i searched for this pic for like an hour

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Dis Chris dislike the pic?! Because after seeing the post about his likes and follows here on tumblr I went to IG and search his likes and I only see 5 posts liked instead of the 7 posted here on tumblr.. and I'm seeing the right likes because I see correctly his follow, as is reported on the tumblr post.. sorry if I haven't made my self clear, english isn't my first language

that is an IG issue. His likes sometimes remain for 5 minutes. sometimes for 5 hours. Been happening forever.

Kpop conversations

Okay so i accidentally sent my best friend a Chanbaek pic, instead of another pic, a week ago and Chanyeol caught her eye. She ended up stanning EXO (and then people say visuals are useless) and a couple of days ago, decided to stan all of kpop. We’ve already had some hilarious conversations which would remind anyone of the times they were getting into kpop or certain groups.


Her: i’m gonna search up EXO memes
Me: bro don’t do that you’ll get sucked into a void
[an hour later]
Her: i should have listened to you


Her: Big Bang members look so similar
Me: search Girls Generation or Super Junior up
Her: *searches them up*
Her: i take it back


Her: *sends me a pic of GD hugging a teddy bear*
Me: *sends her a GD snap from Fantastic Baby MV*
Her: who tf is that?
Me: who do you think?
Her: … wait what


Her: *comes across a Big Bang pic*
Her: who’s this guy with the weird hair?
Me (over the phone): probably GD
Her: no bro i know GD and T.O.P
Me: Taeyang then
Her: *searches him up*
Her: nope
Me: Daesung?
Her: *searches him up*
Her: not him either
Me: Seungri’s left
Her: that must be him
Her: *searches him up*


Her: i wanna stan Super Junior
Me: um i think you’d wanna go for groups with less confusing lineups first
Her: oh c'mon how confusing can it get anyway
Her: *comes across an SJ lineup by the year chart*
Her: … i guess i’ll stan SHINee first




Her: i listened to Ring Ding Dong
Me: … got weirded out?
Her: weirded out to fucking afterlife bro how do people even
[that night]
Her: is it wrong i’ve been jamming to Ring Ding Dong for the past two hours?
Me: nope


Me: yk some people speculate Sehun and Yoona’s equation to be something like Sehun is secretly in love with Yoona but she sees him as a younger brother.
Her: who tf would see Sehun as a younger brother?
Her: well probably an SNSD member
Me: bro you already know your stuff lmao
Her: it does not take a lot of stanning to know where SNSD stands


Her: bro how do you pronounce the name of that group 2-N-E-1
Me: twen(t)y one
Her: *drops jaw*
Me: lmao what’s wrong?
Her: … bro
Me: your life’s been a lie?
Her: fuck yeah bro


Her: Red Velvet’s visuals are no joke
Me: ikr?!
Her: where did they find girls that stunning?
Me: yk people call WENDY the visual hole
Her: i think i know who you’re talking about
Me: that girl who sang “vanilla chocolate honey with a cherry on top”
Her: *gasps fucking hard*
Me: i feel you bro
Her: are people fUCKING BLIND?!


Her: *sings Dumb Dumb after every sentence*
Her: bro i think i need help


Me: bro search “NCT Taeyong” up and send me a pic you do not like
Her: alright
[an hour later]
Her: still searching bro


Her: Jimin is so beautiful
Me: AOA, 15& or BTS?
Her: Park Jimin!
Me: bro 15& or BTS?
Her: BTS
Her: … i should’ve said BTS when you first asked


Her: is it 2AM or 2PM? the name of that band
Me: they’re both two different bands
Her: … oh


Her: is it just me or is Jennie too perfect to be true
Me: the latter


Her (reading the names of Twice members): Sana; Mina; Momo; ayy i like this!
Me: just wait
Her: Chae… Chaeyoung… Jun… Jung… okay wtf i give up
Her: i’ll just go listen to their songs again


Her (reading the names of GOT7 members): JB; Mark; Jackson; i have a bad feeling
Her: *continues reading*
Her: … i knew it
Her: i love f(x) and Blackpink all of a sudden


Her: how are ALL of them so pretty?
Her: if only i was half as pretty as them
Her: i’m a fucking potato bro


Her: *comes across Taehyung’s pic*
Her: this guy is so cute wow
Her: *hears his voice for the first time*
Her: WTF
Her: this is like Chanyeol all over again
Her: how tf can people with such baby faces have voices like that? what sorcery is this?


Me: *sings along to Chained Up*


Her: what’s the most extra group out there
Me: definitely BtoB
Her: … they’re more extra than GOT7?
Me: Sungjae cracked a watermelon open with his head
Her: i’m genuinely taken aback


Her: B.A.P and Monsta X members look kinda weird
Her: *listens to some of their songs*


Her: i think i should stan Seventeen
Her: how many members do they have?
Me: thirteen
Her: well at least not seventeen
Her: *searches them up*
Her: … look seventeen to me tho
Me: lmao brings back memories


Her: *is probably jamming to Bang Bang Bang rn*

BTS Reaction #21 - They’re going through old posts on their crushes Instagram and accidentally like a really old picture

anon asked: GOT7, BTS, BIGBANG, and BLACKPINK when their insta-salking/facebook stalking their crush and they accidentally like a picture/post from months to a year ago please?? xD

Seokjin: he would un-like the pic immediately, jump up from his seat, and pace the back and forth with unhuman noises coming from his mouth as he stared at his phone, willing time to reverse “I freaking hate my life!!! Why did I do that!?”

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Yoongi: He would freeze in place and stare at the red heart on your insagram pic. “If I unlike it now then they’ll know that it was an accident, but they’ll still know I went through their pics so there’s no point in unliking it. Do I comment on it with a joke to make it seem funny and nonchalant or do I just die now?”

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Hoseok: *screams and freaks out, but then laughs it off and ends up liking a bunch more of your old pics, commenting on a bunch too* “Ahh Y/N this is such a cute dog you have! I couldn’t help searching for more pics of him, but along the way I liked a bunch of other pics because you just photograph so well!”

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Namjoon: *Starts questioning how he became so creepy leading to him being stupid and liking your pic which leads him to questioning life and existence over the next few hours* “What have I done to deserve this…”

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Jimin: *comments on your vacation pic* “Y/n-ah! I’ve been here before it’s beautiful right??” *hoping to God that you don’t think that’s creepy as he does his best to play it off like he meant to do that and wasn’t secretly scrolling through all of your pictures*

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Taehyung: *looks over to his hyungs in the room with him* “Hyungs…Hyungs what do I do? I…. I did something terrible” *frozen and unsure how to process this trauma*

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Jungkook: Honestly he’d really freak TF out, probably screaming and running into his hyungs rooms to gather them up in the living room to have a meeting about how to handle his current situation

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A/N: I freaking died doing this thank you anon xDD lmao and each group will be posted separately over the next few days!! I hope you like them!

I was searching for some purple sea related pics for my amethyst mermaid aes and stumbled across a gorgeous blue hair pic … ooooh that would be perfect for a lapis su aes, lemme download it and make a folder for a further aes … oooh looook this too, ok I’ll just collect all the pics for it now and come back later for the amethyst thing … so … oooh what a lovely pastel pink seashell crown, save it for later, cottoncandy mermaids vibes ok … wait, is that a mint green sand dress? Definitely saving it for later … loook at all these gorgeous mint sea pics, I’ll just make a folder for them now … oooh a dark gold glitter swimsuit like sunset mermaids also, yeah saved … hours later, wtf is going on with all these pics in my laptop, when I’m going to make all these aes and wtf I was searching for in the first place … story of my life …

I know like all of my followers are like…dead or something…

But does anyone have a pic of season 10,11 or 12 Sam…

Where u can see him from head to bottom of his waist…and his face is either in a light smile or it’s blank…and u can see like both arms…

Like…I’ve been searching for over an hour and I can’t find a single one…

So anyone??

PLEASE!! Send me a damn pic!!!


The first day of the convention, i met my “mom” ! @lady-autie made a wonderful goat-mom, that i chased for hours, because various people that came to me for photos cause “ooooh you’re Chara from UT !!!!” told me there was a Toriel somewhere

2 hours of useless search later, i give up, go to the food truck, and GUESS WHO WAS HERE WAITING FOR FRIES.

First pic is me being all géno, second is like “look, look, looklooklook i have a MOM and she is the b e a s t

Shinyuu — Reverse Idol!AU A Hwang Minhyun Fanfic

requested by anon!

genre: fluff? its a happy ending, a lil bit of angst (doesn’t hurt your heart angst)

synopsis: you’re best friends with Minhyun and lose contact after a bit, then meet back at a music show.

shinyuu - japanese for best friends

  • While walking to class with your best friend, scrolling through his news feed on twitter, Minhyun sees that JYP and Pledis are holding auditions on the upcoming weekend.
  • “Hey, Y/N! Let’s audition to become idols! Follow our dreams you know!”
  • Next thing you know, you two auditioned for both companies, but you got accepted into JYP and he got accepted into Pledis
  • Knowing that you won’t be in the same company saddens the both of you, but your mood brightens a little as you remembered that you’ll be seeing each other on music shows when you debut!
  • “Let’s meet each other in music shows, Minhyun!” “Yeah.”
  • (ok i know some trainees cant use phones??? But let’s pretend they can for the time being-)
  • As days go by, there hasn’t been a single moment where you’d doubt yourself into ever debuting
  • “Minhyun-ah, I don’t think I can do it, i’m not as talented. I want to quit..”
  • “You can’t! Y/N, this is our dream remember? You’re awesome, lovable, and you ARE talented ok?? Anyone who says otherwise can come fite me )):<”
  • Knowing you can always count on Minhyun to dissolve your worries, you divert the topic, “Yeah? You and what army? Because as far as I know, all you have is your pretty face! I DON’T SeE No muSCleS??”
  • “liSteN, 
  • everYONE WIll faint once they sEE M Y FACE OK? Don’t underestimate me, Emperor Hwang. I’ll have you know, I can predict the future.”
  • “And what do you see, Oh Mighty Emperor Hwang Minhyun-ssi?”
  • “I see that we both will have debuted already, we’ll meet on music shows, and we’ll always stay by each other’s side. Hyping each other up, doing what best friends do! Nothing will ever change that, trust the emperor.”
  • I’ll remember your words, Minhyun. You better not break them.
  • You two were scheduled to perform your debut song on M!Countdown in two weeks
  • The first few days were of you two spamming congratulatory messages and crying to each other
  • However, the third day, it was only you spamming him. Fourth day, no reply, fifth? No reply.
  • You made excuses for him, He’s just busy. He couldn’t have forgotten about me already?? It’s too soon??? Maybe his phone got taken away….yeah, maybe..
  • A few days later, you were in need of some food, because you can’t cook. (lbr i cant cook, i really cant. This is based off on me? Somewhat? So if i offended your cooking skills, i am jeongmal, jinjja, daebak, real, heol, wanjeon sorry)
  • Walking into the supermarket, you accidentally bumped into someone who randomly stopped at the entrance. 
  • “Ah! Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundi- MinhYUN?? IS IT REALLY YOU? Why have you bEEN ignorING MY MESSAGES JERK!”
  • “Ah, hello! Sorry, it was my fault too, I lost my phone somewhere and how do you know me? Who are you?”
  • ‘Who are you?’ ‘WhoareyouwhoareyouwhoareyOU’
  • Waving his hand in front of your face, “Hello? Miss? I have a schedule to go to, you see, I’m an idol, so I really have to go. I’m sorry for blocking your path! Have a nice day!” And he smiles that smile that you’ve grown fond of. Wait, what’s this? Is he pretending?? WHaT’s hAPPEninG?
  • Hours passed by, and the thought of Minhyun acting fake still remains in your head. What happened to him? Am I not worthy of his friendship anymore? Why is he like this?
  • “Review of some past events; NU’EST Minhyun -you snap out of your thoughts hearing his name- has recently been involved in a car accident, he….”
  • Rushing to Pledis, in search for answers, you find Minhyun’s manager (he’s shown you a pic of his manager before). 
  • “Oh, Y/N-ssi! Did you run all the way here?? Sit down for a bit, I’ll tell you what happened.”
  • Minhyun was coming back from a schedule and the freeway was really hectic so they chose to go local. Bad decision, there was a drunk driver on the loose and Minhyun’s car was unfortunately chosen as the target. There was a miracle! Sort of. He didn’t have any major damages to his body, but he lost his memories of his past. From the day of the accident and back. You know what they say, people choose to forget their past to start anew. But he couldn’t have wanted to forget it, would he? I mean, you were a part of his past..
  • However, this is only temporary, he’d get his memories back soon. Hopefully. ???
  • The day of the music show, you were extremely tired. You even thought you’d end up with white hair with how worried you were about Minhyun’s well-being and pondering for days if he actually didn’t want to remember you. No, stop it Y/N. He would never want to forget you, he made a promise. He has to keep it, he has to..’
  • NU’EST performed first, you were praying for Minhyun to not mess up, even if he didn’t remember you, you remembered him. Even if he didn’t remember the promise, you did.
  • As they ended their performance, and walked down the stage, he passes by you and smiles at you. Then pauses, wait, “Hey! I remember you, you were the girl from the supermarket!”
  • You awkwardly smiled and agreed, he felt bad and wanted to repay you, so he grabs your arm -even though you’ve protested, it went into one ear and out the other- and stops you in front of a vending machine, “Pick one!” he smiles cutely.
  • After many futile attempts of stopping him from buying you a drink, he presses a button and a drink falls down, Shocked, that was your favorite drink. “How did you know that was the drink I like, Minhyun?”
  • “I- i don’t know? My hand just automatically pressed it..” His heart(?) remembers me..just gotta work on his mind. Confidence, UP!
  • You spilled your guts to him, told him evERYTHING. How you two were the best of friends, others were jealous of your friendship. How the both of you have made so many enemies, some tried to sabotage your friendship, but nothing can break the royal friendship between you two. 
  • Sadly, he doesn’t remember any of them. Nothing, nada, nah, no. ))):
  • You see a staff running towards your direction yelling that it’s almost your turn; turning to where Minhyun was sitting at, you see that he’s in the midst of his thoughts (he’s having flashybackys, he’s getting his memoriES BACK)
  • Not wanting to disturb him, you walk away to get ready for your performance.
  • You’re a solo artist AND the last one to perform, so that makes things more nerve-wracking. Everyone will be able to notice every. little. mistake you make. 
  • Trying to calm your racing heart, and failing miserably at that, you try to think of calming thoughts. However, the only thing you can think of is Minhyun nOT remembering you.
  • Shaky breaths, sweaty palms, racing heart, taking step by step up the stage, you feel a hand stop you. A familiar touch on your arm, Minhyun. 
  • “Hey, Y/N! Good luck out there, you can do it! Remember? We’ll meet on music shows, and we’ll always stay by each other’s side.‘Hyping each other up, doing what best friends do! Nothing will ever change that, trust the emperor.’ “Let’s hang out soon, we have a lot of catching up to do. MY BESTIE FIGHTING!”
  • He remembers. He.. he remembers! Stepping onto stage, in front of screaming fans, you perform with the biggest smile. All worries, disappeared.

unedited! this took awhile omg jakfjdna im such a procrastinator-

im very emo right now, i couldn’t really add angst into this.. or make this fluffy… BUT I MADE IT A HAPPY ENDING- it counts right… OTL

hoyaaaaaa TT^TT

i hope you like this, like really. i really really really (winner hAH) do ♡

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hey, do you know if there are any fics based of this dan tweet (old) which says he and phil spent like three hours looking for a squealing mouse on their house only to realise it was only a bottle of fanta releasing it's fizz followed by a pic of cosmo and wanda, from faily odd parents that read "we're two halves of a whole idiot"? please and thank :)

I tried a quick google and ao3 search, but I couldn’t find one, so I don’t think there is :(

- Elizajane

Can someone help me? I saw someone reply to a cute fluffy egobang ask they received but instead of using the regular peeps they used Arin and Dan from my au! And it was cute !! They tagged me in it but i saw the post on my other blog and bc tumblr movile is just BAD, i cant find it mentioned anywhere in my activity (if its an old post that would explain why)

I cant remember the url but im 95% sure it had grumpy in the title. The anon was asking for fluffy egobang and they responded w a pic of Dan huggin tiger!arin from behind. Ive been searching for like an hour since ive been on this blog and i regret forgetting to message to post to myself 😩😩😩If u can find it, pls msg me the post, i wanna gush about it and queue it for tomorrow afternoon

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If it's alright, I'd like to request Blaze sporting the most 90s-riffic clothing you can possibly imagine.

Ok, so I was born and raised during the 2000s/10s, so I had absolutely no ideas coming to mind for this. So with that non-existent train of thought, I spent about half an hour just searching up 90s fashion and references for this pic. 

A red scrunchie and the flame leggings were no brainers to me, and from there I just brought together a lot of shit that probably doesn’t even look nice XD 

I don’t have an eye for ‘fashion’ in general, so I have probably failed you on so many levels dear requester. But I do hope that you can accept my humble attempt nonetheless. 


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Hi! Have you seen new Liams shirtless photo? His beard grew a freaking lot in 24 hours since cheriam photo. And landscape behind is like in LA.


I thought the same thing re the beard. This can only mean one thing:

  • the Chiam pic was taken (or “taken”) a while ago and it was only posted yesterday to make us think that they’re together right now;
  • Liam’s face was cold so he searched tutorials on how to grow your beard faster and evidently he was successful;
  • Liam is a wizard and his beard is magical;
  • Liam shaved his chest but didn’t want to throw it away so his beard absorbed it.

Which one is the most likely to be true?

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how many hours does it take to search up all the artworks for the Art Pack? BTW, any updates like new art etc.?

I saved them along the months, as crew members posted them, so the effort was very spread out in time. Took me a decent amount of hours to properly rename and organize all the pics before sharing the pack, though. I added a couple of backgrounds last week (from this post)

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Hey, remember that AU where heroes have lost their powers and Nightwing is an unwitting soldier for a fascist regime? And how he has a superpowered son that everyone is after? Turns out he's Starfire's son. You got another bubba to write about.

Is it Starfire’s son?? I’ve been searching online for pics or panels for about an hour to see if its confirmed. Like despite the overall story line; love me a dickkory bubby. So is Jake really hers then??

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If someone were to be planning a visit to LA soon, what would be some recommendations that you have on things to do? For touristy and non-touristy things alike :)




  • go to hollywood boulevard and walk around. go see how many movie stars you can find on the walk of fame. go see the chinese theater with all the handprints in the cement. take corny pictures with the cosplayers on the sidewalk. its vair fun okay pleathe. 
  • SANTA MONICA PIER. go at around sunset and walk on the pier/beach and then watch the sun go down and feel SO GlAD YOU DID. 
  • Griffith Observatory! Home of the Infamous La La Land ballroom-dance-among-the-stars scene. Also excellent view of the city. 
  • If you like hiking, hiking to see the Hollyweed Hollywood sign! It’s a nice hike in winter/early morning and the view is gorgeous! 
  • If you like shopping but do not have the budget for Beverly Hills, the Downtown Fashion/Garment district is RICH with latino culture (taco! trucks!) and super fucking cheap clothes. Bring cash and go wild my friend. 
  • The Grove/Farmer’s Market on Fairfax. My old stomping ground since childhood. They’ve got every sort of cuisine imaginable at the farmer’s market (LOVE YOURSELF AND GET SOME PIZZA FROM PATSY D’AMORES) (where celebrities are rumored to frequent!) and then the Grove next door is a pretty outdoor mall where you can listen to jazz music outdoors and watch the fountain show (also most notably home to: the american girl doll store as well as super bougey stores where people bring their dogs while they shop.)
  • If you like amusement parks/have the budget: we’ve got Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal in Studio City area. They also give studio tours there of all the backlots, super cool! Also six flags magic mountain if you love coasters. 


  • love yourself and go get some goddamn boba tea. my lifeblood. i would die for boba tea. my personal favorite flavors: almond milk tea and passionfruit green tea w/ boba. can be found pretty much anywhere in LA, but be sure you go to ones that are Legit. 
  • Sushi. ok people say they’ve had sushi because u can get it anywhere these days but sushi from california is sO MUCH BETTER JUST TRUST ME, AN LA HEAUX. suggested places: crazy rockin sushi on Formosa Ave. Super busy, but SO FUCKING CHEAP for how much sushi you can get. go during happy hour. you will not regret. 
  • Korean bbq. Another thing you can find pretty much anywhere in k-town if you yelp locally. You have not lived until you’ve had k-bbq. 
  • There are a lot of local movie theaters such as the Sundance Theater that do cheap movie nights or re-screenings of classics. LA loves movies so if you search and find what’s playing that week, it’s a nice way to relive the classics or see indie films that aren’t widely circulated in major cities (ie, non blockbuster films). 
  • few people actually enjoy this but if you’re like me aka a slut for scenic driving, driving up the coast to Malibu, Ventura, or basically any distance up the PCH is gorgeous. Breathe that sea air. pull over to zuma beach and go take beach ho pics. 18/10 promise you’ll discover a whole new love for all things california (as long as you avoid rush hour traffic  r i p ). 
  • California Science Center/Museum of Natural History! Located in exposition park across from USC (ayyyyyyyyy), you can metro there and go see dinosaurs and other cool things. There’s a pixar ehibit there rn! And it’s next to usc if you wanna go idk tour a college campus or see if Viola Davis is there filming how to get away with murder (she is. all the time. 2 blocks from campus. boi i die.)
  • If you like art museums: The Getty Center or LACMA are gorgeous. 
  • Urth Cafe. The Peak of LA Hipster Culture complete with latte foam art and ridiculously priced salads. A fun place to chill if you’re looking for downtime, multiple locations around town. 
  • Amoeba Records! In hollywood! Awesome rad ass gigANTIC RECORD STORE. Seen in lots of movies. Do it. Worth it. 
  • THE LAST BOOKSTORE in DTLA. A gigantic fuckin labyrinth of a used bookstore. Fun and cool and even if you don’t want books, it’s cool just to see it. 
  • Blue Plate Restuarant in Santa Monica. (not to be confused with blue plate oysterette). Order their mac n cheese. You will thank me. 
  • Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, famous library and beautiful scenery. A bit of a distance from LA but worth it.
  • If you like theater, go see a show! The theater community is really alive here in LA, and spread out all over the place.  
  • This might seem weird but tbh fun there are a lot of Super Fancy Salons ///where the stars go/// that do groupons for haircuts/dye jobs and you can get what is usually a $200 haircut for like $45 bucks? Which is not necessarily /la life/ but let me tell you one time i paid 20 bucks for a groupon haircut and they served me a mimosa while they cut my hair my dude it was a truly wild experience and i loved it 
  • Honestly just go to one of the areas like Larchmont Boulevard or Studio City or Beverly Hills Drive or Old Pasadena and walk around. If not to shop just to see the cool architecture and cutesy shops. Enjoy that cali sun :)
  • ALSO COOL BARS IF YOU LIKE DRINKING: Mrs. Fish (fish in the ceiling and live music? hell yes!), The Edison (a 1940s dress up JAZZ CLUB) , Clifton’s (another period bar with a slightly less strict dress code!), The Perch (ON A SKYSCRAPER ROOFTOP) & AKBAR (hollywood gay bar/tiny club. wednesday nights are lesbian nights, from what i’ve heard. super fun and chill if u wanna go somewhere to drink and be gay!)
lvtsoulstice replied to your post “Now I’m thinking I want to try my hand at cadaver detection with my…”

Oh man i read a book about cadaver dog stuff by a lady named cat warren i think, she had a gsd but there were a lot of diff breeds that participated in it, i know there was a pic of border collie. Are you just looking for dogs with stronger work ethic? I feel like nosework stuff can include such a range of breeds that can excel at it

For this I believe you’d want a dog who:
-can and will work in any weather
-not fussy about walking on various surfaces
-can and will work for hours at a time – all day or all night if need be
-desire to search/promise of reward is stronger than distractions of deer poop, squirrels, chicken bones in the trash, etc

so while any dog that can smell can do nosework (and it’s great for so many dogs!), not many pugs could excel at doing HRD or SAR. As it’s someone’s life or the finding of their body on the line, you want the best you can get on the job.

The list is also limited by dogs I’d want to own, so while labs and hounds can certainly do HRD and SAR, I don’t want one. :)

Border collies are also tentatively on the list (I am even in contact with someone who’s breeding their SAR BC next year), but as I’m hoping to move out I may lean towards something a little more intimidating as I will be living the heck alone as I think the anxiety of a random break in is less than the anxiety of my possible roommate leaving pot brownies on the counter or something

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Where do you find your pictures? The ones that aren't Juggie or Betty but really could be!

Google lol I’ll just put in a random description like…..blonde girl and dark haired guy kissing…..or making out…..or sitting on bench…..stuff like that…..then I hit “images” when the search is done…..and then I scroll pics for what seems like hours sometimes till I find the right one


I like to think of her peacefully/happily playing with water. c:

Barely able to upload it, took a few weeks to make.
(not sure hours compiled since I was actually drawing this casually on the side of something else) Full size version can be found on my Tumblr, would link but it omits me from searches. (Username is Krystami)

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Hi, I wanted to say that I love your aesthetics boards on Pinterest. It takes me hours to find fitting pics for my boards. Do you have a method of searching for every picture or do you just find them randomly?

Thank you c: 

Most of the time i’m going through like my recommended posts bit (I can’t remember what it’s called, but like, the home page) and just sorting through what I find there, but if I’m trying to find something specific usually if you just type ‘aesthetic’ after whatever you’re looking for in the search bar you get a ton of really pretty things

For example, ‘forest aesthetic’ (which is always a good source for wood elves)