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heatherfield  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your aesthetics series for OUAT. They're so pretty, and so perfectly capture all my fave characters. (I'm particularly ecstatic that you made one for Archie! He generally gets so little love in the fandom.) You've curated all the images so well. Thank you for sharing. :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love Archie and he definitely doesn’t get enough love. I have quite a few more planned and I hope you enjoy them.

Signs playing Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Aries: Starts confident and ends up breaking something because they couldn’t pass the third night.

Taurus: Gets past all nights but it took them 3-5 hours yet they still remained calm and weren’t scared.

Gemini: Makes it past 2 nights easily but gave up and had nightmares for life

Cancer: Looked up cheats/hacks to make it really easy and passes all nights

Leo: Tells Cancer to do it for them.

Virgo: Passes all nights like a boss then does it again to make sure everything is perfectly executed then uploads a pic of them showing how they beat the game. 

Libra: Plays game to look fearless and be a gamer beats the game but does it with many tries within 2-3 hours.

Scorpio: Is determined to beat it so stays up 3 nights so that they look better than their sibling or friend.

Sagittarius: “HOW DO I PLAY THIS???”


Aquarius: Searches Markiplier on youtube and copies exactly what he does and beats the game.

Pisces: Copies Virgo


Cris ran around campus, gathering everything the girl could possibly need. He made sure to make three servings of pasta, all different flavours so the girl had some variety, tried carrying all the books from her dorm and even stop at the flower shop on his way to the hospital. The boy peered out from behind the stack of books asking the receptionist where Maia’s room was located. As he finally found the room number, the boy fumbled with the door knob, putting all his weight onto his bad leg to successfully open the door. It took him a while before he could turn around and see if he was actually in the right room, putting down the stack of books onto a nearby chair and sitting down into the one beside him. “I may have gone overboard.” He laughed, taking the food out of his bag and handing it to the girl with some cutlery. “I know you’re supposed to buy people like bouquets, but that’s killing flowers and these last longer. I can, like, water them when I visit though.” He smiled, taking the potted calla lilies out of another bag and setting down next to her as well. Cris pulled his chair closer, resting his hands on his knees as he raised his eyebrows worriedly. “How are you feeling?”


IAIN DE CAESTECKER - early career

(1999-2003) (12-16 years old)

Pic 1: Billy and Zorba (1999) - short film. I’ve never seen this one. I searched everywhere, couldn’t find it. It took hours just to find this pic. He plays Billy. Found praise on his acting tho :)

Pic 2: The Little Vampire (2000) - film. He plays Nigel, a bully that gets bullied. It’s so funny!

Pic 3-4: Coronation Street (2001-2003) - TV series (more like a soup). 1st pic mine, 2nd I found on the internet. He participated in 20 episodes, playing Adam Barlow (who later was played by another actor I think). I could only find the first episode, so I don’t know much about it. But look how cute he looks!

Pic 5: Monarch of The Glen (2001) - TV series - episode #2.8. He plays Angus ‘Ricky’ MacDonald, a little brat. First crying scene! (that I know of)

no pic: Rockface (2002) - TV series - episode #1.3. This is impossible to find on the internet. Try to search ‘rockface’. You’ll get a lot of rocks. So I never watched this. :(

Pic 6: All Over Brazil (2003) - short film. He plays Stephen, a fan of glam rock. Glam rock is famous for the 80s rock bands where the musicians would dress in a very flashy style, with big boots and tight clothes and make up - they kinda looked like women. ‘Poison’ is one that got very famous. Believe it or not, they made a lot of success with women - they were sex symbols. Go figure. Anyway… he is a glam rock fan, so one day he goes to his sister room and dress like one, put some make up on, and then gets caught by his father. So you understand why many people consider this short to be gay themed, even tho Stephen’s sexuality is not even addressed. Iain does a great job, I love it. The crying scene is so heartbreaking. And those daydream scenes of him in full glam rock outfit is so funny!

Pic 7-10: 16 years of Alcohol (2003) - film. He plays young Frankie. This is where he REALLY shines for the first time, imo. His acting is brilliant. The smallest change in his face says SO MUCH. It’s so intense. I love it. The beginning of the film (after the very 1st scene) is a 17 minutes flashback of Frankie’s childhood, showing why he began to drink. It’s a very touching portrait of a broken home. I have the video on youtube with only Iain scenes, if you wanna watch it! One day I’ll subtitle it and post it here.


“Credit to the artist”
“Not my art”
“I found this on tumblr/twitter/the Internet”

Are NOT in any way substitutes for crediting, sourcing, or doing the proper thing and asking the artist’s permission.
If anything, that just makes you look like more of a dick.

Don’t repost without permission.


Ahh Mac Monday Again! Here’s to the bestest of besties!

Sorry I havent been around, RL is a little overwhelming and my arm is still quite messed up. I have 3 events to work/promote/cater in the next week and being down an arm is making everything take 3 times as long. 

My Man and I finished the marathon re watch of all of MFMM yesterday at around 9pm. I learned several interesting things about a man I spend everyday with (like a surprisingly deep knowledge of Donne) and then he spent an hour laying out all the reasons he believes there will definitely be a season 4 . ( with internet searches to back up his belief) 

 He then proceeded to be a true fanman for like three hours, while he bombarded me with everything from the make and model ( and value) of Group Captain Compton’s motorcycle, Pics from Asleigh Cumming’s Instagram, his personal timeline with Episode references to when he thinks Jack actually started making a solid play for Phryne ( S1 Ep4 really?) ,All the reasons he ships Hottie,  How he wants to find me a decent throwing dagger so I will wear a garter belt more often , Then a revealing rant about his thoughts on Hughs’ “piss poor” attitude , and his personal opinion that I may claim to be a Jack fan but really (he) thinks I would be in the back of the cab with Bert by the end of S1 Ep 2. ( I have no secrets anymore), Then he got started on the cars….

 Just when I thought we might be moving on,  the argument about Phrynes “breaking and entering” hat started. 

It is still going on. 

In the mean time I have not been here much but find myself wondering today, how is babsmd doing? Where in the world is cowalyn , literally? If ladygrayluvs noticed the Matisse in the stairwell? How i am going to make enough money to get to NY ( because I am packing up this social awkward shyte and moving on), and just how much I am enjoying heavyheadedgal s posts on tumblr.

Happy Mac Monday everyone I have to go do some serious research on that phracking hat, and make cakes lots of little cakes.