i secretly hope you and your girlfriend break up


This is purely fiction. I have no idea the relationship between Selena and her parents. It just came to mind and i wanted to write it down. Let me know what you think! 


‘Hey baby’ Justin said walking through his girlfriends house to find her outside on the porch. She sat on the steps with the phone in her hands, gazing into the distance without even realizing her boyfriends presence ‘Selena?’ She snapped her head towards Justin to meet his concerned eyes.

‘Hey babe’ she mumbled, standing up to hug him before pressing their lips together softly.

‘Is everything okay?’ He whispered, Mandy had let the teenager in, informing him Selena had been on the phone to her father who had called just ten minutes before Justin arrived.

The young women sighed before shaking her head. Justin laced her fingers through his own before pulling her over to the hammock and sitting down, pulling her close to him ‘what’s on your mind pretty girl?’

‘My dad called, he’s getting married.’ She said quietly as Justin kissed her temple. He knew Selena wasn’t a fan of his fathers girlfriend and secretly hoped they’d break up.

‘I’m sorry’ he whispered as she shook her head.

‘I’m just annoyed whenever she’s around I come second to her son.’ His girlfriend had a son from a previous marriage  who Ricardo favourited over his own daughter. ‘I know my dad always wanted a boy and I guess now he finally has one, what does he need me for.’

‘Baby you know he loves you right?’ She nodded but didn’t look at him ‘I don’t know why he does this, maybe he feels threatened because you have Brian so don’t need him in his eyes. It’s stupid but it’s not your fault.’ He tried to reason. He didn’t really know how to make this better.

‘Do you know what’s worse? The date of their wedding is a night I have a show. A show which is sold out might I add. She has done this on purpose so I can’t go and god forbid take any limelight away from her.’ She said bitterly as Justin’s eye brows raised.

‘They what?!’

‘Exactly.’ She sighed.

‘Can I be honest? Feel free to shut me up at any point and say I don’t have a clue about anything.’ He said as she chuckled and nodded.

‘Your dad is your biological father and he made you and that’s great, I’m very thankful for that’ he said as Selena let out a little laugh ‘but Brian has raised you with Mandy. Your dad is kind of like an Uncle he comes around every now and then but he doesn’t really know you. You have your family with your mom and Brian do you see where I’m coming from?’

She nodded slightly ‘so you don’t think I should be upset?’ Her tone wasn’t accusing or harsh, she was merely getting his opinion.

‘No baby, I think you have every right to be upset, he’ll I’d be pissed to, but you’re talking to me like you’re losing your dad but you already have a dad who is never going anywhere. The people who make us aren’t always our parents.’ She smiled and nodded before kissing  him softly.

‘How is it you always know what to say?’ She teased as he grinned before giving her the most serious face he could muster ‘it’s all in the swag.’

‘You’re the biggest dork in the world’ she grinned and he pulled her down so she was lying on the hammock and Justin crawled on top of her.

‘Don’t make me tickle you…’ he warned as she took the deepest breath ever.

‘Can’t breath Justin god what did you eat today.’ She teased him as he mocked hurt and pinned her hands above her head.

‘Are you calling me fat Gomez?’ he said as she giggled and nodded her head as she pretended to pass out from her laying on top of him.

He leaned down to kiss her softly as their lips molded together and she moaned in his mouth ‘how do you always taste to sweet? I could kiss and cuddle you all day.’ He said honestly and she grinned before kissing her again.

‘Back at you Bieber, I love you.’

‘Even though I’m fat?’ He joked as she giggled.

‘Even though you’re fat. I’ll love you forever and ever.’

‘Aww I love you too baby, now how about we go ask your mom and dad if they want to go to dinner with us later?’ She grinned and nodded before lacing their hands together and walking inside.