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This is probably the last post I’ll be able to make until I’m in recovery from my surgery, so here are all the details of what’s going on (copied from the post I shared with friends and family on Facebook). I can’t say exactly when I’ll be able to even hold my phone again, but I’ll post an update as soon as I’m able.
Words can’t express how appreciative I am for the outpouring of love and support I’ve received so far! In this weird, difficult, terrifying time of my life, every message and outreach has lifted my spirits. Going into surgery, I’m calm and optimistic that everything is going to be okay.
Thank you all so much again, I love you and I’ll see you soon 💕

“I am absolutely loving the new Ducktales! I especially love how Huey, Dewey, and Louie all have distinct personalities and they aren’t all treated as being exactly the same. As a twin, I love seeing multiples portrayed as different people instead of just the exact same. So yes, I’m really enjoying the new Ducktales and can’t wait to see more!”

Woozi High Cut Interview

Q: The fans counted you as the “not funny” members, but if you were to grade your own gags, how many points would you give yourself?

WZ: Uh, I think it’s at a level that I can’t grade. Since I’ve known the members for a long time, it’s easy to make jokes but I don’t think I exactly have the ability to make people laugh.

Q: Seeing you lead the vocal team, it seems that you have leadership abilities

WZ: Actually, rather than me leading the vocal team members as a leader, it’s more of a feeling of going together. Seungkwan really helps out well. Haha. There isn’t really anything difficult

Q: You said you liked the manga One Piece. In an interview, you said, “Gathering everyone’s strength, becoming one team and overcoming various difficulties; that is exactly what Seventeen is like”. Is this your own outlook as a leader? Seeing that made me think you’re a bit like Luffy.

WZ: Are we similar? Thank you. (laughs). Seeing the members gathered, doing music and practicing, I often think of the manhwa I read when I was younger. I don’t exactly know who would be Luffy, but I am certain that all 13 members are main characters.

Q: You said your true personality is like a typical ‘Busan guy’?

WZ: I’m from Busan and I originally tend to not talk much. When we first debuted, fans asking me to do aegyo was really difficult. Now since I’ve done it a lot on broadcasts, I think I’ve adapted. Haha.

Q: As Seventeen’s producer, if you were to point out one thing to appreciate in this album?

WZ: Before the album comes out, each team has a new song that came out first. each team’s mood is integrated well. Vocal team’s emotion, performance team’s splendor, hiphop team’s groove, you can distinctly feel each unit’s characteristc. So please also take note of the new picture that comes out when those characteristics are merged together into one team.

scan Z_Hen_ & trans rawfudge

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I don't know about you, but it seems to me to be blatantly obvious that if Chris and Darren were living together someone would have gotten a pix by now, because I've seen people line up Outside Chris's house.

I think you’re confused. Stalkers (NOT CCrs) actually rented a home next to C’s old home and stalked him to prove C/h/i/l/l real. I know who those “fans” were. I was around back then. They failed. They were unable to prove anything. In fact, I believe they saw things they weren’t happy about. Oops?

Regarding his current home? It’s very private, on purpose, his driveway and door are hidden away from the street, plus it is patrolled by security. They’d have to sit on the street for hours on end, day after day to *catch* anything. The security moves people out of there who aren’t residents. How, exactly, would these so called “people” see anything? Please do enlighten me, anon.

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Jimin and jungkook’s height difference allows for jk to kiss jimin’s forehead and jimin to kiss jk’s jaw 👀👀👀👀 I’m not saying that’s cute asf but that’s exactly what I’m saying

tbh, idk how this allows for forehead kisses without jk having to lean up awkwardly. like, his lips aren’t close to jimin’s forehead lol. like, i get what y’all mean, but do you see a height difference i don’t?? 

like, i can kinda see it, but i think it’s more perfect for like nose kisses or cheek kisses. like, 

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Ya, it’s reallly suspicious that, for SOME reason, the poll hasn’t closed yet and kylo JUST SO HAPPENS to gain a whole bunch of points... There is just a little tooo much coincidences going on here

Exactly. If  @finnmurdershux‘s data is correct, something ain’t adding up. The poll remains open for an extra 12+ hours than it was supposed to and in that time it gains 20,0000+ new votes that all have to have gone to Kylo for him to gain a 10+ percentage leap from 3rd place….that is not how these polls work. 

There was tampering. Either from fans or LucasFilm themselves. But I have been in fandom long enough and seen enough of these fan voted polls to know tampering when I see it. 

It took Finn fans day to gain the advantage they did. But Kylo gains 10+ points in less than 12 hours? 


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”Hello Diana” you greeted the woman with a practically blinding smile. Diana couldn’t help but tilt her head to the side in confusion. You were a complete stranger to her, yet you were looking at her as of you’ve known each other for years.

”Who are you?” She questioned hesitantly. What if you were a knew enemy she had to face. You did have a powerful ora about you.

You chuckled as if the question was somewhat amusing.
“I’m not surprised you don’t know who I am. It’s not exactly like are parents brought us together for play dates or anything. See you are practically my sister Diana because, I am a son of Zeus you see. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted us to meet and now, here we are”.

Diana wasn’t sure what to say. A son of Zeus? No that was ridiculous.
“You can’t be a son of Zeus. That’s impossible” she replied unsurely.

”Oh I promise you, it’s quite possible”.


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Ania. Forgive me, I won't be one of those people who begs because I understand that you want to change content but. How come you never did second parts to Ask Glitch and Squid and UnderChaser? Like I said, I am not asking you to continue these if you don't want to.

Exactly the same with PJ’s daycare
I’ll do it when I feel like it
Check the comments of those videos and you’ll see why I feel this way

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momma i need help. i have this friend and i don't like her at all. she's rude and racist and homophobic, but she also has really bad depression and anxiety. if i leave her she'll kill herself, but if i don't i think i might end up killing myself. she's almost exactly the same as the man that emotionally abused me for years, always telling me how much they need me and that they would die without me. i don't know what to do. please help me momma

You already see the signs of abuse. It’s time to get out. Give her the contacts to a hotline (Like crisis text) and then block her. You don’t deserve to be manipulated.

-Lou the Lobster

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we have exactly thirteen days until the first of november. and, as we all know, november will be the month where we find out if rob is the baby’s dad or not, (there’s a 99.999% chance he’s not, lbh). so, why is it not november already?? also, do we know what date week 45 is?

Week 45 is the week starting the 6th November.

I just need that baby to be born and for us to find out what they’re planning on doing with it! I’m so intrigued to see how Robert will react as well as everyone else. THIS STORYLINE SEEMS TO BE GOING ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!!!
Please let it move on and be over soon! 👍

If I´m not wrong this scene should be Carmilla´s birthday celebration

And what we can see in background. Is that… Laura makes a map about Carmilla´s new human life, like every year.


Because we can see 5 years, and that´s exactly how long is Carmilla mortal human again in the movie.

So… what´s my point is, that if I´m right, this is the cutest romantic shit ever!

Well done, little Hollis. Well played. Good work. Smooth Sundance, smooth. ;)

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I would say that Sanvers not working out doesn’t exactly mean that Alex can’t still be a positive representation of an LGBT character on the show. If Sanvers breaks up does Alex suddenly stop being gay? Of course not. I’m beginning to wonder if shipping Sanvers for some is really about supporting Alex as a queer character in her own right, or just wanting her with Maggie. Sanvers might have been important for Alex’s development, but if it ends and she moves on, I see no reason to stop watching.


I have been advocating for Supergirl since the Season 1 sneak peek release. I even downloaded the first episode when it leaked!(guilty!) that is how excited I was for this show! 

But once it aired the first 7 episodes were slow and coming, people stopped watching, it was deemed “too girly” or “not really good” I even looked for reaction videos for season 1 with a female take, wanna know how many I found? less then 5. The rest were male mega DC fan boys; this is the reason why I started doing reaction videos get info from a DC Fan-girl POV. It was needed! 

What I am getting at is, even if Alex wasn’t a lesbian, I would still watch this show! Chyler portrayal of “Alex” was already amazing, but now that her character is LGBT Chyler takes her role ten times more serious then before. 

To be honest I was worried when they added Maggie to the show, & how people were literally going to attache themselves to it. I never did because: 

A) its the CW & B) because its Season 2 & having a serious relationship for Alex that just came out didn’t seem logical.  

So I watched the relationship as it was; to me it was a story arc for Alex to grow. People are going to make assumptions about “what they think they know” based on Social Media. 

But I’m going with what Florianna said about her 1 season contract; The proposal to me from the writers/showrunner was a risk because I am taking a guess on this is that they thought Florianna would come back. The finale of season 2 filmed the week of April 24th, as we know there wasn’t a final announcement on Florianna as a regular for Season 3. Kaite & Chris were confirmed as series regulars. It wasn’t until May 26th there was final confirmation she wasn’t. 

Sorry this got long, but there is no reason to stop watching the show unless people just started watching for the Sanvers relationship. There is more to Alex and the show then the one f/f ship. Alex as a character deserve a respectable storyline & I am sure Chyler will make sure that happens as time goes. Chyler gives me faith that Alex as LGBT representation will be given respect.  

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your analysis of lapis and yd made me realize that yd's reaction to phos (not their treatment) starts to get different after they woke up with lapis' head, or maybe it's just ichikawa sensei's evolving artstyle - now i'm starting to think about how a lot of it factors to the fact that it's /lapis'/ head tho... (but i think yellow still believes that phos is too kind to be manipulating everyone for their own goals?)

EXACTLY EXACTLY…..it always intrigued me why exactly so many panels of yellow’s reactions were shown, you’re totally right yellow probably always saw right through phos’ with their bluntness and honesty and that’s where those panels are incredible

(as much as yellow wants to lay down to rest, seeing phos in that state visibly saddened them while the others seem hopeful, as if wishing to never see anyone else experience what they are experiencing)

yellow guesses already that this part of lapis didn’t affect who phos is, phos is still phos in a different frame, a different frame that disturbed yellow enough that Ichikawa insisted on it

yellow cares so immensely about phos and always wanted to protect them no matter how useless they could be in their help but they will always remember what burdens phos

juliabohemian replied to your post: Status? Wondering why Thor: Ragnarok exists. Do…                

   I have so much to say about this. I agree with your meta -but I also think it’s possible Thor really is that clueless. OR he is testing Loki to see how he will respond. Thor was clearly shaken when he thought Loki was dead, if not just at the moment it was happening. Maybe this is his way of dangling loss over his brother’s head.   

…Okay. It is possible that Thor is written in this film to be honestly so clueless that he just… affably callous and has NO idea, though Loki is not exactly 100% concealing his grief, that Loki is hurt by this.

But. Dangling loss over his brother’s head? That is cruel beyond measure. He is going to emotionally manipulate Loki by dangling the loss of the last person in the current MCU who MIGHT still care about him over his head. “You had better straighten up and start making sense to me and admit that you are what is wrong with our relationship or you are going to lose me!!”

Thor has many friends. On Earth. On Asgard. And new ones. Loki. Has. No one. His mother his dead; his father made it clear he doesn’t care about him; the warriors 4 betrayed him; Heimdall tried to kill him….

So dangling loss over Loki’s head, while is it clearly hurting Loki if one would just look at his face, hurts. And is cruel.

Not grumpy at you, by the way. Just, upset over that idea.

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thank u for that post abt gender neutral reader insert fanfics, im a gay newsies fan and literally every reader insert is heterosexual like there’s exactly three (3) newsies x reader fanfics w a male reader. i appreciate that non-gay ppl don’t try to replicate what it’s like being a gay person in writing, but it’s still tiring how every piece of reader insert writing is straight :/

For reallllll!! I’m trans and gay and it’s so,,,, saddening to see that the majority of the broadway fandoms are LGBT but only write for female readers!
Justice for us💖💖


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If I ever have doubts of BG I always go back to your masterpost then I believe 10000000000000000000000% that F isn't Lou's son

hdjskhdjks nice. i made it exactly for that

Anonymous said to spookyshit91:i just cant believe there are people who genuinely think that freddie is louis’ son. like, how

those poor blind folks 

Anonymous said to spookyshit91:B is soooo desperate. She actually added “momma to freddie reign” to her insta bio. Like, are you sure? You have like 10 pictures of your apparent child out of 60. Seems pretty damn important to you 🙄👌

LMAO this is a joke, she is a joke. let’s see for how long she can maintain this mom blogger thing. i hope someone told her that to be a mom blogger you have to actually focus on the child and not yourself 


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Okay but it's not even Noora's style or how she loves her friends? Because a straight girl could wear Noora's outfits (most of them anyway) and still give off straight vibes and can love their friends and not make it seem gay but Noora has the GAY VIBES like it's a subtle line but she's so clearly on the other side and it's in HOW she looks at her friends and HOW she wears her outfits and HOW she behaves around both men and women that make her gay and I don't get how so many people don't see it.

exactly!!! her very essence screams lesbian. everything about her is gay bc she’s just really gay

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Part four of Everything Has Changed is so beautifully written as always. I love everyone being there when she woke up in Bucky’s room. And her excuse of how she got there was perfect. 😂👌🏼 But that dream at the beginning. Dang! You really faked me out with that one. Well played! I’m curious to see how things will go now that Bucky is awake, and who exactly it is who she thinks can help him now. Also the fact that Tony knew Peter helped was priceless. 💁🏻👏🏼 Can’t wait for the next part now!

I’m so glad you enjoyed this part, my darling. I don’t know if I’m going to continue the series, but I’m so happy that you enjoyed it as much as you have up to this point 😊

Everything Has Changed (Part Four)

@marywhal OKAY i went back to see what exactly they said about him, bc all i remember is that it was Highly Suspicious, and


also i would *die* for a murderquest at any point, but i wonder what they’d have magnus doing, since he can’t comprehend kalen in his mind??? would travis play an npc or something?? LOL