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love you like fireburst (1/8)
↳ from yoongi to taehyung

les mis characters as some things in my google search history

Jehan: norwegian curling pants

Marius: a bout de souffle what is it about

Grantaire: saturn sleeping at last chords

Bossuet: can people see you screenshotted their instagram story

Bahorel: hasa diga eebowai

Courfeyrac: anime daddy

Combeferre: habitability factors of various objects in our solar system

Feuilly: what can i make with the stuff in my fridge

Joly: poop cafe toronto

Enjolras: my dear find what you love and let it kill you

Cosette: non-linear love story

Eponine: fuck you aesthetic

Montparnasse: fancy knives

Musichetta: does it pass the bechdel test

Myriel: our father who art in heaven

Gavroche: burger king voltron toys 2017

Javert: how much do snakes cost

Jean Valjean: airbnb london england

singles mag // +

Somewhere Only We Know (bard/thranduil)
set in middle-earth, memories, kind of fix-it, not as sad as it sounds ▪ read on ao3
art by @diamond-skeleton, art by @queenstardust & edit by @northerntrash

When the eighteenth month since Bard's death comes, Thranduil wakes on a strange feeling. He follows a mysterious blue orb through the ill trees of his forest, where he is shown precious memories of his ephemeral time with Bard. But is it a trick of his mind, a dream, or reality?

Tamlen in Haven

Some random screenshots because there’s never enough of him on my blog :D

SAMS wouldn’t let me donate the money because something was weird with their paypal donation link. so i donated it to UNICEF instead. 

thank you for all the commissions to help aid syria! and for all the reblogs too. i hope to do bigger charity events in the future. ^-^ 


@momotastic27​ tagged me for lock screen, home screen, last song and selfie.

My lock screen is a BirdFlash-fanart by @flafly​! It’s been my lock screen for aaaages! I love it so much! <3

My home screen is a Merlin&Arthur pic I love a lot! The way Merlin looks at Arthur…! <3 And Arthur’s laugh and ldsghlkjfghd <3<3<3

The last song I listened to is “Locking up the sun” by Poets of the Fall. (An amazing band that’s way too less known! I can really recommend checking them out! :D)

Aaaand I really really don’t like selfies. I never take pictures of myself if I’m not wearing a Cosplay, sorry. x’D So, have a funny Cosplay pic from last October instead~ |D (Naya as Arthur and I as Merlin)

I’m tagging @lao-paperman​, @marmaladica​, @naryunosyarg​ and @tracionn​ :3 (only if you want to do this, of course <3)