i secretly ship it too


Two very different kind of evil.

Jikook be like:

Jk: hyung we should arm wrestle ((:
Jm: yes i will arm wrestle u so hard u can’t see straight
Jk: i will arm wrestle you until u forget ur name
Jm: let’s do it right on that table
* deep stares *
Rest of bangtan: ……guys we’re on camera……??


guess who still has Kuga x Nayuki feelings


talking about the children

treflev  asked:

HC that England is the one who gave the "dye hair to be different from my family" idea to Ladonia


i never thought his hair could be dyed? like… how didn’t i find it weird that a nordic has such sparkly fab orange hair LMAO

but ye/ headcannon accepted bcs iggy is that exact type. but what if he only said it as a joke, ladonia took it serious and at first he was like “*facepalm* stupid brat” but when he sees him he’s like “oooOOOOOOO”

and sweded was freaking terrified. who are you and what have you done with my lil bro

aaaaaand idk why but? i think that kug helped him dye his hair?

and wy would constantly say snarky and salty shit about his hair because she was used to him being blonde and now she’s like ?? why the fuck?? but she secretly loves it. idk i really ship ladwy and now i went too far with this headcanon because i love it as well

My brother is the die hard, gore loving Walking Dead fan. The rest of my family has had to hear about all my TD theories for months now. I told everyone, except my brother because of all people I knew he wouldn’t understand. He’s read all the comics, was watching the show way before me, so I thought I would only be ridiculed.
But yesterday after the Beth figure coming out I was so high on hope I didn’t care anymore and I (casually) told him all about how I think beth is still alive….

And he AGREED!!! :D
We talked all about Andreas scars, surviving gunshot wounds, where is Beth’s body, He even added a few ideas!!

Ps I secretly think he ships Bethyl too!