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04.25.17 // guess who got the highest grade on their history test,, yep, this girl here stayed up late studying cannibalism to get that grade 

Twilight sky, slowly crawling in, plunges the day into darkness and shatters the sunlight into a million of stars.

When was the last time we sat together under the same sky ?

Happy birthday to the best twins !

When Genji got crazy against rage due to Hanzo, Mercy would just turn off the switch to clean the messy

But he still got his humaan part where mercy cannot control omg I love these stuffs and I’m screwed up already. Thanks!
things i've heard each sign say irl
  • Aries: dOn't yOU sAY thAT aBOut BEYONCÉ!
  • Taurus: find someone that will prioritize u over fried chicken
  • Gemini: why doesn't my lawnmower smell like grass?!?!!
  • Cancer: I'm not overreACTINg
  • Leo: I may have screwed up the convo because of my... daddy kink
  • Virgo: omg, I need to dunk this kid in some sort of deodorant
  • Libra: her face is too plain, she needs a strategically placed mole
  • Scorpio: my cat tore up my dog patch crop top
  • Sagittarius: don't tell me what to do, i'll lick the swing set if I want to!!
  • Capricorn: I'd rather not talk about my childhood for sanity reasons
  • Aquarius: sequin in broad daylight, i feel accomplished on her behalf
  • Pisces: I have a thing for really soft hands

okay if you say so 🌝

3/? things luhan says

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you could write Rfa + V + Saeran reacting to a very quiet and shy MC, like they actually have to check she's still alive bc they can't hear her or they have to make sure she's not mad at them bc she stopped talking to them thanks xx

Hey anon! That’s my first request omg i hope i don’t screw up too badly

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  • though he’s quite a talker, he’s also a little shy so he understands
  • sometimes, however, he just forgets MC is that quiet
  • they’re both in the kitchen and MC is making dinner
  • no one is talking
  • and then it happens
  • “MC what did I do?
  • “MC why are you mad at me?”
  • “MC please answer”
  • poor boy is already trying to find a way to make her forgive him
  • “Yoosung I’m not mad at you”
  • “Yes you are. Is it because of LOLOL?”
  • and then MC laughs because he’s such a cute little dork
  • “I’m not mad at you, love”
  • “Okay, but if you were… you’d tell me, right?”


  • okay well
  • Zen’s job requires him to be as talkative and sociable as possible
  • and MC is the exact opposite of that
  • so this one night they’re at a party
  • there’s a lot of people, everyone seems to be enjoying it
  • Zen is talking with some coworkers showing off a little
  • but MC is nowhere to be found
  • and then he sees her, near the buffet, all alone
  • “MC are you okay?”
  • “Yeah, I’m fine”
  • “Are you enjoying the party?”
  • “Not really”
  • wow so straightforward
  • “Do you wanna leave?”
  • “Yes please, I’m really unconfortable”
  • and so they go home
  • and he really wants to make it up to her for making her feel unconfortable
  • it’s not your fault Zen
  • but you can guess what happens next 


  • just like Zen, his job requires him to be as sociable as possible
  • and of course MC is not
  • so whenever they go somewhere for his job, like a party or a dinner or anything else
  • MC literally spends all the time by his side
  • stuck like glue
  • nodding in agreement whenever he’s talking
  • he honestly can’t be alone, not even for a second
  • “MC I just need to use the bathroom”
  • “I’ll keep you company”
  • Jesus MC
  • luckily for her, though, he doesn’t really mind
  • but when they’re home, he’s very quiet himself
  • most of the time MC is the one checking on him
  • “You okay?”
  • “Are you alive”
  • “Are you mad at me?”
  • no MC he’s not mad at you


  • she l o v e s it
  • quiet MC = peace at home
  • and boy, does she need some peace
  • she does really like small talks though
  • so when MC doesn’t answer properly she gets kind of annoyed
  • but MC is quite quick to notice and tries her best to make Jaehee happy
  • and she makes it!
  • Jaehee knows how shy MC actually is
  • and she tries not to embarass her too much
  • or make her feel unconfortable
  • she’s just really nice and sympathetic


  • this boy is a fucking tease
  • MC is hella shy? BETTER EMBARASS HER
  • MC doesn’t like talking in front of many people? MC, GIVE US A SPEECH
  • MC is mad at him because of that?
  • oh shit MC is mad at him
  • “MC I’m sorry”
  • “MC I didn’t want to hurt you”
  • “MC please forgive me I’m an idiot”
  • yes you are
  • and of course MC forgives him
  • one day though
  • he was deep into some hacking stuff
  • and MC was in the living room, minding her own business
  • it might have been five or six hours, and he didn’t hear her at all, not even for a secon
  • and boy was he worried
  • he came running in the living room
  • “I’m okay you dumbass”
  • “Okay, just checking”
  • you were worried sick, just admit it


  • okay, let’s say it: he’s blind
  • he can’t really see MC, so hearing her voice would be kinda nice
  • except for the fact that MC is a little too quiet and does not talk often
  • she answer whenever he’s talking, of course
  • but doesn’t really like it
  • but V is just so in love with her voice
  • so he asks her to read something for him
  • and she agrees
  • honestly, who wouldn’t?
  • they’re both on the couch, V’s head resting on MC lap while she pets his hair
  • she’s reading some poetry out loud
  • he loves it
  • V once asked her to be his model, back when his sight wasn’t this bad
  • her face suddenly became bright red
  • “Do I have to?”
  • “Only if you want to”
  • “You’re not going to show this photos around, are you?”
  • MC he didn’t ask you to pose naked
  • i guess
  • “I’m not”
  • “Okay then”


  • he’s not much of a talker himself, so that doesn’t really bother him
  • he does really enjoy spending time with MC without talking
  • just being by her side, maybe cuddling somewhere
  • on the bed, on the couch, wherever
  • oh god he loves to cuddle so very much
  • he’s perfectly fine with MC being shy as well of course
  • however he loves when MC is a little embarassed
  • her face is red, she’s stuttering and suddenly looking away and that’s just too cute to handle
  • so he tries to embarass her as often as possible
  • and MC actually never gets mad at him
  • she can’t
  • he’s just too cute

anonymous asked:

Yes, I have a thing. Can you please do RFA + V + Saeran accidentally making MC cry then feeling guilty asf about it?


  • this boy is the sweetest but sometimes he gets on your nerves
  • he has the “gamer trance” so it’s hard for him to focus on talking to you while he’s playing LOLOL
  • or if he’s busy at work
  • you don’t get those morning texts and calls
  • it was bound to happen so you just brush it off
  • but if you try to text him later or call him he doesn’t answer
  • yet you see he’s online in the chat
  • one day you woke up emotional with all them HAAMONES
  • and you wanted to talk to Yoosung but he not only doesn’t answer
    • did he get a new phone and didn’t transfer his contacts?
    • what the fuck asshole
    • AND HE’S ONLINE IN THE CHAT ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶
  • it was hard to understand why he rejected your call because your initial reaction was to get pissed off 
  • when he came home you were planning to just tell him off
  • he greets you and instead of blowing up you just burst into tears the moment you said he ignored your call
  • this nugget freaks out because in his mind: “oh no i screwed up, they’re upset, they’re going to leave me, omg no please” and his eyes get all watery
  • as it turns out you were calling and texting the wrong number so you felt like a dumbo
  • but Yoosung is too precious because even though it was a mistake on your part, he still feels so guilty for MAKING YOU CRY
  • he’s all hugs and kisses and for the next week he showers you with small gifts


  • sometimes Jaehee just doesn’t know her own strength
  • you notice it when she reaches out for your hand or when her hands are full and she kicks the door
  • she also has a tendency to punch things when she’s REALLY stressed out
  • a certain donut made her work on a project that was a complete waste of time and wanted her to work on another one
  • Jaehee was so pissed off she was going to punch a door since it was the first thing she saw
  • it all happened in slow motion
  • you opened the door with your goofy smile to see your beautiful girlfriend
  • instead you got punched square in the face
    • powerful enough to knock you over
  • Jaehee panics and gets down on your level to see if you were alright
  • you could see Jaehee was stressed out so you didn’t want to add onto the pile of responsibilities for her to worry about
    • and you know it was an accident so it wasn’t a big deal
  • you try to be tough and smile but hot damn your face hurts
    • did she break your nose!?
  • and you can’t help but cry from the pain
  • Jaehee feels like the shitiest person on Earth
    • worse than Jumin!
  • she brings you to the ER and low and behold she broke your nose!
  • due to the circumstances, she’s extra affectionate to you
  • she touches you like a vintage china doll
  • you get her a punching bag and a stress ball for her office  


  • you figured this would happen one way or another
  • Zen was too busy at his job to give you attention
  • although, you learned after a while that it’s just how things are so you just accept it
  • but when he invites you to parties, he gets flooded by a ton of people wanting to engage with him and you’re just left behind
  • once he actually FORGOT you at a party
    • like legit left the building, got on his motorcycle, had a few drinks with a friend or two then went home
    • meanwhile you were at the party still standing like a wallflower at prom
  • you were hella annoyed but tried to be understanding in the matter
  • then the one time you two are actually able to talk, the director pulls him away to talk to some of his colleagues
  • at that point you were full of rage and figured this asshole was going to forget you again so you called a cab
  • “Where are you going? Are you not feeling well? We can go home now if you would like.”
  • you were a salt mine
  • “I’m not needed here so I’m just going home or work or whatever.”
  • marshmallow is so confused but he doesn’t want you to go so he tries to catch you
  • oh hell no boy 
  • you give him the BUSINESS from the past month
  • you only felt rage but all that hot anger made you oblivious to your tears
  • Zen feels like the shitiest person in history
      • well everyone does if you made precious cinnamon roll cry ya doof
      • he would be guilty not just for his looks but by making you cry
      • a double offense!
  • just apologizes as he smothers you in a tight hug


  • work/school was really getting to you
  • there was just so much work you had to do it felt like you were balancing a tightrope
  • your boss/professor wasn’t satisfied with your work so you’ve been trying to improve
  • it was putting you on edge having to balance your work with Jumin and the RFA
  • you were good managing all of it, but when work/school started to dog on you, it started to bleed into everything else
    • you forgot to invite a few people to a party, or forgot the caterer, you accidently ignored one of Jumin’s calls, or stopped hanging out with your friends
    • life was just a big bag of dicks for you
  • and this donut with the purest intentions
  • just wanted to help you not be stressed
  • so he decides to help you!
    • oh boy
  • everything he was pointing out felt like critique to you
    • it was the same things your professor/boss said
    • so you were feeling completely inadequate
    • plus Jumin tended to not be so kind when it comes to critique
    • you felt like you couldn’t do anything
  • you cover your eyes because you felt the tears coming
  • he looks over to you and immediately blames himself
  • but you kind of explain to him how stressed out how you can never get this thing right
  • to repent for his misdeeds, he pulls you away from your work, has you sit on the couch, gives you Elizabeth 3rd, and has you lean on his shoulder until you fall asleep
  • after your much-needed rest, you just said fuck it and submitted your work knowing you did your best


  • you love your beloved jellybean, you really do
  • he has flaws and you see through them
  • except one
  • this boy interrupts you
  • all
  • the
  • fucking
  • TIME
  • it gets annoying when you’re in the middle of a story and he just interrupts to tell his own, talk about something else, or to someone else
  • you almost never finish a story because of him
  • so you just sit by and listen to his story instead because you know what, you’re POLITE
  • you try to see through it, you try your damndest 
  • you hit your breaking point when Yoosung was over and you were talking with him
  • you were WAITING for Seven to interrupt but he doesn’t
    • thank God
  • then at the apex of your story, he just turns to Yoosung to ask an unrelated question
    • and Yoosung actually answers and it turns into a discussion
  • that day you learned what a bomb felt like
  • you just sit back and ignore their conversation completely 
  • but you were just so fucking done with this
  • when you felt the tears coming on you  just turned away and covered your eyes
  • precious Yoosung is the first to notice and he asks if you’re okay
  • when he notices, Seven does too
  • Seven CANNOT stand to see you cry
    • unless it was because he tickled you too hard or it was from laughing
  • you decide to tell Seven about the interruptions and how upset it makes you feel
    • Vanderwood approves
  • you feel so bad because you know he doesn’t intentionally do it and he’s already self-conscious as it is
    • but your feelings are valid too and he deserves to know
  • feels just awful about the situation
  • he makes it a conscious effort to stop himself from interrupting others
  • it’s hard at first, but he gets the feel of it and now he just sits there giving you his full attention ^^


  • V always makes you cry how can he not???
  • V is just a sweetheart who deserved more in life
    • hell you ran the V fanclub
  • but you understand V needs to take things one step at a time
    • because of She Who Shall Not Be Named
  • he was doing well with you for a while
  • there was hope
  • then Jumin brought up the eye surgery and V decline
  • excuse me?
  • you avoid asking him why he still doesn’t want the surgery
    • he redeemed himself, you don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to reverse She Who Shall Not Be Named did
  • when you finally decide to bring it up, he’s pretty adamant on not getting the surgery
    • “Not for me?”
    • “…No. I deserve it.”
  • you’re just so hurt how V takes it upon himself to bear his own crosses
  • he just hates himself so much
  • you just start balling because all you want is for him to be happy and no one, not even V could stop that
  • when he hears you crying, he can’t bear it
  • this man is the Emporer of Guilt
  • he finds you and just holds you
  • after that little outburst, the next day he calls Jumin saying he’ll do the surgery


  • he would NEVER hurt you
  • it was an accident
  • was walking down the hallway
  • and he knew that Seven was notorious for hiding and jumping on him when he least suspect it
  • so Unknown wanted to have the upper hand
  • he was cautiously walking down the hallway, quietly scanning the area
  • suddenly a door opened and next thing he knows, he’s dropped someone to the ground, and has them pinned down
  • oh shit it was you
  • he quickly lets go of you, “A-are you alright?”
  • you nod with a smile as he explained himself
  • but you were lying to him and yourself
  • when he dropped you, you banged your elbow in the threshold and your flesh peeled through the door lock
  • you couldn’t help but start crying because it hurt like the dickens
  • this gumdrop is frozen
  • he has NO idea what to do
  • you’re crying, bleeding, and all he could do is feel extremely guilty
  • Seven does NOT make the situation any better
  • “HaHA I got yo-”
  • stops midsentence when he sees you on the floor bleeding and crying
  • holy shit it looks like he’s about to murder Unknown
  • you had to intervene to make sure there wasn’t more blood Vanderwood had to clean
  • when you’re getting stitches, Unknown just mutters an apology to you
    • in the sweetest way possible
    • he was like a puppy who thought they did something wrong
  • you tell him it’s alright and hold his hand
  • just a precious little gumdrop

When your dad got home and you’ve started talking noisily about what had happened (◎ ◎)ゞ

Then, you’d receive your punishment because you’ve made his headache even worse ヽ( `д´*)ノ

After that, he’d find out that you’ve screwed everything up  (O.O)

OMG … I admit it. They really look like father and son (♡´艸`)