i searched for this pic for like an hour

BTS Reaction #21 - They’re going through old posts on their crushes Instagram and accidentally like a really old picture

anon asked: GOT7, BTS, BIGBANG, and BLACKPINK when their insta-salking/facebook stalking their crush and they accidentally like a picture/post from months to a year ago please?? xD

Seokjin: he would un-like the pic immediately, jump up from his seat, and pace the back and forth with unhuman noises coming from his mouth as he stared at his phone, willing time to reverse “I freaking hate my life!!! Why did I do that!?”

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Yoongi: He would freeze in place and stare at the red heart on your insagram pic. “If I unlike it now then they’ll know that it was an accident, but they’ll still know I went through their pics so there’s no point in unliking it. Do I comment on it with a joke to make it seem funny and nonchalant or do I just die now?”

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Hoseok: *screams and freaks out, but then laughs it off and ends up liking a bunch more of your old pics, commenting on a bunch too* “Ahh Y/N this is such a cute dog you have! I couldn’t help searching for more pics of him, but along the way I liked a bunch of other pics because you just photograph so well!”

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Namjoon: *Starts questioning how he became so creepy leading to him being stupid and liking your pic which leads him to questioning life and existence over the next few hours* “What have I done to deserve this…”

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Jimin: *comments on your vacation pic* “Y/n-ah! I’ve been here before it’s beautiful right??” *hoping to God that you don’t think that’s creepy as he does his best to play it off like he meant to do that and wasn’t secretly scrolling through all of your pictures*

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Taehyung: *looks over to his hyungs in the room with him* “Hyungs…Hyungs what do I do? I…. I did something terrible” *frozen and unsure how to process this trauma*

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Jungkook: Honestly he’d really freak TF out, probably screaming and running into his hyungs rooms to gather them up in the living room to have a meeting about how to handle his current situation

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A/N: I freaking died doing this thank you anon xDD lmao and each group will be posted separately over the next few days!! I hope you like them!

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Sorry your old account was deleted 😫

:( Thanks. It’s ok. So I reblogged a dick pic one morning, and like 20 mins later got a text from a friend, “Girl, your Tumblr is on FB.” So I’m like FML. Somehow a Tumblr update defaulted my account to post to Facebook.

The fucked up part is that I didn’t even know how to change that setting. I had to search to know how to turn it off. Regardless, I had to delete the account because I didn’t know who had it.

So like half an hour later I went back to get my deleted account back, but a spam company had already seized it and registered some bullshit to it so that anyone going to my address would see their advertisement. I’m half suspicious Tumblr changed the setting and indirectly pushed me off so they could sell it to someone. Why TF would an NSFW blog be allowed to post to FB?

Worst part is I lost the amazing dick pics I had reblogged for two years (and this amazing reblog where this chick sings about pizza), but on the bright side, no one trolls me now! 😁👍🏼

Tag Meme

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Name: Jennifer

Nickname: Jenn or Vin

Gender: Genderfluid


Height: 5'5″ or 1.651 meters

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation: Bi as FUCK

Hogwarts House: GRYFFINDOR MOTHERFUCKER WOO (pst @housegryffindorsuggestion)

Favorite Color: Red, gold, black

Time: 9:24 PST

Average Hours of sleep: 5? More if it’s a weekend and less if there’s a test

Lucky Number: 9, 12, and 17 are p lucky for me

Last Google Search: “second harmonic standing wave pattern” lol I’m doing physics homework rn

Favorite Fictional Character: OH BOY. Yang Xiao Long from RWBY, Panty Anarchy from Panty and Stocking (going to cosplay as her soon! Will post pics in late May), Bakugou Katsuki from BNHA [It seems like my type is “blond and explosive]

Blankets I sleep with: 2, sometimes 3 if it’s cold

Favorite Bands / Artists: P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, The Neighborhood, The Weeknd, …Disney…

Dream Trips: Camping, the beach, or CAMPING AT THE BEACH.

When I made this blog: 2015 I believe?

Followers: 2.1K

When my blog reached it’s peak: Oh please, I’m a work in progress


I tag: @arrogantsuggestion @martyrsuggestion @growling-suggestion


You know the issue with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems and everyone refuses to believe in Magic” -Alice in Wonderland 

(OMG this prompt guys!!  I had to SERIOUSLY rack my brain so MUCH for this prompt.) 

Anyways to the wonderful anon who asked for “Magic,spells and witches” here you go!!!

I really hope you like this mishmash of ideas and pictures and stuff  because I really feel like I could have done better?? 

As usual none of the pics are mine,but I spent like 3 days of searching and scoring the net for pictures and spending hours on editing it and using different editing methods and stuff! Also I managed to slip a little bit of fandom here!!

 Final editing done on Canva and photoshop. A real challenge even if the final art doesn’t really show that (I think?) Hope you like it! suggestions and critique greatly appreciated! 

prompt me?


I like to think of her peacefully/happily playing with water. c:

Barely able to upload it, took a few weeks to make.
(not sure hours compiled since I was actually drawing this casually on the side of something else) Full size version can be found on my Tumblr, would link but it omits me from searches. (Username is Krystami)

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If someone were to be planning a visit to LA soon, what would be some recommendations that you have on things to do? For touristy and non-touristy things alike :)




  • go to hollywood boulevard and walk around. go see how many movie stars you can find on the walk of fame. go see the chinese theater with all the handprints in the cement. take corny pictures with the cosplayers on the sidewalk. its vair fun okay pleathe. 
  • SANTA MONICA PIER. go at around sunset and walk on the pier/beach and then watch the sun go down and feel SO GlAD YOU DID. 
  • Griffith Observatory! Home of the Infamous La La Land ballroom-dance-among-the-stars scene. Also excellent view of the city. 
  • If you like hiking, hiking to see the Hollyweed Hollywood sign! It’s a nice hike in winter/early morning and the view is gorgeous! 
  • If you like shopping but do not have the budget for Beverly Hills, the Downtown Fashion/Garment district is RICH with latino culture (taco! trucks!) and super fucking cheap clothes. Bring cash and go wild my friend. 
  • The Grove/Farmer’s Market on Fairfax. My old stomping ground since childhood. They’ve got every sort of cuisine imaginable at the farmer’s market (LOVE YOURSELF AND GET SOME PIZZA FROM PATSY D’AMORES) (where celebrities are rumored to frequent!) and then the Grove next door is a pretty outdoor mall where you can listen to jazz music outdoors and watch the fountain show (also most notably home to: the american girl doll store as well as super bougey stores where people bring their dogs while they shop.)
  • If you like amusement parks/have the budget: we’ve got Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal in Studio City area. They also give studio tours there of all the backlots, super cool! Also six flags magic mountain if you love coasters. 


  • love yourself and go get some goddamn boba tea. my lifeblood. i would die for boba tea. my personal favorite flavors: almond milk tea and passionfruit green tea w/ boba. can be found pretty much anywhere in LA, but be sure you go to ones that are Legit. 
  • Sushi. ok people say they’ve had sushi because u can get it anywhere these days but sushi from california is sO MUCH BETTER JUST TRUST ME, AN LA HEAUX. suggested places: crazy rockin sushi on Formosa Ave. Super busy, but SO FUCKING CHEAP for how much sushi you can get. go during happy hour. you will not regret. 
  • Korean bbq. Another thing you can find pretty much anywhere in k-town if you yelp locally. You have not lived until you’ve had k-bbq. 
  • There are a lot of local movie theaters such as the Sundance Theater that do cheap movie nights or re-screenings of classics. LA loves movies so if you search and find what’s playing that week, it’s a nice way to relive the classics or see indie films that aren’t widely circulated in major cities (ie, non blockbuster films). 
  • few people actually enjoy this but if you’re like me aka a slut for scenic driving, driving up the coast to Malibu, Ventura, or basically any distance up the PCH is gorgeous. Breathe that sea air. pull over to zuma beach and go take beach ho pics. 18/10 promise you’ll discover a whole new love for all things california (as long as you avoid rush hour traffic  r i p ). 
  • California Science Center/Museum of Natural History! Located in exposition park across from USC (ayyyyyyyyy), you can metro there and go see dinosaurs and other cool things. There’s a pixar ehibit there rn! And it’s next to usc if you wanna go idk tour a college campus or see if Viola Davis is there filming how to get away with murder (she is. all the time. 2 blocks from campus. boi i die.)
  • If you like art museums: The Getty Center or LACMA are gorgeous. 
  • Urth Cafe. The Peak of LA Hipster Culture complete with latte foam art and ridiculously priced salads. A fun place to chill if you’re looking for downtime, multiple locations around town. 
  • Amoeba Records! In hollywood! Awesome rad ass gigANTIC RECORD STORE. Seen in lots of movies. Do it. Worth it. 
  • THE LAST BOOKSTORE in DTLA. A gigantic fuckin labyrinth of a used bookstore. Fun and cool and even if you don’t want books, it’s cool just to see it. 
  • Blue Plate Restuarant in Santa Monica. (not to be confused with blue plate oysterette). Order their mac n cheese. You will thank me. 
  • Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, famous library and beautiful scenery. A bit of a distance from LA but worth it.
  • If you like theater, go see a show! The theater community is really alive here in LA, and spread out all over the place.  
  • This might seem weird but tbh fun there are a lot of Super Fancy Salons ///where the stars go/// that do groupons for haircuts/dye jobs and you can get what is usually a $200 haircut for like $45 bucks? Which is not necessarily /la life/ but let me tell you one time i paid 20 bucks for a groupon haircut and they served me a mimosa while they cut my hair my dude it was a truly wild experience and i loved it 
  • Honestly just go to one of the areas like Larchmont Boulevard or Studio City or Beverly Hills Drive or Old Pasadena and walk around. If not to shop just to see the cool architecture and cutesy shops. Enjoy that cali sun :)
  • ALSO COOL BARS IF YOU LIKE DRINKING: Mrs. Fish (fish in the ceiling and live music? hell yes!), The Edison (a 1940s dress up JAZZ CLUB) , Clifton’s (another period bar with a slightly less strict dress code!), The Perch (ON A SKYSCRAPER ROOFTOP) & AKBAR (hollywood gay bar/tiny club. wednesday nights are lesbian nights, from what i’ve heard. super fun and chill if u wanna go somewhere to drink and be gay!)

IAIN DE CAESTECKER - early career

(1999-2003) (12-16 years old)

Pic 1: Billy and Zorba (1999) - short film. I’ve never seen this one. I searched everywhere, couldn’t find it. It took hours just to find this pic. He plays Billy. Found praise on his acting tho :)

Pic 2: The Little Vampire (2000) - film. He plays Nigel, a bully that gets bullied. It’s so funny!

Pic 3-4: Coronation Street (2001-2003) - TV series (more like a soup). 1st pic mine, 2nd I found on the internet. He participated in 20 episodes, playing Adam Barlow (who later was played by another actor I think). I could only find the first episode, so I don’t know much about it. But look how cute he looks!

Pic 5: Monarch of The Glen (2001) - TV series - episode #2.8. He plays Angus ‘Ricky’ MacDonald, a little brat. First crying scene! (that I know of)

no pic: Rockface (2002) - TV series - episode #1.3. This is impossible to find on the internet. Try to search ‘rockface’. You’ll get a lot of rocks. So I never watched this. :(

Pic 6: All Over Brazil (2003) - short film. He plays Stephen, a fan of glam rock. Glam rock is famous for the 80s rock bands where the musicians would dress in a very flashy style, with big boots and tight clothes and make up - they kinda looked like women. ‘Poison’ is one that got very famous. Believe it or not, they made a lot of success with women - they were sex symbols. Go figure. Anyway… he is a glam rock fan, so one day he goes to his sister room and dress like one, put some make up on, and then gets caught by his father. So you understand why many people consider this short to be gay themed, even tho Stephen’s sexuality is not even addressed. Iain does a great job, I love it. The crying scene is so heartbreaking. And those daydream scenes of him in full glam rock outfit is so funny!

Pic 7-10: 16 years of Alcohol (2003) - film. He plays young Frankie. This is where he REALLY shines for the first time, imo. His acting is brilliant. The smallest change in his face says SO MUCH. It’s so intense. I love it. The beginning of the film (after the very 1st scene) is a 17 minutes flashback of Frankie’s childhood, showing why he began to drink. It’s a very touching portrait of a broken home. I have the video on youtube with only Iain scenes, if you wanna watch it! One day I’ll subtitle it and post it here.

Sooooooo, someone over on AO3 asked if I had any pics of what my alpha pack looked like (since I wrote ‘The One You Feed’ before the actual alpha pack had been introduced and I invented a bunch of original characters). The answer was yes, although somewhat vague, so then I spent half an hour on the IMDB and Google Image Search and decided to post the results…

Justin…. played by scruffy Chris Evans!

Ravinder Chandrasekhar… played by Senthil Ramamurthy

Yasmin Ortega…. played by Catalina Sandino-Moreno!

and last but certainly not least, Mei Yuan…. played by Gao Yuanyuan (the last name similarity is completely coincidental, believe it or not!)

I hope you have all enjoyed me completely wasting time on fancasting my fanfics on this lovely Friday. <3

STOP reposting art

I found constantly a lot of people who respost art of other artists and they tend to excuse saying they “don’t know who the artists are” or they just add “art by xxxxx.tumblr….”

Please, search for someone’s page is not that hard! and neither it is just reblogging from their blog if you already know it!

Maybe some people think that google is not really so much help but I use it and I always find the artist’s blog.

For those who don’t know how that works, if you found a pic you really like, you can go to search in google images:

And look for the source by uploading the image. It will take less than 5 minutes, I swear, it’s pretty easy and all. 

Just take a minute to find them and to reblog from their blogs.

Respects the whole time and effort it took them to actually do that thing.


Cris ran around campus, gathering everything the girl could possibly need. He made sure to make three servings of pasta, all different flavours so the girl had some variety, tried carrying all the books from her dorm and even stop at the flower shop on his way to the hospital. The boy peered out from behind the stack of books asking the receptionist where Maia’s room was located. As he finally found the room number, the boy fumbled with the door knob, putting all his weight onto his bad leg to successfully open the door. It took him a while before he could turn around and see if he was actually in the right room, putting down the stack of books onto a nearby chair and sitting down into the one beside him. “I may have gone overboard.” He laughed, taking the food out of his bag and handing it to the girl with some cutlery. “I know you’re supposed to buy people like bouquets, but that’s killing flowers and these last longer. I can, like, water them when I visit though.” He smiled, taking the potted calla lilies out of another bag and setting down next to her as well. Cris pulled his chair closer, resting his hands on his knees as he raised his eyebrows worriedly. “How are you feeling?”


Passport to the World Passport

Bruges, Belgium. Photos by Amber Maitrejean

Dear Gray-Card,

Wish you were here in Bruges, Belgium (not really), heck I wish I were there right now (really). Ahhhhhhh, the canals, the cobblestone streets (romantic yes, but a bitch on the feet after 6 hours of walking. I need a friggin’ cane and pain meds), the chocolate-scented air that caresses my nostrils (and smacks my ass with extra calories), the quaint streets (mobbed, I mean friggin’ MOBBED) with tourists, the clip-clop of horse’s hooves on the aforementioned cobblestone (they have steel shoes for that shit), the moules-frites (that really loves my ass), the fairy tale-like architecture (I swear Rapunzel lives in that tower in pic #1…lucky tart). Ahhhhhh…it’s an absolute delight. :-) I truly love that city! (no, I really do. I searched for available real estate for 6 months after I visited the first time). Wish you and I were here! (me yes, you, eh, whatev)



P.S. If you didn’t get my postcards let me know and I’ll mail them again.         (not really)


for CS AU Week 
(my first crack at it. I’m not tumblr famous or anything, but it would mean a lot if you like/reblog!!)

My voice; a beacon in the night.
My words will be your light,
to carry you to me.
Is love alive?

                   -Winter Song by Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson


          I stare blankly into the night sky, over the dark river. The snow is barely trickling down now. It’s Christmas Eve, two-hundred and twenty-eight days since she’s been gone. Disappeared into the darkness. Is she alive? Is she scared? I  wonder. I have to find her.

          It’s been hard on the others. The constant search to no prevail has left everyone strained. A mere shell of themselves. They walk  around this town like zombies, all passion gone, since we found Camelot burnt to the ground. No survivors. Our only hope, gone. David, Belle, and I research daily in the library looking for something, anything, that can aid us. Some believe she doesn’t want to be found. Most think that she… she’s… gon- No.

          I can’t feel it. If she was gone wouldn’t I be able to feel it? No. She’s out there. My Emma. She’s waiting for me. Henry, bless the lad, is my only hope. He’s still in this with me. He believes that, because Emma is the true Savior, the darkness could not overtake her body. He believes the Darkness is holding her prisoner. But where?

          I let my head fall into my hands, and  let out a deep, straggling breath I didn’t even know I was holding. There has to be some way I can reach her. I mean we live in the world of bloody ‘fairy-tales’ and magic, there has to be a way.

          As I glance over the river once last time before turning away, it’s there. A swan. Pure, white, majestic, and in the middle of a near frozen river. I can’t take my eyes off of it’s beauty. And suddenly, it hits me like a freight train. True love is the most powerful magic of all.

           “Swan, I’m here. I’m searching. Please, give me a sign, anything. I’ll do anything. Swan, I love you, too.” I take a breath. “We’re drowning here, Swan.” Another breath. 

           I fall to my knees under the falling snow. 

           "Come back to me, Emma.“

           I sob.
           What feels like hours go by.
           I’m cold.
           I accept defeat.

          With a wipe of my frozen tears, I move to pick myself up. I turn from the river with one last look at the swan. Surprised it has gone, I move towards to forest in search of the creature. From behind me, I hear the crackling of a twig.

          "Killian.” Desperation.


“Credit to the artist”
“Not my art”
“I found this on tumblr/twitter/the Internet”

Are NOT in any way substitutes for crediting, sourcing, or doing the proper thing and asking the artist’s permission.
If anything, that just makes you look like more of a dick.

Don’t repost without permission.

wendy-comet  asked:

Hi! I'm looking to make a Jillian Holtzmann cosplay and I was wondering how you made your DIY proton pack? It looks really cool, and your whole cosplay looks amazing. :D Any advice?

Toner cartridges from a photocopier!

They had cool, complicated bits on one end, which was a plus. And they were free. And any work or school with a photocopier tends to have a HEAP of them. So I got two and spray painted them black (on my back lawn, in the dark, while it was wet. And yet the paint job still held up. I should just spray paint everything from now on).

See the little knob bit on the left-hand end? I thought that looked dorky, so I knew which end I wanted to hide in the “body” of the proton cannon. So I taped the two painted cartridges together, cut a cardboard box to cover the join, and used more tape. Like this:

(The lower tube is the nozzle of the gun, and seems to be longer than the upper tube which is connected to the power line. So I built my box a little towards the back to try and shorten the upper tube, and used the ball thing to fill the gap so that the tubes wouldn’t slide back and forth inside the casing. … I don’t think this had much of an impact on the overall proportions of various bits, but I felt good putting that effort in.)

So I had a black box, with black tubes coming out of it. It looked very plain and boring, and since I had like… five hours to make this happen I just… I literally googled “sci fic control panel computer” and searched through pictures that came up. I wanted something with switches and knobs, but instead I found a screencap of Luke’s navigation computer from Star Wars. I printed it out, coloured it in with highlighters, and taped it on.

(There are some good-ish reference pics of the proton packs from the new film (and HEAPS for the old ones), so if you have the time and the energy you can cut out some circles and rectangles of coloured paper and get something way more accurate than mine. But that said… I got through a whole day at the con, several photo moments, and a bunch of people seeing this cosplay online and only one person let me know that they recognised the Star Wars screen. If something looks busy enough and sci-fi enough, people will just breeze right past it.)

What else is there?

The particle accelerator that looks like a disposable plastic plate that’s been spray painted silver? I made that by spray painting a disposable plastic plate silver. … Look, I made this in a night, okay. I lined it with red cellophane and had little fairy lights to tape inside so that it would glow red like the backs… But the lights weren’t bright enough. And nothing could make this not look like a disposable plastic plate. Holtz makes little faraday cages for the packs that are HONESTLY just mesh colanders:

I didn’t fuck around with that, because I could only find two size of mesh colander - teeny, and TOO BIG. But if I ever wear this again, I’ll probably cut my bullseye out of the plate and glue it onto a colander. Then get the fairy lights stuffed in  and that’ll lift my game.

The long bit of tubing I had lying around. It’s from a CPAP machine, and I guess most people who have one of those need the tube? Tbh, the film packs have black power cables with some coloured wires on them, so if you can source some extension cords that no one is using they’d be a way better option imo. I blued a wooden chopstick inside my tube to try and make it stand upright, and then used ribbon to sew the stiff end to the back (+ tie the lower end of the chopstick to the back handle to convince uprightness. It worked for like… 30 seconds). I used a hot glue gun to attache the other end of the tube to the plasma cannon. That worked really well, to my surprise.

Then I used wire to add some holster loops to the lower right side of the bag, and I had a ribbon attached to the body of the plasma cannon that I pinned to the upper right of the bag. That way I could holster it and walk around with my hands free.

Jfc, look at that plate. ANYWAY. I also had a can of Pringles tucked into the pocket on the other side of the bag, because props that double as snacks are so worth it at cons. And having a functional backpack was also a great idea. (One of my buddies cosplayed as Tiny Tina from Boarderlands a few cons back, and was so into getting the LOOK of all the bags and packs that Tina has right, that none of them… actually functioned… as bags -_-;; )

 That’s all that I can think of atm, but if there are any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Ahh Mac Monday Again! Here’s to the bestest of besties!

Sorry I havent been around, RL is a little overwhelming and my arm is still quite messed up. I have 3 events to work/promote/cater in the next week and being down an arm is making everything take 3 times as long. 

My Man and I finished the marathon re watch of all of MFMM yesterday at around 9pm. I learned several interesting things about a man I spend everyday with (like a surprisingly deep knowledge of Donne) and then he spent an hour laying out all the reasons he believes there will definitely be a season 4 . ( with internet searches to back up his belief) 

 He then proceeded to be a true fanman for like three hours, while he bombarded me with everything from the make and model ( and value) of Group Captain Compton’s motorcycle, Pics from Asleigh Cumming’s Instagram, his personal timeline with Episode references to when he thinks Jack actually started making a solid play for Phryne ( S1 Ep4 really?) ,All the reasons he ships Hottie,  How he wants to find me a decent throwing dagger so I will wear a garter belt more often , Then a revealing rant about his thoughts on Hughs’ “piss poor” attitude , and his personal opinion that I may claim to be a Jack fan but really (he) thinks I would be in the back of the cab with Bert by the end of S1 Ep 2. ( I have no secrets anymore), Then he got started on the cars….

 Just when I thought we might be moving on,  the argument about Phrynes “breaking and entering” hat started. 

It is still going on. 

In the mean time I have not been here much but find myself wondering today, how is babsmd doing? Where in the world is cowalyn , literally? If ladygrayluvs noticed the Matisse in the stairwell? How i am going to make enough money to get to NY ( because I am packing up this social awkward shyte and moving on), and just how much I am enjoying heavyheadedgal s posts on tumblr.

Happy Mac Monday everyone I have to go do some serious research on that phracking hat, and make cakes lots of little cakes. 

smarmakescomics  asked:

Hi! 7, 15 (say about a page), 25? :D

(These are answers to this meme)

7.  How often do you use references?

Almost every time I draw, with exceptions for when I’m drawing something I’ve already drawn a million times already and could do with my eyes closed, like Claire’s face.  Here, I drew her with my eyes closed:

Ok, that wasn’t nearly as good as I was hoping it would be.

I find that my art is improved a million times over when i use reference, which is why I am really obsessive about it. If I’m ever even a little confused about a pose, or how to draw a hand in perspective, I take a picture to help me figure it out.  (This makes me the source of lots of staring at Barnes and Noble and various coffeeshops where Ash and i like to work.)  90% of my Photobooth pics look like this:

(Thank you Ash for modelling with me!)

Aside from using my webcam or camera to figure out poses, I won’t even draw a character with a new outfit without looking up and saving tons of reference ideas on Google image search.  There’s so much inspiration out there, and it’s right at your fingertips if you’re just willing to go look for it.

15. How long does an average piece take you to complete?

There’s a huge variation in how long comic pages take me, it can be anywhere from 6-8 hours, sometimes more if it’s a really elaborate page (more characters + interactions slow me down significantly) or if I am being particularly distracted.

25. Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

For figuring out the basic page concept, I need silence to concentrate and really get into the scene and the dialogue.  Once it’s all sketched out and just needs to be more rendered, I listen to music to try to keep myself focused on drawing and not get distracted by thinking about other things and wanting to check social media.  If I’m working really late, playing exciting music can help keep me awake.