i screamed like crazy because of this lol

Give it back

Hoech is calling Tanner like crazy! He already hung up on Louie. Because reasons


Tanner: For the love of… What’s happening? Why are you screaming?

Hoech: *sobs* They made me do it, Tanner!

Tanner: Tyler, calm down. What happened? Did someone touch you on your private parts?

Hoech: uuugh!! No!!

Tanner: So??

Hoech: They wanted me to give something of the charity auction on the convention, and Bae suggested one of Stiles’ shirts that I have on my closet. I said NO! But then Bae promised me a blowjob if a did it, and I got distracted… And Bae is amazing and…

Tanner: Tyler, I love you, but i don’t need or want to know about your sex life… Please.

Hoech: Ok. Your lose. Because he does this thing with his tongue that…

Tanner: I’m done.

Hoech: Wait! Ok, ok! I need you to do something for me. I need you to find the girl who bought the shirt and buy it back!! I NEED IT!!!


Hoech: But they are mine!! BAE GIFT THEM TO ME!! *sobs*

Tanner: But you gave it away because good reasons! For charity! You should be proud!

Hoech: I don’t care. I wanted back. Find it, pleaaaaaaase?

Tanner: I’m so done with you… I’ll do what I can.

Hoech: Thank you! Look, money is not an issue. Oh, I have to go! I’m facetiming with Bae, and we are going to have phone sex, and I’m…

Tanner: OH GOD! STOP.

Tanner press the end call bottom. He stares at the screen, sighs loudly and start calling the convention committee to find that girl… WHAT IS HIS LIFE?

PD: Use for entertainment porpoises only. Don’t steal it. Stealing things is bad!
Any similarities with RL are intended.
For more information, contact Tanner or fake cousin Louie.

PD2: I’m the worst. But you all love it!

Dang, Louie got the hang up instantly?  Rude, Hoechlin!

All tea B.A.P in NYC

Hey I’m going to try to make this as short as possible and will omit real names for privacy purposes. Myself I will call Twix and my sister Skittles. Friday after work and school we decided to meet up to line up early for a spot for B.A.P since we had P 1 tickets. We were ready to go and packed a suitcase, snacks, and a tent while we headed to the venue Terminal 5. I had scouted a day before and knew we would be near the water so wanted to be prepared for the chilly winds. Most people on Facebook said they would start lining up around 12-1 in the morning so we took an Uber and got there around 11:20pm. We were so shocked when we saw that a line had already formed. Some people that were P 2 and P 3 had got there early Friday morning—talk about dedication. We were still in pretty good standing since there were about 14 people in line. We decided to set up shop and put up the tent, but the thing was we had never set up one before. Luckily there was a former Girl Scout in the group ahead of us that started to help. As we were clearly struggling trying to put up the tent, Almond Joy comes out of nowhere, and sets up the tent with us. Low key I just thought she wanted in on the tent because it was so cold; but, after we invited her in she politely declined and went back to laying under her blankets. There was an event going on at the venue and around midnight security comes out to tell us to disperse and we can’t stay there. They give us red tickets and tell us to come back in the morning. People converse for a little bit and post on the B.A.P NYC facebook for people not to line up until 9:30 am because of the special tickets.

After a few hours of sleep we decide to head back to terminal 5 dressed to the nines with our sleeping bags and blankets. Almond Joy arrives at the same time and we go find our spots next to the other red ticket holders. Everyone starts to make small talk about biases, dramas, and the big 3 while trying to keep warm but it’s so brick outside. My sister finds a kindred spirit in a baby we will call Jolly Ranchers and they are so cute with each other. Next to us is another duo with a crazy girl with a big personality named Sweet Tarts, and her bubbly bestie Twizzlers. Near the front of the line by the entrance this petite girl starts screaming “ Stop It Just Stop It”. It was loud and she starts spazzing out saying people are skipping the line. She argues that it’s not fair because she has been there all morning lined up since 3:00 am and how people have been freezing in the cold and it’s not fair about the red tickets. She is pissed and storms off to join the line with her banners. At about 9:30 am security comes out and moves the line closer to the venue and separates the red tickets holders from the regular ticket holders and directs us to the other side of Terminal 5 where we wait behind barriers. We take turns going to the bathroom and some people go to change or pick up some food—those chicken nuggets though delish! Another member of our crew Kit Kat bust out the card games which include the classic Uno and Cards against Humanity which is so hilarious. During this time the event staff were checking the lines and handing out wristbands for hi touch . We were later joined by my sisters friend named ChocoPie who actually came with plenty of snacks including Poki Sticks with ChocoPies and put the rest of our stuff in her car for storage.

We go off to the nearest deli to charge up all our devices and come back just in time to get our photo op packages and wristbands. The packages are totally random and I ask people what they got and most got Daehyun. I look at mine and initially I thought I received a signed album from Jongup but the group ahead of us told me it was Yongguk. I didn’t even have a chance because Skittles pounced on me lol. I traded her signed album for Daehyun and my Zelo cards I traded with someone else. Closer to the time of the concert people started getting hyped up and there’s press going around asking questions about the group and the fandom. You have people dancing, rapping, and singing. Our group the Velvet Rope (inside joke) is doing the most—you have Sweet Tarts and Chocopie busting out lyrics for Wake Me Up, Jolly Ranchers on the side with Kit Kat cracking up, Twizzlers is freaking us out with her trivia skills like how do you know what stuff animals everybody sleeps with lol all and all the interview was funny af. There’s these cute korean girls in front of us that start talking to ChocoPie that just so happen to know the same people. One of the girls actually has the same name as Jolly Ranchers so we’ll call her Juicy Fruit. Fast forward to it’s time to go into the venue and there’s this commotion near the front of the line. Apparently a lot of people in the front did not have the red tickets because security told them otherwise. Also there were not P 1 but were P 2 and P 3 anyway the guy in charge came and sorted everything out and they were allowed to stay on the line. Sweet tarts crazy self makes a last minute dash to a bathroom nearby and comes back right on time before we start heading in.

We make a mad dash to inside after getting our bags checked but barricade is gone ~ le sigh, but we still get pretty close. Our group is on the right side of the stage. The korean girls with ChocoPie are on my left and on my right is Kit Kat with the rest of the group. Everybody started coming in at once filling all the space around us in no time. The concert didn’t even start yet and on my back I could feel this girl super close and was laughing with her friend. I know that in the pit it gets crazy and packed. In my head I’m thinking to myself does she not feel my butt on her or does she not even care. So I’m listening to them and there’s three of them. One on my left had bright fire engine red hair, the one on my butt kind of reminds of Hyme from Rania, and there was another shorter girl to my right but behind Kit Kat. She tells the one in the middle I’m not staying here. Music comes and they start playing some old school 80′s or 90′s songs, like songs you would hear in karaoke. Everybody start singing Sweet Dreams by the Eurythimics. All of a sudden the lights dim, the countdown starts, and the babyz start chanting B.A.P. the dj comes out and starts mixing.  As soon as they came out we started screaming and everybody went nuts! I have to say that our group well the whole section was lit! There was so much energy yo it was crazy and I really didn’t that would enjoy it like I did here! One thing was that the girls behind us kept pushing us non stop and I turned to see who it was and it was the girl from before that was spazzing out let’s call her blowpop because she was acting up lol. She pushed KitKat and elbowed me in the sides. Her friend pushed Juicy Fruit but she locked arms with me and told me not to let go of her hand it was real in the pit omg like so bad. After blowpop knew she couldn’t push past us she bumrushed Jolly Ranchers but it did not work. The whole concert blowpop was like a little angry dog with the pushing it was pretty brutal. After awhile eventually the red headed friend stopped but blowpop never did until the very end. I’m trying to upload videos to this but yeah it’s a no go I think my files are too big or something I don’t know. I can talk about the interactions that we had. I came for Daehyun he is my bias but the maknaes came for me at this concert. Jongup is so fine like I couldn’t stop looking at him like what where did you come from? When I tell you he’s a bias wrecker that’s an understatement. He was all over the place pop locking and grinding all in your face lmao and gets an automatic invite to the cookout. He was looking at Kit Kat and she has the receipts. Youngjae was caught staring at her too. Mmh okay. Jolly Ranchers told me that she was dancing and just happened to look up to see Jongup staring at her like what and talking to Yongguk about it O_O he was definitely feeling the black girls that night I’ll say that. Blowpop was such a hater. That girl is straight crazy. Jolly Ranchers was so surprised that he was looking at her because she was so quiet and Blow Pop was screaming her head off. She told me everytime he came over to our side she kept elbowing her and Blowpop would try to mess up her videos when Zelo was in front of her. Yo that is so not cool. Jolly Ranchers got so mad at her she knocked the phone out her hand.  Zelo was another dark horse that I was not expecting to go all out for the concert. If Jongup is invited to the cookout he sure is bringing Zelo with him because that boy was not playing. He has such great stage presence and was so cute the whole night and was interacting with us the whole night I see you over there Zelo <3 It was so cute hearing him sing for his solo and I love his little dance he did with this giraffe headband on his head again I would upload the video but yeah. He fell down and was like I’m so tired of his dancing he was so cute. Coming for me?

I’m starting to get sleepy so I’m going to try to wrap this up real quick. Dae dae killed me with his vocals I was like liquid. In general all the songs were good but the songs that I could listen to were Fermata, I need You, Body & Soul I was done. Not to say that I didn’t like the upbeat songs like That’s My Jam, Bang x2, Spy, etc it’s just I love how they arranged those all together. Feel so good was great too. Youngjae solo was good too and I was surprised that he danced in the very beginning. Gukkie was a shy little turtle on our side and reminded me of a painting artist, or recluse and he was so happy I was just like awww. Skittles was losing her mind over how good he looked especially with the white shirt. Jongup solo was so damn sexy. The end. Himchan was so cool and I love how he interacted with people. Lisa the girl he picked was so cute and shy. I think when they did the love shot she just about died. He also got a real kick out of the pink sign someone made for him. I was so mad at him with that damn watergun. He would low key try to squirt you if you had your phone out. Skittles ducked out of the water and he laughed. He caught me I was too thru and ChocoPie started screaming at him playfully informally lol. Near the end of the concert people thought it was over but they came back out and people lost their minds again bad thing nobody wanted to leave because they thought it still wasn’t over lol. Hi touch was right after and the line was ridiculously long but what I didn’t like was how they was rushing people and screaming hurry up. KitKat told me that her, Jolly Ranchers, Sweet Tarts and Twizzlers had a plan.They rolled up to the table saying “ Ayeeee” with Youngjae and Zelo was like “ Ayeeeee”. There were some technical difficulties at the the table lol I’m not obligated to say what exactly lol but it gave Kit Kat a chance to have a moment with Youngae. For my high touch I made a mistake but it kind of helped me out a little bit in the end. I had my phone out in my hand not even paying attention really and I’m on my way walking to the table when the security screamed go back no phones no phones you will not be able to take a picture so I had to double back and put my phone in my pocket in the mean time two girls went in front of me flying by me. I almost missed Youngjae because he was the first one so I did a quick tap and hi with him and Zelo, but I had to slow down for Daehyun and held his hand told him I loved him all the while the lady is screaming at me to hurry up like excuse me lol and Jongup is laughing because I’m holding up the line XD  no fucks were given I don’t remember Himchan too much after hi five because I was being rushed and Gukkie had the biggest smile on his face when I hi touched. I almost left by mistake because you had to make a left to go back into the main hall. They grouped you by 10 with me and Skittles being on the end. We got lucky because I was the only one that wanted to take a picture with Daehyun and Skittles wanted Yongguk. I didn’t go when I was suppose to because it was suppose to be 5 at a time and I was number 6 but I did the numbers in my head. I noticed that 5 would stand in front and the others would kneel. I didn’t want to be on my knees so I just kept walking and just in time because I guess the girls didn’t figure out what was happening. The other four weren’t walking up either. So I stood right in front of Daehyun turned around and he started smiling, I didn’t know what to do so I gave him another hi five and then I waved to Jongup and the rest. Then we took two quick pictures and I said bye to him my heart. I was so high after that. It was so good I didn’t even care about the picture honestly. truly. It was all about the interactions and talking to them. The night was filled with so much drama but would I do it again? Yes in a heartbeat.

NCT's reaction to their crush confessing first.

Request: “NCT reacting to their crush confessing first?”
A/N: I hate it when this shitty computer hates me so much that the fucking post dELETES ITSELF WHILE I’M CHOOSING THE GIFSSS.

This cutie would be in extreme shook when he hears you, raising his eyebrows and opening his mouth a little while you can see how a smile is slowly forming in his lips.

“Are you for real, y/n?”
“Of course I am, Taeil.”
“I feel the same for you.”

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This baby wouldn’t be able to believe it at first, asking you to repeat your words again, and then hugging you because of how happy he is.

“Really? Do you really like me back?”
“Like you… back? Did you just confess?”

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Other giant which would jump over you, hugging you and probably would tease you a bit before confessing.

“Why are you so red suddenly? You love me that much THAT much?”
“Shut up, Johnny.”
“I like you back, though.”

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He would be so surprised by your confession that after your words he wouldn’t even be able to listen nothing else.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same, I just thought that it was something you should know.. Taeyong? Are you even listening to me?”
“Ah~~sorry, y/n. I-I like you back.”

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He would act in a similar way than Johnny, teasing you but then hugging you and then whisper his confession in your ear.

“I like you too, y/n. Date tomorrow?”

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He would give you the best reaction, lmao. His eyes would get bigger and his smile would be huge, making you laugh with his cuteness.

“Wae~~ really? For real? You’re not kidding, right?”
“You’re so precious.”

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He would go blank for like two whole minutes, not hearing anything else after hearing those words coming out of you. Also, he would get really nervous and won’t be able to make eye contact with you, playing with his fingers insteaded and smiling with his bushy cheeks.

“Are you serious, y/n?”
“Of course I am, you silly.”
“Do you want to go on a date with me?”

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This baby would get so excited, he would start giggling and jumping around you, probably saying his iconic “everybody say my name”, lmao.

“That means that means my girlfriend now? Are we dating now? Do you want to date me?”
“Ten, you’re adorable.”

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He would be flustered, smiling and giggling cutely. Showing you that cute dimple of him and his eyesmile.

“Do you really? Can we go on date? You’re not going to reject me?”
“I would never, Jae!”

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This angel would have the biggest smile in his face, you know that thing that he does when he smiles and at the same time he bite his lips? It’s so adorable, omfg. And then with his blushy cheeks he would look at you with his shiny eyes, confessing back.

“Lets go to the cinema for a date tomorrow then, y/n!”
“Sure thing! Just, don’t bring Taeyong like you did last time, okay?”

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He would be really similar to Doyoung, without being able to believe it at first and getting really surprised, his cute reactions making you giggle.

“Really? Do you seriously like me? Seriously? I-I mean, I like you back y/n…”
“You’re an angel, right?”

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He would smile widely at you and even giggling a bit, showing you that little eye smile of his. After your confession he would hug you and probably invite you to a cute date in that exact moment.

“Would you like to go and watch Moomin with me at the dorms now?”
“I’d love to! You can be Moomin and I’ll be Snorkmaiden.”
“But they’re a coupl…”
And your like ;))))))))

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His smile would be huge and he would be confident enough to grab your hands and make eye contact with you while confessing back.

“We’ll be a great couple, don’t you think so?”
“I guess so, hehe.”

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He would get all soft and flustered, and he would do nothing else but cuddle with you for the rest of the day.

“You’re so soft and squishy, we should stay like this forever.”
“Or until Taeyong decided to separate us for cuddling in front of everyone.”

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He would be really similar to Jeno, blinding you with his smile and without feeling nervous at all confessing back while innocently playing with your fingers or your hair.

“Then, would you want to be my girlfriend, y/n? I have been liking you for some time now.”

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His and Ten’s reaction would be exactly the same, lmao. But he’s going to be a lot more energetic, running around and screaming without stop for the rest of the day, making all the members low-key hate you, lol.

“Chenle, shut up already she confessed to you like five hours ago.”

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He wouldn’t know how to react at all. He would blush like crazy and he wouldn’t be able to get concentrated in anything for the next three hours because he’s thinking about you constantly.

“I-I like you back, noona.”
“What about a date tomorrow after practice, uhm?”
“Ah~ sure.”

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3/? of my kacchako cosplay series! 

I could write an essay on zutara and how my feels got even worse when I learned about the original direction the series was going to go. This is one of my top OTPs of all time and it hurts me how close it was to being canon. I don’t hate kataang at all, it’s still quite cute to me! But…man…..this relationship is just beautiful and raw and there’s so much canon to draw from. When I think of Katara and Zuko sparring, it reminds me a lot of Kacchako. I think if they ever work in tandem together as they become more experienced they’ll be a CRAZY scary combo. Aerial Kacchan is basically a giant bomber jet and a grenade launcher all in one. He’d probably be so drunk on the power of it all and keep asking Ochako to launch him for no real reason, just because he feels like a god  LOL 

this is dedicated to @sherlmerl ! You might not ship this pair or know this show (and if you ship kataang don’t hate me ahhh LOL) But I had to give you a shout because your art is so inspiring and I remember screaming when I saw your Miraculous Ladybug cosplay Kacchako art! I wasn’t even thinking about it when I started doing these, but I’m almost positive it subconsciously inspired me! :P 

My InuYasha/ Kagome version is here!

My Fuu/Mugen version is here

next up is Soul/Maka!  ( @lucyrne that one is going out to you of course! so look out for it tomorrow! ) 

TMC Just Before Drinking, Soraru and Mafumafu Talks 02/25/2015 Namahousou ft. Soraru and Mafumafu

The audio’s pretty weird  haha, but i’ll try ^_^ Thank you to kazuian for recording it! I’m sorry I posted this late, this week was such a weeeird and crisis-filled week for me personally haha.

But i’m not gonna bore you anymore, here have a shitton of Soramafu bickering and flirting like lovers~  remember, ninniku is garlic and garlic is life. 

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Wow. welp!. My thoughts on this week’s episode, it was kinda cute, it had its scenes, and I was blushing like crazy and fanboying to a bunch of AcchanXSakamoto scenes. And then acchan started acting weird, and I was yelling no! When that guy was convincing him to start smoking again, and turn his feelings against sakamoto. And screaming no! When I saw the previews for next week’s episode. My theory is that acchan is acting this way because he doesn’t want to admit that he’s in love with sakamoto, and lying to himself and everyone around, this one guy has changed him into a better person, and he knows it. Lol just my theory.(if you’re reading this I just want to say thank you for taking an interest in my gay lust for these two, to be a thing. and I hope my grammar isn’t bad, also follow and tell me what you think is going on with the whole acchan and sakamoto thing.) I also feel like acchan was trying to impress sakamoto by showing him how to play in the snow, but was soon eventually surpass by sakamoto.

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Beanie you were robbed?? What's your snap about??

mmmmmmYAH lol this summer in south africa. Ive already talked about it on here and its kind of exhausting to go into depth with it because ive told the story so many times. basically i woke up to my parents screams due to 2 men with machetes breaking into our home and screaming they were going to kill all of us. They were high on some weird crazy drug the police said which is why they were so inexcplicably violent, coming back into the house after they had already taken basically everything to just try to hurt us. They didnt see me because i hid in the shower and they didnt get my phone because i fell asleep on top of it (lol) instead of plugging it in at the charging station. The police said it was likely an inside job. very scary experience, by far the most horrifying thing ive ever been through was having to go off of noise alone and hearing my dad screaming to just take everything and please do not kill his family while they were screaming back how they were going to kill him. Def thought i was going to die, i just remember throwing a shirt on and then realizing it was this STUPID!!!! graphic that said “i dont want FEELINGS i just want new clothes” and thinking how i was going to die in that and that that would be my legacy. really bizarre but thats what i was thinking. i thought they had guns because i couldnt see anything, being the only young woman in the house i felt very volatile to say the least. they never saw me and my uncle came in and called police and fought them. He got stabbed in the face and there was lots of blood just due to them throwing lamps and glass on the floor and our bare feet running over that but overall it could have been 5000x worse. thats it

Pentatonix is Amazing

Okay so yesterday, November 10th, I went to my first ever PTX concert. And I just really want to write this while everything is still fresh in my head, because it was honestly a life changing experience. 

When the lights came up on them for the first time my breath literally caught in my throat and my heart skipped.


I mean, obviously they’re real, but it was still so surreal. Seeing all of them standing there on the stage in front of me, even though I was about a mile away, was such an insane feeling.

Now about each member…

Kirstie is so tiny. She’s like a little fairy on stage, and she gets so into it! She kills all the choreo and slays all the vocals. I’ve never been a huge KirSTAN, but the amount of dedication she puts into what I’m assuming is every performance is beyond inspiring.

Kevin is definitely a fan favorite. I always used to think he was the neglected member, and social-media-wise he kind of is, but the amount of people screaming for him was insane. AND THE FREAKING BACH PRELUDE, total highlight. The amount of talent that one man has is ridiculous.

Scott’s riffs are heavenly. They are so effortless and wonderful and are somehow even more incredible live. You can also tell that he’s absolutely living on stage. Every once and a while, usually while someone else is talking, I saw him standing in the back just staring out at all of us with the most amazed expression. I love him.

Mitch is my queen. Mitch is everyone’s queen. Mitch is queen. I don’t even have to talk about his voice, because I’m sure ya’ll already know how absolutely completely flawless it is. But it’s not just his voice that makes him so amazing. He was acting on stage, for every song. I was living for his little side comments and sassy expressions. Love love love him.

And finally Avi. If you hate rants you might as well skip this paragraph lol, because I’m about to go off. Avi has always been my favorite human being ever, so seeing him live was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. First of all, his voice is stupid amazing. You can feel his bass notes inside your chest, all around you. He made the entire room shake during Christus Factus Est, and I’m not exaggerating. The seats underneath all of us were vibrating like crazy, and the middle-aged guy next to me audibly screamed, “What the shit!?” His higher register is like silk. I was sobbing not only during Light in the Hallway, but Hallelujah as well, because of him and the beauty that is his voice. He is also the most humble and genuine person ever. When he spoke to the all of us, he just seemed so overwhelmed with gratitude. It was touching. And finally, he’s adorable. His straight-faced humor is hilarious. One of my favorite moments was when Kate came to get the phone from him after Misbehavin, and he bowed to her. Except I don’t just mean bowed, I mean he did this cute little jumpy step and then basically got on one knee while he handed it over. I was so mad I didn’t get it on video, because it was so adorable. I love Avi Kaplan so freaking much.

Anyway, that was my PTXperience. I know not that many people are going to see this post, but in a few years I want to be able to look back and remember that night. Love you all!! xx 

Durararax2!! Ketsu ep 12

I haven’t done one of these in a while but I really needed to highlight some things in this episode:

Izaya vs Shizuo:

  • OK, but Izaya fought Shizuo while his leg was broken
  • Also, Izaya was distracted by the flash bombs
  • The crowd reacting to Izaya being down is just soooo sooo accurate. Can you imagine? if you have always seen these two fight and neither has ever really lost or was at the brink of death, can you imagine how you would feel when for the first time, this might not just be fun and games? Or, if you have always feared Izaya, this conning bastard, but he is about to be killed. On one hand, this is great, on the other, this just means that Shizuo is capable of murder.
  • I love that Izaya would die to prove that Shizuo is a monster, it is very telling of his character
  • Another thing that is very revealing is his need to leave the city where Shizuo is at
  • Shizuo kicking ass and then running up to meet Celty though

Shizuo x Vorona moments:

  • Vorona not wanting Shizuo to become a killer is just so BEAUTIFUL!
  • Also, Shizuo apologizing for not being strong enough to quell his need to kill Izaya, resulting in Vorona having to step in
  • The funny thing is that Shizuo is not a monster (neither he nor Vorona believe him to be either) but Izaya calls him one while Vorona, who believes herself to be a metaphorical monster, is considered human by Izaya.
  • Shizuo being a good senpai and offering a hand whenever Vorona needs it
  • Vorona basically confessing to Shizuo (let’s be honest, that is as close to “I love you” as that girl is gonna get)

Manami saving Izaya:

  • I think it reveals that in the end, Manami is a decent human being. She doesn’t even let her enemy die and I think that is very noble of her
  • Very unexpected cause I thought I would be Mikage
  • Kinda feel like she is a non-romantic version of tsundere for Izaya

Shinra Celty:

  • Shinra getting the Saika from Kujiragi (dang it, why is everything connected so well!)
  • I definitely cannot gloss over the fact that Shinra basically manipulated Celty’s affection for him in an attempt to keep her selfishly with him.
  • The thing is, Shinra knows this and he is unapologetic. His one motive is to be with Celty and he doesn’t delude himself into thinking that what he is doing is right. He even calls himself a villain. I have to applaud him for being true to himself and so aware of his own motivations (most, if not all other, characters don’t have that)
  • Shinra knew what Celty was thinking (very accurately) but that doesn’t mean that he has the right to stop her from doing what she believes to be right
  • Also, Shizuo throwing Shinra in the air is soooo cool.
  • Celty talking to Shooter about Shinra is just so so sad. Like you can really tell that Celty loves Shinra.
  • Also, Shooter refusing to go because he knows what would make Celty truly happy.

Shinra Celty fluff:

  • Sooo cute
  • Also, the traffic police are back at it again
  • The PDA thing in no-parking area is just such a petty thing but I think that cop just likes messing with Celty in general

Celty’s idea of Durarara plot being driven by her existence:

  • I agree with her interpretation of Seiji and Mika Harima’s love
  • But I definitely don’t think that Mikado’s story was completely reliant on him seeing the Black Rider. More on that in my post about Mikado’s personality (coming very soon)
  • She really fooled me though, I really thought that she has changed into her cold persona.

Shingen and Namie:

  • In the end, the true winner in this thing is Shingen and Nebula, they got their hands on the Head
  • Also, does that mean that the Mika, Seiji, Namie trio are all going to be in Boston?

Mika and Seiji:

  • As much as their love is very very messed up, it is also soooo sweet.
  • Even though Mika wants Seiji all to herself, her instinct to be with Seiji wins against her more scheming, selfish self. I think that’s wonderful
  • Also, Seiji admitting that he loves Mika (even as family) is so beautiful.
  • Now Seiji has another family member that harbors romantic feelings towards him (incest intensifies lol)

Nasujima getting what he deserves:

  • OMG, Haruna was never under his control!!!
  • WHAT!!!
  • But you gotta admit that Haruna is very very very obsessed with Nasujima, to the point of fighting against Anri for him a couple of times despite his douche-bag-gery and even pretending to be under his control
  • Nasujima getting hit by Togusa’s van is just… Life!
  • OK, so Nasujima was in the passenger seat of the van that hit Kadota. Kadota was in the passenger seat of the van that hit Nasujima. Exactly an eye for an eye. Well played, Narita.
  • Haruna learning about a hide out for herself by working under Izaya (it all ties back huh)
  • Haruna having very weird ideas of what love looks like (just a guess, but maybe not knives)
  • Nasujima really looks like he is gonna become a sex slave at this point (stripped and chained to a bed and all). I seriously was thinking that we were gonna have a dick shot when the camera panned from Nasujima’s legs upwards (thank god Haruna kept the underwear on)

Aoba and flowers:

  • I’d like to believe that Aoba really cares about Mikado
  • But that confrontation with Akabayashi makes me think differently
  • But what if the reason why Aoba threw the bouquet was because he was frustrated that nobody believes that he actually cares about Mikado (Masaomi and Akabayashi to be specific).  
  • AAAAAH, I just want the anime to make Aoba’s affection for Mikado canon. All they do is tease!!! Like all the time!
  • Of coursse the novels make it more obvious but the anime is the more popular medium and it just didn’t translate enough of this.

Kujiragi Ruri conclusion:

  • I think is very fitting
  • On one hand, Kujiragi can’t do a face turn and save Ruri out of her good will
  • On the other, she has been developing as a character in the last few episodes and her saving Ruri makes sense
  • Kujiragi still being as straightforward as ever. This is the one trait that i love about her.
  • Adabashi getting what he deserves is also very important

Russian Sushi fighting back:

  • Was sooooo awesome. God bless.


  • Masaomi screaming Mikado! was like soooo important
  • Wait, but Nasujima stabbed Mikado, Nasujima was Saika… So… Mikado is a SAIKA CHILD!?!?!? Maybe?
  • Mikado facing reality (might be the overarching plot of the whole series)
  • Mikado crying
  • Anri admitting that she likes Mikado is so cute

Welp, Durarara was a crazy ride but I loved it! I’m gonna miss this series soooo much! I hope that SH gets animated (mainly to see Mikado with glasses lol) but I’m hoping that Baccano gets another season first cause now that Durarara has ended, the anime world deserves more Baccano. I’m gonna be posting my interpretation of Mikado’s character shortly because I think I finally understand him somewhat. It would be great if I could hear some people’s opinions on that post.

anonymous asked:

That might be strange but I like to bite people o.o It's like a sign that I like them and that I'm comfortable around them haha. So how would Jr/Jackson/Yugyeom react when I bite them for the first time and after I tell them about my habit, and also if they see me bite another member. You're amazing, thank uuuu~~~

Jinyoung: “…..” when you first bite him, basically. “Uh, what are you doing?” When you explain to him that yeah, you like to bite people you’re comfortable with he’d look at you like you’re crazy and give a sigh. Now when he sees you bite another member I think he’d just face palm and walk away, pretending that he didn’t see that LOL.

Jackson: When you first bite him he’d just bite you back casually. “Is this our new thing now? Biting each other?” he’d ask but then you tell him no, you like to bite people! And he’d too look at you like you were crazy. When he sees you bite another member he’d point and scream, “Be careful, there’s a vampire on the loose!”

Yugyeom: He’d be pretty shocked that you bit him because he wasn’t expecting that at all! “Ouch! What are you doing?” He’d place his hand over the bitten area and rub it, frowning slightly at you. After you tell him about your habit I think he would just… giggle. Upon seeing you bite another member he’d quickly rush over to you and pry you off of them, “_______, no!”

My (first) concert experience:

Harry: HE IS A GLORIOUS BUTTERFLY WITH LONG LIMBS AND BAMBI LEGS. He is amazing, such a good, good performer, and his vocals have really improved. I screamed like crazy when he hit his high notes THEY WERE SO GOOD. He had a bit of a raspy voice (so did Louis *coughs*), but his solo in SOML and his high notes were overall AMAZING. He is a ball of energy and he bounces and prances around all the time - watching him makes you want to jump high as well. Also, HIS GLORIOUS HAIR, GOD BLESS HIS LONG HAIR, LONG HAIR DON’T CARE. My favourite moment was when he called out for the dads. He suddenly went, “Where are the dads?” and I was confused for a second before I realised he was just showing his dad kink once again, bless his soul, so he was like, “Dads? Dads? Oh, there’s a dad and - oh, heeeelloooo, Dad!” when he found a particularly hot dad. Ialready mentioned that, but one of the dads in front of me jumped on the seat, opened his arms in a “my body is ready” position and screamed “I AM HERE HARRY, C’MON” at the screen while his daughter looked at him like that gif where of the blonde girl whose sister is going to Disneyland. Harry loves dads, but dads love Harry back.

Louis: My baby boy. MY BABY. I just — I love him. He had a bit of a raspy voice as well, like Harry (what else is new), and whilst he hit some notes amazingly, he missed others. He covered Zayn’s solo in one song (don’t remember which one, sorry) and he did great. He was probably jetlagged, but he managed to be bouncy as well and smile and wave and look really engaged with the crowd. He looks great. He’s always looked great, but he looks more healthy now, and I’m glad. I’m also glad that they’re letting his voice shine more by giving him more verses because HE CAN DO IT. They all need a good vocal coach, but Louis doesn’t have a weak voice - he has a voice that wasn’t trained properly. I noticed that he had a lot of screen time, but maybe it was just my Louis-centric mind playing tricks and confusing my reality. (Also, he grabs and touches his bum a lot. Which. I understand the sentiment. Same.) (I could also write poems about his biceps and his fringe but this is not the time for that.)

Liam: If I could marry Liam’s vocals, I would. HIS FALSETTO. HIS DANCE MOVES. HIS EVERYTHING. As always, perfect voice, and he was born a performer. His energy is different than Harry’s, I can’t even explain how properly; if Harry is a ball of light bouncing around, Liam is a continuous wave of energy. There was a bit of an awkward moment when he asked the public which song was our favourite, and of course the whole stadium chanted NO CONTROL. He kind of became that gif of Mariah Carey putting on her sunglasses, “Suddenly I can’t read,” and said, “My favourite is GIRL ALMIGHTY SO LET’S DO GIRL ALMIGHTY.” ALSO: I LOVE LILO. LILO IS EVERTHING. LILO IS LIFE. SO IS NIAM. Which leads me to…

Niall: I fucking seriously wish they would give him more HIGH NOTES. He is the fucking best on high notes, I swear to God, it was like pure adrenaline injected in vein. I’m not much of a Niall girl but JESUS HE WAS GLORIOUS YESTERDAY, and I’m bitter that we needed one member of the band to go before Niall could show how much he can do with his voice. I wish they would let experiment with note changes and stuff because they do great with those (and there were many of them). His speech before DFWYB was kind of moving so we were all a bit teary-eyed when they started singing. Also, his accent. 

Harry and Louis: I don’y know if it was caught on camera, but it looked from where we stood that during one of Girl Almighty’s “I get down on my knees for you,” they looked straight at each other in the eyes. Then, the WMYB moment which PUMPED ME FOR ANOTHER FUCKING 84 YEARS. LOUIS’ FACE WAS SO SMUG OH MY GOD LIKE A 3-YEARS-OLD DOING SOMETHING HE SHOULDN’T AND DON’T GIVING A SINGLE FUCK. I HATE HIM. I LOVE HIM BUT I HATE HIM AND HE IS THE REASON FOR MY TEARS. That said, when he went for a wee, I think Harry went to check on him? I saw Harry walk up the stairs, look behind the scenes, and then Louis came out a few seconds later. As always, tey gravitate around each other a lot. What else is new. It’s true that they don’t interact much, but Harry doesn’t interact much with the others either. Also during fan signs time they zoomed in on a sign that said “HOW’S YOUR BUM” which LOL.

Overall feeling: I felt a bit bitter about the setlist, but I can’t let it ruin my first One Direction concert, so I’m going to say: I loved it. People there had lots of fun. Unexpectedly, the younger kids were kind of tired after half an hour already, so it was their parents who enjoyed the show the most. AND THE DADS WERE SO 1D AS FUCK YOU HAVE NO IDEA. This other dad in the standing area had his One Direction t-shirt on and he kept dancing the whole concert, bless his soul, and we kinda shared a moment before the concert itself, during the macarena and all those songs, because we were dancing like crazy and we looked at each other and he pointed at us, gave us a thumbs up and went YEEEAAAAAH. During the concert I noticed he kept looking at us smiling, like, in a very nice way, because we are maybe a few years older than his daughter (who was there with him, his other daughter, and his wife), and yet he watched us because he liked that we were having so much fun. And so did he! Adults enjoying this kind of things - I LOVE IT (Also, the kids were kind of terrified because we all screamed louder than them. LOL) So, yes, I’m disappointed for the setlist, but it was a great concert to attend, and you could see that people were having fun. I now we are, like, really *in* the fandom, so we know all the shit that is going on, but I feel like the other people - the parents, the friends, the cousins - walked out of the stadium with a great feeling, and that’s important, too, because maybe they’re going to say to people, “You know that band, One Direction? I know people make fun of them, but I was at their concert and they’re actually pretty great.”

더 섹시 남자, 김성규 ♥

I wanna say something about his “sexiest male idol” rank

For me personally, sexy is not something you can forced to do or else it will not going to work and come out really awkward. Sexy is not all about sexy dance, ripping the shirts, having a sixpack and muscled body.

For me, Kim Sunggyu can be the sexiest man even when he’s not trying to be. He can do it naturally because he got that feel in him.

The way he walks confidently with his own swag.
The way he smiles with his teasing smirk.
The way he dances and raps coolly with his own style.
The way he dresses in every occasion that really represent his true self.

The way he tried to make a wave sexily but failed on Shim Shim Tapa is very amusing because I love that shy part of him. But I guess we will never forget how awesome the waves he made during special stage with Teen Top, right? He can do it perfectly, sexily, and flawlessly~

The way he always refused to show his body because it’s not sixpack or because his mom wouldn’t like it (LOL)

But I think it’s not that bad actually?

Whenever he do that I just find him sexier than ever and he’s more like a teaser than other members who really showed their abs and such.

His leadership and the way he takes care of each members even though it seems like he doesn’t care.

BUT MOST OF ALL. The passion he has whenever he’s singing is the biggest reason why I found this man sexy and very attractive. When he sings, he put all of his emotion there and sings with his heart.

Or the way he sings rock because that’s the genre he likes and screams on stage…

Have you heard him singing Because or his rap on Dating You during Myungsoo’s performance back then? Or his part in What You Want with Kanto? And most of all, have you heard him singing The Girl From Ipanema gently and smoothly and almost perfectly pronounced? He really got me there, I’m melting into a pooddle of gyufeels right away…

So, the conclusion is, I don’t need him to have that kind of body to be sexy because he’s born with it and he doesn’t need to work too much to show it.

American Dream Tour, March 14, 2014 / Meeting Jason Butler, Jordan Fish and Almost Dying..


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Once Bring Me The Horizon came on stage and sang ” It Never Ends ” Oli said he would give anyone who crowd surfed to the front a high five and since I did it twice before that, I wanted to try it again (because come on, who the hell wouldn’t want to high-five Oliver fucking Sykes?! ) well anyways, i tried it again and I got to crowd surf for a little bit but then some idiots threw me where there wasn’t anyone to catch me and I tried to grab onto someone so I could avoid falling but I couldn’t so I fell from 6ft off the ground and landed face first onto the cement floor… all my weight went onto my face when I fell so I literally heard my skull crack or something and I passed out for what felt like a second to me but I’m sure it was at least a couple minutes. But i just woke up and got up as fast as i could and all i could feel was blood rushing down my cut up face, nose and mouth down to my chest and that freaked me out so I just started screaming and crying LIKE CRAZY and I could just remember people standing around me screaming ” Oh shit! ” and ” OH MY GOD! ” lol and no one would freaking help me which got me thinking like “ WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE I AM BLEEDING TO DEATH! FUCKING HELP ME! ” but I guess they were too much in shock to help sooo.. I ran to the back of the venue up to the merch guy because he was the only one i thought would help so I was just screaming ” I need an ambulance! ” at him but he couldnt hear me so i started banging on th table with my fist to get his attention and he just screamed ” oh my god! ” and pointed behind me so I turned around and there was a lady behind me saying  ” calm down! I’m a nurse okay? You need to calm down, its okay! theres a restroom right here come with me! ” so then her and these two other lady that came out of nowhere took me in there and washed up my face and there was a mirror so i finally got to see what happened to my face and the left side of my forehead was cut open all the way down to my eye so i obviously started screaming and crying even more. They gave me water and started asking who I was with and I said my bestfriend ( Alexis ) so I gave these 2 girls my ipod so they could find his number and text/call him to let him know what happened. After that the nurse lady said she was gonna take me outside the venue to this medic and they did so they had to get everyone out the way to make a path for me from the restroom to the doors outside because my face was bleeding so fucking much  and the medics just pulled a chair for me and asked what happened and once they calmed me down and gave me this thing to try and make my face stop bleeding they called my parentd and an ambulance and then this Rad lady that was working as security said she was gonna go ask all of LetLive. to come and see me and autograph my stuff so obviously I was super duper exited to meet them and I waited but I had to leave to the ER before they came but before that, the 2 girls that were calling my bestfriend ended up finding him and i just started crying when i saw him because we were suppose to stay till 2am to meet everyone from Of Mice & Men and Bring Me The Horizon but obviously things didn’t go as planned so i felt like i ruined his night. But I didn’t, he was just glad i didnt fucking die. But while he waited with me WE GOT TO MEET JORDAN FISH FROM BMTH!! and my memory was a bit off so i dont remember Everything that happened but I was Just sitting on the chair and I saw these two girls and one guy happy af talking to someone that just came out the elevator and since i didnt have my glasses i asked Alexis “ Who’s that?! Is that Jordan?! OMG! Who’s that Alexis?! ” and he was just like “OMG! ITS JORDAN!” so i just grabbed him and said come on and ran up to Jordan and I got so shy and asked for a picture with him ( even though my face was all bloody and smudged with eyeliner and mascara ) and he was just like ” sure ” but then he looked and me again and asked “ Oh my god are you okay? What happened to you? ” ( HIS LITTLE ACCENT MADE ME FUCKING MELT OMFG <3 ) but all i can remember saying was “ I fell.. on my face.. and cut my forehead open.. ” and kinda laughed because i felt like a little wimp and I was covering up the cut with a tissue thing [ idk ] but Jordan pointed at my forehead and asked “ Can I see that? ” and I showed him and he just made this face like if he could feel the pain on his face himself and said ” Oh Shit! Wow! ” and i forgot what happened but we took the picture and I said thank you and smiled like crazy and he walked away by the entrance of the venue to smoke a cigarette with a guy that me and Alexis thought looked like Matty Mullins so i was just like omg yaaaaay and Alexis said “ I wanna ask him for a picture but im shy ” and i just said “ WELL THAN GO ASK HIM ! ” cause i felt bad that we had to leave and not met Oli or Austin so we went up to him and asked to get a picture with Alexis and he said “ In a little bit okay? Just let me finish this ” and I said ” but i have to go to the hospital already.. “ and he said “ Just give me a few minutes okay? ” and apparently made a sad face without noticing and said okay so Jordan was like “ Just give me two minutes okay? Stop making sad faces, I’ll be over there in two minutes okay? Just wait for me by those two doors over there and I’ll be there in two minutes okay? I pinky swear ”so I smiled and me and Alexis went to wait for him by the doors and he said ” but your face.. you have to go to the hospital already “ and I just smiled and said “ No, get your pictue with him! I can wait a couple more minutes ” and we waited and Alexis got his picture so after thet we left to the emergency room I got like 6 stitches on my face and I remember telling the doctors and my mom that when i fell, I was facing up so I would’ve hit the back of my head but i somehow ( i dont even know how ) flipped over right before i hit the ground and hit my face instead and the doctors told me I almost broke my nose and cracked my skull and that even though i hit the front of my face that it was good because If i wouldve hit the back like i was meant to than I could’ve died and bled to death then and there..  right before i left the ER they also told me that It was possible I could forget everything and everyone when I woke up the day after and that scared me because I didnt want to forget anything from Friday night ( the concert ) or my family and i was still all traumatized so I only slept for 4 hours and I tweeted the picture to Jordan FIsh when i finally went to sleep at 4am and he replied to me at 11:11 the next day when he was at #sbsw c’: my memory hasnt been so great since Saturday morning but I’m somewhat okay. I have to take these painkillers and another thing ( I can’t remember what it was ) but I’ll get My Stitches out in a week but after the swelling and the cut on my face heals in a month I have to get plastic surgery on where i cut open my forehead and eyebrow because of how bad the whole thing was. But the concert was AMAZING! I got to meet Jason Butler before the show and I was so shy to ask for a picture but i guess he could tell and he was so nice and humble for the tiny bit we got to talk & since me and Alexis got there at 1 and were the 25th people in line and we saw Austin Carlile and Aaron Pauley and Alan Ashby but didnt get to take a picture with them because I was too shy to ask. And aside from my injury, I had the best time of my life! I want to go back, LetLive. was so perfect live and they put so much effort into their music and tbh Jason Butler surprised me because he is a complete different person once he goes on stage and it was pretty amazing to see him like that. I got too emotional started to cry during ” Muther ” haha, and I was gonna see LetLive. again but i can’t anymore since the next time they’ll be in Houston will be a few days after I get the surgery so maybe another time I’ll be lucky enough to see them and actually meet everyone else too (: but anyways Issues was great and I went crazy and got so happy when they sang “ Princeton Ave ” and “ Never Lose Your Flames ” / Of Mice & Men was INCREDIBLE AND IM SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THEM LIVE! I CRIED SO HARD DURING ” You’re Not Alone ” and ” Second & Sebring ” IT WAS ALL OVERWHELMING FOR ME AND I WAS SO CLOSE TO THE STAGE I COULDN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING AND BRING ME THE HORIZON WAS INSANE I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT until I fell durring ” It Never Ends “..lol..  but Overall March 14, 2014 was the best night ever, and by far the best concert I’ve been to! I’m so glad I didn’t die and got to end my spring break finally getting to see my favorite humans with my bestfriend (:





So I went to the Amoeba Culture Tour in Atlanta (My first Korean Music Concert ever,) with my sister as part of my upcoming birthday gift to myself. Yay!

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