i see conflict in this pairing


ARIES-LIBRA:Aka everyone’s favorite pair,the best balance between beauty and conflict,one is the gold crown and the other is the sparkling gem stone embellishing it,the creator-destroyer pair,the fire tornado of astrology,super loyal and protective towards each other.

TAURUS-SCORPIO:The embodiment of the pleasing seasons:spring&fall,very intense relationships full of love,really keen on keeping each other happy,royal blood running through their veins,one is the the rose the other is the thron,their bond will never truly disappear

GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS:The diamonds that glitter beautifully and break glass,meditate together while listening to nature sounds,one is the arrow the other is the red target point,have the grace of old school swing dancers,the most beautiful song players,one is the ocean the other is the wind

CANCER-CAPRICORN:The most wonderful parents,the stoic couple that will survive every battle,one is the timeless wooden box and the other is the haunted treasure,fairies with star sparks in their hair,the sweet scent of old perfume bottles in their palms,give the best kisses

LEO-AQUARIUS:The Gods drinking ambrosia on the white clouds,always wear nice fabrics that fit well,one is the candle light and one is the butterfly orbiting around it,have and impressive old book collection,feel at home on old wooden stages that crack under their feet,the stars that attract us towards them

VIRGO-PISCES:The glamorous rebel pair that don’t care about your opinion,one is the crystal glass the other is the cold pink champagne inside it,their skin makes them look like sculptures in moonlight,can almost physically music notes at concerts,put daisies in each other’s hair,the embodiment of the lovely new year’s kiss

My Mission (Part 6/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2900

Warnings: Language, a bit of angst/conflict, hella sad!Bucky (a bit less in this part though), kinda mention of sex? Somewhat??

A/N: Wheee. All aboard the Conflict Express. Buckle up, folks. Still, hope you enjoy! :D ALSO - I’m going to write a Christmas fic, so send in headcanons/ideas for it! If you search ‘prompts’ on my blog, you’ll see a list of Christmas ones, and I want to get an idea for what you all would like to see in it! THANKS!!

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ok btw just saying now already, i really dont want to see fandom (read: white fandom) dismissing maia/simon bc “its het lol gross” bc that is one of few interracial pairings where both members are poc and u can be damn sure im not letting any of yall hate on it bc its het or it conflicts with one of your other ships

Take Over For Me (Part 3) - G-Eazy x TWD Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

requests: Okay so Ive had this in the back of my head for the longest time and I just wanted to share it with you BC I love you: so imagine if Negan had a son (like Geazy the rapper BC THEY TOTALLY LOOK A LIKE) and like you and him fell in love but can’t be together BC you both are on opposite sides.. I’m so conflicted and convinced that Geazy is Megan’s son or Neagn is old geazy LOLOLOL

Yes, I loved this one <3 Gerald it’s so cute <3 but I really wanna see when he get jealous of her when he sees her walking aroud Alexandria with some guy. Don’t forget to tag me please!

pairing: gerald x reader

a/n: i’m sick and i feel like shittt but i’m so excited for s7b tonight! i also wanna say wow??? this blog has almost 900 followers and i’m fairly new to tumblr so that’s really damn weird for me

this is so shitty i’m just really tired and not in the mood to write but i felt the need to post something so here’s this gross imagine i came up with in like 15 minutes lmao imma go take a nap now

word count: 1,016

tagged users: @girlygreenie @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers @marvelnerd18 

It was a beautiful day in Alexandria. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining brightly. Out of the window in your small bedroom, you could see that the townspeople had already begun their days. Some were carrying baskets of supplies around while others sat on their porches with mugs in their hands. 

You rubbed your eyes, deciding to get out of your makeshift bed of blankets and pillows on the floor. Because you had been going on runs quite often, you had a day off to yourself. It felt nice to be needed by the people of Alexandria, but you had to admit, days off were your favorites. 

You never wasted a day, meaning you couldn’t just stay inside and sleep through your day off. You decided to go for a walk, to talk to your friends or meet someone new. Socializing was not your top priority, but you did value the importance of companionship. 

Your day off did not go as planned, for within ten minutes of you being outside, you had been summoned by Rick. You didn’t mind in the slightest, as long as you could stay inside the walls for a day, you were ready to do whatever he needed you to. 

“Aaron’s been keeping tabs on a small group he found out on the road for a while now. He thinks it’s time to offer them a spot in Alexandria. What do you think about that?” Rick asked you. One thing you always adored about Rick is how he always put your opinion into consideration. 

“You know what I’m gonna say. If Aaron thinks they’re okay, they’re probably okay. I wouldn’t mind seeing some new faces around here. How big’s the group?” 

“I’m not exactly sure, but Aaron told be there’s about ten of them. He told me they’re loaded with supplies. Either they have a resource we don’t know about, or they’re extremely good at scavenging. Either way, they could be useful to us.” 

You nodded, agreeing with him. “So, is that all you needed me for?” 

“Oh, I wanted to see if you’d like to introduce them to some people around here. Give them a tour, go over the rules with them. I’d do it myself, but I have to go on a run for some more supplies, or we won’t have enough to give the Saviors.” Rick’s face saddened, but you pretended not to notice. 

The group was filled with fairly pleasant people. There were eight of them, and they were all close to your age. You were glad to have some new potential friends coming into Alexandria. They mostly seemed fairly comfortable as you led them through the town.

As you tried to sleep, you heard the rustling of something outside. You quickly hopped to your feet, instantly becoming more alert and aware of your surroundings. Through your window, you could see the shadow of a man walking down the street. You threw on a pair of shoes, grabbed a jacket and your knife, and headed outside. 

“You okay?” you called out. You tried to be quiet so you wouldn’t wake anyone else. The shadow turned around, and you could see it was one of the men from the group you led around earlier. “Do you need something?” 

The man shook his head, stopping so you could catch up to him. “I just can’t sleep. The last time we saw something half as nice as this place, it ended in us losing a lot of our people. It’s nothing personal against you. It’s just… This all seems too good to be true.” 

You nodded, understanding his concern. “I know this probably won’t help you much, but I swear, you’re safe here. Well, as safe as you can be nowadays. We have strong walls and even stronger people standing guard at all times to protect us. You and your friends are all okay here.” 

The man nodded, looking down at his hands. “I think I’m gonna stay out here for a while longer, if you don’t mind. I’m kinda awake now. I doubt I would have gotten much sleep anyways. Sorry if I woke you up,” he apologized. 

You patted his back, smiling at him. “That’s alright. You take as long as you need to settle in. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do for you or anyone else in your group.” 

He thanked you, and you left his side. On your walk back to your house, you heard another rustling sound. It was coming from outside the walls, though. You remained quiet, listening for the groaning of a walker, but you didn’t hear anything other than quiet footsteps. You pulled your knife, backing away from the wall. You didn’t want to wake anyone, but you had to know if it was a walker or a person on the other side. 

“(Y/N)?” a voice whispered. You glared at the wall, recognizing the voice. “I can see you. Will you come out so we can talk?” Gerald was looking at you through a crack in the wall where two segments weren’t fully connected. 

“Are you kidding me?” you sighed. “No, I don’t wanna go outside the walls this late. You shouldn’t be here. What if someone sees you? What if someone followed you here from the Sanctuary? You could get someone killed!” 

“I just wanted to talk to you again, but I see you have someone else for that.” Gerald seemed upset and a little frustrated. To your confusion, he seemed to back away from the wall. 

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but you need to leave. It’s not safe for you to be out here,” you warned him. 

“Is that guy your new boyfriend?” he asked bluntly. “I don’t know about you, but I thought we kinda had a thing going here.” 

You smiled shyly, biting the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from grinning too much. “No, he’s not my boyfriend. We can talk later, though. Okay?” 

Gerald chuckled, stepping closer to the wall. “I’ll see you soon.”

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I really don’t get it...

So….people think Even lied when he said he told Sonja about him and Isak, so he’s the bad guy.

People think Even told Emma directly about only Isak being gay, so he could out him and he’s the bad guy.

People find out that Even actually must have told Sonja about him and Isak and that Emma found out from Sonja, but he’s still the bad guy.

It seems like no matter what, Even is always the bad guy. I understand that there’s a lot about Even’s situation that we don’t know, but that’s because we’re not seeing it from his perspective. I’m sure if the roles were reversed and this was Even’s story and not Isak’s, it would look and people would feel very differently. From season one and season two, we know that the majority of conflict in the main pairing comes from miscommunication between the two parties. I by no means think Even’s perfect, but I’m also willing to give him the benefit of the doubt while this thing plays out because he doesn’t seem like a malicious person and whatever Isak is going through, I’m sure he’s going through things as well. Some people on here though seem like they just want to blame him for everything and I don’t understand that. What happened today was not his fault and it would be wise to remember that everything people are going to be saying about Isak, they’ll also be saying about Even. Even told someone whom he (presumably) cared deeply for, for years about him and Isak because he felt like she deserved to know the truth, just like Isak needed someone to talk to, so he told Eskild and Jonas about him and Even. Emma telling someone (or people) at school was of her own volition and neither Isak nor Even should be blamed for it.

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Tell us about 3 of your lowkey ships and then pass this on to 5 people!

Thank you!
Well, lets see. Teddy/James is a really fun and interesting pairing that used to be way more popular. They deserve to get back in to spotlight again!
Theo/Blaise has a great contrast without too much conflict and needs more attention.
Ginny/Luna is such a warm and loving pairing and i’m loving the newly found interest on them immensely. :)

Robbie deals with the aftermath of the prison and gets a visitor he should have been expecting. 

Pairing: Robbie/Daisy (quakerider)

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isolatedcandy replied to your post “That thing with Choro being Ichi’s favorite older brother is actually…”

Choromatsu, in my opinion, usually outspoken for the reason of being relevant and playing the straight man. But emotionally, he’s quite similar to Ichimatsu, and I think Ichimatsu understands him the most. I thought nenchuu was one of the stronger pair relationship. But I was surprised to see barely any nenchuu or benimatsu. (I saw that relationship a lot in the anime)

I think the reason why pairings like nenchuu and beni don’t get as much attention from the fandom is because they’re more subtle??? they’re not as in-your-face as sokudo or iro (sokudo because conflict arose between oso and choro so much in the first cour due to choro’s hypocrisy, and iro because tsundere purple furry who’s generally harsh with mr. painful yet internally screams when kara does something he appreciates)

nenchuu and beni do have their unique points but at the same time I guess it’s because their moments with each other are shorter and less focused upon so it may take several rewatches before they become fully noticeable


Youtube really cannot go through with this, and if they do they might as well close the site. The only youtube big name that’s safe from this is AmazingPhil, and even he has had some sexual innuendos in his content. I’ve broken down how I see these guidelines unrealistic.

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I can definitely see that point. I mean, this show isn't going to win emmys for best writing in drama (except maybe for Alex/Maggie storyline), and I just turn my mind off when it comes to who the writers choose to pair and create romantic relationships and just see where they go with it. I can see this trying to be a connection or conflict when they deal with Mon-el's true nature later.

I know…-sigh- but right now they are doing an horrible job with this ships, also Sanvers needs more screen time

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mchanzo: oh boy!! i like this ship? I really do? I’m def more of a mcgenji shipper. But i also get why some people criticize it? so i’m kinda conflicted! bc on one hand i think they’d be a good pair but also the fact that mccree would almost definitely kno what hanzo did would probably make that a bit awkward at first? I feel like it would def take some time for that to be something they can move past? the fact that hanzo clearly feels bad about it is a good thing. I don’t think Hanzo is a bad dude, i love him as a character. I also really want to see the shimada brothers rebuild what they either did have or could have had if they weren’t in such a fucked situation!

in short: yes, but i need some of that #good character interaction. Love mchanzo tbh, Give me more of that Good Mchanzo Content


Request: I love you and your gifs and you’re writing! I positively need Poe coming home from a mission that spooked him into thinking about the future and him telling reader she was on his mind during the scary bits and would she want to see him regularly ? :) 

Warnings: none Pairings: reader x Poe 

A/N: just some fluff. Because who does love some fluff. 

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 The engine whined and rumbled as each compartment slowed and shut down. Inside the cockpit sat a man, conflicted and rattled from what he had encountered only minutes before. 

 Flying around and dipping down, Poe leveled out his xwing, flying it underneath a large first order transport ship seemingly unnoticed. Firing off at the main fuel line Poe quickly darts down flying into the abyss of space avoiding the blast radius he had just created upon blowing the transporter out of existence. 

“Any second now,” his voice was calm as he breathed waiting for what was to follow after his attack. Alarms started sounding off alerting him that he was no longer alone as tie fighters began appearing to his left. 

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Context: As a GM, I’m never content to simply use what the gaming manual gives me. I like being creative, and making up new items to give players to make things more fun and interesting. For the campaign we just started, I gave the groups paladin and item I’d heard of from other games called the Dice of Fate, the idea being that before every conflict, he would roll the dice and something random would happen, anything from a +1 to damage to his weapon being turned into a bouqet of flowers. He was moving through a dungeon, and had a telepathic link with the other two players, allowing them to communicate but not see each other. He had just touched a pair of pools that created exact copies of himself, one in proper colors, the other in reverse colors. In preparation for a fight, he rolled the dice of fate, and was now wearing a bright yellow duck costume, and his duplicates were wearing duck costumes as well.

Paladin (explaining his situation to his rogue and sorcerer companions): they’re exact duplicates of me. One is wearing a yellow duck costume, and the other is wearing a purple duck costume.

Rogue: and what are you wearing?

Paladin: …..I fail to see how that is important.

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Mcmercy for the ship thing?

Ship Meme (accepting)

The ship is my:  It holds no special spot for me, although I’m delighted to get one of these for two different characters!

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed (I imagine they’d have conflicting feelings, even though it’s mutual?) | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy (Super healthy, even.) | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No (McCree doesn’t strike me as a rugrat kinda guy.) | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: Totally viable, and probably fun for a pair to write. It’s funny because he and Angela are the same age, but you seldom see a depiction that reflects it. 

I think she’d get frustrated with him at times, kind of a lack of maturity thing. He’d be puzzled and maybe a bit irritated, but they could overcome that. Not only would that be satisfying to play out, but turn out great in the end. 

an experiment I would like to see

step 1: craft a brief but passionate dialogue exchange between two characters - a scene which demonstrates that the two parties care deeply for each other despite some present conflict, but which doesn’t specify the nature of their relationship.

step 2: have the scene performed by different pairs of actors in set combinations of race and gender, so that you end up with ten different versions: WOC/MOC, WOC/WOC, MOC/MOC, WW/WM, WW/WW, WM/WM, WOC/WM, MOC/WW, WOC/WW and MOC/WM 

step 3: give all the actors the same basic blocking for the scene and tell them all to play it as a romance. film their performances.

step 4: show each performance to a different group of people without telling them the true purpose of the experiment, then ask each audience member what they thought the relationship between the characters was, and why. collate the results, noting the age, gender, race and sexual orientation of the audience members.

reasoning: we have a lot of conversations in fandom about shipping on the basis of chemistry alone, but we also have a problem with the continual minimising of femslash and the sidelining of characters of colour - and of course, beyond fandom, there’s the default assumption of heteronormativity. I would therefore be really interested to see how different performances of the same scene played by different pairings would be received by audiences relative to their demographics. 

if anyone has the means and will to do this, please let me know! academic fandom would, I suspect, be very interested in your findings.

Superman & Lex Luthor - How the man in the sky delivered Lex from fists and abominations

This scene always gets me.

Doomsday is ready to turn Lex into chowder, and suddenly out of nowhere, Kal steps in and stops the Kryptonian deformity.

He didn’t have to, especially after all that Lex did - after he almost sent Lois plummeting to her death, after what he did to Martha, after he asked him to kill the Batman just because Lex wanted him to.

But he did.

I’m excited about how Lex Luthor and Superman’s relationship turns from here, and I hope DC explores it in the Justice League films.

Will Lex be remorseful of his actions? Will he feel like he owes an incredible debt to the Man of Steel? If he does, will it drive him towards the light side?

I just want to see his inner conflict on the issue - a more nuanced, complex take on this iconic hero-villain pairing.

Couldn’t hold back, I just had to draw my two favorite pairs of twins. The Original and the new Mystery Twins! Best part is I can now draw all of them in peace without any conflict. Oh, how I wish I could see all four of them go off on some sort of adventure together. Ah, well… The end was open enough for interpretation, so who knows.

(Dipper, Mabel, Stanley, Stanford)~Alex Hirsch