i see a new ship on the horizon

Long Years Past

“Go on Alexander. Go start a new life, I will pray that I join you soon in America. I love you,” you told your little brother as you wrapped him in a giant hug.

You were sending your little brother to start a better life. He couldn’t stay here, he would be better off in America.

“Why can’t you come with? I need you to stay with me!” Alexander cried as he hugged you back.

You choked back a sob.

“Alexander listen to me. You will do great things in America. Maybe one day I will be able to join me, but for now you need to start your new life. Make me proud Alex. I love you.”

You pushed him away from you, forcing him to get on the ship.

“I love you too! I will write back, I promise!” He cried to you, tears still streaming down his face.

The two of you waved to one another, and you watched the ship sail away until your brother was just a speck in the horizon.

Tears streamed down your face, knowing that there was a great chance that you would never see his face again.


My Dearest Brother,

I am very excited to say that I too have started some of a new life here back in your old home.

I have just gotten married, to our old friend Nathan. We have started a new business together, and I believe that we will be happy together.

This shall be a good life.

How have you been faring brother? I think of you constantly. I hope that you too will settle down.

I miss you greatly, and never forget that I love you.

Please keep in touch.


Your sister Y/N


My dear sister,

I must send my congratulations to you. I know that Nathan will take great care of you.

I too will be settling down here soon. I have met a wonderful women named Eliza Schuyler. I believe that the two of you would get along very well.

I have also been appointed as the right hand man under General Washington. This is the new life that I will start to make for myself. I should thank you.

I miss you very much as well my dearest sister. I will continue to work hard and make you proud of me. And I shall hopefully be able to send for you, at least for a visit.

With all love,

Your brother Alexander


Alexander walked down the pier, thinking about how he could get his plan through congress.

He stopped to watch a group of people get off of an incoming ship, one that was coming from the Caribbean.

He thought back to his sister, the one that he lost contact with years ago. He wondered how she was doing now, if she and her husband had started a family like he and Eliza had.

All of the sudden he noticed a young women getting off of the ship, a young woman that looked scarily similar to his older sister.

He made his way over to her, fighting against the crowd and grabbing her wrist.


She turned back to him, and he noticed that her eyes were different from his sister’s.

It was not Y/N.

“I’m sorry. Y/N was my mother’s name,” the young woman stated. “You wouldn’t happen to be Alexander Hamilton would you?”

He nodded.

“And you are?” He asked.

“I am Y/N’s daughter. My name is Rachel, after my grandmother, your mom. It is great to meet you Uncle.”



“About three years ago. She passed in her sleep, I don’t think that she was in a lot of pain. She spoke of you often. I knew that she always wanted to come here and see you, let you meet me. My father wished that he could have helped her, but we didn’t have enough money.”

Alexander put his face in his hands, soaking everything in. His darling sister was dead, gone from this world.

“My father died a little while ago, so I thought that now was the time to come and track you down,” his niece said.

“Well it is great to see you and meet you. I alway wondered if she started a family. I regret not keeping in contact with her. Will you stay with me and my family?”

“I would be honored. And I also have this for you. She wrote you one last letter before she passed on, but she never sent it. And I think that you would like to know that she was happy before she died. She had a good life.”

Rachel held out a letter to him and then left the room, leaving him in peace.


My dearest brother,

I know that we have lost contact, and that you may never read this letter, but I want to pour my heart out to you.

Nathan and I have started a family, we have a daughter named after our dear mother.

I have missed you greatly.

But know that I am always proud of you. And I will alway love you.

Keep fighting for what you believe in, I know that you can change the world.

All my love,



Confessions (Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader)

Prompt: “ Could you do an Obi-Wan imagine where you and Obi-Wan go on a mission together and you get injured and you think you’re dying so you tell Obi-Wan that you love him and when you wake up in the hospital you two get together ?? Thanks :)”


You stepped onto the shuttle, adjusting the small pack on your shoulders and smiling at the Jedi you’d been partnered with on your mission.

“Master Kenobi,” you grinned, startling him from the data pad he’d been reading.

He looked up and immediately smiled upon seeing your face. “Master (Y/L/N),” he greeted, “I didn’t know I’d have the pleasure of working with you.”

Your heart fluttered from just the sound of his voice, and you sat down next to him, trying to conceal your blush. “Likewise. I’m very pleased that we were paired together,” you replied.

He grinned and shifted in his seat to face you fully. “I suppose we’d better go over the details of this mission,” he said, angling the data pad towards you. “We don’t want a repeat of the last debacle we were assigned to.”

“No, of course not,” you chuckled. “I don’t want to have to save your skin again.”

“As I remembered it,” he responded, “it was I that saved you the last time.”

“Hm. I suppose we remember our last assignment very differently, then,” you smirked.

He chuckled and bowed his head, starting to discuss with you the plan of attack against the Separatists.


“(Y/N), look out!”

You ducked, narrowly avoiding the debris that went flying past where your head had just been. You looked over to Obi-Wan, nodding your gratitude as you took out another droid. You both had been fighting for about an hour straight, and you could feel your limbs start to grow tired, your reflexes slowing down.

Shakily, you threw yourself behind a large boulder for some cover, just barely escaping a barrage of blasts from the advancing army.

Obi-Wan threw himself onto the ground next to you, sweat covering his brow and hair falling into his eyes. Despite his haggard appearance, though, you still thought that he was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. The desire to confess your feelings for him swelled up within you, but you suppressed it, knowing that now wasn’t the time and that he’d never return such emotions.

“Are you alright?” he asked, bringing your mind back to the battle.

You nodded shakily, trying to catch your breath. “Never better.”

He smiled and rested his hand on your shoulder. “Reinforcements are coming soon, my friend,” he assured you. With a quirk of his brow, he bowed his head closer to you. “Think you can keep up with me until then?”

Mischief flickered behind your eyes, and you allowed him to pull you back up to your feet. “I think I’ll manage it somehow, old man,” you laughed, stepping back out into the fray.

He chuckled and ran after you, immediately swinging his saber to deflect the attacks of the droids. “I’m only a few years older than you,” he called out indignantly.

You just laughed as you took down wave after wave of enemy troops, finding new energy within yourself after talking to the man you loved.

Quickly, though, you were reminded of your fatigue, and you were silently counting the minutes until reinforcements would come. Just as you could see their ships approaching from the horizon, though, you felt a sharp pain in your abdomen, and you cried out, falling to the ground.


Obi-Wan watched in horror as you were shot, and he fought his way over to where your crumpled form lay bleeding.

“No, no, no, no,” he picked you up as gently as he could, carrying you back to the boulder and kneeling down, cradling you to his chest. “Stay with me, (Y/N),” he begged, moving some of your hair away from your face.

All you could feel was the intense pain in your side, and black dots lingered at the corners of your vision. You knew it was only a matter of time before you bled out. There was a distant ringing in your ears, and your head was feeling increasingly light.

“Obi-Wan,” you whimpered, leaning your head against his chest. The only thought that your addled mind could hold onto was, You have to tell him. You can’t die with him not knowing.

“(Y/N),” he whispered, “Come on. Stay with me. Keep your eyes on mine, alright?”

“I’m so tired…”

“You can’t sleep, love. Stay with-”

“No,” you croaked. “I’m tired…of hiding…how much I love you.”

He pulled back for a second, disbelief flooding his features. “(Y/N)…”

You smiled and gathered just enough strength to raise your hand to his face. “I love you, Obi-Wan,” you sighed, closing your eyes. “I’m glad yours is the last face…I’ll ever…”

You drifted off, the ringing in your ears so loud that you almost couldn’t hear him screaming your name.


You woke up to a bright light and the sound of beeping. Groaning, you tried to open your eyes but only ended up wincing in pain, not used to the brightness of the room.

You heard someone murmur your name, and you tried to sit up.

“No, don’t do that.” Hands gently pushed your shoulders back down, and you gasped at the pain that flared up in your side as you moved.

You lay back, trying to control your panic as your memories came flooding back to you. You’d been shot, you remembered. You’d thought that you were a gonner, and yet here you were. Wherever “here” was…

Once more, you tried opening your eyes, and you squinted as the sight of Obi-Wan crouching over your bed became clearer to you.

“Hello,” he smiled softly, one of his hands still resting on your shoulder. His thumb was absentmindedly drawing circles into the skin there, and you couldn’t help but smile weakly. So you had died, after all.

“It figures that heaven would look like you,” you whispered, weakly reaching for his other hand. You found it and grasped it as hard as you could in your current state. “I didn’t think it would hurt so much, though…”

His eyebrows drew together in confusion, and he shook his head. “What? No. No, dear, you’re not in…” He took a seat in the chair next to your bed, clasping your hand in both of his. “You’re in a hospital back on Coruscant.”

You looked around the room in confusion, realizing that you were, in fact, on a gorney, the beeping you heard coming from a heart monitor next to you.

After a moment, you turned back to Obi-Wan, and the last time you two had spoken came rushing back to you. Blushing, you turned to look at the ceiling.

“Oh,” was all you could say. With horror, you realized that you’d just called his face heaven on top of confessing your feelings for him, and you squeezed your eyes shut in embarrassment. “Oh.”

He let go of your hand, letting it rest on the bed. “You’ve been asleep for five days now,” he explained. Your head whipped around to look at him in disbelief, and he smiled sadly. “You almost died,” he muttered, looking down at his hands.

“Oh,” you said yet again. You both sat in awkward silence for a while until he spoke up again.

“Was what you said to me true?” he asked, leaning forward hesitantly.

You sighed and nodded, biting your lip. “Yes,” you finally answered, “It’s true. I’m sorry, Obi-Wan. I just… I thought I was dying, and I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving you behind without you knowing. I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore.”

He chuckled and shook his head, grabbing your chin with one hand and tilting your face to him. “Darling, the only regret I have about what you said is that you didn’t tell me sooner,” he proclaimed. You stared up at him in shock, your eyes wide and your mouth falling open.

“I… I don’t understand,” you breathed.

He leaned forward, lips so close to yours that you could feel his breath. “I love you, too, (Y/N),” he confessed. You let out a shaky breath, and after a moment’s hesitation, he pressed his lips to yours softly, moving the hand on your chin to cup the back of your head.

You hummed against him and tried to lean closer, but you pulled away as your wound stung in protest to the movement. You both sat there, panting and watching the other.

“I’m sorry,” he smiled, looking from your face to your blanket-covered stomach. “You shouldn’t be doing this right now. You should focus on healing.”

He moved to stand up, but you stopped him quickly. “Wait! Please,” you pleaded, looking up at him. “Please stay.”

His eyes softened, and he nodded, sitting back down. “Alright, love, I’ll stay,” he promised. “I’ll be right here.”

You felt your eyelids growing heavy despite all the sleep that you’d had, but you smiled regardless. “Promise you’ll be here when I wake up?”

He chuckled and kissed your forehead quickly. “I promise. Now get some rest.”

You let your eyes shut at that, and you soon drifted off to a peaceful slumber filled with dreams of him.


“Commander? This is an unexpected surprise. What can I do for you?” Anderson’s words and tone were cordial, but his eyes were keen. He was vigilant as one might expect of any highly-trained and seasoned soldier. He observed the incoming officer closely. It wasn’t the first time that someone had walked into a human representative’s office with intent to punch someone in the face, after all.

“Sir,” Kaidan responded, noticing the Councillor’s wariness and coming to an abrupt stop. Offering a salute and standing stiffly as rage coursed through his body.

“At ease.” Anderson motioned in the direction of a pair of chairs. “Have a seat. Clearly there’s something on your mind.”

Kaidan didn’t budge. Now that he was in Anderson’s presence, a thousand questions, accusations, and insults flooded his mind all at once, but none managed to surface at his lips. He could feel the heat rising to his face however, and it clearly hadn’t gone unnoticed by his colleague.

“I read your report about Horizon. Despite the losses there, the intel gathered from you and the survivors will be valuable in preventing further trouble for human colonies in the Terminus Systems.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kaidan hated how his voice wavered with the quiet question.

Anderson evaluated him for a moment, his proud stance faltering only when he let out a heavy sigh. “I hope you understand that I had to keep information on Shepard classified until I could verify what was going on. People don’t usually just come back from the dead.”

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I love how the inner circle and all of our ships are US. Think about it:

Amren: That weird part of you. The Freak. The individual, flying solo in the sea of normal people. When you feel different. When you feel misunderstood. When you’re erased. The part you run away from and cling to in equal measure. What makes you different. What makes you special.

Elain/Lucien: The part of you that sees beauty in the world. The you that clings to idealism and happiness. The you that takes time to look at sunsets and nature, at smiles and laughter, friends and family, and just think, “Wow, look what God has given me.” The part of you that is at peace with the world.

Nesta/Cassian: The angry you. The emotional you. The you that has rage and is constantly fighting. It’s the bad days. It’s the hard days, the days that make life feel worthless to the point that you want to throw your hands up and cry until you’re drunk with defeat. It’s the you covered hopelessly in scars.

Mor/Azriel: The part of you that always hopes, that never stops praying for something more. The part that doesn’t give up, keeps on fighting. Unrelenting, devoted to yourself, to whatever you believe in or want. The prayer in the church. The comfort in the night. The reason to fight tooth and nail until you feel better. The idea that maybe everything will be alright.

Feyre/Rhys: They’re every dream you’ve ever had, every bright-eyed morning seeing a new dawn on the horizon. They’re the sky’s the limit, the joy, the heartbeat you’re grateful to feel. They’re the part of you that feels like life is good for no reason, that soars at a good song on the radio or when you can’t stop dancing even though everyone is watching. They are your life’s salvations, your reasons for living and loving.

You see, I’ve never been a reader to obsess over side characters/ships, but the inner circle has been different for me and I see that it’s different for the fandom too. And I sense that it’s because we see the different pieces of ourselves in them and we’re so drawn to that because for once, our entire being is on the page regardless of how unique our individual personalities are in reality from one another. Each of these characters - Amren, Nesta, Cass, Elain, Lucien, Mor, Az, Feyre, & Rhys - represents a specific portion of what it means to be human and when you add them all together, you get YOU. I think that’s a pretty beautiful thing Sarah did for us.


I present to you the kylux whaler au that exactly 0 of you asked for. If I am lucky it will entertain more than myself. 

1826, New Bedford. Johnathan Snoke’s First Fisheries are on the cusp of dominating the whaling trade. Benjamin “Renegade” Solo (”I hate that name. Call me Ren.”) is the relentless force in Snoke’s infinite fleet, leading them to deeper and richer seas. From the helm at port William Huxley (”That’s my father’s name. Call me Hux”) charts new hunting routes and oversees the buying and selling of their wares. When word of returning ships reaches him he is often found upon the widow’s walk, his trained eye on the horizon, and when sails appear on the waves he can be found at the docks, steadfast as the pier itself. His reunion with whaler Ren is fleeting; it is rare to see either of them milling about town for a good week after returning to port. If you are unlucky enough to spot either outside the safety of their warehouse on Main Street be sure to not comment on Hux’s stiff gait or the wobble in Ren’s step, or else be prepared to be on assignment in Antarctica for the next four years hunting penguins. 

Inspiration from a feverish thought process some three weeks ago. I’d apologize for this hot mess but I’ve been frustrated with my art so it was time to get self indulgent, and I’m damn proud of the results. I am something of an old whaling nerd so if you have questions I will answer them with worrying enthusiasm. 

(Also this is 10000% a long haul setup excuse to draw these two set to “Lowlands Away”)

ashtheechidna  asked:

Out I yonder, there was a girl who was in a little space ship looking around to explore a new planet.

A small, dark looking planet was in the horizon, it seemed mostly an earthy terrain so it would be easier to land on. You could see from the distance their spaceship that there were a few green patches dotted around the planet, suggesting jungles.

There’s a whole new big bad coming. The adversaries are going to be different. And the love triangles, and relationships, and ships are going to be all different… I know it’s annoying but you have to wait and see!! […] I don’t know yet too much about what’s going on with Morrell, but I’m sure it’ll be great - I mean every season I’ve loved where she’s gone so.
—  Teen Wolf Star Bianca Lawson Previews New Season 4 Villain & Love Triangles on the Horizon (x)
Meanwhile on the Sciles

“Captain! Captain!”

“What is it, boatswain?”

“Ship ahoy, captain!”

They hurried to the quarterdeck and looked at the horizon through their spyglasses.

“It is still far behind us, boatswain.”

“But it is making good speed, captain.”

“Aye,” agreed the captain, “It appears to be a brand new ship, must have left the wharf recently. Can you see the colours, boatswain?”

“Hard to tell from this distance, captain, but it I think it’s the Sceo.”

“The Sceo? Sounds like another competitor.”

“What are we going to do, captain?”

“There is not much we can do at this moment. But fret not, boatswain, this ship has sailed through many canon storms and fought off the Sterek pirates and we are still here.”

“But what about the rumours, captain? The Scisaac and the Scanny have disappeared from these seas and nobody knows what happened to them. Now I think of it, we have heard no news from the Scerek in a while, either. What if our ship is next?“

“This is the Sciles’ fifth expedition, boatswain. This ship does not go down easily.”

“If only it sailed any faster,” muttered the boatswain under his breath.

“What’s that, boatswain?”

“Nothing, captain.”

“I know what you are thinking. Sure, we have been overtaken by other ships, like the Scallison and the Scira, but mark my words: this ship will get there.”

“Aye, aye, captain.”