i screamed when i saw you on screen

Favorite highlights of live action Beauty and the Beast

• They stuck to the beginning of the original story where Belle asks for a rose and her father gets lost and finds a fire and food in the castle.

• “Mama said not to move because it might be scary. Sorry.”

• Belle called the castle home.

• LEFOU! Everything about him was great. He got character development, he had some fantastic lines, his low key flirting with Gaston, his singing!!! I love my boy.

• Lumiere dabbed. Twice.

• It was beautiful. Oh my god the castle made me absolutely melt and Be Our Guest was breathtaking in live action.

• Lefou booping Gaston on the nose.

• How during the song Adam sings he’s climbing higher and higher so he can still see Belle.

• When Adam found out Belle liked Romeo and Juliet he was like “ew no not that book here have my entire library so you can read something better that that filth”.

• I really like how Gaston in the beginning wasn’t that bad, but as the movie went on he got darker and darker.


• We finally got an explanation as to why no one remembers the castle and the prince and why the servants were cursed too.

• The guy who can’t remember what he lost in the beginning is Mr. Potts and the minute Mrs. Potts called his name I was shaking my friend next to me because oh my god he “lost” his wife and child.

• ADAM. I’ve loved Adam since forever and he’s still so great in this version AND HIS SONG ABOUT BELLE WAS SO SPECTACULAR I COULD FEEL HIS EMOTIONS.

• Cogsworth & Lumiere are still an old married couple and I love it I love them.

• I know he only had a few lines in Be Our Guest, but Cogsworth’s singing voice was amazing

• Adam’s eye makeup in the beginning that made it look like he was wearing a mask if he stood in the light just so.


• Lefou has a bite mark from Gaston on his lower stomach and when my friend and I saw it we practically screamed because how exactly do you get a bite mark in that spot if you’re not doing some kinky bedroom stuff.

• The line “there’s a beast on the loose there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monsters released” had me so shook put that on my gravestone I fucking love it.

• It’s sweet and cute and beautiful, but when it gets dark it gets DARK, like, goddamn.

• I loved the detail of whenever a petal falls the castle crumbles further and the servants become more like the objects they are.

• Adam’s beast growl at the end when he’s a human again that, tbh, was really hot.

• The guy who, instead of freaking out when he was put in a dress and makeup, grinned and walked away with his hips swishing and totally owned it.

• That same guy and Lefou dancing together ohhh my god I think I started crying they’re so fucking cute Lefou and his cross dressing boyfriend 5ever.

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Did you watch the p chris clip? What are your thoughts??

Okay, prepare for a huge rant you brought this on yourself btw (jk though, i love you for messaging me :))

First of all, when I saw that the new clip was about my smol bean Chris, I freaking did a double-take, like, my butt literally hit the ceiling and I couldn’t stop screaming like a crazy person thank God I live alone or I might have been institutionalized or something. I legit just dropped everything I was doing (like, you don’t understand, it was a whole procedure, not only did I stop eating, which, don’t even go there, but I even closed the window to shut out the noise and pulled the curtains so there wouldn’t be any glare on my screen). And I screamed my head off, basically.

Second of all, the first time I watched it I had to go back like every five seconds and re-watch every single movement and interaction between those two absolutely adorable dorks, all the while squealing my life out because awh mai gawd, they are sooooo precious :3 My sweet little boi Chris touching and gazing at Eva with all the care and love in the world and her waking up all sleepy, and both of them smiling and softly laughing at each other and awhhhwhw! I freaKING KNEW THAT THIS WAS WHAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS LIKE! This was 99% what I had in mind, seriously. I was absolutely sure that Eva changed his outlook and that sooner or later he would want to be with her and only her, I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW, you don’t even know. Then that whole thing with Chris’s dream (subtle, Chris, really subtle) who basically asked Eva to be his girlfriend and she flat-out rejected him, and I was like evA DON’T BLOW HOLES IN MY SHIP!!! (ultimately I get where she’s coming from though, she’s still wary and doesn’t want to get hurt like she did with Jonas (not that it was his fault, they just weren’t meant to be), so she’s cautious and thinking that if Chris isn’t her boyfriend then she can’t get hurt, even if he cheats or something, because technically they’re not together). But this is Chris we’re talking about, ever met someone more determined? Yeah. So, I don’t think he’s gonna give up, I think he’s just going to pursue Eva and be all like whatever, we’re dating, and she’s gonna be like Chris, you’re not my boyfriend, and he’s gonna smirk like the cocky little shit he is and kiss her senseless and then after she thinks he’s given up he’s gonna say yeah, but, like, we’re dating, and in the end Eva’s going to be so frustrated she’s just gonna give up (but in the meantime Chris is gonna prove to her that he’s really not going to hurt her and that she can trust him, and in the end they’re gonna be so damn happy together). Eva just needs reassurance, she’s fearful because of the past (her own past, as well as Chris’s) and she needs time to see that Chris really loves her (because, I mean, come on, you can’t tell me that that boy is not totally whipped, like, my cute little puppy looked so hurt when Eva said that they’re never going to be together, it just broke my heart, but it’s okay, because we all know that’s not true). They just make each other so incredibly happy, the glow-up is amazing. On another note, what a great way to meet your future son-in-law, don’t you think? :D (you know it’s gonna happen, don’t even argue with me)

So, yeah, as you can probably tell, I have re-watched the clip at least 549 times, and I just can’t get enough of those two cinnamon rolls, and my whole life is literaLLY MADE Y'ALL. Like, this is what I have been waiting for ever since that first kiss at the Halloween party, I freaking KNEW MY SHIP WOULD SAIL :)))

Anyway, thank you so much for messaging me, anon, much love and fluffy ChrisEva hugs for you and I hope you have an amazing day ^^

I really like you

Hey, angels!
This actually took a while to write and I’m really sorry but I hope you like it anyways. Please let me know what you think! xx

Also, please note that my mother tongue isn’t english so there might be some mistakes. You can always correct me!

Requested by Anon: “Hi can you do an Archie x reader one where you and Archie are friends and Archie’s on the football team so you go to support him at one of his games. But you’re wearing one of his game jerseys as well and he really likes it so later after the game you guys go to the drive in theatre and he tells you how much he likes you then asks you out! Sorry if it confusing but love your writing! Xx❤️”

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 727

My dad and I moved to Riverdale 5 years ago when my parents got divorced. It was a difficult time for all three of us but the decision who I want to live with was an easy one since I always was a daddy’s girl. Sure, I loved my mom but my dad was the one who supported me the most. He always went with me to ‘daddy-daughter-dates’. My mom seemed to prefer her work over me.

However, the first day at my new school was frighting since I was probably the shyest girl in the entire world. But I soon found a few friends, one of them was Archie Andrews. I don’t know how we started being friends but I do know it was the best day in my yet so short life. Since day one we were always there for each other and it never changed.

Today was one of Archie’s football games and I was incredibly proud of him. Before the game started Archie ran towards me. “I’m so glad you could make it”, he smiled widely. “Of course, Arch. I wouldn’t miss it for a thing. I’m so proud of you” I’m sure my eyes sparkled and my cheeks were probably tinted a slight pink. As cliché as it sounds I was utterly and completely in love with the red-headed boy in front of me. His brown eyes traveled down to my shirt. The smile on his face grew when he realized I was wearing one of his jerseys.

I felt my cheeks getting redder and redder. “I- uh I” I stuttered, unable to build a proper sentence. Before I could try to say another thing we heard a whistle. “I guess I have to go”, Archie made his way to the field and waved. “Good luck”, I yelled and smiled. The whole game I screamed and jumped. You could say every cell of my body supported Archie.

After the game I waited for Archie. A little over 10 minutes later I saw him walking in my direction. “Wanna go to the drive-in?”, he asked. “Yep. Does your dad drive us?”, I reply. He nodded and led me to his dad. 


“I hope the movie is good” I laughed lightly as we sat down. When Archie didn’t reply I looked at him confused. “Everything’s alright?”, I asked. “Yeah, yeah, totally” he muttered and looked at the screen. I shrugged it off and placed my head on his shoulder. During half of the movie we didn’t say a word, watching it in silence. The only thing that changed was Archie’s arm which was now wrapped around my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it anymore”, he suddenly whispered. His arm dropped from my shoulder. I lifted my head to look at him. “What? What can’t you do anymore, Archie?”, worry laced in my voice. “Sorry, I-I, sorry” he mumbled and stood up, walking away. “Archie”, I whisper-yelled, following him. Panic started to rise inside me. My hand grabbed his arm, trying to stop him.

The boy suddenly stopped, turning around. Desperation was written over his face. “Archie, please tell me what’s bothering you”, I begged, grabbing his hand and squeezing it lightly. “I like you, like I really like you. More than a friend should feel towards his friend”, he said with a small voice. “I know you don’t feel the same, I totally understand, but I still want to be friends with you. Of course, only if you still want to”, he spoke, staring into my eyes with his sad looking ones.

My heart never has beaten so fast as it did in this moment. A huge smile made its way in face. “Are you serious?”, I smiled widely, feeling the familiar heat in my cheeks. He nodded nervously. I forgot to give him a proper answer, too shocked by his confession. “I’m sorry, if I ruined our friendship. Can we just for-” I interrupted him with a quick peck on his lips, too shy to give him a longer kiss. “I really like you, too. I actually have feelings for you for months now”, I laughed awkwardly. A smile formed on his face. Not just a 'normal’ smile, no, a smile were his eyes sparkle. A smile that makes you believe you’re in heaven. The most beautiful smile.

Bitter Friendship

This is for the anon who requested for Anti. I sorta changed it a bit; instead of them forming a friendship, I’ve written the reader and Sean have been friends for a long time. 
Sorry if that’s an issue, it made it a little easier to write :)

Anon request:

“I have no clue if this fits Anti in your view, but if the reader had recently moved to Ireland and comes across him, thinking he’s Sean, and they befriend each other (him kind of fancying her) but someone who is against Anti kidnaps her and really tortures her (physically and mentally) and Anti finally finds them and goes BALLISTIC and saves her, revealing that he isn’t Sean and the reader doesn’t care but lets him comfort and confess his feelings to her? Sorry it’s weird… Thank you so much!!”

Warnings: swearing, mentions of torture, angst, fluff, a little blood, violence, knives. 

Hope you enjoy!

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how do you think dan and phil's first on screen purpose kiss will be like?

I literally just screamed when I saw this in my inbox. 
Thank you!!

Ahh I think about this way more than I should have, and because of my infamous post once upon a time, I think about it a lot. 

They’re never truly going to “come out” in ways I think people want them to. At this point in time vs where I used to stand two years ago, even a year ago, they’re completely more comfortable than I have ever seen them be before. Even people who have been watching them for years have noticed how much more open and subtle they’re being. 

They’re geniuses when it comes to slowly conditioning their audience to the subtlety of things. (i.e. touching, flirting, teasing, bringing in personal stories and anecdotes, etc.)

I think their main focus is to always, always, always keep their personal lives as private as possible. Like they should be. But I do firmly believe there will be some sort of planted kiss on camera in the future. 
(There’s gotta be an intimate hug first though that’s all Im saying)

BUT to actually answer your question…

  • In a gaming video consisting of Truth or Dare type challenges
  • Pinof
  • In a DITL
  • Their wedding video (I have a whole synopsis of this idea too)
  • When they get a dog
  • During a Daniel/AmazingPhil video where a kiss of some sort happened in public and they need to reenact it
  • In a picture instead of a video so it’s frozen in time forever
  • When the other is sad over losing a game they’re really good at, and a sudden kiss changes it immediately 
  • Just completely out of the blue because they wanted to

I don’t know, it’s a typical “fangirl” thing to fantasize over but I feel like we’re kind of a ways away from a kiss. They’re making baby steps I think, trying to slowly be themselves and grow old and not give a damn of what people think anymore. 

I think we’ll see them hold hands first before we see a smooch. 
That’s my prediction. 

Movie Night

Justin Foley 47- Anonymous

Justin Foley 49- Anyonymous

#47- “Come cuddle with me!”

#49- “Is that my shirt?”

Heyo, since the two of these prompts fit pretty well together I decided to make two requests into one. Hope that’s okay and hope you enjoy 😊


Originally posted by outofmindsayo

Ever since you had started dating Justin Foley it was hard to find a time where you were both free to hang out, but the two of you made time. Every Friday was movie night for the two of you. The night was filled with movie marathons, popcorn, candy and of course cuddles. You had just finished setting up your living room, stocking it with blankets and all the necessary snacks when you heard your doorbell ring. A smile spread across your face as you waltzed to the front door opening it to find the one and only Justin Foley “Right on time” you sung, leaning forward to give him a small kiss which he returned followed by a smile. You moved to let him in and shut the door behind him. He looked you up and down, his smile only getting larger “Is that my shirt?” he questioned with a cock of his eyebrow causing you to glance down to see yourself wearing Justin’s baseball jersey and short boy shorts “Why yes, yes it is” You responded, making your way over to the couch, plopping down and waiting for him. His eyes followed you across the room as he watched you make grabby hands at him “Come cuddle with me!” you shouted, not stopping your grabby hands until he placed himself behind you, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you in close, his head resting on your shoulder and burying itself in Your hair “What movie are we watchin tonight?”. You grabbed the remote and immediately pressed play “Horror movies of course” you responded as if his question was the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard. He chuckled in your ear, placing a few kisses along your ear lobe “But you always get scared during horror movies and hide your head in my chest”. You leaned your head back, biting your lower lip “Oh and your telling me you don’t like it when I do that?” you questioned sarcastically. “I should stop talking now shouldn’t i?” he questioned with a slight laugh at the end. You nodded heavily and buried yourself deeper into his body, your head resting on his chest “You should always stop talking” you replied jokingly, turning your attention to the movie screen. You had gone through the movie fine, watched the entire thing, didn’t scream or close your eyes all up until a jump scare that you never saw coming. A yelp escaped your lips as you quickly shook your head and placed it down on Justins chest, closing your eyes and sighing causing him to laugh quietly to himself. He began using one of his hands to run it through your hair. You were waiting for him to say ‘told you so’ or something else condescending but instead he simply placed a loving kiss on the top of your head and squeezed your waist tightly “It’s alright” You heard him sing in your ear, causing you to smile into his chest, and you’d be lying if you didn’t stay there for the rest of the movie.

Damn Dark

Cisco Ramon X Reader 

Word Count: 411

Requested: Anon

Request: Can I request a Cisco x Reader where something happens and their forced to spend the night at StarLabs and Readers afraid of the dark so he comforts her and cuddling and just alot of fluff

Originally posted by rin-fate

You never really stayed too late, mostly because everyone told you to go home but you were thankful because you absolutely hated the dark, now prospect of darkness was not the problem it was everything that could be inside of it and with everything that you fought in your time at S.T.A.R Labs your fear had only gotten worse. “(Y/N)? What are you still doing here?” Cisco asked walking into the cortex.

“There was some extra work to do.” You mumbled eyes trained on the computer screen.
“It’s late though maybe you should head home,” Cisco suggested.
“Yeah as soon as I finish this.” You mumbled.
“Seriously you sh-” The lights and computers cut off and you let out a scream.
“(Y/N)!?” Cisco asked shining a light over at you, he saw you still sat in your chair, your hands hovering over the keyboard shaking slightly. “Are you okay?”
“Um, I guess.” You answered your voice shaking.
“What’s wrong?” Cisco asked.
“Nothing I just need to get out of here.” You answered standing up and walking towards the door hesitating when you got to the edge of the light cast by the torch.
“(Y/N) slow down tell me what’s wrong,” Cisco said.
“Why are all the door locked?” You asked.
“In the event of a power outage, the building goes on lockdown,” Cisco answered. “We have to wait for the power to come back on.”
“No.” You whispered moving to your right and leaning against the wall.
“(Y/N) what’s wrong?” Cisco asked again.
“You’re going to laugh at me.” You said shaking your head.
“No, I won’t I promise,” Cisco said gently.
“I…I’m afraid of the dark.” You answered and closed your eyes.
“Don’t close your eyes that make it darker!” Cisco ordered and that made you giggle. Cisco walked over to you, he crouched in front of you and smiled. “I’m gonna keep you safe okay?” He asked.
“Okay.” You nodded, he said down next to you and put his arm around your shoulder pulling you into his side and putting the phone torch up on the floor. Cisco spent most of the time making shadow puppets to distract you and using them to tell stupid stories. Eventually, you both feel asleep on the floor, you were tucked into Cisco’s side both of you still propped against the door, you were going to have the work back ache when you woke up.

Requests and general question!

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i saw someone complaining about "mary not putting up any traps or sigils" to keep azazel out but i'm pretty sure she did??? devil's traps don't work on yellow-eyed demons, as ramiel demonstrated when he was shot with the devil's trap bullets, so ??? am i missing something?

Yeah, I thought 12x12 sneakily contained the answer to that question - that NOTHING Mary would have done would have prepared her for a Prince of Hell unless she kept Michael’s Lance or the Colt under Sammy’s crib and she was rushing to get it when she saw Azazel. 

I certainly screamed at the screen in delighted vindication in Mom Winchester being given a very pointed out on that one. It’s been an issue at least since season 4 and I know they’d know about it because people have been complaining about it the whole time since we found out she was a hunter. And thankfully the only demon lore we DID know about Azazel was “lol did you really think holy water worked on me” or that you needed to make a devil’s trap with several thousand MILES of PURE IRON to keep him out of somewhere he wanted to go. So re-introducing something with yellow eyes and then showing it being immune to the whole normal range of tricks indirectly tells us that maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but it was pointless so you CAN assume she would have done what she could to protect her family and fat lot of good it would have done her.

The writing might be assuming if we care enough to ask we care enough to find the answer but not accounting for the fact some people have been holding a grudge about it for like 8 years and won’t see anything short of her SAYING something as a real answer, or miss the importance of hinting at it because they’re just too tired at this point :P


Guys…I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chris act so extra before and I’m telling you, it is beautiful

A Memorable Wedding

Pairing : Mac x Reader

Summary : Imagine getting kidnapped on your wedding night and Mac finds you.

You were trying not to cry as you had just stopped and thought about how there was a man waiting to take you on your honeymoon. Mac was brilliant. He was intelligent and extremely good with his hands. He was handy to have around your house because whenever there was a problem he could fix it in minutes. And today that brilliant, intelligent, handy man was your husband.

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The Scene- Kyungsoo one-shot

Request:  You’re googling “how to kiss,” which you’re already extremely embarrassed about doing since you feel like you should already know, but you’re mortified when your crush Kyungsoo catches you! What is he to do with you then~? (I picked him because he once said it was difficult for him to film kiss scenes) I hope this request okay!! Thank you with a hundred Penguinsoos (🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧x20)

You felt your stomach drop as Kim Ji-Hye, your manager spoke those words. Looking up from her phone she carried on “You’ll be required to have a short yet romantic scene with Do Kyungsoo as his co-star, the director would like that to be a kissing scene”. After pretending as if this change of script wasn’t currently sending your stomach into dizzy mess at the thought of approaching Kyungsoo like that, you finished your meeting with Ji-Hye. Leaving only thirty minutes until the kiss. 

You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t slowly find yourself getting closer to Kyungsoo when you started filming. Both of you being fairly new at acting and sharing similar interests had really helped conversation flow and brought afternoons of hushed whispers and laughter between you two on set. You tried to help yourself… you really had but when he smiled so cheerfully you couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes turned to moon crescents adorably. Or when he casually tapped your shoulder how you would feel your cheeks flush, blaming the hot Korean summer and not the effect of a genuine,warm man with the softest chocolate eyes. 

So. Whether he returned your feelings or not, you needed this kiss scene to be perfect…or at the very least adequate. Cursing at your lack of romantic history, cursing the time consuming acting career you slowly slid your phone out your pocket on set, making sure everyone was focused on the current scene before opening your browser. Worrying your lip between your teeth nervously you type out the words “How to Kiss” and your finger hovered over Search before pressing it decidedly. You scan the results and felt your heart deflate. It was all so clinical. How long for; how to breathe; what your tongue should do. You were about to delete the tab before a shadow fell over you and you internally screamed when you saw his face reflecting on the screen, watching his eyes scan the results before he cleared his throat behind you. 

He looked down, hand rubbing the back of his neck as you slowly turned towards him, knowing he knew. You looked up, avoiding those warm eyes and focused on his nose. “Look I’m… you have to understand-” you began before Kyungsoo cut you off. “I don’t care y/n, I heard about the script change too but in all honesty you shouldn’t have to have your first kiss onscreen. Not like that.” Glancing up finally you see the affection in his eyes and the redness in his cheeks, and lifting your head you decide to be bolder.

“Then Kyungsoo, what should it be like?” He took your hand and led you to a shaded tree away from the crew and drew you closer to him, leaning slowly forward as your eyes were pulled down to glance at those soft heart-like lips. Feeling his hushed breath puff against your own as he softly murmured. “It should be with someone who cares for you and wants to be more than one scene.”  With that he tentatively closed the space between both of your lips, molding his soft, full ones against yours as you just fall into the moment, loving the feel of him. Pulling away, you flush and touch your lips, hating how cliche you were but loving how good he felt. Kyungsoo’s lips curved as he heard your names called for the scene, pressing his lips against yours momentarily again before chuckling softly “Well I think this will be more than one scene y/n am i right to say?” you laugh and grasp his hand, hurrying to film the scene and kiss him again. 

Admin C- ah my first one shot! I hope this was okay for you all! Feel free to send in anything else!

[20170416] B.A.P PARTYBABY in LA Fanaccount

Note: You all are probably tired of me saying this, but I am going to say it again ^^ Everything is written by memory, so everything is probably not exact and accurate. And I am so inconsistent with Junhong’s name, so forgive me if I keep saying Junhong then switching back to Zelo.

Also, If you don’t want to read all of the BS and wait I had to go through, you can just skip to the Songlist Section. And if you were tagged and don’t want to read this LONG post, just click ctrl+F and find your name to see where I tagged you, so you don’t have to waste your time ^^

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Ok so I saw Wonderwoman

First off,

She is so. Supremely. COOL

I felt like screaming for joy every second of the movie. Like when you’re on a rollercoaster or at a rock concert.

Also, I wanted to support the movie because the fact that we’re still fighting for female representation in this day an age makes me feel like I’m wielding a club like a cavewoman

But until I actually saw a female superhero on screen did I realize how important it was to me personally to see that

I mean, I’m mid-twenties now and it finally clicked just how neat it is

It just… is

Silent fears

Could you do one where the reader and Crowley are a couple and the reader is deaf. Deal and Sam kidnap her and start asking her questions and then crowley confess and saves her and held at Sam and Dean. Then a fluffy ending,please and thank you.
A\n:thank for the ask I really enjoyed writing this.

You were walking down the aisle of the grocery store looking for what you would need to make tonight’s supper. Reading the text message on your phone you smiled at your husband’s response to what he wanted for dessert. ‘something chocolate preferably dove. Please be careful darling.“ you smiled at his answer,  "I will be fine don’t worry so much you’ll get more grey hair.” continuing to walk down the bright hall you stopped to grab a box of chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting. Looking over you have a small giggle before grabbing the container of skill and crossbones sprinkles. Feeling your phone vibrate you looked at the screen “I don’t like that you went out without me…i don’t have grey hair." 

After checking out you made your way to your car. Putting the bags in the truck you went tothe driver side then you felt someone grab you from behind. You went to scream but whoever covered your mouth. It was second and you were out. 

Waking up you looked around the room to see concrete floors and metal shelving on one of the walls. Fear filled you when you saw a devils tap painted on the floor… And you were sitting in the middle of it. Your arms were tired to the back of the chair along with your ankles. You were busy looking at the floor when suddenly you felt something wet get thrown on you.

Gasping you looked up to see two men standing over you. Their lips were moving a mile a minute, to fast for you to read. You pulled on your restraints. If you could get your hands free you would be able to sign that you were deaf. The chains didn’t budge. Looking frantically around the room you searched for anything that might help you. 

When the shorter one grabbed your chin painfully you felt tears roll down your cheek at seeing the blade in his hand. You could tell he was yelling now, his face growing red. You shook your head as you cried. 'crowley!?’ you screamed in your head, wanting nothing more than to be in your husband’s arms. 

Sam knotted his brows at the situation before him. He didn’t understand. This was supposed to be Crowley’s pet from what the demon they had tortured told them. He could tell she was afraid from how she was crying but she had said nothing. Having enough of his brother’s yelling he grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room. Turning back to look at the girl he shut the shelf door. Leaving the room he shut off the lights. 

Back in the library  Sam, Dean and Cas day around the table. "she ain’t breaking.” Dean said as he sipped at his beer. “Are you sure this is Crowley’s consort?” Cas asked. “Yea this is the girl the demon told us about. Said that Crowley would do anything to get her back, when come himself for her.” Dean said feeling frustrated. “maybe we should just call him tell him we have her and to get her back he has to talk to us.”  Sam stated.

Seeing the men leave the room you relaxed some. Then the lights went out and you panicked. Not being able to hear made you rely on your eyes and now you didn’t have those either. You couldn’t remember being so afraid in all your life. 

A while later you saw as the lights came back on. The doors opened and the men now walked in the room. Two from earlier and a new man wearing a tan trench coat. Meeting your eyes his furrowed. He looked to both of the others, telling them something. By the time both of them looked to you in shock your view was blocked by a black tailored suit. Trailing your eyes up you saw as Crowley turned to look at you. 

Instantly you knew your husband was filled with rage. His face was red matching his eyes And the veins in his forehead and neck were protruding. His eyes scanned your body for injuries around to look in your eyes. Moving his hands he signed,  "are you alright?“ you nodded. Walking behind you he went to undo your bonds. Seeing the other men come towards you both you tensed. Crowley noticed you stiffen up and shakes his fingers sending them to the wall. 

After you were untied he pulled you into his arms. Kissing your temple he pulled back to look at your face. His jaw tightened as he gently turned your face to the side, seeing a light bruise on your chin. Moving you behind his imposing form he stared daggers at the other men. You felt as his body began to shake and knew he was yelling at the others. 

”…how fucking dare you. You the think you can take my wife hostage!…“ crowley yelled "we were just trying to get information from you. We didn’t know she was… "Sam said cutting crowley off. "what that she’s deaf. I guess you wouldn’t would you. Now who the bloody hell put a bruise on her chin?!” he asked looking from one to the other. 

Dean glanced at you behind Crowley before closing his eyes. “I didn’t mean…” “I should have known.” crowley said raising his hand you saw as he was about to snap his fingers and panicked. Quickly grabbing his arm to stop him he turned to you. He looked at you with a questioning look and you shook your head. “he hurt you. They kidnapped you. I can’t just let them get away with it."Crowley signed to you. Giving a small smile you moved your hands.  "yes you can. I’m fine, I promise. Let the morons be and let us go home…please”

Crowley read your hands and then looked into your eyes. Beautiful e/c eyes. Staring into them he felt himself grow calm. Giving a sigh he took your hands in his own and pulled you into his side before glancing back at the men. “Be glad y/n is forgiving. If you ever come near her again nothing will stop me from throwing you lot on the rack.” with a snap of his fingers the couple vanished and the boys fell to the floor.

Looking you now saw you were back in your living room. Looking up you saw hazel eyes staring back at you. You have him a loving smile before hugging him. You were in his arms and you were safe and Crowley wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Imagine watching horror movies with Sonny & Mike but Nick comes home and scares the hell out of you guys.

Requested by anon. 

Warning: fluff

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anonymous asked:

have you seen the jane the virgin season finale? what are your thoughts about it?

Yes, I saw it. 

Uhm, I cried my eyes out at the Michael scenes, I screamed in happiness when my baby Tyler Posey came on the screen, and I love that Xo and Ro finally got married (the scene where Xo’s mom is “yelling at her so she doesn’t cry and ruin her makeup”? Ugh so good. And Jane’s speech about them always choosing each other? So true!). 

I also really enjoyed the Jane and Rafael scenes where they were trying to get to the ceremony and everything was going wrong- they have an amazing on screen chemistry that just…works, and you can’t really deny that. With that said, I’m so glad they didn’t put them back together (and probably wont for awhile). He literally JUST told Petra he wanted to be with her, so it’s just rushed and ridiculous to have him jump straight to Jane the very next episode. Even just him CONSIDERING if Jane has feelings for him in the next episode seems rushed. So I’m glad that will be put on hold next season. And of course, I want to see the backstory about Adam. 

It was a pretty good season finale. And I am SOLD on the narrator being future Mateo after watching it. Unfortunately next season may be the last, since it got the worst time slot to ever exist on the CW. 

G dragon Scenario #20 “TOP's sister” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

It’s late at night and someone knocks the door. You are too busy watching a movie so you didn’t bother…

“Y/N! The door!” Seung Hyun, your brother screamed. He was taking a bath. He wasn’t at home that much, so whenever he’s back he acts like he was the owner.

It hear the door again.

“Y/N!!!!!!!” he’s so mad at you. You stood up but not because you care, you did it because you can’t focus with all the noise and his screams.

You look the monitor to see who it was before you open the door… you see Seungri and Ji yong.

You opened the door, and they say hi. Daesung was the first one to come in.

“Why it took you so long?” Seungri hits you playfully on your arm, and you pushed him. Out of all the members you get along better with him. He’s like another brother to you, and annoying as well, just like the real one.

“Where’s Seunghyun?” Daesung asked, sitting on the couch eating your snack “Hey! That’s mine!” but he was already eaten the whole thing. “So… where is he?” Daesung says, licking his fingers.

“He’s taking a bath”

Seungri takes out his cell phone and gave a playful gaze at Daesung. “I think is time for another pictures session” Seungri says and Daesung nodded. They disappeared after walking up the stairs.

“How old are they?… twelve?” you sit on the couch and Ji yong follows you laughing.

Ji yong loves your sense of humor, and the way you act whenever he’s around. He knows you have feelings for him, it wasn't a secret at all, everyone noticed it right away. But what they don’t know is that he felt the same way towards you…

No matter if it was just a minute or a second, just see your smile makes him extremely happy.  He felt nervous every time he was with you but he always hide it.

You are the reason why he’s always looking for the perfect excuse to come and visit his friend.

He sits right next to you “What were you watching?… oh! I saw this movie, was pretty good”

“Really? This is the third time that I watch it… I love this movie!”

“Me too..”

Suddenly his phone rings, someone was calling him “I’ll be right back!” he says, standing up. Once he left. You took out your cell phone and texted your friend…

He’s back. “Sorry about that” he says “Don’t worry” you smiled.

He sits beside you, and he started a small talk with you. After a few minutes someone calls him again but this time he did not answered. “Aren’t you going to answer?” you asked him, looking at his cell phone, and he shook his head.

“JI YONG!!!” Seungri was screaming from upstairs “COME HERE!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!”

He shook his head smiling “I have to go, my kids need me!” he winks at you. You laughed, and then he went upstairs.

But then you realize that he left his phone…

Normally you would not do this, but after what your friend has told you, you couldn’t help it. You took his phone quickly, looking for his calls. You felt relief when you saw a man’s name on the screen… but your happiness didn’t last.

“Did you find something interesting?” Ji yong was there. “What are you talking about!? I was watching the hour!”


He came closer, you were about to give him back his phone when he took yours.

“Now it’s my turn!” he says, walking away, with your phone in his hand.

You can’t let him take that phone, those messages are still there.

“You should have a password… it is dangerous, what if” you didn’t let him finish the sentence. You grabbed your phone and then you start running.

“Come on! Don’t make me fight for that phone!” you can hear him running behind you, and soon he reaches you. Both are fighting for the phone but like it was expected, as soon as he started tickling you, you lost. “No!”

“Let’s see” he says…

“Hahaha” he read all your messages "Shut up!“ you felt embarrassed. You just wanted disappear, this is by far the most embarrassing moment in your life.

“You’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met" his eyes are still looking at the screen.

"Give it back!” you said.

“Mmm… I think I’ll keep it”

“Oh! Really?” you walked to the couch where his cellphone was “Ok then I’ll keep this”

“Yours it’s a lot better anyway!” you took his phone. And then it rings again. 

“Ups someone’s calling!”

“I need to answer that call” he says, getting closer to you. He has that beautiful smile on his face that you love so much.

“Oh that’s too bad!” you put his phone on the back pocket of your jeans.

“Are you sure you want to put my phone there? Because that’s not going to stop me!” he laughs, starting to coming closer to you.

But then, you hear them, they were coming down stairs laughing. So you gave him his cellphone. (Perfect timing) you thought.

The rest of the night, he couldn’t keep his eyes away from you.

At some point they were talking about Taeyang’s relationship “I want to have a gf like her. A girl that cares for me, she has to be funny and smart. Oh! and also really beautiful!” Seungri says.

“What about you Seunghyun? What’s your ideal type?” Daesung asked him “Mmm…” he was thinking with a serious look on his face.

“Someone who… shares my passion for chairs” he says, and everyone laughs.

“And you?” Daesung asked Ji yong. You look at him, waiting to hear his answer.

It took him a moment but then he says “Someone sweet!”

The guys were too busy making fun of him. They didn’t even notice when he looks at you and says "Just like you!”