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I mean, it's not like Tord told you about Edd, and you wouldn't know if he screwed with your mind... just saying.

Tom: I guess I wouldn’t know - I mean I can’t see my brain. But even though he’s done all kinds of shit to me, he was still my friend once, both of us remember that - at least a little. He wouldn’t do that to me, I’m almost certain.

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21 please!

oooh interesting hahaha

21. “He’s a bad kisser.”

“Ah shit!” Isak groaned throwing his head back as he threw his keys on his bedside table and dropped his bag. 

Even looked up at the frustrated boy in alert “What? what is it?” 

“Jonas has my phone.” Isak moaned into his hands. 

Even shook his head “why…why would Jonas have your phone? is there literally anything you guys don’t share?” 

“Even the only thing you are wearing right now that isn’t mine is your underwear.” 


Isak screwed up his face “Eveeeeen” 

Even’s beautiful laugh filled the room as his eyes squinted up in slits “Kidding!” 

Isak blushed and smiled, an involuntary reaction whenever Even did that. 

Anyway, Jonas has my phone because he took it away when I kept texting you instead of listening to his rants about soft and hard tacos.” 

Even nodded “sounds like an interesting debate. on one hand the soft shell is easier to eat, but the hard shell adds an interesting authenticity that you just can’t-” 

“Oh my god stop!” Isak laughed. 

Even pursed his lips and tugged at Isak’s hip “can we go get tacos?” 

Isak smiled and shook his head “You are so random. We can if you give me your phone so I can text Jonas and tell him to bring my phone to school tomorrow.” 

“Anything for the man of my life.” Even replied, handing him his phone. 

Isak rolled his eyes, his cheeks hurting from all the smiling Even always got out of him.

“I’ll go get my jacket.” Even said, heading to the living room. 

“you mean my jacket” Isak laughed. 

he went into the messages to find Jonas’s name when he saw something he couldn’t unsee. 

There was a message to a number that hadn’t been added to contacts. Isak squinted at the message, his heart pumping hard. 


Yeah i’m seeing him again tomorrow. He is really sweet and everything but he is a baaad kisser. But yeah I’ll call you tonight :)

Isak felt his heart sink into his stomach, and his fingers instinctively touch his lips. Was he really a bad kisser?? he always thought Even was happy whenever they were intimate. But maybe, maybe it was all a lie? Then what else is a lie? Isak felt sick. 

“Hey baby you ready to go?” Even called from the living room and Isak swallowed his emotion. He wasn’t meant to see this. He will just try to forget about it. 

But of course he didn’t, he ended up staying up all night wondering if this whole time he was doing everything wrong. Why was Even still with him if he was bad at everything? What was the point? 

The next day he showed up to school grumpy and Jonas noticed. 

“What the hell is up with you? I gave you your phone back.” 

Isak grunted. 

“Okay speak up” mahdi said, all the boys leaning towards Isak, ready to listen to his problem. 

“Even thinks i’m a bad kisser.” 

Magnus laughed and Jonas furrowed his brows. “he said that?” 

“No he texted it to someone.” 

“Isaaak” Mahdi shook his head in disapproval. 

“I didn’t mean to see it! It was just there.” 

“Well who did he say it to?” 

“I don’t know, there was no contact name.” 

Jonas dismissed it with his hand “it’s probably nothing”

“NOTHING??? My boyfriend hates me!” 

“Even loves you.” Magnus stated shaking his head. 

“He basically kisses the ground you walk on” Mahdi agreed. 

“But my kissing!” 

Jonas shrugged “It’s just one thing.” 

Magnus nodded “Yeah he loves you despite your terrible kissing skill. that’s sweet.” 

Isak glared at him. 

“What? it is is! I mean you can’t all be pros like me” Magnus grinned smugly. 

The boys all looked at him unconvinced. 

“It’s true! Vilde can’t get enough. She is obsessed. I mean I could teach you some tricks if you like Isak” 

Isak screwed up his face “No thanks Magnus.” 

“what? I don’t mind. Your my friend. Theres nothing wrong with a friend showing another friend how to kiss.” 

Mahdi laughed, Jonas shook his head “You are seriously deranged Magnus.” 

“Okay so i’m gonna go. Sorry Magnus. I’m still not going to hook up with you.” Isak said walking away. 

“I don’t- that’s not- Guyyyys!” 

That night Even and Isak were snuggled up watching a movie when Even kissed Isak’s neck. he tensed up. The anxiety creeping up his body. Oh no. All he could think was how bad he was at kissing and how much it must disappoint Even. 

Even pressed his lips against Isak’s and Isak just sat there, unresponsive. 

Even pulled back confused 

“Baby what’s wrong? Are you upset.” 

Isak crossed his arms “I just, I don’t feel like doing anything.” 

Even nodded “Okay. That’s okay.” he smiled and wrapped his arms around Isak. 

Okay now Isak was mad. Even gave up way too easily. He must be relieved! Isak is a bad kisser. 

He shook off Even’s arm and lifted his head up. 

“Okay.. talk to me.” Even said, closing the laptop. 

“Well why did you give up so easily? Are you? Are you grossed out by me?” 

Even looked at him blankly “What? Isak what are you talking about?” 

“You think I’m a bad kisser.” 

Even laughed “baby, you are the best kisser in the world.” He raised his eyebrows “I’ve taught you everything you know.” 

“You’re lying.” 

Even’s eyes became concerned and he took Isak’s hands in his. “Isak I love every single part of you. I can’t even be in the same room without wanting to jump you. Your kisses send me to paradise.” he kissed his knuckles. “What is this really about? Tell me.” 

Isak finally caved “I saw your message. on your phone.” Even didn’t react so he elaborated “it said “he is really sweet but he is a bad kisser.” 

Even was confused and then he smiled “And you thought it was about you? Oh baby you’re everything but sweet.” he winked, poorly. 

Isak scrunched his brows “Then…who were you talking about?” he found the biggest fear hitting him hard in his chest. Was Even cheating?

“I don’t know, I didn’t write it.” Even said nonchalantly

Isak felt relief flood through him. 

“Then who did?” 

Even laughed and when realisation hit him “Oh my god! Vilde borrowed my phone when I was helping her plan Kosegruppa last night because hers were flat. She wanted to text Eva” 

Isak smiled brightly “So it was about Magnus.” 

The laughter consumed him and Even kissed his forehead with his smile. 

“Baby whenever you think you are a bad kisser, just come to me so I can prove you wrong.” 

and then his lips were on Isak’s and everything disappeared. 

No. This wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. 

I hope this was okay <3 

Are You Flirting With Me?

Paring: Roman Reigns X reader
Rating: Teen? (There’s kissing, and implied pants-off stuff)
Length: 2.2k, long
Type: Request from @m-a-t-91 from forever ago (I’ll get better at request, I promise)
Warnings: Major fluffiness, comments about weight/fat, body image issues, poor self-esteem

Summary: Roman flirts with a new person, (y/n) backstage.

A/N: I tried very hard to make the reader gender neutral. It won’t always be possible, but I’ll make sure to have a gender neutral fic here and there. As always, thank you for reading! I genuinely appreciate your comments and feed back!

Working backstage during a WWE live show was an absolute circus. You were in one place when three different people would request your presence in five other places and that was just when you arrived.

Looking through different check lists, making phone call after phone call, and trying to tune your headset to the right frequency were manageable when you didn’t have to do them all at once. But this was your job now, and you kind of just had to /do it/.

After the show started, things settled down. Not so much at one time, but still hectic. Get Charlotte here. Seth needs something there. Don’t forget the props for New Day’s entrance. That kind of stuff was your purview as a talent liaison. You were a go-fer for the superstars.

As you caught your breath in a corner near the end of the night, you realized you were standing right next to Roman Reigns. He was a friendly guy. You two chatted it up in the halls quite a bit, but he intimidated you. He was talented, handsome as hell, and huge. Well, huge compared to you.

“Hey, baby, slow down. I see they got you runnin’ again tonight.” He smiled at you. Your heart jumped a bit.

“Yeah, I’m worried they think I’m getting fat or something, making me sprint like this… kinda seems like it,” you joked, hoping you didn’t sound lame.

“I think you look just right,” he shrugged, looking you over. ‘Oh, shit. Can he not do that?’ You thought, having to hold your knees a little tighter so you didn’t just melt.

“Thanks,” you smiled, trying to think of an excuse to leave, but the show was wrapping up and after that there wasn’t much to do.

“Have you eaten?” He asked. You frowned in thought. You hadn’t had anything since lunch.

“No, but-”

“There’s a great twenty-four hour joint right on the edge of town. Dean-o and I used to hit it up after shows here. Seeing as he’s on the blue brand now, I don’t have anyone to go with. Wanna come with me?”

“I’ve got stuff-”

“Hey, if you don’t want to go, I guess I can go alone.” He said, making his best puppy dog face at you, and damn if it wasn’t working.

“I, um,” you said, trying to think straight.

“Come on, y/n,” he pleaded. You were utterly shocked he knew your name, but a small part of you was doing your happy dance. “I won a hard fought match tonight and I just want to eat some good food across from a beautiful person.”

“I can try and find Tyler Breeze for you, but I think he already left.” You joked, defecting the compliment. Roman laughed out loud, and it made your soul sing.

“Not Tyler, you baby. What do you say?”
“Okay, that was some of the best diner food I’ve ever had,” you admitted as you and Roman walked back to his rental. You never rode with Talent, with a capital T. This was the first time, and it was just as fun as riding with the other liaisons. Actually more so. There wasn’t really any “shop talk” between you two. Other than making fun of Vince’s head set tirades. Roman confessed that sometimes when he was on commentary and Vince was going off he had to cover his smile with a hand.

“I told you it was a good place,” he said, sliding in the driver’s seat with predatory grace. “You staying at the same hotel as us?” He asked, starting the car.

“No, no,” you said, checking your email for your room confirmation. There wasn’t one. You scrolled through your emails again, and then checked all the deleted ones. “Turns out I might not have a room.”

“You didn’t book one?” He asked, turning back onto the road that led to the highway.

“I don’t know. Do you mind if I make a call? I know it’s rude in a car, but-” you were starting to freak out. It was a holiday weekend in a coastal city. If you hadn’t booked in advance you were screwed.

“I don’t mind.” He said, glancing your way with concern.
“Okay, nope, shit, fuck,” you said after hanging up with the last hotel in your destination city. “I don’t have a room. I guess I’m staying on someone’s floor.”

“Not after the day you had,” he scoffed. “Stay with me.”

You felt your whole body get hot. You could barely be in a car with this man, you couldn’t share a room with him. You would explode into hot pink flames just thinking about it too much.

“That’s very nice, Roman, but-” you tried, but he cut you off.

“No buts.” He said firmly. His voice making you shiver.

“Why?” You asked, feeling a little braver around him than usual. He invited you to dinner. Offered his room to you. You figured you were allowed to be curious at this point. You waited on baited breath for his answer.

“Because I’ve decided to be a very good friend of yours,” he said all smiley. You smiled back, feeling more comfortable and therefore impish.

“As long as it’s a one way street, Reigns, I’m fine with that.” You said, making him laugh again. You loved making people laugh, but making Roman laugh was kind of the best.

“Oh, but it’s not,” he said in mock seriousness.

“What?! I have to be a very good friend of yours back!? Ew!” You strained your voice to make it sound like a terrible request. A horrific burden. He chuckled knowingly. A smile jumped to the corners of your mouth at hearing his mirth and seeing the corners of his eyes crinkle.

“Yes. A very good friend of mine. Emphasis on very,” he turned to you just a bit so you could see him wink.

“Roman!” You cried, laughing and swatting his arm. Every inch of you felt warm with embarrassment.

“Hey! I’m driving here!” He laughed, pushing your hand away.

“And I’m just trying to live!” You giggled back, resisting his push a little. The two of you almost holding hands.

Suddenly, you realized those touches were the first time you’d touched each other. Then you realized just how flirtatious those touches had been. Was it your imagination, or had all of this been flirting? Certainly it was flirting on your part. He was so goddam handsome. But was it possible he was flirting with you? For weeks you brushed it off as wishful thinking, but now…

“So…? Music?” He asked, reaching for the media cord.

“Hit me with the jams, Reigns,” you said, thanking God that he was turning on music. That would give you time to think.
“I can’t believe you knew every word. Like, every fucking word!” Roman said, as he went to the trunk of the rental to grab your bags. You followed, smiling ear to ear. “If I hadn’t been driving, some of that would be on SnapChat right now.”

The two of you had just listened to the music for a while before it became carpool karaoke. And super fun, no judgment, no holds barred carpool karaoke, at that. Forgotten lyrics, cracked voices and all. He was so much more chill than you had originally guessed. You could just be you around him and he could just be him.

Right in that half hour space between the first sing along and arrival at the hotel, all pretense and unease left the two of you. It was nice. Easy. Relaxing. Wonderful.
“Which side of the bed do you usually sleep on?” He asked as you laid your stuff by the couch.

“The middle side, Reigns. I’m single,” you laughed.

“I’m serious,” he smiled. “I don’t have a preferred side. You can pick which one you want.”

“Wait,” you said as your mind came to a full stop. “Are we sharing the bed?”

“Do you see another bed?” He asked, quirking his eyebrow.

“There’s a couch right here,” you gestured to said couch. 'Couch.’ 'I will have couch.’ 'I will sleep couch.’ 'Couch.’ Your Brain was being really goddam helpful in this terrifying, yet thrilling, moment of confusion and realization.

“There’s a bed right here,” Roman gestured to said bed. You felt your knees go weak again. This man had some sort of power of you, and you knew what it was before, but now it was different.

Before it was muscles, and hair, and voice, and smile, and eyes. Now it was Roman. All of him, all at once.

“You want to sleep next to me? In the bed?” You asked, as he stepped over to you.

His hands gently found purchase on your shoulders, and you sighed at the touch. His broad palms and strong fingers felt right on you.

“I want to do more than that,” he spoke quietly. “In the bed.” You felt heat radiate from your whole body, but your analytical mind needed more than your body did.

“Are you flirting with me?” You asked, looking up at him.

“You can stop with the jokes now, y/n,” he chuckled. You simply shook your head. His soulful brown eyes changed in an instant. “It’s not a joke?”

“I- No? It’s not a joke. I’m not used to- People like you and people like me- We don’t…” you tried to explain yourself.

“People like me?” He said, looking a bit lost. Kind of sad actually. You had to make this better, and quick. So you just started blurting things.

“You’re very attractive. You’re like super-duper handsome, and I’m just me. I know you like me. Like who I am inside, and stuff.” Way to be articulate, you scolded yourself sarcastically. “But I’m not top notch, super-duper, crazy attractive like you. So, I guess, I just thought I was attracted to you and it wasn’t mutual. What I mean is- When I said 'people like you’ I didn’t mean vain or shallow or superficial, I mean very very very VERY pretty people. And people like that aren’t usually attracted to people like me. That’s all I meant.” You stood in silence for a moment aghast that all of that had just spilled out of you.

“Holy shit,” Roman said, putting his hands on your upper arms in mock support. “Breathe.”

“You got it,” you nodded quickly.

“To answer your question from before, yes. I have been flirting with you tonight. Basically since you started working for the company, I’ve been flirting with you,” he explained. “At first it was because of how you look, but then it was because of who you are. I like you. A lot.”

“Score,” you said blankly, making him laugh again.

“It’s stuff like that. These little things you do that just fucking tickle me. You’re a goofball. You’re light hearted. You like to make people laugh. You’re genuine and humble and smart.” The compliments didn’t stop and you did your best to just take all of it in. You knew it would be rude to interrupt him. “There are lots of very, very pretty people in this world. You included.” You blushed and look away at that, biting your lip to keep protests at bay. He continued.

“But do you know how many times I’ve met a pretty person who was bright and funny and sweet?” He asked you, and you looked at him again. He was very serious right now. Your instinct was to make a joke, but you knew what he wanted you to say, so you said it.


“Just once,” he said, brushing your hair off your forehead. “Just you.”

You didn’t know what to say. What did someone say after hearing something like that? You supposed… thank you.

You inched closer to him.

'Thank you for seeing me.’ You thought.

He leaned down to you.

'Thank you for getting to know me.’ Your heart sang.

You closed your eyes.

“Thank you for telling me,” you whispered just as your lips met. The kiss was soft, but strong. Emotions flooded your whole body as his arms wrapped around it. As your lips parted, you opened your eyes and saw he was staring at you.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled, resting his forehead on yours as you embraced.

“But, Roman,” you said as your brain became capable of thought again. “You know two people like that. There’s another person you know that’s gorgeous and smart and silly and kind,” you said, wrapping your fingers around a lock of his hair. “It’s you.” You kissed his cheek. “It’s you too, babe.”

He leaned back and smiled at you, shaking his head. “It’s just like you to say something like that.”

“Just say thank you and take the compliment,” you smiled, taking his lips again in a quick, sweet kiss. “Can’t be humble all the time, Reigns.”

“You’re right,” he smiled at you deviously. “Now let me brag about what I can do to you, so I can back it up later.”

You laughed, but quieted quickly so you could listen. Reigns was flirting with you and you didn’t want to miss a second.

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((Since none of the treatments are working so far and there’s a possibility that healing will take 6+ months I’ve decided to practice drawing with my left hand. So of course I needed something to practice on so I drew some of the Pokemon from Dailyblogs (and completely butchered them lmao screw drawing with your left hand)!
I hope you don’t mind that I used them ;-;

Featuring mons from @dailyshinycutiefly, @daily-sneaselandarkrai, @marshie-daily, and @ask-backpack-hypno! And of course Ramona as well as an unnamed spiritomb that I was gonna make a blog for before all this happened))

Lucille’s Niece

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Summary: After Negan finally reunites with you, Lucille’s long lost niece, he let’s you stay in his sanctuary with him. You become fearful yet angry with the way he’s became after Lucille’s passing. You two get into a fight and he becomes jealous after he see’s one of his men chatting with you.

Warnings: Language, Negan’s vulgarness.

“Raise and shine, squirt.” Negan’s husky, energetic voice echoed throughout the sanctuary’s narrow hallway causing you to roll your eyes in annoyance. He opened your door with his bat he named after your aunt Lucille in his hand, which you found totally disrespectful and ridiculous, and a huge toothy grin plastered along his bearded face.

You sat facing him in bed with a pout. “Squirt? Negan, that’s what children are called. I’m twenty four. Anyways, what are you doing in here so early? I don’t work for points like everyone else.” You slipped your denim jeans over your boy shorts causing him to quickly clear his throat turn his head the opposite direction, then his chocolate brown eyes slyly skimmed towards the mirror above you two, watching you dress.

Your rosy cheeks redden even more as you caught him, noticing his eyes quickly bounce from the mirror towards you once you became fully dressed. To tell the cold hard truth, you were extremely attracted to Negan but you felt guilty knowing he was married to your aunt and how much she loved him. You felt disgusted when he pranced proudly throughout the sanctuary with one of his wives. Of course Lucille would have wanted him happy but he’s not. He harms people for a living.

“I am aware of that shit, darling. Lucille would always just..” He took a lengthy breath as memories flashed through his mind. “She would always call you that. Anyways, I know you don’t work for points and remember, I can always make your ass get up and work for it.”

You laughed in amusement at his reply, “Oh yeah? I know you won’t, Negan. Lucille wouldn’t have liked her niece working her ass off for you. Honestly, she wouldn’t like you’re running some whore house like this either. I’m sick of hearing that damn bed frame slam against that wall from different directions each night. I can’t get no sleep.” You covered your ears in protection as you cringed at the thought.

His eyes darkened in anger as he clenched his fists, furiously pinning you against the wall causing your breathing to become heavier. “Whore house, hm? Well, this fucking whore house is your home and you should appreciate I let your ass sleep in this nice ass room and not in some cell and Easy Street not playing on loop for hours. You got this shit good. It seems to me like you’re just jealous.” He exclaimed, facing you with a twisted smirk.

You scoffed at his assumption, quickly becoming putty in his strong arms. “Jealous? Why? You were my aunt’s husband. That’s weird.” You mislead him, gulping as you felt a lump form in your throat.

A smirk toyed onto his pink lips as he leaned in towards you, his hands rested above you; trapping you . “Not anymore doll.” Your heart raced as his lips were only a few inches from yours. Your immediate reaction was to shut your eyes, ready to feel whatever this man had to deliver to you.

“Sweetheart,” He purred sensually making butterflies form in the pit of your stomach. “What Negan?” You responded seductively with your eyes remained closed.

“Go clean up the kitchen. It’s dirty as shit.” He chuckled in amusement, gesturing towards the exit making you feel humiliated.

“Asshole. ”You pursed your lips, rolling your eyes as you waltz out the door.

You scrubbed the corner of the countertop, quickly bringing your hand to your forehead and wiping beads of sweat that dripped down your face.

Of course Negan had to fool you into thinking he wanted you, almost kissing you and you almost wanting it. You felt sick to your stomach, like you never wanted to face him again. Now you were positive you had to work for points like everyone else. You so wanted Lucille to raise from the grave and stomp his ass.

“Negan finally making you work for points, sweetie?’ Dr. Carson inquired with a grin as he placed his hand in his white coat pocket, leaning against the counter.

You snickered, biting your tongue to hold back from saying something you’d regret. “I guess so, Doc.”

Your eyes traveled towards the top of the stairs where Negan stood at the ledge with one of his wives, him whispering into her ear while she giggled at whatever vulgar things he had to say while his eyes were locked on yours. You quickly looked away, facing Dr. Carson again.

‘Well, it was nice talking to you Dr. Carson.” You dismissed him with a polite smile. “Wait,” He suddenly stopped you as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a lollipop. “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t have to work for points.”

You laughed at his playfulness, taking the sugary treat after thanking him and placing it into your mouth.

Negan clenched his jaw as he watched the two of you. Even though it was completely innocent and Dr. Carson was only being polite as always, Negan was pissed at the idea of another man receiving your attention at the sanctuary. Jealously burned within him. Even though he told you he suspected you were jealous, it was him the whole time.

You watched as he pushed past several people and towards the fire place where he would iron someone’s face for punishment. Dozens kneeled before him as you followed along in the front where you saw Dr. Carson also kneel. He raised Lucille which gestured everyone to stand which made you feel as if you were going to vomit. Who angered him today? Everyone acted the same as usual but with Negan, any little thing will cause a switch to turn on and him become psychotic.

He pointed Lucille towards you causing you to swallow nervously. “You are going to want to pay close attention to this.” He quickly swung Lucille against Dr. Carson’s upper body causing him to groan loudly in pain and fall to the floor in agony.

You instantly gasped, quickly covering your mouth with your hands. “Negan, no! Stop!” You pleaded with tears in your eyes.

You watched as he glared at you, gesturing his men to force Dr. Carson to stand. “I didn’t do anything.” Dr. Carson croaked, out of breath.

Negan furrowed his eyebrows, “I saw you speaking to (Y/N) and giving her a little treat. You know, I don’t tolerate creeps like you preying on younger women. Especially ones motherfucking close to me.”

“I wasn’t do anything. Just being nice. She was working and looked tired.” He answered with his voice shaking in fear.

Oh, is that right?” Negan replied before injuring him once more as he beat him.

Your lip quivered as you watched the scene play before your eyes. “Negan, he didn’t do anything!”

He placed Lucille onto the floor as Dwight handed him the steaming hot iron making you whimper as Dr. Carson pleaded for his life. “There’s plenty of women your age at this motherfucking place and you choose my fucking dead wife’s niece?! That is some weasly shit right there.”

The iron was only a few inches away from Dr. Carson’s causing him to cry out. “Please don’t hurt me! Please!”

Negan groaned in dissatisfaction. “You know I hate this shit. Just tell me you did it and you’re sorry and I don’t have to do this.”

“I did it. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He sobbed in fear of his life causing you to feel as if you were going to faint at the scene in front of you.

You and the others watched in suspense as he slowly lowered the iron causing a sigh of relief to escape from your full lips.

Negan grinned happily as he placed a fake sympathetic arm along his shoulder. “That’s all you had to say. That is all you had to say.”

His eyes met yours for a couple seconds and you slightly smiled to show him his decision was right.

He returned the grin and out of nowhere, grabbing Dr. Carson and pushing him into the fire where he burned in agony causing you to scream in fright and falling to your knees at the gruesome scene.

The smell of flesh glided up your nostrils as he burned making you become lightheaded. “Negan.” You whimpered as he grabbed you and placed you over his shoulder. You softly sobbed as he lead you to your room where he placed you on your bed where you sat with tears in your eyes.

“You’re a fucking monster. He wasn’t hitting on me. He was only being a nice fucking person. You should be learning from him, Negan. But you’re a sad damn man after Lucille died and she wouldn’t be proud of this shit. You know that Negan. Stop acting like you don’t give a fuck about anything. Like all of those people you killed, all that matters, doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s bullshit.” You shouted angrily as he became closer to your face.

“I don’t give a fuck about anything? I took your ass in and let you stay here. I have no remorse for those I’ve killed. They all deserved it.” He spat through gritted teeth.

You instantly jumped from bed and pressed your body against his with your finger pointed at his broad chest. ‘Not Dr. Carson.”

He chuckled in amusement, lowering his hand and placing it along your waist. “Like you never killed someone.”

You instantly shook your head with tears in your eyes. “I never would kill someone, Negan. You are not happy. Is there anything that makes you happy?”

“Screwing my wives.”

“Never mind. I don’t care.” You shook your head in disgust as you walked out the door until his voice stopped you.

“Wait, Listen, you make me happy. Ever since I found you. I don’t give a shit if no one likes the idea of this. But I want you, doll. Fuck, you’re so beautiful and have such a shitty attitude. You remind me so much of Lucille, but that’s not why I want you.” You felt his hands snake up your torso. “Do you want me?”

You bit your bottom lip as your eyes met his. “I.. I do. I just feel like it’s wrong but I’m attracted to you.” You brought your fingers up to his chest and rubbed the exposed skin causing him to groan in satisfaction.

“It’s not wrong. We’re both consenting adults, baby doll. Tell me what you want.’ You felt his lips trail along the lobe of your ear causing you to clench your fists at your sides, trying to resist his temptation.

Kiss me.”’ You finally answered, his lips instantly brushing against yours passionately.

“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.” He responded with his nails digging into your flesh as you gripped his hair through the kiss, smirking against his lips. “I know.”

He blissfully placed open mouth kisses along your neck. “I am sorry for everything, doll. Just stay with me.”

You quickly nodded as you locked your door. “I’m not leaving, Negan.”

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The thing about safe vore

I know some people have already abandoned this post solely based on one of the words in the title. Some left because of the word “vore”. Others left because of the word “safe”.

Let me just say, I’m vore fluff garbage and in not much of a stance to judge people who keep to themselves and their own circles- What this post is about is the ones who refuse to keep it in. The ones who drag death into everything. Those who trod all over the people like me who are repulsed by such death.

What they fail to realize is that this is some people’s safe place. Their happy place. I, personally, comfort myself to sleep by imagining safe vore. It’s where I escape to in my head when the world around me is bearing down and crushing me under pressure. I share this, and much more, with many fans of safe vore.

People who like fatal, if they know what they’re doing, will try to respect the boundaries of more sensitive people. If they don’t, they’ll do all they can to force their views in others’ faces, leaving only themselves happy in the end. They’ll take beautiful work and dribble blood (or worse) all over it. They steal people’s personal pictures of themselves and add gross captions, then post it up as art.

People like this are slowly driving good people out of the vore community. I’ve seen it happen several times over, and it’s making me sick. What exactly are you accomplishing by turning someone’s safe place into their worst nightmare? What are you gaining by forcing them out? Do you think there’ll be more art there just for you after they drop it?

This all will either reach only the people on my side of the argument, or the ones I’ve adressed will look, laugh, and keep doing what they’re doing, but now with more pride than before… But I had to say this. The people who I said were being driven out don’t know me, and I don’t know them, but when they leave the community, I feel like I’m losing a friend. I’m beginning to feel like a wolf walking among fur trappers trying to find my pack, and only finding their pelts. The thing that, not long ago, stopped me from feeling so alone is now making me feel more isolated than ever.

So, seriously. Stop your shit and learn some manners, guys. You’re hurting people far more than you may think you are when you toss death into their happy place.

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hello!! i read your cherry bomb theory, it's wonderful and it's screwing with my mind omg amazing job! i read it first bc someone posted screenshots on kpop amino app (i dont have tumblr thats why im anon) but then seven hours later i found someone who wrote it but passed it off as their own!! idk if it's u or not, as i stated i don't have tumblr, but i reported it last night at around 10pm pst so i wanted to confirm it isnt you aminoapps(.)com/p/l12cnm

first of all, thank u for enjoying my theory u angel ! !! 

& snjkdsghkdfjgh ?? ??? i havent posted my theory ANYWHERE except on this website so i checked it and 


i guess im a mom now ,,,, & an aunt ,,, u are welcome 4 da help kiki 

aminoapps(.)com/p/l12cnm < if any1 has amino pls report it or comment on it like i worked hard on this nd lmao is this a joke 

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i was thinking abt the noodle insta thing and i think,,,, theres no art already in existence from this phase w just the two interacting?? yget what i mean?? i mean ots still a huge issue that thats even like a thing but?? that might be the reason behind it???

I see where you’re coming from but idk. Like, it’s also not that hard for them to just post a pic of Russel w/ a message from Noodle in the caption. That’s what’s getting to me, too- like it’s SUCH and easy issue to fix.

That being said, I’m not significantly upset about all of it (I’m trying to celebrate Murdoc’s bday here). I just think that considering the history of how Russel (and Noodle to a lesser degree) have treated thus far, the birthday thing is worth noting, and if someone wants to call them out for it, that’s understandable.

For 27 months now I have been saving your place. In this period of waiting I have searched for you in crowds but have only seen you in my dreams. The void in my heart persists because although I see parts of you in other people, they are not you. On your eighteenth birthday, I sat down and cried because on your seventeenth I still had you. When you turned nineteen nothing had changed and I thought you would be the death of me. I now detest the month of April. Every time I picture our paths intertwining again, I imagine you staying and choosing me as I have chosen you over and over again without fail. And every time I hear your name my breath catches and my heart flutters. But do I fill even the smallest crevice in your mind?
—  screwful 

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Omg, ok, bartender!au. I'm imagine what kind of bartender each of them are. Seokjin is the type that makes sure everyone has a ride home, and knows when to cut you off from your next shot. Every girl writes their number on the check when he serves them. Yoongi won't allow you to have a pity party. He tells you that you need to get off your ass and prove everyone wrong. He sounds harsh, but as you leave, motivated (probably through a bit of anger from his words), you don't see his proud glint in

his eyes. He actually can’t wait to see you come back, slamming your hand on the table and proving him that you’re better than everyone expected. He’s secretly hates seeing people coming in to get drunk. Hoseok is the type to listen to everything you have to say and his goal is to make you smile before you walk out that door. He’s attentive and secretly slowly dilutes your drink as you talk. He knows what to say to make you see that the world has not ended. Namjoon is the type of bartender that

will have deep talks with you even after closing and leave you drunk and maybe confused, but somehow extremely satisfying and you end up coming back for more. Taehyung is the type that makes you forget without the alcohol. He makes you laugh, makes you excited, gets you off that stool and go out and have fun. It’s not just to forget, but release your stress before you’re ready to get back out there. He makes sure that your smile is not fake and any tears welled up in your eyes are from laughing

too hard. Jimin is the type of bartender that takes good care of you. He might have indulged in your sadness as you demand for more and more before you’re so drunk, you think your ankles have turned to lead. He’s the type to watch out for you until closing and finds a way to take you home safely and securely, without others to disturb you. He’ll make sure you in the door, on your couch, with a blanket over you, and water and painkillers for the morning beside you with a note. He never thought to

take advantage of you. But you have to wonder, how the hell was he able to lock the door if he put your keys back on your coffee table? Obviously, he’s had to do this many many many times for many many many people. Jungkook is too shy to talk to you, but you’re super sad and pretty so he’s really upset that you’re upset. He watches over you. He secretly keeps guys away from you, he also slowly dilutes your drink, and he gets someone else to take over his shift when you walk out so he knows you

got home safe, or at least a friend came to take you home, or you got into a taxi. He also makes sure the bouncer will watch out for you the next time you come in. He’s not satisfied until the next time you come in is to have a good time. So tell me missy, which is your favorite type of bartender?!







Dancing On My Own (Chris Beck Imagine)

Requested by Anonymous: omg I love your seb fics and I was wondering if I could request an angsty Chris Beck x reader one maybe based off of sad, beautiful, tragic or back to December by Taylor swift where the reader and Chris are together/in love before his mission but he comes home and breaks her heart when he tells her about falling for Beth and how he’s having a baby with her and it isn’t until years later when he’s invited to the wedding of the reader and some other character that he regrets leaving her ilysm

A/N Okay so I already had an idea like this called “Dancing On My Own” so I decided to combine the two together, I hope you don’t mind!


Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?
It’s a big black sky over my town
I know where you at, I bet she’s around
Yeah, I know it’s stupid
I just gotta see it for myself

Before Chris left, he kissed Y/N and promised that they were gonna spend the rest of their lives together. The pair never said goodbye. They always just said ‘I’ll see you later.’ They never believed in goodbyes. Y/N shared with Chris her belief that everyone finds their way back to each other, there is never a goodbye. Chris loved that. One month into the mission, they talked almost every week, going on and on about how much they loved each other. Six months later, Y/N was glad to see him at least once month. When she found out they were going to do a rescue mission for Watney, selfish thoughts clouded her brain. She felt awful that the only thing she was worried about is if her and Chris’ ‘relationship’ could survive even longer than what was planned. 

Y/N stayed tuned in the NASA updates on TV, hoping that all was well with Chris and the team. When she turned on the TV and saw a live broadcast of the team, including Watney, she couldn’t help but feel a weight lifted off her shoulders. But her world came crashing down when Chris and Beth shared a kiss in front of the whole world.

Chris didn’t plan to fall in love with Beth. It’s just that one night, or day, who actually knows, the two of them were the only ones awake and she just looked so beautiful under the dimmed lights. And the way she responded to Chris’ astronomical language, it was amazing. Y/N never understood what he meant. He loved the fact that Beth always laughed at his jokes rather than make fun of his horrible attempts at being funny. He liked that he and Beth preferred the same cereal and that they both liked the same music. He didn’t mean to love Beth and completely disregard Y/N’s feelings. It just kind of… happened

He hoped that Y/N didn’t see the live broadcast, he doesn’t want to break the news to her that way. She deserved better than that. Chris felt bad that he promised Y/N that they’ll be together when he returned. She was still his best friend after all. They were best friends before they were lovers, not that they made it official before he left anyway. Chris was glad he didn’t ask her out officially because that would’ve made their situation ten times more difficult. 

Now, here he was standing outside of Y/N’s apartment with his duffel bag in hand. He fixed the baseball cap on his head, wiping the sweat off his palm, before ringing the doorbell. He heard shuffling and things being knocked over, making his heart race. How was he supposed to break his best friend’s heart?

Y/N opened the door with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Her eyes were puffy and her hair was thrown in a messy ponytail. “Chris, what are you doing here?”

Chris smiled sadly at her, pushing the door a bit more to see a better view of her apartment. Empty pizza boxes, tissues, and bottles of booze. “Just wanted to say hi. What? Aren’t you happy to see me, Y/N?”

She stiffened when he leaned in for a hug. He sensed her discomfort and backed away, leaning on the post outside her door. “Where’s Beth?”

He flinched at the harshness of her voice. She’d never been that cold towards him. “Oh, so you saw the broadcast?”

“The whole fucking universe did, Beck.” 

“I’m sorr-”

“Don’t apologize.” She sighed, readjusting the slipping blanket. “Just don’t talk to me anymore. Leave me alone.” 

“Y/N.” Chris choked out, holding the door open in fear that she might slam it in his face. “Please, can we talk? You’re still my best friend.” 

Y/N laughed bitterly, smacking his arm off the door. “That’s the thing, Chris! I’m your best friend but you… God, you’re so much more than that to me and before you left, you made me feel like maybe I was more than that to you too. But I was wrong, wasn’t I? I’m just your best friend and Beth is your something more.”

“I didn’t mean to fall in love with her.” He immediately regretted his words when he saw her choke on a sob. 

She wiped her tears on the blanket on top of her, adding another mascara stain on it. “You love her? What else do I need to know that I obviously don’t?”


“No, tell me, Chris.” She pushed.

Chris’ eyes darted to the floor, not being able to look at her in the eyes. “Me and Beth, we’re expecting.”

“Oh my God.” Y/N cried, not even making the effort to make it seem like she wasn’t. “She’s pregnant?”

“Yeah.” He gulped. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“You know I had this whole speech on how you should choose me, love me, and be with me. Kinda like that one Grey’s Anatomy episode where Meredith practically begs Derek to choose her.” Her mind darted back to a distant memory of sobbing into Chris’ chest as the episode played. “But now that she’s pregnant with your baby, Chris, I’m not gonna take that away from you or her or your child.”

“So you’re not mad?”

It took Y/N all her strength not to punch him in the face right then and there. “Of course I’m mad. I’m mad because you promised something that you knew you couldn’t fulfill and you didn’t bother to give me a heads up about it. I’m mad because all this time, I’ve been sitting here, missing you, loving you, while you were up in space screwing someone else. Did I even cross your mind while you were up there? But as much as I’d love to hate you for loving someone else, I know I can’t. You can’t help who you fall for, hell I fell in love with you. Beth loves you and you love her and you both love that child. Your child. So yeah, I’m mad but I’m happy for you, as your best friend, that you found someone to love as much as I love you. And I’m glad that its someone smart and beautiful that captured your heart. And I’m glad to know that you’ll have a mini you running around in nine months. But I’m so devastated that I wasn’t smart enough or as beautiful as she is for you to fall for me completely. And I’m upset that its not gonna be a mini us that’s gonna be running around in nine months. I know best friends are supposed to be here for each other during hard times like this but please, I’m begging you. I can’t look at you right now, just leave me alone. Goodbye.”

Chris was somewhat relieved when the door was slammed on his face. He didn’t know what to say after Y/N’s speech. He took one last look at her door, and walked away.

I’m in the corner
Watching you kiss her
Oh oh oh
I’m right over here
Why can’t you see me?
Oh oh oh
I’m giving it my all
But I’m not the girl you’re taking home
Ooh ooh ooh
I keep dancing on my own (I keep dancing on my own)

Things just got harder for Y/N since then. She always somehow saw pictures of Chris and Beth on her social media feed. She unfollowed Chris but their mutual friends met up with him and posted pictures. Y/N really couldn’t explain her feelings because yes, she was happy for him, but she was upset that she couldn’t be happy with him. 

A couple that she and Chris were friends with came over her apartment, giving her love after finding out what happened with them. Though, Y/N and Chris were never official, everyone knew their love was real. It was a once in a lifetime type of feeling. It confused them to find out that Chris decided to pass up on such an opportunity. They were all happy for Chris, truly they were, but they couldn’t help but despise him deep down. While Chris was gone, Y/N was hopelessly devoted to him. 

Y/N didn’t leave her apartment for months. Losing the person you loved was one thing, but losing your best friend along with it is something much harder. She stayed on her couch re watching old Grey’s Anatomy episodes and watching corny space movies that Chris loved so much. She ate mint chocolate ice cream, the ice cream Chris hated but bought anyway because he knew Y/N loved it. She ate the same cereal for breakfast, froot loops, missing Chris’ rude remarks about it being the worse cereal ever. Y/N watched the ants feed off of the frosted flakes that she never touched because she hated it but he loved it, that’s the only reason why she kept it. 

Chris was starting a new life with Beth, the woman he loved. Everyday he’d roll over and find her sleeping on her side of the bed, a glow radiating off her skin. He’d watch as her flat stomach slowly grew larger and larger as time went on. When she was too tired, or lazy, to cook breakfast, he would reach up on the top shelf and pick up a box of frosted flakes and milk from the fridge. It was unusual not to find two cereal boxes on the shelf. He was used to that. Chris would catch himself picking up mint chocolate ice cream when Beth was craving something cold, forgetting that Beth was allergic to mint. He wouldn’t say this out loud but he kind of missed Y/N’s rude commentary when something cheesy happened in space films. 

I just wanna dance all night
And I’m all messed up, I’m so out of line, yeah
Stilettos and broken bottles
I’m spinning around in circles

Y/N finally left her apartment after five months of sulking in the dark. She went out with her old high school friends and partied at some underground nightclub. She drank and danced and let go of all her problems for one night. For the first time in so long, she was finally happy. Maybe it was the alcohol or the adrenaline pumping through her veins but suddenly she was ready to forgive Chris.

Chris got a call from a number he never thought he’d see again. Y/N. He unplugged his phone from the charger, being careful not to wake Beth. 

“Hello, Y/N?” Chris whispered, slipping on his house shoes and walking out of their bedroom. 

“Chris!” Y/N giggled, stumbling past the drunk people in the club. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been okay, yeah, how about you?”

“I’m feeling great right now!” Y/N sighed, leaning against the wall. “I just wanted to call and say I forgive you for everything. I wish you and Beth the best.”

Before he could even respond, the call was ended. He stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what to say or even think. That night, it hit him just how much he missed Y/N.

The next morning, there was screaming. So much of it. 

“Why were you talking to her at 4 in the morning, Chris?” Beth asked, her palm laying flatly on the table. 

“She was my best friend!”

“And she was also the woman you loved before you met me!” She snarled, her breathing ragged at the intense situation. “That makes me feel so uneasy!”

“Beth, I don’t know what you want me to do.” He sighed, sitting on the couch. “I chose you, didn’t I? I chose you as the woman to love. I chose a life with you. I chose you and our baby.”

She flinched, turning away. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what? Call this little guy our baby?” He waited for her response. Chris stood up, his head in circles. “It is our baby, right?”

Beth remained silent, dropping her face in her hands. He tried to hold her hand but stopped when she stiffened. “I’m so sorry, Chris.”

“No,” He laughed, backing away. “No, why are you sorry? Beth, why are you sorry?” 

She ran towards him, trying to hold him. He just shook off her attempts. “I’m so sorry, Chris.”

“Who’s is it?”

“Chris don’t do thi-”

“Dammit, who’s the father?” 

Beth croaked out, “Watney.”

“What?” Chris shook his head in disbelief. “H-how?”

“On the way back home, me and Watney got to talking about how we were before he was left on Mars. We were just friends with benefits, Chris, you have to believe me.”

“Why did you need a friend with benefits at that time when you had me?” 

“Chris, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” He said, rubbing his temples. “I’ll have my things picked up in the morning.”

And I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh oohh
And I’m right over here, why can’t you see me, oh oohh
And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, oohh
I keep dancing on my own
And oh no

Chris moved away from that town. He moved to Boston, wanting to get a fresh start. He started teaching astronomy at a local university, wanting to share his experience with some interested students. He stayed in touch with some friends back home, giving them his new address so they could visit sometime. All his friends were getting married and having kids and he wished that was him.

He came home from work one day with a fancy white envelope on his doorstep. Chris picked it up, analyzing ‘Chris Beck’ in fancy font. He unlocked his door, walking in and tossing his bag on a nearby chair. He opened the envelope, feeling his chest tighten when he read the words. 

‘You and a guest of your choice are invited to Chace and Y/N’s wedding. 

When: October 8, 2016

Where: St. Philomena Parish Chapel (Ceremony)

White Swan Hotel (Reception)

Time: 2:00 PM (Ceremony)

5:00 PM (Reception)

Hope to see you there.’

He arrived at the reception at 5:15 PM, wearing a grey tuxedo. Chris greeted some old friends of his, asking them how they’ve been. Nearly everyone was married or with children, he felt stupid for showing up alone. He sat at his designated seat, waiting for the happy newly weds like everyone else. 

Their limo pulled up, making everyone rise to their feet to show respect. And there she was.

It’s been three years since he last saw Y/N and wow, did he miss a lot. She was glowing, a smile plastered on her face as if she had no care in the world other than her new husband. Chris couldn’t help but smile knowing that someone could fulfill what he couldn’t. Y/N deserved the world and he was glad that she finally got it. But a part of him wished he was the one to give it to her.

The happy couple took the dance floor for their first dance. They danced to ‘Moonlight’ by Ariana Grande, a song Chris knew too well. Although he hated pop music, Y/N loved it and insisted for him to give some songs a try. Surprisingly, he enjoyed some of them, ‘Moonlight’ being one. He felt his heart tighten as she placed her head on Chace’s chest, rocking back and forth slowly. Chase placed a kiss on her forehead, making Chris look away. Why did he even show up if he knew it would hurt him this much?

After he and Beth split, he sat there thinking about Y/N and how badly he did her. He missed not having to share his cereal in the morning. They always ran out of frosted flakes in his and Beth’s old apartment. He missed laughing so hard, his stomach hurt, whenever he watched space movies. They slowly became boring after a while. He hated that he and Beth listened to the same three songs over and over because they liked the same music. He missed the stupid Top 40 songs that were always playing in Y/N’s car. He realized that he loved Y/N and he never really did stop. At first he was skeptical in believing that, but seeing her belong to someone else for the rest of her life, really proved his theory correct.

He met up with Beth before he left for Boston. He convinced her to tell Watney that the baby was his. Chris found out the two were getting married a year after he moved, he was happy for them. 

So far away but still so near
The lights come up, the music dies
But you don’t see me standing here
I just came to say goodbye
I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, oh oohh
And I’m giving it my all, but I’m not the guy you’re taking home, oohh
And I keep dancing on my own

As the song ended, Chris stood up, wanting to leave. He was happy for her, of course he was, she deserved the universe, but he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t know how to grip to the fact that the woman he loved was starting over with someone else. Then it hit him. This is how she felt when he told her about him and Beth. He bit his lip, trying to stop his tears, as he walked over to the scrapbook.

‘congratulations, best friend. best wishes. i’ll see you soon. - c.b’




Chapter 4 (Part 1): Civil War {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 5~ The Life of an Avenger: Civil War

Prompt: Bucky escapes the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre with Steve, Sam, and (Y/N) who end up lost in hiding, taking on the task of fighting the army of Winter Soldiers alone…well, sort of.

Warnings: CACW spoilers, cursing

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  “The Red Book,” (Y/N) thought out loud to Steve and Sam as they rounded the last corner, coming up to where Bucky was being interrogated by the Theo Broussard impersonator and murderer. Well, isn’t he a busy guy.  “He’s gonna let Bucky escape. He wants him to cause more damage. The only questions are where and why.”

  “Possibly,” Steve breathed out, “but I sure as hell hope not.”

  As they entered the chamber, lo and behold, (Y/N) was right. The black, armored bodies of the guards lain in perfect stillness, like a graveyard, strewn across the hallway and the interrogation room itself like ragdolls. Bucky was gone.

  “I’ll find him,” (Y/N) promised Steve, but he quickly grabbed her arm. He loved Bucky, but (Y/N) was on another level of love in his life. “I’ll find him before somebody else does,” (Y/N) comforted Steve. “Nobody kills James Buchanan Barnes, remember?”

  “Be safe,” Steve pleaded, but he was confident in her skills. She was (Y/N) (Y/L/N), she could handle anything. He kissed her quickly, then let her go, Sam giving her a nod before she sprinted around the corner again.

  “Help me,” someone rasped, his body contorted into a tight knit ball on the ground beside Bucky’s empty vault, the ‘impenetrable’ door fallen like a tree. Bet Theo heard it make a sound. “Help.”

  “Get up,” Steve ordered firmly, then pulled the guy up, shoving him against the wall, leaving his feet to dangle uselessly off the ground. “Who are you? What do you want?”

  “To see an empire fall,” Theo answered coyly.

  And then, there was Bucky. It was always Bucky…but, to be honest, it wasn’t Bucky. This was the Winter Soldier…Bucky, for the time being, was gone.

  The Winter Soldier attacked Sam from around the corner, striking his metallic fist into the wall where Sam’s head had been a second before, crumbling the cement like sand. Under the monotonous flashing red light of the facility’s alarm, the Winter Soldier threw Sam across the room into the metallic frame of his once occupied, solitary cell…now he was free.

  Steve decided to try his luck next and long story short, no dice. He ended up at the bottom of an elevator shaft wondering why the hell himself and Sam were the first ones to reach the interrogation room, despite Everett deliberately shouting into his walkie-talkie, ‘get me eyes on Barnes.’ Seriously, what?

  Anyway, Bucky escaped and this is where the real fun began.

  (Y/N) heard a loud clang and shouts as something heavy fell somewhere…in the wall? She had been sprinting, until she came to a room full of empty, black tables, much like a deserted school cafeteria, florescent lights casting the space in a dull, grey glow. (Y/N) pivoted in the center of the room, until she looked up towards a small mirror on the wall and caught a glimpse of a man walking towards the room, heavy gait, broad shoulders, and a face to kill. It was Bucky.

  She rapidly spun behind one of the white pillars, her eyes locked on the mirror, locked on the man who helped her escape Hydra. She had two options: she could fight him or join him…well, she didn’t get much of a choice before she showed herself, hands out in front of her to demonstrate she had no intention to fight.

  “Bucky,” (Y/N) breathed out. “The voices in your head…they’re all lies. You’re being manipulated. The thoughts aren’t real…you’re safe. You don’t have to fight me.“

  “Who are you?” Bucky asked lowly as he continued his steady approach, only a few feet away from (Y/N) who kept her feet planted like a tree as she listened to the monotonous sound of his heavy, labored breathing.

  “Wonderland…I know you remember me,” (Y/N) stressed. “The words, the book, they’re screwing with your mind. Please remember me-”

  “I don’t know you!” Bucky howled as he charged (Y/N), forcing her small body against the white wall that cracked in a spiderweb pattern where her head hit the concrete, dazing her slightly as paint flakes decorated her hair, freckling her nose, Bucky’s metallic hand still grasping her soft neck in an iron vice like a rabbit caught in a bear trap.

 “Yes, you do!” (Y/N) choked out, eyes pleading him to stop. “No fear, no weakness. Remember?” Bucky’s furious eyes softened slightly as his hold lessened, allowing (Y/N) to breathe. “No fear, no weakness…there, I said it. You happy now?” (Y/N) echoed her words from back in Hydra, her voice drifting into Bucky’s mind as her face became recognizable, her eyes so wide, so beautiful, so real.

  “Wonderland?” Bucky whispered, eyebrows furrowing in confusion, but recognition was clear in his deep, blue eyes as his grip lessened even further. “Where are we? I don’t…I don’t understand…”

  Just then, Tony. In only his business suit and bitch glasses, he stepped out from behind the cement pillar across the room, his hand extended with only his Iron Man hand fitted as his thruster built up power. He approached Bucky from behind, but (Y/N)’s eyes shot to the side, setting Bucky off again in a wild panic. 

  Thanks Tony, you suck.

  “No!” (Y/N) screamed as her magic moved Tony’s hand to direct the blast away from Bucky, then (Y/N) twisted Bucky around, forcing him against the wall as he kicked out his legs at her, sending her sliding across the ground as he charged Tony again. (Y/N) back flipped off the ground, round-house kicking Bucky into one of the black tables, his body smashing the set to wood chips as she leaned over him, freezing his struggling legs and non-metallic hand to the ground.

  “Brooks,” (Y/N) whispered breathlessly, her long hair draping over her shoulder in a braid, the end just barely touching his face. “It’s only me. Come on, you’re not crazy. The voices are wrong…Brooks…”

  “Aagh!” Bucky shouted, breaking free from his bonds, then flipped (Y/N) to the ground, raising his fist the shatter her doll-like face into a million, crystal pieces. “Shut up!”

  Suddenly, a shock wave of sound, like a cannon, shattered (Y/N)’s eardrums, stunning her and Bucky for a moment as he stood from her body, facing Tony.

  “You stay away from my her,” Tony threatened lowly as (Y/N) whipped up, shaking her head to clear the ringing before she lifted Bucky from the ground in a whirlwind blizzard, throwing him across the room away from Tony, simultaneously sending Tony a dirty look.

  “I got Kurt Cobain, you got the Accords,” (Y/N) warned Tony. “Everyone’s happy, so stay out of it.”

  “Wish I could,” Tony responded, but (Y/N) was already gone.

  Bucky landed across the room where Sharon and Natasha appeared…well, that fight didn’t take long before Bucky shoved Sharon into one of the tables, stealing her gun as Natasha wrapped her legs around his neck, riding on his shoulders as she pounded uselessly on his head before he dropped her to another table, his hands around her neck in a choke-hold.

  “You could at least recognize me,” Natasha choked out, face reddening by her lack of oxygen before (Y/N) twisted Bucky’s arm behind his back, distracting him from Natasha as he howled in outrage.

  “We gotta go, Brooks,” (Y/N) whispered in his ear. “We gotta break out. We gotta go, Brooks.”

  Brooks was long gone. He twisted from (Y/N)’s grip, pulling her braid downwards, leaving her neck exposed, her face towards the ceiling. (Y/N) wasn’t nearly as strong as he was, not at all. She could feel her body giving up, so she back flipped, kicking off of Bucky’s chest, she slid to the floor, but Tony stood in front of her before Bucky could attack again. Bucky lifted Sharon’s gun to Tony’s forehead, but the bullet disappeared in a zap of electricity.

  “Whoa…” (Y/N) sighed in awe, then shook herself off, pulling Tony to the ground after he sliced Bucky’s face with the gun shaft, before Bucky could rip Tony’s head off. 

  And then, there was T’Challa….are you fucking….you’ve gotta be kidding me…

  T’Challa box kicked Bucky until the two locked arms in a battle of strength, T’Challa’s ring doing…something to Bucky’s arm before Bucky flipped him to the ground next to (Y/N) and Tony, then took his soldier ass and marched up the stairs.

  “I had him, you idiots!” (Y/N) yelled, lifting herself from the ground. “He knew my name! He recognized me!”

  “And then, he tried to kill you,” Tony argued, pleading for (Y/N) to stop. “You gotta let him go, punk. He’s gone.”

  “You don’t fucking get it, do you?” (Y/N) dared him as she pulled T’Challa from his mid-air jump to the ground as he leaped towards the balcony for Bucky’s death, (Y/N)’s eyes never leaving Tony’s face. “I am him…just two days later. He saved my life and my sanity. It’s time I saved his.” (Y/N) pivoted away from Tony, freezing T’Challa’s hands to the wall before she left, stopping T’Challa’s pursuit for a moment longer.

  “Where are you going?” Tony yelled at her.

  “None of your goddamn business,” (Y/N) called back, stopping for a moment at the top of the stairs, taking one last dig at Tony. “Haven’t you heard? I don’t play nice with the government.”

  Then, she was off to find Bucky, freezing her tears away. She wanted Tony to be on her side. Why was he being so stubborn? She didn’t want to hurt him, but if she had to….God, she didn’t know. All she knew was that she had to find Bucky and get the hell out of Government Express. The place was seriously killing her good vibes.

  (Y/N) sprinted through the darkened hallways, searching for any sign of Bucky, until she saw Steve. He charged through one of the doorways out onto a helicopter strip, chasing down a helicopter about to take off…then, (Y/N) looked down to see T’Challa and a few other guards chasing her…so, she made a choice based off of trust, her complete trust in Steve. He could handle it, he could get Bucky back, so she feigned frustration, sending a web of black ice to lace the wall to her left, then pivoted, sprinting in the other direction.

  She ran and ran, searching and searching, searching for a guy whom she had already found, hoping that Bucky and Steve would be able to get out…and that she would as well. This could totally have been a mistake because, eventually, she hit a wall. 

  No, literally she hit a wall. It hurt, but realizing she was trapped hurt more. She pivoted to find the guards chasing her ghost past the hallway she had just ran down…idiots. However, she didn’t see T’Challa. As she moved into the corner, her back hit something, a red button. 

  Any logical would’ve not pushed the button, so obviously, (Y/N) pushed it because, at that point, why not? And, bingo, an escape route…for people with parachutes or had a helicopter waiting beneath them. Literally, it was just a balcony with no banister, no railing, just a small launch pad.  

  (Y/N) turned to find T’Challa just as he rounded the corner to her hallway, not fooled by her false trail.

  “I’m sorry,” (Y/N) taunted him, eyes lost in theatrical confusion. “It seems the Cheshire Cat has pointed me in the wrong direction…silly cat.”

  “Where has he gone?” T’Challa demanded, charging (Y/N) who leaned against the wall, smiling brilliantly from the light that streamed into the dull, lifeless facility from just outside the balcony.

  “I’m not one of your subjects,” (Y/N) stated. “You don’t rule me. I don’t bow down to you.”  

  “I will find him, and I will kill him,” T’Challa promised darkly as he looked down to the river below, no sign of Bucky.

  “You got your work cut out for you, Liam Neesan,” (Y/N) taunted him. “You still have to go through Captain America…and more terrifyingly, me.”

  “I shall manage, Ms. (Y/L/N),” T’Challa swore. “I will see you again.”

  “Don’t count on it,” (Y/N) whispered as he turned, sprinting back down the hallways away from (Y/N) who took a deep breath, gazing out the balcony window towards the everlasting blue sky, so clear, so beautiful, so free…and then, she spun around, extended her arms, and fell….the wind whipped at her back, lifting her hair as she closed her eyes and felt the breeze fight for her, demanding her to stop, but gravity was stronger, until (Y/N) lifted herself from the ice platform she made atop the water, allowing for a nice dive into the river. 

  Cold as Loki’s heart, the water froze (Y/N) to the core, leaving her invigorated and feeling alive. Her face broke the surface of the river as she swam to the edge, pulling herself out, she faced the large, grey, concrete building, a prison it seemed, to find black bodies spilling out of the facility, searching for the fugitives that were already gone. However, more importantly, (Y/N) saw a familiar red tie up in one of the windows, knowing his bitch glasses could see her, (Y/N) shaka-ed to him with a smile gracing her lips, then, she turned and sprinted away. Far, far away from her best friend.

  (Y/N) found Steve dragging Bucky’s limp body into a stolen truck a few miles from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, Sam already in the driver’s seat, they drove to an abandoned warehouse just outside the city in silence. What the hell were they supposed to do now?

  Steve forced Bucky’s metal arm into a machine in a make-shift prison, clamping down the Winter Soldier, protecting Bucky…and everyone else in the warehouse. 

  (Y/N) sat right beside Bucky, legs criss-crossed as she leaned her cheek against the edge of the cold machine, waiting impatiently for Bucky to wake up, to hear his story, and, most importantly, for her to apologize to him for not finding him sooner and letting him go too soon.

  Steve just paced around the warehouse, avoiding windows while also avoiding everything else. He needed a plan, a place to go, but there was nowhere to go. They were trapped. Home was a no-go…and just to think, a few weeks ago, Steve had been looking at engagement rings with Wanda and Nat…so much had changed in just two days, too much. It was all too much.

  Sam watched on protectively over (Y/N), waiting for Bucky to make the slightest move against her, arms folded, eyes full of hate, his whole body rigid from seething anger. No, Sam didn’t blame Bucky, specifically, for the situation they were in, but he did blame the Winter Soldier side of him. So much shit TWS had put (Y/N) and Steve through, so much pain and suffering, so much wasted time, so many bad things that Sam, himself, had gotten dragged into. But he wasn’t doing it for Bucky, he was doing it for (Y/N) and Steve, nothing more. Shit, he didn’t even know the guy and here Sam was in a dirty, old warehouse marked as a criminal when the only criminal was locked in a make-shift prison directly in front of him. God, he was annoyed and that anger only seemed to intensify when Bucky began to wake up, the hope on (Y/N)’s face lit the room, despite the utter darkness of the warehouse and the situation before them.

  “Bucky?” (Y/N) whispered as he attempted to pull his arm from the vice, but her small hand eased the tension in his other arm, his muscles relaxing under her cool fingertips. Bucky’s eyes swung up to (Y/N), her face so gentle, so kind. Strange. She was always so fierce, so…in his death-grip. Huh, strange. 

  “Wonderland?” Bucky asked roughly as he cleared his throat.

  “Yeah, yeah I am…but you can call me (Y/N) now,” (Y/N) smiled. “We’re not in Hydra anymore…we’re free,” (Y/N) breathed happily, but Bucky didn’t reciprocate her relief.

  “As much as we’ll ever be,” Bucky muttered, making (Y/N) scrunch her eyebrows.

  “Hey, Cap!” Sam called over to Steve, who pulled his eyes away from the circling helicopter overhead, jogging over to see (Y/N) speaking softly with Bucky, almost as if they were in a sleepover, gossiping together about boys on their sleeping bags. “She really is one of a kind, isn’t she?” Sam laughed quietly.

  “Always has been,” Steve agreed, then stepped forward into the dull light. 

  “Steve,” Bucky groaned in greeting.

  “Which Bucky am I talking to?” Steve asked lowly as (Y/N) scoffed.

  “I don’t know, Steve. Maybe, the Winter Soldier one that doesn’t know your name, or your face, or anything really,” (Y/N) answered sarcastically.

  “Your mom’s name was Sarah,” Bucky stated, then paused, his mind slowly working through the cobwebs, churning away the lace that cluttered his thoughts, rearranged his memories in confusing patterns. “You used to wear newspapers in your shoes,” Bucky chuckled softly, making (Y/N) smile up to Steve, then back to Bucky.

  “Can’t read that in a museum,” Steve proposed happily.

  Sam still looked dead inside.

  “Just like that, we’re supposed to be cool?” Sam attested.

  “What did I do?” Bucky asked (Y/N).

  “You, uh…bitch-slapped the Prince of Wakanda. Well, the king now, I guess,” (Y/N) shrugged as Bucky groaned again in agony at himself.

  “Oh, God,” Bucky muttered. “I knew this would happen. Everything Hydra put inside me is still there. All they had to say was the goddamn words,” Bucky sighed, then looked up to (Y/N) from underneath his eyelashes, pain in his eyes. “Did they ever get to you, the words?”

  “No,” (Y/N) answered quietly. “They tried, but no, no you got me out in time. The words can’t hurt me.”

  “Good,” Bucky nodded solemnly. It was worth it, it was all worth it. For (Y/N).

  “Who was he?” Steve interjected. Bucky was one of his best friends and he had saved (Y/N)’s life, but the way he looked at (Y/N)…to Steve, it was almost like looking in a mirror, a reflection of every time he saw (Y/N)…

  “I don’t know,” Bucky responded gravelly.

  “People are dead,” Steve explained harshly. “The bombing, the setup, the doctor did all that just to get ten minutes with you. I need you to do better than, ‘I don’t know.’”

  “He wanted to know about Siberia,” Bucky whispered, eyebrows furrowing in concentration. “Where we were kept,” Bucky gazed over to (Y/N). “He wanted to know exactly where.”

  “Why would he need to know that?” Steve questioned, his eyes softening.

  “Because we aren’t the only Winter Soldiers,” Bucky announced darkly, his voice echoing around the empty space.

  “What?” (Y/N) asked, fear lacing her quick tongue, shock buried deep in her eyes. 

  “Who were they?” Steve inquired.

  “Their most elite death squad,” Bucky confided as Steve helped Bucky out of the vice. “More kills than anyone in Hydra history…and (Y/N) would’ve been their crowning jewel…they had such plans for you…they had…you would’ve ripped the world to shreds and left not a piece to the imagination…”

  There was a long stretch of silence after Bucky’s confession. He was right. If (Y/N) had been under Hydra’s control, there would’ve been no stopping them. There would’ve been no end to their reign.

  “Well…that would’ve majorly sucked,” (Y/N) stated bluntly, making everyone smile.

  “Yeah,” Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, it would’ve.”

  “The doctor,” Steve prompted, “could he control them?”

  “Enough,” Bucky responded.

  “Said he wanted to see an empire fall,” Steve remembered. 

  “With these guys, with or without (Y/N), he could do it,” Bucky swore. “They speak thirty languages, can hide in plain sight, infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They can take a whole country down in one night, would never see them coming.”

  “Dammit,” (Y/N) whispered theatrically, rolling her eyes. “I can only speak English, Italian, and sarcasm…fucking pricks one-upped me.”

  “Get over here,” Sam laughed as he pulled (Y/N) gently to stand with him and Steve. “If we call Tony-”

  “No, he won’t believe us,” Steve broke in.

  “He’d believe me,” (Y/N) promised.

  “Even if he did…” Steve shook his head.

  “Who knows if the Accords would let him help,” Sam proposed.

  “Well, we won’t know if we don’t try,” (Y/N) argued, but Steve looked down shaking his head again.

  “He’s in too deep with the government,” Steve stated. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). We’re on our own.”

  “Maybe not,” Sam shrugged. “I know a guy.”

  “Who?” (Y/N) asked, her eyes lit with wild curiosity.

  “A surprise,” Sam proposed.

  “Tell me,” (Y/N) pleaded.

  “Well, where’s the fun in that?” Sam cocked his head, mocking (Y/N) and Wanda from a few weeks ago.

  “Up my ass, now tell me anyway,” (Y/N) quipped, but Sam just laughed. “Come on, man! We’re all in this together…well, except Bucky,” then, (Y/N) turned to Bucky. “We’re totally talking shit about you by the way!” (Y/N) called to him, then turned back to Steve and Sam who were wrecked. “Please, tell me.”

  “You really want me to ruin the surprise?” Sam questioned.

  “Mm…no…yes! Maybe? No….no, don’t tell…but then again, tell me anyway,” (Y/N) babbled, while she paced, making everyone laugh, even Bucky. “Oh, God, fuck it! Don’t tell me. Just, don’t….yeah, don’t.”

  “Is that your final answer?” Sam asked, holding an imaginary microphone out for (Y/N) who took it and gulped theatrically.

  “Yes, what is ‘don’t fucking tell me, you prick?’” (Y/N) answered, but Steve and Sam were gone. 

  Laugh while you can, because you never know when it will be the last time.

  “No…fucking…way,” (Y/N) stated slowly, staring straight at the car Steve decided to steal…okay, even car was pushing it. This thing was a time-bomb.. How long could Bucky and Sam stay squished that close before the thing popped? “I call shot-gun!” (Y/N) yelled, just to be annoying as her and Sam clambered for the passenger-side door, (Y/N) freezing the handle before Sam could reach it.

  “Melt this shit before I-”

  “What? Spread your wings and fly?” (Y/N) mocked him. “I believe I can fly! I believe I can soar and touch your ass!” (Y/N) sang.

  “(Y/N)!” Steve reprimanded her as she melted the handle, smiling to Sam who just laughed as he tipped his seat forward, allowing (Y/N) and Bucky to climb into the back. It was a tight fit, but (Y/N) was small enough. Nobody even wanted to imagine what it would’ve been like if Sam was forced into the back seat with Bucky…well, (Y/N) did. Come on, that would’ve been some funny shit. Impractical, but funny.

  “I don’t think we’ve ever been closer than we are now,” (Y/N) stated to Bucky. “It’s like I can feel your soul reaching into my soul and your foot reaching far up my ass. I can feel it.”

  “You haven’t changed a damn bit, Wonder….(Y/N),” Bucky laughed, but he was still reigned back, something still hiding behind his eyes. (Y/N) wanted to break that, to free him as he had her.

  “Aw shucks, Kurt Cobain,” (Y/N) teased, then gasped. “Oh, my God! You don’t even know who that is, do you?”

  Bucky just shrugged. “Am I supposed to?”

  “Duh,” (Y/N) stated, making Steve and Sam laugh.

  “And why is he supposed to know who he is?” Sam encouraged, because he knew the reason, he just wanted (Y/N) to say it.

  “Because I believe he held the key to the meaning of life,” (Y/N) answered nonchalantly. “Or Stevie Nicks…anyway, does this Mini Trojan Condom Horse come with a radio?”

  “No, but it came with your sarcasm apparently,” Steve sighed. 

  “Fine, you don’t want me here, I’ll…find some way out of this box…the walls are closing in, they’re closing in on me!” (Y/N) panted dramatically, putting her hands on the window to her left and Bucky’s face on her right. “I’m too sarcastic to die!”

  “It’s a car that will get us from Point A, to Point B,” Steve lectured. “You can manage for a few hours, (Y/N).”

  “Please stop calling this thing a car, Steve,” (Y/N) huffed. “This is a disappointment on wheels.” Sam banged on the dashboard, shaking with laughter as he pointed at Steve’s annoyed, yet amused face while Bucky just snorted. “I’ve seen bigger Chihuahuas than this thing. It’s a disappointment like getting a side salad instead of fries with dinner, or getting a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or four inch dildos, or government…just government, or Tony’s parties unless you’re drunk off your ass…I said it once, and I’ll say it again, a disappointment on wheels.”

  “I can’t handle you, (Y/N),” Sam howled. “Christ, we’re fugitives and you’re-”

  “Pissed that Steve didn’t dig up a bigger piece of shit from the junk yard,” (Y/N) interrupted bluntly, placing her chin in her hand. “Yeah, yeah I am.”

  Aaaaand…that’s how that went. Just hours of music from (Y/N)’s phone and her sarcasm. At one point, (Y/N) couldn’t bare her curiosity any longer as she felt the cool touch of Bucky’s arm against her shoulder, so she gently pulled out hers and Bucky’s headphones that were playing, ‘Clocks Go Forward’ by James Bay.

  “Hey, I liked that,” Bucky complained, making (Y/N) laugh.

  “That’s why I’ll just pause it,” (Y/N) announced, then looked up to Bucky. “This might me weird, and you don’t have to do anything, but…can I see it?” (Y/N) asked, her eyes flashing to his arm as she could almost feel him draw away from her, his eyes full of caution, warning, danger. “Never mind, just…” (Y/N) shook her head, then tried to hand Bucky back his headphone half, but he froze, seeming to decide something. Instead of turning away from her, he slowly pulled his red, long-sleeved shirt up to reveal his metal arm, gleaming beautifully in the mid-day light that streamed in through the small windows. “Whoa…and I thought Hydra fucked me up,” (Y/N) joked as she reached cautiously out to touch his arm that he extended out to her. (Y/N) turned it over, brushing her magic-laced fingertips along his forearm, the palm of his hand, along his wrist. “Do you feel anything?” (Y/N) asked and he shook his head, remaining silent as he watched her, just as curious as she was, until (Y/N) huffed, releasing his arm that he almost promised her that she could keep. “Yep, it’s still annoying…I hate Vibranium…I fucking hate Vibranium,” (Y/N) muttered, then started the music again as Bucky chuckled at her and the road trip continued on.

  However, they eventually reached…the fucking middle of fucking nowhere.

  “What the actual fuck and we doing here, Steve?” (Y/N) demanded slowly. “I loved the movie Jeepers Creepers, but this feels wrong.”

  “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll protect you,” Sam promised snidely, while Bucky just looked at him like, ‘bitch, really?’

  “You and what side of mashed potatoes, Chicken Wings?” (Y/N) quipped, cracking a huge smile on Bucky’s face.

  “I try to be cute with you, (Y/N),” Sam sighed. “And it would be a side of biscuits. Those are the best for only the best.”

  “Dammit, now I’m hungry…Sharon!” (Y/N) called as she climbed over Bucky to get out of the car, leaving Sam and Bucky alone…in that confined space…alone.

  “Can you move your seat up?” Bucky asked after a long silence. 

  “No,” Sam deadpanned. 

  Yep, that was it. Sam had no time for anyone’s shit, especially Bucky’s.

  A few moments later, Steve and (Y/N) got back into the car with the only addition of the bag of Lay’s that Sharon gave to (Y/N). Nobody really knows why Steve stopped there anyway…there wasn’t a reason, really.

  Anyway, eventually they reached the airport where a helicopter was stationed to take Steve, Sam, Bucky, (Y/N), Clint, Wanda, and Sam’s special friend to Siberia to end the Winter Soldier’s terrorist threat. Nobody really knew how they were all going to fit in the helicopter, but they were all there, so that was cool.

  The little, blue bug parked pretty crappily beside a white van in the empty parking structure, level B6 (if anyone cares). And there was Clint rounding the corner of the driver’s side of the white van, Wanda just stepping out of the passenger side as Steve met Clint for a nice bro hand shake. 

  “Cap,” Clint nodded.

  “You know I wouldn’t have called if I had any other choice,” Steve relayed, then smiled. “(Y/N) almost lost her mind when she heard that I called you.”

  “Clint!” (Y/N) called as she climbed over Bucky again. “Move your thunder thighs, Nirvana. Jesus….Clint!”

  “Hey, baby! How you been!” Clint exclaimed as (Y/N) jumped into his arms for a hug. “I see you haven’t lost your spark, kid.”

  “No, but I lost my virginity,” (Y/N) joked, then winked over to Steve. “Multiple times.”

  “Yeah, well…so have I,” Clint laughed as he hugged her again, having missed (Y/N) horribly. He had went on so many missions over the past year just for the excuse to see her again. However, this fight…this was for Pietro….but more than that, Clint peered up to Bucky, another victim of mind control, compelled to do some other twisted bastard’s dirty work. Even if Bucky had been in Vienna, (Y/N) had told Clint all about Hydra. It would’ve been their sick, disgusting game, not Bucky’s.

  “Which is exactly why I didn’t want you here,” (Y/N) sighed, shaking her head. “Go home to your kids, please. We have two magic-based souls on this team. We got it.”

  “We need all the help we can get,” Sam interrupted. “Lord have mercy, do we need help.”

  “Besides, Steve, you’re doing me a favor,” Clint proposed as he looked back to Wanda. “I owe a debt.”

  “Thanks for having my back,” Steve nodded to Wanda, who was hugging the hell out of (Y/N), desperately clinging to her best friend whom it felt like she hadn’t seen for years. 

  “What?” Wanda asked, noticing that Steve had tried to tell her something, but she still held tight to (Y/N) who just laughed, shrugging in Wanda’s small arms.

  “I said, thanks for having my back,” Steve chuckled.

  “Oh,” Wanda sighed, smiling up to him as she let go of (Y/N), only holding her hand. “Well, it was time to get off my ass,” Wanda directed to Clint.

  “How about our other recruit?” Steve asked Clint who turned and opened the sliding door to the back of the van.

  “He’s rarin’ to go,” Clint proposed.

  “Damn, this really is Assassin’s Creed,” (Y/N) stated. “What? Did you guys drug him or just knock him out by hand? Keep in mind, you get points for style.”

  “Just had to put a little coffee in him,” Clint retorted, smiling at (Y/N) who just shrugged, “but he should be good.”

  “Zero points, you lose,” (Y/N) muttered to Wanda who giggled, putting her head on (Y/N)’s shoulder.

  “What time zone is this?” Scott asked as he stepped groggily out of the dark van into the dull light, but (Y/N) was quick.

  “The Twilight Zone,” (Y/N) answered him immediately, but Scott’s jaw was dropped too low to the ground to answer back.

  “Come on, come on,” Clint prodded Scott forward as he shook Steve’s hand.

  “Captain America!” Scott greeted breathlessly.

  “Mr. Lang,” Steve addressed as Scott continued to shake his hand…a lot.

  “It’s an honor,” Scott professed, then looked down at their intertwined hands having seizures together. “I’m shaking your hand too long. Wow! This is awesome!” Scott continued, releasing Steve’s hand, he turned to Clint, pointing to Steve. “Captain America,” Scott relished, then pointed to (Y/N). “And the Ice Queen. Holy…I mean, you’re like psshhhh,” Scott pushed his hands forward, reenacting (Y/N)…sort of.

  “Exactly,” (Y/N) nodded. “I’m so glad you get it.”

  “Yeah,” Scott agreed, not even hearing her sarcasm as his eyes fell on Wanda. “I know you, too. You’re great!” Then, he inhaled with the biggest, dumbest grin on his face as he turned back to Steve, squeezing Steve’s biceps. “Jeez,” Scott exhaled in awe.

  “You should squeeze something else,” (Y/N) stated, glancing down to Steve’s pants. “Then, you’ll really be impressed.”

  “Oh, my God, (Y/N),” Steve groaned, burying his head in his hands while Wanda, Clint, and Sam laughed, but Scott was still lost in Captain America Land.

  “Ah, look, I wanna say, I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me,” Scott stammered, then finger gunned Sam. Hey, man!”

  “What’s up, Tic Tac?” Sam belittled (get it?) Scott.

  “Uh, good to see you,” Scott responded, a little less enthused than before. “Look, what happened last time when I-”

  “It was a great audition, but it’ll never happen again,” Sam swore, laughing off the pain in his pride that (Y/N) could see in his eyes.

  “So, what happened?” (Y/N) asked excitedly.

  “Well,” Scott turned to her automatically, launching into the story. “I went to your compound…thing to get something, and I-”

  “Got what you came for and left,” Sam finished quickly. 

  “But not before I-”

  “Did nothing,” Sam interrupted.

  “Did what?” (Y/N) prompted.

  “I kicked his ass,” Scott concluded, a dumb smile on his face as he nodded to (Y/N) who gasped. “Yeah.”

  “How?” (Y/N) asked, her eyes wide with the insatiable curiosity that her team absolutely adored. “What can you do?”

  “Wait, and you shall see,” Scott proposed with a theatrical evil laugh as he shut the sliding door to the van, grabbing his suit to pull on.

  “I like him,” (Y/N) professed happily, while Sam just leaned against the little, blue bug, head in his hands. A few seconds later, the door slid open to reveal Scott dressed in his suit. Everyone stared.

  “Ant-Man,” Scott announced among the silence, nodding as he extended his arms and twirled, giving everyone a view of his suit. “You like?”

  “Oh, my God, Sam,” (Y/N) huffed. “Hasn’t anyone ever taught you not to bring your exterminator to a gun fight?”

  That was it, the team lost it, except for Steve who just shook his head with a smile.

  “They tell you what we’re up against here?” Steve asked Scott, who just flipped his face mask back up while Sam playfully punched (Y/N) on the shoulder, making Wanda force him into the car while she held protectively tighter to (Y/N), who just rolled her eyes, laughing at Sam.

  “Something about some psycho-assassins?” Scott answered questionably.

  “We’re outside the law on this one,” Steve declared, giving Scott a final out. “So, if you come with us, you’re a wanted man.”

  “Yeah, well, what else is new?” Scott quipped, because, honestly.

  “We should get moving,” Bucky proposed, speaking up for the first time in forever.

  “We got a chopper lined up,” Clint announced. 

  Well, so much for that plan, because immediately when Clint relayed that they had a ride, the German airport announcers were like, ‘ha, ha, no.’ 

  “They’re evacuating the airport,” Bucky translated. 

  “Stark,” Sam stated.

  “Stark?” Scott asked in shock.

  “Yeah…you still okay on this?” (Y/N) joked, but Scott was done joking for a moment as he let that shit sink in.

  “Good thinking ahead, Lang,” Steve proposed, nodding to Scott’s suit, then nodded to the rest of the team. “Everyone else, suit up.”

  “With what?” (Y/N) asked. “I forgot the condoms back at The Compound.

  “Then, I’m glad we found them,” Clint professed to her as he pulled Sam’s suit and wings, and Steve’s suit and shield from the back of the van.

  “Wait, what?” (Y/N) asked, shaking her head. “How in the fuck did you…?”

  “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” Clint explained quickly without explaining shit.

  “But, I did ask, so you should tell…” (Y/N) drifted off as Clint pulled out (Y/N)’s suit, black, light blue, with silver lining…it was beautiful. “Ah!” (Y/N) screamed with excitement, grabbing her suit from Clint, holding it up to her body. “Oh, my God! I’ve kicked so much ass in this thing! Oh, no…is that blood? Dammit…”

  “How’d you get hurt there?” Scott asked, making (Y/N) laugh her ass off.

  “Oh, this isn’t mine, no,” (Y/N) laughed. “No, I don’t bleed, I make other people bleed. A lot…so, don’t fuck with me,” (Y/N) deadpanned, staring straight into Scott’s soul, then she started to bounce around again, twirling in circles across the parking structure as she kicked her Converse off, wriggled out of her jeans, leaving her bare legs to shiver in the freezing air for a moment, then began to pull her suit on, finally throwing her shirt off, then fit her arms through the sleeves. “Someone zip me up, please?” (Y/N) called as she held her hair up, everyone staring at her. She didn’t give a fuck about anything. Wanda, eventually, helped her out, laughing her ass off the whole time as (Y/N) danced around the lot singing, ‘How You Like Me Now?’ by The Heavy.

  See, I been a bad, bad, bad, bad man

  And I’m in deep, yeah

  I found a brand new love for this man

  And can’t wait till you see

  I can’t wait

  So, how you like me now?

  “I missed you so much, kid,” Clint called over to her as he fixed his arrow pieces together.

  “I missed you, too, OG Bird Brain,” (Y/N) proclaimed as she kissed his cheek.

  “Come on, (Y/N)!” Steve demanded as he stood, looking hot as fuck in his Captain America uniform that Clint….found.

  “Coming, honey!” (Y/N) mocked him as she skipped over beside him, then killed her emotions, eyes pointed straight forward, eyebrows narrowed, she shouted, “This is Sparta!”

  “I love you,” Steve confessed, kissing her forehead. “But, you’re an idiot.”

  “Wow, hurt me right in my dead soul, Steve,” (Y/N) stated, then smiled and kissed him back as they walked out towards the helicopter, (Y/N) finally shaking herself back into fight mode, her body tingling for war, but….they still had miles oversea to get to the fight, why was her body…?

  Whoosh….zap! An electric bomb killed the helicopter right before (Y/N) and Steve, ruining their route to Siberia.

  ‘Oh…..that’s why…’ (Y/N) thought as Tony and Rhodey flew in from nowhere, descending to land on the pavement of the airport below, fully suited and armored and ready for a war.

  “Ooh! Ooh! Superhero landing! Superhero landing!” (Y/N) exclaimed, slapping Steve on the arm. “Here it comes! Aaaand…bravo. Bravo!” (Y/N) complimented in a Bristish accent, clapping her right hand to her left wrist. “Encore! Do it again! Might I suggest in China next time, though? Like go to China and show them what you got, right now. Bet they would really appreciate the performance over there.”

  “Why not here in Germany?” Tony mocked. “Don’t you appreciate us? I mean, wow. It’s so weird how you run into people at the airport,” Tony quipped, allowing his face mask to disengage from his face as he turned to Rhodey. “Don’t you think that’s weird?”

  “Definitely weird,” Rhodey echoed.

  “I can’t believe I even thought of getting back together with you, Tony!” (Y/N) yelled theatrically at him while he just smirked. “We are so over!’

  “Fine by me,” Tony stated, despite the pain he felt everywhere. He just wanted to help (Y/N) and the team, to be a family. This wasn’t anywhere close to what he expected to happen.

  “Hear me out, Tony,” Steve started. “The doctor, the psychiatrist, he’s behind all of this.”

  Suddenly, T’Challa leaped from nowhere, Black Panther-ed the fuck up, ready for a war.

  “Captain,” T’Challa greeted Steve.

  “Your Highness,” Steve responded. Then, T’Challa turned to (Y/N) who looked dumbfounded, her eyebrows narrowed until she shook her head, turning to Tony.

  “What?!” (Y/N) exclaimed, motioning to T’Challa. “You called in Black Cancer? This is, basically, a direct death threat to Bucky and I’m not here for it, Tony!”

  “Nat’s idea, not mine,” Tony stated, hands up in defense.

  “Natasha?” (Y/N) asked lowly, then shrugged her shoulders, eyes towards the sky in defeat. “Now, I’ve really been shot…” (Y/N) joked darkly to Steve, then shook her head, turning to T’Challa. “Look, T’Challa. You don’t have to do this. Obviously, this is a family matter. I’m thinking of filing a domestic abuse report on your ass,” (Y/N) pointed at Tony.

  “Barnes made it a family matter when he killed my father,” T’Challa demanded slowly as (Y/N) sighed towards the sky again, then placed her hand over her mouth, breathing heavily like Darth Vader.

  “Luke….Bucky did not kill your father,” (Y/N) insisted theatrically, making Tony look away, not allowing (Y/N) to see that she had gotten to him. 

  “Anyway,” Tony started, clearing his throat, “Ross gave me thirty-six hours to bring you both in…that was twenty-four hours ago. Can you help a brother out?”

  “I am helping a brother out,” (Y/N) declared fiercely. “Bucky doesn’t deserve to be put away and, once upon a time, you agreed with me, Tony. What the hell happened?”

  “(Y/N) is right, you’re after the wrong guy,” Steve added.

  “Okay, first of all, ouch,” Tony claimed to (Y/N), placing his hand over his heart. “Second of all, your judgement is askew. Your old war buddy killed innocent people yesterday.”

  “And there are five more super soldiers just like him,” Steve informed. “We can’t let the doctor find them first, Tony. We can’t.”

  “You thought one Winter Soldier was bad?” (Y/N) laughed. “Imagine five running rampant around the world. What then? You think Ross is gonna pull a treaty out of his ass and talk them down with ‘reason?’” (Y/N) air-quoted mockingly, then her face sobered as she faced Tony. “No…you have to let us go. Tony, you always used to say you would never want to meet me in an alley past midnight…well, you got me backed into a pretty dark corner here. I don’t think you want to see me try to break out of it, because, I’m gonna be honest here, which might be a mistake. I might lose my street cred here,” (Y/N) revealed, flashing her eyes over to T’Challa, then back to Tony, “but I don’t wanna fight you. I never did…so, please. Please, let me go. Trust me, Tony. I know what I’m doing, let me go.”

  Tony looked wrecked. (Y/N) was pleading for him to stop right in front of him, to end the war he never wanted to fight as well, the war he had brought on himself, (Y/N), and the rest of the team…Tony saw the pain in her wide, curious eyes and for once…fear. Only a flash, but it was there. And it almost killed him.

  “I can’t…” Tony whispered as Steve stood firmly beside (Y/N), reaching for her hand, but she was frozen, eyes locked with Tony across the long stretch of pavement between them…too long.

  “So after all this time, this is where it ends?” (Y/N) cried out. “After everything we’ve been through, you, and you alone, are choosing to end this in war? I mean,” (Y/N) laughed humorlessly, “doesn’t that seem…redundant? You say we’re the ones drunk on our own power, but why don’t you take a look in the goddamn mirror”(Y/N) spit at Tony, her pent up anger finally breaking it’s boundaries. “…I don’t hate you, Tony…I hate who you’re becoming, someone who’s only spine comes from the binding of a bullshit stack of papers that are on the basic level of tyranny. You’re choosing war, choosing the government over your family! Over the people who’ve protected you, fought for you-”

  “No, (Y/N)!” Tony yelled. “You’re choosing war, war with someone who has saved your life more times than you’ve even known. You could surrender right here, right now-”

  “And have Bucky imprisoned, then allow a legion of unwilling psychopaths to kill innocents when we could’ve stopped them?” (Y/N) demanded, then laughed humorlessly. “I’ll pass.”

  “You have to let us stop this before it starts,” Steve declared.

  “Steve…” Natasha warned as she approached Steve and (Y/N), “you know what’s about to happen. Do you really wanna punch your way out of this one?”

  “All right, I’ve run out of patience,” Tony stated, breaking the silence as he cupped his hands around his mouth. “Underoos!”

  Just then, a spiderweb shot from the sky as a flash of red swung past (Y/N)’s vision in a blur, pulling Steve’s shield from his hand while simultaneously leaving his hands ensnared in a concoction of handcuffed webbing. Everyone pivoted to watch the alleged Spider-Man land atop the tail of the broken helicopter with Steve’s shield firm in his grasp as he brought his eyes up to face everyone…until his eyes fell on (Y/N).

  “(Y/N)?” Spider-Man called out inquisitively, then waved to her. “(Y/N)! Hey, (Y/N)! It’s me! Remember me? (Y/N)! Hey!”

  “…mom?” (Y/N) asked sarcastically with wide eyes.

  “Please, don’t be one of her groupies,” Tony muttered as Spider-Man removed his mask, revealing…..

  “Holy shit!” (Y/N) gasped. “Peter! Oh, my God! You’re Spider-Man?!” 

  “You know each other?!” Tony and Steve yelled in unison, then looked towards each other, then back to Peter who reached his hand down to pull (Y/N) onto the tail of the helicopter where they hugged.

  “Yeah, yeah I guess I am,” Peter answered happily, motioning to his new suit.

  “Oh, my God!” (Y/N) exclaimed. “So, how’s Aunt May?”

  “She’s good,” Peter answered as they both sat on the helicopter tail, legs swinging over the edge as they enjoyed casually catching up in the middle of a war, while everyone else about blew their brains out with confusion…especially Tony. “She’s just happy that I got accepted into Mr. Stark’s program,” Peter smiled and winked as he thumbs-upped Tony.

  “No! No! Just…stop!” Tony stuttered, almost falling backwards in shock. “You can’t…stop fraternizing with the enemy! That’s…how do you know each other?!” Tony demanded.

  “From my days on the streets in New York,” (Y/N) answered nonchalantly, taking Tony down about three thousand pegs. “Peter and Aunt May took me in for a bit-”

  “Until you left,” Peter sighed in disappointment. “I’m just letting you know that that was one of the worst days of my life.”

  “What the hell, kid?!” Tony roared. “If you two were so buddy-buddy, then why…just why didn’t you tell me you knew her?”

  “I didn’t think you would be fighting your best friend,” Peter shrugged. “Seems kind of stupid…I mean, no! Mr. Stark, that’s just…not wise, but you’re a genius, Mr. Stark. Really, you’re-”

  “What did you do to him?” (Y/N) asked Tony. “Are you holding Aunt May hostage, or something?”

  “No, I just…he’s paying me to take out bad guys and I don’t wanna disappoint, Mr. Stark…but, I don’t understand why you and Captain America are bad…?”

  “We’re not,” (Y/N) stated. “Tony’s just jealous that we’re right and he’s stupid.”

  “Oh…okay,” Peter nodded.

  “No, no! You,” Tony pointed at (Y/N) who just smiled at him, “you stop talking. And, kid, you’re not friends anymore,” Tony yelled at him. “You’re done with that. You don’t know her. She’s a faceless target. I’m paying you way too much for you to screw this up over friendship bracelets when you were nine! Just no! Stop…no! Stop!”

  “Oh, my God,” (Y/N) laughed. “I think we broke him.”

  “Error, error,” Peter joked in monotone like a robot. “I think I’m malfunctioning.”

  “Oh, my God,” Tony moaned, pacing circles around Rhodey. “This isn’t happening. Tell me this isn’t happening!” Tony yelled at Rhodey, gripping his metallic shoulders.

  “Oh…it’s happening,” Rhodey sighed, staring up at (Y/N) and Peter who were just…happy and laughing together. “It’s really happening.”

  “Alright, Peter,” (Y/N) sighed dramatically. “Lesson one in Superhero School, stealing is a huge no-no. Like, it’s our moral code of conduct and stuff.”

  “Oh!” Peter exclaimed. “I’m so sorry, Captain! I didn’t…I’m sorry!” Peter apologized as he frisbee-ed Steve’s shield back to him, making Tony lose his shit.

  “Did you just…did you just give it back?!” Tony howled.

  “Yeah, Tony,” (Y/N) smiled down to him. “Turns out, he’s a much better person than you are,” then, (Y/N) tuned to Peter. “Yeah, he didn’t pay much attention in Common Sense Club.”

  “Oh…” Peter nodded with wide eyes. “Now I get it.”

  “Stop this! Stop this, now!” Tony shouted, thrusting his suit to fly beside Peter and (Y/N). “Web her! Shoot her! I-I command it!”

  (Y/N), simply, turned to Peter with a smile on her face, shrugging as Peter hugged her.

  “I can’t hurt (Y/N),” Peter laughed. “She helped me win over Mary Jane.”

  “You’re going against the guy who, not only gave you a new suit, but who’s going to pay you thousands and thousands of dollars to nail a few fugitives, for the girl, one of the fugitives, remember? Who helped you make another random girl swoon for five seconds?” Tony questioned with a smirk. “Now that, that’s not a great plan.”

  “I bought him his first box of condoms,” (Y/N) smiled as Tony buried his face in his hands, landing on the pavement, not able to go on. “So, how’d that go?”

  Peter looked awkwardly over to (Y/N), then to everyone else who was still in shock, then back to (Y/N).

  “Oh!” (Y/N) laughed, then cupped her hand around her ear as she listened to Peter who told her that he didn’t use them, but him and Mary Jane went on a walk back to his house once. Said it was, ‘really nice.’ (Y/N) nodded to him, then addressed everyone on the ground. “Yeah, he totally got laid.”

  “No I didn’t!” Peter shouted defensively, slapping (Y/N) lightly on the shoulder, a panicked sweat breaking out on his forehead. “Don’t tell Aunt May!” 

  “I swear, jeez,” (Y/N) laughed, slapping the air, then theatrically zipped her lips.

  “Only (Y/N)…” Rhodey whispered in awe, shaking his head as Tony shook himself off, even shocking himself with a few CC’s to wake himself up from the nightmare before him.

  “No! That’s it!” Tony roared, straightening himself up. “Come on, kid. You’re on our side, now act like it.”

  “Or you could be on our side,” (Y/N) shrugged to Peter. “We have free extermination for any ant problems.”

  “We have Vision who does…things,” Tony contended.

  “We have Scarlet Witch who can move things with her mind…yeah,” (Y/N) nodded.

  “And I have money,” Tony argued.

  “We have freedom!” (Y/N) announced, standing up, saluting with her middle finger to Tony. “Not like those Anti-Patriotic assholes you’ve been recruited by.”

  “(Y/N)…” Rhodey sighed. “When have you ever been patriotic?”

  (Y/N) just looked around herself, pretending not to hear Rhodey, then cupped her hand to her ear. “Oh, I’m sorry,” (Y/N) laughed. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of screeching bald eagles and the tolling of the Liberty Bell coming from my boyfriend over there. Hi, Steve!” (Y/N) waved over to him as Peter almost fell off the helicopter laughing. “Oh, yeah! And we have Captain America. He’s like…a legend. Didn’t they teach you about him in school?”

  “Yeah, yeah they did,” Peter stuttered through laughter.

  “Then, they must’ve taught you about his honesty and whatever…you know, ‘Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American Way?” (Y/N) sang. “Who vows to fight like a man for what’s right night and day?’ Spongebob Squarepants! Oh, wait…no, that’s wrong. Hold on,” (Y/N) sighed as she put her finger to her chin in deep thought. Peter couldn’t contain himself.

  “Thanks, (Y/N),” Steve muttered into his hands as silence filled the airport.

  “…I’ll tripe your paycheck,” Tony stated making Peter stumble to grab and shove his mask over his face that ended up crumpled and only covered one of his eyes as he saluted Tony.

  “Yes, sir,” Peter vowed, then fixed his mask and saluted Tony again before he stole Steve’s shield back, leaning over to (Y/N). “Sorry, (Y/N), but I have to pay for college.”

  “I don’t blame you,” (Y/N) shrugged. “Money always seems to talk it’s way out of Tony’s ass. You know, he once paid off all the local bars in New York to hold all liquor from me until after I was done with my chemo treatment…selfish.”

  “I did that to protect you!” Tony shouted.

  “Just like you are now?” (Y/N) asked lowly.

  “Exactly like I am now,” Tony answered bluntly. “Not like Cap over there, dragging in Clint, ‘rescuing’ Wanda from a place she doesn’t even want to leave, a safe place.”

  “Tony, if she wanted to be there, she’d still be in the lounge having sex over hot soup with Vision right now,” (Y/N) retorted. “So, what else you got?”

  “…(Y/N), I have always tried to protect you, the team…” Tony yelled, then sighed in frustration. “I’m trying to keep you and Steve from tearing the Avengers apart.”

  “You did that when you signed,” Steve contended bluntly. (Y/N) had never loved him more than in that moment. He was right. (Y/N) leaped down from the helicopter to join Steve, finally taking his hand, leaving Tony’s heart shattered into a million pieces. This was it. This was when he had to let her go…

  “All right, we’re done,” Tony stated. “You’re both gonna turn Barnes over, you’re gonna come with us, now, because it’s us, or a squad of J-SOC guys with no compunction about being impolite,” Tony argued, then his eyes found (Y/N), his pleading eyes. “Come on…come on, (Y/N)….”

  “I bet you think I’ve finally gone mad,” (Y/N) whispered to Tony, her eyes broken, then she looked up to Steve who’s proud, strong, blue eyes brought her strength. Then, she found Tony again as her eyes glowed faintly with silver magic, “…but, you’re wrong. I’ve never seen clearer than I see right now. So…welcome to the 76th Hunger Games.”

  “We found it,” Sam announced over the intercom, breaking (Y/N)’s gaze from Tony’s. “Their Quinjet’s in hangar five, north runway.”

  (Y/N) nodded to Steve as she released his hand that he lifted towards the sky, Clint’s arrow breaking the webbed bondage from Steve’s wrists, signalling the beginning of the war as Tony’s face mask re-covered his face.

  “All right, Lang,” Steve muttered into the intercom as shrunken Scott stood atop Steve’s shield that was locked in Peter’s grip. 

  “Hey, guys…something…ah!” Peter yelled as Scott grew to full-size, back-flip-kicking Peter off of the helicopter tail, simultaneously stealing Steve’s shield back. 

  “Whoa, whoa,” Rhodey stammered. “What the hell was that?”

  “That was the Exterminator,” (Y/N) answered Rhodey as Scott passed Steve his shield back. “We called him in because there were some pests in our house we’d like to get sprayed.”

  “I believe this is yours, Captain America,” Scott announced as Steve took his shield back with a nod to Scott who felt on the verge of squealing like a little girl at a One Direction concert. But, he composed himself…sort of. 

  “Oh, great,” Tony groaned as his suit picked up two moving targets as him and Rhodey began to lift off the pavement. “All right, there’s two on the parking deck. One of them’s Maximoff, I’m gonna grab her,” Tony called into the intercom. “Rhodey you wanna take Cap, or (Y/N)?”

  “And where are you assholes going?” (Y/N) laughed as she froze both suits mid-air like Syndrome in The Incredibles. “To get Wanda back? Well, Girl Code calls for me to tell you both that she’s not interested.”

  “Spider-ling! Web her!” Tony called at Peter who just stared on. 

  “Um…no,” Peter responded. “Anyone else, Mr. Stark?”

  “Are you kidding me?!” Tony reprimanded. “Web her, or I swear, I will override your permanent records to say that you were arrested in 2012 for joining a death cult and sacrificed a rabbit on school property!”

  “But…I-I didn’t…” Peter stated bluntly as T’Challa shoved Steve to the side and jumped on (Y/N), breaking her curse for a moment, allowing Tony to escape.

  “Wanda, Clint!” (Y/N) called into her intercom. “Heads up! Garbage Can is coming at you!”

  “Copy that,” Clint responded, laughing as himself and Wanda prepared themselves. “Garbage can,” Clint echoed, shaking his head.

  “Got two in the terminal, Wilson and Barnes,” Rhodey announced as he flew towards (Y/N) and Steve, who threw his shield at Rhodey.

  T’Challa stopped fighting (Y/N), then sprinted in the opposite direction towards the parking structure. “Barnes is mine,” T’Challa stated as Steve followed on his tail, but (Y/N) stared in awe as Peter took off, shooting webs from his hands that lifted him from the ground.

  “Whoa!” (Y/N) exclaimed. “That was fucking awesome, Peter!”

  “Thanks, (Y/N)!” Peter called back as he swung into the parking structure, breaking the glass as he barreled into Sam.

  “Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can,” (Y/N) sang, until she thought about it for a moment. “Oh, wait! Shit! You’re not on my team!” (Y/N) gasped, then chased after him. “It’s so hard to keep track of who’s on what, where, and why, and dammit! Peter, come back! Let’s order pizza, or something instead! Wait!”

  Peter’s punch connected with Bucky’s at the same time, but Peter just studied Bucky’s arm, turning it over curiously. 

  “You have a metal arm? That is awesome, dude,” Peter complimented innocently as Sam launched himself into Peter, flying through the airport, they struggled. “You have the right to remain silent!” Peter yelled as he tried to push Sam away, then extended his web to the ceiling as he ripped out of Sam’s grasp, landing on one of the ceiling beams, Peter caught the metal sign Bucky threw at him.

  “Hey, buddy! I think you lost this” Peter called as he threw the sign back at Bucky, just barely grazing the cement pillar he was hiding behind, but Sam was on Peter’s ass again, taking Peter for another ride before Peter back flipped out of Sam’s grip, webbing his jet pack, sending Sam to crash into a ticket stand below, then webbed Sam’s hands to the banister.

  “Are those wings carbon fiber?” Peter asked Sam as he stuck the landing sideways on one of the pillars.

  “Is this stuff coming out of you?” Sam questioned back as he tried to break his webbed bondage.

  “That would explain the rigidity-flexibility ratio, which gotta say, that’s awesome man,” Peter complimented Sam.

  “I don’t know if you’ve been in a fight before, but there’s usually not this much talking,” Sam denounced Peter (what a killjoy).

  “All right, my bad,” Peter laughed as he sprung to attack again, but Bucky stood between Sam and Peter, taking the brunt of Peter’s kick that sent both of them over the edge of the banister in a shatter of glass as Peter swung back up to another pillar, webbing Bucky’s and Sam’s hands to the tile flooring below.

  “Guys, look,” Peter explained as Sam sent out a signal to Red Wing. “I’d love to keep this up, but I’ve only got one job here today, and I gotta impress Mr. Stark, so I’m really sorry…what?” Peter yelled as Red Wing ripped him out the window of the airport, leaving Sam and Bucky webbed and useless on the ground.

  “You couldn’t have done that earlier?” Bucky chided Sam.

  “I hate you,” Sam deadpanned as (Y/N) walked to the edge of the floor above and peered curiously over the shattered banister at the broken men below, then pointed, laughing at them.

  “Did someone call for help?” (Y/N) asked as Bucky and Sam looked up to her. “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

  “Just help us out of this shit,” Sam huffed at her. “Please.”

  “Why?” (Y/N) asked as she descended down to the next level. “You two look so cozy together. I think you finally found your hot lady friend, Sam.”

  “(Y/N)!” Sam reprimanded her as she laughed.

  “Fine, jeez,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes as she cut them both loose. “You don’t have to get your feathers all ruffled.”

   “That kid’s better than I thought,” Sam sighed as (Y/N) cut Bucky loose, offering him a hand up.

  “That kid’s more spider than I thought,” (Y/N) stated as she ran to the edge of the airport, still in shock that Peter was Spider-Man, but whatever. “Hm…I don’t feel like doing a superhero landing right now, so…” (Y/N) extended her arms with an adorable smile on her face to Sam. “Give me a lift?”

  “I thought my feathers were too ruffled?” Sam teased her as he took a hold of her waist.

  “You’ll get over yourself,” (Y/N) retorted with a small laugh as Bucky just straight up jumped out of the window, while Sam and (Y/N) drifted down, landing into a sprint beside Bucky as they caught up with Steve, Clint, Scott, and Wanda, all running towards the Quinjet, towards the safety of the world….but…

  ‘Errnnn,’ Vision burned a line before the team with his mind stone, floating above the group as his cape fluttered in the dead breeze.

  “Oh, come on!” (Y/N) screamed at the sky, while Sam almost choked on his own laughter. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Hey! Hey, Not-Superman! Mind your mind stone manners and sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!”

  “Enough, (Y/N),” Vision demurred as Tony and Wanda landed behind him. “Captain Rogers, I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But, for the collective good, you must surrender now.” Just then, Rhodey arrived with Black Panther in tow, who landed behind Vision as well, then Spider-Man last, completing their team, a clear line in the sand, dedicated by Vision, fully separating both sides.

  “What do we do, Cap?” Sam asked seriously. (Y/N) couldn’t help herself, it was too easy.

  “Might I suggest we stare dramatically into each other’s eyes across the battle field forever,” (Y/N) whispered intensely, then shrugged. “It didn’t work for the kids from Twilight, but maybe things have changed. Let’s test it out, shall we?” (Y/N) asked as she walked forward with her eyebrows narrowed, then called out, “What team?” Nobody responded, all she got were some giggles from Wanda. “Guys,” (Y/N) huffed at her team, then whispered behind her hand. “Wildcats!” (Y/N) nodded again, then marched forward. “What team?”

  “Wildcats!” Scott called out as (Y/N) finger gunned at him.

  “Get your head in the game!” (Y/N) shouted, then kicked her leg up like a cheerleader. “Team spirit!”

  “Are you done yet?” T’Challa asked, cracking his neck, still ready for a fight as (Y/N) just stood staring for a moment.

  “Um…no,” (Y/N) stated bluntly. Tony was on the edge, the absolute breaking point of falling to the ground in laughter, calling for surrender, but he couldn’t. (Y/N) might’ve even been right at that point, but Tony realized he was in too deep. He had to commit to something, and this was still the best option that he could see through his bruised eyes. This was it. “Are you all really going to pretend that you’re okay with this? With allowing the doctor to release his slaves to destroy the world? Really?”

  “Look, (Y/N),” Tony huffed. “Nobody’s trying to stop you…except for me and everybody else who’s trying to stop you.”

  “Ha, ha, ha!” (Y/N) fake laughed and pointed at Tony. “Oh, my God! You’re like a fucking comedian. Wanna join my Comedy Club? Oh, wait, you can’t! We’re out of business, because I have better things to do like hold off a group of psychopaths…oh, and also the death squad, Winter Soldiers, too.”

  Scott had to bite down on his own hand to keep from laughing his ass off.

  “So, we’re the psychopaths?” Rhodey laughed. “No, we’re not the delusional criminals going against the entire world when they think they’re working for it, so maybe you might wanna check yourself, (Y/N).”

  “Rhodey, I’m not a psychopath,” (Y/N) scoffed. “I’m obviously a sociopath. There’s a difference,” (Y/N) announced confidently.

  “I’m tired of this,” Tony huffed. “This is your last chance, folks! It’s the end of the line! Surrender now, or this ends just as badly as it began.”

  “Wow, really insightful, Tony,” (Y/N) chided him again. “A huge eye-opener. You know, if you’re trying to convert me to Starkism, I’m American. Thanks anyway though.”

  “(Y/N),” Natasha interrupted as everyone shook themselves off, trying to focus on the fight. “I don’t want to fight you either…but when it comes down to it, this is, apparently, the only way to get you to listen.”

  “So fight, or flight? Is that it?” (Y/N) laughed as she turned to Steve.

  “Well then,” Steve announced. “We fight.”

  And this was the beginning of the end.

  The two sides charged one another, picking up speed, picking up intensity as they went. The air became charged with a burning electricity that made everyone’s hairs stand on end as they prepared for the worst, prepared for death, prepared for…

  “Wait!” (Y/N) screamed in an agonizing howl, forcing everyone to a halt as Tony panicked half to death as (Y/N) brought her hands up to her mouth with a terrified expression. “I think I left the Gluten-Free Deluxe Cinnamon Apple Pie candle burning in our apartment,” (Y/N) told Steve, Sam, and Wanda who just about lost their minds with laughter as Tony fell to the ground on the other side and screamed. Literally, just screamed in his suit, then stood back up and brushed himself off.

  “You are not doing this to us, (Y/N)!” Tony yelled, pointing at (Y/N). “We’re not letting you through here, do you understand? I will not let you go!”

  “But it’s gluten-free,” (Y/N) stated nonchalantly, shaking her head at him as himself and Rhodey tried to contain themselves, but Nat just looked up to the sky, wondering what the hell was going on anymore. This was stupid. This whole thing was stupid. (Y/N) was fucking right. If there really were more Winter Soldiers…oh, God. This was a mistake.

  “Tony…” Natasha whispered, but Tony was up ahead of his team.

  “I’m done with this (Y/N), and I’m done with you,” Tony called over to her. “Last time, surrender, or…no, there is no ‘or!’ Just end this now, and come with us! Come home!”

  “Home is dead, Tony,” (Y/N) cried out. “I’d rather slice off my left tit than go anywhere with you. You’re blinded by guilt, by fear…and I have no more respect for you. I’m done…I’m so done,” (Y/N) whispered, shaking her head. “We’re gonna get on that jet, and leave. Come with us, or move the hell out of our way, because you’re doing no good stopping the only people who, apparently, give a damn about the world, whether it gives a damn about itself, or not. We are going to Siberia, and nobody will stop us.”

  “Watch me,” Tony challenged. 

  And that was the real beginning of the end.

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36 with void stiles?

A/N: This was fun! My first official Void!Stiles request!

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

I wish I could hate you.


You sat on the floor in front of the couch, the form of your best friend with his arms bound behind him and silenced with duct tape over his mouth slumped, his head hanging in what looked an extremely uncomfortable position down and to the side, sleeping fitfully.

You had been told, no matter what, to not remove the tape, but the thrashing of you friend got more violent, he began screaming with his eyes shut, scrunching them tighter and tighter with every second. It faded to a pitiful sound as you heard him mutter pleas, bargains with someone or something. “Let me out!” You thought he said one of the times, and your breath caught in your throat.

You had been Stiles’ friend since kindergarten. You had been there through it all, and you knew he had a recurring dream of being shoved in a locker, unable to escape.

Despite the order, you removed the tape, unable to take the whimpering anymore.

His eyes snapped open, and you immediately sensed it was not Stiles staring back at you. But you weren’t afraid. You schooled your breath and heart beat to stay steady, and even had slight satisfaction from ripping the tape painfully off the Void’s face.

“You’re not human,” he said with a smirk, raising his head, leaning it slightly the other way to stretch, resting his ear against his shoulder as he stared at you. Leaning a little further, he glanced behind your ear, seeing the sign that meant you were yourself. He grinned. “But then again, I see you’re not supposed to be.”

“Let me speak to Stiles,” you said calmly, keeping your rage canned inside. You would never let this monster feed off of you. That was the biggest sucker punch you could currently give.

He chuckled, making a clicking sound with his cheek. “Nope. No can do. Sorry. Just you and me, sweetheart.”

“Stiles, I know you can hear me,” you began, never looking away from the eyes so eerily like your friend’s, yet….. Void of that spark. The way they narrowed at you made you feel both triumphant and a little wary. “Come back to me,” you began quietly. “Come back to us. Make your move.”

His eyes widened, hope sparking back into them, but you didn’t let yourself believe it for a second. “Oh, I’ve already made my move, and it’s lovely in here. So spacious and quiet, well, most of the time. I do have this one neighbor who won’t stop yacking unless I threaten to make him watch as I kill someone he loves. But other than that…. It’s just dandy in here.”

You took a deep breath. “I wish I could hate you.”

He smirked. “Oh, come on, don’t you already? I mean look at me. I live in the body of your best friend. I’m evil, and I’m killing people. What more do want of me?” He ended with a dark chuckle.

“Honestly? I want my friend back. But I’ll wait. I have a move planned, and it’s going to screw up the rest of your game.”

He narrowed his eyes at you, his response somewhat grumpy. “There’s a reason why foxes and wolves don’t get along.”

Rising to your feet, you smashed the tape against his mouth again. “Yup. Because you should never trust a fox. They are tricksters, right? How am I doing so far?” He nodded, his shoulders shaking in laughter. “Wolves on the other hand, we’re loyal, and we mean what we say. Our pack is our family, and we will die protecting what we love. So don’t for one more second think that you are going to move even one more step in your little game, bozo.” You smiled, knowing Stiles would approve of your nickname. You were nose to nose with the Nogitsune now, and you felt your smile fade to a satisfied smirk. “Because I know Stiles, and as soon as I get him back, out of your screwed up little mind, we are going to kick your ass.”

(saying this because I just went through it)

A few days ago I encountered something that seriously threw me for a loop, and I’m saying this now in case I can help anyone who’s questioning on the same grounds I was:

  • If you suddenly feel a random sexual attraction, but it doesn’t feel right or like it’s really you thinking that, your asexuality is still valid. 
  • If you suddenly start wondering what sex with a person would be like/imagining it, but you immediately realize you don’t really want that, then that’s just your brain being weird (everyone’s does that) and your asexuality is valid.
  • No matter how many random, crazy, insane sexual thoughts you may find yourself having, if you don’t look at someone while in your right mind and think “I want to screw them,” your asexuality is valid. 
  • If you’re still curious is what you felt was real, try thinking more about it. Take that random daydream further. Get yourself back and look at that picture again with your own eyes. But no matter what happens… 



Have an acetastic day ;)

Luke Cheats On You:

Stopping the car outside of your house, you frowned when you saw a car was already in your space on the drive. You parked it on the road and wondered why your best friend’s car was already here, you were almost sure you hadn’t forgotten to meet her today. You’d just come back from spending the night at your parents’ house so you wouldn’t have arranged to see her this early in the morning.

“I wonder what Auntie Fliss is doing here, Em. Maybe she missed you that much she had to wait here for us.”

“Auntie Fliss!” your four-year-old daughter chanted as you unbuckled her from the car seat. “Auntie Fliss is here!”

“Yeah,” you said absentmindedly.

Your best friend, Felicity, had been having problems with her long term boyfriend, Dean. He wanted more commitment from her, you kept telling her that. It was times like this you were grateful you were married to Luke, the boy you had been in love with since you were eighteen. The dating game didn’t sound like much fun these days.

“Auntie Fliss likes playing dollies with me,” Ember said as she ran up to the front door. “She likes to dress them up.”

You tried to ignore the bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, you felt like something wasn’t right. Fliss never missed a day of work unless she was really sick; you guessed it had to be about her boyfriend. You knelt next to your daughter and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Hey, I’m going to see if Auntie Fliss is okay,” you explained quietly. “She might be sad and she might not want to play dollies until she’s feeling better so why don’t you see if Mrs Ryan wants to, hm?”

She nodded and smiled, she liked Mrs Ryan.

You took Ember’s hand and walked her across to your neighbour who always loved to watch Ember for a few hours a week to give you and Luke some time alone. Mrs Ryan was more than happy to watch her for an hour or so while you tried to find out what was wrong with Fliss. You took a deep breath as you opened your front door and called Felicity’s name. You walked around the ground floor looking for her, only to find her wine glass, which you’d given her last Christmas, in the sink. You decided she must have stopped her last night which was nothing unusual; Luke had a night out with the guys anyway so she’d have the house to herself.

After checking the guest room, you didn’t find Fliss stretched out in the double bed like you normally would. You frowned again. Fliss wasn’t the type to walk home especially since she lived a few miles away, you decided she must have had too much wine last night and caught a taxi this morning. You rang her house phone to check she’d made it home.

“Hello?” Dean said gruffly.

“Is Fliss home?” you asked. “I’m worried about her.”

He sighed. “I guess you haven’t been home then. We had an argument, broke up and then said she was coming to your place. I told her it wasn’t a great idea.”

“What do you mean by that, Dean?”

“She said she’s in love with another man,” he revealed. “She said she’s in love with Luke.”

Your mouth fell open. “What?”

“Look, I’m sorry but that’s what she told me. I have to get to work. If you find her, tell her she has until tomorrow to move her stuff out of my house or it’ll be in a charity shop.”

The line suddenly went dead. You tried to process what Dean had just said. No, your best friend wouldn’t do that to you. Fliss and Luke were just friends. They took Ember to the park together when you were working from home. Fliss couldn’t be in love with your husband.

The door opened and Fliss was stood there with a towel wrapped around her. She looked stunned to see you, the colour drained from her cheeks.

“I’ve just spoken to Dean,” you said calmly. “Is it true?”

Fliss stared at you and red rose back into her cheeks. You felt like she’d punched you in the stomach.

“Let me explain,” she started but she was interrupted.

“Fliss!” Luke’s voice shouted. “I think she’s home! What the fuck are we going to tell her? We’ve fucked up big time, Fliss.”

You stood with your arms folded over your stomach, you tried to hold yourself together but cracks were slowly appearing. Silently, you waited for Luke to appear. His hair was messy and he was stood in a pair of boxers.

“Try the truth, Luke,” you said in a shaky voice. “Don’t worry; your daughter isn’t here to hear it.”

Luke’s eyes widened and he began to stumble over his words. “Babe! You’re – erm, did you have a good night?”

“Cut the bullshit, Luke. Tell me what you were going to cover up.”

Fliss dropped her gaze to the floor. “I came over last night, I had a few glasses of wine and I waited for Luke to get home. I kissed him then we went upstairs and – oh my God, I’m so sorry.”

You covered your mouth with your hand and fought back a sob. You felt sick. The images in your mind went wild to fill in the gaps of what she didn’t say.

“I trusted you,” you choked out. “I trusted both of you. I’m going to be sick.”

You pushed them both out of the way as you ran downstairs and into the garden. You sat on the bench your parents’ had bought you for your first wedding anniversary. What were you going to do? You rubbed your temples, this was a mess. A mess you never thought you’d have to deal with.

“Babe, I’m sorry. It was a stupid thing to do,” Luke apologised.

“No,” you countered. “A stupid thing would be something like putting a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine. This isn’t a stupid thing. This is a whole new low for you.”

He knelt in front of you. “It didn’t mean anything, you have to believe me.”

You glared at him for a moment before you leaned forward. “I believed you when you promised to love me forever on our wedding day but look where that got me.”

“I still love you,” he objected.

“Well, last night that love didn’t stop you from screwing my best friend. Last night, I didn’t cross your mind and that isn’t what love is, Luke.” You stood up and closed your eyes before you spoke again. “I’m going to get Ember and we’re going back to my mum’s.”

“Please, let’s just talk about this,” he begged.

You shook your head. “Right now, I hate you. I hate Fliss. I don’t want to be near either of you. Give me a few days to get my head around this.”

Luke walked towards you. “If you won’t talk to me, at least let me see Em.”

“Come pick her up tomorrow morning,” you said in a cold voice. “I’m not going to stop you seeing her, Luke. You might be a shit husband but you’re a good father.”

You headed towards the front door and Fliss was waiting by the stairs.

“BabeI’m sorry.”

“You came here and took your chance,” you said bitterly. “I hope it was worth it.”

You scooped up your keys and walked out of the door to collect your daughter. You weren’t sure how things were going to work out but you’d be okay, you’d have to be okay for Ember’s sake.

Part 2 is here!

They're Back ~An Everlark One-Shot~

This fic was inspired by the ever talented Leticia ( unicorn-feelings), who managed to create such a wonderful edit of Everlark that it actually brought me to tears. It looks so realistic, like something that actually came from the movie, so naturally, I had to write a fic to go along with it.

Essentially, I’m denying that the last part of Mockingjay Part 1 even happened lol, but I think that’s better off. Katniss and Peeta deserve the world, deserve to be happy.

So, without further adoooo~

“They’re back.”

Those two simple words are enough to send a bolt of energy, of anxiety, of relief, surging through my body.

I was petrified that the rescue mission was going to fail, and end up with fatal consequences. The moment we lost contact with the rebels, those brave souls who risked their lives for my request, I thought it was all over.

Not only did I believe I had lost Gale, but Peeta as well. 

The person who understands me in all of this. The person I would die to protect. The person I cannot live without.

But somehow, fate have it, they managed to return, safe and sound.

It takes me a moment to process what Haymitch just told me, before I’m barreling out the door, running blindly as I careen for the piece of my life that has been missing for far too long.

I think I can hear Finnick behind me, but I’m too wrapped around my own motives to pay him much notice. We arrive into the main ward of the District Thirteen hospital together, and immediately my eyes are scanning around.

He’s not here, or at least I don’t think so. But others certainly are.

I spy an emaciated feminine body on a gurney, and I find myself doing a double take.

“Johanna?” I weakly croak out.

She rips the breathing tube out of her nose, shoving medical attendants away, before giving me a sneer smile.

I stare at her agape, unable to say anything more. I’m absolutely horrified at her appearance; she has changed so much. 

If the Capitol was able to inflict that much damage on her, someone who wasn’t directly associated with me, then what they did to Peeta would have to be…

My throat clenches painfully, and I shake my head curtly to snap myself out of my thoughts.

No, he’s here. I have to remind myself that. He’s here in District Thirteen, alive.

It doesn’t matter if he’s completely bruised, battered, beaten and bloody; he’s Peeta. He’s my Peeta. And I will never let him from my sight again.

I jolt away from Johanna just in time to see Finnick crashing into Annie, their embrace tight and filled with tears. Is that how my reunion with Peeta will be?

Various nurses point me in the right direction, and I stumble towards the small hospital room in a daze. Giddiness has begun to flow through me, overtaking any fears I was once feeling.

Peeta. Peeta. Peeta.

His name sounds in my mind over and over again, causing my heart to race.

I can picture his shinning blue eyes, staring into mine with so much affection and gentleness laced behind them. I can hear the sound of his voice, the soft, sweet tone that never fails to soothe me. I can feel the strength of his arms, the solidity and warmth of his embrace.

It doesn’t even sink in that I’m crying, tears dripping periodically down my cheeks as my gait speeds up to a run.

Peeta. Peeta. Peeta.

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Domestic Life: Part 4 [She's Mine Now: Part 2]

[The last half was deleted while I was working on it :( So I hope it still works. Not a fluff piece.] Warnings: Profanity, injury, torture, abusive ex, It is Gotham after all.

Your laying on a cold metal bench in what looks like a locked examination room.

Pain shoots through your entire body jolting you into consciousness. You’ve been shot straight through your side. But you remember that. What you don’t remember is…


You screeched, quickly turning into whimpers of pain coming from all over. You were in bad shape. Yeah, you remember getting shot, but doing a once over on yourself now you realize you’ve most likely had the shit beaten out of you. From what you could tell you’ve now got 3 cracked ribs, a fractured wrist, and that God Damn knee again! You look down only to see your fucked up left knee is horribly misplaced. The bruises around your neck and eye doesn’t even register.

“What in the fuck have you gotten yourself into this time (y/n)…”

You trail off trying your hardest to not succumb to the pain again when strange yet familiar humming wafting under the locked door as the sound of heavy footfalls approach.

“Twas Brillig, And the slithy toves, Did gyre and gimble…..”

The humming fades in and out. The strange melody finally pierces the veil the pain has pulled over you. It was a simple melody from your abusive ex’s favorite move… Alice in Wonderland. ‘Uuughmygod how is he not dead?!?!’ This mother fucker must have really gone off the deep end to pull a stunt like this while you’re with Mister J.

You hear the jingling of keys as the melody continues.

“ All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe.”

As the last of the melody was sung the door flings itself open and the figure of a tall slender man in what looked like a cheap knock off of Mister J’s fine purple suits steps in.

“Well hello there my dear.”

The man shrilled at you. Dear lord how you hated him.

“ Yeah, yeah, yeah hello Arther. So you managed to climb out of that hell hole we left you in at Arkham did ya?” You nearly spit at him.

“Hmmm… oh that’s right my dear (y/n), you left so quickly with that Joker you never even considered how I may have faired did you?” His yellowed eyes now throwing daggers at you.

[ Some back story.]

Many years ago you were a bright and talented Vet assistant dating a tall and brilliant therapist named Arther Cunningham. You two went relatively well together despite the mental games Arther liked to plague you with. But you were always a push over back then, never thinking you could find, or even deserved better. That is until you visited Arther at work one day when he was volunteering at the infamous Arkham Asylum.

You never much cared for the place. Seemed more like a zoo then a mental hospital to you, but then again as Arther would have said, ‘What did you know? You were just a pretty face with a fancy title after all.’ While visiting him you two got in a fight over God only knows. Things got heated and out of hand as he slammed you through his office door onto the glass of an inmates cell. You vividly remember the first time you heard J’s gravelly low and most of all deadly voice pierce through you as he addressed your assailant.

“Now now Now Doc.” He hissed from the dark corner of the cell.

“ That’s no way to treat a sweet young lady like…” He paused as he approached the glass gazing deep into your (e/c) eyes that were crying for help.

“What is your name Kitten?” He had purred at you.


You gasped as Arther tightened his grip around your neck cutting off what little air you could get. The Joker’s eyes moved from yours to Arther’s.

“You there, doc. You better put my new Kitten down before you regret it.”

The Joker had spit the words, chuckling knowingly at Arther revealing his silver toothed grin which made him look even deadlier then he already seemed.

“And what the fuck are you gonna do about it Clown?” Arther laughed at the Joker has he cut off your air completely, lifting you up the glass of the cell wall.

When all of the sudden a loud *BOOM* knocked Arther to the floor releasing his grip on your throat as the outer wall of his office explodes and what resembled a strike team blew in. They immediately started working on the door of J’s cell. Busting it open in under a minute. The Joker strode out of his cell straight to you lowering his hand as an offer of help. You had heard the stories, hell you lived in Gotham right? He should have scared the shit out of you, but he didn’t. He came to your defense. And now he was helping you get away from that abusive ass hole. You had looked up at him, his hand out stretched, white garments hanging open revealing his many intricate and quite frankly gorgeous tattoos which decorated his lean and muscular chest. His green hair had been a mess not the neat slicked back style you came to know. He looked positively deadly, bare feet and all.

“You comin’ baby doll”

He called still waiting for you to catch your breath. Without anymore hesitation and not a single word you grabbed his hand and headed out the newly formed exit to Arkham.

Arther called out after you calling you a bitch and a whore. Putting your hand into that of a man’s you later came to know as Frost. The Joker nearly skipped back through the debris to where Arther had been trapped by a piece of wall. With a swift kick to his temple the Joker spat in Arther’s now bleeding face and growled

“She’s MINE now.”

He turned back wrapping your arm in his as he gave the order to ‘tourch it’. While you and the Joker boarded the waiting copter, one of his men finished spreading accelerate on the debris and set it alight. With a sigh of relief you truly had believed that was the last time you would see Arther. ]

“Nope. Not at all.” You chirped.

“I was busy getting to know my new fella.”

You would have found this hilarious if you hadn’t been in so much pain.

“So why in the HELL am I here Arther.” Your eyes narrowed as the thin man starts to make his was around the room.

“Well you see my dear. You left me in a tight spot all those years ago now didn’t you.” He stops a few feet away from you looking you up and down.

“Ha I’m frankly amazed your still so spray with all those injuries. You would have swooned long before this back then.”

He cackles stalking around the room. He seriously looked like an extremely cheap rip off of Mister J. Too funny.

“Yeah I’ve grown a lot since that little push over you knew.” You spat as pain shot through your ribs.

“Now, now, let’s keep our heads about us no?“

His grin exposed his teeth now a cracked mirror of what they use to be. This whole thing was just to damn funny. Strange laughter erupts and if you hadn’t felt it bubbling up from your bruised and bloodied lungs you would have sworn it was J laughing.

Arther stares, you laughing looking half mad.

“Oh my dear you’re just as crazed as that Clown now aren’t you?” He chuckled.

‘Maybe I’ve been spending to much time with J. I’m starting to sound like him.’ The thought was just a crack up to you. You bust out with a second wave of manic laughter sending blood spurting from your mouth.

“hahaha…. he’s going to kill you…. I hope you know that…. hahaha” You choked out, with new waves of pain flowing with every breath. Arther’s eyes narrow.

“Your Clown isn’t gonna want the used up mess I’m gonna send him back when I’m done with you. (y/n)”

The venom dripped from every word. Your laughing fit had left you light headed and in pain. You watch as Arther reaches the far side of the room and hear the sound of metal surgical tools hitting the table in the corner were he now stood.

“Your that… that… CLOWNS precious ‘Kitten’ now aren’t you?”

His eyes blazed as he picks up a sharp scalpel and stalks towards you, the sharp implement glinting in your already hazy eyes. He begins to push on your already broken body, pressing you completely down on the bench you have been laying on.

“Well then, let’s make sure you NEVER! forget what you are my dear.”

Your arm cracks as he puts his full weight onto your broken bones to steady you as he starts to carve into the delicate skin on your collarbone. You scream in agony as your vision fades. Your mind races. ‘Fuck, I think I’m screwed. I’m sorry J.’ And with that last thought you fall unconscious. Completely unaware of the horrors that are being done to your limp, lifeless body….

- To Be continued -

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