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Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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Cupcakes and a child’s love

Words: 2.9k

Genre: Fluff

Description:  Dan is working at the bakery “The Cake Whisperer” when a man and his child come into his life. All it took was a spiderman cupcake.

Warnings: none (mention of a creepy dude)

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The Secret (10)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

You tried not to be hurt by Baekhyun’s rejection, to carry on as normal and focus your attention on Zoe, but when you were alone with nothing to distract you, your mind seemed to drift back to the moment he walked out of your apartment. That night, you cried for what felt like hours until you were empty, reflecting on the mess you’d made of your life. And then in the morning, you woke up to Zoe singing in her bedroom and pushed your feelings to the side.

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Summary: Visiting Tom in England after a few months of not seeing each other (the reader is from a different country but there’s only like one sentence about it so might as well ignore it)

Fluff (may give you some feels)

A/N: It turned out to be quite long but i hope you’ll like it! :) Please let me know what you think and/or request some new things

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Three months. You haven’t seen each other for three whole months. And today was the day. School was over, the filming for a new movie was done and you can finally spend some time together. 

You made your way through the airport, hoping to see Tom waiting for you but you couldn’t find him anywhere. You felt a little dissapointed, hoping he hasn’t forgotten about you. You were so excited to finally see him but you were getting nervous seeing only unfamiliar faces around you. You had your luggage with you, pulling it behind you. Getting impatient you took your phone from your pocket and turned off the plane mode and were checking your messages while walking towards the exit, your eyes focused on the device in your hands. But there was no calls or texts from your boyfriend. 

“There she is! Y/N!!!” You heard someone scream and you turned your head quickly in the direction of Harrison’s voice. There you saw him waving his hands up in the air, smiling at you and you noticed how Tom took off from where he was standing behind his best friend and soon picked you up and spun you around. 

“I missed you so so so much!!” He said with a big smile on his face. 

“Tom, put me down!” You laughed and he obeyed, letting you stand on your own feet before cupping your face in his hands and kissing you softly on the lips. 

“Mhm, I missed you too, Tommy.” You smiled into the kiss and then wrapped your arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, him pressing you closer to his body. 

“Okay, lovebirds, let’s go because you’re blocking the way. Also, nice to see you too, Y/N.” Harrison said from beside you, a little bit of sarcasm in his voice but a smile on his face. 

“Aw, hey Haz.” You walked to him and also gave him a hug. 

“Alright, let’s go.” Tom took your hand in his, his other one holding your luggage like the good boyfriend that he is. The three of you made your way towards Harrison’s car and he dropped you at Tom’s house.

“I’ll see you guys later?”

“Yeah, definitely!” You responded and waved as he drove away. Tom took your luggage and opened the door to his house, Tessa instantly running out of the door. She was barking and waggling her tail happily. Firstly, she run around Tom’s leg, happy to see him again and then sprinted towards you, jumping around your legs and putting her paws on your thighs. She wanted to lick your face but only managed to lick your hands as you were petting her. 

“Okay, come on, Tessa. That’s enough,” Tom called to her but it seemed like she totally ignored him, still jumping at you and not letting you move at all. 

“Come on, girl. You’re a strong one, go to Tom!” You laughed at her, hoping she would be more excited to see her master than you. “Seems like she likes me more, sorry.” You stuck your tongue out, hearing Tom jokingly mock you as if he was offended by your comment.

“Let’s see, Tessa! Come here!” He bended down slightly and patted his legs, making her look at him and run back to him, “In your face!” Tom yelled making you laugh.  “Let’s go inside.”

Inside you were greeted by Tom’s mother, who gave you a warm hug and was really happy to see you after a few months. 

“So how was your flight?” 

“It was okay, I’m still a little bit scared but everything went fine, thank you for asking.” You smiled at her.

“Why don’t you guys go upstairs and I’ll call you in an hour or so for dinner.” 

You followed Tom up the stairs and into his bedroom, he left your suitcase by the door and as you sat on his bed. 

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Nah, I’m good. Just come cuddle me!” You made grabby hands at him and heard his adorable laugh before he pushed you on your back on the bed and put his arms and legs around you, pulling your body tightly to his. 

“Oh God, Tom. I can’t breathe.” You said between breaths, making it sound so much more dramatic. 

“Really? What are you talking about, I’m really comfortable.” 

“Noooo, let me gooo. Move, you’re heavy.” You whined childlishly. 

“Nope. I won’t let you go- ew! Did you just lick my cheek?” He pulled back to have a better look at your face, his own twisted in a fake disgust.

“Me? Never.” 

“Liar. But you’re cute.” He looked you in the eyes and pressed a sweet kiss on the tip of your nose. 

“I want a normal kiss.” 

“Don’t have to ask twice.” He moved closer and your lips connected. The kiss was slow and gentle, showing your emotions perfectly. It wasn’t one of the playful ones or the hot steamy one, it was the more or a “i missed you” kiss, about feeling the presence of one another.

During your little make out session you heard a loud knock on the door and it busted open before you could untangle yourself. You looked awkwardly at Paddy standing next to the door, his cheeks tinted with a little bit of red.

“Oh come one man!” Tom glared at his brother.

“Uh, I’m sorry…” The little boy said nervously.

“It’s okay, Paddy! Did you want anything?” You sat up on the bed and smiled at the kid, ignoring your annoyed boyfriend laying next to you.

“I need help with my homework and mum’s busy with dinner and she told me to ask Tom for help.”

“Go ask the twins. Bye.” Tom said rather unpolitely, feeling extremely annoyed with his little brother.

“But they went out.”

“Come on here, I’ll help you.” You patted the spot next to you, Tom whined loudly before wrapping his arms around your waist from the other side of the bed.

“Noooo. Not now.” You ignored him and and patted the spot again that was soon taken by the kid.

“Paddy, why don’t you leave Y/N alone, she’s probably tired from her flight. Mum will help you when she’s done with dinner, yeah?” After a few minutes Tom tried again to make his brother leave the two of you alone, so he can spend some alone time with you.

“Shut up, Tommy. We’re almost done, anyway.” You scolded him and went back to explaining things to Patrick.

It’s not like Tom didn’t like his youngest brother, he just wanted you to himself only. And right now, you were focused on Paddy and not him. 

You were sitting between the boys, with Tom’s arms wrapped around you and him cuddled into your side, and with Paddy listening carefully to you with his book on his lap. He laughed from time to time when you had trouble with finding the right words to explain it it to him in the easiest way possible. 

“Thank you so much, Y/N. You’re the best!” The boy gave you a quick hug before running out of the door.

“You’re so clingy right now,” you laughed at Tom and run your hand through his hair. 

“I don’t care, I just want you close to me,” he mumbled and closed his eyes, relaxing under your touch, “oh yeah, I missed this.” 

“Thought you missed me, not my hand.” You realized what you’ve just said as Tom bursted out laughing.

“NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERT!” You slapped his arm but he couldn’t stop laughing, “I hate you.” 

“You love me.” 

“Eh, maybe I do.” You layed down on your back and snuggled closer to him, “You smell so good.”


“Yeah.” The warmth of his body and his arms wrapped around you mixed with the flight made you feel a little sleepy, “I missed that scent.”

“What do I smell like, then?” He asked quietly, noticing how your voice was changing and how your eyes were closed.


Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 1

Summary: Prince Jongin’s birthday party is about to start. You, as a servant, are not invited, but there’s still an oportunity… Who says someone will recognize you on a masquarade ball?

Genere: Angst, fluff

Warnings: None

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

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“Mum?” I whined “Dad?”

All I could see was fire. The flames and smoke were everywhere. My vision started to blurry. I felt dizzy and the breath caught in my throat.

“Mum?” my voice was barely a whisper “Dad?”

I had to get out of here. I blinked a few times and I saw, that the stairs were also on fire. My parents were on the first floor and now they were trapped there. I had to save them, but I couldn’t do it alone. I quickly found the door and got out of the building. When I turned around more flames appeared. I screamed loudly. Tears started to form in my eyes.

I began to run. Our house wasn’t far from the town. I needed to hurry. If I won’t make it on time, then my family…

“Help!” I shouted, hoping someone will hear me

Nothing. What was I expecting? There was almost no possibility, that somebody will be in the middle of the forest. I started to run faster. I had to do it. I had to do it. I don’t want everything to disappear so quickly.

I tripped over a rock and yelled from sudden pain. The forest around me started to spin around. When I saw a white carriage, I was sure I had strong hallucinations. I tried getting up, but instead of it I fell on the ground once more. A beautiful woman got out of the carriage and came closer to me. Long brown hair, pale skin and gentle eyes. I was sure I saw her before, but now it was, too hard to remember when and where.

“Help” I breathed “My house… F-fire…”

She shouted something, but I couldn’t hear what it was. I lost consciousness and the next thing I remember was darkness.

I opened my eyes breathing heavily.

The same dream, the same memory. Someone set our house on fire. I remember it very clearly. That day when I woke up, lying in one of the rooms for servants, I saw lady Lee. She told me that they managed to save me, but nothing about my parents came from her mouth. That was the moment, I realised they didn’t make it. They were dead. That information broke my heart into thousand little pieces. 

My father used to be a king, my mum was the queen and I was the princess. I don’t remember anything from our palace life. A few months after I was born, our kingdom fell. The 4th War began and we had no choice. My parents and I had to hide somewhere. We started to live in a house near small town. I was aware of my father’s enemies and I was sure some of them knew where we were. That’s why we lived in the forest, but now I know it wasn’t enough.

After a few days, I started to work in king Doyun’s palace. No one, even lady Lee, who saved me, didn’t know I was a princess. I was too afraid to share my secret. Too afraid nobody will believe me. Too afraid that the danger will come back again. At least now, I was safe.

“Y/N” I heard Yeuns voice “Are you coming? We don’t have much time.”

“Yeah… I’m on my way” I said yawning a little

Yeun was my roommate. Places where servants lived weren’t big. In our room, there were only two beds and a cupboard. Even the window was tiny. 

I got out of my bed and changed quickly. All female servants had to wear black dresses, which were ending right above the knee. They were much more uncomfortable than they looked.

“So, what’s our job for today?” I asked as we went out of the room

“We need to prepare the ballroom for the party” said Yeun “I’m going to stay there whole day, but you need to meet Miyoung” She’ll definitely need some help”

Miyoung was really young, kind and innocent girl. She wasn’t even sixteen, but she was the main seamstress in this castle. Dresses she was making were at least gorgeous. Every time there was a party, her job was to make gowns for the queen and all the ladies. Of course, Miyoung wasn’t alone. There were other seamstresses, but they weren’t as good as she was and occasionally, I was helping her too.

“I can’t believe the prince is turning twenty three tonight” Yeun smiled “You know, I feel like I’ve known him for my whole life. I was two when he was born, but he spoke to me once or twice.”

“You exactly know why” I exclaimed “You’re a servant and he’s the prince”

“Stop quoting me” she laughed “Usually I’m the one who is reminding you.”

I sighed. I wondered how would it be, to know prince Jongin for such a long time. Maybe he would talk to me more often?

“We need to hurry” said Yeun “The party starts at nine.”

“You have to go there!” Miyoung clapped her hands “You just can’t miss such opportunity!”

“Miyoung, are you crazy?” I shook my head “It’s impossible. Only people from royal family and their friends are invited.”

“Oh, just stop it!” she waved her hand and for a while, the needle was too close to my face “We both know that if you would really want to go to the party, you would do it straight away!”

“I’m a servant!” I shouted

“But just imagine, how romantic would it be, when he would fall in love with you at the ball!”

I blushed suddenly. I never actually thought about him falling in love with me. In my opinion, I wasn’t good enough for him. Even if my family was alive and I was a princess, I still would think that he deserved more. Prince Jongin was kind, gentle, loyal, brave and incredibly handsome. Every young girl in the kingdom wanted to become his wife in the future. I was sure that in few months, king and queen will find him a fiancé. This vision made me feel strange. Sudden sting of jealousy.

“Let’s not talk about this…” I whispered


“Miyoung, please!” I raised my voice

She jumped at my sudden anger. When I saw her face, I realised that I shouldn’t shout at her. Maybe she was just three years younger than me, but she didn’t experience enough in her life. I didn’t want to ruin her perfect vision of the world.

“I’m sorry” I whispered

“It’s okay…” she murmured “I know how hard it is for you. I shouldn’t have insist.”

I knew she was perfectly right. It was so hard for me to talk about the prince, the guy I fell for. I was aware we had no chance to be together. Servant and a prince? I almost laughed. Impossible.

Miyoung’s smile still didn’t appear after I shouted at her.

“Please” I whined “I can’t look at you when you’re sad”

She didn’t look at me.

“What can I do to cheer you up?” I asked putting down my needle “I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” she rose her eyebrow at me

I nodded.

“Go to prince’s birthday party” she announced

I should’ve expect that.

“Miyoung, you know I ca-”

“You said you’ll do everything”

I hated that she was right. I sighed loudly.

“Okay, so let’s say I agreed” I crossed my arms “But I still have nothing to wear.”

She jumped from excitement and quickly made her way to huge closet. After a few seconds she came back holding a beautiful grey dress. It was long with silver flourishes. Perfect for prince’s birthday party.

“I made it a while ago for lady Shin, but she didn’t like it” Miyoung explained “She didn’t wear it even once”

“It’s beautiful” I said taking the fabric between my fingers “But she would recognize it”

“She’s not going to the party because she’s currently visiting her brother”

I looked down. Maybe Minyoung was right? Maybe it was really great opportunity to meet prince Jongin face to face.

“What about the mask?” I asked “It’s a masquerade after all”

“Oh, I have plenty of them” she waved her hand “Don’t worry about that”

I bit my lip. The dress was beautiful and Minyoung had masks. This really was my chance.

“Give me the mask” I ordered taking the gown from her hands “I’m going to prince Jongin’s birthday party”

Author’s note: Gif above is not mine. There might be some mistakes in the next. I have to check it one more time.

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Are you threatening me blurb with harry?? Pretty please

This got a little darker than I intended it to be. Also I’m sorry it’s lengthier than the past couple. Sometimes when I read requests something fantastic happens and I write stuff like this (which I think is actually pretty okay but I do like feedback if you would all wanna chat).

Harry worked long hours in the office. Unlike most TV shows, you worked long hours going through files upon files before you became a big shot lawyer. In the end, he knew it would be worth it (maybe) but right now, he wanted to sleep and sleep for the rest of the weekend. His eyes were burning from staring at screens and paper all day reading for ages.

Entering the apartment building in the middle of the city, the doorman said hello and Harry nodded in exhaustion. There was a possibility he wouldn’t even make it to the elevator let alone be able to get off and walk to his door once he got to the right floor.

After several attempts, he got his key to fit in the lock and he opened the door to his sanctuary. Much to his mother’s surprise, Harry kept the place clean, sparsely decorated (she kept telling him it needed a woman’s touch and maybe a grandchild or four to run around), and simply Harry-esque.

Stumbling out of his shoes, pulling off his suit coat, undoing his tie, and unbuttoning his shirt, he managed to fall with a thump onto his couch. For many moments, he didn’t dare move; his eyes were shut and he listened to the sounds of the city—sirens, music, shouting…it was all something he was accustomed to and found comforting. It was the only noise he could stand to sleep through—calming city sounds.

With his breathing slowing down and him struggling half-heartedly to undo his belt while laying on top of it, he was on the cusp of sleep. The dreams tonight would be of endless paperwork and the hauntingly beautiful girl that plagued his mind ever since he moved into the apartment.

Some of the dreams were simply getting to know the unnamed girl. They would walk along in the most vivid and lucid dreams he had ever had. Just a boy and a girl strolling through the city only stopping to get a cup of tea on a cold day and an ice cream on a hot one. The girl on his arm was all smiles and he swore even in his subconscious she smelled terrific—cotton and beach roses. She would walk him to work and give him a kiss that sent his sleeping heart aflutter.

But other dreams were raw and passionate. He would be kissing her, every part of her. His mouth would ache just to hover over her skin. It felt like he didn’t have enough hands to touch every part of her body and they always had on too many clothes. Those dreams would also send his heart aflutter and stretch his boxers into a firm tent before the clothes would be coming off and his lips reached for more of her skin. The sound of their breathing was the only thing that could be heard in his silent apartment. She would reach down push his boxers out of the way and Harry would let out a low moan in her—


Harry was awoken and his dreams were crushed. So was his body, at the sound of you shouting loudly above his apartment his body jerked and fell off the couch where he was haphazardly laying. He groaned in agony and slowly crawled to get back on the couch. He couldn’t do this another night.

Constantly, his neighbors shouted till he imagined the two were blue in the face. He could not figure out how the two of you stayed together. After what felt like hours of fighting he would hear the doors slam closed, and the noise would cease. Perhaps that the noise above was the cause of his sleeping problems and why he was always exhausted.

This was the third week in a row since he had moved in and he couldn’t do this one moment longer. Anger coursed through his veins as he marched up the steps to the next floor. Just his dress pants low on his hips. He could hear the shouting getting louder, over what he didn’t know nor did he care. He just wanted to sleep in peace.

Slamming his closed fist against the door he almost drowned out the sound of yelling and he bet his life that he was doing the whole apartment building a favor. Who knew how long this could go on for.

What went from screaming—which Harry barely heard since in typical lawyer style he was blindingly mad. He would end the fighting no matter what it took. The silence was almost louder than the screaming that took place only moments before. Harry didn’t care he was sick of not being able to sleep. This was unfair to everyone in the apartment building and Harry would not stand for it. After barely sleeping enough with this job and barely sleeping the past six or so years of law school, he wanted to sleep in the damn quiet.

“What?” The guy at the door answered gruffly.

“Are you kidding me, mate? People are trying t’sleep,” he said groggily. He peeked through the doorway to see who the poor girl that was getting yelled at for the past three weeks he’d been here.

The guy in front of him tried to move to block more of the doorway but it was too late. Harry had seen you. Your face was throbbing, just above your eyebrow bleeding. Shoving the guy out of the doorway and thus suffering more screaming, he scooped you into his arms and walked straight back to the elevator. He placed you gently on the floor of the elevator and held the door open with your foot.

While he was a lawyer, he wasn’t some weakling—he worked out every day at the firm’s gym. “If you come near her, I will end you,” he said simply just a centimeter from his face. Harry wasn’t always intimidating, but when he meant business, he meant business. And that would be his best quality as a lawyer. Towering at six plus feet he narrowed his eyes at the lad that had the gall to hurt the lovely girl waiting for him in the elevator.

“You can have her,” he snarled not wanting to risk his luck against the giant in just dress pants. He stalked back to his apartment with a slam of the door.

Harry sighed and turned back to the girl on the elevator. You were dazed, tears rolling down your cheeks without a sound. Too much had happened in a short time. Smacking the floor’s button the door closed and he crouched down to hold you in his arms again. Once he kicked open the door and settled you on the couch, he quickly made some calls to friends of friends.

“He’s never hit me before,” you whispered finally. It broke the silence with the same startle that knocked him off the couch. Harry had been buzzing about the kitchen, making tea, getting ice, and the first aid kit. In addition to making calls, he almost forgot you were there and why he was gathering all these items.

Slowly he approached you, knelt in front of your knees as you looked off into the distance. Your cut wasn’t good and briefly he was worried about a concussion. But soon his door was opening, Liam stepped into the room along with Louis’ mother. Liam was dressed in his uniform and Jay quickly busied herself looking you over. Totally confused, you were just grateful for a female. More tears fell down your cheeks and Jay turned to Harry. “Would you get her a cuppa tea?” She said knowingly. Harry smirked a bit.

“I was working on it, Mum,” he muttered.

Liam listened to Harry as he told him what happened and then he nodded. He spoke into his shoulder’s walkie talkie and there was another commotion upstairs. Liam looked down at you knelt next to Jay as she cleaned the cut and checked for a concussion. “You’re alright, love?” He wondered.

Still entirely baffled by what was happening, Harry gave you a cup of tea and you nodded. “I think so.”

“Can you just tell me what happened?” He said. “Take your time.” You managed to quickly explain quickly sending yourself into more tears that you didn’t really feel. “Alright, thank you, darling. You’ll be alright with this one for the night?” Liam nodded his head at Harry.

You had never spoken to your downstairs neighbor once except for tonight and somehow in the thirty minutes you had known him you felt safer than you did the last three months of living with your boyfriend. Carefully you nodded and Jay deemed that you were concussion free. “Don’t let him think he’s special,” she said of Harry. Rolling his eyes, he showed the two out the door.

Again, there was silence and Harry came around to sit across from you on the opposite couch. “I’m going to draw up a restraining order for you Monday morning,” he said. “I’d feel better if you stayed with me for the weekend if you don’t mind…unless you have family you can get in touch with. I can’t have it on my conscience that I leave you alone,” he explained to you.

Shaking your head, you swallowed. “Yeah…no family,” you mumbled.

Harry didn’t ask. “That’s alright, I planned on sleeping my weekend away so I can keep my eye on you,” he shrugged simply. “C’mon, I think you need some sleep,” he said standing up, holding his hand out and once your delicate fingers were in his hand, he guided you to the bedroom. “The bathroom is right there and there’s an extra toothbrush under the sink. Anything else you need, just come poke me, yeah?” You said pushing the covers back.

It was starting to hit you and the kindness this stranger was offering hit you harder than well…

You burst into tears. Covering your face, you melted to the ground and for a moment Harry just blinked unsure of what he was supposed to do. After what felt like an eternity, he figured you just needed a moment and so he knelt back down beside you, rubbed your back soothingly and told you it would all be okay.

As Harry watched you cry he tried to figure out why you looked so familiar. He knew he hadn’t seen you around the building and he wondered where on earth he could have known you from. While your crying slowed, he brought you back to your feet, found you some sweats to get comfortable in and asked if there was anything else you could want.

You shook your head, breathing erratically. Sometimes this happened to you. Your sobs would turn into a hyperventilating panic attack. A million thoughts went through your head at that moment and you could have simply died to make this easier on yourself.

“Thank you,” you hiccupped. Harry stared at you a moment in confusion before he chocked it up to being a very overwhelming moment for you. He carefully cupped the back of your neck and pulled you to his chest. He may soon be a heartless lawyer but he had a sister and he knew how to calm tears over a boy.

Soon your hiccups stopped and Harry released you slowly. When he gazed down at you to see if you were doing a little better he noted how pretty your eyes were even after having just cried. That’s also when he noticed how warm you felt and that you were the perfect fit beneath his chin. All at once he realized you were his girl from his dreams. It wasn’t that it was your face, it was your presence, the shape, the aura, the feel of you was the girl.

He felt his stomach knot and he smiled sweetly at you. “I’m going to let you rest, if you need something please tell me,” he said pushing some hair behind your ears. You finally realized he was shirtless and you had just snotted and cried all over his sinewy muscles. While he didn’t seem to care, you felt horrible and embarrassed. But nonetheless, you were exhausted and rest sounded good to you.

“Thank you…” you blinked. “I don’t know your name,” you murmured.

Harry held your fingers in his hand again as he kissed your knuckles. “Harry, kitten. M’name’s Harry,” he said. Releasing your hand, he turned, shut the door and let you have your peace. You climbed into his bed, dazed and tired. While drifting off to sleep you tested his name in your mouth a few times wondering all kinds of things about the handsome man that came in your time of duress. But your mind was too tired for such wonderings so you let your dreams do the work.

As for Harry, he found himself strolling through the city with the beautiful face just a few rooms over. Smiling, because he finally found her.

Imagine being Negan’s daughter

word count: 1182

Request by: anon - Hey, I don’t know if you do non-supernatural fics but I just saw how much you love negan and I was wondering if you could do a Negan X daughter!reader. I’m not really bothered what happens in it. Thanks!

Warnings: Swearing, Girlfriend death (I made the character Bi, sorry if you didn’t want that).

A/N: Requests for fanfictions are still open, I haven’t gotten any in a while so they would be appreciated.

“Daddy!” you screamed as a scary man with red stuff dripping down his face lunged at you. Quickly, you dodged his arms and ran backwards away from him. The man let out a growl as he staggered forwards desperate to grab you.

You let out a scream when your back hit someone but you calmed down once you saw it was your dad. He placed an arm protectively around you and covered your eyes.

“Stay the fuck back,” you heard your father say but the growling continued to get louder and louder as the man neared closer and closer. BANG!

You laughed at the thought of how young you were when this whole thing started, your father had tried to not let you know what was truly happening for as long as he could until he realised you wouldn’t survive if he didn’t teach you how to fight.

“Okay Y/N, one more time, you got this,” your dad reassured placing his hands on your shoulders watching from behind as you aimed the gun.

Aim, deep breath in, hold it, steady, BANG! The bullet passed straight between the eyes of a nearby walker.

“That’s it!” your father praised as he ruffled up your hair and rested Lucille on his shoulder, “you’re a natural just like your dad.”

Everything was fine for a while, you and your dad had built up a camp, we called it ‘The Saviours’, you were pretty pleased with yourself when you came up with the name. Life had its ups and downs but not so long ago, there was definitely a massive down.

“Fuck, fuck, come on,” you screamed loudly as your hands frantically pushed down onto your girlfriend’s stomach to block the bullet hole and stop her from losing any more blood.

“You will not turn into one of them things Ellie, I swear to fucking God… I love you,” tears filled your eyes as your hands were stained red. You had never told Ellie that you loved her but at this moment, you couldn’t think about what you were saying, all your emotions were coming out.

“You goofball, I love you too,” Ellie whispered hoarsely which sounded way too much like a goodbye to you.

“You’re not dying Ellie so don’t fuc-“ you were cut off by your girlfriends lips crashing into yours, the kiss was filled with passion and love and in that sudden moment in time, everything was calm, everything was fine, that was until reality crashed back down at an alarming rate and your girlfriend’s body went limp in your arms.

“YOU’RE NOT FUCKING DEAD,” you screamed with everything you had and began shaking her body in order to wake her back up. After a few moments, all of your energy had gone and you collapsed onto her chest crying.

A rustling in the trees caught your attention but you didn’t move, if it was a walker then it could kill you for all you cared.

“We heard gunshots, Y/N are you okay, what’s going o-?” your father cut himself off when he saw your limp body shaking vividly over your still, lifeless girlfriend.

“Shit,” your father cursed to himself as he put his gun back into his pocket and walked steadily over to you. When he grabbed your body and pulled you away, all you wanted to do was scream and punch your way out of his grip but instead you collapsed into his arms as tears ran down your eyes.

“Shh, it’s okay,” Negan stroked your hair and kissed your forehead. He looked up to see that a group of people had crowded around watching as you cried into his arms.

“What the fuck are you all looking at, get the fuck back to work, Dwight, take care of Ellie and put her in the fucking truck,” Negan snapped, anger radiating from him and almost instantly everybody scrambled to get out of your father’s sight.

You looked up to see Dwight hovering a gun over Ellie’s face.

“Y/N, I promise you, everything’s going to be okay, don’t watch this,” he spoke softly as he covered your eyes. BANG!

“Rise and shine Y/N, big day today,” your father joked knowing that you were barely going to do anything today.

You hissed as he pushed open the curtains and light flooded the room causing your dad to laugh.

“You just love to watch people suffer don’t you,” you murmered pulling the covers over your head.

“That I do,” amusement laced your fathers voice as he pulled back the bed sheets causing the coldness of the room to hit your body almost instantly waking you up.

“So daddy-dearest, what are you going to do today?”

“Me and some other saviours are off to Rick the Pricks, you coming?”

“I don’t know,” you sighed. It had been a week since Ellie had died and you still hadn’t gotten over it even though you know that she would have wanted you to move on straight away and not let it affect you so much.

“Y/N,” your father sighed placing Lucille down gently causing you to chuckle. He would heavily smash it down onto people’s skulls yet when it came to placing it down, he would always handle it with care.

“I still can’t believe you named that thing after mum,” you joked as he sat down on your bed and wrapped an arm around you pulling you into his chest. He knew that you weren’t as strong or happy as you made out to be and in that moment you began to cry.

“I just miss her so much,” you whispered so quietly you were surprised that your father could even hear what you were saying.

“Shh, honey, I know,” he stroked your hair as you let out a sob, tears running down your cheeks.

“I just… its not the same now. I feel empty, like a part of me is missing you know?” you looked up into your dad’s eyes.

“I felt the same way when your mother died. Y/N, you have to promise me that you will be strong, not only for me, but for yourself. I love you so much.”

“Don’t get all sappy on me dad,” you joked wiping away your tears, “okay… I’m okay now.”

“Here, I have something for you,” Negan held out a folded up piece of paper, “I found it in Ellie’s pocket.”

You slowly unfolded the paper to reveal a photo of you and Ellie. Your arms were tightly wrapped around each other and you were both sticking your tongues out pulling a weird face. You laughed at the memory and looked up, once again, at your dad.

“Thank you.”

“No problem honey, now like I said, get up, you’ve got a big day, you’re on guard duty.”

You groaned at your dad for not letting you have a lie in but you smiled to yourself looking at the photo in your hands knowing that one day, it may not be today, everything would be back to normal again and the pain you were feeling would be gone.

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver Teddy x Reader

Sorry if there are mistakes! This took me ages by the way…

The sound of laughter and voices filled the Slytherin Common Room. It was the last day of the year, and everyone was making last minute plans for the summer holidays, and saying goodbye to their friends. I had come down to grab my Defense Against The Dark Arts textbook that I had left on the arm of one of the sofas. Once I had it in my hands a ran back up to my dorm taking the steps two at a time. After all, I didn’t want to be late to meet Teddy. My three friends with whom I shared my dorm with were packing their trunks and chatting about the last year. I walked in and put my book in the case, closing it afterwards. I was just about to say goodbye when Y/F/N looked up from her packing and smirked at me.

“What?” I said with a smile
“Is it going to happen this summer Y/N?” The others giggled along with her
“Is what going to happen?”
“You and Lupin of course!” I started blushing furiously. All of my friends knew how much I liked Teddy, even though he was my best friend.
“I don’t know…”
“Well if it does, you must write and tell me!”
“I will, but I doubt it will happen.”
“Of course it will,” Y/F/N said as she picked up her bag, “He’s head over heels in love with you.”

My friends had all left the room smiling. As I put my bag on my shoulder I thought about what she had said. Head over heels in love with me? I found that quite hard to believe.

Teddy was waiting for me on the Platform in black ripped jeans, despite the heat, and a Weird Sisters tank top. His hair was a shocking shade of green. As soon as he saw me coming towards him, his face lit up. Looking at him smiling like that, made me smile too, which was always the case with Teddy.

“Hey.” He said, pulling me into a hug. We were almost the same height.
“Hey Teddy,” I replied, “Ready to go?”
“Always. I have a surprise for you.”
“What is it?”
“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”
“There’s no way I’m telling you until it’s time. Now get on the train.” I rolled my eyes at him playfully as I got on the train. Teddy followed me as I found us an empty compartment. We sat down opposite each other, settling in for the long journey back to Kings Cross.

When we arrived, we got off the train and started searching for our parents. Obviously they were standing together. I ran up to my dad, Sirius, and gave him a massive hug.

“Hello sweetheart,” He said with a grin, “How are you?”
“I’m good dad. You?”
“Better now you’re home. Did you know that were staying at Grimmauld Place? Everyone’s coming to stay too?”
“Yeah I know. Hermione and Ginny said I can help with the decorating.”
“Sure you can. Let’s get home first though.”

I said hello to Remus and Tonks, Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione before we headed out of the station and to the port key. I couldn’t wait to spend time with Teddy this summer, and I couldn’t wait to find out what this surprise was.
My room at Grimmauld Place was small, but perfect. It had everything I needed in it, including my record player. Dad put my trunk down in my bedroom and went downstairs to make the tea and ask everyone what they wanted for dinner. The first thing I did was put my Fall Out Boy record on. I started to unpack, putting my books on the shelf and hanging things up in my wardrobe. Not long after I began, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Teddy standing with his hands behind his back.

“Ready for your surprise?”

I dragged him inside and sat down. Teddy sat next to me and bought a rectangular box out from behind his back. There was a brown envelope on the top.

“Open the box first.”

I did. Inside, was a photo frame which contained a picture of Teddy and I from a few years back. We were wearing matching My Chemical Romance shirts and matching black Doc Martens. We were standing outside the venue for our first concert. I picked up the envelope and opened it. Two tickets fell out, and when I turned them over I screamed rather loudly. All Time Low tickets!

“MERLIN’S PANTS TEDDY! ALL TIME LOW TICKETS?! FOR THEIR TOUR! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” I threw myself into his arms and hugged him. He laughed, and I felt it vibrate through his body.
“Have you notcied anything else about them?”
I looked at the tickets again and realised exactly what he was talking about.
“But they’re for America?”
“Wait. Are we-”

I screamed so loudly I think the muggles must have heard me. I heard footsteps running up the stairs. Remus and my dad were standing in my room.

“What’s going on?” My dad said
“Oh yes. That. You might want to get packing Y/N. We leave for the airport tomorrow night. Harry and Hermione are going to have to come along because I have no idea how it’s all going to work.”
“Who’s coming with us?” I asked
“Your mother and Tonks.”
“Okay that’s good,” I said with a grin, “I can wear whatever I want because you won’t be there to stop me.”

Remus and Teddy laughed at that while my dad just rolled his eyes.

“Dinner will be ready soon. Hermione is cooking.”
“Okay, we’ll be down soon.”
I looked at Teddy and smiled.
“I can’t believe this!” I said
“Me either. We’re going to New York City. And we’re going to see All Time Low!”
“Come on, let’s go down and eat. Then we can pack.”

Teddy and I went downstairs and into the dining room. The smell of roast chicken and homemade Yorkshire puddings made my mouth water. I sat down next to Harry and started telling him about the concert. Ron was listening too.

“Aren’t you a bit young for this?” Ron said
“Sod off Ron!” Teddy said “Next year’s our last year!”
“Yeah but it could be dangerous.”
“DANGEROUS!” I shouted “Ron you were playing death chess and sliding down into the Chamber of Secrets when you were twelve!”
“Fair point.”

My dad just laughed as he set my dinner down in front of me. My mother Dorcas and Tonks were talking about where we were staying and what we were going to do when we got there. I was so excited I was finding it hard to keep my food down.
My suitcase was packed and standing at the end of my bed along with my carry on. I was already in my pajamas and sitting up in bed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight from excitement. I just couldn’t quite believe it. I was going to New York. To see All Time Low! I couldn’t fathom how this was all happening. A part of me wanted Teddy and I to get together on this trip, but everything would be perfect even if we didn’t. I decided to go downstairs and make some tea to try and help me sleep. My mum and Remus were still up and were sitting at the dining table with mugs of hot chocolate in front of them. Remus looked up as I walked in and smiled.

“Can’t sleep Y/N?”
“No way. I’m too excited.”
“I’m not surprised.”

I poured myself a hot chocolate and sat down next to my mum.

“I still can’t believe I’ve agreed to take you two to America! America for Merlin’s sake.”
“It’ll be fine mum. Actually, it will be amazing!”
“I hope so. Now, go upstairs and try and get some rest. We’ve got to get up at five to get to the airport.”
“I can’t believe we’re going on a plane. With muggles.”
“You and me both Y/N.”

I downed the rest of my drink and put the mug in the sink. After saying goodnight, I made my way back upstairs. I passed Teddy’s room. The door was ajar slightly and I could hear voices. It was Harry and Ron talking to Teddy. I was about to walk away when I heard my name.

“-Y/N does too Teddy I promise you!” Ron whisper-shouted
“Yeah,” Agreed Harry, “You just need to tell her Teddy. I’ve seen the way she looks at you when she thinks nobody is looking.”
“Really?” Teddy asked
“Really.” Harry and Ron said in unison
“And,” continued Ron, “This trip will be the perfect time to do so.”
“You could tell her in the middle of Central Park."Added Harry
"I will tell her, it’s just deciding how.”

I tiptoed as quickly as I could back into my room without making noise. My heart was beating so hard I was sure that everyone in the house would be able to hear it. I perched myself on the edge of my bed and tried to stop the massive grin that was spreading across my face. It was no use. He feels the same way! I thought to myself. I was even more elated than before, if that was even possible. I knew I definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep now. There would be no way in hell. I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I was restless, and I knew this wouldn’t change. I took a book off my shelf and sat back in my bed. Reading would be the only thing capable of taking my mind off of Teddy, his feelings, and the trip tomorrow.
At some point last night, I fell asleep with my book still open in my lap. Tonks came bounding into my bedroom at five singing Dark Side Of Your Room by All Time Low. She only knew it because Teddy and I listened to it so much.

“WAKE UP Y/N!” She sing-songed, “WE’RE GOING TO AMERICA!”
Once she had left my room, I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Thankfully, it was empty. I showered, did my hair, and makeup, and then ran back to my room with my towel wrapped tightly around me. I had set out my outfit the night before. I knew we would be travelling for most of the day so I put on some black leggings, my Wierd Sisters top, and black hoodie, and my ox-blood Doc Martens. After checking I had everything, I picked up my bags and made my way downstairs. Teddy, mum, Tonks, Hermione, and Harry were sat around the table. I put my bags down and sat next to Teddy. He smiled at me as I did so.

“Morning Y/N.”
“Morning Teddy. Are you excited?”
“Are you kidding me? I’m freaking screaming inside!”
“Me too!”

I poured myself a cup of coffee and put some buttered toast on my plate. As Teddy told Hermione exactly who All Time Low were, I took a moment to look at his outfit. He was wearing black jeans, black army boots, a white t-shirt, and a camo bomber jacket. Let me tell you, he literally looked amazing. His hair was brown today, making him look exactly like Remus when he was younger. Once we had eaten our breakfast, we got ready to head to the airport. We were going to apparate. As I took my mum’s hand I looked at Teddy. He winked at me, and I winked back.
The airport was buzzing despite the early hour. People were dragging suitcases along the floor, some running to catch their flight, others taking the time to look at overly expensive perfumes in the shop windows. I had never been to the airport, and neither had Teddy. After all, it was for muggles. Hermione and Harry were leading us to border security, and our mothers were behind us talking about the muggles. Teddy and I weren’t talking, we were taking in our surroundings. Once we had got to where we were supposed to be, we said goodbye to Hermione and Harry and went through the gates. We had our passports checked by the muggle security guards before we could make our way onto the plane. Huge glass automatic doors led out onto the runway where our plane was sat. With Teddy leading, we made our way up the massive metal staircase and onto the plane. Our seats were right at the back. After putting our cases away, we sat down. I was in the window, Teddy was next to me, and then on the next row sat our mothers. Teddy and I talked about what we were going to do when we got to New York and our favourite All Time Low songs until the plane took off. We went silent then.
The streets of New York were bustling with life and noise. Cars, buses, trucks and of course, yellow cabs were speeding along the roads, only stopping when the lights went red. The buildings towered above us as if they were watching down on the new arrivals. Men in suits walked along with briefcases in their hands, women in heels and beautiful dresses strolled along on the phone speaking in their amazing accents. Their were tourists too, taking photos of the skyscrapers, backpacks on their backs and sunglasses on their heads. The city was beautiful, and unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was nothing like London.
We had already checked into Hotel Pennsylvania and dropped our bags off. We were now taking a walk around, looking for a coffee shop. We were spoiled for choice. There seemed to be a Starbucks on every street corner. We went in and bought a coffee before heading back outside. We had decided to walk to Central Park. Tonks had a map in her hands and was figuring out which way to go. I was taking photographs on my muggle camera that I had got for my birthday last year. I loved taking photos, and this was the perfect opportunity. Teddy was looking around at the shops and buildings.

“Hey Y/N, look at that.”

I looked at what Teddy was pointing to. It was the top of the Statue of Liberty. I snapped a picture of it before we carried on walking.

Central Park was beautiful. The leaves on the trees seemed more green than the ones in London, and the people seemed happier. I could see why. How could anyone feel sad in a city like this? Teddy was talking to his mother about the concert. Every now and again I would remember where I was and have to pinch myself. We finished out coffees on one of the benches. Mine was simply delicious. It was an iced latte with a shot of vanilla, and it tasted like the coffee that the house elves made you at Hogwarts if you went down there in your pajamas in the middle of the night. Teddy had a hot chocolate along with Tonks, and my mum had a black coffee, like always. It was about four thirty by the time we were done with our exploring, and my mum said we should probably head back to the hotel and start getting ready for the concert. We ate dinner on the way. Traditional hot dogs in New York City. Everything seemed perfect to me.
Teddy and Tonks went into their room, and mum and I went into ours which was next door. I went over to my case and took out my outfit and my make up. I was just about to head into the bathroom when my mum stopped me.

“Y/N, I’m so happy that you get to spend some time with Teddy, but I need to ask you something.”
“Sure mum. What’s up?”
“Don’t get mad at me for asking this.”
“What is it mum?”
“Do you love Teddy as more than a friend?”
I was shocked. I didn’t think anyone had noticed, least of all my mother.
“Oh come on Y/N, i’ve seen the way you look at him, and the way you talk about him in your letters when you write to me during term time.”
“I need to go get ready.”

I went into the bathroom and slammed the door. How was everyone noticing this? First Harry and Ron, now my mother. I was angry but I didn’t know why. I started doing my makeup which helped me ti forget about everything for a while. I went for the full works, including winged eye liner. For once, I was happy with the way I looked. I let my hair fall around my shoulders in curls. As for my outfit, I went with ripped jeans with fishnets underneath, an All Time Low top, my Doc Martens, and my All Time Low bomber jacket. After spraying some perfume, I went back out into the room. Tonks and Teddy had arrived and were talking to my mum about the concert. Teddy looked the same as me except for the tights obviously, and he had blue hair, which looked amazing. He smiled when he saw that we had the same outfit on.

“You ready to go Y/N?”
“Hell yeah I am.”

My mother and Tonks smiled.

“Right,” Tonks started, “We’re not coming with you, but there’s still rules. Go straight to the venue that we walked past earlier, go straight inside when you get there, stay safe, don’t do drugs or drink, don’t get into a muggle’s van, and when it’s over, come straight back here where we’ll be waiting for you. Got it?”
“Yes mum.” Teddy said with a grin
“Good. Now go.”

Teddy and I didn’t need to be told twice. We walked out of the hotel room and to the elevator. I was so happy to be going to a concert with Teddy, and in New York! I still couldn’t quite believe it.
Not gonna miss you when you’re dead and gone
Not gonna talk about you over and over and over
Not gonna find you under latest nostalgia, not happily ever after
Not gonna listen ‘til you play that song (play that song)
Don’t wanna think about you over and over and over
Not gonna read about the latest fads on your trendy blog
I want nothin’ to do with that
'Cause you’ve made a mess of everything
(And I’m not listening)
You’re not a hero, you’re a liar
You’re not a savior, you’re a vampire
Sucking the life out of all the friends you’ve ever known
You’re just a train wreck, not a winner
Up on your soap box preaching down to the sinners
The saints without a cause, we’re not listening, we’re not listening

We were in the best place in the whole venue, even though we were standing. We were right at the front, and if we leaned far enough, we could touch the edge of the stage. The music was loud but that was a good thing. Every now and again I would jump on Teddy’s back and belt out the lyrics when one of my favourite songs came on. Teddy and I were still waiting for our all time favourite, The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver, to be played.

When we heard the first chords of Therapy, we both screamed. It was another of our favorites. Alex, the lead singer, told us to put our hands in the air and we did, singing along to the lyrics that were so true.

Give me therapy, I’m a walking travesty,
But I’m smiling at everything.
Therapy, you were never a friend to me,
And you can keep all your misery.

Teddy and I shouted our favourite line:

I’m flesh and bone, but I’m a rolling fucking stone.

When the song was over, everyone erupted in cheers that soon got louder when The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver started, especially us. It was our favourite song. I jumped up on Teddy’s back as we started singing.


“You'e the snake hidden in my daffodils when i’m picking flowers.”

I jumped down from Teddy’s back and turned to face him, both of us still singing. I smiled at him and made the leap. I kissed him like there was nobody else around us, and he kissed me back, letting the concert melt all around us. When we parted, we both laughed and carried on dancing and singing, although we both knew that we weren’t done.
The concert was over, and we were almost back at the hotel. W e knew how to get there surprisingly well. The whole walk back we talked about the concert and how amazing it was, but the one thing we didn’t talk about was the kiss.

“Teddy, we need to talk about the k-”
“No we don’t. I need to do this.”

And in the middle of New York City, Teddy kissed me. He didn’t care about the cars that were driving past or the muggles that walked around us, and neither did I. Without warning, Teddy pulled me up onto his back and started walking back to the hotel, causing me to laugh the whole way. We started belting out the lyrics to Guts, earning us some strange looks from the odd passer-by.

When we got back to the hotel room, our mothers were waiting for us. They had confused smiles on their faces when they saw me on Teddy’s back.

“How was the concert then?” My mum asked us.
“Fucking fantastic!” We said in unison
“Language!” She hissed
“Yeah yeah we know.”
“So it was good then?” Tonks said
“It was the experience of a lifetime and they played our song.”
“That’s good the.”
“Good?” I started. “It was bloody marvellous!”
It was raining when we arrived back at Grimmauld Place. Cold, icy sheets of rain were pouring from the sky, and it made me miss New York and the daily Starbucks I had gotten used to. My dad and Remus opened the door, and as soon as we got in, the bombarded us with hugs and questions about America and the muggles. Lily and Rose came running up and Teddy and I to give us hugs, as did Hermione and Ginny. I saw Harry and Ron smirk at Teddy, and I knew exactly what they were smirking about.

Once we were in dry pajamas and seated in the living room with mugs of tea, we began telling the stories of the concert and our adventures in New York. While Tonks and my mum were telling everyone about the restaurant they went to while we were at the concert, I looked at Teddy and whispered something to him so that nobody else would hear.

“Should we tell them about us?”
“I have a better idea.”

Teddy put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed me, despite our ENTIRE family being in the room. He tasted like tea and everything good in the world. Everyone stopped talking and I immediately felt their eyes boring into us. Ron and Harry cheered causing Teddy and I to break apart and blush.

“What the bloody hell?!” My dad shouted
“Teddy my boy, congratulations!” Remus said
“CONGRATULATIONS?!” My dad hissed

Everyone just laughed at him and his reaction, after all, it was rather funny. My dad looked at my mother and Tonks, and in all seriousness, he asked them:

“Did you let those two have sex in the hotel room.”

I picked up a pillow and threw it at him, causing more laughter.

“Of course we didn’t Sirius!” Tonks said through her giggles “We didn’t even know until just now. They did a good job at keeping it a secret.”
“Let’s just say this,” Teddy began “It was the best trip ever, and if the next was even half as good as this one, I would be more than happy to go back.”
“Me too.” I agreed, “Wonder when Fall Out Boy are touring again?”

Chez Nous

wordcount: 5204

genre: angst/fluff

warnings: swearing, anxiety, panic attack mention, if there’s anything else /please/ tell me

summary: He supposed he was luckier than most, what with a boyfriend halfway across town, but that didn’t make much of a difference when he was alone at midnight in a barren prison cell room. Yeah, there was laughter and Madonna down the hall, and Call of Duty explosions next door, but it felt like he was the only person left in the world. Just him and the hum of his laptop and the hum of the radiator and the hum of the city.

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The King’s Princess

Narry Version || Female POV

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Gold (Gabriel x Reader)

Request(s): Did someone say Gabriel requests?! I would love a gabe mate!one where they are the only ones to see their wings but only when there is like a connection made (emotional love sort of thing) and Gabe helps the reader out after a nightmare and when she wakes up she is under a dome of golden wings and its like that for weeks until she tells gabe how beautiful they are and like a fluff ending? Sorry if its long


Okay…. How about the reader is separated from her family and she keeps having nightmares about them dying in the worst possible ways. Sam and Dean have tried everything to help, but they can’t really, so they’ve giving up. They’re still there for her if she goes to them of course, and Cas has tried as well but nothing he tries works. Gabe staying in the bunker for like a few nights because of idk… And everyone sleeps through her screaming, but he hears her and you know, throw in some fluff..
Word count: 1608
Warnings: Nightmares, graphic descriptions of death.
A/N: Cover art and beta’ed by @pepperwoodatnight

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Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Mum!” you screamed. Someone was grabbing you from behind and holding you, stopping you from running to your mother. A vampire had her by her throat, and you saw every detail of her death. Her screams rung in your ears, the smell of guts and blood attacked your nostrils. You screamed for your life when the vampire drained your mother completely, and only then did the vampire let your mum go, and she fell to the ground with a thud.
(Y/N)!” Sam yelled when he shook you. You screamed and shot up from the bed in a second, Sam catching you in his strong arms. “(Y/N), talk to me, what was it this time?” he asked softly.
“V-vampire,” you stuttered and took a deep breath. You let Sam wrap his arms around you and stroke your back until you’d calmed down.

“NO! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” you shouted, but the werewolf didn’t listen, and all you could do was watch as it tore your father to shreds, and then your sister.
“Wake up, come on, sweetie,” Dean urged and shook you lightly. You sat up and looked around, covered in cold sweat. “Hey hey, take a breath, you’re okay…”

You weren’t okay. Never. Almost every day started with a cold shower and a heavy layer of concealer to cover up your dark circles that became more and more prominent for every nightmare. For weeks this had been going on. Sam tried to comfort you and talk about it, Dean tried to get you drunk at night to ease the dreams, and Cas tried working some mojo on you, but nothing ever helped.

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PROMPT: “My kid followed you out of the store because you’re wearing the same coat as me and they got confused” AU

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I know, I know, I promised this week’s (months) ago but I’m literal trash and have so busy but I hope you guys like it!! tw: abusive past relationship.

- Remus couldn’t stop smiling all day.

- Sirius had texted him first thing that morning, then continued throughout the day.

- It started off with Sirius wishing him a good morning and talking about last night.

- Then they started flirting, talking about what their first date would be like and how Sirius would definitely woo Remus with all the chocolates.

- Then they started sending silly joking messages that made Remus let out a breathy laugh each time.

- He could feel his stomach fluttering and his cheeks heat up everytime his phone buzzed in his pocket.

- Dora kept poking fun at him, but kind heartily.

- She was over the moon that Remus finally seemed to let someone into his life.

- He had a rough past when it came to relationships.

- He’d only ever been in one real relationship, and that ended badly.

- To be honest, the whole relationship was bad.

- Dora despised that man that Remus used to be with when they were 16.

- The way he used to treat Remus disgusted her.

- Fen was older than Remus by at least 5 years.

- At the beginning, Remus felt special that an older man wanted him.

- That was until 5 months into the relationship when the abuse started.

- It was a long three years when Remus was with Fenir Greyback.

- He tried to leave, but he couldn’t. 

- Fen had a hold over him that frightened everyone.

- Since the end of that relationship, he decided to never to get involved in another one.

- And that was over ten years ago.

- He had the odd fling now and then, but nothing note worthy.

- But since having Teddy, the flings had stopped.

- This Sirius person, however, seemed to be wonderful and really captured Remus’ affection.

- And for that, Dora will always be grateful to them.

- Teddy was sat on a cushion on the floor in the living room playing Batman Lego and chatting out loud to anyone that would listen.

- He couldn’t stop talking about how fantastic last night was playing with Harry and Padfoot and kept mithering about when they could go visit again.

- Sirius texted and asked Remus the exact same question.

- Remus was sat in the armchair watching Teddy play his game and holding his phone to his chest, awaiting the next reply.

- Dora walked into the room holding a brew for each of them.

- She placed Remus’ down on the table next to him and earned a “thanks love” in reply, though he didn’t look away from the TV screen.

- “Go out with them tonight, Remus.” She pushed.

- Remus looked up with a start.

- “Don’t you think it’s too soon though? I mean, we only met yesterday …” Remus fretted whilst picking at the edges of his phone case.

- “Does it feel like it’s too soon Remus? Honestly?” Dora placed her open palm on his shoulder. 

- “I think they really like you, and I think you really like them. You owe it to yourself to at least try.” 

- Remus was silent, but nodded slightly.

- Dora sighed heavily and dropped down into Remus lap.

- “You’re insufferable, Lupin,” she complained. 

- “Yeah, whatever Tonks,” he rolled his eyes and nudged her with his shoulder.

- She chuckled lightly and ran her fingers through his hair as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

- “You’re scared it’s going to be like last time, aren’t you?” She whispered so Teddy couldn’t hear.

- He had finally stopped chatting about Harry and Padfoot and was enthralled in his game.

- Remus bit the inside of his cheek and stared down at his phone.

- “I don’t want to loose myself again, Dora.” He confessed, “I have Teddy, you and Fleur. I don’t want to loose my independence and become solely reliant on them.”  

- He sighed heavily and leant around Dora to pick up his cup of tea and took a small sip.

- “Fen was nice at first, too.”

- “I know, love. But I think Sirius will be different. They already sound amazing.”

- They fell silent watching their son who was oblivious to the melancholy mood that had fallen over the room.

- The front door suddenly opened with a call of hellos.

- Teddy gasped and jumped up in cheer and ran towards the hallway.

- “It’s maman!” he chanted. 

- “Salut la famille!” Fleur smiled as she walked into the living room, Teddy attached to her hand, looking up to her in awe.

- When she saw Remus and Dora cuddled up on the arm chair, she threw her hand to her mouth with a comical gasp.

- “Unhand my femme, Monsieur Lupin!” She playfully scowled and pointed at him.

- “Never!” He wrapped his arms around Dora’s waist to keep her from moving who jokingly squirmed in his grasp to reach her wife.

- “Teddy! The terrible Pirate Monsieur Lupin has taken me hostage!” 

- Fleur fake gasped and bent down to Teddy’s level.

- “Theodore, whatever shall we do to recuse the fair maiden?!”  

- “I’ll save her, Maman! For Mummy!” He howled his battle cry and ran towards his Daddy.

- Remus chuckled and held his hands up in mock surrender.

- Dora quickly jumped up and over to Fleur and planted a sound kiss onto her lips.

- Teddy screamed with laughter and dived onto his Daddy, tickling his small fingers under his arms. 

- “Argh, ye got me, ye got me! I handed da booty!” He chuckled like a pirate, tickling Teddy’s sides in retaliation earning childish squeals in return.

- “How was your trip, love?” Remus smiled whilst manoeuvring Teddy into his side for a cuddle.

- Dora pulled Fleur over to the sofa on the wall near the chair and wrapped herself around her.

- “It went well,” she smiled, settling herself against Dora’s shoulder, “anything exciting happen whilst I was away?”

- Remus blushed slightly whilst Dora beamed.

- “I made new friends, maman!” Teddy pushed out his chest with pride.

- “And also ran away from Daddy whilst at the supermarket, didn’t you mister?” Remus furrowed his eyebrows with a mischievous smirk.

- Teddy bit his lip with a shame face.

- “Teddy.” Fleur scolded.

- “But, that’s how I met Harry and Padfoot, Maman!” He whined.

- “Ooh, Harry and Padfoot? Is that your friends dog?” She smiled with genuine interest.

- Remus barked with laughter whilst Dora giggled into Fleur’s neck. 

- Fleur furrowed her perfect brows with confusion.

- “No,” Teddy said as-a-matter-of-factly, “Padfoot is Harrys God-Daddy! He’s is Daddy best friend and his Papa’s brother, Harry told me!”

- “Yeah, and Remus and Teddy went over for a play DATE yesterday, didn’t you?” She winked at Fleur, hoping she’d pick up on her meaning.

- Which of course she did if her bright smile aimed at Remus was anything to go by.

- Remus blushed even harder than before and sunk a little lower in the chair, jolting Teddy on the way.

- “Yeah, and it was soooo much fun! Daddy made hotpot!” Teddy patted Remus on the head in a loving gesture. 

- “Oh, hotpot,” She groaned, “what I wouldn’t do for some of your famous hotpot, Remus. I haven’t eat properly all day!” 

- “There’s some left in the fridge that I can warm up for you, Fleur,” he smiled, standing to his feet whilst picking Teddy up and putting him down in between his Mum’s. 

- He quickly placed a kiss to Fleur’s cheek and walked in to the kitchen.

- “I saw Daddy and Padfoot nearly kiss yesterday, maman!” Teddy whispered when his Dad left the room.

- “Really?” She cooed, her eyes shifting to Dora’s. “Do we approve?”

- Dora shrugged, cuddling Teddy tighter to them.

- “I haven’t met them yet, but they sound lovely. Remus looks positivity smitten today, and Teddy likes them, don’t you?”

- “Yeah, they’re cool.” Which was high praise from him.

- “Their name is actually Sirius, apparently Padfoot is a nickname but, yeah. They sound like they really like Remus, keeps asking to go on a date with him.”

- She heavily sighed and picked at a pick of fluff stuck in Teddy’s hair.

- “But you know what your Daddy’s like, don’t you pal?”

- Teddy nodded. 

- “But I think he should date them. I don’t like him being lonely.” 

- Fleur’s face fell. 

- “Your Daddy isn’t lonely, bébé. He has you! And us.” She caressed his cheek.

- Teddy sighed dramatically, leaning into her palm.

- “I knows, but what about when we go back to our house? Daddy’s on his own thens. He must get a little sad.”

- Dora lifted up her head at that. She hadn’t thought about that before.

- “Well, why don’t we go and set a little date up for Daddy with Padfoot then, hey?” She winked with mischief. “It’s got to be a secret okay? Can’t tell Daddy. It’s a surprise!” 

- “Yeah!” He cheered loudly, then slapped his little hand to his mouth.

- “Yeah” he whispered again, earning a giggle from his mum’s.

- “Come on then you. Let’s go see Sirius. Fleur-”

- “I know, I know, I’m distraction.” She winked, kissing both of their cheeks and walking into the kitchen after Remus.

- Dora gave herself a second to stare lovingly after her beautiful wife, before jumping off the sofa with Teddy in hand.

- They quietly snuck out of the front door and ran over to Sirius’ house next door, both of them tripping up over the step to knock on the door.

- The door open slightly where a person with a furrow eyebrow stood.

- “Oh hello again Teddy, you must be his mum.” They said, flinging their door open wider with a larger smile.

- “Wotcher Sirius!” Dora beamed, “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Tonks. Remus and Teddy haven’t stopped talking about you all day.” 

- Sirius blushed prettily and ran their hand through the back of their hair.

- “O-oh, really? I hope they said only good things,” they bit their lip with a smirk. “Please, come in.“

- “Of course,” she winked and stepped over the threshold. “You’ve a lovely home.” 

- “Thanks.” He smiled brightly.

- “Anyway, I’m here to ask if you have any plans for the evening? Remus would love to go on a date with you, but he’s a little shy, bless him.”

- “Oh,” Sirius sighed a little, “are you sure it’s just being shy, and not the fact he just doesn’t … you know, want to? Go out with me, I mean?” They shifted a little awkwardly.

- “Definitely not!” Dora rushed. 

- With a quick look down to Teddy, she turned back to Sirius to whisper.

- “It’s not my place to say, but Remus hasn’t had good … experience when it comes to relationships or anything.”

- Sirius nodded and listened intently to her.

- “Do you think he would want to try? With me?” They seemed uncertain.

- “I think if he were ever to try, it would be with you.” She beamed. “He’s smitten for you.”

- “Yeah! His face keeps going all red when you text, like this,” Teddy rubbed his hands on his cheeks very fast so when he pulled away, they were red raw.

- Sirius chuckled.

- “Is that so? Well then, in that case.” They winked.

- “Brilliant! Say 7pm pop over to pick him up? I’ll make sure he’s ready. He likes Indian food.” Dora smiled.

- “I’ll be there. Thank you, Tonks.” 

- “Just make sure you treat my baby Daddy right, okay? I know where you live” She grinned.

- “I promise.” 

- Dora walked towards the front door, Teddy holding her hand again.

- She stopped with a jolt and turned back.

- “Wait a minute, Sirius … Sirius …” She mumbled to herself. “Is your last name Black?” Her eyebrows furrowed.

- “Erm … yes?”

- “Holy shit.” Her eyes widened.

- “Mummy! That’s a bad word!” Teddy scolded.

- “What?” She confusingly turned away from Sirius to her son, then back again, “Oh, yes, sorry, sorry Teddy you’re right, I meant shoot.”  

- Sirius sighed heavily with a dejected look.

- “I guess you just realised who I am and want me to stay away from Remus, right?“

- "No, it’s just-”

-“It’s okay. I get it. Its because I’m the elusive ex-heir of the Ancient and -”

- “-Nobel house of Black.” Dora unconsciously finished. “Yeah … this is going to sound crazy but … we’re cousins.”

- “What?” Sirius and Teddy both said in unison.

- “I’m Andromeda’s daughter.” 

- Sirius’ eyes grew twice their size.

- “Nymphadora?”

Tiny cliffhangerrrrrr, I hope you liked it! Sorry it took so long, don’t hate me

Jack Maynard Imagine - No other man.

There was a little something in Jack you always found amusing. Maybe it was the looks he gave you when he thought you weren’t looking, or the protective arm he put around you when there were too many people in the club, so you wouldn’t get pushed aside. He had always been more than a brother to you, more than a friend. But now, as you pulled your hair up in a messy ponytail, adjusting your rather tight cocktail dress after doing so, you weren’t so sure.

You had known Jack for two years now, and your friendship had been always on the public eye. Your fans went crazy when you collaborated in a video, or when you posted a selfie with each another. Jeez, even your own mum went crazy. However, not a single move had been made in 730 days, and you weren’t willing to let the single life hit you. The truth was, you had never had a boyfriend before, and you were terrified. Jack knew about this, so did Josh and Conor, and it was the reason they were all so protective when it came to guys approaching you, specially Josh.

Your childhood hadn’t been easy. You grew up in a fairly messed up home, where your dad used to come back home late and drunk, or so your mum told you many years later. He’d hit your mum, then scream at her for hours. You were nearly 3 years old, so luckily you didn’t remember much of it now. The only lucid memory you had was your dad pushing you down harshly until you loudly hit the floor, before he exited off and never saw him ever again.

You mum met a new guy two years later, a man who loved both her and you, as if you were his own child. That man was Michael, your mum’s actual boyfriend who you proudly called Pap: he had taught your mum that love was still possible. As in for you, it hadn’t been the case.

All your life you had feared boys, scared that they’d turn into your father sooner or later. You had curved them as if paper balls were being thrown at you. Then you met Jack, someone who was sensible enough to listen to all your problems without judging, and a little too hot as well. And warm, and cozy. But seeing the amount of girls he had brought home for the past two years, you didn’t think his affection for you trespassed the friendship line. And you were okay with it, really, as long as you could find someone you could get as comfortable with.

“Hi, Y/N” the man in front of you stood up and planted a polite kiss on your cheek. His name was Dave. You had met him through Tinder, on your very first attempt to actually make an effort to meet new guys. He had seemed quite normal, or so you had thought “You look wonderful tonight” he smirked.

“Thanks, you too” you didn’t really know how to behave. Your only boy friends were the guys from the Buttercream Squad, as they called themselves, and you certainly weren’t going to behave around Dave the way you behaved around them. Under any circumstances, at least not on the first date.

You talked for a while as you calmed down. Your phone was on your lap, so you could take a look at it every now and then. You knew it was rude, but the guy who was texting you every five minutes would’ve broken out in a nervous crisis if you hadn’t answered his texts.

‘How’s he like? Is he good looking? Good manners? Smells good? Touches you in any way I should know of? I’m literally 10 minutes away, I can go and kill him in 15’

You mentally rolled your eyes at Jack. He had been concerned about you going on this date, so had Josh. He knew about your past, and he wanted nothing more than for you to be alright.

“I kinda have a feeling, like you should not go on that date” he had told you a few hours before, when you were hanging out at his place.

You rolled your eyes again as you picked up the popcorn bowl from the table “I don’t care what you think, Jack” you said, grabbing a handful “I’m going and that’s it. If I don’t feel comfortable I’ll just leave”

“Yeah, okay, but what if that guy is a creep?” Jack took your bowl and put it aside so you would pay attention to him.

You gave him a death glare as you pointed at your popcorn “You have no legal rights to take that away from me” you half joked. You weren’t in the mood for fights over your love life, when you had never even mentioned him the silly amount of girls he had brought home.

“Y/N, I’m serious” he said, and the look on his face didn’t tell otherwise “I’m literally ten minutes away from where you’re going”

“No you’re not”

“Yes, I am” he insisted, even though you both knew it was at least 20 “If I run” he clarified, and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes and smile at his comment. He was so cute when he wanted “Just text me and I’ll be there, ready to break some jaws”

But there you were, feeling more comfortable than you thought you could ever feel with a total stranger. You had both finished your meals when you realized a little less than two hours had passed, and you already knew so much about Dave: his brother who was living in Australia, his two dogs, his degree as a state lawyer, his zodiac sign. You found yourself full of hope again, and happy.

As you exited the restaurant, he held your hand, and you stiffened for a moment. However, when you saw the smile on his face, warm and sincere, you relaxed “Let’s go have some drinks” he said, and you frowned, as you realized the nearest club was at least half an hour away.

“Where to?” You asked.

“My place will do?” He asked, although you knew it was one of those questions you made out of politeness, but in fact you had already decided. A very small part of you that was feeling dangerously brave that night wanted to go, but your common sense told you to back off. But your feet kept walking and following him.

He lived a few minutes away, on a 2-bedroom-apartment he didn’t share with anyone. As he closed the door, you felt trapped. You looked around and tried to relax, breathing in and out as your mother had taught you. He motioned for you to sit on the sofa, and he soon followed you with two wine glasses and a wine bottle.

He started talking again, and you nodded as the sound of his voice became more and more distant. All you could think about was how long it would take Jack to get there, if he ran.

It was almost 11 pm when you decided it was time to call it a night. You didn’t really needed to get up early the next morning, but your stiffness hadn’t calmed down as much as you had wanted, and you felt like you had had enough.

“I think it’s time I go home” you said, carefully standing up so you wouldn’t flash him anything you wouldn’t want to. He followed suit “It’s been a lovely night, Dave”

He smiled, and leaned in to give you a kiss, but you turned your head as his lips pressed your cheek “Thanks” you quickly said before grabbing your purse and heading for the exit. Your body was finally feeling relaxed again when you felt a strong hand on your arm.

You turned around to see Dave with a smirk on his face “Hey, it’s fairly late, isn’t it? Why don’t you stay the night?” He asked, and suddenly the sand castle you had created around his persona got destroyed by the waves. Another castle, once more.

“No” you said, firmly, but he didn’t let go of you.

“Come on, I know you want to” he insisted “Don’t play hard to get, love, I don’t really like games”

You made a quick move to release your arm from his grip, as you other hand reached the doorknob. How could you have been so stupid? A boy, actually not using you for sex? Where? When? How? “Don’t ever contact me again or I’ll call the police” you almost shouted, and before looking at his face again, you shut the door and ran out of the building.

Once outside, you didn’t stop running. You were keen to find out whether it took 10 minutes to get to Jack’s or not.


After knocking at the door, you mentally slapped yourself for thinking someone would be up that late. Then, you remembered it was Jack, Josh and Conor. A few seconds later, Jack opened the door, surprised to see you on his doorway.

“Hey, sweet cheeks, what are you doing here?” He asked you, his eyes revealing that he had been in bed already, and probably sleeping. You felt a bit bad.

“Can I come in?” You asked, not caring anymore if your dress was too short for the public eye as you helped yourself inside. You just wanted a shoulder to cry on.

Jack closed the door before slowly turning at you “If that bastard laid a hand on you, I swear to god” he spoke.

“He didn’t” you quickly said. The last thing you wanted was for Jack to get angry and punch another hole on the wall “Because I got up and left. He wanted me to spend the night with him”

Jack let out a loud sigh, and leaned on the counter as his hand ran across his hair. He was shirtless, which gave you the opportunity to stare at his bare chest for a few moments and realize that he’d been working out. Why, and since when? He stayed in silence for a few seconds, then sighed again and walked towards you, his arms open wide to give you a hug.

You melted into his chest like you always did, wrapping your arms around his torso “That’s my girl” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. You closed your eyes as he ran a hand through your already oh-so-tight dress, but you couldn’t care less. Jack was the only man who could touch you like that, only because you trusted him with all your soul. You feared you’d never find someone like him, and it was destroying you inside.

“Jack?” you mumbled, looking up at his face. He was looking down at you, sweetness in his eyes once more. You loved the sweet side of him he rarely portrayed on his videos, or even in real life. But if you were observant, you could see he was in fact a ball of cotton who just wanted a little love, but was afraid to ask.

“Yes, little one” he always called you that, even though you were just a little less than a year younger than him. He said it was because you were much shorter than him, and you always teased him back about how short he was himself. ‘There are other things on my body that are long enough’ he joked, and you always rolled your eyes.

But then it hit you that you actually needed to tell him something “I…” you started, not sure of what to say next “I really don’t want a boyfriend like, ever” you stated, and you actually felt like that was your destiny. Were all the men pigs? Fine, no men for you.

He chuckled, making you smile at the sight of his smiling face. He still had his nose piercing on, which was a major turn on “Don’t say that” he said “Not everyone’s the same. You’re just not…so lucky”

“I’ve been lucky with you” you said before you could stop yourself. He grinned again, looking away from you this time.

He didn’t say anything for a while, holding you in the darkness of the living room. You wondered if Josh and Conor were in their bedrooms, but to be fair they were probably out. Then, he finally spoke, and it left you shook “I’m no good for you, Y/N” he said in a really low voice, still not looking at you.

Your heart skipped a beat “Why do you think that?” You asked innocently.

Pause “I’m afraid I’d hurt you” he said in the same voice again “And you deserve someone who can take care of you, because you’re amazing and I…”

“Jack” you interrupted him, lifting your fingers to his face so you could turn his head to make him look at you. His eyes were sad “You’re literally the only guy I’m 100% comfortable with” you spoke truthfully “I don’t know why, but you make me feel good, happy, confident” he licked his lips, and your legs weakened “Do you really believe I can find someone who’ll take better care of me, than you do?” You asked him, looking directly at his eyes. Now your hand was stroking his cheek, making him lean against it.

Eventually he shook his head “I don’t want to hurt you” he whispered, then kissed your hand, so tiny compared to his face.

“You’re only hurting me if you behave like this, Jack” you said.

He closed his eyes, leaning against your touch. You would’ve given all the gold in the world to know what was going through his mind, or to know why he thought he wasn’t good for you, when in fact he was the one. He opened his eyes again, and straight up looked directly at yours.

“All this time I’ve been sleeping around with random girls so I could get the idea of you out of my head” he confessed as your heart did that thing again “I thought it would work, but when the morning came, to say that I felt horrible would be an understatement. You’ve been my friend for two years now, and I’ve never met a girl who I’d laugh so much with, or have so many things in common, or whom I’d let borrow my tee shirts because I thought she looked adorable in them” You couldn’t help but smile.

“I was scared because I knew your background, and I knew mine. I knew that I would never, ever, physically hurt you. But emotionally, let’s say I’m not the best. Believe it or not, I’ve talked to Conor about this, and I felt bad when you told me you were going out with that guy today. He knows about it. Because, even though I know you deserve better, I also know that there will not be a guy who could treat you better than I do, or love you as much as I do”

Goosebumps were all over your skin as you found yourself leaning in, your arms tightly around his neck. His lips were soft, warm, and cozy, just like his arms. He was moving them so slowly, yet so sensually, you thought you were going insane. And you found out, as your legs wrapped against his waist, that you might as well be crazy.

With your lips still locked, his tongue working its way into your mouth, you felt the softness of his mattress behind your back. You tensed. He broke the kiss and looked at your eyes “Tonight, I’m gonna cuddle the fuck out of you” he whispered, making you chuckle out loud. He laughed as well, lying himself next to you.

“You’re such an idiot” you smiled, kissing him again “And by the way, what you said was truly beautiful. Thanks, Jack”

“Hey, I didn’t say anything I didn’t feel” he said, putting a hand up as if he were swearing.

“But really, I don’t think you don’t deserve me” you said.

His hand went through his hair again “I love you, Y/N, okay? And I’m gonna try to make you the happiest woman on earth. I don’t know how, but I will”

You smiled, wrapping your legs around his “You already do”

Your lips locked into a passionate kiss again, his hands never leaving your back, yours never leaving his hair “I’ll take care of you, alright?” He whispered, bringing your foreheads together “Even if it’s the last thing I do”

“Have some empathy“

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Words: 2,245

Originally posted by joshdunfuckme

You aren‘t very fond of kids to begin with, but being the friendly person, that you are, you agreed to take care of your neighbour‘s son. Within the first ten minutes of babysitting the little obnoxious boy, you quickly start to regret that decision. The preschooler is making your attempt at being a good neighbour harder than you‘ve imagined. He‘s really talkative, especially when it comes to asking questions including ‘how‘ or ‘why‘. His imagination is evenly extremely active, judging by how he naturally told you about his imaginary friend. He‘s fully capable of fulfilling most of his needs, but chooses not to because he prefers to boss you around in a quiet disrespectful tone. The kid seems to be very spoiled by his parents and used to get everything he wants, which in your opinion sounds like terrible way to raise a child. Going after their wishes every now and then is totally acceptable, but acting like their personal assistant is not. They need to start learning their boundaries within their first years.

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The King’s Princess

Female POV || Narry Version

“Daddy, can we get ice cream on our way home?” The soft voice of Niall’s almost five-year-old daughter was quiet but completely audible to his trained ear. He glances over at her, trying to not smile at her eyes doing the best puppy dog pout.

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Huntress- Part Two: Family Reunion

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E2, so (duh) warning: SPOILERS

Part One
This is going to be a series I write over the course of Season 12 using the episode plot lines to mix on with my own ideas. This parts particularly long btw I got a tad carried away

Wincing, you turned your head in attempt to look away from the sight but your eyes wouldn’t leave his mangled body. Sam Winchester, your Dad was screaming in pain.
You’d only just met him, but in this situation that didn’t matter. It could of been a complete stranger sat in that chair, in some ways it was, but you still wanted them to be okay. You didn’t want to see anyone else get hurt.

 They dragged a blade down his chest, tracing the rips on his shirt. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, throwing his head back and breathing heavily.
Crimson trickled down him from all the wounds they’d abused onto his body.

Control the pain’ Your Mum’s words ran through your brain as you continued to stare in disgust. You willed him on silently, wanting him to stay as strong as he had so far. What was it Ms Watt had said? “No one can withstand that much pain and not break.”.

You swallowed nervously when Toni paused. It was always more worrying when they’d stopped. The Men Of Letters were unpredictable, if nothing else. She smirked and looked between the pair of you. “Let’s see how much family means to you, shall we?” She declared softly, lifting your Dad’s chin with the tip of the blade before wiping it’s bloody sides on his ripped shirt dyed with blood.

She strode over to you as confident as ever. Your wide eyes watch her.
Her hand hit your face. Just once. One clean hit.
“That’s for getting me into this mess” She hissed as though she wasn’t sure whether she should have sad it. “I don’t like getting my hands dirty.” 

You smile politely “And yet here you are.”

“You’d be dead if it weren’t for my orders.”

“Since when do you follow your orders?!” You argue. It came out more loudly and angrily than you’d expected it to.

She smiled coldly before grabbing your forearm, clearly you’d hit a mark. You grunt in pain as her thumb slowly sank into the stitches she’d given you last week from the bullet wound. Her finger nail dug through the wound as remnants of blood trickled down your arm. Painfully slow, she continued until she reached the bone. You screamed in pain and shut your eyes.


“How about now, Sam?” She called over your gasps, tilting her head in his direction but her eyes never left where she applied the agonising pressure.

Control the pain.

You weren’t looking at him but you knew he still wouldn’t say..and rightfully so. You shook your head just to make sure, to reassure him you were on board with it. 

“I wonder how far we can go. Tell me, would you let her die?”

“Leave her alone.” He growled.

Blood and puss spilled out and along your arm. Toni wiped her hand on a flannel by the sink in the room. “I suggest you prepare yourself. What was it your Mother always said? Control the pain.” She grinned, as if amused by your Mum’s words. As if she knew just how much you wouldn’t be able to

“Believe me I’m trying.” You mumble, catching your breath back and staring down at the broken threads. 

“Hey, are you okay?” You Dad asked form the chair he’d been re-tied to. He’d definitely taken the worst of it today. He had done since he’d arrived. And still he wanted to know if you were okay? Of course you were, anyone would be compared to what pain they were putting him through!

You nodded weakly, staring bleakly at the wound she’d opened up again. Returning his concern, you managed a “You?” 

You didn’t see him smile lightly at this. “Yeah.”

“I’m sorry.” You sigh, leaning against the harsh uneven stones behind you.
“It’s not your fault.” He sounded almost amused by the idea. What could a kid have done to make all this happen? 
If only he knew.
“It kind of is…the only reason they’re interested in you is because of me…” You paused, racking your brain before adding “well, and the whole apocalypse thing.”
He chuckled. Despite everything- he chuckled.
”Not that you’re the only one’s to save the world.” You note.
”Seriously?” He sounded curious. Interested in what you had to say- a first for you. It was strange, to be having something close to a conversation in such a position. Tied up. Chained down. And yet talking.
“Seriously, America isn’t the only place in the world you know. Last known apocalypse threat was in Norway.”
“Right, of course.” He nodded, going along with it.

The room fell silent as you watched the sun rise slowly from the cracks in the barricaded doors. It wasn’t too uncomfortable. Just quiet. Neither of you wanted to say or ask much with the cameras recording it all. You knew he had questions, your Mum always told you how you got your never dying curiosity from your father. Hell, you had questions too but what could you possibly ask? Where to start? 
You hoped he would. for you.

“Look, there’s no easy way to ask this, but…did they…did they…kill your Mom?” He asked, his American accent now more dominant than before.

“…Yeah,” You nod, looking up at him for once “If you step out of line they’re not very forgiving.” You sighed.

“I’m sorry-“ He paused but it still sounded as though he had more to say when the door swung open. Your heads turned to see Toni back, she had that mischievous look to her and you didn’t like it one bit.

“Oh go screw yourself.” Sam spat, making you smirk a little.
“Three Winchesters in one room, it must be my lucky day.” 


She dragged in a tall man, his arms chained much like yours only unattached to the wall. He had a leather jacket, shorter hair and loose jeans complete with combats. A Hunter for sure. Flecks of dirt where speckled across his sweating brow and grass-stains smudged his jeans at the knees where the denim had faded.

“Dean?” Your Dad’s face went ashen. You frowned for a second in thought.
“I’m just as pleased to see him as you are.” She dragged him down the steps and connected his chains to the ceiling.
His face was plastered with anger and regret. No doubt regretting his previous actions.
He’d probably landed on the mark just outside the trapdoors. They teleported trespassers in- which would have been nice to know before you’d planned your escape last week. You were originally on the chair in the room, but after that attempt- which, mind you,would have worked if it weren’t for that teleportation symbol- they chained you up.

You look up at the open door, eyeing a possible escape route before turning your attention back to the man: ‘Dean’.

“I thought you were dead.” Sam looked so relieved you would have thought he’d been released.
“I’m not sure that I’m not” His green eyes fell on you but you were already observing him “Who’s the kid?”

You snort quietly: ‘Kid.’

“That’s uh…my uh…daughter.”

You looked away when Dean stared back at you. You hadn’t noticed Toni getting out a new instrument of torture until now. 

Dean’s face fell to a confused and shocked frown as he looked at you.
“How long was I gone?” Dean joked, busying himself with comedy as he struggled to take it in.
“Not that this isn’t a beautiful family reunion or anything, but I‘d love to get back to the main point here.” Toni smiled, her sinister eyes watching the three of you. “Did you know, Dean. Bodies have certain pressure points of intense pain when prodded. There’s the earlobe, under the belt of course, and my personal favourite: just under the eyelid-”

You gave up listening to her ramble on when you heard the quietest of footsteps. You turn your eyes toward the doorway at the top of the steps and see the shadow of someone. The silhouette was perfectly still and armed with a gun.  You tried to rack through names in your mind to figure out who this was but no one made any sense. It couldn’t be Mick could it? The shadow jolted into motion and swung so they were on their side. This time you could see the body. It was a female, dirty blond hair and angry eyes. She wore a jacket over a t-shirt, jeans, and brown boots. And she was staring directly at you. 

You looked back over to Toni who continuing to talk, prod, and demand answers- oblivious. You looked back at the woman and nodded.

She nodded back before cocking her gun and holding it up to the back of Toni’s head. “Get away from my boys.” She spoke coldly and firmly.
Toni turned to face the woman. “Drop it.” She moved her gun to point at the metal rod and then back to her face.

Toni did.

“…Mom?” Your Dad stared in shock at this rescuer. 
“Yeah, I know.” Dean nodded, smirking at his brother.

Toni continued to stare.
The woman stepped forward and kicked her to the floor. “That’s the ground.”
Never lowering her firearm, she stepped backwards and found the keys to your chains. She glanced over to you, as if considering whether she could in fact trust you or not. Without any more hesitation, she tossed them to you and you caught them despite the chains. You unlocked your left, then your right, the cold metal finally falling away from your wrists.

You jumped to your feet, instantly into fight-mode.
Careful to avoid the radius Toni could reach, you stepped around her and unlocked the chains so Dean was free. As you pressed the key into the lock you heard the shouts of the women. A gunshot. Another shout. Punches. A kick.
You tried to drown out the distractions, there could be a gun aimed directly at the back of your head for all you knew at that moment. A millisecond away from death. But you had to free them before you could worry about yourself.
Finally, the chain’s unlocked and you caught a “..Thanks, Kid…” as he raced to join the fight, his hand patting your shoulder for a second as he rushed past. You avoided them and grabbed a knife from the table in the corner to cut your Father free.

Just as expected, Dean and the lady had the upper hand…but Toni slit the palm of her hand with the metal and suddenly the lady fell to the floor. She clasped her hands round her throat and gasped for air. “Stop the spell.” Dean practically screamed.
“If you kill me, you die with her.” Toni smirked, manipulation was something she enjoyed a little too much.
You shook your head, knowing the truth and strode over to Toni, knife still in hand. She watched you, her face becoming more and more worried as you neared. You ignored Dean’s warnings for you to stay back. A small smile crept on your face and only one thought was on your mind: revenge. 

Raising the blade, you stabbed it straight through her palm and into the wall behind her- preventing her from moving any closer. She screamed in pain and thrashed her free hand out to try and punch you. You blocked with ease, twisting her hand round until a small crack sounded. She screamed once more.
Revenge? Tick.

“Oi! Leave her” A London accent filled the room. You noted the point of authority he used to hold over you and you shook your head in disbelief before turning round and glaring at him. “Alright.” You greet coldly. 
You step back from Toni at your own accord. Hovering between joining your Father and remaining solo.
You didn’t notice your Dad step towards you.

Mick looked at you with disappointment. He had the audacity to look down at you as iif they were your orders to ignore or as if it was your mission to fail.  He walked over to Toni, pulling your blade from her hand. She cried out. “You had specific orders, Bevell,”
He wiped the blade and set it back down on the table before turning to face your Father, his brother, and his Mother. “I’m sorry about Bevell, Lads. I really am. She’ll be dealt with back in London, trust me.”
You wondered if he meant that or not. You wondered if you could ever trust him again. 

You wondered if you’d ever get the chance.

“And Sam, Y/N’s your problem now. I don’t particularity give a damn whether you want her or not but she’s not use to us anymore…” You look down at this, you’d thought maybe he meant what he’d told you before. Apparently not. 
You were just another tool to gain America’s trust. 

The rest of what he said was what you’d heard him practice a thousand times. You could have listened, but what was the point? You’d learnt the entire speech at this point. You could recite it for him if he was that desperate. But, something told you he wasn’t.

The one thing you’d failed to notice thus far was a stiff figure stood close to Dean. He had a long tan-coloured trenchcoat, white shirt, and blue tie. He looked strangely formal- it suited him.
You looked at the man, who was watching Mick with a small frown on his face. 
Who was he? And why didn’t he look quite right? There was something slightly odd about him that made him different from the rest of you…but what?

When Mike had finished his proposal and left you felt the room fall to silence. How many eyes were on you?
Sighing, you make your way over to the table and open up the draw. Maybe they’d left it behind for you.

“So she’s your…kid?” Dean asked, clearly not picking up on the fact that you didn’t appreciate the use of the word.
“..Uh, yeah. Her Mum was uh, before I met Jess. I had no idea…” Your Dad said what anyone would have said. About how shocked they were to have found out. But you were to busy rummaging through the draws to find it.
Despite the tense atmosphere, you smiled to yourself when you saw it- your Mum’s pistol. She’d left it to you and it was the one thing the Men Of Letters respected as rightfully yours, no questions asked. You checked the ammo to make sure none had been used before tucking it in your jacket and finally looking up.

As suspected, four pairs of curious eyes were on you. You shifted awkwardly, unable to stare back any longer.
“We should get going.” The man who you still didn’t know declared. His voice was deep and gruff, but sympathetic also. 
You were too tired to question anything.
“Yeah, come on.” Dean nodded, steering past you to the stairs and open doorway. The Lady followed. The man in the trench-coat was next. Then your Father.
But unlike the others, your Dad stopped in the doorway.
“You coming?” He asked, smiling encouragingly.
You were taken back by this. After everything, all the vague pieces of information Mick and Toni offered and their obvious associations with you and yet he still wanted you.

“You mean…you actually want me to come?” You ask quietly, finally understanding the feeling of being wanted. A man who you barely new was willing to accept you into his household. Hell, you were even from different countries.
“Y/N,” He took in a deep breath, this was the first time he’d said your name “You’re my daughter..” He stepped down so he was closer to you “Of course I do.”
He tilted his head back slightly to gesture you out of the room “Come on then, let’s go.” His arm loosely held your back as he gently took you away from the room.  

Huntress- P3: I Have To Go

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Issues - Part Eleven


Negan x you
When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.
Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  
Word count- 2,456

Read Previous parts- HERE

Part Eleven

The sea air blew my hair as the sun warmed my skin.

God I loved it here.

I could hear Mum laughing as she threw some stale bread at the seagulls. She was happy here.

Bang Bang Bang

What was that?

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Originally posted by bodylikeacity

Kinemortophobic: adj. fear of the living dead, or zombies. 

Zombie Apocalypse au - Chapter 1

Word count: 1,854

Dean x Reader - Angst

This was it this was the end. You thought you could survive but now you weren’t so sure, running for you life as a hoard of zombies followed close behind. 

The adrenaline rushed through your body as your legs took you down streets you had never explored; too far from the place, you called home.

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Scars - Chapter 11

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,961

Chapters: 10 , 12


“(Y/N), PLEASE! Just let me see her”, Yoongi begged, trapping his for between the door as i tried to close it, “no-”, “sweetie let him in”, my mother said as she walked up to me, “i know he’s done you wrong, but he has every right to see his child”. I stared at my mother, my father was also in view, he was shaking his head.

“(y/n)…”, I listened to my mother and let go off the door, “thank you”, Yoongi said as he entered the house, “mum, can you take him to the living room”, she nodded and turned to Yoongi smiling as she led him to the room. I walked into the kitchen, knowing exactly what was coming, “are you stupid?!”, my dad raised his voice, i just went to pick up Kaia who was getting excited, “after what he’s done and put you through you’re just going to let him walk in an-”, “dad, could you just…just please…”, my voice broke at the end. It was already enough seeing Yoongi, i did not need my dad screaming at me either. My father stopped and sighed, before pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead. Once he let go, he left to go upstairs, as i walked, Jungkook followed me to the living room, incase he was needed.

My mother was sat down with Yoongi on the sofa, talking to him as she waited for us, dad would get angry if he saw her, but i couldn’t, it was just natural for my mother. “Ah, there they are”, she said once she saw us, standing up to leave, “Jungkook…”, she said signaling for him to leave, he was going to say something, but i nodded my head and with that both of them left. I sat down where my mother previously was and handed Kaia over to Yoongi, “hey princess”, he said as he held her up, she made her baby noises in response, “i missed you so, so, so much”, he began placing kissed all over Kaia tiny face, she began squealing and holding his face. It was a heartwarming sight, but at the same time i wanted to stop the moment. I would end up walking straight back into his arms after everything and i couldn’t do that.

“I’ll take her back now”, i reached over to get Kaia, but he moved her away, “(y/n)…”, his eyes were soft, “i can’t do this anymore, i can’t stand being away from you two”, “Yoon-”, he interrupted me, “no (y/n), listen it fucking kills me knowing that you two aren’t at home, not knowing where you are, if you’re safe. I’m not telling you to forgive me, i-i just want you to come home, so i know you’re safe”. “We are safe here, with my parents”, he sighed loudly, “just please (y/n), at least think about it”, after a few seconds of contemplating i slowly nodded.

“Here”, he carefully passed Kaia to me, she was falling asleep, “night Kaia”, he whispered, kissing her forehead, he then moved and kissed mine, “i love you”, he whispered against my forehead, “i-i love you too”, i knew Yoongi was slightly surprised that i said it back, but it was one thing i could never deny.

Yoongi soon left after, the second i closed the door my dad came rushing down the stairs, “what did he want?”, he questioned, “he just wanted to see Kaia”, i walked passed him into the living room to put a now sleeping Kaia down, as i walked i quietly told him what else he wanted.

“He what?!”, he practically shouted, “dad hush, Kaia…”, he instantly apologised for being too loud, but soon continued with what he was going to say, “so he wanted you and Kaia to go back to him?”, “well yeah, to live with him again…and before you start making your comments, i am thinking about it”. It took a while for my dad to comprehend what i said, he didn’t speak till my mother came back in the room, “that daughter of yours…”, he said and laughed emotionlessly, before leaving the room.

I did understand why my dad was annoyed, but i have to think about what’s best for Kaia rather than myself. My mother took me and Kaia to the kitchen, i sat down as she made the two of us tea and warmed up Kaias bottle. She sat down once she was done, “sweetie, are you going to go?”, I sighed, “mum, i honestly have no idea, please help me”, my eyes began watering, “(y/n), i would go”, i stared at her, my brows furrowed. “I know it may seem stupid, but doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? I know that the two of you love each other, so much. That’s the reason i forgave your father, many times, although if he’s cheated that many times, I’m sure the love is one sided”, my mother began to laugh a little, but i could tell she was hurt, “(y/n), this man is willing to do so much just to have you back, your father never said he would change and i can’t let you lose the man you love. I know from experience that it is one of the hardest things to get through and i can’t let my baby girl go through it”. My mother was now on the verge of tears, she was squeezing my free hand with her own, “l-let’s get you to bed”, I smiled and nodded, I could be fifty and she would treat me like the little girl i once was.

The next morning i woke at the sound of Kaia screaming, due to hunger. I fed her and then got her ready as today we were going on a little family outing, it was my mums idea, she wanted things to be like they were before i left.

“My beautiful granddaughter”, dad announced as he entered the kitchen, giving Kaia a kiss on her forehead, he then gave me one, but didn’t say anything, he was still angry at me, “right, i need you three, to eat quickly and get out the house, otherwise we won’t find a nice spot near the lake”, me and my father just hummed, whereas my mother rolled her eyes.

Soon we left the house and made our way to the park. I have to say it got better from when me and Jungkook to come here, they planted flowers and made images out of them and they also cleaned the lake. We found a spot near the lake, it was under a tree so we had some shade. Jungkook helped my mum put down a few blankets before we sat down on them, Kaia was laying on her back reaching out and grabbing the air and squealing at nothing. A few seconds later we managed to turn onto her stomach and just began staring at me. “Hi baby”, i said brushing her hair, she replied with inaudible sounds and had a huge smile on her face, “awww Kaia, i know your mummy’s face is so funny….looking”, I slapped Jungkook on his arm as he and my parents chuckled, “I’m only joking”, he then engulfed me in a really tight hug, “you know i looovveee you”. I eventually pushed him off and we both went back to Kaia.

After some time my mum decided it was time to eat, but just as i was about to have my first bite of the pasta my mum made, “(y/n), i think someone needs changing”, i looked at Kaia who looked quite happy with herself, whereas I just groaned, Jungkook laughed as he looked between the two of us, “ugh…i left her things in the car”. I grabbed the keys and headed to car, which was quite far.

I sat down in the front seat for a bit, trying to calm my breath, before grabbing the nappy bag and heading back, but as i locked the doors and turned i ran into someone, “Yoongi…”, “hey”, he gave me a small smile, “i thought you went home”, “i couldn’t, so i stayed in a nearby hotel…have you made up your mind”, i shook my head and began walking, he walked with me, “i haven’t really, and my dad honestly isn’t making my decision any easier”, “oh….”, “yeah”, “what are you doing here?”, I wondered how he knew where i was, “your mum invited me, i don’t think your dad will be happy to see me”, I nodded as well, my dad wasn’t a big fan of him. After the talk we stayed silent, but continued to walk.

We were quite close to where the others were, but Yoongi broke the silence,“(y/n)”, i hummed and looked at him, “i miss you, i want us to be together again”, i was about to speak, but he cut me off, “just please, hear me out”, he held my hands and turned me to fully face him, “i love you and Kaia, i get that I completely fucked up, but  promise you if you give me another chance, i will spend practically all my time with the two of you, I’ll be a better father and husband”.

It took me a few seconds to fully comprehend what he said. Husband?

“H-husband?”, “yes husband, (y/n), i-”, he was interrupted by a rather loud greeting and I could tell by the voice it was my father. I turned to see him hugging another man, he was a lot younger and fitter, but i couldn’t see his face.

My father scanned the park and once his eyes landed on me he called me over with a smile on his face, which was soon replaced with a pissed frown once he saw Yoongi.

I still walked over, Yoongi trailing behind, the man still hadn’t turned, “sweetheart, look who i invited, I’m sure you missed him”, the man turned once my father had stopped speaking. I now couldn’t speak.

“Hi beautiful, i sure did miss you”, Jinyoung said with a smirk spread across his face. He knew no-one aside from the two of us, knew about what he did to me. “(y/n), say hi don’t be rude”, my father seemed happy as he saw that Yoongi was very, very vexed, “h-hi Jinyoung”, “ah (y/n), who’s that behind you?”, he asked nodding his head towards Yoongi.

I turned and looked at Yoongi, giving him a small smile, “my fiancé”, i saw Yoongi’s face change in an instant, that pissed façade now gone and instead​ i saw his cute boyish smile. I turned back around to see that Yoongi had passed his face onto my father, “what do you mean, fiancé?! (y/n) he cheated on you, what’s wrong with you?!”, he was raising his voice, thankfully music was playing around, so people couldn’t really hear us.

“Nothing’s wrong with me, i was told by a special someone that everyone deserves a second chance, so that’s what I’m giving”, i saw my mother and Jungkook behind my dad, they both had smiles on their faces, i was surprised Jungkook did. “Well…whoever told you is stupid and wrong”, i rolled my eyes at my father, he knew exactly who told me.

“Well if you are done, I’d like to spend sometime with both my daughter and fiancé”, i grabbed Yoongi’s hand and took him to where i was sat before.

Yoongi P.O.V

He was (y/n)’s ex. The ex that abused her. The ex that gave her those fucking scars. The ex that i have been doing business with when i started all of this.

Thank you for reading bibs, i know its not the best. but still thank yew :)


A Blushing Graduate

All of your hard work and late nights in the library had been for this moment. You sat in your designated seat, nervously playing with the hem of your bright blue gown as the principal gave his speech about how proud he was to see so many of you before him today. Quickly you zoned him out, the butterflies in your stomach making you feel uneasy. Looking behind you at the crowd, you spotted your mum and dad with their beaming smiles, waving proudly when you caught their attention.

But no Baekhyun.

There was a little part of you that was disappointed your boyfriend couldn’t make it to your graduation. It wasn’t every day you finished university. But you knew it broke his heart that he couldn’t make it either. You were up all night on the phone to him, trying to tell him that it was ok, that his schedule came first. In the end he just grumbled and promised you that he’d make it up to you somehow.

Even though you knew he would be there if he could, his absence from the crowd ached your heart a little bit. You sent your parents a small smile and then turned to face the front again, anxiously anticipating the end of the principal’s speech, which eventually finished. When they started announcing the names of people collecting their diplomas, the clapping began and you sat up a little straighter.

As they got closer and closer to your name in the alphabet, the butterflies in your stomach began to take flight, making you feel slightly sick. But the butterflies weren’t just because of nerves, you were really excited too. Everything you had been working for was all for this moment and you couldn’t quite believe it was here.

They finally said your name, a smile instantly growing on your face as you got to your feet and made your way to the line near the stage. You stole a glance at your parents who were on their feet cheering loudly, your dad haphazardly aiming his camera at you. You gave them a wave and found your place, smoothing your gown out and checking your hair before you went on stage for your diploma. When you climbed the steps of the stage, the loudest cheer echoed from the back of the hall. At first you thought it was for someone else, but when you reached the top of the steps and could see the back of the hall, you sighed to yourself and started to smile, a bright blush burning your cheeks.

Your eyes fell on Baekhyun, his smile bright and proud as he waved frantically for your attention. Joining him was all the other members clapping and cheering which only made your blush burn brighter. You stumbled over to your principal, too shocked to form a coherent ‘thank you’ as he passed you your diploma. As he handed you the scroll that proved all your hard work wasn’t for nothing, the cheering from the back got louder and as you looked over, you saw all ten boys holding up a banner that had your name printed in large black letter across it. You dipped your head and hurried off the stage, feeling your cheeks grow hotter.

You found your seat again and waited for everyone else to collect their diplomas, all the while reeling at the fact Baekhyun had made it to your graduation. You couldn’t believe he had lied. He seemed so convincing on the phone last night. Every minute or two you had to turn around to see if he actually was there, which he was – smiling at you with a big bouquet of flowers. You blushed in response and dipped your head, letting your hair hide the redness of your cheeks.

Once the last of the diplomas had been handed out and the principal had said his final words, he dismissed the class for the last time and everyone cheered – all the students throwing their caps up just like in the movies. You couldn’t stop your smiling as you hugged some of your friends. You had actually graduated. By now, all of the parents had merged into the crowd, making it difficult to find anyone. Your parents found you first though, giving you a big hug and telling you how proud they were of you. You started to blush again and told your dad he should take a picture of you and your mum. As you posed, the flash went off and then strong arms were wrapping themselves around your body and lifting you up in a spin.

You knew it was Baekhyun but you still screamed. He quickly put you down and pulled you back in for a tight hug, his face burying itself in your hair. You smiled into the collar of jacket and closed your eyes, letting the smell of him surround you. When he began to pull away, you opened your eyes and smiled up at him. He kissed your nose and then let you go to properly greet your parents, bowing deeply. Then he wrapped an arm around your waist and you told your parents you’d be back soon, you just wanted to say hello to Baekhyun’s friends.

“Congratulations!” Baekhyun cried excitedly as he led you through the crowd of hugging people. “You did it!”

“I thought you couldn’t make it,” you exclaimed, curling closer into him as you tried to dodge everyone on your way to the back of the hall.

Baekhyun laughed and kissed your temple. “Of course I was going to make it. It’s not every day your girlfriend graduates from university! This is a big deal babe!”

You broke through the back of the crowd and were instantly met with 9 excited boys jumping at the chance to hug you. Your blush burned as you took the time to hug each of them, accepting the flowers they had brought you. The smile on your face never left – you were unbelievably happy to point where none of it seemed real.

After you had been passed around, you found your way back to Baekhyun, his strong arms enveloping you and the 10 bouquets of flowers you had been gifted with. “I’m so proud of you,” he murmured softly into your ear. “You’re officially smarter than me. You even got a piece of paper to prove it.”

“I would have been smarter than you without the degree,” you retorted jokingly, nuzzling deeper into his embrace. Kissing your blushing cheeks, you heard his laugh echo in your ear.

You leaned back to find out what was so funny, your eyebrows raised questioningly. “What are you thinking about Baek?” you asked, your lips slightly pouted.

“I don’t think I’ve just ever seen you blush so much,” he laughed, dotting kisses on both of your cheeks which only made them burn harder. “I like this look for you. I might make a big deal out of everything from now on.”

Rolling your eyes, you tried your best to frown at him. “If you start cheering me every time I go to the toilet, I’m going to move out,” you told him, pouting harder to hide the fact you wanted to burst out laughing.

“Well now you are just giving me ideas,” Baekhyun joked, the mischievous sparkle in eye appearing. He ran a hand along your right cheek and leaned closer. “Oh my blushing graduate,” he murmured in his melodious voice before closing the gap between your lips.