, basically...

Things I liked about the finale:

- Seeing everyone who’d passed away

- Defan 

- Bonnie kicking ass

Things I didn’t like about the finale:

- Stefan dying

- Katherine’s weak ass comeback (she just got stabbed and thrown around, how exciting)

- Stefan dying

- Why the fuck was Vicki in hell?

- SteFaN dYinG

- How the fuck did Bonnie wake up Elena? Also she sort of had Enzo in the end but not really??? Also how did Enzo wake Bonnie up just by touching her I’m??? YOU GUYS I GET THE FEELING BONNIE BROUGHT KAI BACK TO SAVE ELENA IN RETURN FOR HIS FREEDOM WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE CONSIDERING HE WANTED TO GET HIS ASS OUT OF MYSTIC FALLS AND HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD LIFT THE SPELL. but no. plot holes! :D

- Stefan. Dying.


- Stefan always sacrificing it all for everyone and being so loyal and brave and kind and then DYING

- I miss Kai. Why did everyone love the siphon twins but not him.

- Why is Stefan dead

- Why didn’t they just stab Katherine and throw her in the tunnel, or tie her to a chair in the tunnel it makes NO SENSE that anyone had to die

- Did I mention Stefan’s death?

- I was expecting more out of the Delena scenes to be honest

- S T E F A N 

- How did Katherine’s hair magically curl itself between shots?

- he deserved better : ))

- Tyler’s character was tossed off the show like he meant nothing and I’m still mad

- Honestly who cares about Matt’s family

- Didn’t they say we were gonna have a two hour finale? IT FELT SO RUSHED.

- Caroline is the only vampire left which is so weird and I don’t like it

- Alaric deserved better, him and Jo were so beautiful together

- Do you think I’ve forgotten about Stefan bc I haven’t

blue monday

Title: Blue Monday
Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Dirty talk, spanking, choking, super kinky raunchy jealous Josh. There’s blindfolding, toys, handcuffs, aaaand name calling, because I don’t know how to be normal.
A/N: SURPRISE. I’m so terribly sorry I haven’t written any Josh stuff in a while, I’ve been working like a dog to get this one finished. Like I said, it’s pretty kinky and fun, so I really hope you guys like it. Also, blue haired Josh is tops, so that’s what I was imagining the whole time. Thanks to @bringbacktomdelonge​ for helping me stay focused.

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how do you know all that about the hacker?

Back when Colton’s insta was hacked, I looked through the hackers instagram profile at the time to see who it was. Obviously, he keeps himself pretty private, but he has said he lives in Europe and screenshots of his phone he’s posted suggests he’s Swedish. 
Hoech posted a tweet early morning/middle of the night on the 19 saying “Thanks to @vchikri for returning my @Snapchat” and when people accused Chikiri of hacking Hoech’s twitter, too, Chikiri posted a screenshot of texts between him and Tyler.  

I assume he got Hoech’s snapchat name when he hacked Colton’s stuff, and since snapchat saves the primary phone number connected to the account in settings, he just had to get it from there to text him. All he wants is recognition, for the most part. Shortly after, Chikiri posted this screenshot from snapchat. 

Presumably, he sent a message saying he lost his number & Dylan fell for it and sent “Tyler” his number over snapchat. Before signing out and giving Tyler access again, Chikiri posted a “Sterek is REAL, confirmed” snap on Tyler’s story. 

He’s since made his twitter private and deleted a lot of things, but I follow it to keep up and have been taking screenshots when I see something. A few weeks ago he posted a screenshot of him trying to sign into Dylan’s yahoo email account, but couldn’t because Dylan had a two-step authentication on it and it sent a text to his phone with a code to enter. (I have a screenshot of this, too) I don’t know enough about hacking to know if he can get in now that he has Dylan’s number, but I do know he’s not giving up. 

He brags about hacking 5 teen wolf accounts (Orny, Hoechlin, Colton, Meagan…I don’t know who the fifth is?) and saying it will be 6 tomorrow. A few days ago he posted asking people if they knew Arden Cho’s personal email, not the business one on her twitter. I emailed the business inquiries one and warned them, and have screenshots of his request, but I’m not sure if they’ve seen it. 

He has hacked many other celebrities as well, Niall Horan being one of the biggest I know of, but right now he’s on a TW kick and has it out for the boys. 

Ten years Tyler, I’ve worked here for ten years. I’ve brought in 80% of our clients. I grew this company from the six men operation into a sixty person machine. I’ve given you 20 hour days man, nights away from my wife and children. My father died man, and on the day of his memorial you sent me pears. Which I’m allergic to. And you know this because at the lunch where you hired me we ate salad and I went into anaphylactic shock. And along with the pears you wrote a card, with a one line hallmark message and a typed out signature. ‘From the team’ and for all this Tyler, I thank you. You see for days I’ve been plagued by this question. How do I honour my father’s legacy? Then I realised I honour it by taking what I learnt from his life, and having it shape how I go on living mine, and so here it is Tyler. Um. I quit. No hard feelings man. I walk out of here in triumph. I came, I saw, I conquered. Sanjay it’s all you now brother. Peace ✌🏻
—  Randall quitting his job. 1x17

I freaking love how Scott smiles at Stiles with such glee. Then there’s Stiles with that absolutely soul-purifying adorable little “oh” sound he makes when he realizes this is the first time he’s seeing Scott since being taken. He tiptoes over the railroad tracks like the awkward child that he is and straight into Scott’s open arms. Then we get the cancer-curing giggle from Scott followed by the world hunger-ending squishy face of a content Stiles. They’re so in love.

hey you know what i r e a l l y like? i r e a l l y like
*reads off hand*
tyler scheid because he is a wonderful human being that cares so much for others and i hope one day he will be confident and happy with his looks and realise he’s actually gorgeous and incredibly pretty in the meantime i’m glad there’s slowly more and more mark and ethan videos with him in them as it’s nice to see how he’s evolved from a shy quiet guy to someone making dick jokes and laughing uncontrollably comfortably on screen and i enjoy getting notifications when he tweets as i’m in a different timezone so whenever he tweets i read them when i’m either going to bed or waking up so I end or start the day happier because of tyler?
*looks up*
…. what

Just a Friend to you

Josh Dun x reader: Just a friend to you

Request: Tyler or josh x reader based on the song ‘just a friend to you’ by Meghan trainor? ❤️❤️❤️

Warnings: None

Why you gotta hug me
Like that every time you see me?
Why you always making me laugh
Swear you’re catching feelings


“Hey (Y/n)!” you spin around to see your best friends Josh, Tyler and Jenna sitting in a booth of the diner you just walked into.

Your heart rate quickens when you see Josh stand up and make his way towards you, before you can react he pulls you into a tight embrace “I missed you” he whispers as he leans his head into the crook of your neck letting your senses fill up with a mixture of sweat and deodorant. He squeezes you one last time before letting you go, “Hi (Y/n)” Jenna speaks as she pulls you into a tight embrace, Tyler awkwardly gives you a one armed hug “How have you guys been? It’s been like a week since I’ve last seen you” you question

Before anyone else could say a word, Josh spoke up, “oh yeah we’ve just been fighting aliens” “Aliens aren’t real Josh” you smiled shaking your head “Well have you ever seen one (Y/n)” he fires back “Nope I can’t say I have” “You’re welcome” he says.

You chuckle while looking down at your shoes.

“We better go, we have some recording at the studio to do” Tyler speaks

“Alright well have fun boys, and Jenna” you reply while finally looking up, Jenna flashes you a smile “Cya (Y/n)” heading for the door with Tyler, “Catch up with you guys soon hopefully” you call out to them, Josh kisses your forehead “Goodbye (Y/n)” you were too stunned to reply before the bright yellow haired man made his way out the door,

You slump down at a nearby table and got ready to order something.

I loved you from the start
So it breaks my heart

When you say I’m just a friend to you
'Cause friends don’t do the things we do
Everybody knows you love me too
Tryna be careful with the words I use
I say it 'cause I’m dying to
I’m so much more than just a friend to you

You’ve been friends with Josh since high school,

You were the one he cuddled up to when he was lonely,

You even went to prom together but ‘Just as friends’ which broke your heart , Tyler and Jenna have both talked about it to you, “He likes you trust me, you just gotta make the first move” you can recall Tyler saying “By the way he acts around you pretty much everyone thinks he’s in love” said Jenna.

You have wanted to tell Josh about your feelings since high school but you never did for the fear of rejection.

When there’s other people around
You never wanna kiss me
You tell me it’s too late to hang out
Then you say you miss me


You stare at your now cold coffee recalling all the times Josh has kissed you (not on the lips) when no one was around, at Tyler and Jenna’s wedding we were both outside getting some fresh air he told you he can’t wait to get married one day and then kissed your temple before walking back inside, When you Jenna, Tyler and Josh were having a movie night and Tyler and Jenna went out to get some junk food Josh kissed your cheek before getting up to go get a glass of water.

It’s been a year since you and Josh have hung out alone, he always says that he is busy no matter what day or time you ask, but then says that he misses hanging out.

It confuses you.

A friend to you
A friend to you
A friend to you

You have mentioned to Josh about being more than friends.

“Hey Josh imagine if we were like Tyler and Jenna” you hinted “Yeah but we are just friends (Y/n) that wouldn’t work”


Yes I know I didn’t use all of the lyrics (that’s because there is a lot of repetition)

This was my first song imagine so don’t be afraid to tell me how I did, the person that requested this you can get me to do it again if I didn’t do the song enough justice J

Have a good day/night everyone, stay alive

Squads response to "would you have sex with a clone of yourself?"

Tyler: i dunno i mean… It would be like having sex with a sibling and thats just so wrong i dont know i mean obviously it would be an exact clone of myself.. But morally- it’d be like… Im not answering this
Ethan: ha ha Hahaha ohahahahah hahahaha *whispers* yes
Kathryn: after a nice massage and seeing how many people i could mess with then yes why not
Amy: listen sex is great and all but do u know how much more shit i could get done with two of me???

Large Sweater HCs

•Tyler looking for a comfy sweater but it’s gone

•He checks underneath his bed.

•He asks Eth where it is and realizes he’s wearing it.

•Tyler towering over the smol blue baby boy who just crunches into a little ball in fear of the giant.

•Ethan whispering in a tiny voice “I just want to have a little bit of you everywhere I go” and Tyler’s heart ACHES

•Amy & Chica be watching Ethan w/ his clothes and they’re like ( -.-)

•Tyler feels his heart skip a beat each time he sees Ethan with his large sweater/shirt/sweatpants.

•Tyler eventually just blurtin out how he loves seeing Ethan in his clothes and everyone just “AWWWWW"s

•Ty setting fiRE to Mark when he offers his jacket to Ethan and he instead gives his own willingly.

•The tall boy slipping his hands around Ethan and laying his hands in the pockets to curl around Ethan’s haNDS AND ETH LEANS BACK AND THEY KISS AND IT’S SWEET. I MIGHT CRY OKAY.

I just want to thank Twenty One Pilots. People don’t understand how much this band means to me. They’ve saved my life I don’t know how many times, literally. I couldn’t be more appreciative than I am, I am so proud of these boys. Seeing them go from little to taking over the world, watching them win a GRAMMY is crazy. I’ve gained so many friends from them, I couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve met and became really good friends with because of Tyler and Josh. I’m so appreciative that they helped me stay alive and tell me that it’s worth it. Thank you, Tyler and Josh. Thank you.

Eyes On Me Pt. I

Title: Eyes On Me

Pairing: Josh/Reader/Tyler 

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Voyeurism, Light Cheating (or the prospect of that happening), Dirty Talk.

A/N: As I said earlier, I wrote this on an eight hour car ride.  There’s at least one more part coming, maybe more but I’m not sure yet.  It’s dramatic bitches, and things are just starting to heat up.  Hope you enjoy, as always, let me know what you think!!

(Upcoming Stories: There may be a drabble on the way! I found a FWB prompt and I’m low-key obsessed.)

You sigh softly, observing how your breath comes out and fogs up the glass of the bus window.  Shifting your body is difficult… it seems like every ligament is glued into place.  Tyler sees you trying to change positions and laughs quietly from his bunk.  You shoot him a side glance, brows furrowed at first, but soon soften your features to laugh with him.  You’d been on this damn tour bus for two days now and were beginning to lose your sanity.

You can hear Josh tapping away on his practice pad, hitting each beat with impeccable timing.  You laughed quietly to yourself at the familiar sound.  When dating a drummer, (especially Josh Dun), constant tapping and movement were to be expected, but you didn’t mind. 

When you finally manage to untangle your limbs, you stand up and stretch, lifting your arms above your head, and pushing out your chest.  You hear Tyler’s breath catch, and peek over at him, noticing his eyes and the look they contain.  They’re dark, and he’s staring at your exposed midriff.  As soon as he sees you looking, he shakes his head as if trying to get rid of a pesky thought.  You breathe out quietly and look down, pulling your t-shirt over the skin you’d unknowingly revealed.  When you look back up at Tyler, he’d rolled over in his bunk.  

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