i see aokaga


At that moment, what Kagami felt was no longer frustration or defeat. It was a pure feeling of respect. Because Aomine had reached the pinnacle as a basketball player.

I am obsessed with Kagami and Aomine grinding together on a dance floor. The people around them moving with the fast beat while they are too caught up with each other to even hear the music. Aomine’s arms go around Kagami’s waist as Kagami grinds back into Aomine’s hips. Kagami can hear Aomine moan right into his ear as he rolls his hips. I NEED AOMINE AND KAGAMI DANCING TOGETHER!!!


Let’s pray for Kuroko, who has the worst bestfriends in the world.

P.S. : Neither of us wanted to loose (and so take their arm off), eventually, Aomine had to go to Kagami’s flat. As Kagami couldn’t make food properly he asked Aomine to “fucking let go off him” and Aomine complied, bc, if Kagami had asked, that means that he had lost. (Ahomine >:O )