i see a pattern in which most are female

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U know what still bothers me about the penny dreadful finale is they turned Vanessa into a helpless damsel all the way to her grave. That gave into the darkness after fighting so damn hard, she just gives in? Why? Cos Ethan isn't there to stop her? She went to confirm Dracula she was angry, she was going to fight and then nothing. Same with Lilly, Frankenstein changes her by kidnapping her and Dorian helps not just that but kills her friend and she did nothing? Why? Because Frankenstein (1/2)

(2/2) helped her see her violence and anger was pointless? Idk, the show runners made these strong women all of a sudden dependent on the men when they weren’t before. Yes, Ethan helped Vanessa the first time but the rest was all her helping herself. So how do they justify it? Sorry, that made me angry, eneveryone had closure except Vanessa & Lilly. Even John had some kind of closure. They did them truly truly wrong. If she was gonna die all along why couldn’t she die fighting? :/

Hey, I completely understand your anger and i agree with you. But consider this, maybe the answer to all of your questions is because the show was written by a man. I know this may sound harsh but i always end up in the same exact conclusion which makes me really sad. 

You would say, 2016 male writers would know how to write female characters but i guess, in most cases, this is very difficult. Yes, in PD case they have created some powerful women (i was so happy seeing them!), women who can hold their own but at the final season we end up seeing a very familiar pattern. As powerful as a woman can be, as free in many ways as she wants to be, she will always have to be around men to save her, fix her, control her. Because the power, the independence, the freedom of the body and soul women want (you know the things most men have given!!) is something a man will never understand. 

Gothic literature** at its birth shows us exactly this. Women created by men are mostly naive, powerless, pure in body and soul. The “perfect woman” for a close-minded, mysogynist society. 

After Vanessa gave in to Dracula and into the dark side, i felt a bit betrayed mostly because i sat down and watched for 3 years a tortured woman who was only looking for salvation, a liberated, good soul who was ready to help everyone, being dragged into darkness so willingly and easy that’d made me question a lot things. Did her previous torments meant nothing? Did her momentarily reliefs from her pain made her forget her demons? Why after all the fighting she gave up so easily? Maybe the show had more levels that i am not aware of… Maybe her end was after all her happy ending…

Maybe the writers wanted yet an other tragic female figure to sacrifice. Τhe end aside for making me cry my eyes out, made me also very angry for many reasons. One of them was seeing a very testosteron-y funeral for Vanessa. Everyone was there, damaged from her lose, sure, but alive and yet Vanessa after all the struggle and the pain, she was lying there free (i suppose!) but dead. To me, season 3 seemed so rushed.. So rushed to end soo many potentials… Or maybe i have very high expectations from everything i invest on…

But in general and for me, Penny Dreadful had it all. It took major taboos from the human history and made them normal, it created so many beautiful characters and so many different roles. The darkness and the macabre, the sexuality and the romance, the science and the religion!!! It was such a promising show.

**  Now, i am not an expert on Gothic literature but let’s take this a few centuries back since i’ve mentioned that above. 

Women seem to always take a backseat when men receive the front role into a story. Women end up being the holy trophy, the tragic figure, the maiden, the dream, the virgin, the ideal, pure, untouched woman for the main character, for the man. We read classic gothic literature and we can somehow understand the times these pieces were written - at least at its earliest beginnings as a literature genre. Then as years go by, we read novels with more liberated women embracing their sexuality and then we understand that a literature genre can not stay still while centuries and ideas move forward. You know who created these women? Women writers.. That is why maybe a well written woman can only stand if she comes from a woman writer… But of course, that is only my opinion!! :)

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Hmmmm. I see that you like aurins. (Yeah, I just discovered your tumblr while searching for drakens. Flawless logic.) I would like to ask. Does it annoy anyone else than me that females aurins don't have pattern in their hair and fur like the males have ?! It's injust.

Not only that, but on their tails, skin patterns and ears are much better on males in general in my opinion. As I have drawn a lot of aurin girls by now, it’s getting really difficult that most of the people (including me) picked a close-to-human skin color, which has like zero variability. Sure the darkest brown skin have a few freckles, but that’s about it, while the males come with various patterns on several skin tones. This boils down that a lot of the toons look alike, and it’s a bit difficult to make them unique - especially on drawings if people aren’t customing their own, just keep them as “they look like on the screenshots”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone. We like similar stuff, and it’s only getting difficult when people get confused over who are we see on a fanart. Isn’t that right @fiskandfriends ? :))  But it’s pretty much the same on draken girls. I haven’t drawn a whole lot of exiles/cassians yet, but I can safely say I haven’t seen a toon with Viperine’s face yet (ingame anyway), which I’m kinda happy yet sad about?

I’d love to have those features that the aurin males have on females also, but I could say the same thing about most of the hairstyles. I have no idea how much effort it is to share them or if they would clip, but I mean most aurin female hair clips a lot in general so it wouldn’t make a huge difference (for me anyway). I remember that there were a lot of grumpy posts about a certain draken female hair which ended up on the exiles. Why can’t we just have them all on errything? :)

It would be lovely to have a custom slider for scars, makeup/tattoo or other skin/hair patterns, as well as hairstyles and colors in general (and tailbracer y/n). We had a discussion with @aviktorgrayblr and @lazyguu that we’d love to have braids or more ponytails in general, and I’d be throwing money at Carbine for adding scars/customizing mordesh tanks and implants for other races in general. Or like, proper sliders between body parts. I’m sure that the mechari owners wouldn’t mind some more customization; I mean Andro asked me to make him a mechari male, and like, what exactly can you custom on their face to make it look really different from each other? You may argue of course, this is how I felt when I was sitting there and tried to make some ‘unique’ look but I just ended up facepalming.

I put my hand on my heart, and I must confess I’m really not a big fan of catgirls. It just.. Happened that I made one. In beta I decided that I want an esper, but I also decided that I want a human spellslinger. Since I didn’t wanted to make two humans, and the only other option was an aurin, well I had to go with that (we decided on exile side because of reasons). Of course the design really grew on me, the animation is just superb, and I love my girl to pieces, but it still doesn’t mean that I’m fangirl screaming over aurins. The ambivalent feelings I have are a bit hard to describe, because I love them just as much as I hate the catgirl cliché.

Long post is long, so here’s a real quicky if you came for the art:
Want those braids.

It’s odd that for how related the transmasculine community and lesbian communities are, with how many members of the transmasculine community used to consider themselves lesbian… just how bad the transmasculine community can be about lesbians sometimes? 

It’s a lot more low key than some issues, but there is such a large stigma in the community about being seen “as a lesbian”. It seems the community wants to distance it’self as much as possible from that history, often to a point of denying it’s own comforts. 

For example Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide, nothing against it personally it was a useful resource to me starting out as well, is very very focused on “not being seen as a lesbian” in it’s clothing and hairstyle sections. Not “being seen as a woman” not “misgendered” but specifically “not being seen as a lesbian”. For example I know that guide specifically states, and i’ve seen the statement repeated many places, not to wear plaid because people might think you’re a lesbian. Plaid in fact does a great job of flattening the chest and adding the right contours if your wearing a mens shirt, that fits you well of course, and is a great addition to most wardrobes. Heaven forbid though that if someone sees that you are female, in which case your passing cover is already blown, they will assume you are lesbian which makes this pattern off limits.

Guys wear what you want, and if something helps you pass don’t worry about if it’s going to make you look like a lesbian when you don’t pass. Wear what works for you and what you like, or if your like me wear a mix of what you like with what will help you pass for sanity’s sake. 

Please please please take the time to examine why you may feel the way you do about being “seen as a lesbian” beyond basic misgendering, because the focus in the community on that specifically, I think, speaks to a deeper issue a lot of us are ignoring right now.

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if you don't like lizzy you should read the ship arc in the manga because i guarantee you will love her after that. the anime didn't really develop her well so she's disliked because people don't know her.

Ah darling believe me I have read the many a many,many,many times. And I am terribly sorry but her character is not to my liking.you guys might think that what she is very noble and so on,that she is doing the right thing but not in my eyes. She is pushing too much into,is oblivious, pretty much selfish since she wants the old Ciel back witouth even trying to understand the one having now before her. She is very impulsive and is hiding her true self,yes she is doing it for Ciel-to get the lil naive boy back who found her cute and smiled a lot….I mean here is once again her wish,her desire—-she wants old Ciel so she throws herself onto him and suffocates him ,she wants him to find her cute so she plays an innocent baby, right in the Campania arc she refuses to get her dress off when for gods sake she could have acted more mature and push through to save herself AND Ciel….what she does?she pretends again.
I know that as a girl or woman you had it hard in Victorian time,believe me I do,I made so much research on this that my head hurt.but that again, her mother is a strong woman and shows it with pride,while she still lives in her dream world of her Ciel.She is strong both mentally and physicaly but omg she …she is 14 I know and therefore does not know many things but she is downright forcing it all on Ciel instead to listen and it pisses me off so immensly. Yes she can use swords….wow…a shocker. Is am sorry but did you notice that all more important women in Kuro have two faces????
Madam red - lovely aunt that went through hell but is so damn amazing,she is my favorite female here, BUT she is a murderer and can do things with her little knives.

Frances - another aunt who is fierce,brave and can handle swords,guns……BUT is a woman with a broken heart since she has to watch her daughter suffer.she had to give her only baby girl to the Queens Watchdog.she had to train Lizzy into a sword mastering machine because she knows that with Ciel her life will be in danger 24/7 .have you people ever thought of that???
Lizzy DESERVES BETTER, Ciel loves her…as family and the last little human he has from is warm past,but he is a danger for her and already now makes her sad.

Then we have Mey-Rin - a clumsy maid ,who actually can shoot you from a distance of god knows how many meters - again two sides of her and again ONE IS HIDDEN

I know many hate the anime but - Angela was the same,a little scared and loving maid who is actually quite a strong angel and can slice you up.
Same for Hannah - a timid and obedient maid who is a damn demon that holds more weapons than your whole country.
And Ran Mao - silent,pretty girl that seems shy…but oh boy once she gets her weapon out you are going down.
Beast as well - a broken girl wishing for love, but can starngle you with just flick of her wrist and whip.

I just mean I was so not surprised that Lizzy went ‘bad ass’ ,not with Frances as her mother. There are so many other things but the females in Kuro all then out to be masters in sword art,with weapons,or are a bit psychotic. Yana has a pattern here,kinda…..and I dont like hate Lizzy but all her cuteness and smiles are so…fake to me. Maybe because she reminds me of my ex-best friend that honestly fucked me up a bit, and you can’t forget that Ciel most likely has a mental disorder? and srsly needs some space and quiet as well. Lizzy needs to start see behind her own selfish desires and finally get a grip on reality which is not nice. I really would love to see her happy,she just won’t be with Ciel and all this shit happening around you know.

So yes I do not hate Lizzy I just find her character as ‘not to my liking’ and she irks me ._. I’m really story but that is just how I feel ._.


This is A LOT longer than I thought it would be. Whoops.

I think one of the most upsetting things about this love triangle is that someone managed to get between Fitz and Jemma.

They’ve been built up as two halves of the same whole right from the beginning. While circumstances could certainly come between them and pull them apart, we were shown time and again that nothing is more important to either of them than each other. No one could even hope to compare to that.

Then they made someone, Will, come between them, and I don’t know about you but I find that very upsetting. Although I’m sure we ALL know that if it came down to Jemma making a decision, she would choose Fitz, but the problem is in the fact that she didn’t know who to choose.

Jemma even said that she’s going to hurt someone she cares about no matter what her decision is. What I find upsetting about that is that Will was even comparable to Fitz. Will and Jemma knew each other for about six months and were only romantically involved for about a month and a half of that. Until her phone stopped functioning she showed almost no romantic interest in him.

She knew Fitz for almost a decade and frequently described him as the most important person in her life. Through those phone messages we learned how she felt about him and what she wanted for the future. She couldn’t imagine a future without Fitz.

And yet, a month and a half long romance with Will on a hopeless planet somehow compared to that? It compared so much that she wasn’t sure who she wanted to be with?

That really bothers me. Now before some of you throw a fit, I’m not blaming Jemma. Seriously, go back and check out my posts, I’ve probably defended her more than most. I’ve gone into insane detail explaining why Jemma fell for Will.

But understanding it doesn’t make it suck any less. For however brief it was, Will was treated as an equal in Jemma’s heart alongside Fitz. As I’ve mentioned before, she had to give up any and all hope of ever having Fitz in her life to make that happen, but that doesn’t change the facts, it only gives them clarity.

This hits particularly hard because no one can compare to Jemma in Fitz’s heart. Not only have the writers not allowed anyone to compare to Jemma, a lot of this fandom flat out hate even the idea of that happening, of Fitz getting another love interest, but are also perfectly fine that Jemma got one. It’s incredibly hypocritical.

This represents the most significant imbalance in their relationship. It’s luckily not that difficult to fix and you don’t even need to give Fitz a new love interest. If the writers spent 3b with Jemma fighting for Fitz, not out of some obligation but because she genuinely wants to show him how she feels, then THAT would fix the problem.

It’s an easy and VERY effective fix…I just have serious doubts it will happen. I have a good reason: It almost never does.

The current state of television writing has, for some peculiar reason, become entirely centered on the man. Think of how often you’ve seen a female character in a ship have to fight to be with the man she wants in the last five years or so. How often do you see a love triangle that involves two women and one man? How often do you see a woman pining for the man?

Pretty much, how often do you see a female character do even half of the things to be with the one they love that Fitz is doing for Jemma? It’s shockingly rare. Male characters, for the most part, have become love interests that are merely sitting around, watching the woman they love be with other people until she finally chooses him, at which point he takes her IMMEDIATELY because he’s just oh so happy she finally noticed him.

Over the last five years at least, I can say that almost every single ship follows that pattern. Which is what makes me concerned about FitzSimmons. Is Fitz just going to sit around, waiting for Jemma to get over Will and finally choose him? Are the writers going to attempt to fix the imbalance between the characters?

The simple fact of the matter is that it’s FAR more likely they won’t, simply because television writers these days show very little interest in even attempting to do so. They could surprise us, but 2015 was a year of disappointments for me in that regard, where instances of the man being treated with far less respect than the woman in the ship being worse than ever.

Couple of examples: Castle and Reign.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the matter. They made Will seem like he was equal to Fitz in Jemma’s heart, and if they want to make this ship feel a lot more even, they need to take steps in 3b to show that he wasn’t.