i screamed while making this lol

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what’re you talking about??? danny is in france with ethan, aiden, allison, isaac, jackson, erica, and boyd… he and ethan hold hands and make out all the time, while aiden, jackson, and isaac tease them and allison coos over how sweet it is while she facetimes with scott. boyd and erica are usually too busy making out too to notice… did you like, miss all of those scenes or something?

oh yea and today in school while i was tryina defend myself from these students pulling my hair and making fun of me being Agender they sorta snatched my drawings aight and one of the drawings was a bloody Mallory and they just stared at me drop the paper and said “ what is up with you ” in malay and basically screamed at the teacher while running towards her and i s2g on my way to the school gates they were holding a rosemary


seventeen reaction to you having a nightmare

my tumblr is full up on seventeen rn lol


Hoshi: you’re just tossing and turning late at night and hoshi is worried for you

“uh uh y/n whats wrong?”

S.coups: “this is reality, no theres not a monster over there, you’re 19″ *just smiles not at our fears but bc you’re cute while sleepy.

Joshua: *you scream* “what, oh my, you scared me. whats wrong?”

Seungkwan: “i will make your bad dreams go away swooosh”

Dino: “what happened? don’t be scared theres no such thing as vampire bees”

DK: *tried to stay up to comfort you* *gif*

Jun: “no don’t cry i’m not gonna kill you look i’m cute, buingbuing”

Jeonghan: *offers a warm beverage like coffee, hot chocolate etc.*

Mingyu:*keeps himself awake making sure you sleep well before he puts himself to sleep*

Wonwoo: “what a bizarre dream” *hold you back to sleep*

vernon: “ah man, i hope you sleep better, do you need something?”

woozi: “well thanks for kicking me all night, whats wrong?”

Minghao/tao: *listens while sharing a drink with you*

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I love you so much I am going to pray to god that harry makes eye contact with you and keeps it for 1hr while singing, throwing water and screaming "oh yeah"... Enjoy yourself babe! You deserve it. xx

Keeps it for 1 hour?? lol, oh jesus. But thank you, you’re so sweet :)

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YES!!!! And may I add I’m FINALLY coming up with my own Starcee children (because even though I adore yours I feel like I use them a lot and I’m sorry) But lol while I was thinking about it I thought about a Starcee children playdate with other Starcee children, because my mind is a strange place. Anyway, to the meme!!!

packs the lunches:
Scream is the lunch packer, though he can be forgetful about it so Arcee (since she can’t cook or even make good sandwiches) gives emergency lunch money.

blows raspberries while cuddling:
OMG STARSCREAM WOULD SO BE THAT DAD. And I feel like he’d get so into doing it to the babies that he’d start doing it to Arcee. She secretly enjoys it even though she pretends to be annoyed (because that means he’ll do it more to try to get on her nerves, of course)

is the tickle monster:
Also Starscream because it comes with the “blowing raspberries” territory. You blow raspberries and then tickle, or tickle then blow raspberries. He also knows all the weak tickle spots because he’s Starscream and he’s devious like that.

gives life lesson speeches:
Arcee has better morals than Starscream. Like she’s the disciplinarian because of course Starscream isn’t at all scary to his children and probably encourages them to get into mischief. So Cee takes all the lessons she’s learned from Optimus and puts them to good use.

kisses the boo-boos:
I feel like neither of them would initially want to kiss booboos (like get up, child, walk it off), because they’ve both been trained to do the same, but both of them cave the first time one of their children gets a minor scrape.

breaks the bad news:
Arcee, because Starscream is a bit insensitive with that sort of thing

joins the PTA:
Arcee joins the PTA because she gets along with the other parents only slightly better than Starscream does. He can be unpleasant at times *cough*allthetime*cough*.

crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories:
Starscream is TOTALLY that embarrassing dad. Arcee has to drag him out to let the kids have their fun without him, because some of his stories can actually be traumatizing.

gives the crazy nicknames:
Arcee, definitely. It especially annoys Starscream, who prefers his own full name, but Arcee’s nicknames grow on him over time. Soon enough she’s the only one who can call him Star or Scream and he uses her nicknames for the kids as well.

pearlpromises replied to your post “Okay, my three year old just pooped his pants and now he’s running…”

You just try to stay alive each day. lol

lol.  I offered my mom to take care of him for a coupe of days, so she can go on a little road trip with her boyfriend, but i clearly had no idea what I was getting myself into lol He screams, runs around - non stop, pretending to be a dinosaur, and breaks stuff! How am I supposed to deal with this, if he doesn’t even listen to me? Yesterday while i was trying to make him some lunch, he got my phone, put on a repeat Yellow Claw’s song “ 21 Bad Bitches” and somehow managed to memorize that line and now i can’t make him stop saying it. *facepalm* I tried to explain to him that it’s a bad word, and he shoud not use it. But it was like talking to the wall! I tried to bribe him with chocolate and even let him play in the mud while we were both singing some weird song from “Dora the explorer" but it was no use. And now when my mom gets home and her boyfriend asks my brother:”Hey, Ben! What are you doing, buddy?”
He’s gonna be all like:”Bad bitches..” And this is so wrong on so many levels lol

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#i wonder if he raps even while sleeping#can you imagine? lmao Hanbin share room with him i imagine him being woken up#in the middle of the night by Jiwon who is screaming 'TURNNNN UP TURNN UPPPP'#LOL#Bobby || i'm coughing from laughing so fucking hard <3

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHAHAHAH STOPPPAHGSDJDFFG don’t make me read  the shit i write again omfgg this is embarassing

I’m glade it made you laugh tho :))) and btw i can totally see this happening along with the ‘ MOM AND POOH I LOVE YOU!!!’ screams lololol ❤❤


Crying in my room is fUn….

I hate Father’s Day idk I just… My father really rEALLY hates me and eh… I dunno. I don’t want to be here god damn.. I don’t remember saying “hey u know what I want to be born into a world where everyone says I am insane and I can’t possibly make decisions on my own therefore I am stupid and no one will believe me and have parents that hate me and make my life a living hell and a father that won’t stop screaming at me and hitting me and shit lol yeah and I should be born as the wrong sex too u know just for kicks lmao make me absolutely miserable and depressed as make all my friends abandon me too while ur at it lol sign me the fuck up”

Cause I don’t remember asking for this

Mom..? Dad..? Why can’t I just be your son?
I would rather die than live as a girl anymore. I look super feminine now. I have a squeaky girly voice and I am petite and I have a big butt and a decent bra size and I honestly wish I didn’t. I wish I could die. I have no one who understands enough to give me any helpful advice and idk what to do anymore and my parents refuse to let me see a counselor because they know the counselor will help me

Please kill me

Sorry for ranting

Keep scrolling ignore me I’m sorry for wasting your time

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He nodded at Clarke as she dropped onto the log beside him, the campfire illuminating one half of her face. They didn't say anything, just comforted by the other's closeness. "Y'know," Bellamy began, staring down at the flames, "since I've been calling you princess for a while, I think it's about time that you call me king." It was a poor attempt of lightening the mood, given the hour they have just been through. But Clarke laughed anyway, somehow making his life that much brighter.

HOW SWEET OMG and yes yes she totally should call him king hehe ;) thanks this is great ;3 think about when they have sex and clarke screams “BELLAMY YES, BELLAMY HARDER BELLAMY, YOU ARE THE FUCKING KING, YOU RULE MY WORLD, YYAASSSSSSSSSSSS” in his face *duh where´s that coming from* sorry that went in a totally different direction lol ;P

Write me a terrible, 3 sentence fan fiction in my askbox, based on my url :3

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imagine you being able to hook up with Harry and calling him Hershel lmao or just meeting him, you would slip and make him aware you know more about him and his LA/Azoff side than he can remember lol

i wouldnt be able to keep up the facade for long god jeff would walk into the room and be like ‘hey hersh’ and id jump off the couch and scream bloody murder while bursting into tears ‘YOURE JUST SO IN LOVE’

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3 , 8 & 43


3:3 fears.

hmm,,… being alone, not succeeding in life, and be unstable emotionally, physically, nd financially :,)

8:Sexual orientation?

panromantic!!! grey-a??im still looking into it but ye

43:How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?

hmmm… 20-60 minutes? washing my face and clothes don’t take too long,but my make up takes a while LOL 

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When ur in court tomorrow can you scream to jahar and tell him that he should use Pantene for his hair bc it'll make it silky and smooth

LoL - while amusing, if I got the chance to scream something at Jahar it probably would not be that. :-p

Watching Vincent on “The Love Boat” where he plays an illusionist and hasn’t performed in front of an audience for several years. People want him to do something but he doesn’t wanna and is worried it won’t work. So what’s he end up doing? Turning two of the crew members into “jackasses” (him saying that was amusing). That’s a pretty big illusion for someone who wasn’t certain he’d pull anything off, lol!

And while I’m making a text post, I watched “Scream And Scream Again” yesterday and omg, wut? That had to be the worst Vincent movie I’ve ever seen. Too much going on and he got top billing but was barely in it. And I still don’t understand all that happened in some parts. That was crazy.

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That's because I would make the same thing, like wow someone is scared and look really weird and ugly while screaming so why not take a screenshot? And why not cough to make that person even more scared? That would be funny and I could use that screenshot if the person make something wrong to me, like wow that's a good idea lol

Loool best blackmail

1. Jurassic World was freaking awesome, I loved it! I’d totally watch again sometime!

2. im pretty sure i had like, 2 anxiety attacks while watching lol but i pushed them down because i’d rather suffer silently than ruin the experience for 25+ people by screaming and crying in public :)

3. like literally the only disappointment was the obvious romance between Owen and Claire, too obvious to be even remotely enjoyable imo (or maybe it’s just because im a 50/50 romance repulsed aro who’s pretty damn tired of unnecessary romance in literally every goddamn movie there is, luckily the romance wasnt that big a part of the entire plot which makes its okay i guess)

4. im also now a proud parent of like 500+ dinosaurs

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Once you get this, list five things that make you happy! Then, send this message to the last five people on your activity!

{ Five things that make me happy, huh? Hm…

  1. Writing. That usually makes me happy.
  2. Listening to music while I look out the window. It’s really a calming scene, and helps me feel more serene.
  3. Watching movies or playing games with my friends, especially if it gets super competitive and bloodthirsty.
  4. Seeing the cute barista at my local hang out. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Going for runs. As much as I hate doing it, it makes me feel better at the same time. Even though I have to scream be strong for Soo Won inside my head every time I do lol }