i see ducks outside

Xomprehwnsicd list of things I hate about this samsing galaxy j7

1. The autocorrect is garbage. I’m going to make this point by not stopping to fix any typos. Iphone fixes your typos automatically. And while I SHOUKD appreciate that this phone is giving me some agency in what I type, I really DON’T have time for this ssjot

2. The power button is on the side, right where I’m ised to putting my thumb to ducking hold it

3. The speaker is on the back????? Fucking why??? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Dolby speakers at tje movie theatre were facong the wall??? Man that’s such a good design

4. The little buttons next to the home key. Fuck those. Sometimes I need to put mt thumb on the phone to bapance ot (such as lying in bed so it doesn’t fall on mt gotdamn face) and I end up nitro mg n.a. l

5. No mute button for when I need to immediately silence whatever prom I’m listening to

5. Can’t control volume ibtol you get past the lockscreen

6. This is specific to thw Galaxy J7 (Samsung’s shit-tier phone apparently), but it doesn’t have an ‘auto-adjust brightness’ for when I go outside, so I literally need to navigaye the to the screwn brightness setring from muscle memory because I camt see the ducking screen to turn on ‘outside mode’

7. Can’t merely un-select an alarm time, if you chose the wrong one, you have to delete the alarm and re-enter it

8. Garbage microphone ducking spells out ‘dot dot dot’ and ‘quote’ half the time when using talk-to-text

9. Also this might be a J7 tho bcc but I camt record audio for shit. Like I know it’s a phone and it’s not ideal for recording audio but come.the fuck on

10. Duck literappt every single google app or functiom on this rhing, and I mean ir, i know you jabe all my info and you KNOW every place I took a dumo today so comw on and fight me, honestly, let’s just DO this

11. Some times it jusy…….. makes this noise??? Over amd over again?? Like I’m clicking something, but I’m not

11. One rime it downloaded an app and filled every single open space on my home screen with that same app, like literally 50 of thw same app icons

12. Imnsure I’ll think of more

Oh ywah here we go,

12. It makes the little notification noise and then I look at it amd there’s nothing on the screen. I guess it’s notificyong me on that little pull-down window? Don’t make a noise unless it’s a fucjin text or something right there om the screen, stop being so dramatic. Maybe I caj turn this off but like seriously it makes so many noises and I dont know what it wants from me, I bought a phone not a gordamn giga pet