i secretly ship it too


Two very different kind of evil.

Imagine the paladins are given an award for defending the universe, and when Pidge is walking to receive her her award Lance starts playing on some speakers That’s My Girl From Fifth Harmony yelling “THAT’S MY WIFE!!!!!!” “LOOK AT HER AND HER BAD SELF!!!!!” “DRAG EM HONEY!!!”. While Pidge is just dying from embarrassment but is secretly happy and yells “I love you too Lance!”

Jikook be like:

Jk: hyung we should arm wrestle ((:
Jm: yes i will arm wrestle u so hard u can’t see straight
Jk: i will arm wrestle you until u forget ur name
Jm: let’s do it right on that table
* deep stares *
Rest of bangtan: ……guys we’re on camera……??

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Hello, I'm Christian. May I have Marvel/OUAT/Supernatural ships? I'm 5'4, pansexual, and a nonbinary pal. I have short brown hair that's under my chin, but I want to get it cut shorter, kinda boy-like, and blue-grey eyes behind white framed glasses. I like to threaten and plan to fight people who hurt my friends. I hate crying in front of people, unless it's at the movies. I will never admit that I'm a huge cuddler, it helps that I'm kinda chunky so that I can warm cuddlee. Thank you! Bye!

Hello, Christian! Welcome to my little corner of Tumblr! 

I ship you with:

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Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow! Natasha is the one person you feel comfortable crying in front of. She just has this very calming presence when she’s not in “Black Widow” mode or at a party. Like you, Natasha is secretly a huge cuddler too! She absolutely loves it! 

I ship you with:

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Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket! Archie is the one that helps keep your temper in check. While he doesn’t like to see his friends hurt, he doesn’t like for you to give into your “darkness”. He helps to calm you down. If you feel the need to cry with Archie, go ahead. He would never judge you for letting your feelings come out. 

I ship you with:

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Crowley! Secret cuddlers of the world unite(this is my biggest headcanon for Crowley)! Crowley is very uncomfortable around emotion so it doesn’t bother him if you cry or don’t. He admires your scrappy attitude and that you’re willing to defend others. 

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Hi! It's the anon from before who asked you those GinHiji questions! Thank you so much for answering, and reading it just made me realize how awesome it'd be to listen to you rant for paragraphs on end on why Hijikata and Gintoki are so perfect together because the PASSION in your reply -- was friggin' beautiful. So thank you very much for answering... and if you ever feel like it, just write a loooong rant on the best pairing (GINHIJI) out there. I'd definately read it. :P

Hello! I’m sorry for taking my time on this one, but I really wanted to wait until I was in the right mood to give you the answer you deserved and since I’m being a sentimental piece of shit today, THE TIME HAS COME! So, gather around //cracks knuckles// and listen to me rant //sips drink// about my OTP. 

GinHiji isn’t just a pairing to me. And that has a lot to do with Lavi, but it’s the same for on my own. When it comes down to it, I really just love these characters to the very depths of my soul. I hear songs on the radio and I think of them, I write about them all the goddamn time, I can’t really seem to stop, and the influx of things that come to me on the daily is both profound and pretty amazing. They inspire me and I guess that’s a backhanded way of saying Sorachi does — WHICH OF COURSE HE DOES HE’S GORI-SAN ASIUDIFOJ;ASKLDFA. 

I love the dynamics of their characters in the anime and manga, how they’re portrayed, you know? It’s so subtle, but so there in your face that it’s impossible to miss. No one can tell me that they aren’t canon and it’s not even that I’m some deluded fangirl making my favorite characters gay because they’re hot and I want them to go at it like rabid bunnies. They’ve got some serious chemistry and I swear Sorachi secretly ships them, I’m convinced! There’s just too much going on with them!  

I mean, how many people can say their OTP danced together, complete with a rose, in canon?

And have you noticed how no matter what scene they’re in together, they ALWAYS end up next to each other? Or touching each other in some way? Or touching each other when there’s no expressed reason to do so? Or getting really up close and personal with each other all the time? 

Because I sure as hell have.

And let’s not forget this absolute gem from the manga, look at where Gintoki’s left hand is:

And the cherry blossoms episode ((125 for those of you who are unfamiliar)) was packed so full of GinHiji moments I got whiplash! I literally wheeze through most of that episode because their interactions are just golden and look at all this stuff! 

Pouring each other drinks:

Oh, hello, let’s just have them get right up close for no reason and blush for the obvious reason:

And then later look over their shoulders at each other in a silent salute to one another before taking a shot:

All of it ending in a way that just makes you think Gintoki woke up, saw Hijikata, pulled his drunk ass down, and stumbled them to a love hotel to finish the night right:

And don’t even get me started on episode 48 where all they did was stalk each other and keep running into each other and get sorta freaky in the bathhouse together. Just do not. I’ll never shut up. This post is already pretty long EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN’T TOUCHED ON A LOT OF THE THINGS I WANT TO SAY ASIUDFH;AIJSLDF SO I’LL JUST WRAP IT UP WITH A LOT OF CAPS BECAUSE THESE TWO ARE REALLY JUST MADE FOR EACH OTHER, OKAY? THEY COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER AND WHEN THEY FIGHT TOGETHER HOLY SHIT LOOK OUT

It’s really sort of hard to put into words just how much I love these two. Not just as a pairing, but as individuals. They’ve been through so much shit and can commiserate with each other for it while remaining strong on their own and becoming stronger when they’re together. They offset each other perfectly, Gintoki with his ‘laziness’ and Hijikata with his rigid and strict work ethic. Similarly, Hijikata being much more serious while Gintoki offsets that with his ‘goofball’ demeanor. They come full circle for me. Each interaction has this underpinning of tension, which is something I try and emulate with my writing. There’s just something always there, right there under the surface, and it’s right in your face if you just watch/read the parts they’re in together. 

So, there, a rant to scratch the surface on my feelings for GinHiji pffff I hope you enjoyed and that this was something of what you were looking for!

My brother is the die hard, gore loving Walking Dead fan. The rest of my family has had to hear about all my TD theories for months now. I told everyone, except my brother because of all people I knew he wouldn’t understand. He’s read all the comics, was watching the show way before me, so I thought I would only be ridiculed.
But yesterday after the Beth figure coming out I was so high on hope I didn’t care anymore and I (casually) told him all about how I think beth is still alive….

And he AGREED!!! :D
We talked all about Andreas scars, surviving gunshot wounds, where is Beth’s body, He even added a few ideas!!

Ps I secretly think he ships Bethyl too!

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“ don’t hide from me ” from eva

//    @shatteredlie    //     some meme from somewhere

            THAT  was the exact problem.  it was impossible to hide away from her.  no matter whether she would try to distance herself from eva, it remained reckless to even think that she could get away with just  ‘ needing time to think about things ’.  because  TIME,  she had, but not when she had to face her friend every day at school.  she couldn’t just ignore things.  

                    “ i’m not hiding. ”  — ja.  ja, noora, you’re hiding.  and she knew it wouldn’t end up well if she continued doing so. she’d been though this before, a few years ago — felt like yesterday.  HIDING,  it was one of her specialities.  sometimes it was just so much easier to fade into the background and not have to worry about the important things like —- having a life.  but she couldn’t hide now — nei, not now, not in front of eva.  the girl could read RIGHT through her.  she could see right past those sad eyes covered by a joyful smile — she could see right inside.  noora couldn’t deny it — she shouldn’t, even. 

             FEELINGS not one of her specialities.  maybe because she thought that if they were ever to be explored, she would probably be the one ending up with a broken heart. 
                         “ i just don’t know what this is. ”  what  THEY,  were.  if this was just some temporary game, or if there was actually something happening between them.  she didn’t even know if she  WANTED  something to happen — if she wanted to get that emotionally invested in something that could cultivate such strong power that it could  BREAK  her.