i screamed while making this lol

The Outsiders Book v. Fan-Fic
  • Book: "I have nightmares when I'm stressed out."
  • Fan-Fic: *has violent nightmares as soon as the sun goes down, wakes Sodapop up with blood-curdling screams every night, can be compared to the wrath of hell*
  • Book: "Darry's strong I guess lol"
  • Fan-Fic: *gang is watching TV while Darry stands in the corner, lifting cows above his head and doing jumping jacks*
  • Book: "Steve likes cars"
  • Fan-Fic: *Steve actually /is/ a car. He had Sodapop rip his extremities off and replaced them with tires*
  • Book: "We call him Two-Bit because he's always cracking jokes."
  • Fan-Fic: *Ponyboy has a heart-attack* *Two-Bit makes a joke and everybody laughs warmly*
  • Book: "I can be scatterbrained sometimes."
  • Fan-Fic: *gang is sitting in the living room together as Pony spins in circles, speaking incoherently to himself*
  • BONUS:
  • Fan-Fic: *Main OC of a fanfic has the exact same features as their love interest, with a completely coinciding personality to match*
  • Gang Member: Wow, she is PERFECT for me :')
Shadows // Yoongi

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

Originally made based on this request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Character: Yoongi x reader

Word count: 7,714 words (well since this is no longer a drabble)

Genre: Angst

a/n: I have re-written this part so many times because I originally had two different ideas for the ending - one got people (my proofreaders) screaming at me, while the other had so many plot holes in it which made me unhappy with it. I finally wrote this version down after taking a nap this morning and got a much clear head. Sorry if it’s too sappy and sorry if I made some mistakes in it - I’ll probably come back to edit this later (let’s just hope I won’t change my mind once I do that and erase the whole thing to make an entirely different ending cause I did that once lol). Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think. I’m sorry for the long wait.

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holo bullshit, babygate 2.0, and mention of harry abandoning louis. this is literally syco's checklist. harry is NOT free.

Yep. None of them are, it’s obvious. This pitting one against each other, making Louis look like the “cheap” one while Harry is oh god almighty screams Syco to me. 

I’m so mad you’ve no idea lol I’m going to snap real soon 


Happy Valentine’s day dear followers! Hope u all get a punky funky love ^-^
Dedicated specially to the birthday girl lissy-aquarius 

“Just don’t put Lance in charge.” 

Suffice to say I listened to the Hunger Games soundtrack on repeat while making this. King Keith in fantasy AU. Art by @gurlskylark

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If The veterans from suvery corps was in a Fun park, what kind of things they do? Like to be raised in a roller coaster. I imagin Levi and Hanji up on The roller coaster and he try to not scream, Hanji laughing so hard and tryng to up Levi's hands. . . .LOL

Levi would be dragged into all the rides
Hanji would be the one riding everything, eating everyhwere making photos with all the mascots
Erwin would Help Hanji drag Levi into the rides
Mike would only come into the hardcore rides
Nanaba would take care of everyone’s stuff while they’re at the rides and hold Hanji’s hair back while puking


BTS: August Man Malaysia- Sebastian Stan

Iman’s birthday message to Teyana will warm your heart!

“I’ve never held a woman on a pedestal quite like this before. I’ve never appreciated everything about a person so much. As we grow together you’ve taught me more about myself than I ever knew. You have changed my life forever. You have made a house a home. You have carried the next generation. And you have proven to me that love is real and genuine. I know you can’t drink while you’re pregnant…and you’ll probably pass out after dinner and not make it to the club lol. But I’m screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you while you’re in Chicago! You need anything while you’re there you know I got you…that’s kind of my neck of the woods. 👀 Smile on your special day sweetheart…you make every woman want to wear 25 just like you!”


So this happened just a while ago:

I GOT FEATURED!!! Falling Away got featured! OMG I screamed, and my husband ran into the bedroom thinking I was hurt, and I told him about it. And then he went on and on about how people are fangirling over my work. HOLY JESUS CRAP it’s the best feeling ever! I love writing because it makes me happy. But what makes the time away from my children and my husband worth it is when I see people from all over enjoying it. That truly makes me happy. Making other people smile is my goal in life.

So thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged this and all of my work! I’ve got much more where that came from.

And of course, shoutout to @deathtonormalcy56 because without this post wouldn’t be possible.

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Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was home alone and making chicken nuggets so I started singing about my nuggets while they were in the oven and then I heard a voice from downstairs ask ”Do I get any of these nuggets?”

I screamed because I thought that someone had broken into my house before I remembered that there was a contractor working in the basement at the time

I had been singing about nuggets at the top of my lungs while the poor contractor was just trying to do his job

That happened

Shikorae represents “The Scream”

Well you know how Ishida made many horror references in Tokyo Ghoul such as

Friday the 13th 

Texas Chainsaw

and more on this post

And now there’s a new addition to the horror references. and that is

The Scream

The Scream can be referred to a famous painting made by artist Edvard Munch. 

and it can also be referred to the horror movie that was inspired by that painting, where there’s a murderer called Ghostface with The Scream mask

Guess who’s been making a similar face in Tokyo Ghoul re?

Yep, that’s right Shikorae

Shikorae is shown making that scream face and while screaming too.

I guess Ishida watched a lot of Horror movies lol

Interesting that those always screaming PR are now so flabbergasted that Chris said he never watched AVPM.

Seriously? Do you even know how PR works? Ever thought that what he said while being on Glee, in fact, was PR to make fans happy? To create the illusion of him and Darren getting along? Co-stars do it all the time. Especially if their characters are romantically involved. Didn’t the actress of 50 Shades get kinda bashed because she acted too cold towards her co-star in interviews? I am sure what he said now is the truth.

Oh how I would love a tell-all book btw. Although wait. Huh…In STFF Cash is shipped with his co-star. A ratber selfabsorbed girl called Amy Evans. Reminds me a bit of DC :p
Also the story about the house? Reminds me of the CC lunatics who rented an appartment next to him, observing him etc. I think he even sold his house to get away. Also the crazy shippers are like the lunatic and delusional CC believers. So yeah…very sure there is A LOT of truth in that book xD

Anyway. Chris couldn’t have made it clearer that Will is his boyfriend and not DC.

Lost Stars (Fluff, Jungkook)

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Okay, so I know you guys want me to post the next chapter for the Jimin high school au but please be patient it’s like in the working and I’m taking a break on it, so instead I WROTE THIS IN LIGHT OF THE NEW COVER JUNGKOOK DROPPED [listen to his beautiful voice that makes me want to scream for 100 years] SERIOUSLY THE WORDS AND THE WAY HE SINGS IS SO MEANINGFUL AND GHUFDHSKJDFJKGHFDKJSFD I’M DEFINITELY NOT LISTENING TO IT OVER AND OVER WHILE CRYING. Also, the song is about breaking up so don’t be upset the lame reasoning of this story is about a bad break up lol. This is honestly so simpLE MY WRITERS BLOG UGHGHHh.

Words: 1092

“Why does it sound like you’re crying?” Jungkook’s voice was rough from sleep, and you felt bad for waking him up so late when you knew he was busy. He was right, you were crying, hard.

“Jungkook, I-”

“Hold on, I’m coming over. Unlock your door, okay?” He cut you off, voice filled to the brink with concern.

“No, no.” You hurriedly spoke, trying to stop him from coming over.

“It’s too late, the pants are on.” He replied, and you heard him shuffling around on the end of the line. 

“But it’s so late.” You complained, wiping your sleeve on your tear stained cheeks. Great, one more thing to feel terrible about.

“I’ll just sleep over there, okay? I’ll bring you some ice cream and let’s talk.”

You were caving in on his suggestions. Silently agreeing, you told Jungkook what was the reason for your overflowing tears. He listened to you the whole time, not once speaking or cutting you off. Always, you’d told him your troubles, and always, he fixed them. Your now ex boyfriend had cut it off, but it was just a matter of time before that’d happened. You knew it, but you still didn’t want it to happen. It happened a week ago, and you were still getting hit hard by it. The both of you had been thinking about moving in, before he decided he wanted someone else.

“(Y/N) just wait, alright? I’ll be there soon. Do you want me to stop off at your asshole ex’s place? I’ll beat the shit out of him.”

“No, just come over here!” You commanded him, laughing at the way he always attempted to protect you in the worst ways possible. He laughed too, but you weren’t sure if it was because he’d succeeded in your momentary laughter or because he found himself funny.

“I knew you wanted me to come over.” Jungkook teased.

You hung up the phone as you waited for him to arrive, and he was there within 10  minutes. He’d always done this, shown up at amazing times of the night. When you called, you didn’t realize just how late it was and you felt guilty, but he paid no mind to it.

You opened the door to him, and he caught you in a tight hug, a filled plastic bag hitting the back of your head.

“Ow, did you go buy the whole convenience store or something?” You wondered, rubbing the back of your head once he let go of you. Jungkook merely smiled at you, and he cupped both of your cheeks before lightly pecking your forehead. He walked into your house and kicked the door shut with his foot.

“What do you have in your backpack, too?” You gaped at his ballooned out backpack, obviously filled with something amazing.

“My laptop, blanket and other stuff. Let’s have a sleepover, okay? We can ‘accidentally’ text your ex pictures of us together. Want to watch a movie? I have like 400 snacks, take your pick- wait, let’s just eat all of them. If you don’t want your ice cream first let’s put it in the freezer. I hate melted ice cream, yuck.”

“Aren’t you tired still?” You examined his face, streaked with sleep and he’d yawn ever so often. Jungkook still disagreed, going over to your couch and dropping off all of his belongings.

“Not one bit, my love needs me.”

“Your love? That’s new. What did you buy?”  You went over as he began to unpack his mound of blankets and even a few pillows. Peeking in the bags, you noticed he actually had bought the whole convenience store. There was different amounts of soda, one of every chocolate on the planet, ice cream, and just buckets of candy.

“I was talking about iron man being my love, you’re not good enough, sorry.”

“Fair. Wait, are you going to make me watch iron man again?” You sat down on his blankets, and he glowered down at you. Instead of answering, Jungkook casually fell on you, wrapping his arms around your body.

“Mm, yeah. Let’s see how many we can watch before we fall asleep. I bet I can beat you. Want to watch The Avengers, too?”

“Not really, no wait you’re really warm don’t get up.”

He didn’t get up, either. You and Jungkook laid together for awhile in silence, which was nice. Sometimes just having him there was enough for you. Still, you couldn’t get over the things circulating in your mind about how your ex’s new relationship was going.

“W- you’re crying again? Come on, don’t.” He sounded a little pissed off, but you knew it wasn’t directed towards you. Jungkook sat up, wiping away your tears with his sleeve.

“Come on, Cupid’s demanding back his arrow. You knew it was going to end, (Y/N).”

“Shut up, I know I knew. I can’t help how I’m feeling.” You snapped, pushing his sleeve away. Jungkook leaned over you, dropping his head between the crook of your shoulder.

“I hate seeing you sad, so I won’t look at you.”

“Mm, don’t look at me.” You agreed, gently combing your fingers through his hair. Jungkook sighed, the air hitting your neck in a ticklish way.

“Just find someone new, (Y/N).”

“It’s harder than you think when I never see anyone besides you or my mom.”

“Someone new doesn’t always have to be someone you don’t know…” He trailed off, grip loosening on you. Those words swirled around your head for a moment, until they finally clicked into place.

“You mean…”

“Yeah.” He was quieter, and he concealed his face a lot harder, now.

“Do you…I mean…me…do you like me?”

“A little too much, maybe.” He picked his head up to look at you, and you noticed his ears were a light pinkish color. He gazed into your eyes, biting his bottom lip in anticipation. Your stomach lurched, and you had to close your eyes to escape his eyes on yours.

“Do you want me to get up?”

“…No.” You mumbled, taking fistful’s of his sweater. Maybe he was right, maybe you needed to move on from your ex. It was never too early or too late to move on to a new love, take him as an example.

“Let’s just…go slow.” You suggested, and Jungkook nodded furiously.

“Does that mean we can’t have a sleep over?”

“No, Jungkook. We can have a sleep over.” You replied to him, laughing at the sweet little smile on his face.

Title: A Highly Inappropriate Chase

Author: WoodlandSparrow

Length: Chaptered

Status: Ongoing

Rating: M

Genre: Office!AU, Romance, Age Gap

Summary: Chanyeol is the new CEO of a multinational electronics company. Baekhyun is an economist who writes an article accusing Chanyeol’s firm of manipulating the stock market.

Chanyeol has decided to make Baekhyun fall for him. The fact that Baekhyun hates him for making him lose his job and forcing him to work in his company (while making improper remarks about him all the while) is irrelevant.

Admin Notes: Screams I’m alrdy loving this fic alrdy bc CEO!Yeol and agegap!baekyeol ((ok what more can I ask for)) ugggghh chanyeol is such a shameless flirt towards baek lol I rly love their banter and the ((sexual)) tension between them otl I can’t wait for the next updates and for them rly falling into each other sdfgdfghjhjkl;;;;; - Admin Elle


My sis...

My sis saw my Mamo Tail and screamed:
Me: heh? What? What happened??

I couldn’t stop laughing while trying to explain LOL
when I said it was from TRANSFORM song and she watched that part with me, she said

“But he’s a sayajin before it! It should be a monkey’s tail!!”

My sis is someone serious, but sometimes she can make me laugh until I die AHAHHAHAHHA

The signs when they see their OTP kiss
  • Aries: *internally screams*
  • Taurus: CAN'T HANDLE THESE FEELS!!!! *pauses to cry a little*
  • Gemini: *fangirling out loud*
  • Cancer: *cries with pride and joy* These precious children...
  • Leo: *jumps up and down while fangirling* lKFJEAjf;RWKLGH!!!
  • Virgo: *pauses to look around the room* All clear! *unpauses*
  • Libra: *fangirls* I have to know when the wedding is!
  • Scorpio: *refrains from screaming* So, when are they going to make love?
  • Sagittarius: *runs out of the room screaming*
  • Capricorn: *just continues watching* No big deal.
  • Aquarius: Time to make fanart and write fanfiction!
  • Pisces: OH MY GOSH!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!! *then suddenly worries if they're going to be okay*

finished here

even in a simple pose, drawing Drift still makes me feel like screaming at the laptop…. but….. it’s fun…. so I keep trying…… ;_;

the perspective is looking suuuper weird I hope I can figure it out

…………..maaaaaybe I’ll stream while working on this one next week! I was going to do that today but it’s too late now lol

nice things
  • aries: a quiet soul but is always on my side in arguments and would fight anyone for me ever
  • taurus: smiles at me in the hallways even when we haven't talked in a while
  • gemini: gives me their food even when they want it more than i do
  • cancer: tries to give me life advice
  • leo: me lol but another leo always asks me if i'm okay and can read me really well. gives me their headphones and watches horrible movies with me.
  • virgo: screams about the math teacher we both hate with me
  • libra: we haven't seen each other in a while but still invites me to parties and stuff lol
  • scorpio: facetimes me 24/7 and sends me pictures of their dog when i am sad
  • sagittarius: GIVES ME CANDY and is a great gossip buddy
  • capricorn: my secretive but protective bfffffff. makes sandwiches for me and gives me food when i forget to eat.
  • aquarius: a good grade A meme who sends me good grade A memes and is my cOncERT BUDDY
  • pisces: I KNOW TOO MANY AND THEYRE ALL SO DIFFERENT. one can read me really really well, one is creepily sweet af, and one is sO GREAT I LOVE HER SO MUCH and compliments me all the time