i secretly wish that this was behind the scenes

It Always Baffles Me

when people say they didn’t feel any chemistry between Barry and Iris until they kissed. Are we watching the same show?? Did ya’ll not see the UST on the Jitters rooftop between Iris and The Flash in episode 1x05? The way the sparks flew the first time Iris and the Streak were face-to-face. The way Barry cleaned up the cafe to show off and impress her. The way he winked at her smoothly before giving her a head start in their little race. THE WAY HIS BROAD-SHOULDERED SELF  STOOD BEHIND HER WITH HER BACK TO HIM AND SHE WAS BREATHING HEAVILY LIKE THE TENSION WAS SO REAL I COULD CUT IT WITH A KNIFE. 

I straight-up wanted her to turn around and kiss him tbh. I secretly wish we got to see more Iris and The Flash scenes before she found out it was Barry. For the length of time they took to finally reveal The Flash’s identity, we deserved more of this.