i screamed so loud when he scored

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hi mom, i'd like to request seventeen at the arcade please!! thank you for everything you do!!

- plays the same one game the entire time
- is horrible at it, but insists that he’s going to get better with practice and win the jackpot
- doesn’t win the jackpot
- only gets like 130 tickets in the end
- gets 10-ticket plastic rings for each member

- disappears
- returns with over 400 tickets
- “jeonghan HOW” “beginner’s luck i guess”
- he cheated. we all know he did

- pretty good at games actually
- wins like 600 tickets in the end
- gives them all to a little kid, who thanks him nonstop and tells him that he’s the best
- feels happy just seeing the little kid happy

- confused
- “i have to what” “wait what is this” “so am i supposed to hit that???”
- gets frustrated because he always misses the jackpot hole by like an inch
- actually does win the jackpot by accident

- makes it his goal to try every game in the arcade
- screams excitedly at the sight of his tickets
- actually only has like 200
- gets scolded because he climbed a machine to try to put a ball into the hole with the highest score to get more tickets

- an actual bag of luck
- plays a game once and wins the jackpot
- all the other members are like??? how???

- sees the other members playing a game and failing at it
- “how are you guys so bad at this, it’s so simple”
- tries, and fails too
- “……wait.”
- spends the rest of his time playing the game until he succeeds

- gets way too excited over the games
- screams loudly with hoshi as he watches his tickets come out of the machine
- laughs super loud when he loses

- absolutely horrible at games
- gets like eight tickets per game
- “OH BASKETBALL” (gets like four points) “BOWLING!!!” (only gets his bowling balls in the 10-point holes)
- actually having the time of his life
- dies of laughter at how much he sucks

- crane games
- doesn’t care for tickets, he wants the cute plushies in the crane games
- wins like three alpaca plushies, five teddy bears, and seven panda keychains
- “ohhh can i have one—” “no.”

- lets out a battle cry while playing whack-a-mole
- complains
- “this is rigged guys I SWEAR” “I HIT IT WHAT THE HECK” “oh come on that was worth at least ten tickets right???”
- cries at the counter because he doesn’t have enough tickets for the thing he wants
- goes back to playing, will not give up until he gets that thing

- a good portion of his tickets were found on the ground or he took what was left behind on the machines
- “hansol what are you doing” “….nothing”
- gets really distracted while playing
- halfway through, he sees something in the corner of his eye and when he looks back, he lost or ran out of time

- king of arcade games
- masters any game on the first try
- the type who plays a game so well that he draws in a crowd
- sits on the floor while waiting for his 3,000 tickets to come out

thank you for your request!!

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miyuki/furuya/haruichi/mei/kawakami seeing their s/o at their game for the first time?

FURUYA: Hearing your voice scream amongst the crowds, he felt the warmth creep up on his cheeks. He cleared his throat, hoping Miyuki wouldn’t notice how the temperature suddenly rose. The first throw, he fumbled because you screamed a little too loud and scowled. However, he got used to it and tuned his mind to focus on the game.

“___-chan, I never realized how loud you were before.”

HARUICHI: His heart soared with joy when he spotted you with the other Seidō supporters. He smiled and gave a shy little wave before moving up to the mound. He knew what he had to do and stayed focused, taking a deep breath before smacking his bat hard against the incoming pitch. The ball went far enough that he managed to score a double.

“Thank you so much for coming today, it’s very sweet of you.”

KAWAKAMI: God. It was nerve-wracking knowing that your eyes were on him the whole time. He was sort of bad with the start but soon grew accustomed to the environment again. He let your cheers and screams for his name build his confidence as he threw pitch after pitch. In the end, even the Seidō team recognized that your presence had definitely done something for him.

“I didn’t expect you to come today. Thank you! You really helped.”

MIYUKI: Everyone was surprised at how well Miyuki played. He was calling great plays and was leading the team incredibly well. He had a few strikes but most of his hits ended up successful. Every time he reached a base, he would throw his fist in the air and shoot his most charming grin at you, even pointing his fingers at you from time to time. 

“This is all thanks to you today. I’m so damn happy.”

NARUMIYA MEI: Shameless, he’d wave his arms around and lose focus for a few seconds to catch your attention before his pitches. It drove the catcher crazy but he couldn’t argue since Mei pitched even better. His change-ups got even harder to hit and even catch. However, he kept his game face on whenever he’s actually pitching. 

“You’re the real MVP of the day! Thank you so much for coming!”

Please, i just want him to be happy.

For you. The girl whom he’s gonna fall in love with. Here are things that i want to tell you. Im sorry if im sounding a little chatty, but this is all bcs i love him. Okay. First, he will become that kind of parasite who’s always following you wherever you go. Thats all because he wanted you to be safe. He cares about you. So dont you dare to think that he is annoying. Secondly, maybe he will tell you that he loves you, and you have to say yes because if you say no, his heart will break and i dont want to see him breaking. Thirdly, when you guys are dating, he will gives you roses and those sweet things that a romantic guy would gives to their girlfriend and you have to accept all of those. You have to scream as loud as you can every time he makes a score in a basketball match. He will smile at you oftenly, so just try not to pass out. Because his smile is like a drug isnt it? Dont make him wait in the car while you’re getting ready. You should thank god for every second that you spend with him. I would do that if i were you. He will loves you so much, he will treat you like you’re his own whole world. And you have to treat him much more than he treats you. Just love him unconditionally. Love him like he’s the most important human being on earth. Give him some time while he’s in a bad mood. Don’t ask him questions. Just, give him some time. When you’re having a bad day, you can tell him. He will be a good listener. Maybe he will take you to someplace that you’ll like and can change your day into a good day. My point is, he will do anything to make you feel happy. Sometimes he can be a pain in the ass. Sometimes. So just be patient. Im writing this bcs i dont want to see him get hurt, i want someone to treat him like i would treat him if i were his girlfriend. But i never were. So i gave you some tips. Just do everything that i wanted you to do. That is all i can do so i know that he is happy. He is safe. He is in the arm of someone who really takes care of him. Who really loves him. Last but not least, just tell him i love him. Tell him that even though i never got that chance to be his girlfriend, i still love him. Please tell him that he will always be my first love. ❤️

EXO’s reaction to their girlfriend being better at playing games than them

Anonymous said: EXO’s reaction to their gf who plays better than them at the game cytus ^^

Ahh! This is so funny! xD Thank you for the request! 


Baekhyun: “Haha, Baekhyun! Look, I got a new record on your favorite level! I beat your score!” you shout at him from the living room to the bedroom. You can hear that he jumps up from the bed, and then stands in the doorway: “You can never beat me. I’ll make a new record!”

Chanyeol: “Chanyeeeoool…. Look, I totally just won that level you haven’t been able to beat…” you say with a smirk. He runs to you with a very surprised face.

“WHAT?! How?? Let me try again.” He says. When he takes the iPad out of your hands without asking, then he mumbles something like: “This cannot be true… She can’t beat that level” and then continues in a loud voice; “I’ll beat your record, you’re not better than me!”

Chen: When you tell him that you’ve gotten much better than before at the game and also that you’re much better than him:

D.O: “Kyungsoo?… I think I beat your record?”… 

Kai: When you say you really like the game he showed you, and that you totally are better than him. “You think so…?” *smirk*….. “Let’s test it out shall we?”

Kris: You’re sitting with all the EXO guys in a room, playing the same game on different iPads. When you scream “OMG, look! I beat your score Kris!!” he stands up immediately: “What?? No! Are you serious???? Whattt!!”

Lay: “I have something to tell you. I beat your score in Level 15.” and you expect him to get angry, but instead he stays calm saying: “Oh wow! That’s great!”

Luhan: “You did what?…..”

Sehun: *Annoyed that a girl is better than him at games, but still thinks you’re a badass because you’re better than him* “You’re a poop, you know that right?” He says with a smirkish smile.

Suho: “But the guys will make fun of me…”


When you prove it:

Xiumin: “You’re cute when you become competitive.” is all he says, feeling a little bitter, but manages to say something nice instead. 


Haha, I hope it was okay :) I never know if you guys like the things I make…. Lol

DEAR BVB FAMILY (please read this)

ok so, where do I start…
I watched the game against Bayern, and I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. I knew that, like it or not, Bayern it is a good team. (God I swear I
hate to say it). 
I was screaming and jumping every time we were about score or so was Bayern.
And then Auba and Marco did that amazing play, and the last one, scored. I jumped as high as I could and scream as loud as I could.Even my dad was jumping like a kid in Chirstmas.
Then the second half started and the things change a little bit… but when the first goal came and it was from Robert and also he “thanked” for his goal and smirked I…I don’t even know how to describe how I was. I don’t blame him for his goal…well it’s his job, but I blame him for looked that satisficed.
Why? easy. Because he scored against the club that gave him everything, and that even so, he left…he scored and was completely happy, even when he knew that the club wich gave him everything was having dark times. He knew that not just  the result, but the fact that he scored would be more than painful for us. And he didn’t care anyway. You were looking for that Robert, we all could see that. Congratulations.
But, I’m not here to talk about this guy, because, at the end of the day, the thing that really matters to me, it’s my team. My family.
At then end of the game, when that penalty was shot, and the referee whistle the final second of the game, I really couldn’t help but cry.
I cried. Really I did. My face was covered by my hands and I stayed like that for a while. Even my dad gave me a hug and left.
Why did I cry? Because my team doesn’t deserve this fucking bad days.
But you know, after that time, I stopped crying and got up.
Because that’s what our team is doing. Because that’s what the whole Family of Dortmund is doing and always will.

Yes, we fall, we lose, we get mad, we get sad, but what makes our club the most special, is that we get up all the time, and fight like warriors, every time, even when we are in our darkest times.

And I assure you that when this club get up, it comes back stronger than ever.

Every single player of this team come back stronger. Marco did, Kevin did, Miki did, Roman did, Shinji did,  and EVERYONE DID at one time. And this time won’t be different.
The whole team will come back stronger. And the fans, we will be with BVB every day more proud of the club, and stronger than ever too.  
Because that’s what we do. WE ARE A FAMILY!!



Other teams can have a lot of money to spend, a lot of “stars” in their teams, but we have the most important thing and oh BTW we create our stars. WE DON’T BUY THE ROAD, WE CREATE IT.

People say that after the storm, the calm comes, but oh people, get ready because Borussia Dortmund won’t bring you calm but a hurricane.